Ark Anyone Interested In Fan Film?

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    May 2, 2018
    I'm planning a fan film and was trying to find some like minded people who'd be interested. Here's the info on it.
    Title: Natural Code
    Synopsis: An ex-Imperial Knight sets out to find his brothers along with a togruta bounty hunter while in the midst of a rising threat from the Hutts and the nearly extinct Sith.

    This is based on the legacy comics. This summer I plan to do a a few films. One is for the lightsaber choreography competition and is meant to be somewhat of an introduction to the whole story. I've written and re-written the script which has brought me to a conclusion. I'm currently rewriting the final script so that everything can be set. Its a feature film. About an 65 minutes - 90 minutes.

    This post is to see if anyone would be interested. Since I am also a filmmaker I am looking to increase experience and this project is to have fun with but to also deliver quality as well as earning experience in filming. The interest doesn't just have to be in Arkansas either but I am looking for people in Arkansas if there are any.