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Beyond - Legends Bird Sand, UDC VIII, completed

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by earlybird-obi-wan, Mar 22, 2017.

  1. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Thank you all for the kind words.
    Here are the next five drabbles taking place just before the story CorSec and the 40 thieves.

    31. Tangy
    CorSec inspector Steve Magaron had for the next week what they called on Coruscant and many other planets like the one he was on the Hawkbat shift. Vampire-hours were another name. He was waking up late in the afternoon after a restful sleep in his darkened room in a cottage in Firwood. Situated near a large lake and a forest inviting for hikes Steve loved his home. But he knew that one day he would return to his home-planet Moniron. Shuffling to his kitchen he started to make breakfast and selected one of the tangy tasting mujaa-fruits to make juice.

    32. Sweet
    The glass of mujaa-fruit juice was on the kitchen-table. Porridge with some sweet tasting berries was in the heating-unit when Steve started to shower. He liked it short, beginning with cold water, a short hot burst and ending again with cold water. He saw his face reflected in the mirror when he started to shave. Intense black hair in a crewcut framed a handsome face with blue eyes. The beginning of a moustache went, as well as the beard. They had to go as required by his CorSec chief. He had joined CorSec almost 39 years ago after leaving Moniron.

    33. Spicy
    Steve dressed in his uniform with the blood-stripe along the pants and strapped the blaster-holster to his right thigh. A beeping sound indicated that his porridge was ready when he was donning his boots. Fastening them he went to his kitchen and put the bowl on the table. Savouring the mujaa-fruit juice his mind wandered over the work he would have tonight. ‘A perch on a rooftop of a hotel in Treasure Ship row will be my place. That’s nice. O-Hana’s spicy nerfburger will be close. No lunch-box to take to work and no Bernoski or Emery stealing my sandwich.’

    34. Bitter
    ‘My sandwiches, yeah the first time I left my lunchbox unattended for just a moment those forensics guys were gone with them like some stealing monir-birds. But my revenge was sweet. The next lunch-box standing all alone on my desk became again their destination and their faces after tasting the bitter herb hidden between the spicy and tangy bread were priceless.’
    Grinning Steve finished his porridge and put the bowl and glass in his dish-cleaner and headed to his airspeeder.
    He liked the one hour flight from rural Firwood to Coronet City and landed in the courtyard of CorSec headquarters.

    35. Bland
    “Who has made this caf?” Steve was sipping from his mug making a face when the bland tasting liquid met his tongue.

    “I did,” Nejaa Halcyon came into the briefing room. “And now that I see you, you are invited for Valin’s birthday. He will turn 9 on telona 23. Rostek is invited too.”

    “Bland tasting brew,” the director muttered and turned to Steve. “But you will be able to get some nice food and drinks in Treasure Ship row. And I hope that our Intel will be right. Julie Scoval and her 40-thieves gang is becoming a big nuisance.”
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    Jun 14, 2005
    Julie Scoval and her 40-thieves gang is becoming a big nuisance.

    I knew you would come up with very new story links. I knew it.
  3. Ewok Poet

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    Jul 31, 2014
    Steve sure knows where to find some good eats. :) And of course that the Treasure Ship row is the perfect place for that!
  4. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    The drabbles follow Steve during his adventures in before, saga and beyond.
    or CorSec headquarters

    Some caf-talk next

    36. Rebellion

    “We were able to finally get the 40-thieves gang behind bars,” Rostek Horn got a cup of caf.

    “And no further lives lost. We were lucky.”

    Steve Magaron approached the two talking near the caf-machine and the sink. He had taken one sip from another bland tasting brew made by the same culprit who was now talking to his partner. “Yes Nejaa we were lucky,” Steve poured his steaming caf into the sink. “But you ain’t that lucky. Next time you fill the caf-machine with that bland tasting mayhem you call caf-beans you will have a rebellion on your hands.”

    37. Revolution

    “A rebellion you state,” Nejaa Halcyon shook his head and started to reach for the beans in the cupboard. “You don’t like my caf?”

    “No and he neither,” Steve saw captain Jono Bel Hana coming in. He produced from another shelf a new pack of beans. “Try these and you will be convinced. Or…” and he saw a smile appearing on the faces of Rostek and Jono and continued “I can tell you about the revolution started by me when I was serving at Haradan police station 2 on Moniron.”

    “I only recall that you were fired after some mishap.”

