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Saga Burdens of Forgotten Times (Updated 9/28)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by NightWatcher91, Sep 24, 2014.

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    Jun 7, 2014
    Title: Burdens of Forgotten Times
    Author: NightWatcher91
    Timeframe: Post Return of the Jedi
    Characters: Classic Trilogy with some Eu and OC's
    Genre: Action/Adventure, Angst, AU
    Summary: While recovering from the Battle of Endor the Alliance plans its next move. The Empire is not gone, and the war is far from over. Han Solo comes across something that will unveil truths from the past shaping the future of Luke Skywalker and the Jedi.
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    Jun 7, 2014
    “Of course I know the navi computer is acting up. Well why don’t you reroute the power from the aft generator then?” Han Solo barked down the dimly lit corridor of the Falcon. Sweat dripped from his forehead soaking the floor as he fiddled with the massive array of wires which lay in front of him. Cursing under his breath he tried his best to follow three to where they connected with the shield generator. The shield generator was just the latest problem that had popped up on the never ending repair list for the Falcon. He couldn’t recall how long he had been working on it today. All he knew for sure was it was the last time he would allow Lando to ever touch his baby. Chewie roared something from the cockpit making Han groan wiping the never ending sweat away.

    “Well once we can get a new we can fix that. Make sure it comes out of the good General’s tab alright?” Taking a moment to catch his breath he leaned against the wall. It felt as if years had gone by since the recent amount of events had unfolded. His mind had been constantly replying them in random order. He would be looking across at Jabba as the Hutt cheered their eminent death. Next he was surrounded by Imperials on Endor caught in a trap by the Empire. It was almost too much for his brain to handle at once. Throw on top of that all he had learned about Luke and Leia. Brother and Sister? Did the Galaxy have some sort of humor that Han Solo had missed out on? He still couldn’t put it together recalling when Leia told him of the latest revelation. The farm boy from Tatooine was the twin of the Princess of a World wiped from the Galaxy. Oh and to just add more onto the pile they had somehow defeated the Emperor, and Darth Vader in a single battle. Running a hand through his hair which had grown longer than he liked Chewie shouted something about the top blaster cannon needing a readjustment.

    “That also goes on the General’s account.” Deciding he had had long enough of a break he dropped back down the hatch, and clipped away a fried wire. Lando had returned his baby in a state which almost resulted in Han socking him. Not that he would have at the celebration on Endor. Yet he made a mental note that all of the repairs would come out of his good buddy’s pocket. Leia had endured numerous rants Han had whenever the topic of the Falcon’s condition would come up. Not that he had seen his lady lately. Since Endor she had been locked in meetings with Alliance officials. Nonstop discussion about just what was the plan next now that the Emperor was gone. She had invited Han to attend once considering he was one of the top Generals in the Alliance. He had laughed her down the Falcon’s ramp saying he would rather face carbon freezing again. Now Lando had been unlucky enough to be taken into the Alliance fold, and had been seen looking exhausted after the meetings. The gambler turned businessman turned military hero was taking time adjusting to his new life. That had been enough to bring some laughs to Han whenever he got the chance to poke fun at this friend. Besides the meetings Leia had been spending the rest of her time with Luke. It had taken a while for the farm boy to recover from his fight with the Emperor. Not that he had been given much time to tell the story. It had been straight to the bacta tank for the kid once the party had been over. Whispers had gone through the Alliance that Luke looked older now, and was rarely even seen these days. Han knew that Luke had been taking all of the recent changes to his life in.

    “What do you mean the emergency generator just shut down?” Han complained noticing the flicker of the lights around him. How had Lando wounded his baby so much in such a short amount of time? Chewie blamed it on damage to a leak that had been unnoticed by Alliance technicians. “Well why don’t you tell them to come fix their mistakes? I’ve almost got this relay done just let me….” An odd object caught the attention of Han as he never finished his sentence. Buried within some cables an odd looking square object sat. Han could have sworn he had never seen it before as he blinked at it for a moment. At times his eyes were still recovering from the carbon freezing. The medical droids said he would still be partial to seeing things that weren’t actually there. A comforting thought Han had thanked the med droid for before he stormed out. Yet he knew this square was real. Placing his tools down he slowly reached out towards the object. For a moment he stopped wondering if perhaps it would attack him if he touched it. It looked somewhat ancient, but posed no risk as he grabbed hold of it. Removing it slowly from the tangle of wires he pulled himself up from the hatch. Chewie had walked down the hallway to see why he had gone silent. Turning the object over in his hand Han saw no sort of activation button of any kind.

