Saga Broken Chains A Rebels Short story - Complete - Kanan and Hera, again.

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    A/N - This takes place at the end of Season one, right after Kanan's rescue from above Mustafar...

    I guess there was more.... ;)

    Broken Chains

    The first thing Hera was aware of was the low, steady bleating sound, not the familiar sounds of the Ghost, but of a heart monitor. The second, was the uncomfortable taste and feeling of cotton in her mouth. However, her first real thought though, was of him.


    With her free hand, the other still loosely clasped in his, she leaned over, and gently smoothed his fore-head, perhaps more than a little relieved when she didn’t get a response. At least he was really resting now.

    Still, she was very careful when she freed her other hand to pour herself a glass of water from the pitcher at the bedside. Stars! She was thirsty, and maybe even a little hungry for the first time in days. She eyed the ration bar that had been left with the water with more than a little interest, and stretched, allowing the blanket lid down to her lap. It had been another gift from an unknown benefactor – she must have slept right through their visit, but in her exhaustion and relief that both Kanan and Ezra were alive…

    Ezra! Goddess bless! She had been so wrapped up with even getting Kanan to go to the corvette's infirmary – she rubbed her eyes in frustration, trying to piece together what happened in the immediate aftermath of the rescue. She had sent Zeb and Sabine out – out to the other med bay - and things had gone horribly, horribly wrong.

    Possible Heart Failure, the med droid had stated in that cold clinical monotone – Kanan – Goddess! How was he even still standing, much less cracking jokes – had blithely remarked that the Inquisitor hadn’t exactly been gentle with his affections. She remembered begging him, ordering him not to leave her again, and then everything around her going gray. The next thing she remembered was Sabine bringing her caf, and a blanket, and Kanan had been, for want of a better word, settled, at least for a while. And now…

    There was no time keeper in the room, and the dim lighting gave no clue to whether it was early or late, and Hera debated the idea of actually getting up and seeking someone out, even one of the dreaded medical droids, when a quiet rapping came from the door.

    Um, Hello? Anyone awake in here?” A mop of black hair peaked around the corner. “Hera?”

    At first sight of Ezra, Hera’s smile could have lit up the room – at least until she saw the brace on his arm – and the smile quickly became a scowl. “Your arm...”

    He waved her off. “How’s Kanan?”he asked, drawing close to the other side of the bed. “The medic said he’s had a quiet night, I mean after...” Concern darkened his features.

    Hera managed a shaky laugh. “You know he’s not a good patient under the best of circumstances,” she said. “The last time he had pain killers, he got… giggly...” and handsy she added mentally to herself. She grew serious again. “But as far as I know, it was uneventful. I must have fallen asleep not long after he did...”

    Ezra shifteduncomfortably in his chair, and looked at the floor. “Good,” he muttered. “You needed that.”

    Hera narrowed her eyes, questions about his arm momentarily forgotten. “What do you mean by, ‘good’ Erza Bridger?”

    Ezra raised his head, stuck his chin out and thinned his lips. Admittedly, under any other circumstances, Hera would have found it amusing – the look was a mirror of Kanan at his most mule headed – but right now…

    We voted, the four of us.” he said simply. “And we all agreed.”

    You voted? Who? And to what?” Hera struggled to keep herself from squeezing Kanan’s hand in frustration.

    Zeb, myself, Sabine and Chop.” Fulcrum – Ahsoka’s name was conspicuously absent. “Chop wanted two votes, but we were all in agreement...”

    To drug me?” Hera hissed, incredulous. “What were you thinking?”

    Kanan groaned softly, and both Ezra and Hera reached to gently touch his face, Ezra to his fore-head, Hera to his cheek. After a moment, he was still, and even Hera herself had calmed a little.

    I understand the reasoning, I guess,” she said at last. “But -”

    But nothing, Hera,” Ezra said, rising from the chair. “You, Kanan, Sabine, Zeb and even Chopper – You guys will always come before anything else. Before the Rebellion, before Jedi training, even before Lothall. My family will always come first. No matter what.”

    Hera said nothing, she pursed her lips but didn’t drop her gauze from Ezra’s. At last, she nodded, giving Kanan’s hand a gentle squeeze.

