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    As distinctive a visual figure as she is, Captain Phasma has not actually had many lines. Yet few as they are, they are consistent, painting a very distinctive verbal picture. There is such a thing as a specific Phasma voice. As a dialogue obsessive writer, I felt the need to collect and analyze it all, and since I put the work in, I felt that I might as well share it.

    I have collected every line of Phasma dialogue which I could find at the time of writing this. If I am missing any lines from The Force Awakens, Before the Awakening and Poe Dameron #2, let me know! Because I'm not sure whether it would be allowed on this forum, I have linked to the dialogue transcript instead of including it in the post.


    Phasma's speech patterns are precise and educated, bordering on formal. In all situations except her short period as a hostage on Starkiller, she projects self-assurance. Arguably, she is fully aware of this effect, and using it intentionally.

    When issuing commands to her stormtroopers, Phasma's speech is firm and to the point, with none of speechifying or emoting of Kylo Ren or Hux, but instead calm, collected, and very sure. This reinforces her authority with the stormtroopers she commands as well as reassure them. She does not explain or discuss how she feels about her commands, she simply commands. See: "On my command, fire." , “I am sending a unit to relieve you. Once they arrive proceed with your team to level alpha-seven-seven, room ought-three. Confirm.” and "Kill them.".

    When speaking with her superiors, she speaks more deferentially, often standing silently until her input is requested or necessary.

    By First Order standards, Phasma appears to be quite good at reading people, and this seems to be a part of her job. In Before The Awakening, General Hux relies upon her to be familiar with the performance and psychological state of FN-2187 (soon to be Finn), and she is. See: “But his decision to split the fire-team and return for FN-2003 is problematic. It speaks to a potentially… dangerous level of empathy. You heard him.”

    Furthermore, Phasma has been keeping track of her troopers, and in The Force Awakens notices that FN-2187 almost certainly did not fire on the villagers on Jakku, and has become troubled and unreliable, which is why she sends him to reconditioning. Phasma is intimately involved in her troopers' simulation training. She corrects them if she feels they are out of line, and informs them of what she believes are their strengths and weaknesses in a firm, clinical, but judicious manner that seems calculated to inspire troopers to seek her approval and live up to her standards. She does not shy from giving measured praise when she feels it is deserved. It is reminiscent of an amused but distant teacher or military training officer. See: “Rather than fixing the problem, you are allowing it to persist. As a result you are, in fact, weakening the whole. Further, you are weakening yourself.” and "I was concerned about you, FN-2003. I am glad you’ve proven me wrong.”

    Phasma's affect is detached, but not unemotional. It is usually flavored by distant amusement, disdain or professional interest. See: "And who gave you permission to remove that helmet?", "Do you think the Supreme Leader would have hesitated, FN-2187?” , "I do not understand why you keep these... people, Agent Terex." and “I have given your request the thought it deserves. Kill them.” or her line reading on "Sir, the villagers," as she reminds Kylo Ren to command her to murder a village.

    When relaying orders to and speaking with Agent Terex, a former stormtrooper who has become an Agent of the First Order, we see how Phasma relates to a relative equal who she does not like. She is cutting and superior in tone, relying heavily on implied insult but with no attempt at subtlety. It is almost Dowager Duchess as Stormtrooper Captain in style. See: "I do not understand why you keep these... people, Agent Terex." and "Yes, Terex. Every officer in the First Order knows exactly where you came from. That is why we say it."

    Whether Phasma is scorning Terex because he has come up through the ranks - suggesting that she has not; because he has come up from the ranks and refuses to let anyone forget it - instead of adapting to expectations of his rank; or because the stormtroopers are where he came from - that is, he has chosen to leave Phasma's favored world of stormtroopers for a more self-driven, less disciplined life as a First Order Agent; is unclear.

    Depending on one's interpretation of Phasma's capture and interrogation on Starkiller, she is either revealed to be a blustering coward when the chips are down, or - for whatever reason - Phasma is putting up a show of outrage and not actually trying to resist very hard. See the wavery and unconvincing bluster on: "You can't be so stupid as to think this will be easy. My troops will storm this block and kill you all." It's a very unusual line reading on the part of a very fine actress, which certainly lends itself to speculation.

    In conclusion, I invite you to read and analyze the collected dialogue transcript below, and draw your own conclusions!


    Full Captain Phasma dialogue transcript can be found here: or
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