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Saga Clone Troopers - Brother Against Brother

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    Star Wars Clone Troopers - Brother Against Brother
    By Michael Gabriel Becker

    “Execute Order 66.”

    The Clone Troops froze in realization of what these frightening words meant.

    “Execute Order 66.”

    The exact definition of Order 66 was buried deep in the Contingency Orders for the Grand Army of the Republic: Order Initiation, Orders 1 – 150, GAR Document CO(CL) 56-95; stating that “In the event of Jedi Officers acting against the interests of the Republic, and after receiving specific orders verified as coming directly from the Supreme Commander, GAR commanders will remove those officers by lethal force, and command of the GAR will revert to the Supreme Commander until a new command structure is established.”

    “Execute Order 66.”

    The Clones knew what this meant. To terminate the Jedi who had been their friends for the entire Clone War. To destroy a person that they had fought for and with for the past three years. To eradicate an Order of individuals as sacred as life itself. Each Clone knew the consequences of disobeying.

    “Execute Order 66.”

    With the order still ringing in their ears, they imagined each of their brothers blasting each and every Jedi, in the back, all over the galaxy. An ironic touch; those they fought for suddenly became the enemy. Their minds suddenly began to think, “Do we obey this Order or shall we dare to question our orders?”

    “Execute Order 66.”

    Around the entire galaxy, every Clone Regiment obeyed and killed their Jedi friends, who they had just been told were conspirators in a plot against the Chancellor. Except for one Clone Regiment, the 281st, stationed on the fungal planet Felucia. They dared to disobey Order 66.

    “Execute Order 66.”


    The 281st Clone Regiment, under the command of Clone Commander CC-1414, nicknamed Sun, who in turn was under the command of Jedi General Bec-Mi Gi-Mil, stopped in their attack movement on the once beautiful planet of Felucia. Rest assured, it was still beautiful, it’s many colorful plants and fungus covered the entire planet. But to the 281st, these bright colors changed from beautiful to bleak. They raised their blasters to attack Bec-Mi Gi-Mil, who was running to attack the small group of Super Battle Droids, but something in their minds stopped them from pulling the trigger. Maybe it was the humidity in the air, and how it stuck to their armor so it was harder to move their fingers. Maybe it was the small, round, fuzzy, creature with big eyes and a puffy tail, that they found on Kashyyyk when they were stationed there, which the Wookiees identified as a Moonsom, which the Clones called Moony for short; that showed the Clone Regiment what life was all about. Or maybe it was the relationship that the Clones had with Bec-Mi. He never treated them like Clones; he treated them like human beings and not a rakghoul, as most others in the galaxy did. Each life in the 281st meant something to Bec-Mi, and he went anywhere to save just one life, because he knew just one life was important and had a purpose, even a Clone’s.

    Clone Commander Sun turned around and addressed his troops, who still had blasters in hand, saying, “I know how each of you feel about this order because I feel it too and we are all brothers. But in this regiment, General Bec-Mi taught us democracy, and to always use it when needed. So I ask you all, shall we obey Order 66, an order that we have been given as we were made, and kill one of the true friends we have? Or shall we dare to disobey? Shall we disobey an order from the Chancellor himself, and just keep fighting as if we never received the order?”

    CC-4543, nicknamed Chatter, who received that name for always talking first and thinking later, said, “Yes! Pretend we didn’t receive the order and just keep fighting!”

    CC-4813, nicknamed Nay for his mostly pessimistic attitude, said, “Think of the consequences men. Not only would we be hunted down for disobeying orders, but also later on, we may be fighting our own brothers! Aside from that, this is a direct order from the Chancellor himself! Need I remind you that he is the Supreme Commander of the entire Galactic Army of the Republic? There are too many cons to this. We should just kill him and get it over with.”

    CC-5303, nicknamed Kid for his youthful enthusiasm and way of thinking, responded, “Come on, are we going to obey orders from a guy we have never even met? He probably doesn’t care about us one bit! Master Bec-Mi has accepted us as humans! Something no one else really does any more. I say throw away the rules and just keep going.”

    Commander Sun did not know the decision of his troops, but he would have to figure out a decision for them fast because General Bec-Mi was approaching.


