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Before - Legends Call of Honor: Disunity - TOR era fan fic (thriller, drama, intrigue)

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    Mar 28, 2004
    Title: Call of Honor: Disunity
    Author: TheAdmiral
    Time-frame: The Old Republic era, at the end of the Cold War between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic
    Genre: an attempt for war thriller, action, drama
    Characters: mostly OCs, might throw in some characters from the game
    Disclaimer: cannon characters and stuff are property of Lucasfilm LTD., there are several non-cannon characters and places some of their names bare reference to other media
    Summary: An organization spanning five star systems in the Mid-Rim, bordering Corellia, Duro and other key worlds is divided between the Sith Empire and the Republic. Intrigues and plots arise within the ranks of the noble houses who rule this so called Union of the Great Houses. Will it lead to war?
    Note: I want to thank @Cowgirl Jedi 1701 (who is my beta). English is not my first language, so bear with me. I will try to update regularly but as you know DRL can get in the way.


    I look inside myself and I see my heart is black
    • Jori Atreus’ Personal Journal

    A nondescript speeder stopped in front of a house outside the city of Kalypso in the middle of the night. The lights from the skyscrapers were visible from the distance providing a glowing halo. The house was nothing special, the architecture was similar to the ones in the region, a regular family home a bit to the side of the main roads. A young woman her late twenties disembarked the speeder and was met by a middle aged gentleman who greeted her warmly as she was his niece coming to visit him. At least that is what a person from the side would hear. They exchanged some pleasantries and he picked up her luggage.

    Once inside things changed the man became distant and stood in attention. The young woman was the princess from the House Atreus, one of the more prominent households in the Union of the Great Houses and supporter of the Republic. She was on the planet Tyran for a visit at the headquarters of the Committee for State Security, at least that was the official reason. The true objective was that she wanted to see the interrogation of her Ordonnen fiancee, whom she had imprisoned several months ago. His House were in league with the Sith Empire and arch-nemesis of her family.

    A year ago her father told her that she was to be engaged to Valerius Ordonnen, the sole heir, as a way to start the long postponed reconciliation process between the two houses. The CSS and some other organisations were on her side, they had been grooming her for the day when she was going to take the power. They revealed a Sith plot to overthrow the Atreus and take over the Union thus giving them quick access to Corellia, their neighboring system, and other Mid-Rim worlds.

    The man lead her downstairs to the “basement” which was a long corridor leading to an underground bunker. That was where they held the young man. Of course officially a separatist group took the blame and the grief stricken baron Ordonnen did what she and her people expected he would do, he started a costly military campaign with dubious results. He started sending the family wealth so they started opening newer and newer fronts thus prompting him impoverish his people and to cause inner strife and discord. The idea was to destroy the House at last, one less rival on her way to power.

    Her thoughts trailed towards Dennii, her sister who was a Jedi Knight, one of the few from the Union. She had recently arrived on Kala, their homeplanet, along with fresh Republic forces and a retinue of Knights and Padawans. Jori truly cared for her but the wellbeing of the Union was paramount and there was no place for such sentimentality. For the last few months she had started working on excising all emotions and ties that could hinder her rule. An extremely difficult task for a lonely individual such as her, but the princess had a very well developed sense of duty and personal destiny. It had been instilled in her that she will be the embodiment of the Union’s power and will, so she would need to transcend her humanity. With the help of the director of the CSS and other people she started manipulating Dennii, which was painful to do, using her need to belong somewhere, using and twisting her weaknesses in her character. Dennii was a good girl, a bit naive and not very bright but she was her only true friend, along of being her sibling. At first it was sickening doing that to her, but it was something which needed to be done. Hopefully Dennii would understand and forgive her someday.

    The corridor was empty and brightly lit. The only sounds that could be heard were the electric hum of the lights and the clacking of her heels on the tiled floor. She reached the bunker door and it slid with a hiss as the person inside scanned her and verified her identity. It lead to a branching corridor. A CSS agent showed her the way to a room where Director Aurelius and the Republic SIS agent, known as Eldanesh, an ageless representative of the Sephi species, were waiting. He was also a Force user of some sorts. They were coordinating with the Republic for this project, looking for a way to shift the blame on the Empire. This made the CSS uneasy, having the SIS so deep in the Union politics, but her plans required outside involvement.

