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Beyond the Saga Bring Back the OC Revolution | Summer 2017 Challenge "Families" Short Story Completed June 16, 2017

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by DARTH_MU, Jun 16, 2017.


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    Feb 9, 2005
    Title: Families
    Author: DARTH_MU
    Timeframe: 50 ABY
    Characters: Bunch of Original Characters and a cameo from the NEU comics
    Genre: Drama, a bit angst?
    Keywords: Treasure Hunters, Carbonite, Original Characters, OC death.
    Summary: Shukah and his wife Ellime is after the legendary Yushui treasure. Will they succeed?
    Notes: This is Post Dark Nest AU and with elements of the Disney EU.


    Shukah and Ellime has been searching for the legendary Yushui treasure for three years seven months and nine days. They finally found the treasure, but are now stuck on Ellime. Actually, it’s Senexi 2, but because they are going to die, Shukah think it fitting his wife gets to have a planet named after her. There was a rancor sized monster right outside the cave.

    Ellime wouldn’t stop coughing. “Shu-- Shuk, You have-- Have to lea-- me. Take – is.” She handed Shukah the case.

    “No. I won’t leave you.”

    “Y—You have to. Leave me the slug thrower.” Ellime pushed herself up from the ground, “The crevice, only you can fit. If on-- I diet a b-- bit when everyone asked.”

    “I won’t leave you.” Shukah insisted.

    “Don’t be – a fool. Get to the ship. Blast the kriff-- thing from the air. Come ba-- for the treasure.”


    “Wha-- What?

    “I thought you were--”

    “What did you-- You think I was going – to do?”

    Shukah didn’t answer but instead turned and started crawling into the crevice. He hoped it would lead out of the cursed cave. It did. At the last turn, however, he had no choice but to leave his shoes. Blood started flowing from his ankles.

    “Where do you think you are going?” Shukah paused. It was Kreedio and his partners.

    “The treasure. Hand it over.”

    There was too many of them. Kreedio must have brough his whole gang with him. There were two scar faced humans, three Weequays, and one other Rodian beside Kreedio himself.

    “What treasure?” Shukah asked. He knew what Kreedio wanted.

    “Don’t play dumb, or it won’t go well for you or your wife.” Kreedio raised his blaster.

    “I don’t have it. I swear.” Please believe.

    “Shavit!” Kreedio cursed. “Germ, Go into the cave and take care of the woman. Quietly. We don’t want to disturb the tarentatek.” Kreedio turned to Shukah “One word out of you I don’t like, you get to die with your lovely wife.”

    The human on Kreedio’s right, Germ, started crawling into the cave.

    “Term, find out what he has.” Kreedio ordered. The man on Kreedio’s left started searching Shukah. Moments later, he found something.

    In Term’s hands was an arm. The arm was insectoid from the ulna down, a curved lightsaber was in its three fingers.

    “That’s it?” Kreedio asked.

    Shukah, with his legs bleeding heavily, was manhandled by a weequay.

    “Where is the rest of the treasure?” Kreedio demanded.

    “We only found the laser sword and the insect arm,” Shukah said, “I swear.”

    “We didn’t come all the way to this wasteland for a single lightsaber, Kreedio.” The weequay on the right of Shukah said. The rest of Kreedio gang remained silent.

    “It’s not just a single lightsaber. Look at the carvings on it.” Kreedio said, “Although it’s still not enough, you are right.” He kicked Shukah.

    “What about the carvings?” the Rodian asked.

    “It’s a Skywalker lightsaber.” We can still see SKYW L ER on it. See here. It says L N AI SKYW L ER. It must have belonged to the Jedi Luke Skywalker. Should fetch a bit. Might cover our fuel cost. Still won’t cover food though.”

    “Where is the rest!? Be truthful this time!” Shukah was kicked again.

    “Please, no more.” Shukah said, “We have some food and water in the cave, but the laser sword, or lightsaber, or whatever that is, is the only thing we could recover.

    “The only thing?” Kreedio asked. Shukah felt another kick. This time in the mouth.

    “Ugh. In case you there is a rancor thing--”

    “A tarentatek, we know.” Kreedio said. “What does that have to do with the Yushui treasure?”

    “A tarentatek ate our supplies. Including everything we were able to recover from this place beside the laser sword.

    “A lightsaber you forg!” Kreedio slapped Shukah. “Korkie, take him back to the ship. Have the Doctor work him over.”

    “Yes Boss.” The weequay holding Shukah, Korkie, started to pull Shukah away.

    Multiple report of slugthrower could be heard. Kreedio put his wrist to his mouth. “Germ? Report!”

    “I’m alive. The kortch put up a fight. I ended it. Bleeding from my side though.”

    “The Kortch?”


    “You Kriffing bantha lover bastard!” Shukah raged “I’ll kill all of y—argh!”

    “Another word out of you and you will definitely join your wife.” Kreedio sighed. “You’ll find I’m actually a fairly reasonable business man. But even I have limits.”

    “Anything of value in the cave?” Kreedio asked.

    “Some blankets, a solar lamp, some dried fruit. I estimate less than a hundred wapiupi.”

    “Understood. Good bye, Germ.” Kreedio raised his blaster and fired. Rocks covered the crevice. There would be no way Germ can get out without getting through the tarentatek.