    Sabine and Zeb will want to see you guys,” Ezra remarked casually as he paused at the door. “Probably Chop too...” Again, Ahsoka’s name had been deliberately omitted. “Can I send them over?”

    Now Hera smiled. “As long as they’re quiet, I don’t see the problem,” she said, and as an after thought, she added, “Oh Ezra, thank Sabine for the caf...”
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    Love your story about "the Ghost" family here, doing votes. Even Hera does not feel like being a part of this democracy. ;)
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    This is the end of season 1?

    thank for the caf.... XD
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    OOH replies! Yay! How heartening!! [face_love]
    Thank you! And Chop would have used his extra vote to say 'yes'... ;)

    Yes - I edited the post to clarify.

    I came very close to just not posting this - I'd added it to and AO3, but had lost a bit of heart when it came to posting here. There is another bit floating around my noodle which I hope to work on this weekend, in which Ezra confronts Ahsoka...
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    Hera had been right about one thing. Kanan Jarrus was not the idea patient in the best of circumstances, and on this fourth day – sixth, if you counted the two full cycles he had been forcibly rendered unconscious by the medics – Kanan was done. He hated the constraints being put on him. He hated the food, usually served cafeteria – style. Thankfully, Sabine had brought in a flatbread sandwich from the Ghost, (but she had to get ‘special permission’ to do so, and that made him bristle.) Zeb and Chop had played a few hands of Sabbac with him (but with only barely relaxed rules of visitation time). He wanted to be free of the incessant sounds of the medical devices, especially the heart monitor that summoned that kriffing droid at the slightest provocation. The first day (well, third day really) when Hera’s attentions had hinted at more… interesting distractions, the thing had sounded an alert that made it seem like the galaxy was ending, which had turned Hera the Lover back into Hera the Mother. If he’d had his blaster…

    He wanted freedom. He wanted caf – even Hera’s Force awful burnt brew. He wanted to have an honest, normal conversation that didn’t revolve either around his injuries, or Ezra’s broken arm, or Mustafar, or the fleet (he honestly didn’t give a fart in a windstorm about THAT right now). He could almost look forward to a conversation with ‘Fulcrum’ aka Ahsoka Tano. who, to the best of his knowledge, had seemingly made herself scarce from the rest of the Ghost crew. He had vague memories of her visiting his bedside on the (first?) second night, but he’d been as high as a noc-bird at the time…

    Mostly, he just wanted to go home.

    Hopefully, that would happen as early as this evening. They had finally stopped the hydration packs, content that he was drinking enough water on his own and able (if slowly) make his way to the ‘fresher on his own – for the most part. He had (regrettably) snapped at Hera on the third day, asking her if she wanted to ‘hold it while he took a piss’. Thank the Force she had only rolled her eyes at him, and remarked that he was obviously feeling better, before proffering an arm for him to take. Only the galaxy knew what he’d do without her. Still in the mean time, he could only wait.

    With a sigh, he pulled himself carefully into a meditation pose. It was still early in the day, and his crew, his family, were settling into the new (perhaps temporary) normal, and with any luck, he’d be joining them again soon.

    His last thought, before sinking into the familiar warmth of mediation was simply six words. One for each kriffing day he’d been there. ‘Screw luck… I’m going home, tonight.’
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    Fantastic thoughts in the first part from Hera. You can sense her affection and concern. Ezra is a darling about the crew being his family and first priority.

    Kanan's thoughts in part #2 are so in character.

    "A fart in a windstorm" I will remember that one. LOL

    Fulcrum! I just read the novel about Ahsoka 2 months ago. Very cool details on how she became part of the Rebellion.

    I will watch this thread for more.
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    Thank you for the reply! Lovely to know you like the tale so far!

    I'm stewing away at the next chapter, but I'm also dealing with grumpy Kanan who just wants to go back the the Ghost - I swear, if a character could hold a blaster to my head, I'm sure he would!

    Soon enough, I promise!
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    Aboard the Ghost, the sixth morning after the rescue.


    Hera had been expecting it sooner, but when the message came that Commander Tano wanted to debrief her, her heart sank to her knees. For so many years, she had given everything to the cause. Friends, family, no small amount of her own heart – everything, and now…

    Of course Ezra, Sabine and even Zeb and Chopper (she hadn’t dared mentioned any of this to Kanan) had immediately jumped to her defense, insisting – no, demanding – that they accompany her. Ezra had been particularly vocal.