    38. Freedom

    “Yes Nejaa,” Steve grinned. “I was fired in a sense after wrecking a building and gained my freedom to leave Moniron and start my exploration of the galaxy stopped short when I stumbled on this planet and CorSec eager to enlist me in their ranks. But before leaving Moniron I had all the officers in Haradan demanding a nice cup of caf. You know; caf will get you through the shift.”

    “And you are spoiling our taste with those beans,” Jono Bel Hana grabbed the sack preferred by Nejaa and dropped them in the incinerator.

    “They are gone,” Nejaa mused.

    39. Martyr

    “Gone forever and a martyr on the way to a nice cup of caf,” Rostek Horn pushed the start-button on the incinerator and poured his caf in the sink.

    A bland smell of burning beans wafted from the incinerator meeting Nejaa’s nose first.

    “They were nice beans,” Nejaa watched Jono and Steve busy with the new pack of beans. “And I have to taste that before I will like it.”

    “Use the Force Nejaa when you take your caf and do what Master Yoda taught you,” Rostek cleaned his cup in the sink. “Do or don’t. There is no try.”

    40. Veteran

    “That’s some weird speech,” Steve grinned. “I have heard more Yoda stories from you. Was that green guy always talking like that?”

    “Master Yoda for us all,” Nejaa started to laugh. “Master Yoda was already a veteran when you were born. And yes he always did unless something serious happened. I was once – being an innocent five year old youngling – getting into trouble in the garden of a thousand fountains when he tip-tapped to our tree. ‘Initiate Halcyon follow me’ were his words and I did.”

    “You had to eat the famous stew,” Rostek grinned.

    “Yuck,” Nejaa made a face.
  5. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    31 to 35, nice work making an arc all about food for the day; Steve doesn't exactly sound enthused about returning to his home planet.
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  6. AzureAngel2

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    Jun 14, 2005
    This was a nice read during my all too brief lunch break. Thank you for having been able to crate a relaxed atmosphere among your characters.
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  7. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    A more serious arc in the next five drabbles

    41. Bright
    CorSec inspector Steve Magaron was tossing and turning in his bed. An unusual sleepless night was it for him. He had sleepless nights before but those were 39 years ago when he had found the cottage in Firwood with standard furniture. Being a Dunai Elder he was quite tall and Corellian beds were small. The first thing he had done was going to a carpenter and ordering a large bed. No more sleepless nights until now. A bright light ending a dream had him waking up. Something terrible must have happened. The known galaxy would very soon erupt in turmoil.

    42. Star
    Steve had found out through his contacts at CorSec. The star around which the planet Irellion had circled was now with a halo of debris. Irellion was destroyed by forces unknown. And they had Steve shivering when almost a year after that destruction a war broke out. The war had started on Geonosis. Steve had felt the death of many beings. Colleague Jedi knight Nejaa Halcyon had departed Corellia to help the republic in their fight against the seperatists.
    Steve heard that Nejaa had joined Anakin Skywalker on a mission to Praesitlyn and had befriended Caamasi Jedi knight Ylenic It'kla.

    43. Mama
    ‘Mama, what will become of us?’

    Steve Magaron – face wet with tears – was sitting dazed at his desk at CorSec headquarters in Coronet City. One hour ago he had heard Rostek Horn shouting a Corellian curse after receiving a call on his comlink. A moment later Rostek was running away.
    Now he heard those words in his mind and felt the anguish coming from Valin Halcyon and his mother Scerra. Father and husband Nejaa Halcyon had died on a mission to locate Nikkos Tyris on Susevfi.
    But Rostek would be there taking them to his estate and caring for them.

    44. Please
    Steve Magaron was visiting Rostek Horn when he saw his colleague headed to the front-door. He was glad that Valin was playing in the garden with his friend Nyche Kaloar, an older girl he had befriended at school.
    Caamasi Jedi knight Ylenic It'kla was there with a box.
    He listened to their conversation and had a thoughtful look on his face when he heard.

    “Please Rostek, keep these belonging safe for your charge young Valin. Hide them if you must.”

    “I will. I have many places to hide things.”

    ‘You sure do with your botanical activities,’ Steve thought, smiling broadly.

    45. Shine
    For Jono Bel Hana it was a day to say goodbye to his colleagues at CorSec because he was retiring. His son Jeb – a pilot in the services of Ira Slojuk – had left Corellia to go to Moniron.

