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Star Wars Chaos Eternal: The Age of Ruin (Always Accepting New Players)

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by ConservativeJedi321, May 6, 2017.

  1. ConservativeJedi321

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    Mar 19, 2016
    GM Update

    IC: Darth Discord

    "Where is Ruin!" Discord declared as he entered the war room. One Sithling spoke up in a wheezing voice. "He has held himself up in the Council chambers. In meditation I believe."

    Discords anger with his master boiled up, but he suppressed it in a second. Better to store that power for later. Ruin had often relied on him to make the war plans, while he did... whatever he does. "Fine then, let him miss out on the fun of planning our galactic domination."

    He approached the hologram table at the center of the room, which displayed an image of troops marching in formation onto a transport. "I suspected that when we rid ourselves of the Mandalorians, there would be major holes in our military force." One of the darkly dressed Sith Masters, a Quarren, offered an explanations. "We suspected that alliance would fall through sooner or later. So we... negotiated with the surviving Republic senators. They will continue to exist as a largely symbolic interim government, and transfer whatever military they have left to our control. Though all the real power will remain with the Emperor."

    "You did this of your own volition?" Discord hissed in a tranquil fury. The Quarren tried to explain, but soon discovered a curious inability to breath. He reached for his throat in agony, but was unable to relieve the pressure the Grand Vizier was applying. Darth Discord was Ruins first apprentice, his will was far stronger than any of theirs. And it would be obeyed, he didn't like being subverted. "Lord Discord, surely his innovation deserves mercy!" A female Nautolan screamed, apparently the only one who cared.

    "You serve by Ruins will, and when he is not present my words are his. Your cowardice does not serve us, your 'innovation' amounts to treachery!" The Quarren was now squirming on the floor. His death would be as painful as it is slow. "My Lord, Ruin forbade us from killing each other! He insisted, doing so would only weaken the Sith as a whole! Do you really think yourself above his wrath?"

    For the briefest moment doubt crept into Discords mind, and in that instant his victim escaped his telekinetic grasp. Not wanting to look weak in front of the Advisory Council, he pretended his release was intentional. Passing by the Nautolan, he offered only a harsh whisper. "Never question my authority again."

    He stopped near a terminal and took a calming breath. "These Republic holdovers are weak, cowards. They will rebel the first chance they get."

    "They are politicians my Lord, they will do what is in their best interest." One of the Masters behind him insisted. Discord didn't bother to turn and face them, he had made his point, and he would do so again in the future. "Not the politicians you fool." he sighed angrily. "The soldiers, the troops. They all have a sense of 'honor' that prevents them from serving us faithfully. You must have sensed it when you fought them, just as I did. The moment they are dispatched to the frontlines, they will turn against us."

    The Sith Lord thought on this briefly, there might be some merit to their idea, but the men had to be kept in check. "Purge their leadership. Generals, captains commanders, all of them. Then go to the old Republic judiciary center. We won't be wasting funds keeping that place operational. Instead lets recruit the convicts. Kill half of them first to make a point, and force the rest to pledge loyalty. They will obey for their freedom, and they will keep our soldiers in check."

    The room was struck silent, he sensed questions hovering just above the surface of many of their minds. But none dared utter them, they thought him insane. Good, that perceived unpredictability will keep them in line. "Go now!" he demanded. Two or three of them left the room then, but he halted the rest.

    "It will take time to get Sith space in order. Word of resistance on numerous fronts has already reached my ears. Tell all Sith to return to their assigned base worlds, build up, and prepare. We will go to war soon, and we can not leave the home front undefended."

    They bowed, and left, still reeking of anger, and loathing. Good, very good.

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    IC: Oren Itera

    The agrarian world was a modest holding, who's primary value came from its strategic location near Concord Dawn, and the fact the clan that ruled over it had pledged loyalty to House Itera. They certainly could not pick a base closer to Mandalor without it being ripe for attack by one of the other Houses.

    Oren stood tall and proud as he entered the mansion that was functioning as his headquarters.
    He nodded towards one soldier standing near the throne. "Update." The man offered a short salute before beginning his explanation.

    "We have reason to believe House Viszla is setting their operation up on Zanbar. Possibly funneling weapons through Krownest. They've received direct support from at least a dozen clans. Approximately nine others are believed to have sympathies for them, though no evidence of direct support yet."

    The House leader moved over to face the hologram of Mandalorian space. "They won't cause many problems, Rev is a brute. He will try throwing his forces at us, but he simply can not think outside of the box. It is Kryze we need to watch out for, Sargi can be tricky. He'll try and deceive us into lowering our defenses before he strikes."

    A woman in yellow armor stepped forward to give her report. "House Kryze has retreated to Kalevala. Their support network is well hidden, though we have reason to suspect much of their funding is coming from external sources. But we have been unable to confirm a single individual benefactor. Nevertheless, they are well dug in, and already making brazen moves to capture Mandalore itself."

    "Clearly a distraction." Oren spoke without hesitation. "They want to lure us into a confrontation on their terms, we must not fall for it." The room was struck silent for a second or two. Nearly a twenty soldiers looking to their leader, wanting an alternative. "Tell me, what is the status of the Sith fleet?" It took a few moments for one mercenary to hastily check his data.

    "It appears they are trying to consolidate their forces sir. Dispatching soldiers to conquered worlds to bring them into line. Why do you ask?"
    Oren tapped the map display, and widened its scope to represent the entire northern quadrant of the galaxy. "As part of our initial deal with the Sith, they agreed to concede these territories to Mandalore. The deal might have fallen through, but it is unlikely they have had time to reclaim the worlds we have a claim on. Therefor, while House Kryze, and House Viszla focus on taking over Mandalorian Space, which would really just be a symbolic victory, we will send troops to grab up these undefended systems and their resources. We can build up our armada from there, and only when we're ready will we strike back and reclaim our home. Then we can take the fight to those Sith scum!"

    Cheers were heard, and for the first time in a long while Oren felt optimistic that this just might turn out well.


    IC: Gysor Desilijic Tiure
    Kor Desilijic

    The Desilijic palace was alive! Dancing, singing, a few theatrics, and the food was to die for! Literally, they actually killed and cooked the Mubasa Hock this time! Most Hutts preferred feeling their food squirm as they chewed it, but Gysor had somewhat more refined tastes.
    Even Mama seemed to be enjoying herself, she had only executed four dancers that morning!

    Ah, could life get any better for a Hutt?

    And sure enough Vuro Wilton chose that moment to ruin the festivities. "Sire, our contact in the Southern quarter requests to speak with you."
    "This better be important! Which one?" Gysor scowled slightly. He could blow off any of his underlings if they tried to pester him, but the last thing he wanted to do was insult someone important.

    "It is the Pirate, Ford Ohnaka." Gysor groaned and rolled his eye's. During which he saw Mama eye him angrily. He gulped slightly when he saw her scowl. "What does he want now? I paid him his bribe for the month. Bah! He can wait, can't you see we are trying to have a good time here!"

    Vuro shook his head. "He was very insistent. Saying it could be important, even valuable to you."
    All Gysor heard was 'valuable' "Well what are you waiting for! Clear the room! Lets hear what he has to say!" dancers moved off to the side, and the room began to darken. Gysor saw Mama fold her arms and give him the stink eye. "What?" He mumbled to her. "He said it could be valuable!" She grunted and looked at the hologram that appeared, of the young male Weequay. The Hutt just knew he was going to hear about this later, but would not worry about it now.

    "Mama, Gysor, good to see you my friends!" The perpetually cheery pirate began. "Get to the point Weequay, you said this was valuable!." The Masculine Hutt insisted.

    A puzzled look came across his face, and a moment later he turned to face the Twi'lek Major Domo. "What did he say? My Ancient Huttese is a little rusty."
    Both Clan leaders glared at Vuro in unison, and the Twi'lek quickly relayed the message in Basic. "I urge to speak quickly, the Magnificent Desilijic/Quiisilli's time is very valuable."

    Ohnaka dared to laugh at the demand as if it were a joke. If he was not doing such a fine job of disrupting trade in the UUW, Gysor would feed him to the Acklay. "Well, then lets get down to business! How much are you willing to pay for military intel these Days? I imagine quite a bit considering the rumors circulating in the underworld about your plans..." "It was never a secret Ohnaka, and you will be rewarded as we see fit."

    Vuro translated hastily, and when the Pirate pretended to be offended by the offer Gysor threatened to cut the translation right then and there. "Wait, wait, wait!" Ford stopped the act at that moment, Just as Gysor expected. "Look, I have a cousin who works in the Unknown Regions, for a big guy named Jot... er however you pronounce that. Well my cousins boss has run into trouble..." "We don't do charity Pirate! Tell us why we should care?"

    "Wait! I assure you this is good intel. He says the Jedi have set up operations in his territory! That they're building up a Military Force, and he doesn't like that. He wanted me to transmit this intel to you, so maybe you could..."

    "Deal with this problem for him?" Gysor interrupted again. That was certainly interesting, perhaps even valuable. If the Jedi had a military force than they're more of a threat than he thought. But they couldn't very well go half way across the galaxy to deal with the Jedi directly. The Sith control most of the major Hyperspace routes, and they are still building up their own force. Still, they couldn't really ignore this threat either. "Tell me Ohnaka, how much did this guy pay you to pass along the message?" "Pay me!?! Why I never! As if I would never do something out of the goodness of my heart!"

    "Not for us you wouldn't." Gysor mumbled. "Fine, if that is the way you're going to be, see if I ever pass on such information again! Good day!" The communicator went out. And the music started up again. "He'll come back to us, he always does." Papa mumbled to Mama, though he assumed she already knew that fact. "Vuro! Order our fleet to gather over Ryloth, when Scale finishes off that Jedi negotiating with the Queen, we invade. Ideally before this new Jedi faction has time to react."

    As the dancers came back into the room, the two Hutts settled back too enjoyed the show once again.

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    IC: Reth Voquen

    The Jedi Grand Master meditated quietly, as the sun began its rise on the horizon. Morning had come to Ach-To, though he dreaded the day ahead, he would not run from it.

    He sensed someone approaching, and he recognized the presence. "Master Trossik, you have news?"

    The Togruta bowed before responding In the affirmative. "Our fleet is gathering in above. Jedi Firka'ag had requested we delay any additional negotiators, she is worried they would intimidate the UUW delegation. She would rather we wait and see. If things go south what navy we have will be ready to launch at an instant. Several pirate clans have agreed to work for us, though Jotth is still harassing our boarder worlds. He seems to be suffering from internal dissent. We could exploit it, given time."

    Reth listened quietly as Trossik explained the circumstances. "We can deal with the pirates later, I'm not fond of leaving Firka'ag to negotiate alone. But as she is on the scene, I will trust her judgement. Just tell her to keep in contact regularly. We don't want any misunderstandings to jeopardize this alliance. Our troops will stand by in the mean time."


    IC: Prena Masorna

    Queen Masorna stood quietly in her room, looking out her window, down on the streets of Theed. "Your majesty" A young lieutenant ran quickly into the chambers. "The Independence has arrived in orbit. But the Jedi is refusing to meet you in Theed. She would prefer a more neutral ground."

    Prena nodded in understanding. It made sense this Korwin Firka'ag would feel uncomfortable in such a highly guarded location. And Prena would rather get out of the castle herself, though she doubted she could convince her security team of such a thing. "Queen Masorna I must object!" Sergeant Aldrich interjected as expected. "If this Jedi was comfortable enough in her Star Destroyer escort, I can not fathom how being moved to the capital could be any worse for her! Besides, your safety comes first madam."

    She laughed a little at the mans overprotectiveness. "She didn't exactly have a choice in her escort Sergeant." Prena turned to face him, as she thought of the many amusing ways this Jedi could turn the tables on them. "Plus, I suspect if push came to shove, she could have convinced the Admiral of The Independence to turn the ship around and take her home. Such would be unlikely to work here. Anyways, it wouldn't be very diplomatic of us to not take her grievances into account."

    The Queen put a calming hand on Nablé's shoulder "But if you must be so concerned, perhaps our alternative location could be the lake country. It's a calm setting, and easily fortified. I'll bring an honor guard, and both your concerns, and Korwins may be addressed fairly."

    She could see traces of worry remaining on his features. But he was almost ready to relent. She just needed one more thing to seal the deal. After a couple seconds of thought, she finally came up with something that could sooth his fears. "Hm, how about this..." She began to explain the idea to him, and when he agreed she dismissed the guards so she could begin packing. Who knows how long these negotiations would last?

    Shadow Trooper


    OOC: Rozic is getting slowly devoured by DRL so I'm going to try and take over all five factions myself, though this may cause some delays like what has happened the last three weeks.
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    Jul 18, 2013
    IC: Scale
    Aboard the Merchant Vessel Trader's Luck
    Scale's stolen Corellian Space Yacht cut through the blackness of space towards the orbiting fleet of the UUW. Local space was positively crowded with both civilian and military so Sacle knew that his people had made the correct rendezvous. Now that they had found the meeting, all they had to do now was get past security. A patrol of star fighters swooped in towards Scale's ship to intercept him before he could get any closer to the fleet.
    "This is a restricted area. Submit your credentials." The voice was a gruff and serious male voice, probably belonged to a military man. If their disguise didn't work no amount of bluffing or bribing would save them.
    "Punch in the access codes Creel." Scale ordered. "Your contacts better not be playing us fake Captain Calo."
    There was a moment of tense silent insider the ship as the mercenaries waited to see weather they would be breathing oxygen or vacuum. The communications unit chimed again signaling the UUW's response.
    "Welcome to the meeting Representative. The Queen and the others will be expecting you. Take your ship to docking bay number 4."
    So the meeting was being held aboard a star ship rather than planet side. It made sense that the Jedi would want to meet in a neutral territory like space, but their intel had not anticipated for this. All of their planning had been done for the city of Theed so this change of location would cause some complications.
    Scale was glad that their disguise had worked, at least. He had been a little nervous about being blasted into atoms by the fleet He was an absolute monster on the ground but in Space he always felt so... helpless. Calo's contacts on Rodia had really pulled through this time. The Rodian had managed the logistics and the planning of this operation, so Scale left the mission briefing to him for this operation.
    "Ok. Your cover story is that you represent the delegation from Rodia, one of the biggest financial contributors to the UUW. My cousin Creel will be playing the part of the Rodian representative. General Scale; you and the rest of the boys will be posing as his private security. It is customary for delegates to be allowed their own security detail so you won't be questioned too thoroughly about your armaments. Still you should be discreet. Bringing your flamethrower or a missile launcher might get us more scrutiny than we can afford" Calo said.
    "I am not worried about my weapons. The slug throwers should be sufficient for the job at hand." Scale replied. "What does concern me is this trader we have replaced. I don't like having loose ends."
    "No need to worry on that score General," said Calo "I had Creel tie off that one personally when he went to pick up the delegate documentation."
    "One more thing. Did the Rodians know anything about the Jedi?" Scale asked.
    "Only that the Jedi had sent a novice to deal with the UUW. Their negotiator is only fresh out of her training." Calo said. "My contacts seemed to think the Jedi quite foolish for selecting such an inexperienced candidate to handle such sensitive negotiations."
    "Than they are the real fools. I know the Jedi, and they are all very tricky. This is precisely what they wanted the UUW to think. I have witnessed first hand, the ability of the Jedi to bend the minds of others to their will. I am sure that they will use their sorcery to get a most beneficial deal for themselves out of this meeting; something which we can not allow."
    The hatch opened and the mercenaries stepped out into the Queen's docking bay, agents of murder with their wicked intent thinly concealed beneath a mask of civility.
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    IC: Reth Voquen
    Obit Ach-To

    The Frigate he was standing on was hardly state of the art. Its outer hull was rusted brown, and its turrets were spread so far apart they might as well not have any proper fire power at all. “The Pirates usually rely on hit an run tactics.” A Sullustian Knight was explaining. “A quick skirmish at most, but they never stay in one place for too long. It will take us a while to prepare them for open warfare.”

    “Yes thank you Ki-Hon. Put priority on getting the hyperdrive up and running. We need to be prepared if negotiations with the UUW fall through.” Reth mumbled somewhat, though it seemed apparent his fellow Jedi heard well enough as he bowed, then turned to face the enterance of the bridge. It seemed he as well sensed the approaching trio.

    Master Trossik led the group consisting of the human female Padawan who had been acting as their messenger the last few days, and gruff looking Lasat, apparently one of the mercenaries.

    The Sullustian made to leave, but Trossik stopped him. “Please stay Ki-Hon. It is Perhaps now is the time to convey the request you made to me this morning to the Grand Master?” the Knight hesitated briefly before responding. “I do not want to impose. I am certain master Voquen has better things to do.”

    “Hardly.” Reth shrugged his shoulders. “At the moment I am simply waiting to hear back from Firka'ag. But she is not due to report back in for another half hour..”

    Instead of waiting for Ki-Hon to speak, Trossik simply came strait to the point. “Ki came to me this morning, with interest in possibly taking young Jiga Tull here as his Padawan. I didn't see why not, but as you are the Grand Master you get the final say.” The Knight nodded his head with a sad smile. “I lost my last Padawan during the invasion of Coruscant, just as she lost her Master. I believe we could be good for each other.” He moved to stand by her, resting a calming hand on his new apprentices shoulder. “I concur.. By all means, congratulations you two.” Reth nodded

    Padawan Tull seemed surprised, struck speechless actually. But she managed a curt bow, and shaky smile. “You two are dismissed to attend to your duties.” Reth insisted, and the duo left the bridge with a quick foot.

