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Lit Book/Comic ideas you’d like to see

Discussion in 'Literature' started by Jozgar, May 20, 2023.

  1. Jozgar

    Jozgar Jedi Master star 3

    Dec 20, 2015
    There’s a large and continuously expanding amount of written content in the new canon. That said, the scope of Star Wars means there’s always room for more stories. With that in mind, what are some ideas for stories you’d like to see be given a narrative treatment in novel or comic form?

    Some concepts I’m interested to see:

    • Stuff on the First Order and Sith Eternal’s gestation in the Unknown Regions, which still feels underdexplained IMO.
    • More military fiction-style books, like Twilight Company. Books putting the conflict itself and the strategy and tactics it entails center stage are fascinating to me.
    • Post-TROS content. Probably inevitable, but I think they’re waiting for the next trilogy to begin before they start on this.
    • Old Republic content. Again, I think this is inevitable, but IIRC they’re waiting until TOR finishes its story before they start doing works in this time period in Canon. I think that’s the right choice.
    • More works focusing on the cast of Jedi: Fallen Order and Jedi: Survivor in the timeskip between those games, specifically when the Mantis crew was split up. Stuff like Merrin’s solo wanderings or Cal and his crew have a lot of potential for interesting stories. Cal’s crew in particular seem like a colorful cast of characters with great potential, even though we only barely got to know them in game.
  2. Force Nexus

    Force Nexus Jedi Master star 3

    Jun 22, 2022
    I'd like to see some quality work done with the Republic Commandos. They are given some spotlight in The Bad Batch, Scorch of Delta Squad is given some role there as well, Delta Squad themselves have canonically appeared in The Clone Wars all the way back in 2011, but their game is no longer canon. Neither are KT's books (but that's a good thing). So I'd like to see someone take a crack at a good Clone Commando story, be it a novel or a comic book. Though I'd prefer a novel, since I am not a fan of the Marvel SW comic books style.
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  3. Ghost

    Ghost Chosen One star 8

    Oct 13, 2003
  4. Noash_Retrac

    Noash_Retrac Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Nov 14, 2006
    • Untold tales of the Clone Wars: the months prior to the Clone Wars theatrical film which includes Anakin's knighthood and adaptions of the novels Brotherhood and Queen's Hope. The time between Season 5 and ROTS that included the Bad Batch mission to Kashyyyk and the encounter with the Yuuzhan Vong plus adaption of Thrawn: Alliances.
    • Comic adaptions of all the novels released since the reboot. I want to see what the so-called "Alderaanian escort frigate" Sunspire, "Corellian assault frigate" Redeemer and "Sullustan ring-ships" from the Aftermath trilogy plus faces to names for the assorted characters so we don't end up with a "Cal Omas/Traest Kre'fey" situation.
    • A comic series following a young teenage boy-King of Naboo living up to the legacy of Queen Amidala during a time of crisis.
    • Zare Leonis' adventures after Servants of the Empire.
    • A bunch of one-shots about the lesser known pilots of the Rebel Alliance to fly at Scarif, Yavin, Hoth and Endor.
    • A comic series following Thane Kyrell and Ciena Ree after Lost Stars leading to the Battle of Exegol.
  5. Jozgar

    Jozgar Jedi Master star 3

    Dec 20, 2015
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  6. Sarge

    Sarge Chosen One star 10

    Oct 4, 1998
    Rogue Squadron.

    I still want Patty Jenkins to make her movie, but if she doesn't, at least give us the story in book form. At worst, we'll read the story and realize we dodged a bullet.
  7. darklordoftech

    darklordoftech Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 30, 2012
    I’d like James Luceno to write a book about Rey learning about her family tree as well as books about Palpatine dealing with the Imperial Senate and Mas Amedda.
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  8. clonegeek

    clonegeek Jedi Knight star 3

    Oct 28, 2022
    I want a Mas Amedda book trilogy
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  9. ColeFardreamer

    ColeFardreamer Force Ghost star 5

    Nov 24, 2013
    I want them to do a comic in style and scope of Dark Empire. Really throw in all you'd never expect, shock us TESB style, and work it in despite stuff before and after not (yet) having mentioned that it happened where it happened.

    I mean, with Mandoverse culminating in a Thrawn Movie or three Dark Luke is too good an idea to not do one day, even as if as WHAT IF only.