    For now Eldanesh and the Director had an uneasy alliance against the Sith. Jori remembered the day she had been introduced to him. He was masquerading as a professor in Kala City University and one she was brought to him. His motivation was something of a mystery and Jori was wondering why the CSS even tolerated listening to him. Jori was worried about the reasons of her “helpers” and “mentors” might not align as no one cared to reveal their own motivations to fight this cancer in the Union’s body. She would need to use the resources that were provided to her but not fully commit to their cause and to keep them at arm's length as they were equally dangerous. In her young age she had found that not everything was as it appears. But she had a duty towards her people, they needed someone to unite and lead them in these turbulent times. But the princess needed to learn and play the part of the good daughter, for now...

    Both men stood up to greet her.

    “Princess...” started the Director.

    Jori stopped him “Spare me the pleasantries...” she restrained herself from smiling as this was a phrase she had seen in a holomovie and always wanted to try it out. The Director seem unphased by her rudeness. She took a mental note not to abuse it as some people might not take it well despite her position.

    “Your Highness, I am glad that you could make it.” said the SIS agent with his deep and silky voice.

    “Is...” she paused to take a breath as the thought of the prisoner flared her anger “Is this the place you are holding him?”

    The Director nodded “Yes, but I don’t think it is a good idea to see him.”

    “I think it is necessary for her to do so. She is to become the ruler of the Union...”

    “But she is not ready!” the Director interjected.

    “Unfortunately history is not waiting for her to be and she must see for herself as I can sense her doubts as her conviction of what we are doing here is faltering.”

    Jori felt anger flaring as she hated when someone tried to make a decision in her stead but said nothing as she did not trust herself not to make a fool out of herself.

    “Did… did he talk?” she managed to say instead, trying to change the subject slightly.

    The Director frowned for a moment as he thought what exactly to say “Despite his position in the Union, the boy did not know much that we didn’t already know.”

    “I need to speak with him...”

    “I advise against that Your Highness!” exclaimed the Director.

    Jori sighed “I understand, but I need to do it, I need to see my enemy and not cower behind your backs. I need to know they exist and that I am not just fighting ghosts.” Though she was sure that her fiance could have been manipulated and forced to say what she expected of him, but she was hoping that somehow she would sense the truth. If only Dennii was here, she could use her Force abilities and tell her, but Jori was sure her sister could not stomach what was done and would reveal everything to their father and to the Jedi Council.

    “You see Director, she is ready.” the xenos stepped in.

    “Before I go in I want to ask something about my sister… Dennii.” Jori paused “I gave her the books you supplied me, are you sure that she is strong enough to heal me? I heard her saying that her skills as a Jedi are considered subpar and that she was to be sent to what they call AgriCorps if it wasn’t for her Master...”

    Eldanesh smiled sardonically “Even Jedi can be wrong from time to time.” he paused “The Order as it is now is more concerned with midichlorian count and not in the person’s true potential. Dennii is strong and capable enough, but she will have to go through her personal journey but since you cannot predict the future precisely there are roughly three paths ahead of her, two of which will lead to unlocking her potential. The first one she will find someone who will guide her and love her, the second one is going through great suffering and strife and the third one is… well… death.” the last part hung in the air.

    “That is not… that is not very precise, isn’t it?” Jori could not hide her mistrust.

    “Unfortunately we live in turbulent times. The presence of the Sith Emperor skewers my perception of the future. Besides sensing one’s path is never precise as it depends on one’s choices. These three options are a distilled version of how she could achieve her true potential. Of course she could find her own way or she may not even survive.” he shrugged, a very human gesture, which made it even more unnerving. “I truly hope that she will find happiness regardless of whether she will achieve it as she is such a sweet child and you...” he pointed at Jori “... You have been mistreating her, she is vulnerable enough as she is right now. You have a duty towards her as well, a deeper one as you are bound as sisters. She will save you and you must save her.”

    “But...” Jori tried to interject, but he raised a hand.