    “Surely that is not the only reason you came up here.” The Togruta smiled as he nodded patiently. He gestured to the mercenary. “This is Oragilatonias.” the Lasat grunted “I go by Gil. Its less of a mouth full to you offworlders.”

    Trossik folded his arms quietly, before continuing. “He was the Pirate in charge of this vessel, before we convinced him to join forces with us. You'll need him by you when commanding it. He knows The Raider better than anybody.” “She's as delicate as a flower, and as strong as a Rancor.” Gil plucked something out of his teeth. “She's a fighter, but you can't be too aggressive with her. She knows where she belongs in battle, and you need to trust that knowledge.” This all sounded like gibberish for a second, but as Resh focused on his words, he concluded there was some logic to them. “Sounds like the perfect ship to lead our Jedi Fleet. And I look forward to learning from you on how to use it most effectively.”

    C: Prena Masorna
    Oribit Naboo
    Prena stood in her prepared quarters, changing for the meeting. It was scheduled for the next hour, and there was certainly some apprehension in the air. “Would you rather the green dress, or the red one your majesty?” her lead handmaiden Purru was going through her closet, deciding the most appropriate attire for the coming negotiations. “The Green one has a more practical millitary like appearance. But the Red one breaths better.” She thought out loud. Just then her communicator chimed just then, startling her somewhat. Prena tapped it, and a blue image of a dark skinned human appeared from it. “My Queen. We have received word that the Rodian Ambassador has arrived at Hanger Bay Four..” “What?” She hissed. “Couldn't he have picked a better time? I am due to meet with the Jedi within the hour!” “He was most insistent Madam. He would like to attend the meeting, to see that Rodia's interests are being properly represented.”
    “This is most unusual commander.” “The Ambassador pointed out that these are unusual times. It is your call my liege, should we hold him up?”
    No that won't do at all. They needed funds from Rodia, as well as their mercenaries. To snub such an important being would not look good on her rule. Still she didn't like this. The Jedi would be suspicious of any changes to the plans so late in the game. Prena simply shook her head in frustration. “Tell the Ambassador he may attend if he so wishes. But insist to him that he is to follow my lead, this is a delicate issue, we must not take lightly. Also explain to him the weapon arrangements. No firearms larger than a holdout blaster. Got it?” “Yes Queen Masorna.” The image faded, and Prena returned her focus to the rather dull task at hand.
    “I'm thinking the Red dress, and handmaidens wear robes based off the green one. Best of both worlds.” She offered a friendly smile, trying to mask her continued unease. This was going to be a long day, she just knew it.
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    IC: Gysor Desilijic Tiure
    Kor Desilijic

    The War room was a buzz with information. As Mama and Gysor sat by watching, eager to finally get the war started. "We believe the Sith are amassing for an invasion of Mandalorian space." one underling reported. Good, that meant they still had time to deal with that pesky Union to the South. "It appears the Mando's are still squabbling amongst themselves, but it looks like they are digging in, they won't be defeated easily."

    "Good, now get me the Kubaz." Of course there were numerous Kubaz working for the Hutts, but everybody in the room knew who he was speaking of. And only a moment later the Agent in charge of supervising the construction of their new navy appeared in holographic form before them. "Oh illustrious Gysor and Mama, how may I be of assistance?" he spoke in a quiet nasally voice that gave both Hutts a headache. "Can the pleasantries Bovv. Report on the fleet."

    "Oh yes." He continued. "Ninety eight percent of assault ships have reported in above Ryloth. The Trandoshans helpers have been most useful in getting this in order. We should be prepared to move by tomorrow morning at the latest. "Move quicker!" Gysor ordered. "When the Jedi and the Queen are dead we must strike immediately! Any delay risks intervention by the other pesky Jedi. We must strike them when they are at their weakest!"

    "Oh, yes Gysor, most definitely." The Hutt leader hated suck ups. And he would order that Kibaz killed immediately if not for the fact he was the most experienced planner on the scene at the moment. "Oh, and Bovv. When Scale completes his mission, you are to report directly to him during the invasion of UUW space." The aliens snout quivered slightly, but he did not object. He wouldn't dare too.

    As the image dissipated Gysor thought aloud. "This coming battle will be truly a sight to behold. Soon the Union of Unaligned Systems will be destroyed, and we will have vast swaths of new territory ripe for the taking. I must ask them to put image casters on the front lines. I would love to see the carnage for myself."

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    IC: Oren Itera
    The Cities militia didn't last long in the face of the Mandalorian advance. The Sith hadn't made it this far into the outer rim yet, so these vital trade routs were vulnerable. In these parts of the galaxy, law and order was only what the local authorities could muster with their limited resources. Easily exploitable by a group as well armed and trained as the Mandalorians.

    Blaster in hand, Oren entered the Governors building. Ready to claim it as his own. Nobody dared stop him, not that they could if they wanted. The central office had formal decor spread about. Yellow appeared to be the color of choice for this leader. Who was now cowering under his desk.

    The Dark skinned human male whimpered slightly as the taller Mandalorian dragged him out from it, and held him at eye level. “House Itera is taking direct control of this sector. Now will you swear loyalty to us, or will we be forced to throw you in the dungeons?” The panicked man simply nodded. “Anything, anything!” he groveled. Several more troops entered the room, and Oren tossed the Governor in their direction. “Find our ally a new office, this one belongs to the new Mandalorian supervisor now. And keep a close eye on him, last thing we want is to give him the idea that we're not watching.”

    The man was escorted out by a pair of Mando soldiers, as more arrived. “Report.” Oren ordered the senior officer. “No reported casualties on our side sir. We had to pacify about two dozen mercs who tried to stop our advance. Civilian activists tried to intervene as well, but we disbanded them with non lethal force. Word is Yrall's boys are making steady gains in the Demetras sector. He hopes to have it under thumb by the end of this week.”

    Oren took his seat in the former governors chair, and thought quietly to himself. Planning for the future. “What of the home front?” “Your wife Ivol indicates Houses Viszla and Kryze are focusing most of their might on each other. Supposedly Rev launched an assault on Draboon, but was swiftly repulsed.” Oren scoffed. “His pride must be hurt. He'll just try again, even more brutally this time.” The soldier nodded in concurrence. “Ivol says Vorpa'ya is secure. Neither of the other clans would dare attempt to attack our blockade.”

    “They must see what we are doing by now.” Oren contemplated. “I don't like this, they are planning something. I will be returning to Vorpa'ya after we finish off here. I'd like to see the advances for myself.” “Yes sir!” The man declared before returning to the job at hand, securing Taris for Mandalore.


    IC: Darth Discord
    Orbiting Coruscant

    “All forces are reporting in My Lord.” a deck hand declared from across the room. Holograms of various Dark Lords were seen before the Grand Vizier on the bridge of The Prevalence The lead ship of the Sith fleet.

    Darth Infernus, Darth Hatred, Darth Purge, and Darth Wallop amongst others. “I will assume each of you has finished your job in securing the various planets of our empire then?” several of them nodded eagerly. “Botor is under my complete command.” Purge, the gnarly looking male Quarren spoke proudly. “And the Tinnel government has finally consented to my rule.” Wallop, a female Nautolan, insisted with blood-lust in her eye. Discord didn't even ask how many politicians she had to kill to achieve that. He was just happy they were finally in a stronger position.

    “I hear rumors of a rebellion in the works. Do not get too comfortable in your chambers of power.” He glared at each of them individually. These pesky rebels will not gain ground, and anyone who failed to repress them, would die one way or another. Ideally in a very painful manner.

    “Our next priority is to turn to our enemies. I know many of you seek to hunt Jedi survivors once more, to see them wiped eternally from the galaxy.” He sensed excitement bubbled up in many of their minds. “But we will not waste our time combating defeated foes. There are more immediate threats we must deal with first.” That excitement quickly twisted to disappointment, and anger. Good, more power for them to feed off of. “We must defeat the Hutts, Union of Unaligned Systems, and above all the Mandalorians.”

    Especially the Mandalorians. The Hutts and UUW would be distracted with each other for now, but neither had a significantly experienced combative force. “The Mando's are in civil war!” Purge hissed. “They are no threat to us, let us focus on destroying the Jedi! They are the only force capable of taking us head to head.” Discord eyed him with tranquil fury, sending Quarren back into a fearful silence. “The Mandalorians are not to be taken lightly. If they come out of their civil war in one piece they will be a threat to us.”

    He tapped one finger on the hologram pad, and an image of the Northern Quarter of the Galaxy came to life. “Our spys indicate they are already trying to take over the defenseless systems promised to them in our former treaty. If they secure those worlds they will not be defeated so easily next time. Even by us.”

    Discord recognized skepticism remaining in many of their minds. But he was determined. “I propose a three pronged invasion of Mandalorian space. I will take a battalion, go after Oren Itera, and destroy his faction. Hatred and Purge will deal with Rev Viszla on Zanbar. Infernus, and Wallop will go after Sargi Kryze on Kalevala.”

    He pointed to the remaining Sith present. “The rest of you will each be assigned to a Mandalorian world, and you will conquer it at all costs. Before this is over, the Bucket heads will no longer be a threat to anyone. Their faction will be obliterated once and for all!”

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    Jul 18, 2013
    IC: Scale
    In Orbit around Naboo
    "Alright General Scale. Our invitation has been accepted and confirmed. The bulk of the negotiations have been concluded but the Queen has invited us to join at the public closing of the deal. This will be broadcast live by holonet to all the planets of the UUW so that every planet and citizen in the League might be informed and have their concerns addressed."
    "Every planet in the League you say? Perfect!" Scale gave a Trandoshan attempt at a smile, a horrifying expression of flashing eyes and bared teeth.
    The Guard watching the door recoiled in alarm from the advancing Trandoshan. "Perhaps you should leave your entourage out here Sir" the man said to the Fake Ambassador Creel. "Our security is perfectly capable of protecting you while you are inside and the presence of the lizards might upset the delegation from Kashykk."
    "I am afraid I can not agree!" Creel shouted indignantly. "My invitation insisted that I was allowed a retinue of my choosing. The other delegates are allowed an entourage by law. Well these are mine."
    The door guard gave a conceding sigh. "Very well. then. Go on through."
    "Security looks pretty tight" one of the Mercs muttered. "I count a full contingent of Naboo's finest around the Queen, and there is the Jedi we have to consider. You really think we can do this with just blaster pistols?"
    A Trandoshan is never unarmed" Scale replied. "We have claws, and teeth."
    The delegates were sat around a round table, supposedly done to symbolize the equality of all participants, but it was obvious to every one of consequence in the galaxy that it was the Queen of Naboo that held all the real power in the UUW. It appeared that despite the rhetoric, some beings in the UUW were clearly more equal than others, and the Queen of Naboo was clearly at the top of the hierarchy.
    The Queen herself was a very beautiful and regal looking woman wearing an fashionable and expensive red dress. She beckoned for the disguised Creel and Scale to take two empty seats at the table's edge.
    "Greetings to our friends from Rodia" the Queen smiled in welcome at their approach. "It gladdens my heart that the Rodian people could have a voice this historic day. I understand you had some concerns about this alliance. Jedi Corwin Firka'ag would be happy to address them at this time."
    The Jedi was a young female human like the Queen, but she was dressed in simple robes which contrasted mighty with the opulently garbed politicians surrounding her.
    Scale was not taken with this ruse. Like the UUW, the Jedi also pretended that they were champions of the people. Scale knew from his encounters with the Jedi sorcerers that they claimed they had removed themselves from their desires and pleasures so they could serve the common good all the more altruistically. This was a clear lie. The Jedi craved power just like everyone else in the Galaxy. The so called "Will of the Force" always seemed to fit nicely with the will of the Jedi Masters as they used their sorcery to impose it on all of the normal citizens of the galaxy. This is why Scale always preferred working with the Hutts or the Sith. At least they were honest about their desire for conquest instead of trying to mask it under altruistic pretenses.
    The Jedi was scrutinizing Scale carefully while ignoring Creel. Perhaps her force had sensed something was wrong? For the first time Scale felt uneasiness about the mission.
    One of the other delegates, a Wookiee from Kashykk also seemed to take objection to his presence.
    "I had thought we were waiting for a delegate from Rodia and his aids, not some slimy Trandoshan. Why is this slaver scum allowed a seat at these talks while his people continue their hunting of mine own." the Wookiee growled. When the Wookiee said the word Slaver, the Jedi's eyes suddenly lit up in recognition.
    "That man is not a diplomat. Everyone get clear!" the Jedi shouted, her hand dropping towards her belt. She then leaped across the table towards Scale and Creel, the Blue Blade of her ignited lightsaber flashing in her hand. Scale's hand flashed into his coat and withdrew his hidden hold out blaster. Upon seeing the brandished weapons, dozens of blasters were trained on the high table from the various security men and Creel's squad, although in the confusion some of the guards had their blasters pointed at the Jedi rather than the Trandoshan. For a moment everything was still and silent.
    "Well what are you waiting for! Shoot her already." Creel growled.
    Calo nodded from his position in the audience. He drifted his aim ever so slightly around the Jedi and then squeezed off a shot, right into the Queen's chest! The woman collapsed with an o of surprise on her face and a smoking hole right next to her heart. Then all chaos broke loose.
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    The Invasion of Mandalor
    IC: Oren Itera

    The Mandalorian leader stood tall and proud on the balcony overlooking the dark sky's above. A loud booming noise was heard from the distance, one he might have mistaken for thunder, if he had not seen the military report just a few seconds earlier.

    Now he stood simply aghast at how swiftly the Sith had managed to construct a counter strike. "Oren, the fleet has collapsed!" one of his mercenaries arrived by his side, only slightly panicked "Word has reached us on how both Taris and Demetras have fallen. All our gains are being wiped out, what are we going to do?"

    Oren simply did not have an answer, but he could not give his troops the impression he was helpless. "Recall all fighters, create a perimeter around the capital, fight well, die honorably. Do not give up, we are not beaten yet!"

    IC: Darth Discord

    The glory of battle was on them! The pitiful Mandalorian fleet collapsed into chaos as soon as they realized who it was they were fighting. "Kill, Kill, Kill!!!" Discord screeched as his transport touched the ground unscathed.
    Lightsaber brandished, he leapt forward proudly ready to face the army of Mandalorians that awaited him.

    He chopped the head off one, as he reached through the force strangling another. The battle was brutal, ruthless, and he loved it.

    The true war had finally arrived.

    The Sith advanced in unison, though their opponents simply would not give up.
    All the better. "Destroy them, to the last man!" He ordered his soldiers as they approached on the capital. Discord blocked one shot after another, slaughtering everything in his path as the Sith Lord approached the center square. He stabbed his blade into a wooden door, that disintegrated before him. "Find me Oren Itera men, and lead me to him! He will suffer, and he will die!"

    The Imperials ransacked the castle, killing over two dozen Mando's who stood in their way, before they reached the throne room. Oren was there, as was his Mando Guard.

    "Your treachery has come to an end Sith!" He shouted, and an all out brawl broke out between the Imperials and the Mandos.

    A Female soldier struck at Discord, though he easily dodged her. He brought his blade up intending to finish her, though she intercepted it with a portable shield that came from her gauntlets. "Impressive." Discord consented, as he stabbed at her again, this time coming from a side angle that went under her defenses, and relieved the woman of her right arm. "But not Impressive enough.

    "Ivol!" a voice shouted, resulting in a brief pause on Discords part.
    Oren exploited that hesitation, releasing a silver rope from his own vanbraces, tying the Siths hands, and preventing him from dealing the fatal bow.

    "Oh." The Human smirked in glee. "What is that I sense between you two?"

    Discord twisted his wrist, cutting the line with ease, before reaching out into the force taking the woman, Ivol into his grasp, lifting her in the air before Oren. "A connection is it?" The soldier struck forward trying to free her, but failed utterly, as he two found himself in the air.
    "Love then?" Discords smile broadened in sadistic glee, as he cupped his hand in a threatening gesture, sucking the air out of both their lungs.
    "You failed her Oren, just as you failed your people."

    Both Mandos reached out for each other, both attempting to speak their last words, perhaps trying to declare their eternal love. How sweet, and how sick...

    With but a thought Ivol flew forward Impaling herself on Discords lightsaber, and only a second later Oren's neck snapped, just long enough for him to realize the extent of his failure.

    IC: Darth Purge

    These Mandos were fighting far more fiercely than initially expected.
    They landed on the outskirts of a forest, but were bombarded by constant attacks from their enemies.

    They lost a lot of men already, good, the less survivors of this battle the less people he would have to share the glory of this victory with.

    "Sir another wave!" One of the silver armored privates shouted.
    "Well what are you waiting for? Kill em all!"

    The Quarren launched into battle, striking at every one he could find.
    On occasion he 'accidently' over swung his blade taking out some of his own troops as well. Oh well, who is to say it was him?

    "Where is Hatred?" Purge hissed. The humane had irritated him at every stage of the battle. Never heeding to his obviously superior experience.

    "I think he said he saw Rev Viszla sir, he went forward to engage him."

    The fool, it was obviously a trap. "Hold this line." He insisted as he ran into the dark forest, in the direction the soldier had pointed.

    Coming shortly upon a clearing, where the brown cloaked Hatred lye unconscious.