    CC-9525, nicknamed Bud for his friendly attitude, was always left behind on guard duty. He may have had a nice attitude, but he never liked being on guard duty. Especially today. On the day that the 281st was launching a major offensive against the Separatists and maybe even shut down all the droids on Felucia; Commander Sun asked him to stay behind and guard the camp. Bud wanted some action! Moony, the little animal the Wookiees called a Moonsom, hopped up to Bud. Moony was only about half a meter tall and had a short tail with a little puff at the end. The Moonsom were a rare species found only on Kashyyyk. There were rumors that they had a small level of intelligence, that they cold even understand the language of the Wookiees. His big brown eyes matched the color of his fur, as his big eyes looked up at Bud, sensing his sadness.

    Bud took one look at Moony and said, “Aw, Moony. You know how to brighten a person’s day,” He said as he bent down and picked him up. He started to rub the fur behind the creature’s ears as he continued, “I’m glad you keep coming back to our camp Moony, you make this place a lot nicer for all of us.”

    “Execute Order 66.”

    The words rang through Bud’s intercom.

    “No. Not now. Why did it have to be now?” Bud thought in his mind. He put Moony on the ground as the creature looked at him with curious eyes, wondering about this new change in Bud’s demeanor. Bud looked around the whole fungal forest that surrounded him, waiting to hear the dreaded shots and bangs that he was expecting to hear. Instead, the forest had a silence about it, an uneasy silence. He wondered, should he abandon his post, and run after the Regiment that left about half an hour ago? He looked at Moony and the small, furry creature looked back at him. Bud knew what to do.


    The city-planet of Coruscant was bustling with activity. More than there usually was, for clouds of smoke billowed from the Jedi Temple, which put the whole planet in fear. First there was the attack on Coruscant earlier that year. Now, the Jedi Temple on fire? No one knew what to think.

    The quaint cantina on a bustling Coruscant street, dubbed “The Hyperspace Malfunction” was owned by the blue-skinned Twi’lek bartender named Mari Su. She kept the place in order and made sure everyone behaved. She had a hidden blaster at her belt and was not afraid to use it, and there would be no question as to who shot first. Each screen in the cantina showed something different: One showed a podrace from a distant planet, another showed a swoop race on Tatooine. On the other side, they were televising a Sabacc tournament, and a Pazaak tournament. Throughout the cantina, there were alien forms around as well doing a multitude of things. Some were just talking, others just sitting and drinking. People were playing rounds of Pazaak, Sabacc, and Dejarik as well. You always had the occasional Corellian smuggler come in who looked like they would shot any bounty hunter on sight. Those you had to be careful of.

    Suddenly, the holovid screens changed from racing and tournaments, to the face of the Chancellor. But his face was horribly disfigured. Every person in the bar looked at the screens.

    He spoke slowly and in a sense, almost hypnotic, “There has been a plot by the Jedi to overthrow the Senate. But the Jedi rebellion has been foiled. The remaining Jedi will be hunted down and defeated!” The Senate erupted into applause. Mari Su looked at the screen with a questioning glance.

    “The attempt on my life, by the Jedi, has left me scarred and deformed. But I assure you, my resolve has never been stronger!” The Senators again showed their approval.

    “In order to ensure the security and continuing stability, the Republic will be reorganized into the first Galactic Empire! For a safe and secure society!” The screen then went back to their tournaments and races. There was a long pause of silence; the people knew not what to do. After a brief moment, one person stood up and began to clap, then another joined in, and soon the whole room gave their approval. The cantina then went back to normal.

    Someone at the counter said, “I knew those Jedi scum were up to no good. So secretive, so peacekeeping. I mean, who puts peacekeepers in charge of a war?”

    Mari Su nodded in a fake form of approval, but inside she knew that liberty had just died, and that something terrible was coming.


    Jedi Knight Bec-Mi Gi-Mil ran up to the Clones under his command. He had just defeated a whole platoon of Separatists and he gave his Clones orders to attack as well. To finish fighting and to see his Regiment just standing there and talking filled him with anger. Not the type of anger that led to the Dark Side, the annoyed type of anger. As he approached them, they faced him and stood at attention, but they seemed different. Even though they had helmets on, Bec-Mi could sense the difference.

    He approached them and said, “What is this troopers? I give you orders to attack with me, and you all just sit here? Commander Sun, you had better give me a good excuse for this or I’m going to have to send you all back to Kamino and have you reimplemented with obeying orders from superiors.” He said with a smile.

