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Star Wars Chaos Eternal: The Age of Ruin (Always Accepting New Players)

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    IC: Orya Yulan
    Jedi Temple; Council Chambers
    2,000 BBY

    Quiet, calm radiated in the force as the Jedi Grand Master meditated in solitude. The darkness was growing, this battle lost.
    For fifty years the aged Mirialan led the Jedi Order into prosperity. In the aftermath of the war with the Mandalorians she proved herself a leader, a strong and competent woman capable of taking on any challenge. But that did her little good now, she had never experienced a threat like this, she was not prepared for the toll such an enemy would bring upon the Jedi ranks, and now it was too late.

    As the smoke billowed outside she contemplated. The order to withdraw had been sent hours ago, the moment it became apparent there was no hope. Rest and recuperation is what the Jedi needed she knew, they hadn't received a chance to look at the threat objectively before it reached Coruscant. She had thought they were a myth, a legend, stories hidden in the archives told of these creatures, and the battles they fought several millennia prior. But nobody took them seriously, until now, now that it was too late, now that the decisions she made could never be reversed.
    The pain of this conflict still radiated strongly, untold millions had already been lost. Could such a threat be vanquished? It had to be, for no evil could be eternal.
    Noise was heard outside the chamber door. The monster had found her. She would not panic, victory was unlikely, but time had to be bought. How many Jedi had escaped she knew not, but every moment was precious in the hope that one day the Jedi could be reborn.

    Opening her eyelids a beam of crimson energy erupted through the doors, and the they imploded beneath it. In walked the creature leading this strike, dressed in dark armor, shrouded in a cloak, she knew who it was but could scarcely believe it.

    "You have grown powerful since our last meeting." She spoke in a calm and measured tone, giving no indication of her surprise. Two Mandalorian warriors flanked him, and both were eager for a fight, but his grip on their leashes was strong, few could temper a Mandalorians bloodlust, but somehow this one had done it.
    "Master Yulan" the man spoke in a raspy voice, more fitting to a demon than a sentient being. "I have grown far past what my instructors could have envisioned for me, I am no longer a tool of the force, I am its master."
    And with barely a flick of his wrist the Mandalorians took aim and fired. Leaping from her kneeling position in the center of the chamber the Jedi didn't even activate her lightsaber, catching their shots in the palm of her hand she struck, taking one in a telekinetic grip the Grand Master ragdolled the soldiers into eachother, knocking them both out cold in an instant.
    However she realized too late this was but a distraction, as the shrouded figure raised two crinkled hands a dozen blue webs of lightning shot towards her, she attempted to catch them as easily as she did the blaster bolts, but she could not cope with the shear magnitude of the energy, and an explosion filled the room.
    Before her mind registered what had happen she felt the sharp force of the glass windows shattering, and realized she was in a free fall, performing a barrel role the the Jedi Master called on the force to slow her decent. Her loose white robes flapping she landed harder than she expected a hundred meters down in one of the temple's training courtyards.
    Pain rippled through the old woman's bones, it had been many ages since she had participated in such a fight, and she was not prepared for this. Standing slowly, her surroundings came into focus. She was about a dozen feet in front of the courtyards tree, fire's consuming it, and a class of younglings butchered like nerfs were scattered about, with their instructors lying fallen next to them. The full horrors of this invasion were mounting in her mind, and she almost didn't notice the dark lord landing gracefully ten feet behind her.
    Clutching her lightsaber in hand she choked back tears as the traitor approached.
    "What do you hope to gain by these atrocities Phanius, what do you think to be? Another petty despot or dictator? A Monarch or Oppressor? Well it seems to me all you have become is a genocidal murderer!" Under his dark hood the Umbaran scowled with sinister intent.
    "You cry out to a dead man, I am who I was meant to be." He ignited his sickly red bladed lightsaber
    "I am the Dark lord of the Sith..." She activated her blade, but not fast enough as her former student impaled her with his own.
    "I am the Galaxies Ruination!"