    Of course they won't do a DE with Palpatine back... that's the ST. And if their Mandoverse Thrawn will have a dark Luuke clone, that's no substitute for Dark Luke DE style either. Unless they mix it up a little.
    Imagine it going down mostly like in Zahns books, but from a different pov! Mara Jade kills a Lu(u)ke, but which one? At first it seems Luuke is dead and Luke alive... but when afterwards Luke vanishes, everybody begins to doubt. Luke returns as Dark Lord of the Sith commanding Imperial Forces as in DE and everyone things it is Luuke.. but it is Luke, who only pretended to be Luuke to gain access and command and find out if he can reach Exegol and find out more about a potential Palpatine return as he wanted to since Shadow of the Sith!!! But in pretending to be a Sith, he becomes one and Leia has to redeem and save him DE style.

    If they do a Trilogy, the first movie may be a best of Zahn moments mashup, starting with Thrawns return and ending with Mara killing Luuke and Luke vanishing. The second is a best of DE, ending in Luke's redemption, and the third a JAT mashup with the Jedi Academy opened and them defeating a Sith spirit, yet not Palpatine, which still is bugging Luke but he lets his search rest as he may think it was another spirit and not Palpatine he felt. All the same with little Ben involved so that like in Legends he fears and checks up on Ben if anybody is lingering in him about the Sith that tried to snatch him when younger. And all over it could be Snoke as Palpaproxy that lured Luke into his Dark stint and ever since their friendship of earlier is ended and that is why Luke dueled him to mutilation and kept Ben far away from him later.
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  10. Sgt.Matt

    Sgt.Matt Jedi Master star 2

    May 12, 2018
    I'd give an arm and a leg to see a Republic Commando story akin to that of the "Dirty Dozen", the clones must have had a dozen missions we haven't seen in the videogame or novels made before the Disney buyout. Although on a personal note, I wish for a writer to do a novel that doesn't have the clones adventure devolve into a Mandalore-centric plot. (No hate towards Karen Traviss but her focus on Mandalorians kind of got tiresome real fast, the lore and characters are good but it got overexposed real quick.)
  11. The Positive Fan

    The Positive Fan Force Ghost star 4

    Jan 19, 2015
    The canon "bounty hunter on Ord Mantell" story. I know it's been done in Legends... a few times... but zero so far in canon.

    I've mentioned it before, but a series of pulpy, retro-style, continuity-light Han and Chewie smuggling adventures in the style of the Daley and Smith novels would be the bee's knees.

    On the Legends side of things, since this is a wish list of sorts, here's a long shot: I'd love to see a limited series reuniting Mary Jo Duffy and Cynthia Martin, continuing the old Marvel series from issue #106 in the manner they'd originally intended before it's abrupt cancellation. (To increase the fun, number the issues as #106.1, #106.2, etc.)
  12. vong333

    vong333 Force Ghost star 5

    Oct 18, 2003
    I'd like to see some of the clone wars stories that were not made for the tv series to be produced in comic book form like the Sons of Dathomir arc. It is funny that Dark Horse got the chance to adapt one of the arcs that didn't get made and Marvel whom has probably produced since 2015 well over 500 star wars comics alone hasn't had the chance to even adapt one of the unaired/unreleased arcs.
  13. VexedAtVohai

    VexedAtVohai Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 4, 2020
    Once we've seen the new Dawn of the Jedi, I'd love to see an anthology comic telling various stories of the pre-Sith Republic and Jedi. Experiment with new ideas that can be spun off into their own titles if successful, revisited occasionally, or never seen again. They could call it Tales of the Old Republic (or Ancient Republic) and tell stories in arcs or single issues.

    My ideal eventual situation would be an ongoing Star Wars comic universe that is part of the main continuity, fresh, and can have high stakes with unknown outcomes — a rare combination lately.
  14. ColeFardreamer

    ColeFardreamer Force Ghost star 5

    Nov 24, 2013
    As per Timelines book the Republic is founded 20000BBY now, 5000 years after their Dawn of the Jedi movie! You thus need a new title for that Tales you plan.
  15. Darkslayer

    Darkslayer #2 Sabine Wren Fan star 7

    Mar 26, 2013
    I would like to see more of the ancient Sith explored. My favorite books in the old canon were the books about Plagueis, Bane, and Revan.
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  16. Jedi Knight Fett

    Jedi Knight Fett Chosen One star 10

    Feb 18, 2014
    Something I think is sorely lacking is novels based on new characters taking place before the Revenge of the Sith. But also before the high republic. I still think you could get some unique perspectives from 100-19 BBY from new characters. Sure I love a good story about Dooku or Qui Gon or a number of other Jedi. But I want something like the aftermath trilogy. Something that takes place in conjunction with events we already know but from a new perspective. I always feel authors are hamstrung by having to work with pre existing characters. It’s why I am so excited to get into the high republic soon. Because it’s almost all new characters.
  17. Stymi

    Stymi Force Ghost star 4

    Jan 10, 2002
    I want a post-ROTJ Luke book. It's baffling they aren't capilizing on the most well known characters.