    “No buts, find it in yourself to love her, this is what she needs. She is like a flower, you are a gardener, are you not?” he smiled warmly “She is a delicate flower that requires only one thing - love. When she blossoms it will be a beautiful thing, she is not a warrior, but not all warriors are great. But be advised she does not need the false adulation that your people are willing to give, she needs the real thing. This will benefit you as well as it will provide you with a balance through the dark path that you must go and believe me you will go through such darkness and insanity, you must not allow it to destroy you.”

    “Why are you telling me this now?” she asked not masking her worry from her voice “Are… are you leaving?”

    The alien nodded “Yes, after we are done here I will be leaving, no one from my species will ever set foot in the Union in the near future. We have interfered for far too long. It is time for you to lead your people, but you have to steel yourself as the tests will be great and each more difficult than the previous one.”

    “That surely sounds ominous...” Jori murmured. “Very well then, I hope that you won’t leave without saying goodbye.”

    He smiled warmly again, but said nothing.

    “My “beloved fiancee” is expecting me, let’s not keep him waiting.” she did not hide her sarcasm.

    Jori then turned and left the room. The Director did not hide his concern “You realise she carries a gun, don’t you?”

    The SIS agent nodded “Yes, she will have to make her choice what she is going to do with it. Besides the boy won’t be the last of her victims.”

    “But she is twenty seven years old!”

    “I am aware of that, but she is old enough to choose and then will have to learn to live with it...”

    “You people are insane...” murmured the Director.


    Jori entered into a brightly lit room, the setting was sterile - there was only a table with a couple of chairs. A male figure was sitting on one, there was a stench hanging inside, the smell of an unwashed body. The once handsome heir of House Ordonnen was now a beaten and almost reduced to a pulp figure. The CSS was not a particular fan of that House so they overdid some of the torture. His head was hanging as if resting, but when he heard the noise from her entering he stirred.

    “Well, well, well, look what the cat dragged… Or should I say the Eagle as you Atreus like to say?” he croaked. His voice raspy, but strong enough.

    Jori did not take the obvious bait and moved silently towards the empty chair opposite of her fiance. When she sat down she gave a tiny sardonic smile “Looking good I see. How are the spa procedures here at this fine establishment? I hear they are quite good...”

    “You will find out soon enough… little bird.” the Ordonnen spat.

    Jori’s ire was growing but she decided not to let him get under her skin.

    “Is that so?” she snickered “Your Sith friends will do that to me?”

    He snickered, which was an ugly and frightening sight “More likely your so called Allies would do that to you.” he paused “You know, they had great plans for you… At least that is what they told me. Still not too late to repent...”

    “You mean they had great plans how to use and manipulate me.” Jori stated flatly.

    “As opposed to what your so called allies are doing?” his voice was venomous.

    Jori stopped herself from wincing as this was very close to the mark. She always suspected that her people were not helping her out of the goodness of their hearts and at a certain points will make their demands. Or simply they were doing exactly the same thing as the Enlightened wanted to do - to shape her into a tool that they could use. She had decided to find a way to distance herself from both and hopefully they will destroy each other. Anyway Jori could not ally herself with a group in which the Sith were a member, she just couldn’t stomach it.

    “I came to ask you just one thing… Why?” she changed the topic.

    He was still smiling with that gruesome visage, drool mixed with blood was dripping down his chin.

    “The short and simple answer is because of your House’s love of the Republic and the fact that you are going to sell us off to them...”

    His answer was cut short by her sardonic laughter.

    “This is the bantha poodoo that they have been feeding you?”

    He seemed unfazed, probably his conditioning was that strong or he truly believed this idiocy.

    “The Masters must not lower themselves to the level of the slaves...”

    Jori almost groaned, he had been conditioned or he was just mocking her? Did the CSS made him say all this? Maybe coming here was a mistake. She would not learn anything from this wretch. Jori was losing her patience, there was no worthwhile information that could be extracted. Probably because even before his kidnapping he was a complete idiot and a braggart and the Enlightened are smart enough as not to entrust him with vital information, hence the name of their group. Hopefully the CSS interrogators managed to squeeze some intelligence from him. Given the state that he was left probably quite a lot, though she guessed it did not entirely had to do with the secret society.