    For Steve it was the last day as a CorSec inspector. A nagging feeling had him quitting his job and getting a ticket on a freight-hauler bound for Moniron.
    With Nejaa Halcyon gone and many more Jedi paying the ultimate price the galaxy wasn’t shining anymore for him.
    And the beginning had been that dream and hearing about the destruction of Irellion.
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    Jun 14, 2005
    Serious update(s) or not. The light of the Force shines through each of them.
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    Jun 29, 2004
    I have to echo the above commenters who are so impressed with you keeping this an actual story, every week, without knowing of the prompts ahead of time. That takes a seriously deft hand when writing. [face_love]=D=

    And I love that you were able to write about something true to life with the donors - how beautiful. [face_love]

    This continues to remain a riveting read. =D=
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  10. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    dark and light in the next set
    Thank you. From Corellia to Moniron, Steve will have adventures.

    46. Raise
    Someone had raised a monster. Steve Magaron was very sure about that. Face wet with tears he was sitting at the beach near Rhonda where he was now working as a police-inspector. Rhonda has become his new hometown on Moniron. Only one hour ago he had watched the news. A badly deformed man adressing the senate had bragged about the Jedi being exterminated. They had tried to murder him. He was their emperor. Steve had recognized the man. He was Palpatine. Steve had never trusted him. Only a few days ago Palpatine had been kidnapped and saved by the Jedi.

    47. Juvenile
    That kidnapping had started the great battle for Coruscant ending with Palpatine being emperor and the Jedi exterminated with only a few escaping and in hiding or getting new identities.
    Steve was – a week later – sitting at the same beach reading a decoded message. He had received a package with seeds and a little juvenile hybrid orchid. And that orchid had him smiling.
    Rostek Horn had been the sender. Encoded in the orchid’s DNA was the message that a few Jedi on Corellia were saved, having new families and identities.
    Rostek had a new family with Scerra and Valin Halcyon.

    48. Mature
    Reading more Steve smiled. A Corellian Jedi healer – Hanjo Tavar – had come with the solution to hide three padawans. They could now mature having escaped order 66.
    DNA was the key. One of them had received a stemcell-transplant as a two year old on Corellia. The surgeon treating him had found out that he was the donor. And that had Hanjo rushing to his friend Rostek Horn and forging new identities for Valin, Scerra and the three padawans.
    The empire had enough evidence that the padawans were dead, killed in a fire in the hospital where they were being treated.

    49. Growth
    Steve watched the growth of the rebellion. Messages from Rostek Horn kept him informed.
    More than 4 years had passed since that dreadful day where Palpatine became emperor. A few days ago he had watched the news.

    Darth Vader had exterminated Aaqu Maerhin, the last Jedi-healer and had erased the planet Moniron from the star charts.

    That had Steve smiling. His home-planet was a refuge for Jedi. He knew that more Jedi were safe.
    It had him musing. Why had Darth Vader done that? Steve had felt that the Sith Lord was a former Jedi. Was there a hidden light?

    50. Elder
    Steve was smiling. Rostek Horn had sent another message.
    ‘Congratulations with your 345th birthday.’
    Rostek knew that Steve was a Dunai elder. And there was more in the message.

    ‘Valin has now his son Corran at his side working at CorSec.’

    Steve mused. ‘DNA led you to having a new family Rostek. And young Valin – now known as Hal Horn – could marry his friend Nyche, becoming the young dad of Corran. Now that boy has followed in the footsteps of his father, graduating at a young age from the CorSec academy with top grades. I will hear more from him.’
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    Jun 14, 2005
    earlybird-obi-wan, there is not much I can say after so much praise from Mira_Jade. See, there are people reading your work and reacting to it. That makes me happy for you.

    Goed gedaan, hoor! Het is iedere keer een echte plezier iets over jouw OCs te kunnen lezen.

    I especially liked 49. about Vader´s light.
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    Aug 21, 2006
    And here is the next set from ANH to ROTJ

    51 Go
    “Go home,” inspector Aladai Er-Rica of the Kerana station put a hand on Steve’s shoulder.

    “But… hnnh… why,” Steve mumbled, tears streaming down his face, looking up to the gentle face with the kind brown eyes, moist with tears. Only minutes ago he had felt an intense loss.