    *This game takes place in neither the NEU or Legends timeline*
    1,999 BBY​
    The Republic Has Fallen!​
    In a daring strike a resurgent Sith Empire has revealed itself on the galactic stage, and with the aid of their allied Mandalorians have conquered the core, overthrown the Republic, and left the Galaxy in ruin! Thousands of worlds have revolted and the galaxy has fallen into chaos. Refusing to relent, the Sith have followed up their invasion of the Republic by striking neutral worlds. Anarchy has spread, and the galaxy is in desperate need of order, but as various factions seek dominance, it is left to the individual to decide who will reign supreme. Several weeks have passed since the initial strike, and the citizens of the galaxy are still coming to terms with this drastic change. Lines have been drawn, as the galaxies leaders are gathering on their words to plot their next move, and the fait of everyone hangs in the balance.​
    The Galaxy
    Any and all worlds and species shown in the films, New, or old EU are available for this game.​
    It is important to set up a powerbase for you to build up from.​
    Each faction is set up in a Feudal system, individual players have their own battalions and planets, though alone they are weak and pathetic. A sole player's base will start out with little if any committed manpower, a maximum of 1,000 troops and one transport frigate per planet held, though it will be up to you to determine exactly what your battalion is composed of.(More complex formations and capital ships may be introduced later in the game) You may have enough to defend your main base, and perhaps capture nearby planets, but nothing more. Cooperation is key, you may have liberty to do what you want in your domain, but you still report to a higher power, and it is in your best interest to not only cooperate with that power, but coordinate with similarly aligned player.​
    The factions each claim a portion of the galaxy: The Mando's in the North, the UUW in the South, the Hutts in the East, the Jedi in the West, and the Sith in the Core. Where the exact boarders are is ambiguous which only stoke tensions, so choose carefully.​
    It is encourage that you have some sort of knowledge about the planet you set your base on, and its surrounding territory so, for example, you don't capture Bespin, then try to expand your control by jumping across the galaxy to fight on Mygeeto. It is in your best interest to first: pick a base that is close to your factions capital, and second: to create a natural expansion path from that location. If you have a spotty control network that is set in enemy territory it will be all but impossible to defend. A quick glance at a galaxy map can solve most of the issues here.​
    The galaxy is effectively a blank slate, all worlds are open to fight or play on, and no political structures or situations default on any planet except for Faction Capitals, so it is up to the individual player to determine how their situation is shown.​
    Playable Factions
    The New Sith Empire
    Capital: Coruscant​
    Leader: Darth Ruin​
    Description: A mysterious and dark institution that only made itself known recently, it is headed by the current reigning Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Ruin. It seeks to conquer the galaxy at all costs and rule with an iron fist. It maintains a strong presence in the core worlds but is having trouble expanding beyond. The Sith harbor a deep hatred for the Jedi Order which it views as weak and pathetic. All other factions it will step on as necessary to achieve unlimited power but the Jedi they want to destroy utterly. There are three primary ranks available in the Sith, Apprentice, Sith Lord, and Darth; and a special honorary rank may be bestowed upon any Darth by Ruin, and be permitted to sit on his advisory Council. The Ultimate authority lye's with the Emperor, Ruin grants his underlings much freedom, as long as they bring results. No Sith have been seen in several millennia, so the Jedi were woefully unprepared for the Empire, and Ruin hopes to use this to his advantage. The Sith have a strong foothold in the core and inner rim. However do to this they have the greatest challenge of any faction, they are nearly completely surrounded by enemies, the Jedi, Hutts, and UUW all want a piece of them, and they are having a difficult time expanding their control passed the mid rim. They claim to rule the galaxy, though even the subjects on the planets they do control refuse to accept them. It won't be an easy fight, but they are determined to solidify their rule. Now the Lords of the Sith gather in the halls of the fallen Jedi Temple, to plot their conquest of the galaxy, and tension are heightened as thousands of worlds reject their rule. And despite Ruins power and charisma there remains a weakness in his ranks, the ambitions, and petty grudges of his followers often undermine his rule. Officially he forbids the Sith from killing each other, but that does not stop individuals from plotting in secret.​
    The Jedi Coalition
    Capital: Ach-To​
    Leaders: Reth Voquen​
    Description: The protectors of the Republic for over twenty three thousand years, the Jedi were struck particularly hard by the Sith Empire's invasion. A combined force of Sith and Mandalorians sacked their temple, murdered their Grand Master and well over half the council. Now what little is left of the Jedi leadership has called a Conclave on Ach-To to reevaluate this threat, and plan a proper response. There are three primary ranks in the Jedi, Padawan, Knight, and Master; however a special honorific rank may be granted on GM approval, of High Councilor, meaning effectively, that you may attend "council meetings" and voice your ideas though primary power still remains in the hand of the Grand Master. Concern is growing in the ranks, their numbers are so weakened it is doubtful that any single unified strike would have an affect. Under the leadership of Acting Grand Master Reth Voquen they hope to recover. Prior to the war the Jedi were not much different than their film counterparts, but with their scattering much of their rule's and dogma were set aside and now survival is their primary goal. They see an opening in the vast reaches of the western quarter of the galaxy. There is potential for a power base there, but the current occupants of the Unknown Regions are not happy with their new neighbors, the Jedi have to face the difficulty of forging a faction of their own, in hostile territory.
    Capital: Mandalor​
    Leader: Yage Kelborn​
    Description: Decimated by a war with the Republic three generations ago, the Mandalorians were eager for revenge. Blatantly disregarding the treaty they signed with the Republic they instantly began rebuilding their fleet and army's. When Darth Ruin began plotting his own invasion of the Republic the Mandalorian's were the obvious choice to aid him. Participating in the attacks of Coruscant and the sacking of the Jedi Temple. They reveled in the destruction of their long time enemies. Even receiving a substantial portion of Republic space in compensation for their efforts, expanding their already sizable network of planets in in the Northern Quarter of the galaxy. Now the Mandalorians join their Dark Allies on Coruscant to begin the next phase of their conquest, and bring their conquered territory in line. Different Clans have different standards and ranks, but generally speaking most have no ranking system or such. Instead what is most relevant is your clan, and house loyalties. Mistrust is growing between them and their Sith allies. The lieutenants of the current Mand'alor, Rev Viszla, Sargi Kryze, Oren Itera, as well as dozens of other clans are unified by one principle, their absolute contempt for the Sith and determination to end their perceived enslavement to those dark sorcerers. However beyond that single ideal, they also hate each other. Only the shear might of the current Mand'alors charisma prevents not only a complete dissolution of relations with the Sith, but outright civil war in their own ranks.​
    The Hutts
    Capital: Nal Hutta​
    leader: Hutt Council​
    Description: A Vast Kingdom in the Easter Quarter the Hutts are greedy selfish slugs only out for their own gain. The Hutts hope to use this chaos to increase their own power base, seeking glory and riches of all kinds they use their network of bounty hunters and smugglers to increase their control. They have called their agents to a gathering on Nal Hutta, so as to militarize, and begin grabbing at the weakened systems at their boarder. They lack a strong central military, and subterfuge is expected to be their greatest asset. Instead of ranks they have specialties, bounty hunter, mercenary, smuggler, etc. The Hutt Council see's this as a game, they don't consider anyone else's well being but there own, and think themselves untouchable. Though their slave empire could also be their undoing, for years now they have suffered under the continuous wright of slave revolts, funded by outsiders. This takes away resources from the front lines. But they are also arrogant and their self proclaimed leader Gysor Desilijic Tiure, have vastly underestimated the threat this enemy has created for them.
    The Union of Unaligned Worlds. (UUW)
    Capital: (Rotational, Currently Naboo)​
    Leader: Prena Masorna​
    Description: A completely original faction for gameplay diversity the UUW is a loose alliance of several hundred systems that had yet to join the Republic at the time of the Sith Empire's invasion. They had hoped to remain neutral after the Siths invasion but the growing conflict has forced them to defend themselves against a chaotic and uncontrollable opposition. They dislike the Sith, but have yet to press the offensive. Their ranks are military titles, Private, Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Major and so on. They have no central government which makes them sloppy and disorganized in their planning and strikes, but have a passionate patriotism for their individual planets. A new leader is elected every five years, and a meeting of delegates is held annually on that leaders home world as a way to keep up with recent events, but no legislative power is invested in this congress, and the leaders only real role is head of the military, and to be a figure head. With Sith hostilities on their boarder, and increasingly violent pirates raiding their territory, a defense summit has been called on Naboo, and all of their most skilled warriors have been obligated to attend. Many voices still insist on avoiding conflict, but Quen Masorna of Naboo realizes the time fore Negotiation has passed.​
    Sith: Squash any and all resistance that stands in the way of your unified Empire, at all costs, and kill all Jedi You find. Survive.
    Jedi: Defeat Sith Forces, Liberate Worlds, recapture Coruscant, and reform the Republic. Survive.
    Mandalorians: Expand into enemy territory, and kill Jedi if possible.​
    Hutts: Make profit and money, grab as much territory as possible.
    UUW: Hold Current Territory, survive. If forced to expand, do so.
    Force Powers
    There is no point system, however powers are limited to what is expressly shown in the films. Telekinesis, speed, and cognitive awareness for Jedi​
    And Sith may also use lightning and force choke.​
    Beyond this only the most natural extension of what is present.​
    Faction: To start the only factions naturally allied are the Sith and Mandalorians, though this alliance is a fragile one. Some alliances are easier to make than other, and others are downright impossible. You gain in influence and friendship with factions by aiding them, defending them, and negotiating. You lose influence by attacking them.​
    Tendencies: The Sith naturally despise the Jedi, the UUW holds sympathy for the Jedi though prefers independence, the Hutts are currently only out for themselves but may be persuaded by financial gains, and we already discussed the Mandos are reluctantly allied to the Sith.​
    Tips: Be careful, it won't do any good if players are not working together, if player 1 attacks the Hutts while player 2 of the same faction is trying to negotiate an alliance then it will sour relations very quickly.​
    Individual: No members of the same faction may attack each other in a full scale battle (Sith may plot personal assassinations however, just don't let Ruin catch you;) ) unless your faction is in an active Civil War. More on that mechanic will be discussed later.​
    It is possible, and even encourage for players of the same faction to pool their resources and help each other. But you need to be smart about it, if you focus all in on building up someone else's powerbase at the expense of your own then it will be very easy to undermine your security.​
    First and foremost, all Character Sheets must be sent via Personal Message to the Game Master's (Myself and Darth Rozic). Then you are expected to post that sheet in the Resource Thread. The first week is just for sign up, but we will post an update one week from today, and every week after that. From there all players will spawn on their capital world, except for the Mandalorians who will spawn on Coruscant for the that week. After that even they will spawn on their capital world.​
    This isn't a videogame, every character gets one life. You have sole say on what you want to do with it, loosing arms legs and blood won't matter either way, but dead is dead.​
    Apprentices however are a way to add to your legacy, and weaken "plot armor" many games suffer from. You can kill of your current character, and as long as they have an apprentice (Who's CS is also approved by the GM) then you may continue playing as them. You do not have to be a force user to train someone. And Masters are mostly just for background info, you may have trained under another players character at one point or another if they have agreed to it.​
    Contested Territory
    Contested territory is any planet or area not under direct player control. Most of it resides on the boarder of factions, or where they overlap. For example, any world in the "North-west" of the map is claimed by both Jedi and Mandalorians, that will likely be where most of the battles between those two take place. Bases can exist in that territory, but you should expect them to be hotly contested.​
    Battles between factions on the opposite ends of the map will be difficult early on, and likely rare. So fights between the Hutts and the Jedi, or the Mando's and the UUW will be hard to pull off, as the attacker will be far from home with scant resources.​
    To start each player gets one base planet handed to them, and they have to grow their dominion from there. Every other planet, even area's that have no player presence, is expected to be hotly contested between factions, as well as early NPC opponents. Nobody can just carve out their own area of the map with ease, every planet a person takes will require much sacrificed on your part, in lives and credits. Exactly what NPC opponents exist on each planet may be determined by location. But control networks need to be logical, no Mandalorian's controlling half the Anoat sector, particularly if they are having trouble holding on to the territory they do firmly own.​
    Expect a lot of unclaimed planets to be disputed, with several factions, and NPC's attacking or besieging it at once, hence why it is "contested territory." To liberate a planet you need to wipe out all enemy presences on planet, NPC, or PC. Depending on relations between factions some may be convinced to leave of their own accord, but others will have to be destroyed. Each planet you free adds to your personal dominion, and your factions overall power.​
    Destroying/Rebuilding Factions and Civil Wars
    If the leader of a planet is killed with no apparent successor then a Civil War occurs, effectively a free for all between players of that faction to take control. Usually there will be "sides" houses, clans, species, ideologies, or powerbases that players can pledge allegiance to. Civil Wars will almost exclusively occur in the factions that are composed of more greedy, or combative individuals such as the Sith, Mando's, or Hutts. Though it is not impossible for them to happen in the Jedi or UUW ranks either. They only happen upon the GM's approval.​
    A faction is destroyed if all the following criteria are met.​
    1. Their leader is killed
    2. Their capital falls
    3. There are no other Player characters alive in that faction.
    Then all their territory falls into chaos and they effectively cease to exits.
    If a new player wishes to resurrect a faction they may attempt to do so. But they will join the game as a "mercenary" type that is attempting to rebuild it.​
    A faction is resurrected if all the following criteria are met.​
    1. There Capital is retaken
    2. There are at least 3 active mercenary players for that faction
    3. An NPC leader is appointed
    However all resurrected factions will start with a massive disadvantage as they will be drained of legitimacy and resources.
    -General Rules of House apply as always. Be Respectful, no baiting, or insulting other members. And OBEY THE MODS.
    -This game will start somewhat more independent than most. The players will keep a lot of free will about how and where they want their characters to act, or how they seek to complete their missions. But The GM's retain the right to reign characters in, or throw problems their way should he feel the need too. We want this to be a fun experience for all, so if things get too anarchistic then things can and will change as need be.​
    - Due to the nature of this being a faction game we need to watch out for treading in on someone else's turf. No assuming you hit another player, or killing off their characters without express permission from them. Work together I can not stress that enough. Compromise, and figure out how you want the battle to conclude that will satisfy both of you.
    - If you are absent from the game for a month without previous notice your base and all NPC's can be attacked and captured by the opposing forces. If you are gone for two months without previous notification your character can be killed off. If you know in advance something IRL is coming up it is encourage you find a IC reason for your absence so we don't have someone frozen in a battle for age's only to reveal the result who knows how many months later. If you fail to do so the Game Master may find a way to get your character out of the public eye for a bit.
    - Late coming players are encouraged to find the most recent synopsis of events so as to avoid contradictions. Any questions contact GM's by PM.
    - Attacking Capital Worlds (Coruscant, Ach-To, Nal Hutta, Mandalor, Naboo) is OFF LIMITS unless the GM gives the OK. Such attacks shall occur on special events only, most likely only if your faction accomplishes its goals.​
    - Color code your posts as indicated in the descriptions of each faction so as to avoid confusion​
    - No OP Characters
    - One planet per character to start, you may invade someone else's planet or dominion if you wish, but it is up to them if you succeed or fail.
    - If you are not sure if a planet is taken or not ask the GM or look for the most recent summery.​
    - You will have far more freedom if you choose a planet that is not in the immediate path of another player.​
    - Discuss with the players in your faction, make plans and formulate your attacks.​
    - Attempt to negotiate with opposing factions if possible. Only the GM's can give their response but its in your factions long term interest to make allies.​
    - Work together with your opponents to reach a satisfactory end to your battles. Sometimes you'll win, sometimes you'll loose, but it will be a lot more fun for everyone if you compromise with each other.​
    - No previous RPG experience is need for this game, but it is encourage to check out some of the tip threads if you are new before jumping in.​
    Character Sheet
    Bolded ones are essential, but beyond that you may add or subtract whatever you like.
    Colors represent Faction specific requirements
    Darth Title:
    Home World:​
    Clan Loyalty:
    Base Location:
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    Mar 19, 2017
    Name: Malevik Vonn
    Darth Title: Darth Hatred
    Species: Zabrak
    Home World: Dathomir​
    Faction: Sith Empire
    Rank: Sith Lord
    Weapons/Lightsaber: 2 Dual-Bladed lightsabers, 1 force-imbued Katana
    Form/Technique: Form I-VI​
    Starfighter: NONE​
    Appearance: Sith Tatoos, long flowing black robes, armour hidden beneath robes
    Personality/Traits: Sarcastic, Impatient, Extremely Irritable​
    Master: I have no master​
    Apprentice: I will take on when needed[face_devil]
    Strengths/Weaknesses: STRENGTHS- Very Muscular, Strong, Sharp horns and teeth. WEAKNESSES- Several wounds on chest, 1 leg is a mechanical leg​
    Relationships: Hah, I killed them all​
    Base Location: Ord Mantell
    Bio: Malevik lived on Dathomir for a long time, leaving to join the sith, He killed his master and took his place, he now has several location on Ord Mantell, but the largest is hidden underground
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    Main Character Sheet