    “You ever see anything like this?” Holding the object out to the Wookie he merely shrugged his shoulders. He made a comment that perhaps it had belonged to Lando when he owned the ship. “No if this was something valuable to Lando he would have taken it with him.” Perhaps Han would take it down to Alliance Intelligence to see if any of them had an idea about it. If not he could always try to sell it off to some poor fool saying it was some ancient jewel of a lost civilization. People loved buying that kind of stuff.

    Chewie roared as the object suddenly began to glow a faint blue. Almost dropping the object Han kept hold of it as he noticed a long image appear from the center of the object. It was heavily distorted at first as it began to clear up. A lone cloaked figure slowly came into view. For a moment the figure merely stood there as it slowly removed its hood. Han’s jaw dropped as he stuffed the object in his pocket, and quickly made his way down the Falcon’s ramp.

    Alliance Capital Ship – Home One – Meeting Room
    “We have reports of Imperial ships fortifying their holdings in the Mid-Rim.” Admiral Ackbar spoke matter of factly. The Mon Cal did not blink as it pointed to key systems marked with Imperial Fleets. The Admiral had been nonstop studying the ship movement of the Empire since its leader had fallen. “It seems we have some luck with Moffs fighting each other to expand and protect their territory.”

    “Think we could bribe one of them to help us out?” Lando asked from the far end of the table. Leia could tell just how excited the General was to be here. The bags under his eyes were enough for her to know how much interest in showed in the latest briefing. “Could make our moves into Imperial space that much easier.”
    “We’re looking at a short window of opportunity to take hold of this disarray.” General Madine noted scratching his beard. His eyes did not move from the layout as he ran through the possible scenarios. “The Imperials will fight each other for the time being, but they will reorganize once we start our attacks.”

    “Then we must act swiftly.” Mon Mothma spoke lightly to them all. Leia had almost wished the war was over after Endor. Life seemed to be brightening with what had come after the battle. She had found a man she loved deeply, and throw on top of that she had discovered a brother. Selfishly she just wanted to vanish off with her new found family, but her devotion to the cause held her firm.

    “Multiple attacks would help us throw the Empire off. With no clear leadership at the moment we can force them to pick their fights.” Leia commented seeing the nod from Lando who seemed to enjoy the idea. That or he just merely wanted to get out of this meeting.

    “I’ll begin working on getting our forces set with the Generals….” Ackbar spoke as Lando groaned placing his hand on his forehead. Before the Admiral could finish his sentence Han walked through the doors looking almost frantic.

    “Solo you decided to join us finally.” Madine said with a heavy dose of sarcasm. Han merely smiled at the man as he walked over to Leia.

    “Sorry for barging in but I need you Princess.” He spoke rapidly. His eyes seemed filled with a mix of excitement and worry. Looking around the room Leia politely nodded her head to them all, and followed Han to the hallway. Before he left though he pointed at Lando giving his old pal all the information he needed to say.

    “I’ll work on it I promise.” Lando said grinning as the two left.

    “Han what is going on?” Leia asked as he took her by the hand walking past a group of pilots. He searched around them for a moment before making sure that they were alone. “Look fly boy if you think you can just yank me around anytime you miss me then….” That casual grin of his appeared as he planted one on her, and then removed an odd object from his pocket.

    “We need to find Luke.” Holding the object out to her she held it in her hands. An image of a lone figure appeared as she watched it remove its hood. Her eyes went wide as she looked back to Han who merely shrugged. “I’ll leave it to our resident Jedi to figure out what it all means.”
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    Intrigued. And great for me (EU greenie that I am) to have a story that picks up at a point I can follow. Han sounds spot on.
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    Niiiiice! This is a great start. You really got Han right. Looking forward to more.
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    Thank you both for the read. Hope you enjoy the rest of this story.
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    Luke Skywalker stood motionless watching the latest exercise that Wedge Antilles was putting Rogue Squadron through. Tight formations darted across the fleet working together in a symphony of a majestic nature. From what Luke had been able to learn it seemed Wedge was working the unit extra sharply to be prepared for the upcoming battles. Luke had heard some talking about the plans for the Alliance to begin pushing into Imperial held territory with the opening the destruction of the second Death Star had created.

