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Before - Legends Bird bites UDC IX

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by earlybird-obi-wan, Apr 25, 2020.

  1. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Author: Earlybird-obi-wan

    Timeframe: legends before and beyond
    Character: OCs and canon
    Genre: drabbles
    Disclaimer: Star Wars belongs to Lucasfilm and Lucasfilm belongs to Disney.

    Bird bites UDC IX

    1. Adamant

    “You will stay here until it is done.” Teacher Anaras was adamant. The two boys standing in the fresher had been naughty during exercise-time. She had seen them slipping away from the exercise-ground after a short conversation with another boy. That padawan – Benno Perion – had looked at her with innocent Mooka-eyes before returning to the obstacle-course and becoming busy again with his exercise. She had contacted Count Dooku, the master of culprit Qui-Gon Jinn, after seeing what the boys had done to the fresher. Paint, floating objects and a giant toy spider were among the things used to redecorate it.

    2. Abide

    “You will abide by my rules padawan Jinn,” Count Dooku was towering above a quivering Qui-Gon. “No more contact with padawan Quwin or his master Jadin Finn. Your behaviour is despicable. You are grounded for the next ten days.”

    “But master,” Qui-Gon began with a sorrowfull voice.

    “No,” Count Dooku began to turn away.

    “I have to follow my lessons in astronavigation and mathematics and for that,” Qui-Gon continued.

    A head turned. “You have to leave your room. I will guide you to your lessons padawan and now to your room and meditate one hour on what you have done.”

    3. Afield

    “You sure did serve your time,” Benno Perion sauntered towards Qui-Gon Jinn who was for the first time afield in the garden of a thousand fountains after ten days of being guided to and from classes by his stern master Dooku.

    “Yes and it was because of an innocent prank Jerza and I had figured out,” Qui-Gon had a small smile on his face. “And Master Finn and his ideas… he had done it before in a...”

    “But it was the fresher for the girls,” Benno began to laugh. “I caught a glimpse of it before teacher Anaras discovered it.”

    4. Aghast

    “And you didn’t see those girls and their faces aghast after seeing that spider,” Benno laughed. “I did before sneaking silently away when teacher Anaras ran towards the fresher after hearing the shrieking cries of padawans Serrao and Kowal.”

    “Padawan Serrao was the main reason for us doing our redecoration job,” Qui-Gon said. “She had been pestering Jerza because she is the padawan of a healer. She despises healers and their prodding and poking when you are sick.”

    “And we don’t?”

    “No Benno, you just have to visit the right healer who will be giving you something to distract you.”

    5. Aforetime

    “Ah yes, healer Adin and healer Finn are famous,” Benno began to walk towards the shrubs around one of the lakes in which a waterfall was cascading from a rocky outcrop. “I am sure one or two of my plastform syringes have ended up here.” He squatted down, rummaged in the shrubs and jumped up producing the required items. “Catch it Jinn!”

    The game was on.

    Qui-Gon caught the plastform syringe expertly, filled it with water and as in the past when he was only a little initiate he began to try to wet Benno with the squirt of water.
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  2. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Fun set!! Love seeing a pranking Qui-Gon [face_mischief]
  3. devilinthedetails

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    Jun 19, 2019
    Love the story that ran through this whole set of drabbles. Nice to see Qui-Gon as a pranking Padawan and to get an insight into Dooku as a Master. He's definitely someone easy to picture as a stern, severe type of Master.
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  4. amidalachick

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    Aug 3, 2003
    I imagine that would have been worth the punishment. [face_tee_hee][face_laugh]

    So fun to see a young, mischievous Qui-Gon! Great first set!
  5. AzureAngel2

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    Jun 14, 2005
    Nog alvast gefeliciteerd met konigsdag.

    I already meant to read your drabbels yesterday, but then RL got me side tacked. (Voral de stomme belasting, zucht!)

    But before I switch off my mobile phone and go to sleep, let me tell you that you write a wicked Doku and a brave Qui Gon. Also love the OCs that you pull oit of your magic head.

    Maar een ding nog, omdat het allebij mannen met barden zijn: my mother did not like the way your king looked during his speech. She found his beard too dense and his hair style too sloppy.

    Well, Willem-Alexander really should take a course with Doku & Qui Gon... ;)

    And sorry for using so much Dutch. But the name Benno triggered that somehow. [face_blush]
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  6. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    and there is more with him
    Jinn is in the next set with more friends
    Young Jinn is fun to write
    Willem-Alexander has a nice beard and Benno, yes that can be a Dutch name

    6. Raid

    “Benno,” Qui-Gon sneaked up to his friend.

