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Beyond - Legends Ben Skywalker musing...

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by lukemaraben, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. lukemaraben

    lukemaraben Jedi Knight star 1

    Sep 2, 2012
    First fanfic I've posted...super nervous but hope you all like it.

    Title: Ben Skywalker musing (lame but had nothing else to call it.)
    Disclaimer: Do not own Star Wars...

    Ben Skywalker
    Date: 41 ABY
    Topic: Family
    Class: Basic

    So, today’s writing exercise…yes, Jedi apparently need to be able to write….is tell about your family. Problem is everybody who is even slightly educated knows who my family is. Being the son of the Jedi Grand Master and all will do that…

    Where to begin?

    I guess my Grandfather is as good a place as any. Anakin Skywalker, before he became Darth Vader, I guess was a pretty big deal back during the Clone Wars. He and Obi-Wan Kenobi played a big role in the war, and were widely recognized through out the galaxy. Guess it runs in the family. Later my Grandfather fell to the Darkside killed a ton of people, and eventually saved my Dad from the Emperor. Good thing too, or I would not be here.

    We really do not know about my Grandmother. I imagine she would have looked a lot like my Aunt Leia does. Whoever she was though I’m sure it could not have been easy giving up her kids like she did.

    My dad…he’s pretty cool I guess. I use to be afraid of him. Odd because anyone who knows Luke Skywalker will tell you he’s the most unintimidating person ever! He’s like a cuddly Ewok…errr…he’s not going read this is he? My Mom use to call him Farmboy, and even though it might sound like an insult to others she never meant it as one. My Dad sees the good in everyone – just how he is. He saw the good in his Father when no one else did, and later even in my Mom even while she was screaming death threats at him. I’m really proud to call him Dad. He’s done more then most people would even attempt from redeeming Darth Vader to rebuilding the Jedi.

    My Mom, Mara Jade for those of you who might not know, was more things during her life and in more places then anybody I know. Once the Emperor’s personal assassin, then to second in command in Karrde’s smuggling organization, and then finally Jedi Master she was probably and still is the biggest influence in my life even though she died a year ago. Yeah, many would say my Mom was cold, yet around my Dad she was loving and supportive.

    It’s only been recently that I discovered just how close my parents truly were. My Mom and Dad were truly best friends, they would laugh, joke around, and fight (who ever said Jedi Master’s don’t yell????), yet at the end of the day they still loved each other. Years of working alongside each other forged a bond that only death could have separated.

    Perhaps the hardest thing I’ve ever have gone through was seeing my Dad fall apart after her death. Watching him shut himself off from everyone. Hearing him cry when he thought I was asleep…. Harder yet knowing that at the end of the day, I’m why Mom got killed. I was stupid and childish. I know Dad would never blame me, but deep down it does not change the truth.

    People forget even Jedi Masters are only human, and I guess for a while I did too. I was unfair to my Dad, cause I could not or maybe I did not want to understand how much responsibility he held being the Jedi Grand Master. I was bitter cause he could not always be the type of Dad I wanted him to be. Yeah, Dad, you’re right I’m my mother’s son.

    As if being the son of the Grand Master did not have enough expectations placed upon it, I have a Princess/Former Chief of State for an Aunt. My Aunt Leia is the person responsible for any manners I do have (Mind you, not that my parents didn’t try). Aunt Leia was just a bit more worried about all the etiquette (probably has something to do with my Dad having been raised on a backwater planet). Anyway back to my Aunt Leia. Passionate. Strong. Sharp tongued. Can’t cook spice loaf. Has the legendary Skywalker temper with Organa spice added to it, equals my Aunt is a woman you don’t mess around with.

    Now, my Uncle… My Uncle Han only needs two things in life, Corellian Whiskey and his ship the Millennium Falcon. You think I’m kidding? Marry into a family of Force users it will start making sense. Though most days I do not think his lack of Force ability bothers him. In fact I think he thinks of it as a badge of honor. Like, “Hey, look I can keep up with these Wizard’s.” Sometimes, I think he’s better off not being Force sensitive. He’s able to put things in a perspective that the rest of us can’t, and he does it with all of his Solo charm. He and my Aunt have been raising trouble together for a long time and I do not think that it is going end any time soon.

    Now on to my cousins…

    Jaina. Since she is the only cousin I have left, I will begin with her. I guess genetic makeup would dictate that she would become an awesome pilot. Which, Jaina does rival that of her Father and her Uncle. The easiest way to describe my cousin is… Complicated. Not that I don’t love her, but she can be a real pain at times. She ‘s all business. My Dad says it’s her way of coping. I guess I forget she has lost both of her brothers, and one of them by her own hand.

    I have a hard time thinking of this next family member as even family, my cousin Jacen Solo, more recently Darth Caedus. At one point I wanted to be just like Jacen. I thought the world of Jacen…now though when I think of Jacen all I feel is cold anger at the monster who took my Mother away from my Dad and me. Who tortured me. Who tried to kill his own parents. Who caused the death of so many. Maybe some day I will be able to look at him through a more objective light.

    Anakin Solo died when I was still a baby. So, in many ways I cannot tell you anything about him. What I can tell you though, is to this day the pain of his lost, of his sacrifice, is still very real to those in my family who did know him.

    Who would think that the Grand Master can curse like every other star fighter pilot in the Galaxy? Who would think that a once Emperors Hand could cry? Who could picture Leia Organa Solo singing off key in the shower? Who would have guessed, Han Solo is a great chef? Yeah, I guess for being as well known as my family is….we’re pretty normal from a certain point of view.

    Very creative, a solid A! P.S. I showed Master Skywalker…he’s assigning you, to a few extra sparring sessions with him for that Ewok comment… May the Force be with you.
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  2. Briannakin

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    Feb 25, 2010
    Awww! Welcome to FanFiction! I love this piece! Your voice for Ben is perfect!

    I loved the Ewok comment! And Tionne's note at the end. Ben is going to get his butt kicked by his father!

    Can’t cook spice loaf

    LOL! I don't know if Leia's inability to cook spice loaf is canon or Fanon, but I loved that you included it.

    Keep writing!
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  3. Lea-El

    Lea-El Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Aug 13, 2005
    Ben has been my favorite Skywalker/Solo family member since I first heard of him. You give him a good likable voice even the sad parts of the family history. I hope to see more stories from you.
  4. ginchy

    ginchy Jedi Grand Master star 4

    May 25, 2005
    Great first fic! I enjoyed reading this from Ben's POV. You can tell how much he loves his family, and how mischevious he is. And I love Tionne's remarks at the end! Hope to read more from you!
  5. jedi1952

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    Apr 15, 2007
    Liked it. Loved the line: "who ever said Jedi Master’s don’t yell????" And that last line was priceless like so many in this story.
  6. EmeraldJediFire

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    Feb 23, 2012
    Oh, I enjoyed this so. *hugs* I love anything that has Ben in it..he's one of my favorites

    And yes, that's canon. See FOTJ Outcast, I think.

    Ben: Jedi Skywalkers: practicing a long family tradition of saving people from the Darkside.

    Luke: Hey, there are worse family traditions.

    Ben: Yeah, like Aunt Leia's spice loaf.