    Something in which some pilots who passed Luke one day had complained about saying they had barely been given a break since Endor. Luke could only imagine what sort of schedule Wedge had put them all on to make them look as good as they did at the moment. It was a trait Luke had found early on about Wedge. He wanted perfection when it came to his own leadership. That if he failed in any regard it would be a shame he didn’t want to have. Most likely this was their second session of the day out there, and would probably not be the last.

    He had been much more lax as Rogue Leader during the short time he had led the unit. A part of him wanted nothing more than to be out in an X-Wing with them. To be back in a cockpit running through drills, and getting ready for the adventures that would follow. He had made a mental note to talk to Wedge about getting a chance to run through some missions when he was allowed to leave the ship. An ache of pain ran through his body as he steadied himself from it.

    He could almost hear the med droid telling him that he had not spent enough time in the Bacta Tank when he had returned from the Death Star. Han had joked that he had broken the record for time spent floating in that device. Luke’s body had healed from the ordeal he went through when facing the Emperor. At times he would get chills hearing the sinister laugh of utter joy the Emperor had when he sent waves of dark side lightening at him.

    Some scars remained on Luke as a constant reminder of what he had to overcome that day. Catching his reflection he noted the length of his hair, and even the growth of a beard. R2 whistled him back to reality as he turned to the faithful droid that had remained by him at all times lately. No doubt a request from Leia to make sure he didn’t push himself in recovering. That brought a small grin upon his face thinking of his twin sister.

    “I’m here R2 just thinking.” Luke said turning from the screen down the hallway. Most of his time these days were spent just putting pieces together. Pieces of his life which had been given to him since his father had found redemption. Also the daunting task he had of now being a Jedi Knight, and what that all brought. He hadn’t been told by Ben or Yoda just what he was meant to do now. Was there some other test he had to pass? His mind ran endlessly trying to find a way to make the next step in aiding the Alliance, and also learning more about being a Jedi. R2 asked him when he would go back to resting knowing that Luke was pushing the time he was given to walk around.

    “I just needed to stretch my legs. You wouldn’t like being locked up all the time would you?” Knowing that the droid would agree he continued on his way. He had sensed that most people took him for a ghost these days. The hero of the Alliance who had almost vanished from sight when returning to the fleet not to be seen for weeks. Mon Mothma and the other leaders had wanted all the information possible of what had occurred from his ordeal. He decided he would be completely honest, and told them all about his father Anakin and what he had faced. There was no desire for him to hide that Darth Vader a Sith responsible for so much death was Anakin Skywalker.

    “Besides I’m all healed up. You heard what EM4 said on my last visit.” That had been a gift when he finally had gotten through all the endless checkups. The Alliance had taken to treating him like a rare object that would break at any moment.

    “You taking notes on what they’re doing wrong out there?” Turning Luke smiled as Wedge walked over to him. Wearing his flight suit he shook his friends hand as he patted him on the back. “I had hope that they would figure out that formation by now. I’ve been putting them through the simulator for a few days now on it. Just don’t have the same determination like us.”

    “Good to see you General.” Luke replied seeing Wedge shake his head at the rank. After the role he had played flying alongside Lando the Alliance had given Wedge the new rank. Something clearly the man had not fully accepted yet. “They seemed to be doing well when I was watching. I probably would have failed in that formation myself. Been too long since I flew like that.”

    “Weren’t you the one that said he could fly full throttle down the trench? Something about the size of the exhaust port not being an issue.” Wedge mocked as the two walked together. R2 kept up with them as people walked by astonished at the two legends. “I don’t buy for a moment you couldn’t hop back into that seat, and show them all something.”

    “Heh I wouldn't want them thinking I was the better pilot than you.” Luke shrugged making a note he would need to log some hours in the simulator. Didn’t need for people to make jokes that the Jedi had gone rusty on formation flying. “Got any new orders yet? Leia told me that the Alliance is working on moving into Imperial space soon.” As if on queue before Wedge could reply Luke caught sight of his sister she was followed by Han, and C3PO who seemed agitated by the scene. The droid had been regulated to being Leia’s assistant to handle all the new work that had been given to her.

