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Story [Batman/Justice League] Children of Madness - Legends: Book One - Batman/Wonder Woman/AU

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by JediXManSerenaKenobi, Jul 25, 2008.

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  1. JediXManSerenaKenobi

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    Jul 27, 2007
    Children of Madness - Book One in "Legends" series

    By Serena Kenobi

    Disclaimer: Don't own!

    Summary: When Batman rescues an abandoned baby, he and Diana (Wonder Woman) decide to take care of it. But what happens when they discover that the baby's father is none other than Batman's archenemy?

    Timeline: Set after the ending of the Justice League Unlimited TV series. AU futurfic.

    Pairing: BM/WW


    The Knight was prowling. He crouched high atop a tower in his beloved city of Gotham, just waiting. Waiting for someone to be in trouble, waiting for his moment to strike. He was the epitome of stealth, the very essence of darkness. He was the Dark Knight of Gotham. He was Batman.

    He protected Gotham and its inhabitants, watched over them. But very few actually knew the Dark Knight, and even fewer really knew him. Only a small number of people knew the man Bruce Wayne and Batman all in one. Even most of the Justice League didn?t really know him. The founding members, Martian Manhunter, Superman, Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, and Wonder Woman were the special people who knew the man behind the mask.

    And Diana was the only woman to have ever fully captured Batman?s seemingly unreachable heart.

    Batman?s heart tugged at the thought of the Amazonian princess. For all the time he had known her, he had admired her bravery, strength, and perseverance, but it wasn?t until a few months ago when he realized how much he was in love with her. Imagine! Batman, truly in love with someone. He had tried to fool himself, tried to stay away from her, tried to hide his emotions, but finally, she had broken him. And he loved her for it.

    Breaking away from his thoughts, he looked down at the Iceberg lounge and noticed a dark limo pulling up to the front. Out from the Lounge walked a well-dressed young man escorting a beautiful blonde on his arm. He led her into the limo and slammed the door after him. The limo pulled away and screamed out into the streets.

    It was he. Jonas Estarci, the young crime lord from New York City. Apparently, he had good connections with the mob and had arranged a number of operations with them. It was rumored that he was now leading some sections of the mob.

    Batman took off into the night to follow the limo. He soared through the air, hanging onto his grappling line, but he had only made it a few blocks when he heard a noise from below. He swooped down and crept to the side of an apartment building. Listening carefully, he discerned a small noise. He then leaped down into the dark alley and made his way to a dumpster, then reached out and pushed the lid open.

    Inside lay a crying baby.

    Batman?s eyes widened. As he looked, he noticed the baby had no identification or anything to suggest to whom he belonged. Batman picked up the baby ? it was a boy ? and sighed. ?What am I going to do with a baby?? He could take it to an orphanage, but who knew how the baby would be treated? Bring it ? him ? into foster care?
    Have somebody adopt him?


    Batman nearly cursed aloud as a familiar voice rang out in his ear. ?What?? He asked in his low, gruff voice.

    Diana wasn?t fazed. ?J?onn wants us back on the Watchtower ASAP. Something about a new alien invasion?? She trailed off. ?Is that a? baby??


    ?Hang on, I?m almost at your position.?

    As if on cue, Wonder Woman soared down to the alley, and Batman glanced at her, then back to the baby, which had fallen asleep in his arms. Diana let out a gasp.

    ?Oh, he?s so beautiful. It is a he, isn?t he??

    Batman nodded. ?I found him in the dumpster. He has no identification. I?m guessing early pregnancy ? the mother took off.?

    ?Are you going to give him up for adoption or to an orphanage?? She asked.

    ?I?m not sure.?

    Diana smiled down at the baby. ?Hello, little one,? she crooned, smoothing a hand over the baby?s fuzzy head. ?You are a handsome one, aren?t you??

    Batman?s heart began to beat faster as he watched her talk softly to the baby. ?What do you s>
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    Jul 26, 2005
    we are in possession of the unwanted son of Harley Quinn? and the Joker himself.?

    :eek: :eek: :eek:

    On the other hand, perhaps Bruce and Diana can raise the child to bring good to the world instead of the evil his bio dad would have taught him.

    If you have a PM list for this, please add me

    Looking forward to more

    =D= =D= =D= =D=
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