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Beyond - Legends Blackened Faith (J/J, L/M, H/L, Fel Empire, Force experiments, drama) New weekly updates 2018/2019!

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    LOL on Han and Mara's banter. He is so wonderful like a breath of fresh air, the kind you inhale deeply and feel invigorated after. :) I am glad for the meeting and feel worried over Jaina's concerns. I admire leaders immensely who have vision, common sense, integrity, as Racon seems to. Somehow, :_| those are the ones who seem to be sabotaged or undermined, oftenest by their own 'allies.' :p

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    Love this story! Really enjoying jacen as a family man instead of a sith. Hope you update soon!
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    I realize this comment is a million years later but this is one of the most solid fics I’ve had the pleasure of reading. I hope it’s resurrected one day.
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    Gemma: Thanks! Glad you liked the character interactions. :)

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha: I love having Han and Mara banter ;) it had to be in here somewhere. Yes I like Racon for his integrity, I hope we eventually get to know him a bit better. Thanks for reading!

    Jediksten: I always preferred Jacen being a Jedi and family man :) I enjoy writing a warmer side of him. Cheers for clicking on this!

    staticsticks: Oh well that's a big compliment, thank you so much! [face_blush] I am aiming to bring this fic back.

    Author Update:
    Okay so it's been a while.. [face_whistling] I'm so sorry about that! :( I owe you lovely people an explanation. I basically went away for a while, had many jobs, got through a few degrees and sadly lost all creative drive whilst doing it, including the desire to write anything. Though I've been away for a long long long time, over the past month or so I've been drawn back to this wonderful online place. I've been reading back on here and getting inspired (I want to thank all you fellow fanfic writers for sharing awesome stories btw ;) your creativity has been awesome to come back to).

    Anyways I really enjoyed this story Blackened Faith and would like to finish it. If anyone is still interested I'm going to be setting myself a goal of weekly chapters, starting next week. If no one is interested that's fine it just means I get to flex my writing muscles again anyways and get back into this writing, online boards and SW fandom again. I hope to see you all on the boards whether it's this story or others! Thanks again to all who clicked or future click! [face_peace]
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    Okay so it's been a while, as I've previously said (in the Author Note above) I'm sorry for this taking ages to come back! But here is an update finally! :D

    I've started writing again and intend to finish this fic by updating it once a week. I hope you all enjoy!

    In this update we catch up with Siena...

    Tags: @Jedi_Lover @Jade_eyes @LexiLupin @Nyota's Heart @Gemma @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha
    (If no longer wish to be tagged just let me know, I understand it's been a while and some folks might not follow me finishing this fic anymore. :) Cheers! [face_peace] )


    [Inner Rim. On board Star Destroyer the Dark Goddess. Siena’s Private Chambers.]

    A lot had happened in a short space of time. Alone Siena lied on her bed staring at the blank ceiling above. Allowing herself this moment of nothingness.

    It had been a long road to finding Ben Skywalker again. Since reuniting events had spiralled out of control. Discovering him on Lok had made her both angry and elated. She understood why he had saved her in their apartment ages ago, separating them so she would be spared the torture and experiments he was forced to endure. Still it maddened her that he had done it. He had taken away the option to help him. He had taken away her choice.

    Thinking it all through now Siena realised that was why, deep down, she was still livid. She wanted to be his partner in both good and bad circumstances. With the odds on their side or not, she desired to be an equal to the person she loved.

    No, it was true she wasn’t a full Jedi and could never match him in that area of expertise. Yes, she had Force abilities, just nowhere near as honed, but she didn’t want to be a Force-user. It was useful but she had other interests and skills to explore.

    Matching your partner’s strengths and weaknesses did not make you as a couple strong, Siena started to conclude. Going forward she was going to aim for a different approach. Complementing your partner seemed to be the key. She saw that in many other relationships. Leia Organa Solo was an incredible woman capable of many things with or without the Force, but she didn’t treat her husband Han like a less skilful person. She respects him, his abilities and more importantly his choices.

    Ben had to understand that regardless of her Force-skills she was an adult who could make decisions for herself and accept the consequences.

    The memory of being on the Bothan Cruiser Ollopa crept into her consciousness. Swallowing back a cry, Siena rubbed at her tired eyes and tried to fight the images away. Just the horrifying recollection had her heart pounding and hands shaking. Panic set in and she had to remind herself that it was over. She was safe.

    Reality did not appear to comfort her as she kept recalling her own death. The terrifying fading of the mind as her body released her last breath. Waking up in another form and realising that the life she had was gone forever. Seeing the anguish on Ben’s face, then the fury and finally the untamed power he unleashed to bring her back.

    Siena would never forget his eyes. Tainted red and orange, corrupting Ben Skywalker and staining his soul. She never wanted to see that sight ever again. All the more because she felt guilty. Siena thought it was her fault. In her strange ghostly form, she didn’t know how she had contacted him. Now part of her wished she hadn’t had the ability to. Maybe it would have been better if she had just gone.

    She was alive. She should be grateful. But all she felt was sick.

    The apartment door chimed. Needing the distraction, Siena pulled herself together and sat up in bed. Still weak from recent events, she commanded the apartment computer to allow the newcomer entrance inside and waited.

    Mara Jade Skywalker entered the room,
    “I wanted to let you know Ben is being checked over. He’ll be under observation for a while.”

    “Is there something wrong?”

    Hearing the worry in the young woman’s voice, Mara came closer to stand by Siena’s bedside,
    “I’m not sure if I’m completely honest. Ben has been tortured and experimented on. So have Leia, Jaina and many others. Everyone has been through a lot. Yourself included.”

    Siena couldn’t stand the attentive gaze from the older woman and glimpsed away,
    “I’m more fortunate than some.” she tried to sound positive but lacked confidence when she added, “I’m fine.”

    Gently, Mara reached out to lay a comforting hand on Siena’s shoulder. When the younger woman continued to look down at her bedsheets, unresponsive, Mara squeezed her stiff shoulder and perched on the mattress to be closer. She saw the unshed tears and grim line of Siena’s lips, features all refusing to break into sobs. This young woman was stubborn, not wanting emotions to rule her or show them to others. Mara knew what that was like. She also knew it was not healthy to do all the time.

    Quietly Mara said,
    “You are not fine.”

    With a bite to her voice, Siena responded,
    “That doesn’t mean I’m weak.”

    “I would never say that.” Some tension eased from Siena as she glanced back to Mara, who continued honestly, “Siena you died. You saw Ben at his worst. It is okay not to be fine.”