    “Honestly Mistress Leia we should be back in the meeting. I highly doubt that General Calrissian will be able to give us proper information.” Clearly no one paid the droid any attention as the two headed towards Luke and Wedge. Both of them seemed intent on something as they stopped near Luke. An odd silence fell for a moment as Wedge seemed to understand it was a private matter.

    “I’ll get back to working my crew.” He said giving a brief nod of his head.

    “You’re looking old kid.” Han joked as Wedge walked away. Luke merely smiled back noting that Han actually did look younger from all they had gone through. That arrogance that had once annoyed Luke still emanated from the man, but it was something that worked for him.

    “Just trying to keep up with you General Solo.” Luke shot back noting Han’s disapproval at the title. He noticed Leia was holding an object she seemed to be keeping out of view for the moment.

    “Glad you two can still get along.” She spoke motioning for Luke to follow them. Quickly they headed to an empty office closing the doors. “You know the med droid tells me all the time how you are pushing yourself too hard. Lightsaber training in the hangars?” Her tone came off as an upset mother which only made Han grin.

    “I’m going to have to teach you sometime how to work the thing. I should get myself more practice at it.” A slight expression of fear crossed Leia’s face as she looked at the weapon attached to Luke’s belt. The revelation that Leia too had the force was something she was still working through herself.

    “Probably should wait until there’s more room that she won’t lob any heads off.” Han commented. Leia held out an odd square like object that seemed to be glowing a light blue. “Found that while I was doing some repairs to the Falcon. Thought it was some odd junk that Lando had stashed…” He began as Luke held out his hand and the object floated to him. As soon as he touched it the object moved away from him and began to turn a dark blue. The center shot out an image about the size of Luke. A cloaked figure stood there silent as it removed its hood.

    “Ben Kenobi?” Luke asked turning to Leia and Han who nodded.

    “When we touched it this was all it showed, but smaller. Looks like you had the magic touch.” The image of Ben seemed to know Luke was there as the image faced him.

    “Luke there is much I need to inform you of…..and I doubt I will have the time to tell you this in person….” Ben Kenobi began.
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    Great start! Please let me know when you update this.

    Many thanks

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    Imperial Star Destroyer Absolution -

    Captain Ian Cornell was in the habit of pacing. It had been something he picked up as a former Tie fighter flight leader. The waiting in-between missions was something he had dreaded over the years. Just having to stand around or sit before the clearance was given for the squadron to begin their departure. Once during the course of the war with the Rebels he had walked the entire length of the flight deck four times before the deck officer had ordered him back to the barracks. Now he passed by his communications officer for the fifth time as the young man avoided eye contact with the war veteran Cornell was. His uniform was in pristine order as his flight suit had always been. Unfit uniforms were something in which Cornell could not stand by.

    He had once sent back one of his best pilots during a battle with the Rebels due to the disorder the flight suit had been in. He had picked up a reputation for that disciplined and yet chaotic order which drove some to beg for the chance to transfer. If he had not been the leader of the best Tie fighter unit in the Empire his pilots would have actually gone through with their defiance of getting as far away from him as possible. As always when he thought of his time as a pilot he looked down at the stump where his right hand had once been. A memory of the mistake he had made during a raid on a Rebel Base a mere few days before Endor.

    His Tie fighter had been hit by an ion blast sending him crashing down on the planet’s surface. He had fought to be reinstated to active duty when he discovered his unit was being sent to fly with the Executor. Instead he was deemed unfit for flight, and instead sent to replace the former Captain of the Absolution. The news had come to him that his entire unit had been destroyed during the course of the battle.

    He showed no emotion when told this. Instead he merely shook his head disappointed at the lack of skill they had shown. He stopped at the viewport looking out at the ordeal he had now found himself in. Imperial ships moved all around the rendezvous point which had been given out to them after Endor. New ships appeared almost every minute some showing battle wounds from running into the Rebels.

    Others appeared to have just come off the ship yards making it clear how far away they had been from the recent events. Going through the count of ships again as he always did he noticed his lieutenant making his way towards him. The young man stopped a few feet away from him, and gave a slight bow. The lieutenant hard learned quickly in which the Captain operated his ship. Something others had found was far harsher than most other Star Destroyers.