    “You know, we will be coming for her...”

    Jori frowned “For whom?”

    “For your Jedi witch sister. She will pay and you will get to watch her suffer for your disloyalty...”


    Jori’s blood started to boil, no one threatened Dennii and went unpunished. No one. She caught her reflection on the two way mirror and saw her eyes turning red, the whispers in her mind increasing in intensity asking for blood. A throbbing headache started to form. Her mouth was going dry as she reached for where she had hidden the pistol. She had to destroy him, there was no other way. He was going to be executed either way, but now he made it personal. Probably that was the point, but Jori did not care, not anymore. Her fingers found the butt of the pistol then she slowly grabbed it and pulled it out. Jori stood up sharply and pointed it at Valerius’ face. He did not flinch, which confirmed her suspicion that it was what he wanted her to do. She had prepared a little speech for the occasion but now it felt pointless and dragging it needlessly. Her index finger squeezed the trigger… a brilliant flash and the stench of burnt flesh followed by the splash of gore as the shot exploded in his head blowing its back.

    Jori felt nauseous and the pistol clattered on the floor as she bent and threw up on the floor. The choice was made, she had done it… There was no turning back. Drool and pieces of food were running down her chin as her knees buckled and she fell on the floor next to the still warm vomit. Aurelius and another agent ran in the room to help her. She could hear the Director calming her down as he used a napkin to wipe her face telling her that they are going to take care of everything and that they will cover it up. But the cold realisation remained that she might have inadvertently doomed her family. Yes the Ordonnen had been dragged into a costly war with non-existent enemy but he will find out the truth so they will have to be ready. With this swift act she might have destroyed the Union as it was. Good…
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    0930 hours, Castle Kala, Kala, Union of the Great Houses

    Dennii was sitting cross legged on the grass. She was in the park of the towering Castle Kala, her home. It was a beautiful morning, warm and sunny. Her eyes were closed, meditating. Or at least trying to. It was difficult given how close the Sith were, they had occupied two of the five systems that consisted the Union. The frontline basically passed next door to her home.

    She ran her slender fingers on the blades of grass trying to find unity with nature. It didn’t happen, she was far too restless, so Dennii sighed and stood up. Her legs ached from the long time she was in that pose. Her Master would have probably chastised her for failing to meditate even under those dire circumstances. But what could she do? She was not the best Jedi, but she managed to become a Knight and even had her own Padawan, an Arkanian off-shoot named Cera Tan.

    Dennii was a Jedi Sentinel. Her sense of duty to her ancestral home, the Republic and the Order drove her to this decision. That and the fact that she was not so attuned to the Force to become a Consular. Her two lightsabers, blue and green colored, dangled on her belt. She wore a simple, plain robes, her medium armor was back in her quarters as she did not need it at the moment.

    Some guards in Union uniforms were patrolling the alleys of the park. They nodded as a greeting given that the Jedi were outside of the military hierarchy which made life difficult for the regular grunts. Dennii nodded in return and smiled. There was something positive in this conflict. The Union was getting more and more integrated with the Republic. Before that they were more independent, even heard rumors about secession. They were getting more and more isolationist. And with that came territorial appetites. In this way they were going on a collision course with the Republic and right into the arms of the Empire.

    The Great Houses were pretending they were better than the rest of the Galaxy, that they can deal with any problem alone. Then the Sith Empire attacked and all of this crumbled like a house of cards. The first thing the Houses did was to turn to the Senate for help. The Union was a formidable military force, but the name could be deceiving. They were a Union in name only. When the Sith invaded it was every House for themselves, with a few exceptions. The Atreus’, her family, tried and somewhat succeeded in mustering a defense with the help of the Republic reinforcements. The Ordonnen and a few of the other families allied themselves with the Empire. Thus an internal dispute became bigger.

    At least they were no longer alone. Which was a small victory. Hopefully this will stop the isolationist movement. Though if the conflict gets renewed it could add fuel to that fire as there will be countless dead and cities destroyed. Hopefully there will be a peaceful way to oust the Empire, though she was aware that there is no such way. Dennii sighed, she was not good at politics… She was not sure if she was good at anything. Maybe with her sabers. Not that she was a violent person, just practicing with her lightsabers helped her focus. It was like a dance… a lethal one. That was one of the reasons she chose to be a Sentinel.