    For a moment Siena held her breath just absorbing those words. She should have known Mara would see right through her. It irritated her that someone could see the cracks in her demeanour. More than anything though, Mara’s words made Siena feel accepted and supported.

    Sadly, Siena admitted,
    “It’s my fault. If I’d just gone …”

    Understanding her meaning, Mara replied,
    “Don’t put that burden on yourself. We don’t know what would have happened in that scenario. But wondering ‘what if’ isn’t going to change what has past. Let go of what you can’t change Siena, it will only hurt you to keep dwelling on it. You and Ben have a lot to figure out. But there’s time. So give yourself that time.”

    Almost ashamed for thinking it, Siena closed her eyes as she confessed brokenly,
    “I can’t see him, Mara. I love him, I truly do. But I don’t want to see Ben. Not yet. Not for a while. I can’t.”

    Mara nodded and replied simply,
    “I know.”

    Seeing the exhaustion and emotions plainly etched onto Siena’s face, Mara got up and indicated for the young woman to lie back. Once she was comfortable, Mara said in a tone that left little room for argument,
    “You need rest. Try to sleep. I’ll be back to check on you in a few hours. Call if you need anything. We’ll chat again later.”

    As she left the room, Mara switched off the lights and ever so subtly used the Force to help push Siena into a deeper sleep. It didn’t take long for the young woman to fall unconscious.

    Carefully Mara monitored Siena’s vitals. She knew the medical team had cleared Siena of any issues but something nagged at Mara to keep a watchful eye. Happy with her checks, Mara exited the apartment hoping Siena’s dreams would be restful and worry-free.
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    OH! OH! Your dialogue is wonderful, and your Mara is cut-to-the-point and empathic all at once! =D= Siena naturally is a tangle of emotions, no doubt about that. She does need to give herself time; she and Ben deserve that. @};-
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    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha: Oh thank you so much! :D[:D] Glad you enjoyed the Siena/Mara interaction. This story was full-steam-ahead for a while, which is fine I like a story to move along, but now I'm back I kind of want to place more focus on the relationships wherever possible. Cheers for your support! :)
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    Okay so another update! :D I really enjoyed this one..!
    It's Jaina and Jacen time. A proper reunion, finally! [:D]
    Hope you guys enjoy! ;)
    Tags: @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha
    (If you wish to be tagged for new updates just let me know. :) Cheers! [face_peace] )


    [Inner Rim. On board Star Destroyer the Dark Goddess. Fel’s Private Chambers.]

    With total adoration, young Ethan sat on the main sofa gazing down at one of his new cousins.

    Jacen had brought Ethan to Emperor Fel’s quarters to see Jaina. Everyone who worked or served her bowed with respect and called her by a title. He hadn’t. Upon seeing her Ethan had yelled ‘Auntie Jaya!’ and raced to hug her. Overjoyed to be reunited under better circumstances, Jaina had affectionately embraced the boy and rained kisses on his face. They hadn’t had the chance on the Millennium Falcon to talk and Jaina hadn’t been in any state to see him properly. After briefly catching up, Jaina got to introduce Ethan to her children.

    The small baby in Ethan’s arms wriggled a little, as if unsure whether or not he was completely comfortable. Every now and then his tiny fists rose in the air and wavered around as if testing them out. Ethan giggled at the odd movement.

    As the noise escaped his lips the baby suddenly glanced up at him. The expression on the infant’s face was deadly serious, as if they knew he was laughing at them and he wasn’t amused. Of course, this only made Ethan laugh louder.

    “Oh dear,” Jaina mused as she sat next to her nephew and oversaw the little cousins’ first meeting, “he’s a bit grumpy with you.”

    “He looks so serious.” Ethan spoke warmly and leaned down to pull faces at him. The baby just stared up at him looking utterly confused by his antics. “I think I annoyed him. Woops! Ha-ha!”

    “No, he’s probably just tired.” On cue the infant started to fuss and cry, so Jaina picked him up and rocked him gently in her arms. “Don’t take it personally, Ethan. He’s only little. One day you’ll be able to play and run around with him.”

    Future possibilities burst through Ethan’s mind and his blue eyes widened with excitement,
    “I’m gonna teach him so much stuff. Both of them! We are gonna have so much fun!”

    Jacen stood next to their couch observing them,
    “I bet you will, son.”

    Remembering what they were like as children, Jaina regarded her brother over her shoulder and shared a knowing smile him. Cheerfully Jacen winked. Though he wasn’t connected to her via their Force bond he could still read her mind. Their children were bound to cause chaos, especially when they were all together. But Jacen was certain he and his sister could handle it. Most of the time.

    Sighing, Jaina acknowledged her thoughts aloud,
    “They are all going to be trouble.”

    Glimpsing between Ethan and his cute nephew, Jacen chuckled,
    “So much trouble. But I’m certain we will all survive. C3PO on the other hand - I’m not so sure.”

    Jaina laughed,
    “I’m not sure he wants to survive the next generation. He’s had enough of little Skywalkers and Solos abusing him I think.”

    Curiously Ethan said,
    “But these are little Fels, right?”

    Proudly Jaina responded,
    “Little Solo Fels, yes.”

    “Do they have names?” Ethan asked the question absentmindedly whilst gently stroking the baby’s head. He was still in awe of how fragile and petite his cousins were. Luckily, he understood they needed care and so Jaina didn’t have to remind him to be delicate. In that perfect quiet moment, she cherished the look on her nephew’s face.

    Feeling her heart swell with gratitude, Jaina glanced down at her son as she answered quietly,
    “No, they don’t have names. Jag and I haven’t really discussed it yet. There hasn’t been much time lately for us to really think about it. But I do feel bad not calling them by a name.”

    Jacen came around and comforted his sister,
    “That’s understandable. You’ve all been through a lot. And now we’re heading to the Core for this peace summit. This is a demanding time for you and Jag. What’s important is that we are all together, healthy and safe.”

    Lost in her own thoughts, Jaina nodded.

    Rationally she knew she was safe. However, after being kidnapped, experimented on and kept from her loved ones for several weeks, Jaina still found it hard to relax. When it was required, she played cool in another’s company. Though it was becoming exhausting.

    Being with Jag helped. He alleviated her fears. Just having his presence in the room eased the mounting doubt and anxiety. Lately she kept waking up in terror thinking she was still a captive. A dark nightmare of finding herself alone again, tied to a cold table and drugged was becoming a regular occurrence. Jaina was starting to dread falling asleep. But Jag was always there to make her and everything around them feel real. If she ever started to question reality, she would scan the room and find him. Sensing her distress, Jag would reassure her immediately by reminding her that this place was authentic, she was truly back, with him and safe.