    Purge approached him hesitantly, resting one foot on his side, pushing him gently on his back. "Sonic.." Was all that came from the humans lips, though the Quarren knew exactly what had happened. Instantly he leapt back, just as a deafening boom erupted from the trees, nearly shattering his ear drums.

    The Sith landed on his side off in the brush, near a tree. He was fortunate to have received what warning he did, that could have been crippling had it hit him full force.

    Just on schedule nearly two dozen Mando's walked out into the open, one of which was definitely Rev Viszla.

    The House leader was gloating about something, but Purge couldn't hear a word of it. "Just fight me you brute!" the Sith declared, or at least he tried to say. He wasn't sure if anyone else could hear it. Though he presumed so, as the enemy combatants instantly went on the attack.

    Purge raised a hand, releasing two thin strands of lighting incapacitating two soldiers at once, before reactivating his lightsaber. He jumped forward, carving another soldier across the abdomen, and slicing anothers neck.
    Surprisingly the attacks stopped there, until he saw that Viszla had raised a hand ordering his troops to stop.

    "Oh this will be fun." Purge declared, as Rev struck at him. The Quarren aimed for the mans neck, only to be intercepted by a black blade of light.

    "You have a lightsaber, now lets see if you know how to use it." Purge spat in anger. He instantly went on the attack, pushing right, left, up, left. Sure he could have ended this fight at any time with the force, but what fun is that?
    Up, down, strike, chop, oh he is decent, but he is no match for a dark lord of the Sith. Purge pushed with all his strength, and ultimately managed to lock Revs blade to the ground.

    Perfect, now all he had to do was... Whoosh

    A new lightsber came to his attention, as a red blade ignited strait through Revs chest. "What?" Purge shouted in anger, and his hearing must be coming back as he actually heard his own voice that time.

    He looked beyond, to where Hatred still lye, though now his arm was out and calling his thrown hilt back to his outstretched palm.

    "That was my Kill!!" Purge insisted. "Don't be a sore loser." Hatred managed to mutter, before he fell back into unconsciousness. That smirk, oh that smirk. I could kill you right now you little...

    But another voice stopped him, as a group of Imperial soldiers approached he realized the other Mandalorians had fled. Most likely when they realized their leader was doomed to fail.
    The news certainly was good.
    "Sir, the Mando's are broken, we won!"

    IC: Darth Wallop

    This Invasion is absolutely brutal. Wallop thought as she knelt, wounded, by her shuttle that had barely made it to the ground before they came under bombardment.

    She held her side firmly, attempting to stunt the bleeding. I didn't ask for this, I was promised power for joining the Sith, not death.

    A soldier in front of her fell dead, shot in the chest. Clearly the stories that were told of the Kryze Clan were grossly misstated.

    "Where is Darth Infernus and his apprentice!?!"
    She shouted to nobody in particular, though it was a young private who answered. "We lost contact with their transport a standard hour ago, we presume they were shot down!"

    Well that was one good thing, now Wallop was the top of the command chain on the ground, she didn't have consult with anyone. "We must presume they are both dead. His troops report to me now!" She yelled.
    Nobody objected.

    "What is the status commander?" She asked, trying to sound as confident as she could muster.

    A moment passed, before a lieutenant answered. "The Commander is dead sir, There is a canyon about two clicks to the north, and Mando towers are bombarding us from the south."

    Well, they could try and take those towers, but it would be costly. They didn't know what was in the canyon, except that it would obscure the sight of the towers. Seemed an easy enough decision to her. "Order the troops to get into that canyon!" She shouted, getting on her feet, and igniting her blade blocking whatever shots she could. "But sir! We don't..." "That is my order lieutenant! Follow it, or die!"

    The Nautolan slowly lead her troops to the North, and into the Canyon. As they came to the designated area enemy fire dissipated. So Wallop took that as her signal to deactivate her blade. Finally she could hear herself think!
    "See, this was obviously the right decision. We can camp out in here for the next few days, and come up with a plan to flank those Mandos."
    "Yes sir." The lieutenant mumbled slightly. Though she still sensed doubt in his mind. Wallop would have to deal with him later.

    Just then the ground started shaking, and a loud rumbling noise was heard. "What's that?" she asked hesitantly, reaching into the force trying to get an idea. She sensed movement above, just in time to leap out of the way of a flying bolder. She ignited her lighstaber again, moving in an elegant dance to protect herself from the rocks. "Avalanche?" She questioned.
    "No." The Lieutenant shouted as he tried to get out of the way of even more falling rocks.
    "It's a trap!"

    IC: Darth Discord
    Sith Fleet; Mandalorian Sector

    The war room was silent as Discord stood listening, his fury quietly brewing.
    The Hologram of Wallop stood tall and proud on the table before them, red blade ignited, blocking shot after shot. "We've lost nine tenths of our force My Lord. They triggered an Avalanche and boxed us in. We won't last much longer, we need reinforceMAHHH!!!" A red bolt got past her defenses and caught her in the chin. The Holographic image collapsed just as another shot blasted her stomach.

    "Cut the line." Discord spoke softly, though his words carried far. "It's too late for them, they failed the Emperor, and they are receiving the reward failures deserve."

    "What are we going to do?" the holographic representation of Darth Purge asked hesitantly. "We can't just ignore Kryze, he is a threat!" the Quarrens fury was most certainly sparked, he cared for Wallop, good now that she is dead he can turn that weakness into an asset. "Kryze is a threat, perhaps more so now than before. Now that Viszla and Itera are dead there is nobody left to challenge Sargi's claim to the throne. The surviving Mandalorians will rally behind him."

    Discord paced silently for a few moments, thinking. "We have plenty of reserves. But we lack unpredictability. Kryze is a defensive genius, we can maintain this blockade for the time being, but he knows all of us, and can rebuff any attack we throw at him. We need someone who he doesn't know, someone unorthodox, someone who can catch him by surprise."
    "You don't mean..."

    "Yes. We need Darth Grievance Vexx."

    OOC: And let this be your official welcome to the game Kaleesh!


    Battle of Naboo
    IC: Prena Masorna


    The Queen could hardly hear anything outside her own shouting in fear and anger. She stumbled forward blindly, almost tripping over her green handmaiden dress.

    Nothing else mattered, she had to get to her friend, she couldn't let Purru die.
    But a hand appeared on her shoulder just then, as the Jedi leapt into action striking for the Assassins.

    She turned and saw one of her other handmaidens Tiine, holding her back. "My lady don't." she whispered into Prena's ear, trying not to draw attention as the chaos of the room engulfed them. "Purru did her duty, it is time for you to do yours." "I'm not leaving her." Prena spat bluntly, though Tiine's grip on her shoulder only tightened. "This was the plan my Queen. For your protection Purru made herself the prime target of any potential assassins by dressing the royal regalia... she is already dead madam. By staying here you only invalidate her sacrifice."

    This weakened Prena's resolve long enough for Tiine to begin leading her towards the exit. "I will bring her to safety, the rest of you make it look good."
    "No" the Queen tried to say. Nobody else should die for me.

    But the other handmaidens were already leaping into action, to aid the Jedi in her assault on the Assassins, and the door closed behind her. There was nothing else she could do.

    IC: Gysor Desilijic Tiure
    Kor Desilijic

    "We received the signal Masters Desilijic Tiure." Bovv reported. "The Queen is dead, and our fleet is on the move."

    "Good." Gysor murmured, looking to his wife for any sign of approval. "Soon the UUW will be obliterated, and our empire will grow all the larger!."

    Mama didn't immediately respond, though she offered a grunt indicating her approval. Sadlu that was not enough to shut the Kubaz up. "By your order the First and Second Fleets have been directed to conquer Naboo under the command of me and Scale. But I took the liberty of sending the Third Fleet to lay siege to Christophsis and several other worlds on the Corellian run. The Fourth and Fifth fleets are going to conquer Malastare and Eriadu respectively, while The Sixth and Seventh remain in reserve..."

    "We don't care about the specifics!" Gysor snapped. "That is why we hired you! Just get it done, and see to it personally."

    Bovv bowed a little jittery, but quickly recovered. "Yes.. of course. I will report in to Scale within the hour, and I assure you the UUW will be integrated into your empire as soon as reasonably possible... Bovv out."

    IC: Reth VoquenObit Ach-To
    "I Know you had something to do with this Jedi! This attack was clearly premeditated, we never should have trusted your order of mystics!"
    The dark skinned human in the hologram was clearly agitated. Reth attempted to repair the situation by projecting a calm demeanor to no avail.
    "Please, Captain Aldrich is it?" "That is Sergeant you traitor! I warned the Queen you Jedi were plotting something, and this is the proof! I will see you dead for this!"
    "Please Sergant, you must know we had nothing to do with this attack you are speaking of. Use logic sir, what have we to gain?"
    "Destabilize the Union, throw our faction into chaos for you to conquer with ease! What do I know of how you force wielders think? All I know is you are the only ones who could have done this..."

    "Not so fast Nablé." A broken female voice spoke from beyond the holorecorders range. Though based on Aldrich's reaction it was easy enough to deduce who it was. "Your magisty. When we heard about the attack we feared the worst! Are you alright? Did that wizard hurt you?"
    The image of a young female human dressed in a simple green dressed came forward on screen, she spoke in an elegant voice, but one that was clearly worse for the wear.

    "It wasn't the Jedi Sergeant. I was there, it was a group of Bounty Hunters, mercenaries tasked with Killing me. I know you have a low opinion of the Jedi Sergeant, but at least give them credit enough to know they would have no need to hire assassins if they sought my demise. They could have killed me at any time, but did not."

    This caught the chief of security off guard, and he raised his finger to respond, but was interrupted by another voice coming from off screen.

    "Sir, we have ships coming out of Hyperspace!"
    "What, who?" He spoke clearly caught by surprise. "Hutts."
    "Those criminal thugs, of course." The Queen hissed in tranquil fury.
    A large explosion rocked the ship they were on, and even from these thousands of parsecs away Reth could sense the chaos on the bridge there.
    "We aren't prepared for a fight! Your majesty you must evacuate..."
    The Queen appeared ready to object, but the Jedi Grand Master spoke first.
    "I suggest obeying your Sergeant-at-Arms instructions Madam. This is going to get quite messy. My fleet will be on its way shortly, just be sure to hold out."
    Nablé scowled a little bit, but did not object to the Jedi's offer for help. The Queen seemed eager however. "Let this be the first test of our new alliance. May the Force be with you Master Voquen."

    The hologram fizzled out, and under his breath Reth huffed "Lets hope it is."

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    Overlord Vexx
    Orbiting Wild Space Territory

    Grievance Vexx was never one for politics, but war was in his blood. His very heart beat to its rhythm of passion and courage. Externally, he was a living war machine; internally he wasn't much different. He is older now, seasoned in years and experience. He hasn't had dealings with the Sith in a long time, only inserting himself into the war when the mood suited him and somehow able to fly under the radar with the Sith none the wiser to his presence. His Kaleesh temper still runs hot and the accessibility to war is a great outlet for rising aggressions when they boil over.

    He is in no such mood today though. Rather, he is in a reflective state of mind, contemplating days in the past. While his life is likely to be extended thanks to his cybernetic enhancements, he is not ignorant of the fact that the average Kaleesh rarely lives far beyond the age of eighty standard years. He is seven decades and seven years aged now and whatever time he has left, he will spend defending his home and his people.

    Aboard his small Kaleesh-designed cruiser, Passing Shadow, he sits in orbit not far from Kalee, patrolling Wild Space with his mechanical Ghost Division, an elite squadron of combat droids constructed by his own hands. Reminiscent of the Krath war droids of old, he has grown accustomed to their presence and relies on them as an extension of himself, protecting his people.

    "Sir, there is an anonymous transmission coming through as urgent," one of the droids speaks up from its position at the control panel.

    Vexx swings away from glowering through the viewport and looks to the droid who had addressed him. The last thing he had expected was a transmission to his private cruiser no one in known space is aware of. How can this be? Apart from the inhabitants of Kalee, no one is even aware that Grievance Vexx still lives.

    In a dream I saw the future
    In a dream I saw the world
    There were madmen's lies
    Devil's point of view

    "Patch it through," the cyborg commands with an incline of his death-masked head, wary and suspicious as a holoimage flickers to life before him.

    "Darth Grievance Vexx, how are you, my mechanical friend?"

    Friend? Vexx stares at the image, willing himself to recognize the speaker. It takes a moment, but he does recognize the Sith in the image, having seen glimpses of him on the Holonet from time to time, though he never really cared to know much more. A Sith is a Sith in his eyes; not to be trusted in full by any means.

    "Darth is not a title I care to retain," he growls, glaring at the speaker, "How did you breach my communication systems?"

    "Oh, I have my ways," Discord chuckles, "You may not retain your Darth title, Overlord Vexx, but you cannot hide what's inside. The heart of a Sith beats within that metal encasement you regard as a body and with it, the Force. Your power is legendary and it is needed here in the Mandelorian Sector, as is your unorthodox and unmatched skill in combat."

    In a world of hate and anger
    In a world of fear and pain
    There's no time for pride
    No time to stand aside

    "I am Kaleesh first and that is all that I am," Vexx replies, raising a hand to cut the transmission, "And I do not do favors for Sith Lords or anyone else for that matter. This conversation is finished."

    "Ah-ah-ah. Not so fast, my friend," Discord smirks, steepling his fingers just under his chin, "Allow me to help you to understand something. There are many lives at risk if you do not hear and obey."

    "And why should this concern me?" Vexx demands, "Lives will be lost whether I obey or defy. It is part of war."

    "But the lives lost if you defy will be Kaleesh lives, Overlord. Hmm, now I have your attention, don't I? Submit yourself to join our efforts or there will be consequences you will not like."

    "I submit to no one!" Vexx snarls, slamming a fist against the transmitter, "You show your face within this system and it will be your final resting place!"

    "Temper, temper, Kaleesh. You primal beast! Either you show up here and submit yourself to my orders or I will see that every last trace of your pathetic species is blotted from the galaxy and I will break your will and grind it into dust! Do I make myself clear?"

    Vexx glares at the image of the human. He knows he could easily kill him if they were face to face. It's possible he could even kill him through the transmission if he wanted to and he does sort of want to, but to do this, he would have to use the Force and he has resigned himself not to, which leaves him only one option.

    Call me a dreamer
    Call me insane
    I'll survive the storm
    I'll take the pain

    "Send me the port of call and standby for my arrival," he sighs, turning away from the transmission, "Operation Overlord is underway."

    "There's a good beast," Discord says in an oily voice as he kills the transmission.

    "You're submitting?" one of the droids asks incredulously, "What if you are walking into a trap?"

    "There is too much at stake here," the cyborg replies, "I must protect Kalee at all costs, even if that cost is my own freedom. The rest of you maintain the patrol. Protect the planet until I return."

    After an affirmative nod from the droid, Grievance Vexx is on the move. He heads to his hangar bay where his personal starfighter is docked and waiting. His comlink, now breached by Discord, blips an alert that the target destination has been transmitted to him. He growls low in his throat, still angered by this unexpected occurrence that is about to pull him into a war he does not care to fight. There is no time to brood over this though; he has a journey to make.

    Boarding the Coup de Grâce, he resigns himself to the task at hand, though his mind is already at work, thinking, plotting, strategizing. His first priority is to guard his homeworld and if he can discretely dispose of this annoying Darth Discord, he can return to business as usual. He knows well that within the Sith realm, discrete is not always an easy goal to achieve, for they all try to be discrete and secretive. On the other hand, as much as he would like to kill Discord for his interference, to do so would likely stir up a hornets' nest of consequences. The Sith would never let him or his people rest if he were to carry out what he really would like to do. No. He must play the game for now. Fight alongside the Sith and help them rise. When it is all said and done, he will fade to black once more and return to his self-appointed station.

    "Backstabbing slave drivers," he grumbles, punching codes and flipping switches, "You may regret the day you called me to your aid."

    Like a silent stone, the Coup de Grâs plunges from the underside of the Passing Shadow and Vexx, unconcerned, lets it plunge for several meters before turning on the engines and sending the craft surging into the night. A quick jump through hyperspace will place his presence swiftly within the Mandelorian Sector.

    Out of the storm
    Comes the children of the night
    Out of the storm
    A black masquerade
    Dance with the dead
    To the music of your grief
    Out of the storm
    A night child appears...