    Name: Aras Vilion Adasca, 'Adas' (assassin alias)
    Darth Title: Darth Infernus
    Age: 50 (looks 25)
    Species: biomodded Arkanian
    Homeworld: Arkania
    Faction: New Sith
    Rank: Darth
    -Lorrdian gemstone/Dragite crystal powered purple Curved-hilt Dual-phase lightsaber,
    -Corusca gem/Qixoni crystal powered red Curved-hilt Dual-phase lightsaber
    -M-316 Particle Beam Needler (DE-10 blaster pistol look)
    -Beskad katana (Beskar/Songsteel alloy)
    -Verpine shatter gun, Verpine sniper rifle
    -G20 Glop grenade, 2 CryoBan grenade, 2 Plasma grenade

    Form/Technique: Soresu & Shien/Djem So hybrid as Jedi, Makashi as Sith
    Starship: Phlegethon (Harrower-class dreadnought)
    Appearance: 1.9 meters tall, chiseled fit, fair skinned, white haired and eyed
    Ultrachrome-coated Beskar/Sith Alchemy armoring with Biorestorative underlay (Mark V) and Crushgaunts,Armorweave hooded cloak, Shadowsuit
    Phrik/Stygian-triprismatic polymer armoring with Light exoskeleton and Cortosis-coated vambraces & greaves,Armorweave hooded cloak, Shadowsuit
    ~both sets have a Sound dampening belt that incorporates a Stealth field generator and a Multishield generator (Mandalorian power shield & Verpine prototype shield)
    Personality/Traits: Passionate, Driven, Resourceful. A man of excess and absolute charm, a lover of beauty and pleasure. Cultured, Vicious, master Strategist. The consumate noble, one dedicated to perfection.
    Strengths/Weaknesses: Darth Styx. His love for himself. A Duelist without equal, one given over to the Dark Side. A virtuous pilot and technology expert, an accomplished Force wielder. A Master of Force speed, Sith Magic, and Unarmed combat.

    Sith Master: None--he is one of the Lost Twenty
    Sith Apprentice: Darth Styx
    Relationships: Lord of the House of Adasca. Darth Styx, his lover (and his cloned self)
    Base Location: Kuat

    Born in Arkania, heir of the House of Adasca. Found to be greatly Force-sensitive, he begins his Jedi path by the age of 5.

    Adopted as Padawan when 12 by a Jedi Council master, then made Knight by 20, he earns the rank of Master at 25.

    Being 25, in his prime, he's granted a voyage to Arkania where he reunites with his family and is heavily modified via biocybernetics;
    initially because of this, then for his often revolutionary or even Grey-ish ideas, and the fact his heart is forever divided after this re-encounter,
    he's never given entry into the Jedi Council, being worthy by far nonetheless, so at 30 he secures the title of Jedi Battlemaster.

    Firstly a prodigal student, then a virtuous Force user, he's little more to learn by this point--it is thence he begins a curious, mentor-adherent relationship with Phanius, a charismatic master and his elder by 10 years.
    After lengthy debates, spanning months and even years, they begin delving into Bogan through their Potentium and Unifying Force beliefs (Vilion is 35) discovering the knowledge to be found in the Dark Side to be immense; they both decide to study it, and by Vilion's 40th year they engage Sith Magic itself.
    At 45, they engineer the defection from the order of other masters, orchestrating and carrying out plots, massacres and total war against the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic, dealing them both serious blows by unleashing a Great Schism and its following New Sith Wars; he is instrumental to Phanius--now Darth Ruin--in the unification of the Sith and their alliance with the Mandalorians, having another 50 Jedi Knights join the new Sith order, co-founding thus the New Sith Empire.
    During this time, he ascends in the underworld to become an assassin that reaches the Elite Circle itself, as he comes into his inheritance of Adascorp, crushing or outright murdering galactic competition until it achieves monopoly and its absolute finest point: its first Force-sensitive clone,
    --of Aras himself, given birth as a woman he consequently names Styx,
    initially his Sith Apprentice, now a full-blown Sith Lady;
    his very shadow,
    or to him, his only light.

    Their victory is complete by Vilion's 50th year, now an infamous Darth by the name of Infernus,
    the Galactic Core is theirs.
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    Jul 18, 2013
    Name: Scale (Alias, Real Name Unknown) The Name is a pun referencing his Reptilian skin and his tendency to switch sides in the middle of an engagement if the other side can provide payment in riches that (metaphorically) outweighs his current contract
    Age: Unknown. At least Mid 30s
    Species: Trandoshan
    Homeworld: Trandosha
    Faction: Hutt Clans
    Rank: Mercenary Commander
    Clan Loyalty: Nominally Desilijic (But in truth his loyalty is to his bank account)
    Specialty: Scale is excellent at capturing slaves and making them obedient. He is strong enough to engage a Wookiee in melee and come out on top. He has also has experience fighting Jedi. On one occasion he even killed a Jedi Knight in single combat. It was a tough fight and he lost an arm in the process but Scale did not worry to much.Thankfully for him, a trait of his species is that Trandoshans re grow all severed limbs.
    Weapons & Armament:
    - Cortosis Sword,
    - Wrist mounted Flamethrower,
    - Slugthrower with depleted Baradium Ammunition
    - Sonic Pistol
    -Class A Thermal Detonators
    - Stun Net (Slaving operations only)
    Starfighter: Scale is not a very good pilot and does not fly a personal star fighter in combat although he knows enough of the rudiments to fly a ship in an emergency. Instead he is always found on his pirate command ship, surrounded by a cadre of his most loyal associates.
    Attire: Heavy Body Armor and Blast Helmet (with built in Vacuum suit)
    Personality: Greedy and Violent, Quick to Anger and lash out violently at slaves and prisoners.
    Very Brave. He is the kind of commander that leads from the front and can behave honorably if he respects his opponent as an equal in warrior status. Deeply religious, he takes his belief in the Scorekeeper very seriously.
    - Can Re Grow lost limbs
    - Reptilian Eyes can see well into the infared range. Scale can see perfectly in pitch darkness
    - Has a Terrifying reputation. Sentient who know of his exploits are afraid to face him
    - Terrible Pilot
    - Has a Terrifying reputation. His Slaving activities and his betrayal of former employers have made him many enemies across the galaxy who seek revenge on the Trandoshan Merc. Also any Light side faction would surely execute him for his crimes if he is ever captured.
    Base Location: Scale is currently stationed on Ryloth to oversee valuable Twilek Slaving operations and Ryll spice mining.
    Allies: Scale's Reptilian Reavers (His Slaver Gang. Membership is restricted to Trandoshans, Chistori, Barbarel, Saurin, Rodian, and Falleen bandits. He is very affable and caring towards the members of his inner circle and he has won them much profit so he has earned their loyalty. He considers his slavers as his clan mates.)
    Desilijic Clan: The leaders of the Desilijic consider him a valuable and reliable employee and they lavish him with wealth to make sure he stays in their service. His services for them have created a good relationship between Scale and the clan elders.
    The Besadii Clan: The main rivals of the Desilijic for power in the Hutt cartel. Scale used to work for them until the Desilijic elders enticed him to change sides. When the Hutt clans were forced to work together, the Besadii were prevented from moving against Scale because the collective Hutt council in charge of the entire Cartel considered him too vital to the war effort for the Besadii to attack.The Besadii are furious at his betrayal and although they can not act openly against him. they do everything in their power to sabotage his operations.
    - Jedi Knight Korwin Firka'ag. The sole survivor of the Jedi mission sent to arrest Scale and stop his slaving operations. Korwin was only a Padawan at the time of that fateful mission, but her actions since have now elevated her to the rank of Jedi Knight. She is still haunted by the horrible death of her master, whom Scale had murdered and devoured right in front of her eyes. The Council is worried that Korwin is skirting dangerously close to the Dark Side in her determination to force Scale to answer for his atrocities.
    Background: Scale started out as the most successful of the Wookiee Slavers on Kashykk before going independent. Eventually his slaving operations were so big that they drew the attention of the Jedi Council. Scale really became notorious when he and his crew slaughtered and ate one of the Jedi who had been sent to apprehend him. This event was what earned him a contract as the primary “recruiter” for the Hutt defense force. The Hutts hired him because they needed someone to capture and control a vast number of slaves that they could conscript in a great slave army to protect their wealthy territories.
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    Mar 19, 2016
    GM Update: Part One

    IC: Reth Voquen

    He reached out, through the force, across the galaxy, trying to get a sense of what it was he was suppose to do.