    Her own sense of confidence and security had been brutally shaken. She’d always prided herself for being independent and capable of handling even the most dangerous situations. However, this recent trauma had shown Jaina that she was not invincible. She always knew she was strong. Now she had discovered being strong didn’t mean you couldn’t be broken.

    “Jaina,” Jacen knelt in front of her, concern in his eyes, “what’s wrong?”

    Teary, she replied whilst staring down at her baby boy,
    “I don’t feel the same. I feel a bit … lost.”

    Solemnly Jacen stated his understanding,
    “The experiments.”

    Jaina closed her dark eyes tight and took some deep breaths. She would not cry. This was meant to be a happy occasion. She refused to ruin it.

    “It’s just not fair.” She whispered sadly, “It’s like they cut out a part of me.”

    Though she still held her new-born son, Jacen carefully leaned in to hug her. With her free hand she returned the embrace fiercely. He couldn’t sense anything in the Force through their bond, their special link was dead, but physically holding her reminded him that there were other ways to connect. And if the Force was not a possibility anymore, then he would make damn sure to talk to and hug his sister often. There was more to their sibling relationship than the Force, nevertheless it was weird not to have that tie to her any longer.

    “Dad?” Ethan saw his aunt and father were upset, he just didn’t know what to do to help, “What is it?”

    “It’s alright, Ethan.” As the hug ended Jacen pulled his son from the couch and hugged him close to reassure him, “It’s just your Auntie Jaya has been hurt. It takes a while to get better.”

    Jaina watched Jacen with blurry eyes. He kissed his son’s head of blonde curls and gave her a reassuring smile. That one smile told her everything. Despite their lost Force bond, he knew her. She felt vulnerable, weak and insecure. Jacen saw it all. And his small smile told her she was not alone, and never would be. He was her twin. He would always be there for her.

    Over his son’s head, Jacen said hesitantly,
    “I feel like I’ve lost a limb.”

    “Me too.” Jaina said, understanding that he was talking about their bond, “Feels very strange.”

    “Are you scheduled for more checks?” Jacen knew several survivors were being reassessed and even put back into round the clock observation, including their own mother. These illegal experiments done by the New Republic were still being analysed. Quee, the medical staff and scientific teams were working constantly to find out the extend of the damage caused. Unfortunately, it was looking quite extensive.

    “Yes. The twins are going to be re-examined too.” Jaina frowned as she added, “I find it bizarre that they were able to affect my Force abilities so specifically. They took away my connection to you, only you. I just can’t wrap my mind around it.”

    “Neither can I.” Jacen let Ethan out of his lap, so he could observe the other twin in a cot in the middle of the room. For a moment Jacen allowed himself to stretch out with the Force so he could feel the babies and his son’s auras. Instantly their familiar presences improved his mood and took the weight off his heart. Looking back at his own twin, Jacen spoke sincerely, “Force or no Force, Jaina you will always be my sister.”

    Finally smiling again, Jaina uttered back simply,
    “Love you too, Jacen.”
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    *purrs!* [:D] [:D] You have the characterizations so perfectly and the marvelously realistic emotional fallout from such a trauma. The assurances Jaina gets from Jag and Jacen are crucial to feeling and becoming whole again. @};- Ethan is just adorable. :)
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    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha: Aww thanks for liking my characterizations! :)[face_batting] I think there's a lot more characters who need to sort out and deal with their trauma in this fic. [face_laugh] We'll get to them all eventually I hope. Glad you enjoyed Ethan, I really like writing him. Cheers for reading!

    Okay so another update! :D This one isn't long but I think it helps set up what's coming. I will have more next week on Tahiri's condition, maybe Hera's decision and possibly a Corran/Mirax bit! Anyways thanks to all who click, read and comment.. ;)

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    [Core Worlds. On board Star Destroyer the Dark Goddess. Boardroom 675.]

    Preparing for the oncoming peace treaty was a massive headache. This meeting had already run well over its allocated time. And Jagged wished he was elsewhere, preferably with Jaina and his young sons. He understood having to go over every detail of the Empire’s accords. But there was so much to deliberate. They had to be clear what the Empire would accept in these important talks, and more significantly what it would not agree to.

    One part of the agenda discussed at length was how to handle the data collected about the illegal experiments done to both Force users and non-Force users. Valin Horn had expressed his concerns sharing this information with the New Republic. For they didn’t know if everyone in positions of power within the government could be trusted. Some key perpetrators were still unaccounted for and many held great influence even now. However, Doctor Elian had insisted the findings be disclosed to the Republic immediately. By doing so it meant more scientists and medical specialists could work together to treat or even cure the patients. Also, by making the experiments public a thorough investigation could bring those responsible to justice faster than if they ever worked alone.

    Jagged noted a certain person’s lack of input during this debate. He didn’t blame her. For Danni Quee this was now personal. She had been aiding the medical teams with her knowledge of Yuuzhan Vong biotechnology, in particular with the experiment which had used a mutated micro-parasite: part midi-chlorian, Yuuzhan Vong and ysalamir. The experiment had had awful consequences for Kyp Durron.

    After many other’s had had their say, Jagged cleared his throat and spoke calmly,
    “I see both arguments. And I will take all of this into account when meeting with the Head of State Racon Gerreon. I believe in cooperation but also agree that this data is too delicate to just hand over. First, I will find out what Gerreon knows and gage his intentions before I offer any information.” He pointedly gave each Valin and Elian a look to indicate this part of the meeting was over. “Now to other business.”

    Beside him, Jacen voiced the last topic,
    “Security is going to be tricky. We’re heading to a meeting on their terms and in their territory. I must admit I feel very uneasy about this set up. It could easily turn into a trap.”

    “Unfortunately, I have to agree with you.” Jagged nodded, “If the talks go badly, we’ll be in a difficult position.”

    “The Imperial Knights stationed onboard are not enough to ensure your safety on Coruscant.” Valin agreed, “We’re stretched. We need reinforcements at all levels of security, plus an escape route if required and extra military protection.”

    “Jaina and I have discussed these concerns recently.”

    In fact, they had debated whether or not Jaina would stay for the political summit at all. She wanted to be there to support Jag, to take part in the negotiations and to show a united front to the public. Begrudgingly though, Jaina admitted that she was not certain she could perform her duties fully. She had suffered an awful trauma, lost a personal Force bond with her twin, that plus becoming a new mother, it had all suddenly shifted Jaina’s priorities. After all she had been through, Jagged wanted her recuperating somewhere safe, with help should she need it and plenty of time to enjoy their growing family.