    But it was my plan,” Ezra implored her. “I’m the one who stole the Phantom -”

    With our help!” Sabine added, while Chopper waved his prods and arms excitedly, grumbling and blarting. Zeb stood at the doorway, arms crossed, his intent clear. You go down, we all do, he said wordlessly.


    No!” Ezra overrode her. “Hera, I’m - we’re the ones who disobeyed orders. I made the deal with Vizzago - “

    That’s something you’ll have to talk to Kanan about – after he’s had time to recover,” Hera said archly, trying to redirect the conversation, but Ezra would not be moved.

    We did what we had to – what they wouldn’t!”

    Hera threw up her hands in exasperation. “Look, I understand, and I appreciate this but -”

    But Hera!” came the chorus, however, Hera would not be swayed.

    No but Hera’s about it,” she said thunderously. “I’m giving you all a direct order!” Maybe my last – she thought.For once, I expect you to listen, and sit tight.” Her voice softened. “Please...”
    Sabine, Zeb and even Chopper waited silently.

    For a long moment, Hera and Ezra just faced each other. He stood there, arms crossed over his chest, chin jutting out, and once again Hera marveled inwardly how many of his master’s mannerisms the young man had adopted – granted not his finer ones - but still, this was one contest of wills she was determined to win.

    Come on, Sabine,” Zeb said suddenly. “If they’re gonna spring the Boss tonight, someone’s gotta make sure he’s gonna feel welcome in other ways than Hera can.”

    Hera flushed, but didn’t take her eyes from Ezra, even as Sabine, Zeb and Chop made their get away.

    The com call came again. “Captain Syndulla, Commander Tano is waiting for you on the Sunrise. She hopes there hasn’t been a problem...”

    No, no problem,” Hera replied a little more sharply than she intended. “I’ll be right there.” She turned the comlink off. “Won’t I, Ezra?”

    With a heavy sigh, Ezra dropped his arms, and with it, all the righteous indignation. “Hera,” he began. “I’m sorry...”

    At last, she allowed herself to smile, if only briefly, and she put a hand on his shoulder as she passed. “Don’t worry, Ezra. Things will be fine – I’ll be fine.”

    I hope.

    Ezra wasn’t quite ready to let her go just yet. “Hera,” he began again. “If you need anything – anything at all...”

    I know, Ezra,” she replied, a broad, false smile on her face. “I know...”
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    Beautiful vocal and emotional support from the crew. They're behind Hera 100%. Eagerly awaiting the next part and seeing the debriefing itself. [face_nail_biting]
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    Very interesting story! I noticed that the first part is Hera's pov, then the second is Kanan's, and the third is Hera's again. Are you planning to alternate like that throughout?

    You've really got the family part of this down. Hera's first thoughts are for Kanan, and then for her "kids." Kanan thinks of Hera and the kids as he is recuperating and all he wants to do is go home. Ezra's interesting here, too - you can see how he is becoming his own man. He thinks about others, trying hard to protect Hera in the third part. I like how Hera sees that Ezra has picked up some of Kanan's mannerisms, as if he really were Kanan's son - although it's mostly the obstinate and stubborn mannerisms.

    I hope Ahsoka and Hera's "meeting" doesn't end poorly...
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    Jun 4, 2002

    Thank you! Though she is not above reproach, they do love 'Mom'... And I too am interested in 'seeing' how it all pans out (I have an idea, but until it's being written, I'm not all knowing!).

    *laughs* Well in all honesty, what I *plan* verses what happens are sometimes at odds (but I have a fair grip on this particular steering wheel). This was supposed to be a one off, after all... But yes, I think each chapter, short as they may be, will be from different POV.

    Kanan would say otherwise - and has! 'He takes after Hera, sometimes'...

    Hard to say, really - ;) Ultimately, I do know things will work out - but there's a big shift between 'Fire Across the Galaxy' and the 'Siege of Lothall' (where this obviously takes place) and is something I feel is worth exploring....

    Stay tuned!
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    Sixth day post Mustafar – aboard the Sunrise.