    Chatter responded, “Uh, if you did that sir, you might not be alive right now.”

    CC-1602, aka Chasta, said, “Shut up Chatter!”

    Bec-Mi approached Chatter and said, “What was that Chatter? Is that some sort of threat?”

    Commander Sun took off his helmet and took over saying, “What Chatter is trying to say is this: We have just received orders from the Supreme Commander saying that the Jedi are trying to take over the Senate and that all Jedi have been branded traitors to the Republic.”

    Bec-Mi, with a shocked look on his face, said, “What?”

    CC-3064, nicknamed Book, for always reciting the codebooks and manuals when people had questions of what to do said, “Every clone was given a list of orders to obey, when they were made. One of those orders was that whenever you guys started acting against the interests of the Republic, we would have to terminate you.”

    Kid jumped in saying, “But we don’t want to do that sir! We’ve thought about it and we don’t agree with this order!

    Nay mumbled to himself, “Most of us anyway.”

    Sun finished for everyone, “What we’re trying to say sir is that we want to disobey this order and keep going as if we had never received it.”

    Bec-Mi responded with a smile, “Well, I am certainly glad that when you were made on Kamino, you were implemented with the sense of reason, otherwise I’d be dead right now. But what are we going to do? This order came from the Chancellor himself, but I know the Jedi could not have done anything treasonous! Something must be going on.”

    Sun’s holocomunnicator started beeping. The letters on the screen indicated it was coming from 327th, Commander Bly’s troops. They were probably going to ask if they had completed the order.


    Bud was running. Running toward the rest of his Regiment. He knew there would be consequences. He would probably be punished for abandoning his post, or even worse, killed for not wanting the Jedi killed. But he had to know what happened. And he needed to know now.

    The 281st seem like the type to not obey orders, but rest assured they do. There were many different types of Clones made. Some had stealth implementations, others had advanced aggressiveness. Some had the ability to command, and others were just expendable. The 281st were a test, the Kaminoans wanted to make one batch that had the ability to reason. This group could reason out whether things were worth it, and it gave them the ability to make friendships and for some reason, friendships outranked any order. This was the reason they disobeyed Order 66, they reasoned that it was not worth the cost, their friendship with the Jedi General outranked the order from the Supreme Commander.


    With a small amount of nervousness, Sun pressed the button on his holocommunicator to put him through to the 327th. Clone Commander Bly appeared on the holo.

    “Commander Sun, have you completed the order?”

    Bec-Mi quickly whispered across to Sun, “Say you’ve killed me already.”

    Sun responded to Bly saying, “Yes sir, it has been done.”

    “Very good soldier. Meet us at the rendezvous point so we may return to Coruscant.”

    “But sir, what about the toxins? We must stop them from spreading!”

    “With the resulting deaths from the toxins, we’ll blame them on the traitorous Jedi. Now meet us there.”

    Book quickly shouted out, “Wait!”

    Everyone looked at him, hoping he would not say what they thought would be said.

    Commander Bly stated, “What’s your name and serial number soldier?”

    Book replied, “I am CC-3064, also known as Book. I realize I am overstepping my boundaries by interrupting this conversation but I feel I must say this.”

    Bly looked at him and said, “Go on.”

    Book continued, “We have right now a chance to shut down all the droids on this planet. It is where we were going before the order came. According to our orders when we were made, we must always attempt to defeat the Separatists at all costs, no matter what. Now according to Order 66, it does not say that orders given before Order 66 are considered null and void; it does not even mention them. Yes, I think we should rendezvous back on Coruscant, but only after we finish this mission to shut down the droids.”

    Commander Sun said to Bly with a smile, “We think that when Book was made, the Grand Army of the Republic Rules & Regulations Manual datalink cable accidentally got plugged into his head.”

    Bly was silent for a minute, and then he said, “Book, I do not have the rules all memorized. Are you positive of this?”

    “Yes, sir!”

    “Well then, Commander Sun. What was the original plan?”

    “After this attack on the Separatists left flank, we would then send a couple Clones, through the sewer. One would deactivate the turrets and security. Another would open up the blast doors. These clankers aren’t smart, but they do know that if they loose this post, every Separatist droid on the planet would be disabled.”