    Despite her sense of responsibility to her role and the Empire, Jaina had eventually conceded that she needed to put her health and family first in this instance. Jagged was relieved and sadden by the decision. He wanted to be with her always and knew the summit would take time, time he didn’t want to waste.

    Jagged clicked on a HoloScreen to show a galaxy map with key markings on it around Coruscant, the Core Worlds region, the Inner Rim region, as well as keys areas in the Empire. They were all highlighted as he explained,
    “Jaina has already started making arrangements. Several fleets from Bastion and other Imperial planets will meet us before we go to Coruscant. The majority of these fleets will give us reinforcements, supplies in any areas we need and will be our escorts around this region. But one of these fleets will be used to take people back, including Jaina and our children. They will return to Bastion, along with any Imperial personnel or civilians that need medical treatment, either due to recent combat or the experiments.”

    Uncomfortably, Jacen shifted in his chair and questioned,
    “What about the Republicans affected, military and civilian? Where are they going to go?”

    “That is something I must approach Gerreon about.” Jagged knew why his brother-in-law was anxious. A particular patient had caught young Solo’s attention. Nothing on this ship went unnoticed. Fel didn’t want to pry though so he offered some reassurance where he could, “Individuals who wish to be transferred to an Imperial planet for medical care or refuge will be offered the chance. However, they are currently still New Republic citizens and must be given the choice. The New Republic must be informed about how these people came to be in our care.”

    There was a pause. Everyone around the table looked to Jagged Fel, almost apologetically. They all understood this situation was complicated. And all of them knew it was going to take a while for the dust to settle and the real negotiations to get under way.

    The question on everyone’s mind was:
    How to tell the New Republic about of its wounded citizens without over sharing too much information about the illegal experiments?

    Jagged knew being a leader was not easy. And he had a feeling that these upcoming political talks were going to be most challenging. He hoped he was up to the task.

    “I’ll have Jaina send you all the relevant transport details.” Wearily the Emperor stood from his chair and finished, “Valin you’re to communicate with all the fleets and help plan our escort routes. Jacen, you and I will work out the security details for on planet visits. And Doctor Elian please get any Imperial patients ready to be relocated. We don’t have much time to prepare. Let’s get ready.”

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    Superb Jag POV. I love how he is concerned for Jaina's health and well-being and will miss her presence and input during the talks. I know there is a need to share the information about the experiments to aid in helping the victims and to prevent further experiments and to uncover the perpetrators, but I certainly see the need for caution because they don't know who all is involved.

    Jag has definitely kept this delicate balance and is coupling sound strategy for security and talks moving forward while also making sure any one needing medical care gets it.
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    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha: Thanks for clicking! :D Glad you enjoyed Jag's POV. I needed to show what he thought about it all: the Peace Talks, Jaina's health, the patients under Imperial care and the data concerning the experiments. He's got a difficult job, bless him! [face_love] I've really enjoyed writing Jagged in this which, as a huge Kyp fan, has surprised me - in a nice way of course. ;) I wanted to just use that scene to set up the following updates. Always appreciate your support! [:D]
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    Okay finally have a longer update! :D We're going to see the youngest Skywalker and catch up with one or two of the Horns and maybe someone else we've not seen in a while. Hope you enjoy! Comments welcome. ;)

    Tags: @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha


    [Outer Rim. Atrivis Sector. Mantooine. Village Detavele. Skywalker’s Residence.]

    Heavy droplets pelted the roof, the night air howled at the exterior walls and refused to let up in its intensity. It made for a bad night’s sleep. Shadows danced across the ceiling as branches flailed wildly outside. Every so often the darkness was lit by a jarring strike of lighting. A horrendous roar would follow echoing long into the distance.

    Wide awake, Gabriela Skywalker hid under her covers. In bed she closed her eyes and tried to ignore the storm that was raging. Just when she was about to drift off for the umpteenth time the lightning would clash, making her heart race and the room illuminate.

    She never slept well without her parents near. They had been gone several days now. And this crazy rainstorm was toying with her nerves.

    Days ago, Mirax Horn had offered to stay and look after Gabriela when her parents decided to search for Ben. Her children, Jysella and Casey, stayed at the Skywalker’s home too. They slept in the nearby spare rooms. Though she missed her mother and father terribly, Mirax had made sure to keep Gabriela distracted with school work. Any of her free time had been occupied with Casey beating her on holo-console games. However, the tables turned when they switched to old fashion board games. And in the evenings Jysella had taught Gabriela how to prepare several kinds of meals.

    Another thunderous flash had Gabriela clutching at her pillows and drawing them to her chest for comfort. They didn’t give much reassurance. Reluctantly she opened her eyes and glanced around. Bleak blackness of the night seemed to overwhelm the young girl. Fear was taking root, it slipped into the child and spread making her breathing difficult and muscles tense. Rocking slightly, she gazed around for any light or a familiar object that would give her solace. Nothing helped.

    Foolish girl. A Skywalker scared of the dark. People will laugh at you. Gabriela bit her lip, wishing to disregard her own thoughts.

    Every shady corner became an eerie space to be suspicious of. Gloomy shadows stretched across the room teasing Gabriela’s vision, making her mind race with nightmarish thoughts. Imposing figures with evil intentions kept taking shape and the storm’s gales became their sinister screams. Once she saw one, she saw them everywhere, they grew in number and skulked forward. Closer and closer they flickered murkily.

    Without warning the sky lit up for the briefest moment. Gasping, Gabriela snapped her head around to the window where she could see the trees fighting with the violent winds. As the darkness descended again something moved in the forest. It was living and undeterred by the weather. Gabriela inhaled sharply. She searched the shady jungle, blinking several times to focus, hoping it was all in her mind.

    Unsettled, Gabriela threw her duvet off and rushed to the window. She had to be sure. It had looked like a tall creature, it had stalked quickly and with purpose. Frowning through the screen, the eleven-year-old inspected everything she could see in the dreary night. It was difficult to make out anything. With renewed ferocity the rain cascaded down making it impossible to see.

    An itchy feeling crept up Gabriela’s spine. She didn’t know what was outside that had spooked her. Had it even been real? Or was her imagination playing tricks? Gabriela couldn’t answer those questions yet. But the prickling sensation between her shoulder blades was real. The urge to run flooded her veins. It took all her strength to stay still and think. There was one way to check what was real or not.

