Announcing the Virtual Celebration Costume Contest

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    Nov 4, 1998
    No Celebration would be complete without a Costume contest, so it is with great joy I can announce

    The Virtual Celebration Costume Contest

    The contest will take place Thursday to Saturday of Virtual Celebration, with the winners announced on Sunday. On Thursday we will open up a thread where everyone who wants to participate can post a photo of their costume. A jury will review the photos and choose the winners.

    A jury....yes, a jury with experienced costumers/cosplayers have agreed to step up and be judges. Let me introduce


    Briannakin is also the mod of the Costuming and Props forum here on the boards.

    Obi Anne (also known as costumekullan when it comes to costumes/cosplay)

    The rules
    There will be three categories to compete in.
    1 - Master (for anyone who has competed, is in one of the major costuming clubs, or makes most of their costumes totally by themselves)
    2 - Knight (anyone, and you can compete in a bought costume as well)
    3 - Secret (this category will be announced closer to the competition, but let's just say that we don't want the participants to be to prepared)

    If there are less than three participants in each category we might combine them into one, if there are a lot of participants we might split them into more categories.

    So prepare photos of you in your costume, or select your favorite if you have older photos, and prepare to post them on Thursday August 27 - Saturday Augst 29.