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Saga - OT Better Than Expected. Ewok Poet's fic-Gift. H/L etc.

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by WarmNyota_SweetAyesha, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Author: WarmNyota_SweetAyesha
    Characters: C3PO, an MSE droid, H/L, Rieekan.
    Timeframe: Saga OT :cool:

    Disclaimer: Borrowing everything shamelessly.

    AN: In response to the fic-gift exchange. This is for @Ewok Poet whose request is hidden beneath the spoiler at the end.

    Hope you enjoy & get some LOLz! [face_batting]


    It was the first-year anniversary of the Battle of Yavin. A mixed jumble and tumble for Leia, and that was an understatement of Rancor proportions!

    The Rebels were throwing a celebratory feast and she was obligated to make a speech. She sighed and perused the file open before her. She would stay for a decent interval of socializing and then make her excuses and leave. Han was off on some nefarious jaunt or other. Best not to speculate on the exact nature. And best not to admit even to herself that her load would be a bit lighter if he were around to infuse a bit of snark.

    C3PO ambled in at that moment with data-files of the latest HoloNet news of the galaxy at large.

    Leia thanked him and took a look at one of the stranger offerings:

    "The Emperor's chief concubine was seen at a recent gala leaving with the Bith ambassador. Later that evening, a holocam strategically placed outside her balcony saw her emerging decked out in 'granny panties."

    The things these holojournalists write! Leia scoffed inwardly.

    "Mistress Leia, the MC11 droid has totally botched the Alliance logos for the pilot uniforms!" Threepio exclaimed. He showed her a sample of 10: instead of the traditional Alliance logo, there was emblazoned a pink and purple Pogo. "As soon as it came to our attention this batch was defective, we stopped duplicating immediately."

    "Very prudent of you. Look at this mess!" Leia replied. "We should have performed a memory wipe when the specs called for it. We'll do that immediately and run the request through again and hopefully the next batch comes out correctly. How can we use these?" She wondered aloud.

    "Turn these into cleaning rags, if we can?" Threepio suggested.

    "That's a good idea." Leia answered. "Let's start on that right away."


    When the party was in full swing, Leia got up to make a brief speech.

    "We know this fight is by no means over. We will lose friends and colleagues doubtless but as long as we do not lose heart, the Empire can not ultimately triumph."

    Carlist Rieekan was enjoying the festivities immensely by imbibing a concoction of green and red liquor. He burst into song at one point:
    "I feel pretty and the ladies can all attest.
    Of all the great ladies I've known, the Hapans are the best."


    When Leia saw Han enter the common area, she felt more than a surge of pleasure. She made her way over to him in what she hoped was purely casual.

    "I guess you'll tell me you were in the sector and decided to stop by?" She said.

    He gave a lopsided smile and offhand shrug. "Yeah, something like that." Then he turned serious. "I knew this day would be ... hard on you and well, you know ..."

    She smiled, genuinely touched by his thoughtfulness and more than a little surprised. "Well, Captain Solo, I never knew you had it in you."

    "Don't let it get 'round, OK?" He said sounding sheepish.

    She laughed. "No one would believe me." She said, feeling better already.

    They chatted with Luke and the other Rogues, and Leia left after a few moments, but longer than she'd expected.

    Her dreams that night were carefree and untroubled by the past.


    I would like a story in Saga-OT with:
    1. Make it funny.
    2. Pogo, the blue Oddbod**, makes an unexpected appearance and solves a problem.
    3. Don't make it ultra-short, please.
    I don’t want: A squadfic.
    I don't want: Traditionally funny characters such as Jar Jar, Salacious B. Crumb, Wicket...make somebody who's not funny funny.
    Characters: C-3PO, 0-0-0, K2SO. Feel free to add anybody else you want and like.
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  2. Ewok Poet

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    Jul 31, 2014
    I'm...shaking. THE GRANNY PANTIES PARAGRAPH. THE BITH WOO-HOO. months' worth of my posts and found out what makes me smile. I...I don't know how to make this up to you... @};-@};-@};-@};-@};-@};-@};-@};-@};-@};-@};-

    I need to calm down, then write something human-readable. I sound like Pogo long as I'm not his evil!clone MODO...[face_rofl]

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  3. Findswoman

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    Feb 27, 2014
    Oh, this is hilarious! [face_laugh] "Granny panties" on the Emperor's chief concubine as she sneaks off with a Bith, of all folks... now, there's an image in so many ways! :p And those Pogo-emblazoned uniforms that turned out to have a useful purpose after all... a busy Rebel base does need cleaning supplies, and how could the brightly colored, cheerful design not lift people's spirits? Pogo did solve a problem just by showing up, it seems. :) Great job in general of bringing some fun to some of the more serious GFFA denizens as Leia's earnest, slightly somber speech is followed immediately by a very tipsy Gen. Rieekan bursting into song. And Han and Leia together at the end... a very sweet surprise indeed, one that goes a long way in making this whole affair way better than expected.

    Such fun stuff, very true to the prompts, and very much in the humorous!EP spirit—thanks so much for sharing! =D=
  4. mavjade

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    Sep 10, 2005
    I agree with EP and Finds, the granny panties part was hilarious! I love that you used 'real life' discussion here on the boards and put it into the fic. That was great thinking!