    At the door, Hera squared her shoulders and took a deep breath. No regrets, no apologies – at least here. No, that time had past. Attempts to apologize, to explain to Kanan (who was tantalizingly so close, yet so far) had been met with gentle, tender rebuffs, and the rest of the crew, especially Ezra, had already moved on. Eventually, she might even forgive herself, but here? Now? To even ask would be an affront to everything she – they – stood for, especially Ezra, who had taken on the mantle of leadership when she could not.

    Another deep breath. What ever the outcome, what ever the decision, they would be together. Her crew. Her family. The Ghost would continue taking on the Empire, with or without the support of the greater Rebellion. She knew now there were no small victories, only greater losses.

    Again, shoulders squared, chin out, Captain Hera Syndulla of the Ghost pressed the door chime button to face Fulcrum and her - no - their fate.


    Hera didn’t know what to expect. Perhaps a room full of command staff, or at the very least a holo-recorder, but there were none of these things. Only Flucrum – no, she amended to herself, not Fulcrum – Ahsoka Tano. A pot of spirian caf, and two mugs, and plate of sweet biscuits completed the scene as if this were a tea social, instead of a dressing down. If the idea had been to set Hera at ease, it had the opposite effect, and she shifted nervously at the doorway.

    Come in Hera,” Ahsoka said gently. “Have a seat. I’m sorry it’s taken so long for us to talk...”

    Hera involuntarily let out a breath, and took a seat wordlessly. She felt like she was in a high stakes game of Sabbac, and all of her cards were marked. She steeled herself.

    Game on.

    If unaware of Hera’s defensiveness, Ahsoka poured out the caf, and handed the brew to Hera before taking a sip herself.

    How is Kanan?” she asked easily, as if discussing the weather on Naboo. “Other than probably feeling like a caged nexu, I’m sure. No one likes being cooped up in a med bay while their family worries...” She took another sip of caf. “Unfortunately, I haven’t been to see him since that second night, and he wasn’t really in a place to have visitors then.”

    I guess not,” Hera replied cautiously, unsure where she was leading. Where ever it was, it didn’t feel like a trap. She took a sip of the caf herself and fell silent once again.

    We reviewed the records, and the footage from Kanan’s imprisonment.” It was here her expression changed, just for a moment, a blanched, horrified look crossed her features and quickly vanished. “Your little droid is quite efficient and resourceful - “

    And a valued member of my crew!” Hera interjected, perhaps more sharply than she intended. She refrained from adding, ‘You can’t have have him!’

    Ahsoka nodded. “I can see that,” she agreed. “Just like Sabine, Zeb, Kanan and of course Ezra...”

    Ezra..” Hera echoed biting back a vicious retort. Ezra - who took command when I took leave of my senses! Ezra, who gave hope to a galaxy, and whom you would have taken away the one thing that gave him that hope! Robbed him of his Master – his teacher! His friend! Robbed us of all of that… Instead, she hid her face behind the mug and took a long drink, the heat of the liquid burning her tongue and throat. It was no less than she felt she deserved.

    Ahsoka’s voice was gentle, and she reach out and put her hand on Hera’s shoulder. “Hera, perhaps you’ve misunderstood. You’re not in any trouble...”

    Hera had to grip the mug to keep it from slipping through her fingers. Surely she’d misheard.

    Now a broad smile crossed the torga’s face. “You didn’t disobey orders, after all.” she considered. “Well, from a certain point of view, anyway.”
    Hera’s mouth dropped open, and she verbally flailed for a moment. “I don’t understand?”

    Your job was to protect Ezra, am I correct?”


    Ezra, he chose to rescue Kanan, correct?”

    Hera nodded, dumbstruck.

    Therefore, in order to protect Ezra, you had to go with him, am I correct?” Her eyes sparkled with amusement, perhaps at a joke that only she could understand. “So, when it comes down to it, you did nothing wrong and followed orders, exactly as you should have...”

    Hera was thunderstruck. It was nonsense! It made perfect sense – well, perfect Ezra sense, if she were honest with herself. She felt as if an entire planet had been shifted off of her shoulders, and to her surprise, she began to laugh. A certain point of view indeed… “Sounds like a Jedi thing if you ask me!” she managed between giggles.

