Before the Saga Caught - OC challenge response for wistful

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    Oct 30, 1999
    Author: Kit
    Title: Caught
    Characters: Kithera (USJS)
    Plot: Written for the OC challenge - feeling was 'wistfulness'.

    Definition: Wistful - longing (1715CE), bountiful (1550CE)


    It had been worth it. Of course, she was going to pay for this later but it had been a glorious hour of enjoyment, of breaking every rule in the Jedi Code book. Of pleasure, of fun, of just letting herself go. She stared down at her guilt covered hands and smiled to herself. This wasn’t something she was going to forget in a hurry. She would look back at his day and think of what she’d done, of the rules she’d broken. She fingered the dirty knife, wishing there was more.

    Now she only had to get rid of the evidence.

    There was a sound at the door and she froze. They were back too soon, this wasn’t going to work. She closed her eyes, guilt washing her to the core.

    It had all been a mistake. The whole thing. How could she ever forgive herself for her stupidity? Now it was gone. The whole thing was gone and she couldn’t get it back no matter what she did. The evidence of her guilt was there for all to see, the emptiness, the void where it once should have been. Now there was nothing left but crumbs.

    “Kit?” The enquiring voice came from the front door.

    Quick. Hurry. Quick.

    Too late. Guilt washed over her. This wasn’t how this was supposed to go. Footsteps and then her Master appeared at the door. She could see the older Jedi taking in the scene, the dirty knife, the smears of icing.

    “What have you done?”

    Her face flamed with embarrassment. Her Master shook her head saying nothing, and walked from the room. Kit looked back at the plate, the knife, the crumbs and even though she knew she was going to pay for it later, she smiled again.

    The cake had been worth it down the last delicious crumb. Leaving the knife spinning quietly on the countertop, she licked her fingers and went to join her master.
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    [face_laugh] =P~ As a lover of anything sweet, particularly with loads of chocolate, I found this super fun! [face_mischief]
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    This is such a fun entry--love the sugary "crime" scene! :D
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    A murder of cake. This was fun, Kit'. Nothing left but the crumbs and guilt/satisfaction.
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    [face_rofl][face_rofl][face_rofl] Oh my, this was laff-out-loud DELIGHTFUL! What a twist at the end there—and I was seriously building up to thinking some sort of more serious, more bizarre crime had been committed! (With Kit's intense pleasure in the aftermath making it even more so, somehow! :p ) But knowing what I now know, I don't blame her for feeling a bit wistful. A good cake is one of life's pleasures, after all, and I can tell this is one she'll remember! Thanks so much for this wonderfully fun take on "wistful" prompt, and for being part of this challenge! =D=
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    [:D][:D]SQUEEE!!!! Hi @Kit'! This is just wonderful! I love it! It captures Kit perfectly. I can just hear her telling Rani and T'lor all about it.
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    I love everything sweet too! Thanks for the feedback!

    Thank you :)

    Thank you! It's how I feel after I eat the cake I was definitely saving for later!

    Thank you! With Kit you never know. She's done some very strange things in her time!

    Yay! Hello you! She'd definitely tell Rani and T'lor about it while reenacting it quite dramatically too. :D
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    Like others have said, this was a really fun story! I think if cake is involved, any rule-breaking should be pardoned. Because cake.

    Poor Kit really wanted more of that cake, too. Lack of cake is a very relatable thing to feel wistful over.

    I'm probably reading into things that aren't there, but from the way Kit's Master reacted to seeing "the crime," I got the impression her Master might have snuck a cake or two herself when she was younger.

    Great work!
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    Thanks @Thumper09! I'm really glad you enjoyed it. I definitely think that Master Zahalin was probably a terror when she was younger and just much better at getting out of it then her pupil turned out to be.

    I too believe most of the world's problems can be solved through the application of cake. ;)
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    That´s a funny idea, first building up the tension only for the "crime" then to be revealed to be utterly mundane. Don´t know these character but this short scene really gave me a good idea of them and their relationship. :)
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