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    IC: Scale
    In Orbit over Naboo
    The assassination had been easier then Scale had anticipated. Calo had killed the Queen, while security's attention was on the dias. All eyes were on himself and the Jedi so none of the security men could have hindered Calo's shot from the audience. He had thought at first that the Jedi would stop it but she seemed more concerned with attacking him. It seemed rather curious and Un-Jedi like behavior. He would have to ponder this if... no when he escaped. His first order of business must be to get away from the firefight on the dias and make his way towards the door. The closest egress point was located just beyond the central table, but it was too well guarded to even get close too. Dozens of security guards from the UUW were blocking his path there, as well as a squad of the Green robed handmaidens. Scale noticed a small group of the Handmaidens break away from the rest of the defenders to dash through the door. Scale snarled with contempt at the fleeing humans. Their Queen was bleeding out on the central dais but her most loyal protectors were prioritizing their own safety and fleeing the battle instead of trying to protect their fallen ruler. As soon as the fleeing women passed the threshold, the hatch slammed shut, locking Scale inside with the remaining security men, and the Jedi.
    Scale took inventory of his forces. Creel's broken corpse was lying across the table from the Queen, his back riddled with smoking blaster holes. Creel had seemed the obvious instigator of the plot, as Scale had planned for him. It was Creel's credentials that had gotten them in and Creel who had given Calo the verbal signal to shoot. When the security men moved to avenge their fallen Queen, it was Creel that became their primary target rather than Scale, giving him the valuable time to try and get to safety. Most of the mercs who had joined them at the table had suffered a similar fate as Creel but Calo's contingent of guards was putting up a successful stand from their positions among the audience. The Security men had difficulty shooting at them because they feared hitting friendly dignitaries in the audience. The Rodians and Trandoshans had no such limitation, and they fired their slugthrowers at security man and bystander alike indiscriminately. If Scale was going to survive this conflict, he would have to link up with them.
    Scale had almost reached the safety of the audience stand when he found his path suddenly blocked by the Jedi. He fired his miniature slug thrower at her but she brushed his projectiles aside with a contemptuous flick of her hand.
    "General Scale." the Female shouted at him, a look of most Un-Jedi like hatred on her face. "Your carnage stops today!" Her blue lightsaber blade flashed out and severed the barrel on Scale's weapon. Scale cast his useless gun aside and retrieved his vibro blade. He brought it up just in time to parry the Jedi's follow up slashing attack. The Jedi was clearly tapping into her sorcery to anticipate his moves. Perhaps he could taunt the Jedi, find a way to break her concentration and create an opening for himself. "You seem to have a most personal grievance with me. Have we met before?" Scale smiled.
    "I have been hunting you for years slaver, all across the Mid Rim." The Jedi shouted "Today I will have justice, for my master and for all of your other victims!"
    "Ah Yes! " Scale smiled. "I couldn't quite place you at first but I remember you now little prey. You are the one that escaped me; the one that brought the Republic down on my little operation! You should know that your Master was the finest meal I have ever tasted. Shall I tell you about his final hours?"
    Scale didn't get to finish. The Jedi rained blows upon him with even greater fury than before. His blade was torn from his grasp by a gust of her sorcery. Scale was rendered defenseless, while the Jedi's Lightsaber hummed at her throat. The Jedi hesitated a brief moment, struggling against her training. Cutting down a defenseless opponent was the way of the Dark side, even if that opponent was a being as evil as Scale. Before she could make her fatal choice one of the exterior walls exploded inwards. A team of fresh mercenaries, wearing the colors of the Dsilijiic clan, hurried through the breach, eager to engage the Jedi and the UUW. The promised extraction team had arrived. Scale used this reprieve to sprint away from the Jedi and the carnage, to the relative safety of the hanger bay. Against all odds, he had succeeded, and survived. Scale looked forward to rejoining the rest of his army and reaping the benefits of this most daring assassination.
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    GM Update

    IC: Darth Discord
    Sith Fleet; Mandalorian Sector

    Discord walked silently to his office aboard the capital ship. Contemplating the coming battle.

    They had to act quick, or else Kryze would regroup, as well as gather his men and resources.

    The Sith Lord returned his focus to the present as he recognized as human officer standing near the door to his office. The man had dark skinned, with disheveled black hair, and wore a grey captains uniform.

    "Captain Yull." Discord eyed the ships commanding officer hesitantly. "I presume you have a valid reason to interrupt me so late in the night?"
    He flashed a minor scowl to make his displeasure clear.

    The officer gulped hesitantly, before quickly nodding his head in the affirmative. "Yes sir. Uh, several ships blasted their way off of Kalevala a standard hour ago. We destroyed as many as we could, though several managed to make it as far as Mandalore."

    "Sargi is relocating to the capital then. It makes sense, the throne world is a powerful symbol to rally the other clans behind."
    Sweat was beading off of Yulls brow, as he knew the failure was his alone.
    Discord however; saw past this minor mistake, to an opportunity that was created. "It's time we focus our blockade then. The other worlds of this sector are irrelevant now that Kryze has relocated to the capital. We can now tighten the noose around his neck..." With a subtle pinch the Captain Yull fell to his knees reaching for his throat. "Our blockade will be far more effective in preventing movement to the capital alone, than every world in this system." Yull fell on his back, hovering near unconsciousness.
    "And as we isolate him on that desolate rock, defeating him will be all the easier."

    Discord released the Captain now, allowing him to gulp a relieving breath of air. "You are fortunate that your failure played into our hands Captain." Discord sneered ever so slightly. "Do not allow it to happen again."

    The Dark Lord turned to greet the new presence he had sensed watching their conversation. "What have you come to tell me Darth Purge."
    He folded his arms, growing ever more irritated at the constant interruptions.

    The Quarren spoke bluntly. "Lord Grievance Vexx has entered the system. And I thought I would give it one last shot to try and convince you to execute him the moment he lands." Discord shook his head in tranquil furry. He thought he had already made clear the price of questioning his authority.

    Before he could do anything untoward to Purge, Yull interrupted with a question. "Sir..." He panted, still recovering from his out of body experience. "If you don't mind me asking, who is Lord Vexx?"

    "An abomination!!" Purge snarled. Discord eyed him in such a way that made his anger at the outburst clear. Before taking a moment to think on how best to explain it to the lowly captain.

    "Vexx was... an old associate of Ruin. And early tool our Emperor found useful when he began his crusade to build the Sith back up from scratch soon after his turn. A skilled warrior, of an influential Kaleesh clan. Some time prior to our invasion there were... philosophical differences. So Vexx left."

    "Ruin should have killed him when he had the chance!" The Quarren snapped. "He is too valuable to toss away so callously. Your anger is a valuable tool Purge, but do not let it blind you too our greater strategy." The Grand Vizier said pointedly.

    "I will go meet him alone. The rest of you may leave now and preserve your lives, or if you wish to continue to test me..." He shifted his hand to his lightsaber. But it was apparent he had made his pointed clear enough, that Yull was gone in a moment. Purge began to walk back to his own quarters after a brief second of contemplation over his implied threat.

    "Very good."



    Sargi Kryze
    Mandaore, Sundari

    The Human man walked down the ramp with purpose, not pride; recent losses certainly didn't warrant that. But he stood strong, projecting a confidence that would make those watching feel confident they too could succeed.
    He wore traditional Mandalorian armor, painted a cyan color, with a cape flowing behind him, its hood pulled over his helmet.

    Mandalore, Sargi was home again, the undisputed leader of his people.

    This was not how he wanted it to happen, there was no honor in an external threat defeating ones foes for them. He knew many in the streets watching him thought the same way.

    But they couldn't waste any more time fighting one another. Their civil war had only ripened them for this Sith onslaught. He wouldn't let that happen again.

    Sargi walked forward, taking his place at the head of the crowd, before turning and projecting his voice.

    "I know many of you harbor doubts about me. You think I am soft, weak, unworthy to lead as your old leaders so claimed. But I urge you to look past this division created by our internal strife, to focus instead on the real threat. The Sith have us surrounded, and as long as we are divided we will fall. We are stronger together than we would be apart. Our first priority must be the survival of Mandalore, must be the survival of our people. And to do that, we must destroy the Sith! That is our first priority, and one we will not surrender lightly. After we drive them away from our space, then I will put together a new council, one that will represent all Mandalorians. From there, we can have an open and honest debate on what our next move will be. Only then."

    The Mand'alor paused briefly, hearing several irritated mumbles from the crowd. He did not flinch. Instead he built up his rhetoric, putting a harsh tone in his voice. "If this does not satisfy you, or you still believe me unworthy to lead, think on this... Both Oren, and Rev fell to the Sith in swift successions, but I survived. That alone is a testament to my skill, and my strength. Anyone who doubts my capacity to lead, speak now or forever hold your peace!"

    It was obviously a big show of course. He was not overly accustom to such a hostile or bombastic speeches, though he knew he had to satisfy the former members of Houses Viszla amd Itera who expected such combativeness.

    The crowed began to cheer, and Sargi built up from that.

    "This is our home, this is Mandalore, do not let it fall! A thousand of us may die, but our culture will live on!!!"


    IC: Bovv
    Orbit of Naboo

    "Ha! Look at them Run!" The Kubaz wheezed watching the glory of battle. "They didn't even see us coming."

    One of the Nabooian ships exploded in a large orange light, as another tried to cover the retreat of the command ship. "Focus all fire power on the retreating vessels!" He declared confidently. Sure it was likely Scale was still on one of those ships; but Bovv didn't much like taking orders, the Hutts paid him well enough to serve them, and he already sent mercenaries to attempt a rescue of the Trandoshan, if they failed it certainly wasn't his fault.

    "Move forward, bring are flanks around and encircle them. Let nobody escape!"

    "But sir, what if reinforcements arrive? We will be too exposed from that position." a deck hand questioned.

    "Bah, their reinforcements are too scattered to arrive in a timely manner. And if we capture Naboo the UUW will crumble!"

    The communications officer interrupted his rant just then, much to his displeasure. "Sir, we just received word from the Mercs we sent. They have retrieved Scale, and are on their way back here now."

    Bovv cursed under his breath, though did not offer any other outward display of disappointment. "Fine, create a path for them to land. But only a narrow one! We must not create any openings for our en..."

    A large Booming noise interrupted him, as the command deck rocked, and the lights flashed on and off he almost lost his balance. "What was that!"
    He swore again, and it took a moment for his mind to register the deck hands response. "Reinforcements sir!"

    "Reinforcements? How! They should be scattered between here and Christophsis trying to rebuff our attack!"

    "Those ships bare the mark of the Jedi."

    "J..J.. Jedi?" Was all Bovv managed to say.

    Reports began flooding in, but all Bovv could do was stand there in fear.
    "We have lost The Knave sir!
    "Levels three four and six have lost life support!"
    "We're being fired at from all sides!"

    Shadow Trooper


    IC: Reth Voquen
    Orbit of Naboo

    "Status of the Naboo fleet?" Reth asked to nobody in particular. Someone quickly responded. "They have lost over three fourths of their ships sir, and The Lake Country has been severely damaged. But they're putting up one heck of a fight."
    "Alright, ask them to maintain a defensive posture. Whatever ships are capable of combat, put them on the front line and maintain a consistent fire on the Hutt ships. We will continue attacking from this angle, and we can catch those mercs between us."
    "Yes sir."
    "Masters Trossik, Gor, and Iress will lead the fighter squadrons against the Hutt ships. But tell Knight Ki-Hon and his Padawan to lead a squad to The Lake Country, and search for Jedi Firka'ag. We need confirmation on her survival before we proceed with extraction."
    "Yes sir."
    "And maintain a formation A-1, no need for anything fancy. If we push our luck the Hutts might exploit it and run."


    IC: Joan Feen (Admiral of The Lake Country)
    Orbit of Naboo

    The red emergency lights were flashing, as the battle outside finally turned away from them. The sweat on Admiral Feens brow began to dissipate as she realized they just might survive the day.

    "Sir, the Jedi have brought reinforcements!" one of her officers reported.
    "I can see that Captain." She smiled broadly.

    "Full power to the weapons, lets show these crooks what happens when you mess with the Union of Unaligned Systems!"

    She heard several 'huzzahs' from her surviving crew members, though it was still too early to celebrate. They had received a massive amount of damage, and she was unsure of how much more they could take. They had to deal with this threat fast.

    A strange humming noise was heard, which snapped her attention to the door to the bridge behind her, it now had a blue blade of light sticking through it.
    Her hand fell to a holdout blaster on her side, but as the door crumbled she realized she wasn't under threat.

    A young human woman stepped over the disintegrated entrance, and she was greeted by an irritated glare from the vast majority of the surviving crew.

    "What? The door was jammed."

    Admiral Feen sighed slightly, resting a couple fingers near her temple, trying to sooth a headache that had been building over the last couple hours.
    "I presume you are Korwin Firka'ag, the Jedi the Queen was attempting to negotiate with?"

    The disheveled looking woman simply offered a curt nod, as she walked down the center aisle, trying to get a feel of the battle that was occurring.
    As she came closer the Admiral noticed several tears in her tunic, as well as several cuts and bruises on her skin.

    She had clearly been in one heck of a fight. "What is going on?"
    She demanded to know. Feen was reluctant to explain to an outsider, but she only hesitated a second. The Queen had made her trust in the Jedi clear. "The Hutts were giving us a beating until your Jedi comrades arrived. Now we have them surrounded, and are destroying them one ship at a time."

    A communications officer shouted from his terminal. "We have secured a line to the Jedi ships. They are telling us to maintain a defensive formation. We are too serve a support role until they can get a retrieval too us!."

    Feen nodded in confirmation. They clearly had the situation well in hand.

    "Alright, their order takes precedent then. Maintain a firing line, but do not pursue."

    "We can not let them escape."
    Korwin had a fire in her eye, that made the Admiral feel uncomfortable.

    "We won't. We have every major hyperspace route blocked. And they'd be fools to try anything else."

    "Fools or desperate." The Jedi held a clenched fist close to her heart.
    But she shook herself out of it in a moment.

    "That queen at the meeting. She wasn't the real queen was she?"
    The change in subject startled Feen, and once again she hesitated to answer. "I don't have the authority too..."

    The Jedi just asked again. Not in a threatening way, but a way that made it clear she was serious. "Tell me."

    ".... Yes. Only a few knew. Me, the handmaidens, her Sergeant-at-arms. They couldn't be sure if you were genuine in your desire to ally with us, so they took precautions."

    For a second there was an image of distaste on her features, but that soon faded.

    "Well, I presume the events of today have soothed your fears."


    OOC: I was sick most of last week, otherwise the update would have been sooner. Sorry for that.

    Also just so you know, I added several additions to the list of minor characters in our resource thread. Including members of the Jedi Council, Sith Advisory Council, as well as handmaidens, and military figures in the UUW.
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    Jan 4, 2017
    Overlord Vexx
    Mandelorian Sector

    Vexx does not need to hear the words of disdain for his existence from any Sith. He already knows the qualms they have with him and that many eagerly await his demise, preferably a perhaps well-deserved execution. Of course, he couldn't care less what they think or whether or not they wish him dead. After all, his thoughts toward them aren't necessarily the friendly sort either. The words of one of his droids remains with him: what if he is walking into a trap?

    "Force help anyone who would even attempt to pull that number on me," he grumbles, making ready to dock his starfighter on the capital ship, knowing Discord will be expecting him. Easing into the open hangar, he wastes no time shutting things down and making his exit onto the landing platform, his collection of custom Kaleesh lightsabers at the ready on his hip armor. He can sense that he might as well have a bounty on his head here. His abandonment of the Sith is an old wound and being summoned here will be like salt in that wound for some.

    Good, he thinks to himself, I hope it burns like hell.

    His talons clank softly against the durasteel floor beneath him as he makes his way toward the central hub of the hangar bays, his armor-quilted cloak bearing the tribal symbol of his clan billowing behind him. His gait is one of unstoppable determination; the way he carries himself speaks of power. He was born to rule and he knows it, but he will mind his manners if he must as his yellow eyes fix on the figure waiting for him.

    "Darth Discord."

    There is not a respectful bow, no kowtowing, not even a slight inclination of his skeletal head. He stands as straight and solid as a defiant pillar, refusing to lower himself as he had years ago while in servitude to the Sith Empire. His fiery amber eyes could bore holes into Darth Discord for all the disdain smoldering behind them.

    "Lord Grievance Vexx," Discord greets him with a nod in spite of the cyborg's belligerence, "You wasted no time getting here. A wise decision, my friend."

    "I am barely your ally," Vexx replies bluntly, "Do not take such liberties as considering us to be friends. Far be that from the truth."

    "You would do well to behave with civility in my presence, Kaleesh," Discord says calmly, "There is no reason to be hostile. We are working toward the same goal."

    "Are we?" Vexx asks, not bothering to hold back the challenge in his tone, "My goal is none of your business, but I highly doubt it aligns much with yours."

    "Well, for your sake and the sake of your people, it had better start," the Sith Lord states, maintaining his calmness despite the cyborg's tactlessness. Though not terribly familiar personally with Vexx, he knows that something so simple as his tone of voice can feed the resistance that is already there. For all his durability in combat, handling the Kaleesh warrior is a delicate undertaking. "Vexx, you are somewhat of a legendary figure, though few these days believe you ever existed. Your presence alone can shift the balance of this war because the galaxy will see that you are real; every bit the Sith warrior you are rumored to be."

    "Are you trying to flatter me?" Vexx asks, his tone scornful, "I have no desire to be legendary. It makes no difference to me what the rest of the galaxy perceives me to be."

    "Regardless, you are in a precarious position," Discord warns him, "Like it or not, your elusiveness has aided your legend and, like it or not, you will be assisting us in this war. You may be confident in the fact that you cannot easily be hurt in a physical sense, but there are those on the Dark Side that would just as soon have your head for a trophy. I have secured your life's safety among us, but do not think that I couldn't make your life difficult if you continue to resist. It is a known fact to the Sith that you don't do well under restraint. Two Sith Lords before me broke you in such a way and I will not hesitate to do the same. I am warning you for your own good. Whatever it takes to gain your cooperation, I will do, but I will leave it up to you to decide what measures I need to take."

    Vexx growls softly and looks away from the Sith Lord. He recognizes this tactic to bring him under control. It is not unlike the method Darth Draconis had employed years ago while torturing him; making it look like Vexx himself was in control of his own fate. It is a mind game he hates and he hates it for its effectiveness. He would be foolish to further argue and resist.

    "Do I need to have you detained, Lord Vexx?" The condescension is not hidden as Discord urges him to make his decision. He will either cooperate willingly or be forced to cooperate. The cyborg heaves a sigh that seems to deflate his massive form.