    “Captain we’ve received a message from Moff Sutton requesting your presence for a meeting.” Knowing that Cornell would give no reply the young man quickly turned around, and walked down the command deck. Letting out a slow breath of air Cornell clinched his left hand, and made his way to his office. He caught a quick sight of his reflection as he passed a console. His dark skin as usual showed no sign of aging, or facial hair growing which he thought no officer should ever have. Pressing the code the door of the office slid open as his protocol droid E7 began to set up the holo communication.

    “Connecting with the Reverent now Captain.” Backing away the droid stood against the wall as Cornell sat down. Fixing his uniform for the best appearance the image in front of him appeared revealing the ghostly Moff Eron Sutton. No expression appeared on the face of the Moff as Cornell knew he was looking at all those he had summoned to this meeting. Leadership in the Empire after the Emperor’s death had been a constant struggle to work through. Admirals fought petty battles amongst each other, and Moff’s held onto their territory cutting themselves off from the rest of the Empire. Sutton on the other hand had reached out to all the Imperials he could. The Moff had called them to center of his holdings. The planet Krakoa which for a Mid-Rim world put other Core Worlds to shame from what Cornell had seen of it so far.

    “It seems our dear Admiral Langlie ran into a Rebel trap near Corellia.” Not showing emotion in the slightest Moff Sutton made a small tsk while shaking his head. His short grey hair laid perfectly on his head as he seemed to be studying all the faces in front of him. “Three Destroyers lost, and four transports gone. That is because Langlie believed himself in a position to gain power. That his forces were enough to create for himself his own small Empire. That is the dilemma we face my friends. There are some caught in an illusion that they can create for themselves an Empire for them alone.”

    “It has taken delicate work to assemble those of you who understand reason.” Sutton spoke taking a sip of a drink. Cornell felt as if somehow the Moff had eyes on them at all times. That he knew their every move, and the words they spoke of him. “I understand some of you seem to think the ludicrous idea that I want to name myself the next Emperor?” He let the sentence hang in the air. The threat made rather clear without him having to voice it. Cornell had heard it spoken by some of his crew. That Sutton was merely pulling them all together to create the biggest force. Making the other Imperials have to bow and declare him the heir apparent.

    “Captain Yun.” Sutton began as the image in front of Cornell changed to the veteran Yun who seemed to be not facing them. His hands were clasped behind his back facing the fleet. “Would you contacted Admiral Burress? Informing him that I had….what did you say again delusions of grandeur?” The silence from Yun continued as Cornell kept silent. Burress was one who had served under Piett before leaving Endor to assist with the defense fleet of Coruscant. While the Imperial Capital remained safe and secure the main struggle for Imperial control was between Sutton and Burress. Though it was a more war of words at the moment. Neither one could risk a war against the other for the time being. While it was unspoken all knew who the big pieces were with the Emperor gone.

    “I do believe Yun you plan on taking your forces to Burress today?” That seemed to catch Yun off guard as he turned sharply around. His face displayed utter shock as he tried to keep his composure. Before he could speak however he slowly seemed to rise from the floor. His hands shot to his throat as he seemed to be trying to fight back. A wave of terror flowed over Cornell as he had seen and heard stories of this happening before. Yet he had thought Vader was killed with the Emperor. Seconds passed as Yun fell to the flood dead as a cloaked figure appeared in its place.

    “I ask you all to take a good look at my dear friend.” Sutton said making a small clapping of his hands. The cloaked figure merely nodded as it drew out a lightsaber activating it. Turning to the body of Yun it began to hack away at it as the image returned to the Moff. Glee covered his face as he had made his point.
    “This will be sent across my secure channels to those who have not seen reason to join us yet.” With that the image faded as Cornell rose to his feet, and walked over to see the Star Destroyer which Yun had once controlled. A ripple of fear raced down his spine.
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    I'm terribly late at reviewing this [face_blush] but now that I re-read what you posted so far I thought I'd poke you anyway :p

    Your characterization of the Big Three is excellent and your OCs Ian Cornell and Eron Sutton are very, *very* promising. And your premise with Obi-Wan's holocron on the Rebel side and a Dark Sider on the Imperial side is most intriguing. I hope you're planning to continue this! (and The Jedi Empire is also on my reading list)