    Darkness, darkness was all he felt.

    Instinctively he recoiled, back to the present.
    Sweat was beading down his face as he opened his eye's again. He took in the cave he was sitting in reluctantly. It was hardly as grand as the council chambers on Coruscant, but that didn't really matter. He had never really been one for excessive ornaments anyways.
    It was functional, it would work.

    He turned to witness Alan Trossik standing near the door. The Master had been advising him since they left Coruscant. It was him who had recommended they go to Ach-To, which some scholars speculated could be the ancient home world of the Jedi. Not that its history was relevant at the moment. It was safe. The Jedi could rest and recuperate here he supposed.

    "The last shuttle has arrived." the comment was directed at him, though he did not immediately respond. Now more than ever, he wished Master Yulan had survived the assault on Coruscant. She would know what to do, she would be able to take the mantel of leadership, and make decisive decisions. To save the Jedi.

    "They need you. They need you to guide them. To give them direction."
    "I am an unworthy Grand Master. I never wanted this Alan. We're taking a risk by even gathering here. The light burns bright in the force, like a beacon to the Sith."
    "Your reluctance to take the mantel of leadership is perhaps the greatest reason why it is you who should lead us. The Sith are too caught up with trying to restore order to their conquered words to care about us. Now is the time to strike back!"
    The stout Lannik reluctantly faced his Togruta comrade. "No. Now is the time to rebuild. To prepare for the future. The Sith struck faster than we could react. I will not drive us back to oblivion." Compassion was essential to a Jedi's life, he could understand the want of many to bring down the Sith, to save the lives of those who suffer under their tyranny. But they had to look objectively first. Only then could they react.

    Reluctantly he moved out of the small cavern, and approached his stage. A large hill overlooking wide plains. Gathered below him were the survivors, only a couple hundred beings, of various species. Many of which were young initiates, and Masterless Padawans. He felt sorrow for the lost, and choked back tears before he finally began to speak.

    "I am thankful you have all made it here. I sense your collective grief, and that is understandable. These are certainly dark times. Many of our colleagues have been slain. And the Republic has fallen. It would be foolish to deny either of these facts. And even more so for me to not inform you of the nature of the grave threat we are facing now. Many of you were off Coruscant when it happened. Doing missions to preserve the peace, to stand for justice. And since you have arrived I would presume rumors of this threat we are facing have reached many of your ears. They are all true, the Sith have returned. Our ancient enemy, long since thought to have been defeated invaded the Republic, and showed no mercy. They sacked the Temple, and murdered Master Orya Yulan."

    He paused there. Though Reth did not want to add to their grief, he felt he had no choice but to tell them to cold hard truth. Even to him, now, he felt some tears run down his cheek. He quickly wiped them away before continuing.

    "But I'm here to tell you there is still hope. hope for a better future. As long as one Jedi lives the light survives! I urge you to temper your rage, to cope with your grief, because our enemy will exploit it at every opportunity! We will plan, we will seek a better future for all! Today we stand on Ach-To, where our forbearers stood, and we can set a new path for ourselves now. We can begin work for a better tomorrow, so that all will be free! We will not charge blindly to our deaths. We stand on the cusp of the unknown. And we will forge a future from here."

    He directed his gaze towards a group of children, and passed it slowly over all those present, making is directions as clear as possible.

    "All younglings, and those Padawans with no Master of their own will stay here, to continue their training unimpeded. But to those Knights and Masters who are willing and able, I urge you to go forward bravely. There are numerous planets in this region, we structure a new hope from those planets. Begin recruitment, and set bring freedom as well as order here. Unifying them to set the foundation for a new Republic that one day will rise. Only when we are ready will we confront the Sith. May the Force be with you all!"


    IC: Prena Masorna

    The royal palace was quite this evening. Startlingly so. It seemed to Prena that the galaxy changed over night. Just months ago things were clear, predictable. She and the politicians that ran the Republic had their differences, but they respected each other. The two governments had their spats in the past, but there was no hatred between them. But this new threat, the Sith, she didn't know what to make of them.

    Now dressed in her formal attire she prepared to address the militia that made up this alliances defense force. She felt somewhat overdressed for it, but her advisors insisted she preserve her Queenly appearance so she could be taken more seriously. The make up did make her appear older then she was. It made sense she supposed, few could take a sixteen year old girl seriously under normal circumstances.

    Several of her handmaidens stood by ready to assist her at a moments notice. Though she required none of it at the moment. All she could do was pace, back and forth, trying to kill time before her speech. This had been coming for a long while she knew. It was no small task to convince the assembly to grant her war time authority. Many of her political opponents tried to undermine the process, label her a war monger. This was about protecting her people, she had to remind herself. She would want nothing more than to avoid the war. But from her limited experience with the Sith in the last few months she knew any attempts to avoid conflict would only result in delaying it. And Sergeant Aldrich seemed confident that it was better to be safe than sorry.

    "M'Lady, it is time." one of her handmaidens shook her out of the mental trance she was in. "Oh, yes of course. Thank you Purru."

    With some reluctance she stepped out onto the balcony, the sun shined in her eye's blinding her for a moment, but it soon cleared. She looked down upon the troops gathered in the streets. Standing at a formal attention they were ready for her. The Queen of Naboo cleared her throat before beginning her speech.

    "Welcome to Naboo, friends and allies from the thousands of diverse planets that make up the Union of Unaligned Worlds. We are proud to host you here, even given the sad circumstances. For thousands of years our Defensive Pact has stood against tyranny of all kinds, for each systems right to self determination. Against what was an ever expansive, and corrupt Republic. We demanded independence! But even that Republic which we stood against, at least could say it represented its people. In recent months a new threat has risen. Far worse than the Republic ever could have hoped to become. These tyrannical sorcerers call themselves the Empire of the Sith, they invaded the Republic, and conquered it, in a bloodbath worse than any other in recent memory. We must not grow complacent, any despot evil enough to invade Republic space, will not hesitate to force us to bow to them as well. It is time we show them what we are made of, a truly free and democratic society can not fall! It is time we rebuild our military, construct new bases, and defend our worlds from these oppressors!"


    IC: Gysor Desilijic Tiure
    Nal Hutta
    --Translated From Huttese--

    The Council had gathered once again, to debate recent events, their pointless bickering endless as always. Just now Ruvven was off on some tangent discussing the probability of this being a trap. Insisting it would be wiser to wait, and measure the strength of this new threat, the 'Sith' as they called themselves. Gysor had spent the duration of his speech glancing over at the dancers, most of whom were resting from their latest number. Just then he felt a rather rough tap on his right arm.

    He refocused his gaze, taking notice of Mama's glare. Of course, they could hardly afford any implication that their marriage was anything less than perfect. Their grip on the council relied on the perception that they were of the same mind, willing and able to destroy all opposition in their way. Any cracks in that image would result in dangerous challenges, by those who believe they can divide, and conquer them. Or however that goes.

    Gysor simply rolled his eye's and tried to gage what was going on in the debate. Etstorra was speaking now. "We made modest gains while the Republic was distracted by their conflict with Mandalore sixty years ago. But this is another thing entirely. I don't know about this. These slaver revolts within our boarder are catastrophic has it is. And we have a lot more to lose than we have to gain."

    All eye's shifted to the pair at the head of the table, and it was here he decided the time for debate had passed. He had to put on a show. "Enough! The Republic has collapsed, and chaos has consumed its worlds! Regardless of the power these Sith have, it would be impossible for them to maintain control of all that territory while also keeping up a sustained war against us. Don't you see?"

    A moment passed. And then every other Hutt present began shouting over each other. All trying to put their own side forth.
    Gysor rubbed the side of his head with his stubby arms, trying to sooth the awful head ache that was brewing. Before finally shouting as loud as he could. "ENOUGH!!!" The room fell silent. "If you all are so foolish to let an opportunity like this to pass then you will get none of the spoils! I will start the war preparations now. With, or without you!"

    With an audible thump he smashed his fist down on the control panel on the desk in front of him. Several holo projectors propped up from the table, and faced in his direction. To the whole Hutt Empire he declared...

    "This is an Opportunity like none other! A chance for untold fortunes! To all Bounty Hunters, Pirates, Slavers, and Assassins I offer a once in a life time deal! Most of you have probably heard of recent events concerning the Republic. About how it has been invaded and destroyed by mysterious sorcerers? Yes? Good then I don't have to waste time giving you all the details. All I can say is Gold! Plunder! Maybe even a bit of territory thrown in for good measure." He muttered under his breath, making no promises.

    "Clan Desilijic-Quiisilli..." "The Hutt Council as a whole!" interjected Lociini. Followed by resounding murmurs of concurrence by the rest of the Hutts present. Gysor offered a brief scowl. But simply shrugged his shoulders with indifference.

    "The Hutt council requests your service to bring about a new Hutt Empire. By standing up now you will cement yourselves in history. And of course you will all receive rewards that will last a life time. Fame, glory, girls..." he glanced back at the dancers momentarily lost in thought, before feeling his wife's fist smacking his shoulder once again. "Wha? Oh, or guys for you lady hunters I suppose. Well, report in to the nearest Hutt sanctioned bounty station to do your part, and earn your fortune!"

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    OOC: Welcome to the Chaos Eternal: Age of Ruin! This week is mostly about introductions. Feel free to post your characters reaction to recent events, as well as the speech your faction leader gave. You are also free to converse with various NPC's or other players of your faction if available. Just give us a feeling about who your character is in general. Next week is where the real fun begins. Newcomers are still welcome as always. Just be sure to PM your sheets to the GM's!

    Update Part 2: Darth Rozic
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    GM Update: Part II

    Jedi Temple, Coruscant

    For the Sith it was the best of times. For the Jedi it was the worst of times. It was a time of war. It was a time of victory. It was a time of loss. It was the time in which Darth Ruin accomplished something no Sith ever had; seizing the galactic core.
    He had taken the Republic by surprise and now the capital was his, however he still had another job, to eradicate the Jedi Order.

