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    Bird sand UDC VIII
    Author: Earlybird-obi-wan
    Characters: OC’s, canon
    Genre: drabbles
    Disclaimer: Star Wars belongs to Lucasfilm and Lucasfilm belongs to Disney.

    Bird sand UDC VIII

    1. Valor
    An act of valor, that’s what it was when Rostek Horn whipped out his blaster and threw himself against his mentor Steve Magaron to save his life.
    Rostek saw the flash of a discharging sniper-rifle and acted. He heard the loud moan.

    Steve got a particle slug in his right lung and was reaching for his blaster when a second discharge met his right shoulder sending him crashing to the floor of the estate. Vaguely he heard some conversation and more blasters fired.

    “A sniper.”


    “Get down Jack.”


    “Someone is helping us.”

    Steve tried to concentrate and was…

    2. Honor
    Rostek looked down at his wounded mentor and recalled what had happened nine months ago. As a fresh recruit from the CorCec academy he had arrived at the academy headquarters in Coronet City to meet his mentor. The head of the academy pointed him to a dark haired youth, celebrating his 293th birthday. Yes youth and Rostek had heard all about Dunai elder – Steve’s species – and their long lifespan. For him it was an honor to serve under Steve Magaron. The man was funny and strong in the Force just like his longtime friend Nejaa Halcyon, a Corellian Jedi knight.

    3. Sacrifice
    Rostek Horn saw Jack Wells – the CorSec investigator – being busy to stabilize Steve. And there was some one way conversation – correction two way – when Rostek saw Jono Bel Hana – a force sensitive Dunai – pressing some clearplast evidence bags against the wound in the chest and getting an intense concentrated look on his face. Rostek knew what Jono was doing, keeping Steve alert through mindtalk.

    “Stay with me Steve. I will help you. Don’t try to talk.”

    “It is. Mindtalk is alright. Concentrate on me. I will stay with you.”

    Rostek knew that Jono would sacrifice all to keep Steve alive.

    4. Defeat
    “I think I have killed the sniper,” an officer entered. “I heard a shot when I was in the vicinity and came as soon as possible.”

    Jack Wells observed him, telling about the defeat of the sniper but thought ‘the uniform is a bit sloppy with trousers not matching with the shirt. The blaster isn’t official either. But maybe Hollowtown doesn’t stick to regulations that much. He is here and right on time.’

    “Our friend here is down with two particle-slugs in his right shoulder and lung,”Jack said. “We must get him to a medical facility as soon as possible.”

    5. Victory
    “Hollowtown medcentre is the only facility on the station and can tend to his needs. I will alert an ambulance. It can be here in thirty minutes.”

    “No time,” Jono looked up. “I have him stable for the time being using my powers. Help me to carry him to the speeder. Our corvette is nearer with the equipped medbay. We have to get him to Coronet city.”

    “Agreed,” Jack said. “We have no time to lose to get him to the university hospital. Rostek take his legs.”

    Rostek acted. That part of the mission was going to end in victory.
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    "Bird sand? The best name for a thread, everrr!"
    - Agape, EP's parrot


    This is off to a cool start. :) And these drabbles seem to follow one another and form a concise story. OMG.

    Valour: Where are these people, if they're called Jack and Steve? Do those stand as abbreviations more unusual names and/or have they been transported from our world? Curious. :) The action scene is gr9.

    Honour: Ouch, Steve is a Dunai Elder. That means he might have to experience the things from the last drabble for WAY TOO LONG. On a brighter side, it's wonderful to see how much Rostek respects him.

    Sacrifice: I would like a fanon post on Mindtalk, yes, please. Sounds intriguing.

    Defeat: Oooh, so this is happening on the Centerpoint Station? And it was a direct attempt on Steve's life? OUCH. Can't they use the elevators?

    Victory: This last drabble freaks me out and reminds me of the Americal Civil War and the series The Last Widow of the South. Brrrrr! Is this really necessary and do these folks HAVE to do it? Given the "Beyond" tag, my assumption would be a big loud "heck, no".