    "That will not be necessary," Vexx replies, resignation weighing heavily on his tone, "I will fight on the side of the Sith, but you will not tell me how to strategize this battle. You will give me pertinent information that will be useful to my plan, but that is all."

    "Very good," Discord smiles and inclines his head to the now-compliant cyborg, pleased by the sudden change in his temperament, "And of course, I will not tell you how to run your ship. You come from a long line of warriors and strategists. I trust you will make wise decisions."

    "I am not in the practice of making impulsive uneducated ones," Vexx replies, "On that note, I need to know exactly what you are expecting of me entering this battle. What is my main purpose?"

    Discord's posture relaxes somewhat as the beast before him becomes docile; logical and willing to cooperate. He would never admit it, but Grievance Vexx does make him nervous. He has heard what the cyborg is capable of and he must be handled with caution to avoid stirring that savage Kaleesh temper that boils just below the surface.

    "Kryze is a master at defense," he explains, beginning to walk away from the hangar bay, knowing the Kaleesh warlord will naturally follow, "He has been able to anticipate our attacks and counter accordingly. You are known to be unpredictable, Lord Vexx. We need that element on our side. You are also a master at defense yourself, but your strategizing is faster and far more fortified."

    "Kryze must be provoked to attack first," Vexx states, more planning out loud than actually conversing with Discord, "Only then will his defenses fall. I can accomplish this. I have done it in hand-to-hand combat and in command of a fleet."

    "Excellent," Discord smiles, reassured by the confidence in the cyborg, "Do what you must. If you have need of anything, it shall be supplied."

    Vexx listens quietly as he strides along beside Discord, hands clasped behind his back, yellow eyes fixed on nothing in particular as he considers what he has been told about Kryze. Part of him feels a slight hunger for the challenge this war presents. He has always enjoyed a challenge; never did he mind being the long shot in the odds. He almost always finds a way to come out strong. This shall be no different. Whoever Kryze is, he is about to potentially get more than he ever bargained for. Vexx turns to look at Discord.

    "Arrange a meeting for me with whomever I am to command and cooperate with. I need to know each individual. I can better determine a battle strategy if I know who I am expected to work with. I prefer to know my allies as well as I know my enemies."

    Tag: ConservativeJedi321
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    IC: Scale
    In orbit over Naboo
    A detachment of Scale's Reavers was waiting for him when his shuttle rejoined the Hutt fleet. Captain Calo had been with him for the assassination but the bulk of his forces and both of his other officers had been dispatched on other objectives in the Mid Rim. His support for this mission had instead been provided from the personal forces of Mama and Gysor, led by a Kubaz named Bovv. A good portion of the retrieval team had made it back, but only 1/3 of the assassins had not made it back, and those all from Calo's support team. Of the mercenaries that had been at the negotiating table instead of the spectators gallery, only Scale had made it back.
    "Good to see you sirs!" the Rodian Sergeant said. The rest of the Reavers enthusiastically hailed the survivors of the assassination team as returning heroes.
    "Save the party until after we have left the war zone " Scale said, silencing the celebrations of his mercenaries. "There is still a battle on. I need a status reprot now!"
    "At once General." The Rodian Sergeant handed him a datapad and a comlink:
    The assassination of the Queen, played live for all of the UUW to see, had created a great demoralizing and destabilizing of the Inner Rim. Both Zorya nad Fafnir reported successful raids and seizures on their Mid Rim objectives. The daring stirke at the heart of UUW power had shattered the resolve of the UUW forces trying to halt the Hutt advance. Unfortunately the success of the great Hutt incursion had not been transferred to their local efforts at Naboo.
    The battle for Naboo, while initially looking bright for the Hutt coalition had taken a turn for the worse. Bovv's attack and Scale's own assassination mission had taken the UUW by surprise; however, the disorientation caused by the death of their leader had not quite effected them as Gysor's tacticians had projected. They had rallyed quickly, perhaps motivated by vengeance and had pushed back hard against the Hutt invaders. To make matters worse, the assassination seemed to have strengthened rather than shattered any alliance with the Jedi. The Sorcerers had dropped into the system in full force to aid the beleaguered Naboo and they were destroying Bovv's unprepared ships with lightning precision.
    "Should we join in the battle General" Calo wheezed. "Bovv will lose the objective without our help."
    "He will lose the battle regardless of our help" Scale growled. "I accomplished my part and was nearly skinned by a Jedi in the process. I do not want to push my luck further in service of a futile purpose. Begin the withdrawal"
    "Very Good" Calo nodded. "That assassination was all that we were contracted for. Everything else was Bovv's responsibility."
    "I hope for both of our sake that Gizor sees things the same way." The ship shot off into hyperspace, exchanging a certain doom for one that was only probable.
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    GM Update

    IC: Darth Discord
    The Prevalence: Orbit around Mandalore

    The Dark Lord walked with an even pace, down to the hanger where the final stages of their planning were taking place. The Capital ship was just breaching the day side of the planet below, so it was not surprising to see more active personnel wondering the halls, attending to their various duties at the break of dawn.

    Discord for his part relied on the darks side to keep him energized after the long night of planning prevented him from attaining much rest.

    As he rounded the corner of one of the larger transports a small group of Sith came into view. They were circled around a small silver astromech droid, that was projecting an image of the planet below. Grievance Vexx was at the head of the group, standing to the right of the Atromech. On the mechanics left was Darth Slay, a female Iktotchi of the Sith advisory council. Standing in her shadow was her apprentice, Wacten Plus, a middle aged human male.

    Also at the meeting were three of the more senior Sith Lords: Levi, Impost, and Grisly.

    Together they made up the High Command of the battle that was to come. Vexx of course was to be the lead commander of the battle, but would report to Discord.

    Slay was pointing at the hologram before them. "There are two major points of interest on Mandalore, Sundari is in the plains on the planets Western quarter, it has functioned as their capital of late, though it is not very fortifiable. If Kryze takes the tactically sound position he will be located in the more forested Eastern Quarter. Likely in their ancestral Capital of Keldabe. From there they could perform hit an run tactics, staying just out of reach for an indefinite amount of time. It will be impossible for us to be confident in total victory if we attack them there."

    Levi scoffed. "We don't need to wipe them out, all we need to do is shatter their resolve. Both Sundari and Keldabe are powerful symbols, if they loses either one Kryze will be under intense pressure to recapture it."

    The meeting grew silent for a second as they realized Discord was watching them from the Shadows.
    "My Lord." the lowly apprentice spoke first, shaking ever slightly. "Will you be joining us for this assault?"
    Slay made to hit her pupil for speaking out of turn, but the Grand Vizier halted her with a gesture. It was a fair question after all.

    "No, I would certainly like too. But I must report to Ruin on Coruscant. He is most interested to hear of our progress. Lord Vexx is taking direct command of the fleet in my absence."

    And Darth Slay will certainly report back to me should anything troublesome happen, he left unsaid.

    "I simply came down here to see how your plan was coming together." He finished with a smirk, nodding to the cyborg.



    Sargi Kryze
    Mandaore, Keldabe

    The Mandalore stood in a small clearing on the outskirts of the ancient city. Watching as his troops performed their drills, and sparring with one another. The past few days had gone by in a blur, the Sith blockade had been maintained, though it affected them little aside from the fact they could no longer leave the planet.

    The sorcerers had tried disrupting their communications, though with some tinkering they managed a signal that was hidden from the Siths disruption.

    Beyond that they grew their own food, and were always armed. So All they had to do was wait, an attack was coming, he knew it was. They prepared day and night for it, in some ways he figured it would be ease his burden were it to just happen already.

    Many of his followers questioned his decision to concentrate his forces here, especially among those in his won clan who were more attracted to the Sundari cityscape. They continually insisted he send more troops to guard their old capital if it was attacked. But that was impractical he knew, doing so would spread them to thin. They had to concentrate their force in a single area if they were to be effective. And the shroud of the forest was the best defensive position they had.

    Choosing this location had other benefits as well. It had appeased Clan Viszla, as well as numerous others that had more attraction to the past than he did. They felt more of a connection to the old ways, to the more rustic forests than the city's that their most recent leaders had favored. They thought it created a greater connection to their ancestors, to their traditions, and their honor.

    It made little difference to Sargi, he was only here for the tactical advantage. But he was just fine letting them believe the traditions influenced his decision to set up here. Anything he could do to keep his people together, he would.


    IC: Gysor Desilijic Tiure
    Kor Desilijic


    Gysor bellowed over the comm. The stuttering Bith communications officer tried to elaborate his previous report.
    "Ggggiant Fleet, cccarring the mark of the Jedi my Lord. Ttthey flanked us, blocking off all major hyperspace lanes. Bbovv has fffrozen. Not responding. Wwe are being destroyed!"

    Great, the Jedi poodoo just had to come in and ruin his good day. They just received reports that Christophsis, Radnor, and Ando had all fallen tp the might of their fleets, and this report comes in informing him they had lost Naboo! And if they don't act quickly they could very well lose their largest fleet as well.

    "Well what are you waiting for!" Gysor shouted in the comms, and he saw the Bith flinch in response. "RETREAT!"

    "Hhhow sir? Lllike I said, they have all the major hhhhyperspace routes blocked...."

    "Your freaking pirates! Use one of them secret one's you got stored away! I know you have some!"
    Either the Bith hesitated, or the communications array was growing choppy again. It was a miracle the Jedi hadn't shot the capital ships communications array yet, and Gysor wasn't about to waste what time they had left.

    "Well!?! What are you waiting for!?!"

    "Ttthose routes are notoriously unreliable sir."

    "They're more reliable than staying where you are and dying, now do as I say!"

    "Yyyes sir."

    A second passed, as the jittery Bith turned his seat and began transferring the order. When Gysor heard a their Hyperdrive powering up he offered a new order as well.

    "And Tell Bovv to report back to my palace when you're safely away. I have a treat for him."
    The Bith nodded, gulping ever reluctantly. "When you see Scale, inform him that as a reward for his hard work I'm transferring Christophsis and Ando to his command. I trust that this will be a minor setback in this war."

    Shadow Trooper


    IC: Reth Voquen
    Kashyyyk; Kachirho City

    The Battle over Naboo had ended almost as quickly as it began. The Hutt fleet fled into Hyperspace, using dangerous smuggling trade routes the Jedi had been unaware of. As most of the Jedi fleet stayed behind to aid the UUW in repairing their damaged ships, Reth had a mission of his own, one of diplomacy.

    Leading him to this planet. Kashyyyk had long had an affinity for the Republic, though it maintained a fierce independent streak as well. That lead it to being one of the few worlds of the northern midrim to maintain a delegation to the UUW congress, with strict neutrality should conflict arise between the core centric republic, and Union of Unaligned Systems.

    Which also made it one of the more secure worlds within their area of control. Centuries of peace dominated the small green world, with its primary rival being near by Trandosha. Having two superpowers on your side has its advantages though, meaning any conflict that did spark with the Wookiees and their neighbor was usually short lived.

    Well that is how it was anyway, before the Sith toppled the Republic. It seemed likely now that prosperity would be ended sooner or later. Even as the war had not made it this far they were preparing. Yet It is still not wise to upset a Wookiee. Which is why the Queen had relocated here during the battle. She would remain here until they were sure Naboo was secure.

    As he waited for the Queen Masorna to find time to meet with him the Jedi Master decided it would be best to report to the council, but to his surprise there was far more interesting things to discuss than his own mission.
    So there Reth sat in one of the tree houses, four holograms projecting before him. The three surviving members of the council sat on either side of him: Alan Trossik, Een Gor, and Iress.

    Standing before them was Jedi Knight Korwin Firka'ag, recounting her tale of negotiation, and bloodshed.

    As she finished her report, the Master sat silently for a moment. Reth wished he could be present, to sense for himself Korwins inner most thoughts. He couldn't be sure, but there most certainly appeared conflict on the features of the woman, even through the blue hologram display.

    "You did well Jedi Firka'ag." Master Trossik said in a soothing tone.
    "I could of ended his life right there. Who knows how many others I might have saved." She looked down at the floor before her. Whether she was ashamed of these vengeful thoughts she was expressing, or that she had not gone through with them, Reth could not tell.

    "Anger is the Path to the Dark Side." Master Gor said calmly, holding her hands out before her.

    "Had you struck him down in anger, with hatred in your heart, you would be no better than he is." Croaked Iress, in his squeaky Rodian tone.

    Reth simply nodded, allowing his colleagues on the scene to take the lead.

    "Is it wrong to feel this way Masters? To feel frustrated, angry...."
    She trailed off.

    The other Masters looked amongst each other, unsure of how to respond. In the end it was the Grand Master who spoke first, a subtle hesitance about his tone as he shook his head. "No. These are natural feelings, one's that you should be aware of. It is to be expected, but you must not let them consume you. Fear, Anger, hatred, these feed the dark side. Remember your training, it takes strength to resist these temptations. As all Jedi Must. Be calm, meditate, think on this. Do not act out of vengeance."

    The meeting fell silent again, but Msater Trossik quickly broke the silence. "As Master Voquen says, you need rest, meditation. I trust after calming your mind you will see that you did the right thing. Return back to Ach-To, spend some time in peace."

    Korwin bowed, before quietly leaving the chamber all alone.

    Trossik watched her leave, before standing himself. "Alright, if there is no objection, this meeting is adjourned.


    IC: Prena Masorna
    Kashyyyk; Kachirho City

    The Wookiee's had been most hospitable since her arrival. Her quarters were lavishly decorated with the most fine carpets and wooden statues they could craft, and their guards were ever alert for any hostiles that might still be after her. Though the Queen's mind remained back on Naboo, the sight of her Handmaidens rushing to their death burning in her skull, she wasn't even sure how many had survived.
    Though to her Relief the Jedi had arrived in time to save them from utter defeat.

    A Knock at her door startled her back to the present.

    Tiiné, the only handmaiden to have accompany her to away from Naboo, opened the door.

    There stood three strong Wookiees. The center one she recognized as the Chief of this village, called Yirrawa.
    The one on his right she assumed to be his body guard,

    And the one on his left she knew to be Venerwaalk, captain of the planetary defense fleet the UUW intrusted to guard this system. Yirrawa growled a greeting her way, and after a moment explained why he had to interrupt her.

    "He's arrived?" She said with a weary smile. "Very well, then send him in."

    After a few seconds a stout Lannik entered her quarters.
    "It is good to see you alive Queen Masorna." He stated warmly. "The force has truly conspired to bring our two factions together."

    Prena smiled genuinely this time, at the small Grand Masters jovial appearance. "Perhaps so Master Voquen. Though I get the feeling this alliance was inevitable from the moment the Republic fell."

    He nodded, his expression turning sad for a moment. "Perhaps we should discuss terms then?"
    "A mere formality." She laughed.
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    Jan 4, 2017
    Overlord Vexx
    The Prevalence - Orbit around Mandalore

    Vexx is hard-pressed to stand still, moving away from the others to pace as he listens to them talk. Sometimes he despises working with others. Plans can be flawless; get others involved in those plans and they can potentially be blown all to hell. He listens to Slay for a time, growling and cursing under his breath in Kaleesh as his frustration builds until he finally loses his temper and slams his fists on the hologram's transmitter, causing his unwanted company to jump with a start.

    "What part of we will not attack are you not understanding, advisor?" he snarls, "It is not wise to attack one so well fortified in defenses. We have to turn the tide. The only way to do that is to provoke Kryze to take the offensive and draw him into a vulnerable position. How many times do I have to tell you? Is my Basic not fluent enough for you?"

    His piercing eyes shift to the one called Levi and his comment pacifies the cyborg's temper slightly as he speaks of wearing down the enemy's resolve rather than making an all-out assault. At least someone here is on relatively the same wavelength in strategizing. He straightens from his animalistic hunched posture and his respirator hisses as he exhales slowly, letting go of the remnants of rage before it gets the better of him and lands him in confinement.

    "This one displays battle-worthy intelligence," he muses, circling Levi and then stopping to glower down at Slay, "You would do well to change your perspective on this war, advisor. It is not all about pushing the advance. The battle ground is constructed in the mind first, but in order to construct it so that it functions, we must get inside the enemy's head. I need you to help me to know how Kryze thinks. I do not need you constructing the battle plan."

    One might perceive Vexx to be picking on Slay simply because she is female, stereotyped as being unfit to strategize war, but this is not the case. His culture demands respect for females as they are just as capable of impressive warfare as any male. It is her taking point while clearly inexperienced with the tactics he intends to use that irritates him.

    "Hmph. Brutish abomination," Slay retorts brazenly, "Purge was right. You should have been put down the moment you arrived."

    "I agree," Vexx growls in response, "Continue to question me and I will make every last one of you regret letting me live."

    Steely gazes lock between Slay and Vexx, each emanating with a silent challenge to the other, but Slay recoils from the stare down, knowing Discord has a purpose in calling on the aged Kaleesh warrior to aid them. "Very well, cyborg. Carry on."

    Vexx inclines his head to the advisor in a silent gesture of thanks and turns to those gathered.
    "As we all now agree on," he says, glancing purposefully at Slay, "We will not be making any direct attacks on Kryze. Rather, we will work to spread his forces thin and weaken the ranks, luring them into positions to be outnumbered and overrun."