    “I know. I felt it too. An entire planet – millions of lives – lost in an instant. You must have had friends there after your stay on Corellia.”

    “I did,” Steve cried. “Jake Winter was one of my trainees. He returned to Alderaan when he graduated. He came to us for his education.”

    52 Wait
    “When I left Corellia I sent him an encrypted message. We kept in contact through those messages until Moniron was erased from the star-charts. He reported about the rebellion. Bail Organa was one of the leaders. Now they are all gone. Yes, I should go home,” Steve wiped his face with an offered cloth and stood up, helped by Aladai Er-Rica.

    “The reports about the Essin-gang can wait,” Aladai helped Steve to don his jacket and began to guide him towards the door. “Rest and take your time to grieve.”

    “Wait,” junior-officer El-Kelly shouted. “You will want to see this.”

    53 Rise
    Steve and Aladai hurried to the station of El-Kelly.

    “Watching the empire-news again on duty,” Aladai began but stopped when he saw what was transpiring.

    “That’s Jedi-master Obi-Wan Kenobi,” Steve watched in awe. “I have seen him on Corellia. Wow, he has grown old.”

    “And he knows,” Aladai smiled when a cloak and lightsaber dropped on the floor. “He is one with the eternity.”

    “A new hero will rise,” El-Kelly said. “That piece of planet-sized mayhem called Death Star will pay the price for destroying Alderaan. Yes Steve, I know you had friends there. We will organise a memorial service.”

    54 For
    For more than four years Steve had followed the news about the fight of the empire against the new rebellion. Junior-officer El-Kelly had been a great source of information during his work at the Kerana station.
    An invitation from the chief of Monir police had him joining the special ops team. ‘With your vast experience on Corellia and Moniron you will be a great asset to our team,’ was what the chief had said when he gave him his badge and weapon.
    Steve had finished a big operation and was doing the unusal ‘paper-work’ when his eyes misted with tears.

    55 Against
    “Steve we know,” Officer Erin Brokaw looked up from his ‘paper-work’ and began to tap on his keyboard. “Let’s watch this together. We can grieve later.”

    “You are right,” Steve sauntered towards his colleague and sat down. “We did this with the fall of Hoth. And now… that’s the Endor moon and those are destroyers of the rebellion and that.”

    “Is an unfinished but active Death Star,” Erin Brokaw concluded.

    Steve closed his eyes, saw and said after a long time “Against a father fighting for his son that piece of Sith-scum had no chance at all. Anakin is redeemed.”
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    Jun 14, 2005
    It always makes me sad that the destruction of Alderaan was felt by so many Force sensitive beings out there. I hope nobody went mad due to the horror and desolation that came from the dying.
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    Aug 21, 2006
    Nobody on Moniron did go mad but Steve had to take a break, making a new story in the next 5 prompts

    56. Break
    “Steve, you need a break,” Officer Erin Brokaw – standing near the caf-machine – saw his colleague wrestling with a new cup that was lodged in the container.

    “I do,” Steve – surprised frown on his face – managed to get his cup and moved it rather slow to the caf-machine. “Sure I have been busy with the riots in the industrial district but…”

    “You reacted rather strongly to the loss of lives during the fight of rebels against imperials in Endor space,” Erin took the cup from Steve’s hands, put it under the nozzle and selected ‘caf with milk’ with a serious look.

    57. Quiet
    ‘A break,’ Steve mused when he guided his air-speeder down to the meadow near the police-station of Mitrinna. ‘I have spent two years here, getting bored because nothing was ever happening here in this quiet little village tending to the needs of the molonin-sheep herders. No violence here at all. I have arrested Nerf-herders on Corellia wreaking havoc in the bars of Treasure ship row.’ He powered down his speeder when he saw a very familiar figure coming to the meadow and opened the hatch. “Hems Oilosse, how did you end up here?”

    “Steve Magaron, what brings you to Mitrinna?”

    58. Lives
    “Our lives were turned upside down when the Jedi-purge happened,” Hems Oilosse had guided Steve to his cottage and offered him a cup of caf. “I protected Jedi – coming to Corellia – in Cormond and had fabricated covers for them. Horn and Bel Iblis helped us to create a secret place in Cormond Ale factory. We had the Korua Gem – one of the Corellian stardestroyers used during the wars – in hiding until we had to use her for a mission to rescue slaves. And that had me ending up here on Moniron because it was the last journey of the stardestroyer.”