    Ahsoka smiled, perhaps a little sadly. “Possibly,” she allowed. “I know Kanan has been training Ezra in the ways of the Force - “

    In an instant, Hera was on her guard again. “That’s something you’ll have to speak to him about,” she said carefully. “But he can be a bit… reluctant to open up at times, and after what just happened...” She shook her head. “Maybe you should ask Ezra...”

    Sounds like a good idea,” Ahsoka agreed, raising her hand above her head. “In fact, why don’t we ask him right now?”

    Before Hera could say anything, a shout and a crash nearly deafened her, as Ezra fell to a heap on the floor next to them, the ceiling vent in which he’d been hiding in having given way. She looked at him, open mouthed. In an instant, she found her voice.

    Ezra!” she shouted with a mixture of shock and outrage, and more than a little embarrassment. “What.. what… I should make you scrub the hull of the Ghost for a month!”

    Ahsoka only looked on serenely as Ezra brushed himself off. “So hey,” he said sheepishly. “I guess everything’s gonna be OK after all, huh?”

    Two months!” Hera snarled. ”If you’re lucky!” She was furious, and utterly relieved at the same time, and days – weeks of heartache and headache and fear manifested itself into ‘mother’ mode. Neither Ahsoka nor Ezra paid any mind.

    Since you’re already here, Ezra Bridger,” Ahsoka said smoothly, presenting another cup. “Perhaps you’d like to join us in a cup of caf so we can all talk...”

    Gratefully, Ezra took it, and took a seat on Ahsoka’s other side. Inquisitors, Star Destroyers, a battalion of Storm Troopers he could handle. Hera in mama loth-cat mode? Best to have at least one light-saber wielder between them.

    Ahsoka carried two.
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    Superb! Just!!!!!!!!!!!! So in character for both ladies, particularly Ahsoka. Bravo! :) Just exactly her reaction -- [face_dancing]
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    Oh, poor Hera! Having to deal with the horror of what happened to them, then her stress and anxiety about Kanan and the others being okay, and then feeling like she is soley responsible. No wonder she expected Ahsoka to berate her. But Ahsoka seems to be one step ahead of her. It wouldn't do much good to anyone to punish Hera anyway.

    So if I read this right, Ezra was snooping by hiding in the ceiling, and Ahsoka "helped" him join the conversation in the actual room? So Ezra. :rolleyes: Loved his thought that he would rather battle a star destroyer than be on the wrong side of Hera in mad-mom mode.
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    Oh yay! I had skimmed through the book 'Ahsoka' before writing this to make sure I wouldn't throw a massive curve ball into cannon, then rewatched 'Siege of Naboo' and hoped for the best. :)

    Funny enough, while I was driving about, trying to 'get' what was going on, I realized that Padme had done almost exactly the same thing - went after Obi-Wan and took her 'protector' along - I'm sure Ahsoka had heard that story from Anakin at one point during their adventures in creative rule circumventing...

    He does tend to do that...

    So, I'll put one little word here from the next chapter (primarily because my computer is being wonkey, and I don't want to open word yet) - Google translate is wonderful for character names!

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    Just a quick update - I got sidetracked on Saturday with a trip to the ER for a 'cardiac event' of my own (Not to worry, I'm OK - just the usual, a change in meds, a follow up with my doc and keep an eye on things). I'm sure Kanan finds this amusing. Fear not, I'll be back on track in a day or so, [face_love]
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    Always glad to see Rebels story in the works and to meet another Rebels enthusiast. :) You’ve set up an intriguing aftermath to an intriguing episode here, and I just want to make sure I’m understanding things aright. In part 1, it looks like Hera’s crewmates collaborated on drugging her in order to make sure she got some rest from nursing Kanan? I don’t blame her at all for working overtime in taking care of him, though, nor do I blame Kanan for being sickantired of his confinement in the infirmary—six days is a long time! Though how can one not love the way his Ghost family has been assiduous in visiting him and caring for him after this ordeal—Hera in particular. They really are a family. @};- One sees it in part 3, too, in the way they all clamor to come along with Hera to the debriefing with Ahsoka; Ezra’s remorse about the whole matter is very touching, and I have a feeling that he will have an important role to play in setting things right before this story ends. I love the bit in part 4 about “perfect Ezra sense”—yep, Ahsoka basically summed up the whole reasoning behind the operation perfectly right there! [face_laugh] Not surprised to see that rascally little Spectre Six eavesdropping in the vent—the two women’s reactions are perfect, both Hera’s “mama Loth-cat” posture and Ahsoka’s gentler invitation to him to join them in caf and conversation. She clearly has a plan in mind about just what role it is that Ezra will play, and I look forward to seeing how that will pan out. :)

    EDIT: This comment ninja'd with your post just now about the cardiac event—hope you're all right and taking good care of yoruself. @};-
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    I make no secret of the fact that I love Kanan and Hera as a couple ;) but yes, they are family... Even Chop as you'll see.