    Hesitantly Gabriela closed her eyes and stretched out with her senses using the Force. A thick forest surrounded the village in which they were located. Within it were all kinds of creatures and plants that together created a fascinating ecosystem. This time though, Gabriela was searching for what didn’t belong in this landscape. She broadened her scope in the Force, scanning continuously, moving methodically from one lifeform to another to find anything out of the ordinary.

    It took a while to fully embrace this use of the Force but once she accepted it her senses exploded with information and energy. Exotic birds huddled out of the downpour in the crevices of the trunks, lizards and rodents scurried in the undergrowth, while insects hid themselves away from the rain as best as they could. All seemed natural. Then a shift in energy caught her attention. Foreigners were in the woods. Though new to the area, they moved through it confidently. Gabriela pushed at their auras a little to gage their intentions. Instantly she gulped a breath and broke contact.

    She opened her bright jade eyes and stepped away from the window.

    None of them were safe here anymore.

    Seeing the situation clearly, Gabriela rushed to her door, keyed it open and ran down the hallway in her pyjamas. As she reached the first bedroom on the right the entrance whooshed open to reveal Jysella wearing a grim expression as she tugged on her boots and a worn jacket.

    “They’re surrounding the house!” Gabriela uttered in a panic.

    “I know.” Jysella whispered, “I saw one duck past my window a moment ago. Don’t touch any lights in the house. Get some shoes on Gab. We don’t have much time to get out of here. We have to do this stealthily, okay? I’ll go wake up my mom and Casey.”

    Following Jysella’s orders, Gabriela jogged back to her room to find shoes. They were tucked under the bed. Adrenaline made her hands clumsy and in the dark the young Skywalker struggled to pull on her boots. Just as they slid on, Gabriela’s senses hissed a warning. Whipping her eagle eyes up she saw as a gloved hand placed a circular device onto her bedroom window.

    Instinctively Gabriela ran. Behind her an explosion boomed. Glass smashed and wood clattered. Then came the heavy footsteps, menacingly trailing after the eleven-year-old like one of her nightmare figures.

    Another detonation shook the house as Gabriela got into Mirax’s room, which was originally Luke and Mara’s main bedroom. As Gabriela entered Jysella locked the door, busting the key pad for good measure to slow the strangers down. The young woman stood back keeping her mother’s blaster pistol trained on the impaired door.

    Not looking at any of them, Jysella asked,
    “You got it?”

    “We’re looking.” Mirax whispered tensely.

    On their hands and knees near the bed, Casey and Mirax searched the floor meticulously. Recognition hit Gabriela. She knew what they were after and went to the exact floorboard her mother had shown her to go to. It had a small crack on the top right corner, allowing the girl to grip and yank it up. Beneath the board was a switch. She flicked it. Automatically the large bed rose with a whir of mechanics and slid across the floor to reveal a hidden escape way.

    “Good job Gabriela. Think you can lead us out of here? Mara told me you know this route very well.” At Gabriela’s determined nod, Mirax waved her and the others closer, “Alright everyone in now. Quietly.”

    Silently Gabriela, Casey, Mirax and Jysella all entered the narrow tunnel. Just inside the passageway was a button which shut the bed back over their exit, Jysella pressed it and disabled the controls.

    Leading the way, Gabriela confidently weaved them through the different passages. In case of emergencies her parents had forced her to memorise the entire underground system, taking her into it several times and making her map it out for herself. Thankfully their persistent teachings and drills on safety had stuck with her. They had taught her what to do when danger presented itself. Now this knowledge kept her calm despite being under attack, with explosions going off and being in a pitch-black underpass.

    At least there was no lightning or thunder down here, Gabriela thought grimly.

    “Where are you taking us?” Casey asked quietly over her shoulder, “To a ship?”

    “No.” She replied just a softly, focused on her task of navigation, “Too obvious. Our vessels will likely be tracked, if not impounded already. They’ll be waiting for us.” She repeated her mother’s words. This scenario was most likely if they were attacked here. And Gabriela had a funny feeling, like always, that her mother was right.

    “A safe house then?”

    “Yes.” The young Skywalker strode through the underground hallways quickly. Fear that those attackers breaking into her home would find them rapidly replaced her terror of the dark. This new dread made her feet move faster. She could not let them find her or the Horns. From what she had sensed in their auras these strangers wanted blood and pain. It would be torture and death for them all if they were discovered.

    Secretly Gabriela thanked her lucky stars that she’d had difficulty sleeping tonight. Otherwise it could have already turned into a very different evening.

    [Core Worlds. Coruscant. EDA Head Quarters.]

    So far, the mission to create and maintain a cease fire was successful. Many elite military personnel in the Republic’s forces, guilty or suspected of crimes, were being detained. A lot of the work now was about controlling the many fleets scattered across the galaxy. All recruits were being assessed and interviewed. Different types of crimes had occurred during this recent conflict. And many beings were connected to the kidnapping and torturing of civilians. They had to record as much as possible to get an accurate picture of the events which had unfolded.

    It was a matter of seeing how far up the hierarchy this misconduct progressed. High-profile captives already known for their involvement were being transported to secure facilities to await justice. The process of building cases, gathering evidence and preparing the courts was under way. Yet there was so much still to do. And then there was the Peace Summit.

    Thoughtfully, Corran Horn stood on an outside terrace looking out over the busy skyline. As usual the city planet buzzed with activity. There was no sign of the war here. Coruscant had been left untouched. Beings commuted, trade was made and entertainment often followed. Conflict seemed so far away and almost alien to the inhabitants of this concrete jungle.

    Corran supposed that thought should be a good thing. And it was.

    It just felt wrong that others had suffered whilst many, like here, had lived on cluelessly and in great comfort. The galaxy was not fair. Neither were the conflicts within it.

    “A credit for your thoughts?”

    Pushing his cheerless contemplations aside, Corran smiled to himself as he responded without looking over his shoulder,
    “It’s going to cost you more than a credit.”

    “Alright, alright,” The familiar voice came closer, “the first round is on me.”

    Corran turned, wearing an affectionate grin,
    “It’s good to see you Iella.”

    Warmly his old friend stepped forward to hug him. Of course, he accepted the embrace gladly. She looked the same to Corran, though her hair was more silver than blonde and there were a few extra wrinkles around those intelligent eyes. Despite the years he noticed the vibrancy of her spirit in her gaze, as bright and resolute as when he’d first encountered her. Corran must have appeared the same to Iella, though hopefully if anything he was a wiser version of his younger self. While they hadn’t seen each other much recently, he guessed she had managed to keep her sense of humour better than him.

