Beyond - Legends Because I Say So (L/M June/July Challenge, AU)

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    So, this story must include:

    1) A child (any age)
    2) The quote "No, I am your father"
    3) Sand

    * * *

    It was a beautiful day on Spira. For the Annual Celebration of Father's Day, Luke and Mara had decided to bring Ben to the planet on a little vacation. Twelve-year-old Ben had been getting restless on Yavin IV, and Luke felt he hadn't been spending nearly enough time with his son. He worried sometimes that Ben felt Kam Solusar was more of a father figure to him than Luke was.

    And Owen...well, seven-year-old Owen clung to his mother like a magnet, and barely gave Luke a second glance. Luke knew Owen had always identified more with his mother, and probably always would. He just didn't enjoy the path of the Jedi like Ben did. Luke tried to be okay with that; Owen had to make his own choices in life.

    Luke wiggled his toes a little bit, letting the sand sink between them. Beach sand was so much different than Tatooine's gritty sand. It was almost relaxing, feeling it against his feet.

    He glanced over at Mara, who was wearing a teal swimsuit that played over the curves of her body very nicely.

    "Owen," Luke said, "why don't you go play with Ben? Give Mommy and Daddy a little time together?"

    Owen looked at Mara as if requesting confirmation of the command. Mara gave him a nod, and blond-haired Owen jumped up and ran to join his brother. Luke rolled over onto his side so he was pressed against Mara.

    "We don't catch these moments nearly enough," he noted.

    "I know," Mara replied.

    Luke kissed her nose and smiled. Mara leaned in to give him a full kiss on the lips, but they were interrupted by a light shriek. Rolling his eyes, Luke stood and walked over to where his kids were playing. Owen had jumped on Ben's back, attempting to ride around on his brother like he was a bantha. Ben was protesting. Loudly.

    "Owen, play nicely," Luke said.

    "No!" Owen replied. "I want to play banthas-and-tuskens!"

    "I don't!" Ben exclaimed.

    "Owen," Luke insisted calmly. "Please?"

    "You're not the boss of me," Owen pouted.

    "No," Luke agreed. "I am your father. Now get off your brother's back."

    Reluctantly, Owen released Ben and dropped to the ground. Relieved, Luke walked back over to Mara and sat down beside her.

    "Those boys," she said with a chuckle. "You know...we could play banthas-and-tuskens sometime."

    Luke gave her his best Grand-Master-Thinks-You're-An-Idiot Look. "Shut up."

    They kissed.
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    Aww! That was adorable.
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    That's a cute scene, Revanfan. :)
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    Ha! They are going to end up with a third child if they keep up that friskiness.
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    That was good. Nice description of the sand compared to Tatooine, and Mara's swimsuit.

    Also, textbook definition of having a chip on one's shoulder. Soooo long after Tatooine, and the feel of the sand there still bothers him.
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    Very cute! I liked the detail of the difference in texture between Tatooine and here :)
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    Very cute! Great use of the "No, I am your father," line!
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    Loved it all - very sweet and romantic.:)@};-
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    Wonderful family and couple moments! A chuckle and an aww rolled into one!
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    BWAHAHAHAHAH--Tuskens and Raiders [face_laugh][face_laugh][face_laugh][face_laugh][face_laugh] That made my night. Well done!

    Super cute moment there. I like the idea of them having two boys. So many times we write them with girls, and...I can see Mara just being the coolest mom to some crazy little men!
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