    59. Dies
    “Isn’t Mitrinna too quiet for you?” Steve sipped from his second cup of caf.

    “I have my friends from the Korua Gem living here and more Jedi,” Hems smiled. “But what has you coming here for a break?”

    “Nejaa Halcyon dies and that had me with an uneasy feeling headed to Moniron and getting a job in Rhonda,” Steve began his story. “After Rhonda I moved to Mitrinna and with that being too quiet I moved to Kerana. There I felt the destruction of Alderaan and saw the empire news. Obi-Wan Kenobi became a Force-ghost fighting against his former apprentice.”

    60. Story
    “The chief of Monir police offered me a job at the special ops team,” Steve continued with his story with a mischievous smile on his face. “You would fit in too you know with your CorSec knowledge. An administrative job and…”

    “No Steve,” Hems grinned. “As an initiate I saw Jocasta Nu getting interested in me becoming her padawan. Nejaa Halcyon saved me from becoming a paper-pusher telling the grey lady that I was to become a Corellian Jedi. And I am too old and I like it here in this quiet place where you decided to take your break.”
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    Jun 14, 2005
    Somebody is very negative about Jocasta Nu here. ;)

    I was so busy with managing RL that I almost forget about the drabbles. Thanks for reminding me! I hope I have them this weekend.
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    Aug 14, 2002
    All caught up.

    Great drabbles, great drabbles. Continuing the story of your police inspector.

    Nice idea, using plant DNA to send coded messages. Wonder why Vader protected Moniron.
  17. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    And I was busy too.

    You will see in a following set

    61. Uprising
    Palpatine was gone. Steve Magaron heard and saw more about the galactic uprising now taking place. Ssi-ruuk, a race of reptilian invaders planned to enslave human minds to pilot their machines of war and destruction. The rebels were succesful. Moffs wanted ultimate power and made things difficult for the rebels.
    Steve grinned when he read the messages from Rostek. His old student was following the exploits of his ‘grandson’ Corran Horn.
    Corran had joined Rogue squadron after an adventurous life beginning with joining his father Valin as a CorSec agent. More mayhem was to come.
    Steve was sure about that.

    62. Negotiate
    ‘A Jedi, my grandson is now becoming a Jedi and I have given him the stuff belonging to his grandfather Nejaa Halcyon. Corran has to rescue Mirax and has to negotiate his way into the Invid pirate gang. I will help him.’ Steve put down the message and hoped that Corran could save his beloved wife. He had read all in previous messages from Rostek about the adventures Corran had with Rogue squadron and meeting Mirax and her father Booster Terrik, Valin’s old rival.

    ‘Booster will chase the Invids to the nine hells of Corellia if something happens to Mirax.’

    63. Convince
    Steve was leafing through the messages from Rostek. He smiled when he read the one about Luke Skywalker being unable to convince Corran to become a Jedi-knight like him.

    ‘Corran likes flying his X-wing and being with the rogues,’ Steve thought putting the messages down. He walked to his caf-machine. He had made caf when a new message arrived and began to read it.

    ‘Corran has answered the call for help from his friend Kyle Katarn. A fallen Jedi – Desann – had occupied the valley of the Jedi and proceeded to attack the Jedi-praxeum at Yavin 4 with his troop-ship Doomgiver.’

    64. Overthrow
    ‘The overthrow by Desann and his Reborn dark Jedi was thwarted by the combined forces of the ground-forces and Rogue squadron destroying Doomgiver. Kyle Katarn managed to defeat Desann.’ Steve finished the message when his comlink began to vibrate.

    He listened to what his superior was ordering him to do with a growing smile on his face.

    “I will come as soon as possible.” He put his comlink back and started to don his gear. ‘A special ops mission indeed. Erin Brokaw and I are going to a kindergarten to show some kids and their parents what we do.’

    65. Unite
    ‘The people on Moniron are united.’ Sorana Adameh guided her husan to a canter whipping up the white froth. Dagnir followed singing.
    Ghenesin tarba sonin el engwari
    Nenya lomin e gwalion lomin
    Nenya alt el engwa rhani
    Nenya alt el engwa imdal
    Engwari aarani
    Aarani gwalion

    “This was the story of Dagnir and Sorana Adameh,” the kindergarten teacher said after the last words faded from the large screen.