    “How are you, Corran?” She pulled back to stand at his side.

    “I’m well. And Mirax and the children…” He couldn’t help but hesitate when he recalled what had happened to Casey, “they are all good too. How are things with you? I heard Myri got married recently.”

    “Yes, she did. To a cocky pilot no less.” Humour teased the corners of Iella’s mouth as she added, “Like mother like daughter, I guess.”

    Corran chuckled.

    Desperate for news and stories on all those close to them, the pair chatted about other family members and friends. They couldn’t remember the last time they had met up. This conflict had forced the Horns and Skywalkers into hiding. This moment was liberating. Corran didn’t have to hide his identity anymore. The ex-Jedi was now an EDA Captain and his service meant his family was given the same immunity he was. It meant the rights stripped from him by the previous Republic administration, for being a Force-sensitive individual, were finally restored. And now meetings like this didn’t have to be conducted in secret spaces.

    Eventually the conversation switched to their roles in the newly formed EDA.

    “I’ve just had to hand in my report on Casto Porfeus's arrest.”

    “I’ve heard he’s a piece of work.”

    “His smugness will wear thin in court.” Corran reassured, “He won’t get away with his crimes. Not this time. So, what are you doing here?”

    “I’m part of the intelligence department here.” For the first time Iella looked sombre, “It’s a huge mess. There are still loads of senior officers missing. Plus, numerous politicians making themselves scarce. Then the Imperial visit to prep for. It’s a busy time.”

    “Tell me something I don’t know. I miss the old days.”

    “No, you don’t. You only think you do.” Iella regarded him knowingly, “After being rejected, hunted and pushed into hiding, this cooperation with the Republic must make you uneasy. It’s hard to trust anything again, especially this government.”

    Nodding Horn spoke sadly,
    “Nowhere has been safe. Even now, knowing I’m free is taking some time to adjust to. I guess I’ll have to get used to walking again in public, with no disguise, clever cover story or nearby shadows to duck into.”

    “Why did you come back?”

    “An old friend told me to trust him.” Horn gave her a wryly smirk, “And I just couldn’t say no.”

    Shrewdly Iella deduced,

    “He didn’t tell you?”

    Shaking her head, Iella replied,
    “No. But then I guess we’ve not really seen much of each other lately. We’ve both been so busy.”

    Worry flickered over her fine features for the first time as she glanced at the skyscrapers in the distance. It was so subtle that if you didn’t know Iella very well you would have missed it.

    “Iella.” Horn waited until her gaze came back to him, “Where’s Wedge?”

    “I don’t know exactly.” She answered quietly, her voice faltering for a moment as worry swamped her again. As her heart constricted with horrible thoughts she couldn’t seem to shake lately, Iella regained control and added, “Last contact with him was just outside Bothan Space. His EDA taskforce was escorting a Republican fleet. No communications have been made since. The EDA is preparing to investigate.”

    Understanding her fears, Corran comforted Iella the best he could,
    “If you need a volunteer to help drag his butt out of trouble, I’m your man.”

    Iella gave a small smile that didn’t quite reach her eyes,
    “Thank you Horn, I appreciate the offer. But a team has already been assembled and dispatched. Because of my responsibilities here I couldn’t go. It’s just a matter of waiting for news now.”

    Corran could see this was difficult for her. This woman liked to be at the front, amongst the action and in the know. Waiting for information about the whereabouts and safety of her loved ones had to be torturous.

    “Iella, Wedge is damn good at what he does. He’ll be back before you know it.” Corran reassured her confidently. Then he changed the subject in the hopes that the small distraction would ease her growing apprehension, “You must be hungry. Let me take you to lunch. After all, you did promise me a drink.”

    “Okay,” She replied, “but the food is all on you, Captain.”

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    I like Gabriela's natural fear of thunder and lightning, as it contrasts with her poise as she probes for the intruders and then leads the rest of the household out to safety. It is a good thing she was awake, otherwise... [face_relieved]

    The talk between Corran and Iella: illustrative of their friendship but definitely worrisome about Wedge! [face_worried]

    When you put these 2 things together, it's apparent that whomever is behind these "experiments" is either acting within the boundaries of a group or alone. I.e., they haven't found everyone who's behind them, even though they're able to prosecute some who are guilty. That's why the data files will be so valuable. [face_thinking]
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    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha: It was definitely a good thing Gabriela couldn't sleep. :) I like characters, even brave ones, to have simple fears. Glad you liked Iella and Corran's interaction. Don't worry we'll get to Wedge soon. There's quite a few people involved in these experiments, more will be revealed soon and hopefully justice will be done. Thanks again for reading and commenting! :D Hope you continue to like this story as it starts to conclude. [face_peace]
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    This is a little scene, a reuniting of characters, I hope you enjoy! Comments welcome. ;)

    Tags: @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha


    [Inner Rim. On board Star Destroyer the Dark Goddess. Medical Centre. Tahiri’s Private Room.]

    She had been in a Jedi meditated state since her arrival. No sound or movements. Various purple discolorations had lined her body. Skin untouched by beatings or conflict had been paler than normal. And weight loss was clear from the way flesh had thinned and certain bones protruded more obviously around the neck, collar, ribs and arms.

    From arrival the Imperial medical staff had made sure to stabilise Tahiri. Half had worked fast to treat her blaster wounds on the shoulder and back. Meanwhile the other doctors had examined her insides, finding several broken ribs and even internal bleeding.

    Two surgeries, two whole days in a bacta tank and she was finally resting.

    Now Tahiri lied in a bed with tubes contacted to her arm feeding her nutrients. She looked refreshed. Colour was returning to her skin and bruises were beginning to fade.

    Jered watched his wife. He had watched her throughout this entire treatment. Though it had been hard to watch the operations and examinations, he dared not look away for fear she might vanish at any moment.

    On the bed, on top of the covers, he lied beside her hoping the warmth of his body was in some way comforting. He couldn’t hold her how he longed to. Being close had to be enough. It wasn’t. And so, Jered very carefully stroked her right arm. His fingers traced her skin lightly, craving the contact, trailing them up and down unconsciously.

    Time passed quietly. He felt himself beginning to drift. His eyelids grew heavy. As his head started to loll to one side into the pillows, he felt his fingers get caught. Frowning tiredly, his eyes flickered down to see Tahiri’s right hand had his wandering one trapped in a tight grip.