    The cyborg pauses as Discord appears from the shadows, narrowing his eyes at the man who has drawn him into this mess he never wanted to be a part of. He hides it for the sake of appearing to cooperate, but inside he is bristling at the Sith Lord. He can feel his own Force abilities clamoring to come out in the form of violence, but he resists it despite the fact that he would love to smear Discord all over the walls right now.

    "It is coming together," he replies, glaring sidelong at Slay, "A bit disjointedly due to some misperceptions of war, but it is coming together."

    Despite Vexx's efforts to conceal his strong power in the Force, Discord can sense the animosity between the Kaleesh warlord and the council advisor. For a moment, he questions if he has truly made a wise decision in drafting Grievance Vexx into this war. He has no doubt that Vexx could kill any one of these beings he has placed him with and if he did, he would have to be dealt with swiftly and likely lethally; an outcome that certainly would not please his master. He motions for the cyborg to come to him and Vexx begrudgingly obeys, allowing himself to be taken aside out of earshot.

    "I'm sensing a bit of tension here, Lord Vexx," Discord says in a low voice, "Is there anything you would like to tell me?"

    "Your advisor is a fool," Vexx replies bluntly, "If she has any experience on the frontlines at all, it certainly doesn't show. She is more like the politicians who sit in their cushy offices and dictate how the generals are to handle the war, knowing nothing about the tactics that occur on the actual battle ground. She annoys the hell out of me."

    "Tread carefully, Kaleesh," Discord warns him sternly, "You can quickly become expendable if you decide to become an upstart around here. I am well aware of how your type is always looking for a fight."

    "I am not looking for a fight," Vexx snarls venomously, "I am looking to do as I have been asked and leave. I do not care about playing any political games. If the advisor does not know what she is talking about, she needs to hold her tongue."

    Discord is becoming frustrated with this belligerent beast. Who does he think he is? The Sith Lord briefly entertains the thought of Force-choking the monster into a more docile state, but it occurs to him that, though Vexx has yet to show his power in the Force, he is rumored to be very powerful. Some have even said that he has the ability to sever connections to the Force in others. Whether it is true or not, Discord does not know, but he is in no way eager to test those waters just in case. An attempted Force-choke, however well-deserved it may be, could very well provoke the Kaleesh to exhibit his power and indeed, he does need to be pushed to such a point, but it needs to be under different circumstances. Discord certainly doesn't want to become the victim of this creature's show of strength.

    "I would advise you to be cautious, Lord Vexx," he warns him again, trying to diffuse the cyborg's irritation, "If you cannot control your temper around those assigned to you, I shall find ways to help you control it; ways you will not like."

    Vexx releases a frustrated growl and looks away from the Sith Lord, knowing without explanation what Discord is implying. He draws a deep breath and raises himself to his full intimidating height.

    "Your help will not be necessary, sir," he sighs, unable to keep the bitter bite of resentment out of his tone as he glares at Discord, moving back to rejoin the group as the Sith Lord follows him. He raises his voice to address the gathering, his tone calm and matter-of-fact. "I have plans to target the old capital Sundari; not for attack, per se. More of a mental game. Position fleets as though they are there to lay siege, but refrain from attacking. Such tactical positioning will make the Mandalorians nervous and they will not know what we are up to if all we do is sit there stationary. Tensions will build and eventually someone will snap and commence an attack. That will be when we spring the trap, exhaust their forces, and level them."

    His reptilian eyes lock on Slay, silently daring her to challenge him or find a hole in his plan. He can tell by her expression that she has a few choice words for him, but she refrains with Discord present. She would sooner poke holes in the cyborg's ideas herself than search for one that's already there. She would like to poke holes in his vital organs while she's at it too. Uncivilized beasts such as himself have no place in advanced war planning, but she will not voice her opinions here. There will be time for that later.

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    Despite Scale's worries, Gysor did not find him responsible for his failure to take Naboo. Despite the unforeseen intervention of the Jedi, Scale's attempt on the Queen's life had caused enough panic in the UUW to make many worlds ripe for conquest.While their Captain-General was attempting his assassination of the Queen, Scale's Reavers had been assigned to aid in the capture of Ando and Christophsis. Scale's increased favor with Gysor Desilijic after that mission had resulted in the mercenaries being given command of the freshly conquered worlds, and the choice picking of the loot. This further angered the members of the Besadii, whom believed that they had a better claim to the new worlds. As one of the foremost clans in the Hutt Cartel, they believed the administration should have gone to them rather than to some lowly blasters for hire. Scale found a very volatile political climate when he regrouped with Captain Fafnir's half of his slaver gang on the planet Ando...
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    Can I join
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    GM Update

    IC: Reth Voquen
    Kashyyyk; Kachirho City

    "Please, Master Voquen take a seat." the Queen spoke in a formal tone, that the Jedi knew to be common on Naboo. "Is there anything I can do to ensure your comfort?" Tea? Or a meal perhaps? The Lannik sensed the request was merely her way of being polite. This was not her palace, and Queen Masorna did not wish to intrude on the Wookiee's hospitality if she did not need too; In return Reth did not wish to be rude himself. "No, thank you your majesty I am sufficiently refreshed."

    The stout lannik did however hop up on a wooden chair that was sitting in the corner of the small living area; mostly because he could tell that if he did not sit, his host would not either. After a moment Prena Masorna offered her thanks to the trio of Wookiee's standing outside her Chambers, dismissing them as their presence was not required for the negotiations. Then she turned her attention back to him. "I'm sure you'll understand if this meeting is brief, many things require my attention. I would prefer to reveal my survival to my people sooner rather than later. Though these are of course dangerous times, consistency must be maintained."
    He nodded, as she took a seat in a rocking chair that was at an angle to his right; a small table with a flowered vase stood between them.
    "Of course." Reth nodded understandingly. He could only imagine the rumors that were flying across the holonet at the moment. "Let this be preliminary negotiations then."

    She smiled, though he saw creases of concern cross her brow. "I'm afraid I don't have many bargaining chips. Reports are still flooding in, but there is little doubt the Union fleets have been decimated. There is already talk among some in my congress about surrender. I can't be sure how many worlds have fallen to the Hutt fleets, the panic their attacks have caused is truly startling."

    "My Order is constructing a force of its own, as you no doubt know. We can protect your worlds in the meantime, as you rebuild your fleet." Reth spoke, with resolve in his voice.

    A moment of quite passes between them. Prena speaks with a subtle hesitance about her tone. "We are of course thankful for your assistance Master Voquen; but I must also say, some of the worlds I represent do not look favorably at the Jedi. Your past allegiance to the Republic has often led you to come to blows with some of the more independent worlds in this region of the galaxy."

    The Grand Master smirked, contemplating the past political incidents, and numerous diplomatic frustrations his predecessors had suffered over the years in their dealing with the UUW, as well as how trivial they seemed in hindsight "I recall certain groups calling us war mongers, conquerors, tyrants and more than a few other unkind names."

    She nodded somewhat grimly, seemingly unaware of the bemused expression on the Lanniks features. "You don't join the UUW unless you have at least some skepticism towards the whole concept of a centralized galactic government. Freedom is our focus above all else. While I have convinced most of them the Sith pose a greater threat, if your desire is to reform the Republic, I can't be certain this alliance will last long."

    The smirk left Reth's features, as he closed his eye's and tried to pull at the current of the force, attempting to discern where these events could lead. Alas, foresight had never really been his specialty. He looked back to the Queen, who was observing him curiously. "We are in a war for the very fait of the galaxy." He spoke quietly, but also bluntly about the facts before them. "I can not be sure how long it will last, or even if I will live to see the end of it. I assure you I will set aside any contemplation about the republics reformation until this threat is dealt with. Then negotiations can begin to determine what is best for the galaxy. For now, we will stand by you, we will supplement your force, and build up from here. Tell us where to stand, and we will guard your worlds like our lives depend on it."

    He saw a twinkle in her eye, and he knew he had said what she wanted to hear. "For starters there is the Anoat sector, where we picked up Jedi Firka'ag. We had to withdraw all forces from there to repel a Hutt attack on Haruun Kal. Our fleet was damaged and it will take time before we can secure that system again. I assume you intended to send Korwin to set up a base in that sector anyways..." "Initially yes." The Grand Master Confessed. "Recent events however have changed those plans. The battle affected Jedi Fira'ag in ways the council isn't sure of quite yet, and we would prefer she stay off the battle field for the time being." He elected not to elaborate, these were Jedi matters and irrelevant to the negotiations at hand. "We will send another to secure that area, I assure you."

    Queen Prena glanced at the chrono, before looking back at her guest. "I will send your council a list of other worlds that need assistance. But I expect this meeting should conclude shortly." She nodded at him, standing with a dignified formality. "Yes of course your majesty."
    Reth hopped down from his chair, and showed himself the door, before pulling out a comlink from his sleeve.
    A few seconds of beeping indicated a strong single, before a reverberating voice erupted from the small device.

    "Master Voquen?" Jedi Knight Jia Hiss spoke with surprise.
    He was a male Caamasi, one of two Knights Reth had permitted to join him for security during this mission.
    "I didn't expect you to finish so fast. Is the alliance settled then?"
    Reth shook his head, though he hardly needed to since the other Jedi couldn't see him. "No, just beginning actually. We got some basics out of the way, but we will be here for a little while longer."
    He suspected that the young Knights were growing frustrated staying at the ship with nothing to do, but he did not need to lecture them about it at such a distance.

    "Please inform Cebara I have a new mission for him. He's going to Hoth to set up a new base."

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    IC: Prena Masorna
    Kashyyyk; Kachirho City

    Masorna felt apprehension knaw at her gut, as the minutes ticked by. She had put on an extravagant purple dress, and did her hair up in as queenly a way possible. No makeup this time though, she couldn't have whispers that this was some conspiracy to make it looked like she survived and it was just one of her doubles pretending to be her; not that it would stop some, but she figured the sight of their Queen alive and well would give her troops the crucial moral boost they needed in the coming fight... when they saw her that is.

    She paced before the holoprojector, not sure exactly what she wanted to say, or even if she should reveal herself at all. Her security team had discussed all of this as part of their emergency plans of course, but she never considered she'd actually ever be here. Some, such as Sergeant Aldrich had insisted she maintain hidden as long as possible. If her enemies thought her dead, they wouldn't attempt to come after her. But she couldn't stay hidden while her troops were fighting for a cause they thought to be lost; and had said so then. But theory and practice were two very different things.
    And she knew the moment she activated the projector, the danger she was in would magnify A hundredfold.
    They couldn't trace the signal, but they would know she was alive... and they would come searching for her.

    Prena took a deep breath, trying to focus her mind.
    You are just one person She told herself.
    Thousands more could be saved by standing strong. It would breath new confidence, new life into the militia's that served the Union of Unaligned Systems.

    She stood tall, and maintained a regal posture as she stepped forward as calmly as she could manage; she pressed the activation button, and a blue light cast her in an angelic glow.

    "This is Queen Prena Masorna of Naboo, I am here to say the reports of my demise have been gravely exaggerated. Thugs hired by the Hutts attempted to take me down during negotiations with the Jedi in the orbit of my Home world, but they failed. I lived, but only by the selfless sacrifice of my bodyguards, and numerous others. This was nothing less than an open declaration of war, one I warned was inevitable. The fighting will be chaotic, but we must stay strong. We are the last bastion of freedom in the galaxy, and freedom does not die quietly. We are surrounded on all sides by criminals and tyrants, these are uncertain times; giving in may be the simple solution, but it is only one that is unacceptable. As long as I stand the fight continues, as long as I live I will see that they not succeed. I hope you will stand by me in this fight. Hope will pave the way for our future, a future of peace and prosperity for all."


    IC: Gysor Desilijic Tiure
    Nal Hutta

    The Council laughed and cheered at the screams from below. "GYSOR PLEASE!!!" Bovv cried frantically. "I... I promise to do better next tttiiAAAH"
    The Nexu tore off his legs with a satisfying gulp.

    Gysor for his part sat back quietly, a firm smirk of satisfaction on his features. Oh, he didn't particularly care for the more gory aspects of this event, but he did enjoy watching failures suffer.

    Unfortunately his joy was interrupted a moment later as His Major Domo, Vuro Wilt sulked into the room. Nobody else seemed to notice, but Gysor did, and eyed the Twi'lek malevolently. It was a common expression Vuro had learned to mean 'Whatever it is, it better be important'. it also should have caused the Twi'lek to immediately run up to him and whisper the message. But he hung back, not moving so much as a step closer to the Hutt's seat at the table.
    Instead he quickly grabbed a passing blue protocol droid by the shoulder and whispered to it.
    Whatever this was, Gysor knew he wasn't going to like it.

    "Oh dear." The droid muttered, drawing the attention of the other assembled Hutts. Gysor's glare deepened, as the droid shuffled itself over to Gysors shoulder, muttering those same two words at least a dozen more times along the way. Finally it stopped near his right shoulder, bending ever so slightly at the waste, and lowering its vocabulater frequency so only he could here. "Uh, I'm not certain how to inform you of this my Lord, but it appears there is a message being broadcast across the holonet... by Queen Masorna of Naboo."

    "WHAT!!!" Gysor shouted at the top of his lungs, lashing out and knocking the blue droid off his pedestal.

    "How can this be! Show me!"

    A moment later the room darkened, and a large blue holo of a young dark haired woman giving a speech was projected. Sure enough it was the Queen.
    "We are surrounded on all sides by criminals and tyrants" She was saying. "Tyrants?" Gysor heard Ruvven Illip Ogreg question under his breath.
    "These are uncertain times; giving in may be the simple solution," She continued, though a few words were drowned out by Bovv's screaming.
    "As long as I stand the fight continues, as long as I live I will see that they not succeed. I hope you will stand by me in this fight. Hope will pave the way for our future, a future of peace and prosperity for all."

    "How did this happen." Gysor scowled furiously at Vuro. "I... I am not sure." He managed to sputter out. "She said her body guards sacrificed their lives for her. I assume she had a body double. Rumor has it the Naboo are known for that sort of thing."

    Gysor thought of many painful punishments he could inflict on Scale for this failure, but his thoughts were drowned out by the Council returning to its bickering.
    "We will never get another chance, she will have hidden herself well by now." Lociini Ptiinii Russ began dismissively.
    "You failed Gysor! As long as she lives the UUW will never surrender! This war was a waste to begin with." Jissi Besadii Kirr spat arrogantly.
    "We have made significant gains though. His ambushed brought many new worlds into our area of control." Ruvven acknowledged in an indifferent sounding tone.
    "Brought him many new worlds, not us." Visha Estorra Huck eyed him with suspicion. She took a long huff of her death stick before continuing. "He gives his conquests to those mercenaries loyal to him, or at least loyal to his treasury. We are offering our resources to this war as well Gysor, we deserve part of the gains!"

    Gysor felt a headache building, as he tried to take into account so many factors. Ruvven was correct about one thing, even with the Queens survival they had made gains; in no small part due to Scale's force.
    He also couldn't look weak, or unsure in front of the other clan leaders, else they pull their funding.
    If he executed the Trandoshan now it wouldn't look good.
    Then there was the compensation Visha was demanding. That old slug probably won't last the century, when she croaks he can reposes any worlds he grants to her, but he couldn't cave to early either, else he look easily manipulated.

    "Alas, a minor setback." He finally said, attempting to project what confidence he could, as well as walk back the obvious surprise he had shown at the initial news. "It will take time for the Queen to set up a proper command center wherever she is hiding, and until then we still have the advantage. We must press it! We will get victory, and you will each get a part of the loot. Back down now, and you get none. This first wave was but a small taste of what's to come. It was my forces who captured these worlds, so it only makes sense I get first pick. I assure you, the next region will be yours Visha." He offered a cursory nod to the Besadii leader, indicating they too would get to stake their claims.
    But no immediate objections were raised, and he noticed a couple of the other members, including his wife, glancing down the pit to see what had become of whatever is left of Bovv.

    As the focus drifted away from him, Gysor caught Vuro Wilt trying to sneak away. But he halted his retreat when he noticed his master signal for him to approach. As the Twi'lek came within earshot Gysor whispered. "Contact Scale, and inform him of my displeasure at this news. Ensure we get a discount for his next assignment." Vuro nodded hastily, and nearly sprinted out of the
    council chambers first chance he got.

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    IC:Sargi Kryze
    Mandaore, Keldabe

    "The Sith fleet is amassing over Sundari sir." A young female in the armor of Clan Wren reported to the gathered Mandalorians.
    She tapped a few buttons on the holoprojector in the center of their command center, which soon illuminated a large image of the old Capital, with Sith Star Destroyers looming over it in a frightfully disturbing way.

    "We have to send reinforcements!" One of his warriors shouted. "To lose Sundari is unacceptable. It would send us back to the dark ages, scampering through the mud like animals." He spat.
    "You say that like it's a bad thing!" A Viszla snapped. "Maybe if we hadn't come to rely so thoroughly on these trivial comforts we would have been strong enough to resist the initial onslaught. We have lost our ways, we need to be strong, to rely on our own bodies, and our own minds if we are going to survive."
    "How can we be strong enough to fight the Sith, if we lack the mass produced technology and resources needed to sustain a large army?" The warrior snorted.

    Sargi interrupted their squabbling by raising one hand and shouting "ENOUGH!"
    He turned to the warrior, who he now recognized to be one of his nephews; Jeston.

    "Isn't their plan of attack obvious?" He asked with an irritated sigh. "They're trying to lure us out into the open! We don't have to troops to sustain prolonged urban warfare and they know it! They hope by threatening Sundari we will expose ourselves, so they can mop us up and be done with it."