    She hoped that her being assigned to the Union at this time was not some kind of test from the Council. At least she was not alone. She was being accompanied by her fellow Jedi Consular Jocelyn Starrider. The blind Miraluka was her friend since their time as younglings. Even though they chose different paths the two of them kept in touch and even were able to take part in some missions together. Her friend too had a Padawan, a Togorian called Thorn. It was strange to view him as a Consular, he was more suited as a Guardian. She guessed that it was his destiny.

    Dennii walked slowly until she reached a crouching figure next to some roses. It was her sister, Jori. She was wearing work coveralls and a wide straw hat. She was cutting unhealthy bits off the plants. Gardening was her hobby, at which she was very good.

    “I see you woke from your slumber.” Jori said and glimpsed at her and turned her attention back to the plants.

    “I did not sleep, it is called meditation.” Dennii frowned but then smiled. “You know that very well.”

    “Sleep, meditation, same thing to me.” Jori shrugged as she cut a dead leaf.

    She then stood up and wiped her gloves on the coveralls “There is breakfast waiting for us near the pavillion.”

    Dennii nodded “Will you be joining me?”

    “I just need to remove these and wash myself then will come by. I am starving.”

    “Sure thing. I will be waiting.”

    Jori turned on her heel and headed towards one of the sheds. Dennii started walking again towards the indicated lawn with the pavillion nearby. There a small table was set, covered with white sheet, with cups, plates and utensils set, a bowl of assorted fruits, plates with cut cheese, slices of ham, jars of different kinds of jam, butter, a teapot with steam coming out.

    Dennii smiled at the scene, the staff knew how to pamper them properly. Good thing she was no longer a Padawan so she could indulge a bit.


    2300 hours, Arak, planet Tyran

    Darth Caesarus paced in circles in front of the large window overlooking the city. It was the middle of the night but he couldn’t sleep. The tall and muscular Sith pureblood was the leader of the Imperial forces providing protection for the Houses that aligned with them. Things were going as planned until the sole heir of the Ordonnen family was kidnapped by alleged separatists. Imperial Intelligence was sure that behind all of this was the Union secret service the State Security. There were rumors that the SIS were involved in this, but Caesarus doubted it. The Republic didn’t have what it takes for a move such as this. No, some of the rival Houses with the help of the CSS did it. All he needed was proof.

    There was a knock on the door.

    “Yes?” He said looking over his shoulder.

    The door was opened and brought some light in the dark room. There stood the lean Chiss female, Er’fani’tann, an Imperial Agent and a skilled sniper.

    “Lord Caesarus, I am sorry to disturb you, but there are new developments.”

    He could sense her nervousness even though her voice was crisp and calm. Then the news were bad.

    “What is it?”

    “The alleged kidnappers sent a video recording of them executing the son. They claim it is in retaliation to the Ordonnen’s campaign.”

    Caesarus closed his eyes and rubbed them, the news were bad indeed. The old fool will retaliate further and that will deplete his dwindling resources. Moreover the undecided Houses will think twice aligning with a man who couldn’t keep his household safe.

    “Thank you for informing me. Where is Darth Drakoniss?”

    The other Sith was an Inquisitor, who was sent to interrogate the captured rebels. He had a very nasty skill, he was very good in messing with people’s minds. This unnerved Caesarus but couldn’t be helped.

    “In the basement.” that was how they called the interrogation room “He too was informed. The old man went to him to ask him to double his efforts.”

    “Then I will have to meet them there.”

    The woman nodded and he made a dismissive gesture so she stepped back leaving him alone again. It will be a long night...
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    1319 hours, K’tan Spaceport, Leopoldograd, K’tan, Union of the Great Houses

    The stunning red-skinned Twi’Lek descended the ramp of her XS Stock Light Freighter. She had just arrived on the administrative center of the Union of the Great Houses. Her name was Nyll from the clan Syndulla. She was a freelance trader, a fancy term for smuggler. Since the Smuggler’s Guild helped the Republic it turned a blind eye on some of their activities. Well as long as they were not assisting the Empire. Nyll hated the Sith so there was no chance of working with them. She also stayed away from drugs and slaves, both sensitive topics for Twi’Leks.