    Or wait, does "take his legs" mean something else in this context, like carrying him?
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    Nice work! I really like how you run a narrative through the five separate entries so that together they tell a story.
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    Jun 14, 2005
    Bird sand? That means your birdies moved with you to your new place! Yeah!

    Great that you also took part in the challenge.

    I am always scared/ nervous doing that.

    Great to see that your characters are part of your challenge answer. :)
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    The drabbles are part of a story involving Steve Magaron. His adventures will be followed in the entire set of drabbles.

    The entire set will be a story (stories)

    The bird - Karel, a young ringneck parakeet - is here too and yes he enjoys the sand and shells I am bringing from the beach and using for his cage.

    6. Name

    “Officer; take my case and come.” Jack slid his arms under the body of Steve and counted “one, two, three and lift.”

    Rostek lifted the legs and walked with Jack to the door for a fleeting moment wondering why the officer had given no name to a senior in rank like Jack Wells.

    Jono – keeping pressure on the chest-wound – had his other hand under the chest and stayed with the two. And he did keep the pressure when he slid in the back-seat of the speeder and had Steve resting in his lap.
    The officer had followed with the case.

    7. Title

    “I will contact the pilot first,” Rostek Horn – being a trainee with no title yet – acted. He saw Jack at the controls of the speeder trying to coax the maximum out of the engine guiding it towards the tube and Jono occupied with Steve and keeping him stable.

    CorSec two nine.”

    “Horn here CorSec two nine. Get ready. Officer Magaron is severely injured. We are coming in.”

    Copy that. Will ready stretcher. Out.

    Jack flashed a fleeting smile towards Rostek when he reached the tube. “Excellent Horn. You can contact CorSec Hollowtown.”

    Rostek thought. ‘Jack has no way with titles.’

    8. Number

    Rostek told about the left behind evidence for the Dorsetti case and got the assurance that CorSec Hollowtown would get the holocrons. He was telling about the valiant help of the traffic patrol officer when the speeder came to a stop.

    We will send a team to the Koro Zavala estate. ETA forty minutes. Out.”

    “Nice work Horn,” Jack jumped out of his seat and began to help Jono when the co-pilot rushed with a stretcher to the speeder.

    With Steve secure in the medbay of the corvette Jack reached to the bag with number two, containing A-blood and IV-fluids.

    9. Date

    ‘I will have a date with Jack’s friend,’ Steve thought.

    “You sure will,” Jono whispered and listened to his colleagues.

    “We have an emergency. I told you piece of Bantha poodoo.” That was coming from the cockpit. “Get me a free vector or I will ram through the piece of space junk.”

    Hold CorSec two nine.”

    “Stay with us Steve.” Jack’s smiling face was appearing in Steve’s vision. “Gilbert is fuming.”

    “Yeah our pilot must have angered some traffic control officials,” said Rostek.

    “We are entering orbit and have emergency clearance karking sleemo.”

    “He sure is pissed off.” Jack said.

    10. Legacy

    ‘Their actions sure speak for them,’ Steve thought. ‘The legacy of the CorSec academy director is alive in all.’ He heard the rumbling in all stomachs.

    “Missing Smithers,” Rostek patted his belly.

    ‘Not forgotten,’ Steve thought. ‘But now I am glad my stomach is empty. I will sure need surgery to remove that slug.’

    “You will need surgery Steve,” Jono said. “And we will grab a Smithers meal after delivering you to the hospital and before going to headquarters. Semendiger sure wants to know where his transport and crew has gone. Hold on. We are minutes away from touch down.”
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    Great that you dragged Rostek and Steve into it. They answer the challenge nicely on your behalf.
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    Nice to know of Karel. Please, post pics of him in the social thread whenever you can. :D

    And things are getting pretty bad for Steve. A slug, ewww! Hope he accepts to be treated. I am glad that he's still in one-piece, too; and definitely intrigued that these long-living beings have the same blood types as us.
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    Whew, Steve is going through quite the ringer! :eek: I am already enjoying getting to know his character, and look forward to seeing where this takes him next.