    Silence filled the room, but the glare his nephew was giving him felt like a shard of ice in his chest. "We can not save Sundari." He moaned in a way he feared might have sounded defeatist. "Order our forces to retreat, rendezvous at the forests edge."

    "I will not abandon our Home!" Jeston's glare deepened. "If you are too afraid to hold your ground, than you are unworthy of being our clans leader. Anyone who agrees follow me!"

    The young man marched out of the small chamber, followed by almost a third of their force. Sargi knew he had pushed it too far. Strategy had been his primary goal, but he had been careful to try and use that to satisfy the wants of the other houses. That had been his undoing, as his own was now abandoning him.


    IC: Lord Grisly,
    The Prevalence: Orbit around Mandalore

    The Falleen walked elegantly into the war room, where the rest of the high command now waited. Slay and her apprentice standing to the right of the communications array, Impost on it's left, with Levi present via hologram at his side. The Kaleesh, Vexx, was behind the transmitter.
    Grisly moved forward to stand so that each of the four corners of the communicator were now covered.

    "Our scouts report a sizable Mandalorian Force is preparing to leave the Forrests. We don't have eye's on Sargi, but most of the warriors present wear the colors of his clan. Your plan is working to perfection Lord Vexx."
    She offered a smile, as she thought of the glorious battle that would begin soon.

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    OOC: Consider this my Christmas update. Feel free to take what time you need on this, I will be busy for the next couple months as I expect many of you to be too. And welcome to the Game JediCebara!
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    "What is it Master Hiss?" Cebara asked. "You're going to Hoth to start your own base," he said to Cebara. "Can I come too?" asked Cebara's Padawan, he was also a male Mandalorian. Soon the ship landed on Hoth, and Cebara and Bahood stepped out. "Can I come also," asked Master Hiss. "Why of course you can Master Jia Hiss". So the three Jedi stepped onto the cold planet, all shivering accept for Cebara, he has had experience with the cold and is immune to it. This would be an advantage if he was fighting enemies on a cold planet, it would be too cold for the enemy and they would have to stop fighting, meanwhile Cebara could keep fighting. The three found an old Warehouse and decided that would be their base. Jia and Bahood were glad to be somewhere where it wasn't cold. Cebara continued to train his Padawan, Bahood, he was teaching him to make his Force Push stronger, and in a couple of hours, Bahood had a 3% increase in his Force push. Master Hiss congratulated us and we thanked him. Later they all went to sleep. But Cebara heard Bahood screaming so he immediately jumped out of bed, went to check on his Padawan, he was wide awake and he Cebara could feel his fear, he asked what happened and Bahood said " I saw a sith, the same one who killed all of my friends." Bahood bursted into tears, Cebara told him it was going to be ok, there are no sith here, and it was all just a dream. When Cebara stepped out of the room Master Hiss asked what happened, and Cebara told him everything. The next morning, they all went outside to see if they could find anything to repair the warehouse then out of nowhere Bahood screamed "Monster!!!"
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    IC: Scale

    Captain General Scale was having a hard time pacifying Ando for his occupation. Many of the local Aquilash resented the Mercenaries control over their facilities, they claimed that they had co-operated with the Hutts and deserved to retain control of their planet, and their profits. Scale personally suspected the Besadii clan for this agitation. The Besadii clan had long resented being pushed aside by Gysor and the Hutt elders in favor of a simple mercenary. Scale ordered Captain Fafnir to send out some observers to watch the Besadii's representative on Ando, so that he might find some evidence of his theories.
    Once this was done Scale decided to take a moment to relax in his office. These administrative assignments were a nice change of pace after the dangerous assassination mission on Naboo. The Jedi there had nearly been the death of him. He would have to be more careful in the future. Captain Fafnir came on over the comm system to announce the arrival of a courier from Gysor the Hutt. Vuro Wilt, the Twilek majordomo, had been sent to personally convey Gysor's displeasure with Scale over the Naboo mission. It would appear that the woman he had assassinated had been a Handmaiden decoy, and the real Queen had appeared on the holonet with the Jedi to help rally the scattered forces of the UUW. This alliance had begun recapturing all of the worlds that the Hutts had raided during the initial blitz. Scale was only being permitted to live because Gysor needed to retain the loyalty of his raiders and because of his success in other battles, but the sizable credit payment he had received for the assassination was being rescinded. Furthermore Gysor expected a sizeable discount on his ext assignment and a personal apology for his failure. Scale ordered Captain Zorya to leave her post with the fleet and to try and smooth things over with the Hutt council on Nal Hutta. Zorya was a Falleen, beautiful and eloquent, with powerful phermones that served as a helpful persuader. For these reasons she was the public "face" of the company, the person who handled all of the contract negotiation. Scale preferred fighting to talking so he placed the boring responsibilities of negotiations almost entirely in Captain Zorya's power. In the meantime, Scale supposed he would have to win some more battles, in order to reassure the Hutts of his value to their plans.
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    Jan 4, 2017
    Overlord Vexx
    The Prevalence - Orbit around Mandalore

    Vexx regards the Falleen with a look that is unreadable, not to anyone's surprise. With all but his eyes concealed behind a ceramiplast mask, the Kaleesh warrior is hardly worth trying to read. He stands as silent as stone, hands clasped behind his back as he scrutinizes the communications array. Grisly isn't telling him anything he doesn't already know, but he avoids the arrogance of being overly confident in his plan. His viewpoint remains the same; his plan is effective, but there are many hands in this war besides his own. Any one of them could tip the scale unfavorably.

    "Perfection is an illusion," he replies, "We can strive for it unto our graves, but one should never fully expect to achieve it. Let them think they are getting the drop on our forces. The battle will only remain in our favor if we continue to control it. Maintain all deceptive measures and make the faux objective look like the real one to further bolster their confidence. At the right moment, we will pull the rug out from under them and spring the trap."

    He paces away from the transmitter, eager in his own right to make landfall and engage the enemy on the front. Commanding a fleet is an enjoyable challenge to him, but nowhere near as enjoyable as getting into the blood and guts of battle on the ground.

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    IC: Jia Hiss

    Jia wasn't used to such freezing cold. The world where he was based, Gorrix Minor, was a rocky but temperate world that didn't feel all that different than his home world Caamas. Hoth was something else all together.
    But he pushed through it anyways, to do his duty to the cause. To ensure his fellow Jedi would be equipped well enough to fend for himself when he left. "This world his fairly baron." She said as the Mandalorian prepared to go for a stroll the day after they arrived.
    What a strange idea. She thought. I'd much prefer to stay in doors, and warm as we plan our next move.

    "It shouldn't be too difficult to build your base up, but resources will be needed. The Caves would be an ideal expansion zone. I haven't picked up any life signs yet, but that doesn't mean much. Pirates love backwater worlds, far away from any prying eye's. If we locate any such fortifications they can be our first recruits. They'll resist at first, but put on a bit of a show of power and it shouldn't be hard to convince them to join up."

    Jia threw the hood of his coat over his furry head as he followed Cebara out of the Warehouse.
    "But beyond that, there are civilized worlds in relatively close proximity that could be valuable recruitment centers. Bespin, Anoat, etc. Technically they are part of the UUW, but I doubt the queen would mine her allies recruiting from amongst her people..."

    The Knight was interrupted a moment latter by the voice of Cebara's Padawan shouting "Monster!", and both Jedi immediately entered a sprint in the boys direction.


    IC: Prena Masorna
    Kashyyyk; Kachirho City

    The meeting chamber was busy as the Queen walked in. She had chosen to dress down now that her speech was over, now wearing a simple green jumpsuit, with a dark blue over-cloak Prena felt far more at ease than before.
    She couldn't be certain how the Hutts would react to her survival, but she could guess. Probably shout a few curses, execute a subordinate or two, and ask for a refund, But most of all she hoped it would give those giant slugs reason to pause and reevaluate their strategy. They needed that pause, to reevaluate their own.

    "Queen Masorna!" She heard her name called in basic, and turned to see the blue holo-image of her Sergeant-At-Arms Nablé Aldrich.
    "Your speech certainly made an impact, as you said it would. But you are aware it has put your life in danger yet again, correct?"

    Prena rolled her eye's before nodding. "Yes, as you said it would. I didn't do it for myself Sergeant, I did it for our people. They deserved to know that their Queen is alive."
    She turned to face Captain Venerwaalk who stood on the other side of the small chamber, looking over a map of their system. "We need a plan. We can't just sit back and wait for them to attack again."
    Sergeant Aldrich responded for his Wookiee counterpart. "But we don't have the resources to organize a counter attack yet. The Home Fleet has been working tirelessly to salvage what they can. Still, the damages caused in the battle were extensive and these ships won't stay in one piece long enough to capture back even one system." He offered a short contemplative pause, as if thinking of a new idea. "If you desire to go on the offensive your highness, the only way we might manage that is if we recall some of the fleets from the northern sectors and use them as our invasion force. The Hutts mostly left those worlds alone in their attack."

    Venerwaalk offered a hostile growl in response, to which Prena concurred. "Captain Venerwaalk is correct. If we do that we'll be leaving those systems unprotected should the Sith chose to invade us. That is unacceptable."
    She paced briefly before the transceiver. "There has to be another way. We need assurance the Hutts won't capitalize on their previous attack, We need to buy time to rebuild..."
    Suddenly she stopped, and snapped her fingers.
    "Amorr Donnan."

    IC: Amorr Donnan

    The Twi'leks eye's shifted suspiciously as he moved across the square in a casual manner. Ando hadn't been under the huts control long, but he could certainly see the crooks were having an affect on the local population.
    The Aqualish resented the conquest, and many longed for freedom. That would work in his favor.
    He had to stir unrest, many worlds in Hutt space had accepted their circumstances. From Klantooine to Far Pando it took great effort for him to stir the local populace up enough to risk life and limb for the cause. But these new worlds were an opportunity, they new freedom, and had it robbed from them. So at his allies recommendation he came here, to the seedier part of Quantill City, to make life for the Hutts as difficult as possible.

    As he entered an alleyway he came to see his contact. A young two eyed Aqualish. The pseudonym he had been given was 'Finned Chief', of course Amorr was smart enough to do research on his contacts before meeting them. By all accounts 'Finned Chief' was the son of the old Aqualish administrator of this city. Basically a sixteen year old punk who thought himself cool enough to run his own gang and call it a 'resistance' against their new Hutt overlords.

    "Been waiting for you." The tusked being said. Amorr wasn't a master at Aqualish accents, but something about the way Finned Chief spoke indicated to him the kid was trying to mask an upper class accent with a laughably poor street one. "I came as fast as I could manage. It is not easy to run a Hutt blockade. Plus in case you didn't realize I don't exactly blend in among your people."

    "No prob. Just been waitin is all. Now what es this offar you got for me?"
    Amorr resisted the urge to snort at this brats insolence. "I have many resources, and have spent the last years fighting..." Amorr glanced over his shoulder, as his eye's became glassy for a moment. "... for freedom from the Hutts. These criminals have enslaved my people, and many others. Including your own. I'd like to lend resources to your campaign."

    "We don't need no resources from you head tails. I'm da boss here you see? And we can win the fight without your help."
    Amorr couldn't help but chuckle. "What's so funny?" The Aqualish demanded.
    "Oh nothing. I assure you in this arrangement you would still be in charge on the ground here. But your resources would be far expanded, you could hit them where it hurts, and do a lot more damage then the simple property damage you do now."

    Finned Chief crossed his arms and looked insulted. "We have sponsors of our own you know. We don't need yours."
    "Perhaps." Amorr stated flatly. "But you can't expect the Hutts to retreat when all you have done since their occupation is spray paint a few statues and harass a couple guards. You need to think bigger."
    There was a curious sparkle in Finned Chiefs eye, but he was clearly avoiding a complete agreement.
    The Twi'lek turned to leave. "I intend to leave for Christophsis in the next couple days. If you want to free your people, I suggest you make up your mind by then."
    As he turned the corner Amorr didn't look back. He didn't trust Finned Chief, but then he didn't trust anybody. They were just tools for the downfall of the Hutts. A fight he would give anything to win.

    @Shadow Trooper

    Sargi Kryze
    Mandaore, Keldabe

    The Mand'alor had just entered his private chamber when his communicator buzzed. It was Jeston sure enough. He was thankful for the privacy. "Vod'ika, what is it you are doing?" The Image of the cyan armored Mandalorian flickered briefly as Jeston fired at something out of focus.
    "You know full well Ba'vodu. Me and my men are fighting to win back our home. You over estimated our enemy, and now the honor of this victory is mine!"
    An imperial trooper, still dressed in the dull grey and blue armor of the Republic came into view, and was immediately gunned down by his opponent. "I think you are underestimating them adiik. You lack focus, your emotions are clouding your judgment."
    "I am no adiik, ruug'la jag! When we secure Sundari I will have earned my place as the true leader of House Kryze! Then we will take this fight to the Sith, You speak like a Jedi, perhaps after this is over we will exile you and you may find a place among them."
    No, no this is not right Surgi knew. The Sith had a whole armada at their command, if Jeston was winning it was only because they wanted him to win. "I urge you to retreat once more. Defense is not cowardice, it is survival. We have had our differences Jeston, but I do not want you to die. We are alit, we will get over this.

    "In our moment of triumph Uncle? I think not!" An explosion shook the image but Preston stood unflinching as he unleashed a rocket from his jetpack and continued running towards the fight. "We are already at the outskirts of the palace, when we control the cities main defenses our next objective is to blow that capital ship out of the sky!"
    Sargi saw youthful arrogance in the mans eye, and in that moment he knew there was nothing he could say to discourage him.

    "Akaanir pirusti ash'amur pirusti Vod'ika." He whispered as he shut off the communicator.


    IC: Darth Slay
    The Prevalence: Orbit around Mandalore

    The Iktotchi placed both of her clawed hands on the terminal before them as they monitored the ongoing action. The Mandalorians were advancing, having just secured Taung Park. "They have the external city surrounded." She began with a snarl. "the factories under lockdown, and are now advancing on the palace."

    She cast a glare at the Kaleesh who had been put in command. "Can we send reinforcements now overlord? Else this entire invasion be for naught."
    Slay hated waiting, she was a warrior at heart, and they had the forces to wipe the Mandalorians out. She was ambivalent to the high casualty counts it might cost. It didn't matter how well fortified Kryze's defensive position was, even on his home turf there was only so much force he could bare.
    Her eye twitched a little in irritation, she could sense the battle below and wanted to be part of it.

    "Surely we can use the enemy attackers as bait somehow..." Wacten Plus piped up from beside her, before seeing her bare her fangs and taking the hint. She most certainly did not want to be involved in any plan that meant they would have to wait for Sargi's reaction again. The older human shuffled to the side silently out of her way.
    Not bothering to take her aggression out on the novice, she returned her gaze to Vexx, folding her arms before her, waiting for his response.


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    Jul 18, 2013
    IC: Scale

    Scale's time on Ando had been an exercise in frustration. He had been on thin ice with the Hutt council ever since it was revealed that the Queen he had killed was a decoy. The worlds he had been given now seemed a poisoned prize. Ando seethed with Rebellion from the natives and obstructrion from the Besadii who had been deployed to assist him. It was therefore an occasion of great cheer for Scale when Captain Fafnir had announced the capture of one of the saboteurs which had caused him such annoyance during this occupation.
    The captive was a young Aquilash punk who was only too happy to talk after the Trandoshans started interrogating him. According to the prisoner, the group was comprised entriely of native terrorists who resented Hutt rule, but they were being supported by a mysterious Twi'lek benefactor. This Twi'lek told the Aquilash that he was part of a larger anti slavery movement that was liberating Hutt space. He had mentioned Scale and his reavers by name as a particular threat to freedom and was encouraging that the Resistance move to eliminate him.
    "It is Vuro Wilt" Scale whispered. "Gysor wants us dead."
    "You really think so?" Fafnir asked. "Wouldn't stirring up a Rebellion here hurt his own interests?"
    "Certainly. But that would be a small sacrifice to pay for discrediting us and getting me killed", said Scale. "He has been very angry with me since our failure at Naboo. He would have executed me outright, except that our actions there and of our armies abroad have won him entire worlds. At the moment, he can not afford to lose the reavers, which is why he seeks to destroy me indirectly in a fashion that will not be traced back to him"
    Fafnir stroked his chin, deep in thought. "Vuro Wilt has not yet left the planet. Perhaps we can seize him and test the truth of your theory."
    "Then do so" Scale said. "And make sure that you are not seen. our employer must not know that we suspect his duplicity".
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    Jan 4, 2017
    Overlord Vexx
    The Prevalence - In Orbit Around Mandalore

    Vexx glowers right back at Slay from his position to the far right of the terminal. She is annoying. He would like to have her removed from her position. Whether the removal is violent or not remains to be seen. If she keeps nagging him, it might not be pretty. He certainly is not intimidated by her as he can be just as much a bullheaded brute as she appears to be.

    "Do you wish to chase after little fires to put them out?" he asks her in a challenging tone, daring her to try to push him, "Personally, I would rather route out the source and end all of it with as little energy wasted as possible."

    She wants to join the battle. He gets it. It's the same passion he has himself. However, he is a strategist in addition to being a warrior. He has studied these things and has pretty good instincts on how best to manipulate a battle in his favor. He can sense Slay's impatience and it annoys him further still. Impatience leads to impulsiveness and impulsiveness leads to mistakes and mistakes lead to defeat. He is not about to incur unnecessary losses. He is extremely patient in matters of war, knowing there is perfect timing for everything and if that perfect timing is met, victory is sealed.

