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    Hey guys. This is a thread for my screenplay series Beyond, which is a Doctor Who fan fiction project that has currently had two series' finished with work currently going on the third one.

    I'll be posting the episodes in due course on this thread, I just need to check out the formatting for this forum and double check it's the same as the other forums I've posted these on. I'll put each episode in spoiler tags so that the thread is easier to navigate.

    I'd appreciate any reviews - concrit is more than welcome - please hold nothing back.

    For now - here's the episode guide for Series 1, which were originally released online in 2019 from July to August over the course of six weeks.

    1| The Trial of Frankie Fitzgerald

    Frankie Fitzgerald was a stable, passionate geologist until she let the wrong person into her life. When she is forced to work on a job that will change her life forever, the ‘right’ person comes into her life in the form of The Doctor; heading to Earth to investigate a crime she’s been following. Two worlds collide as the Jherossian Battle Boulder threatens to cause catastrophic destruction to Frankie’s homeworld.

    2| A Dish Served Warm

    The Doctor takes Frankie to Alfava Metraxis, home of the Aplans during the late 40th century. The fifth peace talk of the century is taking place between the Aplans and the neighbouring planet’s race the Supans; with the Doctor interested in how the peace talks go. With the two possible fates of the entire Dundra System hanging in the balance; Frankie must fare solo as a tourist on her first alien world.

    3| The Haul of Hyperion

    Knee-deep in Draconian space at a time of deep political dispute between the rival empires, Ali Parvais finds himself pulling off a robbery of one of the most prestigious gang bosses in the galaxy; Baale Draxu. With the dreaded group of assassins known as the Greysuits hot in pursuit, the Doctor and Frankie find themselves pulled in to the situation. With the ship running out of fuel and an infamous intergalactic gang after them, the Doctor and Ali must work together after a decade of estrangement to ensure the safety of the crew.

    4| The Cult of Aten

    The Doctor takes Frankie to Ancient Egypt during the 18th Dynasty. There, they become involved in becoming personal guards to the young Pharaoh Tutankhamun, whose decision to change the current the religious practice of the land has caused great civil unrest. Could the Gods of Egypt really be roaming the lands? And just who are the Cult of Aten?

    5| Genesis of the Zuroks

    Deep in the Andromeda galaxy on the planet Zurokia new beginnings stir. The Zuroks - a peaceful but weak race suffer enslavement on their own planet. When the Doctor and Frankie arrive to help, they are in for a shock as old villains die and a new one is born. This is the Genesis of the Zuroks.

    6| Vanity Kills

    Frankie returns home on unfinished domestic business. While on Earth, her and the Doctor discover a new, state-of-the-art plastic surgery company that are offering extremely low-priced surgery. Using Frankie’s sister as cover, the duo investigate the mysterious corporation in a double-barreled reunion-piece, closing off the first series of Beyond.

    Here's some character information -

    The Doctor - played by Tilda Swinton

    This incarnation of the Doctor comes an unspecified amount of regenerations after the current TV Doctor Jodie Whittaker. She is no-nonsense, quite well-spoken and very strong-minded. She has problems with her memory, which are explored throughout the first two series, and due to this she distracts herself a lot with people, or as she sees them - 'projects'. She likes to help people who need help, taking them under her wing to travel across time and space.

    Frankie Fitzgerald - played by Sophie Rundle

    Frankie is a mid-20s geoglogist from Birmingham, England and is currently suffering with an alcohol issue caused by her marriage. She meets the Doctor in episode one and quickly decides to leave behind her life on Earth to travel across the stars. She's funny, quick-witted, kind, but equally strong-minded.

    That'll probably do for now. I'll look at posting episodes within a few days of each other until the latest episode (Series 2's finale) has been released.