    I am fascinated by your ability to weave a story through all of the individual prompts! Really well done, there. =D=
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    Catching up on these, and I'm glad I did—your drabbles are off to an exciting start, and I love how you've unified them to tell a continuous story. I'm new to your OCs, so please bear with me here, though I am familiar in a general way with your fanon lore on the Dunai and Dunai Elder. I do know, though, that Steve Magaron is one of your main OCs currently, and the scene opens with a very scary situation for him. But I'm thankful that he has such good friends and colleagues surrounding him and helping him. I have to say I too am curious about the nature of the mindtalk that Jono is performing (and thankful that Jack and Rostek are being so understanding about it). It's definitely a relief to see Steve coming around and lucid in the second set, and the pilot's landing-clearance snark was a fun bit of comic relief. And Jono is a true friend—I know he'll be by Steve's side throughout all of this. [face_love]

    Thanks so much for sharing, and looking forward to more of this story! :)
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    Not as us: A-blood = artificial blood. And he is still in one piece in the following set
    The story is continuing
    You will see him more

    11. Helpless

    ‘Many minutes,’ Steve was certain about that. He felt helpless, strapped to the stretcher in the medbay. But Jono’s small talk kept him conscious and almost unaware of the discomfort he was again beginning to feel.

    “Give him another dose. He can use it before your friends get busy.”

    “A keep-Steve-unaware-of-nasty-objects-in-his-body dose now coming,” Jack smiled.

    ‘Bugs is being funny,’ Steve mindtalked.

    “He is and you are doing great,” Jono grinned.

    Yes, he was helpless but his friends were making sure he was getting all the help they could provide.
    One was in the cockpit. He heard a toggle activating.

    12. Satisfied
    ‘I feel ah yes.’ Steve was satisfied. But he was tiring or was it...

    “I can go on and will be very tired after delivering you to the hospital,” Jono said.

    More sounds from the cockpit were heard.

    CorSec two nine you have emergency clearance. What’s the hurry?”

    “Who is asking?”
    University hospital dispatch.”

    “Patch me through.”

    CorSec two nine. What’s the emergency?”

    “An injured officer hit by particle slugs.”


    “One minute, thirty seconds.”


    “Yes, we are coming in hot. Clear the field NOW.”

    “Gilbert is chasing the blues away,” Jack grinned. “And we have touch-down. Move him.”

    13. Enough
    Steve knew that his friends had done enough to stay with him until he was put under by the kind man but he felt something.
    Jono was hesitant to leave the emergency room.

    “Come lieutenant,” Jack patted him on his shoulder. “Surgeon Kick Hangolo will dig the particle slug out. He is a slug expert.”

    “Slugs and bugs,” Rostek was trying to be funny

    “Kick and his slugs were the main reason to become a bug expert,” Jack began to laugh. “We have to get back to our cabin in the corvette. Slugs and bugs will devour the Smithers meals.”

    14. Non-stop
    From the university hospital to CorSec headquarter took only a few minutes. Rostek and Jono were carrying their packed Smithers meal out of the cabin when Maura Grimes came running to the cabin followed by Lydia Kaplan.

    ‘Non-stop action,’ Rostek thought.

    The two women – lugging cases – spurted inside.

    “Semendiger called,” Maura shouted. “He asked you to come.”

    “I am going,” Jack grinned. “The major is craving for his meal and needs a taxi. We were too occupied with Steve to take care of the meals.”

    “The major is going back with captain Eustache to the Zavala estate. There’s a fire.”

    15. Burn
    Jack was back at the Zavala estate and pointed at the crispy critters, collected them and searched the wreckage of the patrol speeder for a burnt body. Coming to the crime-scene ten minutes ago he had heard the major muttering to the fire-chief about the possible destruction of evidence. The fire-crew had doused the speeder with foam and water until it was a dripping wreck. He saw Maura and Lydia searching the surroundings of the Zavala estate, mainly where the supposed sniper – or holocron thief – had been.