    We just got a Han & Leia one. Now do Luke!

    Bring back Travis For a rebooted Imperial Commandos. (bracing for impact)

    A young Ben Solo book would be pretty awesome.

    Have we ever had a book that focused on Anakin?

    Finally, more Legends. No reason there can't be more new Legends material.
  18. The Positive Fan

    The Positive Fan Force Ghost star 4

    Jan 19, 2015
    Does Shadow of the Sith count? The novel had several different storylines going on but Luke was a main, POV character.
    Not entirely, but Brotherhood comes pretty close.
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  19. Stymi

    Stymi Force Ghost star 4

    Jan 10, 2002
    I guess those will have to do.
  20. darklordoftech

    darklordoftech Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 30, 2012
    What happened to 11-4D after ROTJ.
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  21. Darth Corydon

    Darth Corydon Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 4, 2018
    Nightsister book/talzin origin story
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  22. Chris0013

    Chris0013 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    May 21, 2014
    Lost Stars sequel.
    Obi Wan' s and Satine's history
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  23. Post ROTJ Timeline Comics with Luke during New Republic Era
    Old Republic Era i think its time to Explore this Era in Disney Canon
    an equivalent of Disney Canon of the Republic Comics i would like to see stories that take place between TPM and AOTC or short time before TPM with Characters from the Jedi Council facing new Villains before the Clone Wars similar with the Stark Hyperspace War or Yinchorri Uprising or Xanatos in Legends
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  24. Maythe14thBeWithYou

    Maythe14thBeWithYou Jedi Master star 4

    May 26, 2014
    Well, the Queen Trilogy exists, but I get there isn't a lot there. I'm really wondering what the next SW volume will do after this, and for that matter where will they take Darth Vader since we always need a Vader title.
  25. Chris0013

    Chris0013 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    May 21, 2014
    What if...Qui Gon left the Jedi Order to train Anakin?

    When Qui Gon is told by the Council he can not train Anakin he quits. He takes Anakin somewhere safe outside the Temple and does some bounty hunting to make some money to take care fo them for a while.

    Meanwhile...Mace is sent in Qui Gon's place to protect Amidala along with Obi Wan. They Battle of Naboo goes much the same way but there are more losses without Anakin. Maul dies and both Obi Wan and Mace survive the encounter.

    Over the next 10 years Qui Gon trains Anakin. Realizing Anakin's attachment to his mother Qui Gon lets him stay in touch with her. Anakin also visits Tattooine to see his mother several times. Anakin and Qui Gon are even there for Shmi's and Clieg's wedding...and he is there the day the Tuskens try to take her and stops them.

    After the news of the attempt on Padme's life on Coruscant Qui Gon and Anakin go there and at Padme's apartment meet Obi Wan and his new padawan Ahsoka.

    Anakin and Ahsoka take Padme to Naboo to protect her while Qui Gon and Obi Wan investigate the assassin and travel to Kamino then onto Geonosis where they are both captured and send out their message for help. Anakin and Ahsoka go to Geonisis while Padme returns to Coruscant to warn the Republic of what is going on at Geonosis.

    The Battle of Geonosis goes pretty much the same way but Dooku runs sooner as he can't face Qui Gon, Obi Wan, Anakin and Ahsoka all together.

    The Clone Wars begin.

    Anakin...having stayed in touch with his mom and not being influenced by Palpatine is much more balanced. He marries Padme and since they don't have to keep it a secret is able to talk to people about his fears and nightmares about Padme's death.

    Palpatine and Dooku are both killed during the Battle of Coruscant and the Separatist fall back and and are eventually defeated...but when the Galaxy realized the Clone Wars were orchestrated by the Chancellor and a "former" Jedi...the damage is done and the Galaxy fractures into dozens of states.
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