    There's such a huge, potentially rich gap between the ending of season one and two... This story was SUPPOSED to be a *single* post [face_rofl]

    Ahsoka seems to be in 'observation mode' - she also seems to do this in the opener of season two...

    It was.. interesting. At first they wanted to keep me for 24, then 48, then they decided to let me go after about 6 as things had come back OK, and I already had an appointment with my Cardiologist on Tuesday. I'm very fortunate as I actually *like* the staff at the hospital I was at....

    Unlike Kanan.... [face_devil]
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    Chapter 5


    As with many of Hera’s displays of temper, the storm was intense, but brief. Ezra had scooted his chair out of arm’s reach, and had (wisely, perhaps) only squeaked out his few replies with liberal amounts of ‘yes mam’ and ‘no mam’’. Ahsoka, on the other hand, had only sat quietly, sipping her caf, as if such displays were beneath her notice.

    Hera felt entitled to hate her a little for this.

    After the storm had passed, Hera slunk back in her chair, while Ezra peppered Ahsoka with questions. Her head hurt, and to her earcones, it was all white noise. All she wanted to do was return to the Ghost, and maybe catch a nap before Kanan was (hopefully) released from the Medical bay this evening.


    Karabast! She’d missed something directed at her.

    What? She sat up a little straighter in her chair, as Ahsoka placed her hand on her knee with surprising gentleness.”I… I’m sorry?” She stammered.

    Your com...” said Ezra. “It’s blinking.”

    Hera bit back a sigh as she retrieved it. She knew it couldn’t be Kanan, but her heart still sank a little when Sabine’s voice came over instead. “Hera?” the girl’s voice called over. “Have you seen Ezra? He’s not answering his com, and Zeb and I need him for… for something. We’re on the observation deck of the Sunrise.”

    She handedEzra the com without a word, and sank back into her chair, rubbing her eyes. Goddess bless, just an hour, she thought. Surely the galaxy can do without me for that long.

    Yeah I’m here, Sabine,” Ezra said brightly. “I’ll be right there!” His face fell as he really looked at Hera. “Hera, you look like… well, bad. Are you OK?”

    Fine,” she replied wearily. “I’m just tired.”

    We can take this up another time,” Ahsoka added, still serene as ever. “Perhaps tomorrow...”

    For Hera, once again, conversation was fading into background noise, and she just wanted out, and now, she decided to act on it. With a quick word and a nod, she rose from the chair and made her way back to the Ghost knowing that everything could, and would go on without her immediate presence for which she was profoundly grateful.


    For the second time that morning, Kanan had tried to meditate, but circumstances and his own bad mood didn’t make it any easier. He had been visited (possibly for the first time – at least the first time he could recall) by a human doctor, a fussy little man by the name of Magare who had made no effort to hide the fact that he had little love for Jedi, non-humans, or anything that had taken him away from his semi-retired planet-side practice. He had considered the rescue a waste of resources, and had only come as a favor to Senator Organa, and once Kanan had been released from his care, he’d be back on Alderaan, sipping brandy and occasionally treating the odd ‘Royal boo-boo’.

    The man (Kanan couldn’t bear to use the honorific of ‘Doctor’ in his thoughts) had grumbled during the entire examination, bemoaning the fact that he hadn’t seen such brutality on prisoners during the Clone Wars (Kanan had clamped down hard on that one) by the Republic, before pronouncing him almostready to leave.


    He had told Kanan that he’d wanted to run a few more tests (whether for Kanan’ benefit of his own, Kanan wasn’t sure) and would draw up a form of ‘conditional release’ if he was satisfied.

    Conditional release. If…

    Kanan drew on his wits not to bite back with an abrasive answer. He knew that any resistance - verbal or otherwise - would result in further confinement, so he held his tongue, and willed the little man to just leave him be.