    "We will hold back," he continues, gazing at Slay with a purposeful glare, "Let them think they stand a chance. We set the trap; they take the bait and it leads them straight into hell. There is an opportune time to strike with force and now is not that time. I would like to lure Kryze himself into the trap." He looks back down at the battle raging, hands clasped behind his back. "You cut off the head of the opposing army and the rest of the war is ours."

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    GM Update

    IC: Jia Hiss

    The Jedi rounded a corner, and came upon a white haired beast bearing down upon the apprentice outside a cave entrance. Jia immediately activated his blue lightsaber and launched on the attack.

    Only to be batted aside by the backside of the creatures paw.
    The world began to spin fast around him as he landed in a near by snow pile.
    He did his best to shake it off, and as he hesitantly got back on his feet, he felt a faint trickle of blood run down the back of his furry cranium.

    "Bahood!" Jia cried out the apprentices name, quickly he stumbled forward, picking up his lightsaber hilt from the pile next to him.
    Briefly he suffered a bout of tunnel vision; before his eye's focused on the creatures corpse.
    Standing beyond it Cebara held his apprentice close, speaking calmly to the startled youngster.

    At last Jia's eye's took in the darkly armored group of aliens who came into view some meters behind them, blasters drawn. They had apparently not sensed them coming, of course they had been distracted by the beast.

    "Look out!" Jia shouted, as a blue ring engulfed Master and apprentice.
    The Caamasi tripped over the Ice as he tried to ignite his own blade, but as he hit the ground another blue ring stunned him, and the world went dark..............

    How long they were unconscious Jia couldn't tell. His head hurt as he came too.
    The room he was in appeared to be a dark cell of some sort. It was very cold, but air tight at least.
    Voices were heard outside.

    "Who do ya suppose they are? Scavangers of some sort?" A squeaky voice quibbled.
    "They had lightsabers." A deeper voice explained.
    "But they couldn't be Jedi." Squeeky so easily dismissed them.
    "Whatever they are, they're our prisoners now. The Boss will be so proud of us."

    Jia sensed Cebara was in the cell next to him, and Bahood one cell over from the Mandalorian.
    "How did we fall into this mess?" He mostly asked himself, though the walls appeared thin enough for his voice to carry through to his fellow Jedi.



    IC: Prena Masorna
    Kashyyyk; Kachirho City

    "I have recently arrived on Christophsis." The hologram of Amorr Donnan explained to the gathered officers.
    "Their merchants have been trying to barter with the Hutts in an attempt to achieve some semblance of autonomy. Their crystals are quite valueable you know,,,"

    Masorna briefly scowled at the apparent betrayal. But she shrugged it of, no sane person could blame them for seeking the best conditions for their people. Even if that meant legitimizing, in some form, the Hutts occupation.
    Amorr obviously found this even more distasteful than she did, but then as a freedom fighter he couldn't see the political side of it, just the betrayal.

    "What can you do to push them towards revolt?" She asked, trying to move the conversation along.

    "It is my understanding what remains of their militia is growing restless. Their leaders keep them in line. But the Hutts will surely soon attempt to disarm them, when that happens I won't have to do much to convince them to actively resist."

    "Many civilians could die!" Sergeant Aldrich protested.

    "Perhaps." Amorr nodded at the fact. "But if you used the unrest to recapture this world, that could save a lot of lives."
    "Impossible!" Nablé shouted again. "Our forces are still recovering from the last attack. The whole reason we are funding your terrorist campaigns is so you can do the behind the scene's work, and gain us time to muster the forces we need..."

    "They're freedom fighters Nablé." Prena raised an eyebrow at her hot headed Sergeant-At-Arms outburst.
    Venerwaalk growled a thoughtful reminder, Christophsis would grant them a jumping off point, onto the Corellian Run. A valuable hyperspace route, and strategic asset; it would allow them to recapture worlds like Radnor and Ando....
    "As well as Ryloth." Amorr stated firmly, with a subtle gleam in his eye.

    Prena offered a grin at Amorr's ambitious plan. Of course there was some level of selfishness in his desire for them to succeed. But it was for the greater good. And she really liked the idea of depriving the Hutts of such a valuable resource.

    "Sergeant." She stated. "If you expedite the process, how long until we can gather the forces to stage such an attack?"

    "You can't be serious!" He stated, clearly startled at her audacity. "Yes I am Sergeant. How long?"
    The room went quiet for a minute as he did the math.
    "Well, if we scuttle the ships that suffered the worst of the damage, not a very productive use of our resources I must stress. We could use their parts to fix the other vessels. Combine forces from fleets that were decimated into one unite..."
    "Just tell us." She stated pointedly.

    "Maybe five weeks?" He spoke with hesitation in his voice.
    "Do it." She commanded instantly.


    IC: Vuro Wilt
    Ando, Hangers

    The Twi'lek fidgeted where he stood in line, waiting to be checked out. Master Gysor had been most displeased by recent events, and while he hadn't actually spoken to Mama, her frustration was evident as well.

    The Hutt council was always torn on the decision to go to war. It was rare for Hutts to actively fight for territory, they much preferred sneakily usurping worlds under the Republics, or UUW's nose. Mostly when they were at war with each other, or the Mandalorians, or some other faction like the Sith.

    Ruvven Illip Ogreg, and Lociini Ptiinii Russ have been ranting and raving since the declaration that 'War is not good for business.'
    They've already had to stop shipments of spice to the Core worlds, and smuggling it into the Union of Unaligned worlds was getting harder by the day. Soothing the fears of their Pyke producers was their only concern, and there was little they could do in that regard.
    Mama and Gysor were under constant pressure to prove this conflict was worth the cost. With the upset in trade, Ruvven had calculated, it would take centuries to make up for lost profits.
    Surely these new conquests would bring in enough credits to offset the cost? They reasoned.
    But Ruvven and Lociini still wouldn't shut up about it.

    On the other side, Visha Estorra Huck, and Jissi Besadii Kirr were hounding them to be more aggressive. Take more territory, and give as much to them as possible. In many ways they were still trying to recuperate their losses at Naboo, but they demanded immediate results. Results that just weren't possible. They had been planning for days where to attack next, move up the Corellian Run to Falleen, New Cov, and Rhommamool? Or strike deeper into the UUW, taking Nelvaan, Zhar, and Farstine?
    Maybe even start a new northern front by going for Saleucami.
    Any of which would please Visha and Jissi, but none of which they were ready to commit too. They needed to resupply before the next attack. They needed a long term strategy now that their decapitation strike didn't work.

    His bosses were clearly losing their mind, talking out of both sides of their mouths, trying to soothe different fears.
    The more they put up with the crazies on the council, the more they took their angers out on their underlings.
    Vuro had to work twice as hard to prove his value, he had recently located a replacement for Bovv as chief strategist. A Nikto warrior he had witnessed in the Arena's of Geonosis. G'espetan Mon had fought in a surprisingly tactical manner for such savage games. It led him to be crowned champion. Though he was not cheep to hire, he had little doubt the orange creature would prove his value soon.

    Even so, Vuro Wilt lived his life day by day, fearing some spark might draw his masters ire towards him again.
    Soon enough he would be fed to the Nexu as well. He had come to terms with that.
    All he wanted was to delay it for as long as he could.

    That was why he was here, checking on their newly conquered worlds. He had to ensure the change in administration went as smoothly as possible. These resources were valuable, with new slaves added to their economy it ought to sooth the fears of Ruvven and Lociini. Plus it could serve as a model for their future expansion, which would please Visha and Jissi.

    A light on his datapad beeped, and he was waved over to one of the desk. "Yes, I have been waiting for a half hour. I have very important business. I am due at Christophsis next. Please explain why I am still here?"

    "I am sorry sir, with the change in leadership security has been ramped up as well." The beings tone was so dry it nearly put Vuro to sleep. "Terrorist activity has highlighted the importance that we don't just allow anyone to arrive or leave Ando at a moments notice. Return to your seat, and we will do our best to see you are accommodated while we go through these security checks, which I assure you are tedious for us all."

    He scoffed in fury. If being the majordomo of a planets Hutt crime-lord couldn't get you expedited service, they would certainly have to mandate changes. He would put that in his report when he got back to Nal Hutta.

    For now he decided to use the refresher in his spare time.

    @Shadow Trooper


    Jeston Kryze
    Mandalore, Sundari

    An explosion nearly knocked him off his feet, as he led his Mando-Brothers forward.
    He did not hesitate when pushing into enemy territory, his mind locked on proving his worth, and protecting his home.
    Firing three shots, and three enemy soldiers died. "Charge!" He ordered with a bloody cry.

    Casualties were mounting, this victory was being bought with many bodies, yet his Uncle still claimed they were being lured in. Preposterous! Sargi was simply too cowardly to seize on their home-field advantage. Even with steep resistance they had already secured over half the city, and were now coming upon the defense command center. When taken, it would allow them to boot the rest of these Sith scum out of the city, and off Mandalore.

    They just had to live long enough to reach it. He ducked behind a crate, as lasers flew around him. Jeston had no doubt they could win, but with the resistance they were meeting now he was no longer sure he would live to see their victory. At very least he would fall with honor, not cowering in the forests of one of those backwater villages.

    "Rockets!" He shouted as he tried to fire around the corner of his hiding place. "We need rockets!"
    They had expended most of their explosives in the early minutes of their strike. They might have been a little trigger happy during the initial thrill of battle. At the moment he was really wishing someone else had saved their ammunition.

    Thankfully barely fifteen seconds later he heard an older voice shout "Got it!", just as a large whizzing noise came to his attention, followed by a hollow boom. He glanced over to see his older brother Thyran leading flying forward with his jetpack.
    "Nice one!" He stated jumping out of his cover. "Any time. Lets just focus on winning this battle!"

    The explosion had thinned the enemies ranks, and the two dozen Mandalorians in this sector charged forward, making short work of what remained.

    He followed Thyran, speeding into the control room, not knowing what to expect.

    They were greeted by a sickening snap hiss noise, and he heard his brother scream as he passed through the door.
    There stood a young woman in a black cloak, her red lightsaber thrust into the crease of Thyran's armor leading into his armpit.

    "No!" Jeston shouted, firing three shots, one of which she batted away, the other two of which she redirected into his armor, which thankfully blunted them, even as they knocked him off his feet. A gross cackling was all he could hear for a few moments afterwards. "My defeat of you bucket heads will ensure my rise to the Rank of Sith Lord!"

    An apprentice! That gave them hope. He managed to think over his pounding head ache. A slim hope, but a hope nonetheless.
    He got on his feet warily, and focused his vision to see her battling four other soldier, two dead on the ground beside his brother. She jumped and span as if she were a Terellian Jango Jumper, dodging five shots with ease, before decapitating another soldier. She raised a cupped hand, as an unseen force began to throttle one of his men.

    Jetson didn't think, he acted. Rashly, but he acted. He leapt forward, using the power of his jetpack to guide him to within inches of her, and only when she noticed him did her cackling stop. She moved her blade to intercept him, but was not quick enough as he tackled her. On instinct he pressed a button on his gauntlet, activating his flamethrower, feeling the heat as he scarred her pretty face.

    It stunned her long enough for his remaining men to line up a shot, ending her suffering before she could lash out at them again.

    Jetson sit back panting, throwing his helmet off hoping that might let him breath a little more. No time to mourn, he decided.

    "Quickly, activate the shield generator." He directed the survivors. "And power up the defense turrets. Aim them at that Star Destroyers hanger, and engines!" Blow it out of the sky. He thought, as he finally got back on his feet.


    IC: Darth Slay
    The Prevalence: Orbit around Mandalore

    Vexx's threatening tone did not surprise her. But it did make her think twice. She was on the advisory council, second to Discord, and third to Ruin. Few were above her authority, and she was not use to having that questioned. It made her realize this creature genuinely thought it could kill her, and it did not care for the consequences. She swallowed hard, but her need for response too Vexx's words dissipated a moment latter when a red light flashed on the communicator.

    She glanced at it, and realized what had happened.

    "They have regained all the ground we took." She seethed, knowing full well that the rapid pace of their attack could not have been anticipated "Our forces could have beat them, had we sent reinforcements. Now they are taking the fight to us!." She hesitated to demand they immediately strike back, and refused to meet the Kaleesh's glare.

    "Emperor Ruin might be ambivalent to casualties sustained..." Her apprenticed risked. "But tactically speaking, it would be wiser to avoid casualties where possible."
    She glared at him, her exasperation quiet clear by now. "Their lives of course mean nothing before ours." He quickly appeared to backtrack. "But..."
    Stop while you're ahead.
    She made the threat obvious in the force.
    "Any who do not die today can be valuable assets in future battles. If Lord Vexx believes he can limit the energy wasted in this confrontation, should we not bow to his plan?"

    "You have made your loyalties quiet clear apprentice." She used the term in a tone indicating it was a slur.
    He came from a long line of politicians, it should be no surprise he was an excellent suck up. But it irritated her to no end, if he saw the tides of power shifting, he would not hesitate to throw himself in with those he saw as potential future allies.

    A thought came to her mind. "And yet, the resources we spent on this little threat of yours will be soon lost if we do not act soon. Many have already died. Those guns will take a little time to whittle away at our star destroyers shields and armor. But it will eventually damage it. With the shield of the city up, bombardment is out of the question. If we seek to save this asset, we should land ground troops now."
    She reluctantly phrased her words as a suggestion. Though she mentally took pleasure in using the beasts own logic against it.


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    IC: Scale

    Scale was in an even more foul temper than usual, something of great concern to his subordinates. When he was mad, he was liable to break the first thing that annoyed him. Usually this was just whatever technology or slave he had on hand, but on particularly bad days he would even hurt a subordinate. This was a bad day. Scale's deteriorating relationship with their Hutt employers was most frustrating to him. He had not expected to be embroiled in political intrigue when he had first signed on with the Hutts. A part of him longed for the old days, when his life had been simpler, and all that was asked of him was slaving and enforcing. This whole business of conquest, and ruling over planets was wearing very thin.
    "Any updates on the Vuro Wilt situation" Scale growled.
    "He's trying to leave the planet, but our spies at the spaceport noticed him and notified us." Captain Fafnir said "We bribed the officials there to keep him from getting aboard his ship while I send some of our lads to go pick him up. They should be back any minute now."
    "Do you think he was just running back to his boss to report on me, or did he have something else in mind?" asked Scale.
    "He called ahead to the space port control tower with a registered flight plan to Christophsis".
    "He grows guiltier by the minute, as does his master, Gysor!" Scale's anger had been replaced by a triumphant joy now that his theory was confirmed. Politics was always a tricky and dangerous thing to get involved with. Scale much preferred the simplicity of violence. Now that he knew his enemy, he could take proactive action to destroy him. "I am eager to put this sniveling coward to he question!"
    Now Fafnir was smiling too. "I have good news for you then! Our guys just brought him in."

    Sacle prepared his office for the prisoner's arrival. A table was set with all kinds of cruel looking instruments, all of them made of shiny and sharp metal. Some of them looked suspiciously similar to eating utensils. When these preperations were complete, the bound T'wilek was harshly shoved into the room and secured to a chair. Scale yanked the mask from his face so that he could look the captured majordomo in the face.
    "General Scale!" The T'wilek yelped in surprise. "What is the meaning of this. Gysor will not forgive this assault upon his representative. When word gets back about what you have done he will skin you alive!"
    Scale laughed at the T'wilek's threats. "It is funny that you mentioned skinning, seeing how that could very well be your fate." Scale punctuated this point by holding up one of the blades from the table. "Gysor does not even know that you were taken, much less by whom. In fact I very much doubt he would even care to find out. To the Hutts we are all so easily replaceable."
    "What do you mean by that" Vurro Wilt said. "Gysor has been nothing but good to you. He rewarded you with governorship of Ando and Christophsis even after you failed to assassinate the Queen like you were paid to do! Anyone else would have been killed"
    "These were poisoned prizes!" Scale said. "We have learned about his efforts to undermine me here, through your actions, in fact. The local agitations I was sent to quell were indeed incited by you."
    "I was sent here by Gysor to make sure you stopped the rebels, not to support them. How could I start this rebellion before I even got here? You have no evidence of this."
    "On the contrary, we do!" Scale flashed his fangs in a toothy grin. "We captured one of your Lieutenants, a little Aquilash Rich Boy playing at being a warrior. He told us all about the outside funding his group was getting and about his mysterious benefactor too. He knew all about Gysor's slaving operations, and promised them that he could free their people from their chains. This rebel leader matched a familiar description of a certain male T'wilek."
    "That is a preposterous statement! Why would we undermine our own Hutt interests by supporting a native revolution?"
    "Because you wanted to foil me! Why else would the rebels rise when they did, just as I arrived to take control! Why did he send you next to my other world, Christophsis. The only reason Gysor can not kill me is because he needs my soldiers. If he killed me without a pretense he would lose the loyalty of the entire mercenary force, so he contrived this situation to disgrace me! But I have learned of your plans. In two days your Aquilash rebels will attack the Kolto production planet here in the Capital. The Hutt forces that I have transferred control of the installation to will be caught unaware, but we will be waiting for them. And then we will expose your little plan for everyone to see." Scale beckoned to his guards. "Put this one back in his prison. I have got what I needed from this interview!"
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