    “Yes what’s up?” Benno remained seated at the edge of one of the lakes.

    “Did you see Morrin Miwert yesterday? He had a big smile on his face and was almost unstoppable when lessons ended.”

    “Ah yes I have heard it from Jerza,” Benno Perion turned with an all-knowing look on his face. “She told me that she and Morrin had planned a raid on the healer’s ward for those large plastform syringes and got caught by healers Adin and Maerhin. And those healers brought them to the office of the dentist and…”

    7. Pirate

    “But that’s no fun at all,” Qui-Gon stroked his cheek. He remembered his recent visit to said dentist. Rhue Madhlyn was old and slow in doing the reconstruction of a tooth. He had complained to his master. And what had been the result? He received a stern speech by Dooku and a command to meditate for two hours about the treatment because it was done in a carefull way and not slow at all.

    “For Morrin it was,” Benno smiled. “He became the padawan of dentist Madhlyn and told me that his master had been a pirate in his padawan-days.”

    8. Smuggle

    “Madhlyn a pirate?” Qui-Gon shook his head “No way! That Zabrak dentist sure is gentle and a bit slow in his treatment but he cannot have been a pirate.”

    “He was in a sort of way,” Benno nodded. “Morrin told me that after the bonding ceremony he had to follow his master to the archives. There was revealed that Madhlyn had been involved in a smuggle operation with his master. Padawan Madhlyn and master Ris were sent to Nar Shadda and you know what that world is.”

    “A smuggle paradise,” Qui-Gon interrupted. “I have heard from my master but continue…”

    9. Maraud

    “He can tell us all about it,” Benno stood up and hurried with Qui-Gon following him to a bench where master Madhlyn and Morrin were sitting down.

    Benno slid to a halt before the two. “Uh master, we were discussing your pirating padawan-days and saw you and…”

    “Master Madhlyn, padawan Miwert,” Qui-Gon bowed his head in greeting.

    “Greetings padawan Jinn and padawan Perion,” master Madhlyn bowed formally his head and continued with a sly smile “ah yes my marauding days with master Ris were a funny diversion from what was to become my main goal and that’s in your mouth.”

    10. Steal

    “Sweets loving masters, knights, padawans and initiates have all teeth to be treated,” master Madhlyn continued. “For that you need precious metals or less precious composites. With that comes that pirate-mission with my master to Nar Shadda. A gangster had stolen the entire supply of medicines destined for Hunarona. You know Hunarona was a planet where a virus was decimating the population. Our mission was to steal the supplies back and deliver them to Hunarona. And with my master getting the medicines I decided to steal some of the precious metals and creating a diversion. It worked. Hunarona was saved.”
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  7. amidalachick

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    Aug 3, 2003
    Great to see more of young Qui-Gon and his friends, and very creative use of the individual prompts to tell a whole story. Another great set! =D=
  8. AzureAngel2

    AzureAngel2 Force Ghost star 6

    Jun 14, 2005
    A young Qui-Gon is definitely fun. And you write him well.

    Dus, bevrijdingsdag staat voor de deur, hé?

    This means that you might have a lot of liberating up-dates for us!?!
  9. devilinthedetails

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    Jun 19, 2019
    Ah, more exciting adventures for young Qui-Gon Jinn. Nice job coming up with a unifying story for this set of prompts as well.
  10. Kahara

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    Mar 3, 2001
    Qui-Gon and Benno know how to make Temple life less routine, that's for sure! :p And so do their friends from the sounds of it. Funny coincidence that Morrin set out to pull a prank and ended up with an apprenticeship. The healers really saw something in him -- maybe mostly an excess of mischief, which they are at least used to dealing with! ;) Madhlyn seems like a really interesting teacher and just the kind needed to keep one of these rascally young Jedi occupied with training and real life skills! [face_laugh]
  11. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    A new story is in the next set
    just drabbles
    and more of him
    they are up to more in the next set

    11. Professor

    “Did you call teacher Anaras the professor?” Qui-Gon shook his head when he saw his friends Jerza Quwin and Benno Perion standing outside the class-room.

    “I had that on my mind,” Jerza began.

    “But I voiced it,” Benno continued. “And for that we had to leave the class-room and meditate on the word ‘professor’ and its meaning.

    “But Anaras is a professor the way he teaches,” Qui-Gon stated. “I had that on my mind too when you interrupted him in that endless monologue about washing your hands after a visit to the fresher or the obstacle-course before consuming a sandwich.”