    Realisation hit and his gaze shifted back to her face. There he saw the first signs of consciousness. Her head moved slightly. Light lines creased her forehead. And her lips parted a bit as her breathing changed.

    He waited. For her, he would have waited for an eternity.

    Tahiri tested her voice by whispering,
    “That tickled.”

    Overjoyed to hear his wife speak, Jered glimpsed at their now joined hands and replied quietly,
    “It was that or embrace you. And right now, I can’t do that. Though it pains me not to.”

    Slowly, Tahiri opened her eyes. They were hers, there were no contacts, they were that brilliant green he admired so dearly. Tentatively they scanned the room, roaming until they met and settled on Jered’s ocean blue eyes.

    The way he looked at her. Tahiri knew she’d never forget that moment. It was all in his eyes. Fear, worry, happiness and relief in a swirling sea of blue. His stern features were sombre and tightly controlled. But his eyes. She saw the storm of feelings underneath the surface. And it was all for her.

    Turning her head more towards his, her eyes began to brim with tears as she uttered,
    “Jered I … I don’t ever want you to be in pain.”

    Unable to stand it any longer, Jered leaned across and captured her mouth with his. Like a man possessed he kissed her over and over. Breathing into it all the adoration his heart had for her and more. His lips pressed on hers firmly, commanding a response with their passion, then they were so tender and unhurried it made the tears in her eyes finally fall and trace her cheeks.

    Ardently Tahiri returned his kisses, even succeeding in lifting her left hand enough to rest on the side of his face. She allowed herself to be swept away, focusing solely on him and his affection. The kisses deepened with each breath. Tasting him again felt like coming home. Every caress of his lips brought her back to life and awoke a part of herself she had hidden away long ago.

    With reverence, Jered’s lips lingered on hers sweetly before he ended the kiss. Breathing erratically, he rested his forehead to hers and stilled himself. He wanted to hug her tight, press her close, never to leave his side again. But her injuries were too great, he would have to be satisfied with this. For now, the tension in him eased a little, she was on the mend, finally awake and with him.

    “I live,” Jered spoke earnestly into her ear, “only for you. When you’re beaten, so is my heart. As soon as I saw you arrive …” his voice broke as he couldn’t continue his own thoughts.


    Unable to meet her gaze, he buried his face in the side of her neck and breathed her in.

    Tahiri felt his hot tears against her skin and wrapped her arm around his neck to hold him. Idly her hand moved and began to brush through his short dark hair. She didn’t ask again. Instead Tahiri simply held him there, understanding he needed this, needed her.

    Though this reunion was not how she had planned, Tahiri cried with joy because they were together. Tomorrow they would have to sort out reality. However, for now there was this precious moment and nothing else mattered.

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    @mayo_durron_666 That was amazingly gorgeously tender and touching! You write couple scenes so exquisitely! =D= [face_love]
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    So happy you enjoyed the Tahiri/Jered reunion! :D And thank you, mush is always a favourite of mine to write! ;)
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    Okay things will hopefully be moving a little now after this.. but hope you enjoy this precious scene. :)[face_batting] Comments welcome. ;)

    Tags: @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha


    [Core Worlds, near Planet Velusia. On board Star Destroyer the Dark Goddess. Hangar Bay 4.]

    “This feels wrong. Parting this way.”

    “I know.” Jagged spoke gently into her dark curls, “I wish it were different.”

    Together they embraced at the bottom of a shuttle walkway. Neither wanted to let go. It was a difficult decision they had made. Though it was a logical course of action, it went against both their hearts.

    A mass of Imperial fleets had finally met their convoy and were now being organised into their arranged roles. Ten fleets were to escort Jagged and his personnel to Coruscant, for their protection but also to show Imperial strength. Fel hoped it wouldn’t come to a fight but they had to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. Many of his advisors feared that the Peace Summit was a ruse and the Emperor had his own suspicions.

    Eight other armadas were to stay stationed at certain positions in the Core Worlds, Colonies, Inner Rim, Expansion Region and Mid Rim. Their main focus was to create a safe passage back to the Imperial Remnant, or New Empire as some people were recently calling it.

    And lastly, four fleets were to transport injured recruits and Imperial civilians back to specific Empire territories for treatment and recuperation.

    On board the Dark Goddess every hangar was bustling with activity. Medical staff were passing on their patients to new doctors, fresh Imperial soldiers were relieving their predecessors, diligent shuttle teams were constantly unloading cargos and preparing for new ones.

    Though they had said their goodbyes already in private, Jaina hadn’t been able to just walk up the ramp of their private ship and disappear. At the entrance she had stopped, clutched her husband’s hand tightly and stood there torn for several moments. Understanding completely, Jagged had pulled her into his strong arms, wishing he could keep her there.

    Reluctantly, they parted slightly. Still within his arms, Jaina looked up at him with shining brown eyes as her hands nervously toyed with the buttons of his shirt. The sadness and regret in her gaze struck Jagged hard. A cruel ache began to coil around his heart. He barely had the strength of will to stop himself from begging her to stay.

    Resting his forehead to hers, Jagged focused on memorising her gorgeous features and as always allowed himself to fall into those dark eyes. She was the fiercest woman he knew, capable of incredible bravery and yet in her gaze he could see every vulnerability, fear and even uncertainty. In front of thousands she hid behind steely nerves but with him, with a simple glance, she shared everything.

    “I don’t like this.” She uttered.
    “Nor do I.” He responded, “What do you want to do?”
    “I know what I want.” Jaina woefully replied, “But I guess it’ll have to wait.”
    Leaning down, Jagged kissed her cheek tenderly and whispered into her ear,
    “I’ll be home soon, Jay. I promise.”
    “You better be.” She answered, “It’s not home without you.”

    With those last words, Jaina rose up on her toes as Jagged leaned down to meet her lips with his. The kiss was full of tenderness, longing and promise. Embracing the moment, Jaina wrapped her arms around his neck and returned the kiss passionately. Sensing the urgency, Fel’s arms circled her waist in an iron grip and pressed his mouth firmly to hers. Over and over he kept kissing her, committing her touch to memory so he would have this cherished moment to comfort him during their separation. Uncaring of spectators, Jaina breathed his name and moved her hot lips under his, desiring only him.

    Unfortunately, the kiss eventually ended and they separated. Slowly, still holding his loving gaze, Jaina walked away from him. Jagged reluctantly had to let go of her hand and step back as the ramp lifted.

    The Emperor watched the small craft prepare to launch. It was to transport his wife and children to the nearby Star Destroyer Titan which would shortly be making route back to Bastion. To him, Jaina and the twins were the most precious cargo any ship would carry. And he loathed to watch them go.