    At CorSec headquarters Jono’s stomach was churning. And he felt. He shouted “Steve!”
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    This is slowly becoming the kind of an emergency room nightmare that I would not want to experience, ever. :p But great, great action!
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    Jun 14, 2005
    Your third round of drabbles, which I really enjoyed, gave me ideas for my own update. But yours are more innocent than diving into the sick head of Orson Callan Krennic.

    Steve and Jono are always fun guys. And they put themselves on a line for people in need. Which reminds me of a certain Dutch woman when she was still a volunteer for the fire brigade. ;) A life time of saving and helping others really is the fuel of each of your fan fictions. ^:)^
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    These are very interesting. I'm enjoying how you are telling the story, and I *think* I'm following it. I'm not very familiar yet with your OCs (time to head over the the OC Index thread :D). I look forward to more.
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    It is and there is someone to save him
    It sure is
    You will get to know them in this and the new stories

    16. Hunger
    “Jono, what’s wrong with Steve?”

    “Have to go … hurry… danger… dark…”

    “What?” Rostek had Jono leaning against him. ‘Different kind of hunger.’

    “Darkness is here,” Jono mumbled.

    “It is and we have to go to the hospital. Your friend is in trouble in the bacta-tank.”

    “Nejaa? You here?”

    “Help me to get him to my speeder,” Nejaa resolutely took Jono by his left arm and draped that over his shoulder.

    “Steve hang on,” Jono mumbled.

    “Hurry!” Nejaa powered up the speeder. “Kriffing dark mayhem.”

    Nejaa was doing the impossible, guiding the speeder with his Force-powers.

    Rostek was turning green.

    17. Thirst
    Nick Remick heard his superior.

    “I got the slug out and put some stitches in. The bacta will take care of the rest. Patient Magaron should be ready to come out of the bacta in one hour. You can tell him that he will be released in two days time. Here are his records.”

    A green blur passed him and he saw two newcomers.

    “No, Get Steve out… Bacta room… Have to help… Nejaa help him.”

    “Nejaa is my friend and a Jedi and he will help Steve Magaron,” Rostek swallowed, thirsty and throat now dry after the harrowing ride.

    18. Itch
    “Remick what are you doing?”

    “My work,” Nick ignored his superior.
    Nick had amazement showing on his face when he guided his charges into the bacta-tank room. Nejaa was busy with the crane.

    “I need an anesthesiologist. The man needs to be on a respirator.”

    “Catch him.”

    Nick was just in time to take the limp patient by the straps of his harness. He lowered him to the gurney and removed the mask. A face covered in rashes became visible. He heard the laboured breathing and ordered to the nurse “tube A and airway-scope.”

    “Steve hang on. I need gloves.”

    19. Yearn
    The Jedi had activated one of the water-hoses to clean a patient after he was taken out of the tank.

    Nick felt it pouring over him and the patient – yearning for the deluge to stop – when he was using the airway-scope to insert the tube. “Hey!”

    “Sorry. The bacta has to go.”

    Nick understood. He removed the bacta-patches that covered the wounds and saw more rashes. Wounds were open. Sutures had unravelled. “We have to move him back to the OT.”

    “Patient trouble?”

    Nick saw Doug Frost taking the bag.

    “Steve is a Dunai elder and quite allergic to bacta.”

    20. Impulse
    “I am Jono Bel Hana and can tell you all about him.” Jono was holding his gloved hands on the forehead of the patient. “He is unconscious. I have no contact with him. Get the bacta out of his lung.”

    “Are you done with flooding us?” Rostek had the impulse to shout now that he was feeling better.

    Nick felt the water trickle down and stopping.

    “Steve will be alright.” Nejaa jumped down from the crane.

