Beyond - Legends Bedtime Story (OS Adrian, Ilona Malek)

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    Title: Bedtime Story
    Author: Anedon
    Characters: Adrian Malek, Ilona Malek
    Time: 22 ABY

    This story is a bit of a bonus too mine and Adalia's Adrian/Marie stories "From Slavery to Aristocracy" and "Powers vs Passions", tough it can be read independetly from them as well. The story also features an allusion to @Warrior_Goddess character from the two above stories.

    Thanks to @Adalia-Durron for the beta and support. :)

    "Can you tell me a story?" her little brother asked her as he finally laid down in his bed.

    It had been a long day, their parents had been called the Coruscant again and left their kids on Eriadu. Ilona was proud they trusted her with this and looking after Adrian. Tough she hadn't expected just how much energy had been in the eight year old.

    Now after hours of playing Pirates and Jedi, Settlers of the Frontier and several other games Ilona remembered from her childhood she felt more battered and tired than after a hard training day in the ORSF.

    With her seventeen years she was now fully enrolled into the armed forces and thus had less and less time for her family. But spending this day with her little brother had been great.

    "Shouldn't you be sleeping right now?" she asked him with a smile than turned into a yawn. It was probably latter than her parents would usually let him stay up.

    "Not without a story, mom and dad always tell one, please Ilona!" Adrian protested and Ilona knew this was probably true.

    "Fine," she said raising her hands in a gesture of surrender. "What kind of story do you want to hear?"

    Although she herself would never admit it she had always loved romantic stories of tragic lovers who in the end could always overcome their different backgrounds and get a happy end together.

    "A scary one, about other worlds out there," Adrian said pulling up his sheets a bit closer to his chin.

    So a scary one, Ilona thought about a good topic but she assumed their parents had already told all kinds of stories about the Clone Wars, the Empire or the Hutts. So it should be something different, she smiled when she remembered something.

    "Have Mom or Dad ever told you about the Witches of Dathomir?"

    Adrian shook his head and Ilona saw a spark of interest in his eyes.

    "Well Mom and Dad might have thought you are still a bit young for this story but I think you are old enough now aren't you?" Again Adrian nodded.

    "Far away, at the other edge of the galaxy lies a distant world named Dathomir, and its ruled by Warrior Women, great fighters who wear the skins of the animals they kill on their hunts. They can use the force just like the Jedi can and they ride rancors like the one in the holomovie we saw recently."

    Adrian gave her a questioning look, "That sounds so cool, are there boys as well?"

    Ilona tried her best to give him a stern look. "No, there are no boys on Dathomir, at least no native ones. Instead the Witches travel the galaxy, seeking for naughty young boys, especially those who are mean to girls and drag them to their world."

    The latter part was a lie, of course, but Adrian had asked her to be scared and Ilona wanted to teach him something.

    "What happens to them?" Adrian asked a bit worried.

    "They are presented in front of all the Witches and sold to the one who offers the most. They become slaves, while the Witches are hunting and having their adventures the slaves have to do all the hard work, they are forever trapped there having to work for the cruel witches as a punishment for their bad behavior. And if they displease the Witches or try to run away they will be feed to the Rancors."

    Adrian stared at her, fearful, worried, for a while he said nothing. Then he looked his sister right in the eye.

    "Ilona have I been mean to you?"

    She gave him a warm smile. "No you haven't Adi, of course not."

    "But I sometimes do naughty things, I don't want the witches to come for me." Ilona placed a hand on his shoulder.

    "You don't need to be afraid, you are a good boy. Just there are people out there who are not like you, men who are mean to women and women who are mean to men because of their gender," she explained to him.

    "But that's wrong, you are a girl and you are my best friend."

    Adrian stated with all seriousness an eight year old could muster.

    "Aww, you are sweet." Ilona said and ran her hand through his black hair.

    Then she stood up, "I love you too Adrian, don't be afraid of the Witches, if they come for you they have to get through me first."

    Adrian returned her smile as he leaned back to sleep. In this night he dreamed of the world that Ilona had told him about, and in his dream he saw one of the witches. A tall muscular Warrior woman just like his sister tough wild and free. But when the boy look up to her in his dream she wasn't scary, instead she gave him a smile.
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    This is very cool - I like the warm bond between Adrian and Ilona. She's clearly very competent in taking care of the boy.

    And the dream - it's really a glimpse into his own future! I like that twist in the end. Very nice!
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    Very affectionate between Ilona and Adrian which we see carries over into adulthood. His dreams definitely present a glimpse into the future where Dathomir is nothing to fear but a grand adventure in many ways :D
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    Thanks, there is defenetly a strong bond between Adrian and Ilona despite their age difference. As for the dream, yeah maybe it was indeed a vision of the future. ;)

    Yep they pretty much keep that relationship with each other into adulthood. Adrian always looked up to Ilona and still does, while Ilona always becomes very protective over him and defenetly is willing to take on a witch to protect her brother. Tough of course she didnĀ“t need to. :)

    Glad you did! Thanks for your comment.
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    I told you they'd love it ;)
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    You did, and where right, as always. :)
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    Motherly instincts ;)
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