    “How long do you estimate it will take you?”

    “An hour at the most.”

    “Will you require any reinforcements?”

    “No sir, we will defeat them with ease.”

    “Alright Commander, we will be at the rendezvous point. Meet us there when you have disabled the droids.”

    “Yes sir.”

    The holo faded out and communications with the 327th ended. Everyone in the 281st heaved a long sigh of relief.

    Chatter was the first to speak, “So that’s what we’re going to do?”

    Bec-Mi responded, “It looks like it’s the only thing we can do. While we are fighting them, I’ll go to their communications room and see if I can get a coded message through to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Then we will play everything by ear as to what we do next.”

    He then took off his Jedi robe and threw it in the bushes. “Does anyone have an extra blaster I could use? I don’t want to look like a Jedi in case we are being monitored. And I will only use the Force in dire situations.”

    CC-6241, aka Boost, handed the Jedi an extra blaster. They then began moving to the right flank of the enemy, while the droids began defending their left flank, where the attack came from.


    When Bud made it to where the Clones once were, he found they were long gone. Immediately he began thinking of what might have happened. Moony hopped over to the bushes and began tugging at something. Bud came over to see what was going on and was startled by what he saw. He saw the robes of a Jedi, and it had blaster holes in them! He knew immediately that he must have been the only one who had felt the connection between himself and the Jedi, and everyone else had followed the Order.

    Bud began thinking, “Why would they take his body? And why would they leave Bec-Mi’s robe here?”

    He looked at Moony, hoping to find the answer he was looking for, but Moony just looked up at him. He smiled under his helmet, thinking, “Now how could you know the answer?”

    This whole time he had spent running and then thinking, the Felucian forest still had the eerie silence. Not a bird chirped. Not a thing moved. It was if the whole planet had felt the pain of all the Jedi dying. But suddenly, that silence ended, when a few Regiments of Separatist droids, spanning from Battle Droids, to Super Battle Droids, to Droidekas, began marching through the fungus straight toward him.


    The Separatist base was very open. It had individual buildings that housed the Command Center, the Security Room, Storage and other such buildings. They were in a major chokepoint though; a mountain surrounded them. They had built the base in the hollow part of an almost horseshoe shaped mountain. It was very easy to defend, as there was only one way that a Clone Regiment could attack them, and that was through the front door. Of course, some could make it over the mountains too, if they could get past the mines scattered all over. The only other way in was at their left flank, through an escape tunnel.


    CC-5067, aka Sparkle, knew today was not the day to worry about how clean and sparkly his armor was. He received the nickname Sparkle because he always made sure that his armor literally sparkled. At first look, any Clone Commander would think he was one of the Shinies, a rookie who had yet to get his armor dirty. But staying with him a while, you could see that he was one of the best Clones that Kamino had ever produced. Sparkle also was the Regiment’s computer slicer.

    But today, he could not worry about his armor, for today, he and Chasta were infiltrating the Separatist base through the sewer. Their job was to sneak inside, through the sewer, and open the main blast doors to let the rest of the regiment in, who were hiding among the fungal trees and plants.

    Nay was going through another sewer, which would take him right underneath the security room, where he would then disable all security cameras and defense turrets and all turrets watching over the base.

    General Bec-Mi took Book through a path, up the side of the mountain, which was right next to base. They would reach the communications tower and disable the communications device and try to send a coded message to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. They would then jump off the ledge, which was right over the open base, and rejoin the others.

    Commander Sun had Chatter and Boost both with him as they waited patiently for the blast doors to open, and bring an end to this conflict.


    Chasta called over to Sparkle, “I found the sewer cover Sparkle!”

    Sparkle immediately came over and saw the cover. Both Clones lifted the cover and slipped inside, with Sparkle replacing the cover behind them. They landed with a splash, knee-deep in the sewer water.

    “Aw Sith-spit,” exclaimed Sparkle, “I just cleaned this armor yesterday!” Then, they finally noticed the horrid smell, which was a mix of oil, fuel and who knows what else.

    “What an incredible smell you’ve discovered Chasta!”

    “Be quiet, Sparkle, and lets just get this over with. The faster we move, the sooner we’ll be out of this,” said Chasta. They then began the trek of finding their way to the other side, through the maze of sewers.