    I feel like I kinda want one of these!! :D

    This was fun and silly, but turned very sweet at the end!
  5. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Thanks muchly. I was going for fun and silly + sweet. [face_dancing] I loved putting together the various things I've read/come across that have been completely hilarious :cool: and now (oh no!) I will never be able to think of my ultra-serious dignified Thrawn without craving a PB&J [face_rofl] :* [face_love]
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  6. Hopefulwriter

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    Jan 6, 2016
    Very funny...Enjoyed reading this. Lynda V.
  7. divapilot

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    Nov 30, 2005
    This was so sweet and cute, with the crazy granny-panty wearing concubines and the pink logos and all! But it's bittersweet, too, since the anniversary of the Battle of Yavin is also the anniversary of the destruction of Alderaan. While everyone else is celebrating, Leia, the only survivor, has to hide her pain. Sometimes the worst thing is to pretend that your heart isn't breaking.But Han knows her best and won't let her be alone on such a lonely and difficult time. I loved how you mixed the silly, fun stuff with the sweet, touching and poignant. Well done!
  8. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Very well put and eloquently too, divapilot.
    Exactly the undertones I was shooting for, especially with H/L, how his out-for-me persona is just that [face_laugh] -- he really cares and Leia of course appreciates the gesture and is either crushing on him or about to be ;) -- that's why I love this time in particular. They're so on the brink, already fallen. [face_love] [face_laugh]
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  9. AzureAngel2

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    Jun 14, 2005
    Reading that leaves a warm, fuzzy feeling inside me! And believe me, I did not swallow Wookie hair!

    (Actually had no physical contact with my husband since Wednesday night and we cleaned all surfaces that I had touched in the flat. This way the Novo virus spared him. At night he would sneak in and check that I was still breathing.)

    Your fanfic gift for Ewok Poet is very much welcome after a time of bleakness and pain for me! Thank you!
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  10. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    @AzureAngel2 -- your wonderfully riveting fics and warm, insightful reviews are also welcome. :) @};-
  11. Nehru_Amidala

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    Oct 3, 2016
    Cute and funny! :)
  12. AzureAngel2

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    Jun 14, 2005
    I would rather call them manic, because I pick stories up like pretty flowers and in the end I collapse, because the flower bouquet gets to heavy.

    Even though DarthUncle watches an E-car race, he has always one eye at me and if I out-stress myself, he will send me off to bed again. He is the king of the living-room since Wednesday night & the one who supplies me with liquid & food.

    Actually, I can see Han´s practicality in my husband at times...
  13. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    love the fun in this piece
    Granny pants[face_rofl]
  14. Chyntuck

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    Jul 11, 2014
    The Emperor's concubine in granny panties with a Bith. Now that sounds like something out of Cluedo [face_rofl]

    Since everyone commented on the sweet and touching scene between Leia and Han, I'd like to get a word in for Riekaan instead. I'm picturing him having had a drink too many and singing, and an entire alternate Battle of Hoth presents itself to my mind :D

  15. Ewok Poet

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    Jul 31, 2014
    Before I post a comment that contains actual words...ladies and gentlemen, what we know of the Battle of Endor was BRUTALLY CENSORED. This is the image THEY don't want you to see. Whoever they are, that is. [face_thinking]

    This is an exclusive screencap from the real version. Trust me, it was in Juicy Blabber. [face_cow]

    So, as I have said in the first comment, I'm so, so humbled by this. And I still cannot believe that you, even though you were assigned to do this later than others, took this to the level you did, with all those references to both things that happened in stories, but also to that comment in the YKYAFFWW. I currently don't own a pair of granny pants to hang on a flagpole, all of those I had were from the days I was seriously overweight, otherwise...yes, I'd gladly run around the block waving my freak flag and provide you with photographic evidence. :D This is just ÜBER-WOW! ^:)^

    And yeah, of course that an insatiable concubine who, apparently, has no standards (would you kiss the Sheevy Sheev's face or...err...doing...something... worse? [face_hypnotized] BRAIN BLEACH!), went with a biologically asexual fella - it doesn't matter to her, anyway. I mean, it's a being that lives and breathes, therefore, a possible paramour. [face_rofl][face_rofl][face_rofl]

    Threepio is being Threepio. :c3po: He delivers the weirdest of the news as if they were the most normal of the normal. Why is he reading sludgeflimsi, in the first place? 8-}

    And then, the Pogo uniforms/rags turn out to be the biggest problem. [face_rofl]

    I want the whole song! Absolutely! [face_rofl]

    Leia's ghosts of the past weave a black thread almost through the entire story. And then, she gets exactly what she needed all along - Han's unexpected appearance. Sure, they're not at the stage where they're open with their feelings, not yet, but the spark is already there. Han should stop denying it, too. :leia: + :han: FOREVAH!

    This one is just...there at the rightest of the right moments - both for Leia and me. [face_love]@};- That was the part that made me cry most on my initial read.

    So, once again - thank you. That was beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! @};-
  16. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Thanks so much, all. This was a blast LOL to mix together so many moods and undertones. :cool:

    I wanted H/L to be on the brink, as much fun as fallen for sure and admitting it! [face_dancing]

    I'm way too amused by all things Pogo [face_mischief] & the "Granny panty" thingy was just too priceless not to include! [face_party]

    I can just imagine Leia is haunted by so many layers and levels of loss and grief :eek: so to have a dreamless night would be sheer perfection. :)
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