    “No women, no kids. Everyone understand?”

    “Yes Boss.” Kreedio’s gang replied in a single voice.

    Kreedio looked at the face of Term, then of Shukah, and said, “Good.”

    “Let’s get out of here. Derpian, mark current position on your datapad. We’ll bomb the whole complex. It should destroy the tarentatek and allow--”

    “What the Gahghu is that?”

    If Shukah knows his sounds, that was the unmistakable report of sonic booms.

    A Correlian freighter roared ahead, its speakes boomed.

    “See ya later, NICE knowing you, or not! BEETEE and TRIPLE ZERO also says good BYE!”


    “I think she doesn’t care.” Korkie said.

    “Shut up Korkie.” Term said the same time Kreedio said, “Where is your ship?”

    Kreedio punched Shukah. “Where is your kriffing ship?”

    “You might as well kill me.” Shukah said. “At least I’ll die knowing I take you bunch with me.”

    “Oooh, you will?”

    “Boss,” Term said, “scanner shows a Y-Wing half a klick from here.”

    “You two came with a Y-Wing?” Kreedio said, “You are braver than I thought.”

    “Kriff you! You Nerf derma—mugh”

    “Thank you.” Kreedio said to his fellow Rodian, “I just had enough of his noise.”

    “We have to get our ship back. Kreedio announced. “the Y-Wing only takes two, three if we cramp together. But we have six gentles here not counting our treasure hunter friend. Ideas?”


    Germ Dinn knew he didn’t have long. The woman put too many slugs inside of him at the right places. She lay a few feet from Germ, dead when Germ closed the distance and snapped her neck.

    Germ also knew what was coming when the boss asked about his situation. He had to kill her. It was me or her. Let it be her and me, both of us.

    It doesn’t have to be this way. You can live.

    “Who’s there?” Germ swears he heard a female voice.

    Get me out of here and find out.

    “No, you are dead.”

    Oh, her? Don’t be ridiculous. She’s her, I’m me. The question is do you want to live or not?

    Germ considered his options. “Suppose, just suppose I believe you, what do I have to do?”

    First, you have to dig me out. Walk, or crawl, or however you can move right now, and go toward your left five paces. Now stop. Right here. Dig down about six meters.

    “I’m kriffing bleeding and will probably die any minute, how I’m I supposed to do that?”

    Do you see a curved lightsaber with my name on it?

    “No. Are you sure it’s in this cave?”

    Fairly certain. It is clutched in my left hand.

    “I can’t find it.”

    A pity. I loved that saber. I have to find it. My first and last saber.

    “The treasure hunter must have taken it out of the cave.”

    Start digging before you lose more blood.

    Germ looked over the cave again. It was a medium sized cave. The roar of the tarentatek was indistinct but there. He had his blaster, and the dead woman’s blaster. Some dried fruit, two blankets. That was all.
    Start DIGGING! I want out of here.


    Use your brain! The blaster and the slug thrower will do.

    Germ can’t believe it, but he started digging with the makeshift shovels. An unknown time later, he hit something solid and unyielding.


    Germ started taking out the dirt around the rectangular shape. It turned out to be a carbonite slab.

    Activate decarbonization sequence!

    “Why would I do that? WHO are you?”

    We are wasting time!

    “Who are you? I need to know. What if you are Sith Lord?”

    Give me a break! Do you think that I would-- I forgot, you can’t find my saber, so you don’t know my name. But do you know who my father is?”

    “How would I know that?” Germ asked.

    You don’t know who the Grandmaster of the Jedi Order is?

    “There’s Rey, and there’s Cassiola Veila, and then there’s--”


    His hands shaking, Germ found the buttons, or at least what he thought of as buttons on the old piece of carbonite. The red LED turned yellow and blinked

    The slab blinked more.

    Germ was feeling dizzy. A cold hand grabbed his throat.

    Insect clicking sounds filled his ears, threatened to puncture his eardrum.

    A nightmare visage came into focus for Germ. A brown haired woman was ravaged by forced hybridization with some kind of blue insect. Where a human’s mouth should be, a pair of mandibles were present, and it was clicking and clacking and won’t stop.

    Whatever that thing is, it’s missing the left arm. The right arm was human, and pale.

    Come, I promised you life. Get in here before the carbonite harden.

    “But... Who are you?” Germ stopped struggling and dropped his body inside the gray gravy.

    My name is Lintai, and I’ll come back for you. I promise.
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    Jun 14, 2005
    When I am back at work, I am not sure if I can keep up all the reading in here. But I could not resist your treasure hunt and wanted to have a peak.

    You worked the key words "Treasure Hunters, Carbonite, Original Characters, OC death" in very nicely. :D

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    Feb 9, 2005
    Thanks for reading everyone!

    AzureAngel2, I hope you are feeling better.

    Thank you for your kind words.
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    Jul 11, 2014
    Oooh, I really liked the reveal at the end here! Everyone's after the Skywalker lightsaber, but the one who's really going to be looking for it is Lintai. I know that she's an OC you've developed elsewhere and now I need to go read those stories, because I'm very curious to know how she became a human-insect hybrid (my guess is that it has to do with Dark Nest, but don't spoil – I'll get there someday!)