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MOD Announcement/Reminder on Challenges

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Writing Resource' started by Briannakin , Sep 30, 2020.

  1. Briannakin

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    Feb 25, 2010
    Hello Fanfic’ers

    As summer turns into fall and we face a dreaded winter in these weird days, we want to continue to offer fanfic as a place to entertain, a creative outlet, or just something to do for a few hours. We also know that in uncertain times, the muse can be less than predictable. Which is why we would like to have a number of challenges to “poke the muse”. We’ve got plans for a couple mod-run challenges, both new and old (yes, the NANOWRIMO thread will be run with the popular Word Race again this year) and we also want our users to have some fun creating challenges. But we also want to make sure challenges don’t overlap too much or there are too many choices (everyone wants a fair chance for people to participate in their challenge).

    So, (at least for the next few months), we have some guidelines for submitting challenges (note: this doesn’t apply to ongoing threads with challenges like the OTP, MMM, OC threads; if you are running a thread, just keep on doing what you are doing). This is really less of an announcement, more combined with a reminder and some tips.

    -PM your idea to all 3 fanfic mods (we’re less likely to forget about it if you send it to all)
    -Draft opening posts are preferable (and most likely to get the quick thumbs up or down) but please tell us what type of challenge it is (roulette, etc), theme, and the planned start/end date

    We like to see a variety of challenges, both open ended (aka no due date) AND those with due dates. Right now, ideas are pretty booked till the end of DECEMBER so keep this in mind if you are doing a theme. Because we sometimes get a lot of requests at one time we may ask you to wait for a few weeks/months. We recently started a new process to track challenge requests so they are less likely to be lost, but we can still be a forgetful bunch!