    “My lord,” uttered one of Ruin’s servants. “The crowd is awaiting your speech.”
    Ruin opened his eyes. His yellow iris’ had an unnatural glow that almost lit up the dark room in which he sat.

    “I was resting,” replied Ruin as he stood up off of his throne.

    “I’m sorry my lord. I am just doing my job,” the servant’s voice quavered with fear.

    A large grin stretched across Ruin’s purple face.

    “Your job?” asked Ruin, having to hold down his laughter. “YOUR JOB?” Ruin began hysterically laughing, although the servant didn’t see what was so funny.

    Ruin suddenly stopped laughing and extended his arm. The servant came flying towards Ruin and within a moment the servant was being held in a choke hold about thirty centimeters off the ground.

    “Your job is one of a slave. My job is one of a god! Anyone old skillless peon can do your job were as my job requires skill and true power!”

    Ruin dropped the servant on the ground.

    “I- I’m sorry my lord, I just meant-”

    The servant didn’t get to finish thanks to the lightsaber blade that Ruin placed in his neck.

    “SLAVE, REMOVE THIS BODY FROM MY THRONE ROOM. I ONLY ACCEPT JEDI CADAVERS TO BE ALLOWED IN MY PRESENCE!” yelled out Ruin as another servant ran in and dragged away his peer's body.

    Ruin made his way through the former-Jedi Temple’s hallways. The walls were mostly just boring stone because Ruin had specifically asked for all art depicting Jedi to be removed.

    Finally Ruin made his way to the steps outside the Temple where he stood, surrounded by bodyguards and protected by an invisible ray shield.

    A servant brought over a microphone and Ruin began to speak to the thousands of his followers that stood on the stairs.

    “Followers of the Sith Empire, disciples of the truth. I welcome you to what was once a place of worship for the Jedi, and is now homage to their pitiful resistance against true power. As promised we have captured Coruscant and the rest of the core. And as promised the corruption of the Republic has come to an end. And, of course, as promised the Jedi will soon come to perish.

    Now, an era of liberty is upon us. Those who accept the new power in the galaxy will prosper while those who deny it, will be destroyed. And with the help of our new allies the Mandalorians we will conquer and rule the entire galaxy, and beyond!

    Needless to say, due to the threat of uprisings Coruscant will be placed into martial law and the taxation of munitions will increase. But this is all to bring order and justice to our Empire. Because without order what do we have?

    And so I am proud to welcome you to the age of prosperity, the age of advancement, the Age of Ruin!

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    Mar 16, 2017
    IC: Darth Infernus

    New Sith Temple, Coruscant

    They were gathered atop one of the four secondary towers of the olden Jedi Temple, a place previously used for meditation
    and counsel now covered in wealth, delights and excesses, Infernus and his traveling court, his own; they ate, drank, conversed,
    jested, celebrated and engaged in all manner of pleasures as they overlooked, and overheard, the New Sith Emperor's speech,

    "Now, an era of liberty is upon us. Those who accept the new power in the galaxy will prosper, while those who deny it will be destroyed"

    -'A toast, my Lords and Ladies'-said the wondrous, enigmatic Arkanian as he gestured to all, cup raised high,
    -'Hail the Emperor'-a chilling smile dying quickly from his handsome facade as he now looked, one by one in turn, at those who followed him;

    The five of them were there, of course, Jedi Knights not long ago, now converted into Sith Lords by Infernus himself,
    most-charismatic of leaders, a Darth who only answered to Ruin, his old colleague of sorts.

    First he smiled caringly toward his beloved Styx, so beautiful, so perfect (and surely, for a clone of himself could be no less--she was the ultimate Masterpiece),
    Then he looked at Pugnus, an Iron Knight of old and the wisest among them,
    to then glance at Oculus, their Miraluka seer and visionary;
    then he nodded at Dominus, a man of authority he respected,
    to rest his gaze a moment on both Fulgur, a mighty Shi'ido of pure power,
    and on Fovos, the dreadful, youngest yet infamous Zabrak;

    It was back on Styx he finally lingered, first deeply,
    then lustily as an alluring, vicious smile recolored his countenance,
    as he thought of things to come: the next campaign was fully ready and now,

    as Ruin now looked to rule the entire Galaxy,
    Infernus now seeked to conquer it,
    visions both of the same shared goal:
    the Glory Absolute of the New Sith Empire.

    -'So it begins'-he said softly, to himself, and to Styx in their embrace.

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    IC: Scale
    Captain Calo had returned to Ryloth from the meeting on Nal Hutta to find the war had concluded without him. A dozen miserable, slave insurgents were chained together, bloody and covered in filth, to a metal pole in the middle of the camp. Before the battle there had been more than 200 of them hiding in the caverns of Ryloth. While Calo did not witness the battle this time, he knew Scale's tactics well enough to imagine how this battle must have went. Scale would have begun by ordering the immediate surrender of all of the slaves. When they had refused to submit to recapture, Scale would have ordered a demolitions team to collapse the tunnels on top of them. Their cavern refuge had become their tomb. Calo's suspicions were confirmed when he asked the guard what happened.The prisoners Calo saw before him had only been spared from this fate because they had been foraging for supplies outside of the cave when Scale started his attack. When Calo asked the man where the general was, the guard pointed him in the direction of the command tent.
    His fellow officer in Scale's mercenary army, Captain Zorya was on duty watching Scale's door. She looked up at the sound of his footsteps, then smiled when she recognized who it was. Perhaps it was just because of the effect of Falleen pheromones, but Calo thought she had a very pretty smile.
    "I see, you made it back from Nal Hutta in one piece." she said "I hope you brought back good news."
    "Our employer wanted to revise our current contract." Calo replied. "The destruction of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant has made the Hutt council nervous, but also greedy. They want to transition us from putting down slave revolts towards more active front line duties."
    "That is good news." said the Falleen. "This business hunting that insurgent Donnan has really gotten him stressed out. Perhaps a return to conquest will cheer him up."
    "I think you are right" The Rodian said.
    "Is there anything else you can tell me about the new deal?" Zorya asked.
    "You'll have to wait till after I tell the General. I would prefer not to give the same briefing twice. Speaking of which, I really should deliver my report."
    "There is no need to rush." The Falleen pouted. "He's asking a prisoner questions right now, and you know how he can be when he is doing that. Perhaps you should wait until he is done."
    "No need to worry about me Zorya." The Rodian said "I have seen worse things. Like that time with the Jedi.." Both mercenaries shuddered at that memory.
    "Very well then. I'll let you go on ahead." Zorya opened the tent flap and allowed the Rodian to pass through.
    Scale had one of the prisoners tied to a chair in front of him. The Twilek's face was battered and bleeding. His blue skin was swollen and turning black with bruises.
    "Where did you get these supplies?" Scale gestured at the pile of food and weapons which the mercenaries had looted from the captured foragers.
    "We stole them from your comrades in the Hutt security forces" The Twilek said. "We surprised them in the Ryll mines, then we killed and looted their stuff."
    "You are lying again" Scale reprimanded. He punched the Twilek hard in the stomach. "The blasters here are Republic issued models. The Desilijic only supplied their guards at the mine with weapons from the Merr Sonn corporation. I think you were getting this stuff from that rabble rouser Amorr Donnan!"
    He yanked hard on the Twilek's lekku, pulling the unfortunate head skyward and revealing his throat.
    "Last Chance! Where is Amorr Donnan?" Scale's voice dropped dangerously low.
    "Amorr Donnan is a hero of the people." the slave whispered through his battered lips. "We are not monsters like you, who change sides as casually as most beings would change a shirt."
    Scale shrugged. "Believe it or not, I actually value loyalty quite highly. I don't just give away my loyalty to anybody, I charge my clients premium for it. I have made myself a wealthy man because I know who is worth selling my loyalty too. It is why I am standing here a free and happy guy, and why you are sitting over there about to die."
    He smashed his clawed fist into the hapless prisoner's throat so hard that the chair the Twilek was sitting in was tipped onto the floor. The Twilek lay on the ground choking and thrashing against the cords that bound him. His interrogation finished, Scale finally turned to acknowledge his Captain. "Ah Captain Calo! You have word from our employer?"
    "Captain General Scale, Sir!" The Rodian smartly saluted at the Trandoshan. "I have returned with orders form his mighty vastness, our patron Gysor the Hutt."
    "This is about the Sith invasion isn't it" Scale said.
    "You are well informed, Captain General. Gysor has extended us a most generous offer. He has pledged us double the standard rate for each new slave we take as well as our choice of the plunder for every territory we seize for the Hutt cartel."
    "That is a generous offer." said the Trandoshan. "The Hutts must see a great deal of profit to be made if they will extended such a lucrative contract to mercenaries. You can tell Gysor that he can count on us accepting his proposal."
    The Rodian bowed once then exited the tent.
    "What did Scale decide?" Captain Zorya asked eagerly when she saw Calo come out.
    Captain Calo's voice buzzed with excitement. "Scale is taking us to war!"
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    Mar 19, 2017
    IC: Darth Hatred
    Jedi Temple , Coruscant.
    Hatred looked at Ruin,. All these Sith gathered here for a Speech. Hatred did not like these people, The smelled of fear, Fear? Ruin did not have the stench of Fear. Hatred despised the way a Sith would simply declare himself leader, In fact, Hatred would not mind seeing Ruin dead. Hatred only half-listened to what Ruin was saying. In fact, Hatred left before Ruin finished. He strided towards the Entrance gates, Bursting through them and out of the Temple. He yelled at some worthless Peons to prepare a shuttle for him. When it was ready he prepared departure to Ord Mantell. This was not a time where Hatred would start following orders of some Sith. After a while he landed back on his Base in Ord Mantell, And foound the hidden elevator that would take him underground, He strode out of the Elevator once it had reached the ground, A few peons came up to him as he entered his chambers, he force pushed one out and force-choked another. He sat on his bed. But leapt up soon after. He hated sitting around with nothing to do, He hated a lot of things. He wanted to attack something, But he was not strong enough. He sent a message demanding for food. It arrived and he devoured it. Now he walked out of his room and back to the shuttle, He used a comlink to see if Ruin had a mission for him.