    Nick knew how the Jedi had gotten topside, just jumping up next to the crane and guiding that to the tank. “OR two Doug.”
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    Steve's agony is taking just too long! And these folks are bickering, bickering, bickering. I hope that he's going to be fine, soon. This hectic atmosphere cannot be good for him.
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    Yoicks, poor Steve... it's hard to tell whether things are getting better or worse for him, and it definitely looks like some kind of "dark mayhem" is involved. At least the slug is now out. [face_relieved] Here's hoping he holds on! And then it looks like there was some kind of attack or arson at the Zavala mansion on top of it all—is it connected somehow? [face_thinking] Cool suspense—keep it coming!
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    Jun 14, 2005
    I really can say that your decades of being a volunteer within the ranks of in the Dutch fire brigade enriches your fanfic writings in unbelievable ways. Reading this is more exciting than your beloved TV series about certain cops on Hawaii. ;)
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    Aug 21, 2006
    and he is planning to leave the hospital in the next set
    the case will be solved
    thank you and this is the final part

    21. Dinner

    Steve was awake and quite annoyed. Jono had explained all about the automatic assist respirator. After getting rid of the pesky tube he had found a breath-mask being placed on his face. Some ice – the only thing that counted for him as dinner with an IV taking care of all his needs – had taken away the sore feelings in his throat and with his voice improving he had tried to argue with Doug Frost and Nick Remick about his release from the beeping thingies room. He had a new idea and voiced “I have to go back to my student.”

    22. Theater
    Jono began to smile. A next step in Steve’s ‘get me as soon as possible out of the hospital’ theater. He had seen Rostek. And Doug was going to the intercom system minutes ago.

    “What’s funny about that,” Steve eyed his friend.

    “Your student is here,” Jono laughed. “And he is soon your ex-student. I am impressed by his actions. Semendiger too and…”

    “Yeah he saved me and came with the important clues about the holocrons,” Steve interrupted. “He will be soon my ex-student. Uh by the way, is the Dorsetti case solved?”

    “He can tell you himself,” Jono said.

    23. Pint
    “Soon to be ex-student Horn reporting to his mentor,” Rostek had a smile on his face but that disappeared when he saw his mentor covered from head to toes with bandages with only the face free.

    “I will make a full recovery but that will take time,” Steve said. “You and Jono will have to keep me occupied. And the begin is…”

    “Me telling about the Dorsetti case,” Rostek continued. “You must be eager to hear how it is solved. We saw the records from the Raging Ronto and there she was leaving with an unidentified man.”

    “After a pint?”

    24. Shot

    “Or a shot,” Jono replied. “The recording was bad. We couldn’t get any idea who he was.”

    “And we didn’t see the man anymore,” Rostek said. “Aira entered her apartment alone and was acting weird.”

    “It was if she was there arguing with someone but no speech was found on the record,” Jono remarked. “Lip-reading revealed nothing.”

    “Was she arguing with herself? Was she planning her own demise?” Rostek continued. “She made grotesque faces. She was crying. We saw tears and a wet face. We saw her very reluctant beginning to drink from a glass.”

    “The case was solved; suicide."

    25. Alcohol
    A month had passed. Yesterday Steve had been released from the hospital. He was sipping from a non alcoholic beverage.
    He noticed the missing holocrons and an earlier picture where more holocrons were present.

    “That is a Jedi holocron and by the looks of it the real stuff,” Nejaa said. “I hope the one who has it doesn’t recognise the real value and will sell it.”

    “Sniper and officer did everything to keep us from getting the holocrons,” Steve muttered. “I was shot before we could collect the first piece of evidence.”

    “The Jedi can find the holocrons,” Nejaa said.
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    So, Steve is OK and off to another adventure? Is he going to have to cooperate with the Jedi?

    And love the phrase "beeping thingies room". :D
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    Jun 14, 2005
    Jono, Rostek and Steve - always a formula for fun.

    And thanks for pointing out the new drabbles to me.

    I am still under the impression of the emergency doctor coming for my dad on Easter Sunday and sitting in a bus home from work yesterday, when 3 drunken men created havoc under the passengers (and one of them having a knife), do not make it possible for me to come up with anything clever. And writing does not bring the joy and relief it used to...