    Thankfully, his patience had won out, and Magare had left him to his own devises. At least for now.

    Kanan sighed. Focus, he told himself. Soon enough, we’ll all be out of this sorry mess… Soon enough.


    Hera practically stumbled to the crew quarters of the Ghost, but at least she was away from all of them, and the responsibilities thrust upon her. All she wanted to do was fall into bed. No, not her bed…

    As if to remind her that indeed the galaxy still required her attention, Chopper warbled to her about the half dozen messages from the fleet awaiting her in her bunk where she still kept a private com center. If she even went to check just one…

    Are any of them urgent, Chop?” she sighed, hoping the answer was no.

    Chopper waved his extended arms about, burbling that there didn’t seem to be anything that needed her attention right now, and made a hesitant inquiry as to whether Kanan would be returning soon.

    I hope so, Chop...” she sighed, then brightened. That gave her an idea. “Can you hold things down for me for a while?”

    Chopper grumbled in the affirmative, noting that the only reason he asked after Kanan was because he was overdue for an oilbath, but assured Hera that he could take care if things.

    Good,” she said absently, keying in the code to a bunk.


    She knew he wouldn’t mind – Stars, they shared it often enough! Now, after all of this time, although he wasn’t here, it no longer had the crushing feeling of emptiness that had permeated the cabin (and the Ghost, and her life, if she were being honest with herself) was gone.

    There was a feeling of welcome here now. Fresh linens on the bunk, a glass and a canister of iced water – Ezra’s canteen – right next to it. His blaster, armor, boots, and cleaned cloths - she would bring the latter to him tonight-folded neatly beside.


    Well, there would be time (if needed) for fresh linens, and Kanan’s bed was inviting.

    Savoring the moment, she lifted the sheet, crawled in, and allowed her head to sink to the pillow, but something didn’t quite feel… right.

    She knew in an instant, and slowly, rolled over and reached into one of the drawers underneath, feeling around until she found what she wanted.

    A black short sleeved shirt he had worn the night before that terrible day. She had stripped it off of him, both of them laughing, and he had stuffed it there, assuring her that he would deal with it properly after the mission, as if using it as a talisman for his own safe return.

    His safe return had taken longer than either of them had planned, but still.

    It smelled of sweat, and other things, but primarily, it smelled of him. As she lay back down, she breathed the scent in deeply, and for the first time since that morning, a smile finally, really, touched her lips as she drifted into a contented sleep.
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    Lovely, just lovely. happy Hera found time to rest mentally and physicaly. Sweet that it revolves around Kanan. :D
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    Golly, that Magare sounds like a real pill (pun maybe intended)! I don't know if he's an OC or established, but he's got the bedside manner of a cockroach; yet another reason I don't blame Kanan for wanting OUT and HOME right away. And his Clone Wars comment was just plain uncalled for—like, really? I'm so glad that your own RL caregivers were not like that, and that Kanan won't have to spend too much more time with him.

    Nice to see Ezra and co. cooperating on making the place clean and welcoming for Kanan's return—the water in Ezra's own canteen was such a nice touch—and on making things easier on Hera, allowing her that much needed rest in at least the virtual presence of the one she loves. Hopefully that presence will become real soon enough!
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    They are each other's 'happy place'. ;)

    His name means Jackass in Bulgarian!

    I'm the same way! Funny enough, I started this story before my own issues cropped up, but I sincerely think Kanan's through the worse of it...

    An OC - Original Cockroach!! It was fun writing a nasty doctor for once - I know they're out there - in fact, he reminds me of a neurologist I saw - once.

    Yeah, they all love each other - even Chop. I'm sure his 'oil bath' crack was just in case the rest of the crew found out he has a soft spot for Kanan too...

    More to come shortly!
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    Savoring the moment, she lifted the sheet, crawled in, and allowed her head to sink to the pillow, but something didn’t quite feel… right.

    She knew in an instant, and slowly, rolled over and reached into one of the drawers underneath, feeling around until she found what she wanted.

    A black short sleeved shirt he had worn the night before that terrible day. She had stripped it off of him, both of them laughing, and he had stuffed it there, assuring her that he would deal with it properly after the mission, as if using it as a talisman for his own safe return.

    His safe return had taken longer than either of them had planned, but still.