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    Mar 19, 2016
    GM Update: Part One

    IC: Reth Voquen

    The Jedi were now free to leave, as Reth walked through the fields dozens of ships were lifting off. He offered polite nods to various Knights, and consoled grieving younglings. He answered every question he could, though the answers were often difficult for him. Why had the force not given them a warning? Why allow such a travesty to occur unhindered? Was there hope for a better future?
    All he could do was offer a vague sense of optimism, or old Jedi proverbs. It wasn't enough for some, though in others he sensed genuine relief.

    Some hours later he returned to the cave he had been in before the ceremony. A loose cloth now hung over the entrance. Master Trossik and several young apprentices were inside. They were setting up a command center of sorts, from parts that had been scavenged from the ships and other mechanical items found, and brought to the planet by surviving Jedi. Not perfect, it still needed to be sealed in, if they didn't want leaks to destroy the equipment at least; and they certainly still had to find more terminals, as well as a medical droid and an indoor refresher. But it would suit their purpose for now.

    "Report?" He asked hesitantly. The Togruta nodded in his direction and signaled to one of the apprentices, a young Human female. She bowed politely before speaking. "Our Knights are still scouting nearby systems, they have started the process of setting up bases, but are encountering some difficulties. First we are technically in space claimed by the UUW, which limits our opportunity's to deserted worlds, and those with no military instillations on them. Furthermore we have also run into pirate outposts that aren't looking too kindly on our presence here."

    Reth placed a hand on his chin, contemplating for a moment before offering his thoughts on the manner. "The UUW is not unreasonable. Perhaps we can negotiate with them. Though I suppose these pirates take precedence. That kind of rabble usually respects strength. We will need to assert our right to be here, try to negotiate first. I get the feeling they will force us to fight, and when they do that they will find we aren't so easily beaten when we know who are enemies are. Hopefully they realize that before too many lives are lost."


    IC: Prena Masorna

    The war room buzzed with chaos as messages came in, and plans were sent out. "Pirates have raided an outpost near Utapau." the order to send an attack group there had barely been issued before a new crisis came forth. "We have lost contact with our base on Rodia!" The whole thing was just one big mess. Prena, now dressed in an outfit that was more military than royal, took a seat to rest her feet. Her mind was swirling, trying to make sense of it all.
    "How are we suppose to defend against the Sith, when we can barely hold on to the territory we already have from eternal threats?"

    She looked up to Sergeant Aldrich, her second in command. He stood near the center of the room, arms crossed, looking at the galaxy map the projecting from the table there. He scowled slightly, clear determination on his features, though also disappointment. "We've let our training regiment slack in the last three decades. The last major recruitment campaign we had was near the end of the Republics war with Mandalore. And even that was just out of concern the conflict would spread to our territory. Our guys haven't gotten a proper workout in over a century. What did you expect? We should have been prepared for this. No peace is eternal, it is just a temporary lull in the action. Now this alliance is crumbling, and our militia is too soft to do anything about it!" he banged a fist down on the holo-projector. "I'm sorry your majesty but if we can't even beat back these filthy Pirates we are in no position for a full scale war. Its not just the Sith you know. The moment they invade the Hutts will start eating up defenseless systems on the frontier. Like they always do."

    A pause came to the room, before the Sergeant added "We need allies. If not the Sith then someone else."
    She just shook her head, reaching out for anything that could save them. "The Sith are already allied with the Mandalorians. There is nobody else."
    "There are the Hutts...." "I will not consort with criminals!" She insisted. Yet she feared if they couldn't get their own territory in order, they may not be left a choice.
    But someone interrupted them before their conversation carried any further, as one of her handmaidens burst through the door. "M'lady, the newsfeed from Coruscant!"
    "What is it Purru?" The young woman seemed too aghast to speak sensibly. All she could make out was "You have to see it for yourself!"

    As the hologram over the war table shifted to the holonet, Prena's jaw fell open in shock.

    OOC: Apologies for the delay in the Mandalorian update. We had some complications last week, and decided it was more important to get the Sith one up on time, than having them both come together. Especially as we have two Sith and no Mando's. Rozic should have his half of the update up soon. For most faction this week is about building up your bases, and preparing for the coming conflict however you feel to be most appropriate on your base worlds. For the rest... well you'll see.

    Update Part 2: Darth Rozic
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    Dec 27, 2015
    GM Update: Part II
    Ord Mantell
    Hatred’s imagecaster flickered to life. It projected an image of a human male in a Sith officers uniform. The uniform was unnaturally perfect with every bit of fabric ironed and a complete absence of dust or fallen hairs.

    “This is Captain Kash of the Sith Imperial Navy and Military Force, I have a mission for you,” said the man on the holoprojector.

    “Darth Ruin himself has ordered me to instruct you to travel back to the Coruscant system with your troops. There you will keep yourself hidden around the Senate building until you are notified of your next orders.

    Also, please note that no one must know about this mission aside from your entourage. That includes Mandalorians and fellow Sith alike, understood?”

    Kash kept his stern expression but it was easy to tell that he was confused and not aware of the purpose of the mission. A moment latter the image flickered away and the transmission was over.


    Jedi Temple, Coruscant
    Sometime had past since Ruin had made his speech. Now Ruin and Yage Kelborn- leader of the Mandalorians- sat in the Jedi Council Chambers discussing the future of the galaxy, finally an age of order would come. Then suddenly, a servant suddenly burst into the chamber where Infernus sat. The Rodian slave was taking deep breaths and was clearly exhausted.

    “Sir, our great and glorious leader, Darth Ruin, has summoned you the his presence. He says to make sure you bring your lightsaber and to be prepared to fight!” puffed the servant.

    Everything about what the Rodian said was very confusing but it was clear something was about to go down.

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    Mar 19, 2016
    IC: Gysor Desilijic Tiure
    Nal Hutta
    --Translated From Huttese--

    The council had ended session for the day, and Gysor slithered off to the balcony to meet his Yacht. He looked around for Mama, but couldn't see her amongst the crowd. She disappeared like that some times, probably off gorging on the feast or something. He wasn't worried, she usually found her way back, eventually.

    The Hutt was met on the ship by his gathered servants. The Twi'lek Major Domo tried to do a bow, or some other formal greeting, but Gysor simply ignored him. He settled into the comfortable platform that had been prepared for him. "When is the next council meeting?" He asked to nobody in particular.
    "It is scheduled for a week from today my Master." Gysor turned to face a Siniteen, it was his financier, Jiggren Tralli. "Then take me to Kor Desilijic. I need some time to rest after all this stress."

    The servants immediately went to their business, though the brainy Siniteen made a point of staying behind to continue his updates. "Sir, we have begun preparations for the war as you instructed. It seems many of our outposts throughout Hutt space are not ready for a prolonged fight. It will take time and money to shift resources away from spice shipments, and black market operations to the military. Then there are the resources we are spending beating down these slave revolts...."
    Gysors headache began to return, so he decided to shut up the smart aleck financier. "Bah, just give me the report, I'll read it myself!" He was handed a datapad which he read with one hand, as he took a grasp full of some sort of crawling insects with his other, and shoved them in his mouth .
    A moment later he almost began choking as he took in what was being asked of him. "This can not be right! Such a fortune to relocate a couple goons to fight the Sith! You must be mad!"

    Jiggren shook his head in confirmation. "Many of our Hunters are demanding extra pay for war time duties. Then there is locating the resources to defend the outlying systems while simultaneously invading former Republic space."
    Gysor scowled with frustration. "I will not suffer the burden of these costs alone. Inform the other clans they will be paying their fair share. If we will all benefit from this conflict it only seems right they all pitch in for the cost. After they agree then feel free to relocate the funds to the needed systems as you see fit. But no more than the bare minimum." "Yes master." the Siniteen bowed out and left him to dream of the fortunes to come. It would be glorious for him he knew.

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    Darth Rozic (Next Update)
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    Dec 27, 2015
    GM Update for all eyes

    Jedi Grand Council Chambers, Coruscant

    Ruin and Yage sat mostly in silence as they both tried to think of where the Jedi survivors could be hiding.

    "I'm certain they're not in Mandalorian space, scouts have already scoured the area," commented Yage, trying to fill in the awkward silence.

    "Well, that's obvious. I already know they're in Jedi space, which is the problem. Later today I'm holding a meeting of my highest ranking officials and we're going to plan a strike on Jedi space," replied the Dark Lord.

    "What about the Mandalorian officials? Will they be attending the meeting?" asked Kelborn.

    Ruin laughed and stood up.

    "NO! Why would they?"

    "Well, with all due respect this is as much of a Mandalorian matter as it is Sith."

    Ruin walked up to one of the massive windows of the temple and began stroking it with his right hand.

    "The only matter that you Mandalorians have is providing some muscle."

    Yage stood up angrily and stomped his way up to Ruin.

    "Who do you think we are? Mercenaries?" demanded Kelborn.

    Ruin chuckled.


    There was an eerie silence as Ruin lifted his hand off the window.

    Ruin continued "you are a resource!"

    With that, the Sith ignited his lightsaber and stabbed the Mandalorian leader in his chest.

    Yage let out a scream as his eyes rolled back and his heart abruptly stopped beating. His corpse flopped to the ground after Ruin turned off his lightsaber.

    "And once resources are used they have no value!" said Ruin to Yage's cadaver.

    Two Mandalorian bodyguards rushed in at the sound of Yage's scream but they were quickly killed thanks to Ruin's force lightning.