    Steve was tired after the special ops demonstration. He had doffed his heavy gear. But he smiled when he saw the children and their parents. The story ending the afternoon was beautiful.
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    Jun 14, 2005
    Somebody read a lot of the old SW books, now legends: Ssi-ruuk, Desann and his Reborn dark Jedi and you even have a kindergarten teacher in it. Thank you! :D
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    Aug 21, 2006
    Yes all the EU books and now continuing with:

    66. Talk
    Standing before the memorial pyre of his parents Steve Magaron remembered the talk now almost 84 years ago. He had – as an officer of Haradan police-station 2 – been on an op, had wrecked a building, was fired and had told his father that he was going to explore the galaxy.

    ‘Steve, I don’t like it at all and your mother even less. But try to make something of your new job and return when the dark is rising.’ His father had begun and lectured him more.

    ‘You weren’t known for keeping your jobs very long,’ Steve recalled answering with annoyance.

    67. Silence
    A long silence had followed with his father looking with prying sky-blue eyes into his.

    ‘I am leaving Moniron.’ Steve had broken the silence and had started for the door, picking up his bag.

    ‘Do what you have to but remember.’

    Steve had heard these last words and left taking a public transport to the Monir spaceport.
    Boarding a freighter he had travelled to Coronet city spaceport.
    And getting involved in an accident at the spaceport he had met his new boss.
    He had become an officer at CorSec. Six years later he became friends with his student Rostek Horn.

    68. Smile
    Steve had a smile on his face when he planted seeds after the wind had taken the ashes of the memorial pyre.
    ‘Do what you have to but remember.’ He had remembered the talk and had acted. A war engulfing the galaxy with the republic fighting against the seperatists had him returning to Moniron before Palpatine gained absolute power. After the death of Nejaa Halcyon and a disturbing dream he had said goodbye to his friends at CorSec. Rostek Horn had promished to keep him informed. Messages arrived coded as lectures on botanical hybrids, grown by Rostek in his greenhouse.

    69. Laugh
    Four years ago Steve had planted the seeds. He laughed when he saw the flowers.
    ‘You weren’t known for keeping your jobs very long.’ Steve remembered what he had shouted to his dad. He had been at numerous jobs as a police officer with one on Corellia and the rest on Moniron.
    After his return he had jobs in Rhonda, Mitrinna and Kerana ending with a job in the capital Monir. In Monir he had lived again with his parents.
    And he was there when they became one with the eternity.
    ‘Father and son, we are the same with jobhopping.’

    70. Cry
    Steve walked to the home of his parents – now his – and entered his living-room when he saw a new coded message.
    It was again about orchid hybrids.
    Steve paled and began to cry when he had decoded it.

    ‘Deformed aliens have invaded from outside the galaxy. A few weeks ago I have arranged for Tahiri Veila to give a "know-your-enemy" briefing on those aliens known now as Yuuzhan Vong to CorSec personnel.’

    Steve read more. ‘That’s why you erased Moniron from the star-charts Anakin. You must have dreamt about them in your meditation chamber. Your deed will keep us safe.’
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    Aug 31, 2004
    So many gripping and momentous events Steve has participated in and been a spectator for. =D=
  21. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    and he is here again with a new partner

    71. First
    “Jono Bel Hana.”

    “Steve Magaron,” Steve shook hands with the young man with a bemused smile on his face. He saw some familiarity in the face with the mop of brown hair and the gleaming brown eyes in a pale face showing the strain of the last training before the students were assigned to a partner. And he knew. “I have worked with your grandfather when I was a CorSec officer,” he began and told Jono more and heard from Jono about the murder of his parents and the orphanage where he was raised. “Rostek Horn was my first student.”

    72. Impressions
    “And you are my second,” Steve continued, getting a good impression from his new partner. “Nine months after Rostek became my first student we were on an assignment to investigate the murder of Aira Dorsetti. We followed a lead to Centrepoint Station and Hollowtown where I was shot in the shoulder and chest by a sniper. Captain Bel Hana saved me keeping me conscious until I was under the care of a surgeon in Coronet City. Jono came to my rescue when I was in a bacta-tank.”

    “Bacta doesn’t agree with our species,” Jono got a knowing look and continued.

    73. Safer
    “The caretaker at the orphanage – Miss Unjel – once treated me with a bacta-patch. Poor me ended up in a hospital with a big rash. I had to stay for two days in a medium care room.”