    Nyll was hauling exotic food for the local market. Nothing illegal. She was hoping to secure a new contract in the Union. There were some good chances, given how close to a renewal of the war the Galaxy was coming. K’tan was a divided planet. Captain Syndulla remembered the Harrowers and Valors facing each other in orbit. All it needed was a spark and the fighting will resume as if it had never stopped. The renewal of the conflict could prove lucrative for business so she was not entirely against it. She just needed to be somewhere safe. Not like the last time, where she almost died delivering supplies to the rebels on Balmorra.

    She left her blaster on-board. That made her nervous, but those were the rules. Hopefully she won’t run into any Imperial who might be interested in her. Or someone from the Republic as well. There were chakaars, she liked that Mandalorian word, on both sides. The local security forces were on edge and a bit trigger happy so it was best not to provoke them. Besides her Togorian first-mate, Thorn, was with her. At least he will discourage any untoward attention.

    A figure appeared in front of her. It was the inspector, along with a border guard. They were going to check her ship, along with the cargo. Nyll took her datapad from her long coat’s pocket. She keyed a command and opened the manifest to present it. Hopefully he wouldn’t ask for any bribe.

    “Good day, Captain...” he checked her name on his datapad “... Syndulla.”

    “Good day.” she said as she handed him the datapad.

    “What brings you here?” he asked while checking the contents of the manifest.

    “I bring foodstuffs.”

    “I can see that these are not ordinary products.” he said as another guard appeared. The inspector nodded to the two of them. They passed around Nyll and climbed up the ramp. It was a normal procedure and she was sure they wouldn’t find anything illegal. Unless they wanted to make a scene to extort her for a bribe.

    Nyll grinned “Well yes, these are Chandrillan delicacies for House Corrin.” she let the name of the ruling family slip. Though this might be a double edged sword as they might get extra careful.

    The inspector looked at her for a moment “Do you have health certificate?”

    She smiled “Of course, also quantity and quality certificates from independent surveyors. Also here is the Bill of Lading and the Packing List.” Nyll may be a smuggler, but she knew how to do legitimate business.

    The man scanned the documents, the products will undergo another round of quality control tests, just to be sure. Though they will confirm the findings, Chandrillan institutions were trusted and known for their quality. So she was not worried. All in all it was a milk run.

    “All is clear captain, I see that the import tax has been paid. Have a good day.” and with that he turned on his heels and exited. He was soon followed by the other inspectors.

    “Thorn, take care of the transfer of the goods. I just got word that they have sent a truck to take the foodstuffs.” she commed her co-pilot and got just a click.

    Nyll headed to her cabin, she had to call her agent so she sat in front of her comm unit. “Hey, Elias, I got the cargo, hope your people will pay me soon?”

    “Nice to hear from you too, Nyll.” the man did not hide his sarcasm. “And yes, you will get paid in full.”

    “Good, that was the easiest run thus far. I might start to like working legit.”

    Elias chuckled over the comm which created some static “Dream on.”

    “Hey!” she opened her mouth to say something, but she realized that she had said enough and you can’t be too sure who might be listening.

    “I got you a new assignment. Some guy wants a short ride to Kala, where you will get your next cargo. You will wait for him for a day, then take him to Derra, which also is the destination for the cargo.”

    ‘Ugh, great, passenger.’ Nyll hated ferrying people around as if she was a space taxi. She could never relax when strangers she had to share her living space. “That’s… great… I guess...” she murmured. “When should I expect him?”

    “Tomorrow morning.”

    At least she would have the time to hit the local cantina. “Well at least he will pay enough.”

    “Oh, he is, you will like the amount.”

    At least there was that. “Well Elias, pleasure doing business with you. Will call you later when the transfer of the goods is done.” with that Nyll closed the line. “Hey Thorn, you won’t like it, but I guess you will have to clean the ship, we are taking a passenger.”
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