    12. School

    “And that monologue began when I saw you getting that sandwich from your lunch-box,” Mace Windu had sneaked up to the three padawans and tapped Benno on his shoulder. “You should know better Benno; eating in school during lessons isn’t allowed at all. Be glad that teacher Anaras didn’t report you to your master.” He slapped again – now with more force – on Benno’s shoulder. “And I didn’t like the smell at all.”

    A very silent Benno tried to avoid the blows.

    “Hey Mace,” Qui-Gon caught the hand. “Stop that. Professor Anaras had him and Jerza meditating on that and more.”

    13. Gifted

    “I saw both leaving after Benno said professor,” Mace tried to wrestle free from Qui-Gon’s grip. “And your involvement? You had ‘professor’ on your mind too Jinn but you are just too gifted in shielding what you are thinking. You are sneaky Jinn. You are a rebel. Thanks the Force you have Count Dooku as your master. He will be able to turn you into an obedient Jedi. I can report your way of shielding to him.”

    “Do that,” Qui-Gon released his grip. “My master will be pleased. And Mace? Will you report to Jerza’s master too? Or is that…”

    14. Karma

    “No,” Mace interrupted.

    “You have to if you give your report to our masters,” Qui-Gon waved with his hands indicating Jerza too. “Or is the healers’ ward a no-go area for you after you had your treatment for smelly feet?” He began to laugh “purple is your colour Mace. You had purple socks. We made it into a tune. “Purple socks, purple socks, Mace is wearing purple socks. We only want to see you wearing purple socks.”

    “Tunes were twisted by us,” Benno added. “It was your karma to get comments on purple see; you have even a purple lightsaber.”

    15. Gambit

    “On second thought,” Mace looked down to the place where his lightsaber was hanging from his belt. “I won’t report this slight mishap. And my purple lightsaber; it was a gambit between my master and me when I had to get my crystal from the caves in Ilum. I wanted a green crystal but my master said ‘from the day you were brought to the Jedi-temple you had something with purple. You will find a purple crystal.’ And that’s what I found. And that’s what makes me different.”

    “Yeah very different,” Benno laughed. “No blue, yellow or green like ours.”
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  12. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    [face_laugh] Love how this is using all dialogue :cool: Mace's purple socks [face_tee_hee]
  13. amidalachick

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    Aug 3, 2003
    Oh these mischievous padawans!

    Haha! Qui-Gon will always be the rebel. :D

    "Karma" was my favorite, though. Mace and purple socks! And they made a song about it! [face_laugh] Love it! Another great set.
  14. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    it was fun to write this
    a rebel indeed

    16. Misty

    Qui-Gon Jinn was on a mission with his master to settle a dispute between two fighting groups.


    “I am going inside,” Qui-Gon turned his head and looked with his dark stormy sky blue eyes in the even darker ones of his master.

    “It is a bar and you aren’t allowed to go in,” Master Dooku met the defiant gaze of his padawan “you are 12.”

    “Babies aren’t allowed either and I saw that woman going…” Qui-Gon’s eyes turned misty.

    “Padawan follow me! She is from that group and we have to meet their leader. The needs of the many…”

    17. Lonely

    “Outweigh the needs of the few. I know what our mission asks from us but…” Qui-Gon paused “No,” he turned and swept through the swinging doors entering the bar with the name O-Lenge emblazoned in neon lettering. He had seen a woman with a little red haired toddler of only a few months – six at the most – going in and he had sensed something and no matter what his master was ordering him, he wanted to investigate the something. He would face the consequences later. The toddler was radiating a lonely feeling.

    He could hide the disgust he was feeling.

    18. Fiery

    Qui-Gon’s eyes turned fiery when he walked to the counter to be near the woman. She was talking to Marraki O-Neillie.

    “He is an orphan. Darak’s men killed his parents and you can have him for a thousand credits. That’s very cheap you know. Darak has offered me more but he wants to raise him as his son.”

    “I will take him. Darak won’t have him. He will become our champion fighter and slave and not his.”

    “You don’t need him. Go back to Darak,” Qui-Gon spoke softly but with a Force enhanced suggestion and saw Marraki O-Neillie turn away.

    19. Golden

    “I don’t need him. Go back to Darak.”

    “You will give him,” Qui-Gon adressed now the other woman gazing into her golden eyes “freely.”

    He held out his hands to the woman.

    “I will give him freely,” the woman murmured and pushed the sleeping toddler in Qui-Gon’s arms.