    “I ended up in the IC-ward,” Steve said. “Jono sensed trouble and went with Rostek and Jedi-knight Nejaa Halcyon to the hospital. I was pulled out of the bacta-tank by Nejaa and the anesthesiologist put me under. Surgeon Nick Remick was able to get the bacta out of my lung and deemed it safer to keep me on a respirator until my lung healed.”

    74. Check
    Jono asked “what’s a respirator?”

    “Jono told me that it is a ventilator after he had helped me to wake up,” Steve answered. He continued with a smile on his face “Corellians are a bit old fashioned with some things, especially our superior, Major Semendiger. I had to check with Rostek or Jono each time when I discussed something with the major. I left Corellia when Captain Bel Hana retired and returned to Moniron. Rostek is still keeping his friends informed with messages encoded as botanical lectures.”

    “And you are going to work with me, Captain Jono Bel Hana’s grandson.”

    75. Last
    “Jono, put the speeder down,” Steve grumbled after the exhilarating ride. He was a good pilot but his partner Jono was the best trying to beat every speed-record. “My comlink indicates that there is a message from Corellia.

    “I will,” Jono grinned. “And I like to see that message too. The last one was about the Yuuzhan Vong leaving our galaxy.”

    It was again a botanical lecture about hybrid orchids.

    Steve paled when he saw who had encrypted the message. “It is made by Corran Horn. Rostek Horn died in his sleep. He was the last of my Corellian colleagues.”
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Wow - great reminiscing until @};- "Last"
  23. AzureAngel2

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    Jun 14, 2005
    Before I am off to my well deserved holidays let me assure you that I always enjoy your drabble writing skills and the spot lights that you shine on different OCs of yours.
  24. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    continuing now after FOTJ with a new partner
    Some of his history is revealed here

    76. Mountain
    ‘With Noranan thriving with the new developing areas you will find a new challenge in your birth place. You can continue your special ops work in Noranan.’ Steve Magaron had a faint smile on his face when he saw the mountain range with Mount Moniron as the most prominent feature disappearing in the distance. Lush green forests and green pastures made soon place for a well developped spread of houses and a city with harbour and a large industrial area. Noranan was his destiny and Noranan police station 1 his new place to work.
    And he had a new home.

    77. River
    The transport passed the Ikraan river and descended towards the beach to continue the trip to the air- and spaceport. Steve patted the pockets on his cargo-pants.
    In one was a message from Corran Horn, again about hybrid orchids. The Jedi had gone into hiding after tangling with an entity named Abeloth and Admiral Natasi Daala became chief of state. That had been five days ago.
    In the other was the document for his new home. On North Beachroad 10 he had found the old cottage of his grandfather for sale. He had bought it and had to decorate it.

    78. Tree
    Steve had his meagre belongings secured and was walking to the exit when he saw a waving uniformed man near a police-speeder. He started towards the man.

    “Melko Garnits. You must be Steve…”

    “Magaron yes,” Steve liked the man. No fuzzy talk but coming to the important things immediately.

    “I am your new partner,” Melko took one bag, stuffed that in the backseat, waited for Steve to settle in the passenger-seat and headed towards the road. During the trip he told about the work. Guiding the speeder on a path next to a tree he pointed “this is your cottage.”

    79. Earth
    “And that tree will need some cutting,” Melko had one bag in his hand and waited for Steve.

    “I don’t think so,” Steve observed the tree and cottage. It was as he had remembered from when he was a youth and visiting his grandfather. “I can see a bird nestling there and their ancestors have done that since the tree was planted by my grandfather in the fertile earth. “Look,” he walked towards the front-door of the cottage. “Granddad planted this mujaberry-bush when I was 5 years old. It’s still there after 389 years. The birds love the berries too.”

    80. Horizon
    Munching from a berry Steve opened the door and stepped inside followed by Melko.

    “Yuck,” Melko grinned “this place hasn’t seen an owner for years.”

    “It is dirty but what do you expect,” Steve put his bag on the floor. “A home-development company couldn’t sell it after the death of my grandfather until I came along.” He walked to the living-room “folks didn’t like the tree obstructing their view. But it is only a short walk to the beach to see the endless horizon.”

    “You need help to clean this. Let’s go to my place and meet Nora and Nelly.”
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    Sounds a lovely place to settle and cool that he is getting his grandfather's cottage -- like Melko -- he is up-front and friendly at the same time.
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