    But it sure is always a pleasure to read your stuff. And it makes me smile.

    Those three are indeed life savours in many ways...
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    This is, well, pretty amazing. Here you are making an actual story without even knowing what the next chapter's prompts will be. So Steve is allergic to bacta! It's so fortunate that they got to him in time.
    I, too, liked the "beeping thingies room." Best description ever.

    AzureAngel2, I hope your dad is doing better and I am so sorry to hear about your terrible experience on the bus! I'm glad these drabbles of earlybird-obi-wan 's are giving you some respite.
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    Jun 14, 2005
    divapilot: As I said in the cantina, only teaching and writing make me happy these days. I have frozen the rest of my private life.
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    Steve will have more adventures; first with the Corellian Jedi in the next set

    They are and Rostek will be a hero in the next set

    Steve, Rostek and Nejaa have another adventure here. A serious event ending in fun. (and based on real-life. 20 years and 6 months ago I saved a little girl. New Years eve 1997 I heard that she was saved)

    26. Dream
    A dream had come true for Nejaa and Scerra Halcyon when they married with Steve Magaron and Rostek Horn as their witnesses.
    A dream it had been when their son Valin was born.
    Valin had to be kept secret from the Jedi not belonging to the Corellian Jedi.
    Nejaa suspected that a little green master knew but would keep the secret.

    Steve had jokingly said when he came to visit “he will be a CorSec agent and his son too.”

    “Valin will have you as his teacher,” was what Rostek had said.

    Steve had a dreamy look on his face.

    27. Stars
    “You will survive. You will see the stars again.”
    Nejaa Halcyon saw his son in the isolation room. He had been desperate when Valin was diagnosed with leukaemia.
    His son had come home from school two days ago with his new lunch-box and was unusually tired and showing bruises on his body.
    A visit to the University hospital in Coronet City had revealed what was wrong.

    Nejaa coming to work had his colleague Rostek immediately volunteering for testing to become a donor.

    Steve had been there with a dreamy look and had said “Valin is a survivor. Rostek is important.”

    28. Barricade
    There was a barricade for family and friends visiting Valin Horn.

    Rostek Horn – recovered from his donation of the stem-cells to save the child – was the first friend to go to Valin with a present. He had to don an isolation suit, mask and gloves after showering and putting his things in a locker.
    He had to pass an air-lock and decon-shower before giving his present to Valin.
    The boy had been delighted to see the building-material for a starship.

    Steve Magaron had come with material to make a painting.

    The room had now another sign; enter and have fun.

    29. Rain
    Enter and have fun, those words had been the first on the sign. More words were added by visitors and Valin.

    Rain soaking the window of his room had been a reason for Valin to add ‘a few weeks and I will be there again playing and having a mud-fight.’

    Steve had seen this and had begun a discussion with Rostek and Nejaa.

    “We will take Valin after his release to Firwood and the training-centre,” Rostek had said. “There we can have fun and our mud-fight.”

    “I will make sure there are no Jedi-masters and padawans from Coruscant,” Nejaa concluded.

    30. Home
    Nejaa had seen those Jedi-masters and padawans visiting Firwood.

    Siri Tachi and Obi-Wan Kenobi had been there with Ferus Olin and Anakin Skywalker and a group of other masters and padawans.
    Siri and Obi-Wan knew about Valin and would keep his existence a secret. They had visited Valin in the hospital.

    Valin had come home and the first thing he had asked when it started to rain “can we have our mud-fight?”

    “Sure,” Nejaa had answered and he had gone with Steve and Rostek to Firwood.

    A fight.
    Four men were covered in mud.

    “Mom should see us,” Valin laughed.
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    Jun 14, 2005
    To be a donor is always a life saving AND sense making act. Actually more people should do that!
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    Jul 31, 2014
    Poor Valin! What he's going through here is horrible, but his father is there to donate him stem cells, thus making this a heartwarming story. And knowing that you saved somebody like this too, makes it even more beautiful. <3 <3 <3