    The Sith Emperor grabbed his comlink and set it to a channel that all of his commanders on Coruscant would hear.

    "Execute Order 12- kill the Mandalorians!"

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    Mar 19, 2017
    IC- Darth Hatred

    Hatred flicked off the holoprojector,

    Hatred had safely landed on Coruscant, He turned to his men and ordered them to make themselves hidden.
    "And here we go..."

    "crrrrrk, Execute order 12! crrkk"
    Hatred heard these words over the comlink, But he was confused.
    "Sir! Do you wish my men to make themselves seen? Over"
    Hatred brushed the cold metal of his Lightsaber with his hand, Massacres... How he loved them.
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    Jul 18, 2013
    IC: Scale
    Captain General Scale
    Having decided to take the Slavers to war for the Hutts, Scale summoned his officers; Captain Zorya, Captain Calo and an older Trandoshan called Captain Fafnir, to the company HQ to finalize the battle plans for the Hutt invasion.
    While initially excited to leave Ryloth, Zorya had become concerned when she saw the magnitude of the "I have been looking over the logistics of our invasion Captain General Scale," the Falleen woman said. "Our slaver gang is just not large enough to hold the territories the Hutts expect us to capture."
    "The woman is right." said Fafnir. "Our forces are designed for quick raids. Jump is to a systems, snatch the loot, and jump out before the enemy shows up in force."
    "It would appear that most of these concerns are about manpower." Calo said, "The Hutts have paid us a generous advance. With these credits available to us, we could raise the army we need for our new purpose. I have connections on Rodia that would jump at such an opportunity."
    "I am not too keen on further dividing up our shares" Fafnir growled. "The more people we hire on, the less individual profit we make."
    "I understand that the agreement the Mandalorians had with the Sith has recently been terminated. Perhaps some of them wouldn't mind working freelance for us?" said Zorya.
    "That's the most idiotic thing I ever heard!" Fafnir roared. "The Mandalorians are already moving to seize territory on their own. Why would they subcontract to us and take territory for the Hutts when they have the firepower to steal everything for themselves."
    While there was no consensus among them in sight, Captain General Scale had heard the dissenting opinions and they had shown him the proper course.
    Having kept his peace for the entire time his advisers argued, Scale had now come to a decision. When he cleared his throat, the heated debate froze into a chill silence. This was Scale's army, and only his word was important. His word is law.
    "My dear comrades, this argument is pointless. You quibble over hiring mercenaries when the solution to our labor problems lie just beneath our feet. We are currently standing over one of the largest sources of free labor in the entire galaxy, the slave mines of Ryloth!"
    "But sir! Those slaves are slated for sale to the Desilijic clan!" Fafnir said.
    "They have not yet been paid for, correct?" Scale asked Zorya.
    "No sir." the Falleen responded. "The Desilijic representative whom flew in with Calo was supposed to bring them back to Nal Hutta tomorrow."
    "Tell him the deal has been cancelled then" Scale said. "We have far more pressing need for their services than Mama and Gysor."
    "Our employer will not be pleased." Calo warned.
    "Then we will have to make it up to them, by delivering the Mid Rim. Comrades, I present to you the solution to our labor shortage; the perfect cannon fodder. Innumerable, inexpensive, and utterly expendable. Captains, I want you to implant all the fit, adult, Twileks we have in our inventory with remote explosives in their skulls. This is our leash to ensure that they behave themselves. Then I want you to collect and prepare all the weapons you can get your hands on. Now get to work, for tomorrow our war begins."
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    Mar 19, 2016
    GM Update

    IC: Darth Discord
    Coruscant; Exiting the Temple

    The Grand Vizier sensed the chaos like a sweet honey giving him strength. He fed on it, and absorbed it into his very being.

    The Mandalorian response was swift. But how could it be otherwise? On his order Yage's execution was broadcast over the Holonet, for all the galaxy to see.

    It took mere moments for him to sense the collective shock and grief of the Mandalorians turn into anger and dedication. "Oh what fun!"
    He cackled hysterically as he walked down the steps of the Temple. The Mando's had been stationed in the Senate district, reorganizing, planning.
    Now it seemed every Sith was rushing out of the old Jedi Temple at once, all desperately trying to get in on the massacre.

    Explosions rocked the street, and a pair of apprentices recklessly got blown to pieces. Their bloodlust was admirable perhaps, but as they had clearly failed to focus their anger in a proper manner they clearly got what they deserved.

    Ruin should be here, he thought briefly. Leading his troops on the front line, as a demonstration of strength, as any true Dark Lord of the Sith would. Perhaps it was a sign his old Master was growing weak? This could be his chance to escape from under the fools thumb. But no, he had to bide his time. He would only strike when he was certain he could take him.

    As Discord ignited his crimson blade his communicator beeped, and he scowled at the delay. It was a priority channel. Only he and Ruin had access to.
    "Sir!" It was Darth Hatred. "Do you wish my men to make themselves seen? Over"

    Discord offered a scowl, and answered in a sarcastic manner "I'd say the time for stealth has passed! Just kill every bucket head you come across!"

    He deflected two shots from one, and caught the soldier in a brutal telekinetic grip, breaking it's neck in a second. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a blue armored Mando release a whipcord at him, which rapped around his hands. With the flick of his wrist he cut the cord, and grabbed it as it recoiled, pulling the trooper at him slicing the man in two.

    As the fight continued he came to the startling realization the Mando's were not as disorganized as he expected. It only took a moment for him to realize why.
    Instantly he turned the communications channel back on, contacting Hatred again. "As long as Yage's niece still lives they won't break. Find her, and destroy her, over."
    With a joyful expression the Human turned back to the skirmish in the streets, and leapt back in to continue the battle.

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    OOC: We apologize for any confusion before. This post should clear up most questions on what is expected. Any other issues feel free to ask in PM.
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    Mar 19, 2017
    IC- Darth Hatred
    Senate Building

    "It shall be done, My Lord..."
    Hatred signaled to his men
    "Kill the Mandalorians!"
    Hatred would deal with Ada'ra...

    Hatred was in the shadows, Behind Ada'ra, Who was busy talking to one of Hatred's men.
    "What is going on here! I demand to see your commander!"
    "Very well, Ada'ra"
    Ada'ra couldn't turn around fast enough after Hatred said these words, His nails pierced her back, He felt her spine... Ada'ra's Skull would make a fine addition to Hatred's collection... Hatred pulled the spine, Releasing it from Ada'ra's back so her skull was pulled out of her head with the spine, He held it aloft, Roaring in triumph...
    "The Mandalorians are Nothing!!!"
    The Sith Empire was going to rule...

    Hatred ran through the building, Slaying all Mandalorians in his path, He skidded to a halt, Relishing the Moment, Then he broke into a maniacal laugh...

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    Mar 19, 2016
    GM Update

    IC: Reth Voquen

    Night had fallen on Ach-To, and the quiet was a calming presence in his mind. The Lannik walked serenely on the outskirts of the cave system, and looked upon the rising moons. He was interrupted a moment later by Master Trossik.

    "We have made some progress in our efforts." He said beginning his report, though the Grand Master was only passively listening. "We found an uncolonized Ice planet in the Anoat sector that could suit our purposes. We have also managed to contact the people of Cerea, they have offered their world as a refuge from the Sith. Though they are rather primitive technology wise. Some of our scouts have encountered difficulties when moving further west. Pirates roam the Unknown Regions, but we expected that I suppose. Seems one called Jotth is the top crook in these parts. We haven't had any direct confrontations with him yet; though the encounters our scouts have had with the people living in that area have indicated he can not be reasoned with. There are other governments in the area, but most seem to be indifferent towards us."

    Reth nodded, as he turned to face the new Master of the Order. "Pirates can be tricky. Though they are also very greedy. Perhaps we could bargain with them? All we need is to turn a few bands to our cause and we will have the makings of an army of our own. From there we can build up, it shouldn't be long before we can go on the offensive against the Sith."

    At this moment the two masters were interrupted by the same young female Padawan that had reported to them earlier. "Masters!" her voice broke in the distance, as she ran up to them. "Jedi Korwin Firka'ag has reported in from her expedition. Seems as she was leaving the Anoat sector she was intercepted by UUW ships stationed near Bespin."
    "Is she alright?" Master Trossik questioned with clear concern in his voice. The UUW had always had a rather dim view of the Republic, though they usually respected the Jedi, they couldn't be sure how that had changed over the last few months.
    "Yes she is alright, and being well taken care of from what she has indicated." The human Padawan said as she quickly caught her breath from her short jog. The two Jedi Masters glanced at each other. "We weren't planning on making contact with anyone at this stage. By revealing ourselves we could jeopardize our sanctuary." Reth said quietly thinking to himself. "But allies could be valuable in our struggle against the Dark Side, and the Union of Unaligned Systems is about the only government left in the galaxy that can honestly say it has its peoples best interest at heart." He nodded grimly. Alan Trossik placed a hand on his chin and voiced his own views. "Perhaps this is a sign from the force. That our peoples ought to ally together to fight this evil. If they are willing to negotiate I see no reason why. Except..." "Jedi Firka'ag has never really been one for the niceties of politics." The Lannik completed the sentence his friend left hanging.

    "Is she really the best one to do the negotiations?" Master Trossik asked hesitantly." Master Voquen simply shook his head and shrugged his shoulders. "I'm not sure honestly. But what I do know is she is the only Knight we have available. With everyone else off building up our domain, to help solidify our presence in the region. Plus she is already in contact with the UUW government." He turned to the young Padawan and nodded in her direction. "Give her leave to begin the negotiations. But tell her to expect a backup team to come her way the moment we can assemble it."


    IC: Prena Masorna

    "This could be our chance." Sergeant Aldrich was saying. "If we gather our forces now, and put our entire effort behind it we could destroy the Sith and end this war before it begins."