    He took a deep breath to ease the tightness in his chest. It didn’t help. But it gave him a chance to regain control. It was time to focus. The sooner he sorted out this political mess the quicker he could reunite with Jaina and his sons. With that motivating thought in mind, Jagged turned and briskly walked through the chaotic hangar to continue with his preparations.

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    “This feels wrong. Parting this way.”
    “I don’t like this.” She uttered.

    I know that's a large part lover and wife speaking, but whenever she is also a strong Force sensitive, you'd better sit up and take notice. There may be more to it than just ... jitters. [face_nail_biting]
    Especially after reading that it all could be a trap. :eek:

    She was the fiercest woman he knew, capable of incredible bravery and yet in her gaze he could see every vulnerability, fear and even uncertainty. In front of thousands she hid behind steely nerves but with him, with a simple glance, she shared everything.

    Lovely... that is also a description of Leia with Han. :) [face_love]

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    I can’t believe this fic has been brought back to life and in such a spectacular manner!

    “I’ll be home soon, Jay. I promise”
    “You better be.” She answered, ”It’s not home without you”

    That made me melt into an even more emotional puddle than everything preceding. And these two kissing on the ramp without any care for whomever might be watching? Ugh, Jag certainly has his proprieties straight these days.

    Please tag me on future updates!!!
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    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha: You are very perceptive, yes always listen to a Force sensitive being! Especially Jaina! If something is going to go wrong, it will be on Coruscant..[face_nail_biting]Aww glad you enjoyed my description of Jaina, true yes that's how I see Leia too! As always thanks for reading! [:D]

    staticsticks: Thanks for coming back to check out this fic! :D Glad you are enjoying the new recent posts. I'm aiming to continue weekly posts. ;) And yes, Jagged definitely has his priorities right! [face_love] Cheers for clicking, no probs I will tag you in future! :)
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    Okay.. a few more scenes before the Peace Summit on Coruscant.. got lots to sort out here. Hope you enjoy the next clip with Jacen, Tahiri and Jered. [face_peace] Comments welcome!

    Tags: @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha @staticsticks


    [Core Worlds, near Planet Velusia. On board Star Destroyer Dark Goddess. Medical Centre: Tahiri’s Private Room.]

    Solemnly Jacen stood by the doorway watching the reunion.

    Once Tahiri had awoke, been reassessed and given the all clear for visitors, Jacen had brought their son to see her. Seeing his mother so pale and frail had upset Ethan. Clinging to Jacen, the boy had cried and refused to touch his mum, fearing he might hurt her. After much reassurance from Jacen, Jered and Tahiri, Ethan had finally stepped close to the bed and leant over for a tentative hug.

    Fiercely Tahiri had embraced him. Though she had lost weight, was still marred with bruises and scars, her arms had hugged back with renewed strength. Despite her appearance, she wanted to assure her son that she was on the mend.

    Feeling slightly more comforted and wanting to be closer, Ethan had dragged himself up onto the bed with Tahiri’s assistance. Together, mother and son talked cuddled in her bed. They whispered like conspirators, catching up on everything and how much they had missed each other.

    Jacen and Jered shared an amicable look. Both men loved Tahiri and Ethan.

    True Jacen did not love Tahiri the same way he used to but he adored her as a close friend. Even during their past troubles, he had always wanted her to be happy and being reunited with their son clearly did that. With his heart in his eyes, Jered sat by the bed holding his wife’s free hand. Absentmindedly he rubbed Ethan’s back, hoping to soothe the boy’s fears and worry. Before him, snuggled on the mattress, was his family, his world, or rather his entire universe. The sight of them together made Jered teary all over again.

    Seeing him rub his eyes, Tahiri smiled over Ethan’s dark blonde locks,
    “You okay?”

    Jered nodded,
    “Better than okay,” he leant over to plant a tender kiss on her temple and another on top of Ethan’s mop of hair, “I have you both.”

    As Jered settled back in his seat, Jacen’s comm device beeped. Quietly he answered it and had a brief all-business conversation. As he switched it off and turned back to them his features became more serious.

    “I have to go.” Jacen spoke sadly, “The arrangements for Coruscant are well underway and I need to help finalise them.” Looking between Tahiri and Jered, he asked hesitantly, “Have you two decided?”

    Solemnly Jered gazed at Tahiri, when she gave a subtle nod he glanced back at Solo and answered,
    “Your offer is very generous, Jacen. With everything that’s happened lately and Tahiri’s current condition we’ve decided to accept. We will go to Bastion.”

    Instantly the tightness in Jacen’s chest vanished. It was like a great weight had lifted and despite all the important plans that he had to implement soon, this decision at least meant he didn’t have to worry about their whereabouts or safety. He had proposed to Tahiri and Jered that they travel to Bastion with Ethan, there Tahiri could recover and they could all be better protected.

    The young Solo was worried that Tahiri would be targeted again, because of her connections to his family and for the information she had gathered over recent months. Technically Tahiri was affiliated with the Republic but even that link was not concrete. She was neither a Jedi or an Imperial but she had been connected to both in the past which under the Republic’s increasingly anti-Jedi system made her a person of interest. Regardless, she had found work going undercover for a certain group of Republican senators. These few politicians had hired Tahiri to discover any evidence regarding certain crimes happening across the galaxy, crimes the politicians were certain were being committed by their own military or political personnel.

    When Makbett O’Oinman had confronted Tahiri back on Mrlsst, it meant either her contacts had been infiltrated or worse someone had betrayed her. Either way it meant Tahiri was not guaranteed safety in the Republic. And Jacen didn’t want to risk her, Jered or Ethan under any circumstances.

    “That’s great news.” Jacen gave a relieved smiled, “I’ll get your transfer arranged immediately.”

    “Thank you Jacen,” Tahiri cleared her throat and continued carefully, “but I haven’t had the chance to give my reports yet, to you or my contacts. Shouldn’t we wait till I’ve done that?”

    “I think it best to get you all to Bastion.” Jacen stepped towards the end of her bed, as he added sincerely, “You can send me the reports or statements when you’re better recovered. And I can liaise between your contacts on your behalf. But until the threat to you is removed, I’d feel much happier knowing you were safe in Imperial territory.”

    Unconsciously hugging Ethan close again, Tahiri finally nodded in agreement and allowed Jacen to make all the preparations.

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    Great reunion with Ethan and I can well believe that's a load off, having the entire family where they'll be safe.
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    Very sweet reunion!