    General Bec-Mi and Book were both on a cliff, walking on a two-inch ledge that was directly above the droid forces. Book was also the Regiment’s jet trooper.

    As they were making their way to the com tower, the Jedi told Book, “That was really quick thinking on your part to mention that order to Commander Bly. I didn’t even know there was such an order.”

    Book replied with a smile beneath his helmet, “There isn’t.”

    When they made it the other side, they saw the communications tower. Book and Bec-Mi stepped off the ledge and they crept all the way through to the tower, taking out the droids as quietly as they could. They went into the communications room and took out all of the droids, and then Bec-Mi began to send a message to Coruscant.

    “To all remaining Jedi on Coruscant,” he said, “This is Jedi Knight Bec-Mi Gi-Mil, Commander of the 281st Clone Regiment on Felucia. There is a plot by the Chancellor to overthrow the Jedi. Our own Clones have been turning against us and killing off all Jedi. My Regiment has decided to disobey and is still loyal to me. If any of you are still alive, please send help for us. We are on the planet Felucia. Please acknowledge.”

    Silence was all that could be heard. Book began to move uneasily.

    “Jedi Temple on Coruscant! This is Jedi Knight Bec-Mi, do you read me!?”

    Again silence.

    “Well that stinks like the innards of a tauntaun,” exclaimed Bec-Mi.

    All of a sudden they heard the creak of a blast door, and the sounds of blaster fire.

    “Come on, Book,” said Bec-Mi, “Lets rejoin the others and deactivate these droids.”

    They both ran toward the ledge and jumped. Bec-Mi pulled out his blaster and Book activated his jetpack.


    Chasta slowly opened the sewer cover and peeked through. He saw a droid patrol walk past and disappear around a corner.

    He turned to Sparkle and said, “None of the turrets are moving, so Nay must have deactivated them. Let’s go and open that door.”

    They both crawled out of the sewer and replaced the cover quietly. Sparkle and Chasta began sneaking over to the blast door, doing there best to not make a sound. When they made it to the door, Sparkle began slicing the door’s controls and then the door began to slide open with a creak. An alarm began to go off, notifying the droids of an unauthorized opening of the main blast door. Both Clones heard the voice of Commander Sun shouting, “Alright men! Let’s make some scrap!”

    The Clones began rushing through the door and Chasta and Sparkle joined up with them, with Nay coming around from behind a building. The Regiment began to open fire on each and every droid that they saw as they made their way to the droid control area. The droids knew what would happen if the Clones made it through. Either way, the 281st knew that they were in for the fight of their lives.


    Bud had no idea what to do. He quickly hid behind a fungal bush as he began to think that these droids just might be heading to the Clones’ Base! And who was supposed to be guarding it? Him. Bud basically handed their base to the Separatists on a silver platter with some blue milk on the side.

    But he then heard the sounds of blaster fire. The sound echoed through the fungal forest and sounded as if it was far away. All of the sudden the droids started going back to their base! Bud heaved a sigh of relief.

    Moony began to hop up the mountain that was covered with mines. Bud suddenly shouted to him, “Moony don’t! That mountain is covered with mines!” Then he thought, “Wait, why am I talking to an animal?”

    Moony then disappeared through the flora. Bud sighed, got up, and began to follow Moony trying to find him. After all, he was the demolitions expert. He could easily make his way through the minefield without setting one off, he hoped.


    The fighting was long and fierce. The whole base echoed with the sounds of blaster fire. Master Bec-Mi did not use any Force powers and he used his blaster very well. The Clones began running from cover to cover trying to get closer to the control center, but to no avail. The Separatists were getting smarter.


    The 281st were surrounded. The droids knew that if they lost, the Clones would deactivate all droids on Felucia. So they decided to use every strategy they had. They had put the 281st in a corner, but with one problem. That corner was right next to the droid control center. So the Separatists attacked with every weapon they had, hoping to prevent a Republic victory to this battle.

    Commander Sun was worried about the outcome. Chatter and Book were both wounded and they were behind a wall for cover. Everyone else kept dodging blasters, moving from cover to cover, and trying to get closer to the droid control center so they could end this battle.

    Commander Sun called over to Sparkle and said, “Sparkle, do you think you can infiltrate their defenses and make a direct run for the control center?”