    “You will leave the O-Lenge,”Qui-Gon continued even more softly “you will go to Darak and tell him to meet Marraki O-Neillie.”

    She repeated him.

    Qui-Gon followed her and saw her walking to a group where his master was talking to a man. Arguments followed and she and Darak headed to the bar.

    20. Undying

    “It seems you have picked up another pathetic lifeform but you have started the negotiations I see.”

    “Yes master. That woman was the key to our mission and now we have this little kid to take care of. He is an orphan.”

    “Let’s go to our transport. Orphans don’t have a promising future here. We might as well take him to Coruscant and one of the orphanages there. And for your disobeying my direct order; I won’t forget it but you are of the hook this time.”

    Qui-Gon felt something wetting his tunics. The toddler had now his undying attention.
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  15. Kahara

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    Mar 3, 2001
    :p Never tell a Qui-Gon the odds, or the rules. From day one! I really liked the way that the reveal of him being just twelve here is dropped with such comedic timing.

    It turns out to be a good thing that he is so determined to follow his intuition, since that kid was in a really dire circumstance. Maybe they can't fix everything, but at least the toddler isn't going to be some kind of gladiator.

    And I had to LOL at how you worked the last word into the final drabble! [face_laugh] Oh no!
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  16. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Excellent rescue and an :oops: !!! at the end! =D=
  17. Mira_Jade

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    Jun 29, 2004
    Oh these are all such fun, and I love the various looks you've given us of Qui-Gon - and Benno too! - as young padawans. I'm hard pressed to pick a favorite, these have all brought such a smile to my face. But if I have to I'd day that Mace's love for purple had to be my favorite little tidbit. How funny!!! [face_laugh]

    Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful collection with us! I can't wait to see what you come up with next. [face_dancing] =D=
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  18. devilinthedetails

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    Jun 19, 2019
    I continue to enjoy how you explore the adventures of a young Qui-Gon and his relationship with Dooku. Good job making all the drabbles in this set flow together!
  19. Cowgirl Jedi 1701

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    Dec 21, 2016
    "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."
    Or the one.

    Isn't that a Vulcan saying? :D
  20. amidalachick

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    Aug 3, 2003
    Another great set! =D= I enjoy how you connect these prompts into an entire story through the whole set.

    Great to see Qui-Gon following his instincts and rescuing 'pathetic lifeforms' even at such a young age! And good for Dooku for letting him off the hook (this time at least!). :D
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  21. AzureAngel2

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    Jun 14, 2005
    What I like about your young Qui-Gon is that he is not afraid to speak his mind against his Jedi master. He almost reminds me of Adson Von Melk in Umberto Eco´s "The Name of the Rose".

    “Babies aren’t allowed either and I saw that woman going…” Qui-Gon’s eyes turned misty.
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  22. earlybird-obi-wan

    earlybird-obi-wan Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 21, 2006
    It's fun to write a young Qui-Gon and there will be more
    that's with toddlers
    a continuation
    and it ends with...
    It is but fitting for a rebel Jedi
    Qui-Gon has something with pathetic lifeforms
    being a rebel yes

    21 Temple

    “We are going to a temple little one,” Qui-Gon changed the diaper of the crying toddler who had been crying from the moment they entered the transport and made the jump to hyperspace. He eyed the closed door of the cabin where his master was meditating. ‘Thanks the Force; that cabin is soundproof. But our pilot…’

    Their pilot Junnilla Ruzzem – a schagrriann woman – chose that moment to see who was disturbing her. “I can make him something to drink,” Junnilla smiled “my son has now little kids and I know; they are always hungry. Maybe that can put him asleep”

    22 Sanctuary

    “I have tried milk but he remained inconsolable.” Qui-Gon picked up the crying toddler and held him soothing in his arms “you will get nice food.”

    “Walk with him,” Junnilla said “it will take some time to find something and make it palatable for him.”

    “You want to see this and that,” Qui-Gon murmured. “The Jedi temple is a sanctuary for you.” He walked down the aisle to the next room of the transport. The crying continued until they reached the engine-room.

    Sky blue eyes opened and the toddler was giggling and pointing with a little finger towards a panel.

    23 Shrine

    For Qui-Gon the panel was just like a shrine; a shrine with some noise coming from behind it but the kid heard something more.

    He was squirming now in Qui-Gon’s arms “ba ba…”

    “What’s that?”

    “Ba ba…”

    Qui-Gon saw a green light turning orange.