    It sounded to good to be true. Which certainly gave Queen Masorna pause to think. "Doing so would also come with great risk, would it not? If by some miracle the Sith manage to beat us back our armies would be decimated."
    The older man simply shook his head, and continued to insist. "Now that Yage is dead their alliance with Mandalor is gone as well. It will take time for them to reorganize their military, to fill the gaps left by their former allies. Plus, whoever they replace them with will almost certainly be less experienced than the Mandos. This is our golden opportunity... nothing can be gained without some risk your majesty."

    Prena hesitated, as she thought deeply on what this could mean for them. She hated sending men to their death's, but maybe it was the only way. "I wish I could be so sure Sergeant. Still, you yourself stated our militia is very disorganized. I am skeptical of it's ability to survive a direct confrontation with those sorcerers. Maybe if we had an ally..."

    And almost on cue one of her lieutenants interrupted their conversation. "Queen Masorna, if I may, you need to see something."
    Thankful for the distraction she quickly obliged. "We will continue this conversation later Sergeant, You are dismissed."
    As she moved in the direction of the lieutenant sitting at a communications station on the other side of the room she heard Aldrich mutter under his breath ominously "By then it could be too late."

    She shoved her nervousness aside as she approached the elderly lieutenant, who pressed a button on the side of the screen. One of her Admirals appeared in holographic form, as the prerecorded message came to life.

    "Higher Command. This is The Independence reporting in from the Anoat Sector where we seem to have come across a minor difficulty. We have encountered a lone Starfighter existing the system, via a hyperspace lane commonly used by pirates. We intercepted it, and its sole occupant. A Female, by the name of Korwin Firka'ag, who claims to be a Jedi. While we are unable to verify this claim, she does posses a lightsaber. Unsure on how to proceed we have decided to make contact with you for further orders."

    "Anyone can pick up a lighstaber." The voice startled her as she turned to see Sergeant Aldrich still standing behind her. "And the Jedi were all killed by the Sith at The Sacking of Coruscant. I'd be wary if I were you."
    She sighed slightly irritated at his insistence. "I thought I dismissed you Sergeant?" He offered a simple bow before existing. "Of course, M'lady."

    She returned her gaze to the message, and stared at it for a couple moments. "This could be exactly what we were looking for."
    She signaled to the lieutenant.
    "Tell The Independence to bring this Korwin Firka'ag here. Perhaps she can guide us to other surviving Jedi. They could be the backbone we need to fight the Sith."

    Next Update: Darth Rozic
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    Mar 19, 2016
    IC: Gysor Desilijic Tiure
    Kor Desilijic

    Gysor was awoken by his Twi'lek Major Domo, Vuro Wilton. With dazed eye's he looked around the main chamber. It was largely empty aside from himself, Vuro, and apparently Mama snuck in after he had dozed off. He could hear her loudly snoring on the opposite side of the room as him.

    “What is it Vuro?” He hissed in anger. The Yellow skinned creature hesitated before speaking. “Our listening outpost in the Southern Quarter has come up with information that could be valuable.” He leaned in whispering carefully. “It seems Queen Masorna has encountered a surviving Jedi, and is planning negotiations with them. Maybe an alliance!”
    This startled Gysor. The UUW had always been nosy, they were the self appointed moral guardians of the outer rim. Before the Sith overthrew it, the Republic could at least be bribed to turn a blind eye to the Hutts schemes. The UUW on the other hand went out of their way to actively undermine every plot they had since the formation of that coalition. Nothing good could come of them having their own Jedi.

    “We must not let them succeed!” Mama's snoring faltered somewhat, drawing his attention to his tone. His wife would not take kindly to be woken up at such an hour. So when she returned to her normal rhythm he whispered more delicately. “Contact one of our Assassins, and tell them to stop this Jedi.”

    “Yes Master, it will be done.” Vuro answered. “I will contact Scale immediately.”

    “The Trandoshan?” Gysor thought on it. “Yes, yes. He is one of our best operatives. Do it.” He gave the order just as he felt himself fall back into a glorious slumber.

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    IC: Oren Itera

    With the death of their leadership it didn't take long for Oren to realize the battle was lost. His people had splintered, and their strategy was dead. He never liked working with the Sith anyways, though their treachery was unfortunate. The Death of Yage could only have one effect, and that effect was quite apparent when he entered the throne room in the City of Sundari. “Hut'uun! You are unworthy of the Title of Mand'alor!” the leader of House Viszla was declaring in clear furry. Oren didn't even have to ask who it was he was referring too. He and Sargi Kryze had always hated each other. Yage had been able to keep them from killing each other, now that he is gone things could only go from bad to worse. “You are nothing more than a demagolka Rev. I would sooner see all of Mandalor burn, than have one such as you lead it!” Sargi had his arms folded across his chest, and his glare was visible even through the visor of his helmet.

    Oren was just happy weapons had not be brandished yet. So he chose to interrupted at that moment. “Udessi gar t'ad! Would Yage want you at each others throats? No, he would want us to avenge him! We can settle who will lead us later. What matters now is defeating these Sith traitors!”

    A few seconds passed, and Oren dared to hope he had gotten through to them. Sadly that hope was shattered just then. “Yage was a fool to trust those sorcerers.” Sargi declared. “His aggression could very well have resulted in the death of us all. The elimination of our culture, and heritage. War is not the answer. We should take this as an opportunity to rebuild! To regain our honor.”

    Rev Viszla scoffed. “Only you could see honor in our defeat. We must fight!”

    Sargi moved his hand to the holdout blaster on his thigh. “If you want to bring Mandalor to ruin you will do so over my dead corpse.” This wasn't going well. Just as both of them went for the kill, Oren threw down a smoke bomb. The light of the blaster bolts filled the room, and more guards came in. An explosion threw Oren off his feet, as each Lieutenant fell back to his own guards. The Civil War had begun.

    OOC: Apologize for recent delays in the update. Me and Rozic are still trying to figure some things out.
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    Jul 18, 2013
    IC: Scale
    Scale and his captains were watching the last of their slave soldiers loaded aboard the transports when they were approached by a courier from Gysor the Hutt.
    The message must have been urgent. The T'wilek's robes were soaked through with sweat and he was breathing heavily. "Priority Message for General Scale. From the big guy himself, the magnificent Gysor the Hutt!"
    "Lets hear it." Scale thought this missive was a bad omen. If his orders were being revised on the eve of their invasion, something must have gone very wrong for the Hutts.

    The speaker on the message was the majordomo Vuro Wilton. So he's trying to be discreet. Mama must not know about this then. Scale mused.
    "Captain General Scale. Gysor the Hutt has a matter that requires your personal attention. Our planned invasion of the UUW has been put at risk by the actions of Queen Masorna of Naboo. She has reached out to the fugitive Jedi Order and has appealed to them for protection. Against all of our projections, the Jedi have decided to respond and they have sent a negotiator to try and forge an agreement.Our invasion plans did not account for the interference of the Jedi Order. We had thought they would be occupied with their little religious war. By combining their sorcerer powers with the military might of the UUW, they might have the collective strength to repel our mercenary army and blunt our expansion into the UUW territories. This can not be allowed. The great Gysor has heard of your prowess at eliminating Jedi, General Scale.He expects you to undertake this task personally and to complete it in your usual spectacular fashion. That is all."

    Scale did not like the sound of these orders, the timing was especially suspect. It would appear that someone was trying to remove him from commanding his army on the eve of the Great Conquest. Assassinating the Leader of the UUW and the Jedi Ambassadors was a hazardous undertaking, and the operatives that undertook such an operation had a high chance of dying in the attempt. He suspected that his enemies in the Besadii clan, or perhaps some ambitious rival in Gysor's court had arranged for him to go on a suicide mission. Scale would seek them out and kill them, AFTER he returned from this impossible task. In the mean time, his forces would have to carry out his plans without him.

    "Captain Zorya and Captain Fafnir, You will proceed to the Mid Rim as we previously outlined during the invasion plan. The Jedi are not yet allied with the UUW and they would not have had the time to integrate with the planetary defenders just yet.
    Captain Zorya was clever and Captain Fafnir was fierce. Between the two of them, Scale was certain that the attack in the Mid Rim would happen according to his plans, despite this surprise development removing him from the fight.
    "Captain Calo, you are with me. You Rodians are renowned for you hunting prowess. Get me the stealthiest and subtlest of your raiders and have them armed for Jedi. No Energy Weapons, Flame and slug throwers only. Our primary target is the Queen herself. If she dies then the UUW power structure will be thrown into chaos, making our subsequent invasion that much easier. The Jedi will likely intervene, and feel free to kill them if the opportunity presents itself but your priority should be the leaders of the UUW. The UUW has clashed with the Jedi before and some of the member worlds are certainly very much opposed to reaching a settlement with them. If those in favor of meeting with the Jedi are all slain, the possibility of an alliance dies with them."
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    Jun 29, 2017
    Can I still join? And could someone explain the basics of RPG?
  22. Master Vo'Un'Var

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    Mar 19, 2017
    The title does say always accepting new players (and users) The Game works like most RPGs here, but you've only bin here since Thursday, so you won't be used to things, first off you should fill out a character sheet in the opening post and PM it to the GMs (ConservativeJedi321 and Darth Rozic ) and they should take you through the basics Jakethewhitt02
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    Jun 29, 2017
    Thank you! :)
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    Mar 19, 2016
    OOC: Welcome Jakethewhitt02! If you want to learn about RPG there is a thread dedicated to that very topic HERE.
    Personally I found it very helpful when I first started playing.:)

    Second, if you want to join this game I encourage you to read most or all of the Original Post. When you understand the basics start a conversation with me and Darth Rozic, then copy and past the Character Sheet in the OP fill out the information on the character you want to create, and show it to us. When we give the OK you can post it in this thread and our Resource thread.
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    Jun 29, 2017
    Thanks, you are very helpful! :D