    It smelled of sweat, and other things, but primarily, it smelled of him. As she lay back down, she breathed the scent in deeply, and for the first time since that morning, a smile finally, really, touched her lips as she drifted into a contented sleep.

    That was a sweet moment and the rest of your updates also blew me away. Your characters are so authentic, so much fun to read.
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    Thank you, thank you!

    Had a little trouble with the next chapter, as everyone was trying to talk at once, but we got to it!
    I hope you all enjoy it!
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    Chapter 6

    I’d like to offer an apology, Kanan,” Ahsoka’s serene tone was the complete antithesis of how Kanan felt. He hadn’t even opened his eyes, or even acknowledged her presence – but to be fair, she hadn’t really given him the chance – and now he didn’t know how. Did she expect Master deference? Commander deference? No, he would only give that to Hera, (at least, sometimes).

    Well, he could give her courtesy of an answer. Besides, he was curious.

    An apology?” he echoed at last, opening his eyes and suddenly aware he was only clad in black sleep leggings. Covered in bruises. And needle tracks. And bandages.

    And he was cold enough to almost shiver.


    He drew the sheet around himself as Ahsoka drew closer to a chair. “May I?” she asked, her tone unchanged. “I was hoping we could talk for a little while...”

    Sure,” Kanan leaned back and sighed. “It’s not like I’m going anywhere soon. So talk...”


    It’s about time you got here, Ezra Bridger!” Sabine growled, even though the three of them were alone on the observation deck. As they were out of hyper-space, the stars drifted by lazily, and for the first time in a long while, Ezra felt a touch of homesickness for Lothal.

    Sabine punched his good arm, and he flinched. “Stop wool gathering, you nerf! Where have you been?”

    I’ll have you know I was checking on Hera,” Ezra snapped back defensively.

    Spyin’ ya mean,” said Zeb with a grin, then he grew serious. “So, what did ya hear up in them vents?”

    Everything’s going to be fine,” Ezra said with a grimace. “Hera’s gone back to the Ghost to rest up a bit.”

    Kanan?” asked Zeb. “Any word?”

    I already found out,” said Sabine. “While you were playing sabbac -”

    I was makin’ deals!” Zeb protested. “Trades, even!”

    Yeah,” Ezra snorted. “Losing cards for credits -”

    Um, guys?”

    Who said I was losin?”

    How much?

    I didn’t lose! Well, much!”


    You were supposed to get some of those steaks and those sugar cakes for the welcome home dinner!”

    Who says I didn’t?

    Why Hera, what are you doing here?”

    Both Zeb and Ezra stopped cold, looking around frantically, but all they saw was Sabine standing by the exit-way, arms crossed, her lips tight. All in all, a fair imitation of their captain in and of herself. “Well, now that I have your attention, we need to come up with a plan to get everything ready -”

    Without disturbing Hera,” added Ezra.

    Or Kanan findin’ out,” Zeb finished for them.
    Exactly!” said Sabine with a satisfied grin. “So, any ideas?”

    I think I might have one,” Ezra said after a minute. “We just have to find her...”


    I can see you’re tired, Kanan,” Ahsoka said mildly. “Maybe I should let you rest...”

    Kanan closed his eyes, and pulled a face. It as true, he was tired, and Ahsoka’s ‘Master voice’ was lulling, but still. “I am tired,” he admitted. “I’m tired of being stuck here, in an uncomfortable, unfamiliar (lonely – he almost added, but thought better of it) bed. I sleep because of the damned drugs, but...” He shrugged his shoulders, and slumped back into the bed, defeated.

    Ahsoka nodded. “But if you were allowed to go home – back to the Ghost – You could really begin to heal.

    Not just me, either, Kanan thought,but they both knew this without either of them saying so.

    If that son of a rancor will release me...”

    Let me take care of that,” Ahsoka said. “I’m sure I can convince him. Why don’t you get dressed while I take care of things?”

    Kanan nodded as she left, eased himself out of the bed, and opened the closet. The only article of clothing – or what could be considered clothing – was a seedy looking robe that had probably been washed sometime during the last decade, and last worn by a wookiee with an anger issue. It would hang on him, look ridiculous. Kanan didn’t care. He would walk through the ship naked if he had to.

    He was going home.