    “Ba ba…”

    An orange light was turning red and a claxon started to blare.

    WHOOOOOOOOP whoooooooooooooop WHOOOOOO.

    “That’s the converter,” Junnilla rushed in and pushed some levers. Lights turned back to green, the blaring claxon silenced and Junnilla gave a sigh. “We are going to make it. Didn’t you hear that converter?”

    “No, but he did.”

    24 Monastery

    “He did,” Junnilla smiled “I still have to find that food. Uh and you can show him more of the engine-room. Maybe he has already an affinity with technical things. No crying here and that pleases me.”

    Qui-Gon did and in doing that he sensed something more; the kid was Force sensitive. “And he is quiet here.”

    Junnilla came with a bottle of mashed fruits and Qui-Gon started to feed the kid.

    And the toddler remained quiet but only in the engine-room.

    Telling the toddler all about the Jedi temple and it being like a monastery didn’t quiet him down.

    25 Pilgrimage

    The mission had been like a pilgrimage for Qui-Gon with his master telling him to do his exercises on the way out but going back had been different. He had to care for the toddler now installed in a bed by crèche master Rian Solma.

    “Find him you did. Name him you do,” Master Yoda said.

    “I have met him in a bar,” Qui-Gon began “as I recall it was the O-Lenge. And the kid aided us during our trip home.” A big smile came on his face “Aiden O-Lenge is your name.”

    “Aiden O-Lenge well chosen it is Qui-Gon.”
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    Aug 3, 2003
    I think this was my favorite set so far! :) You did a great job of working in all the prompts, and I loved Qui-Gon taking care of the baby!

    Yay, he saved them! Reminds me a little of Anakin and Luke with their piloting and mechanical skills.

    And I like the name Qui-Gon picked for him too! Can't wait to read more. =D=
  24. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    and will he able to save this boy?

    26. Angel

    An angel; Qui-Gon observed the little boy with smiling intense blue eyes and raven black hair sitting next to him. The boy was like him watching the Phoebos memorial run taking place on Malastare. Qui-Gon and his master had been sent by Master Yoda to the planet to settle a trade dispute between the Garinola and Kaldaba clans of Ghoranan a planetary system quite near Malastare.

    “Where is that delegate master?”

    “Patience padawan,” the Jedi master answered.

    One red and gold striped pod was headed to the finish-line when it happened. Debris from another pod entered the left engine intake.

    27. Beast

    The engine disintegrated and the right engine still working headed to the surface of the arena.

    The pod came free from the runaway engine and came to a stop.

    A small smile passed Qui-Gon’s features when he saw the boy hopping on his seat and swaying with his feet that couldn’t touch the ground.

    The right engine exploded.

    Qui-Gon gave a sigh. ‘No one is injured.’

    “Lira did you see that big engine go kaboom?” The boy turned in his chair and looked up to the row where his parents and sister were sitting. “It was like a darrin beast.”

    28. Rogue

    “A beast gone rogue.”

    “I did and I am glad the pilot could crash-land his pod. Look he is alive.”

    The boy couldn’t see much because a man was standing.

    “You have lost Garido. The jury has seen that split second finish of my champion. Time to collect my wins, I will meet you at the Cridos bank,” the man shouted in his comlink and swayed with his arm.

    Qui-Gon could catch the boy before the arm could hit him and settled him down. “Hey mister…”

    “Thanks. I am Grethil Majina and you are a Jedi. I saw your lightsaber.”

    29. Frost

    The man was starting to go downwards to the places where his pilot was still seated in his pod.


    The man turned and looked down.

    Qui-Gon saw a face with frosty blue sinister eyes.

    “Ah, I am sorry. Did I hurt you?”

    “No Qui-Gon Jinn caught me. Was that your pilot that won the race?”

    “Yes and do you like to meet him?”

    “Sure, Mom I am going to meet Seluma and his winning pod. Can I go?”

    “He can go. Makoly Jana is one of my trusted partners and we are meeting him this evening at Tido’s place.”

    30. Storm

    ‘There’s a storm coming.’ Qui-Gon saw the boy and man leaving and he turned to his master “Master I …”

    “Follow me padawan, we have found our delegate. He is that gambling Garido and we will see him at the Cridos bank.”

    “But. Master that boy is Force sensitive and I have a bad …”

    “You and your bad feelings. Padawan that boy is way too old to be taken to the Jeditemple. He has formed attachments to his parents and sister and I heard his father stating that the man is a friend. We have our mission to complete.”
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  25. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Great connecting the prompts into an exciting event