    Sparkle replied with some cockiness in his voice, “You mean make a suicide run and hope that none of the droids shoot me? Yeah, I can make the run, but I can’t guarantee that I’d make it to the control center alive. But I’m willing to do it sir, for the Republic!”

    Sun answered, “Then soldier, it’s time for us to see what you’re made of. The rest of the Regiment will cover you. Good luck trooper!”

    Sparkle got up and shouted, “For the Republic!” and ran toward the control center, blasters firing and running as fast as he could. Sun looked for a second and then ordered all his troops to provide cover fire for Sparkle.


    When Bud got to the top of the mountain, he heaved a sigh of relief. He made it to the top without setting off one mine. Of course, the droids had the simple kind of mines, the type that give off a red glow so you can see where they are, but they still blend in. But Bud still thought that that was a way of making someone think that it would be easy, and then they step on a truly concealed mine. But, Bud didn’t stick around to find out, for Moony was jumping up and down frantically on top of an anvil on a ledge. What were the droids doing with an anvil? And more than that, what was it doing here? Then he saw it, a cord leading from the anvil to the ground. It was a lighting rod, just in the shape of an anvil. The droids must have used it as a source of electricity. Then, Bud finally noticed the sounds of blaster fire, again.

    Looking to see what Moony was pointing to, he went to the edge and saw the battle between the droids and the Clones. AND HE SAW JEDI KNIGHT BEC-MI WITH THEM! Bud was so overjoyed that the Clones had disobeyed the order! Just then, he heard a shout, “For the Republic!” and saw Sparkle making a run for a control counsel right below him. Moony must have decided to help Sparkle because he jumped right off the anvil.

    Bud quickly shouted “No!” and grabbed Moony’s tail, but he slipped in the process and landed on the anvil, knocking it off the ledge. So all three, Moony, Bud and the anvil, were falling toward the ground below.


    Sparkle, who was currently slicing the counsel, heard the shouts from above and looked up and saw Bud, Moony and an anvil, falling toward him. The anvil landed with a crash on the computer counsel and destroyed it. Then Bud and Moony both fell on top. After this, Sparkle finally felt the pain in his hand and saw it was right underneath the anvil!


    The shouting must have scared Moony half to death, as he hopped away through the escape tunnel, in his own fashion.

    Jedi Knight Bec-Mi casually walked up to Sparkle and used the Force to lift Bud and the anvil off the counsel and Sparkle’s hand. While he was doing this, he said to Sparkle, “Calm down soldier. Look about you, they destroyed the counsel and every droid has been deactivated. We have won the battle!”

    Sparkle and Bud looked about with surprise and finally noticed the droids were all lying on the ground, deactivated. Everyone cheered with the success.

    Commander Sun walked up to Bud and helped him up off the ground saying, “You know, I should court-martial you for abandoning your post. But seeing as you’ve deactivated the droids,” he said with a smile, “I think I’ll forget about that.”

    Bec-Mi said to Bud, “Yes, why did you leave the base?”

    “Well, I received the order to execute Order 66, and I knew there would be a dilemma. So I hurried over to see if you all went through with it or not. And I’m glad to find out that you all disregarded the order.”

    Bec-Mi replied, smiling, “So am I.”

    Chasta and Nay were both helping Chatter and Book up to lead them out of the rubble as Kid, the Regiment’s medic, ran up to look at there wounds.

    Commander Sun asked Bec-Mi, “Did the Jedi Temple receive your message?

    Before Bec-Mi could answer he heard a voice behind him say “No they haven’t.”

    Everyone turned around to see Commander Bly and the 327th marching toward them, blasters in hand.

    Bly continued, “We intercepted a coded message coming from the droid base and, expecting a droid voice, we instead hear the voice of the Jedi Knight Bec-Mi Gi-Mil, whom we thought dead.”

    Everyone Clone was being lined up against the wall by the 327th. The 281st knew what was going to happen.

    Sun pleaded with him, “Bly don’t do this. We’re all brothers!”

    Bly said, “You should have thought of that before you disobeyed a direct order from the Supreme Commander.”

    Kid said, “We couldn’t obey that order and you know it. The 281st was implemented with the sense of reasoning and we reasoned that it was not important and we would gain nothing by killing Jedi Knight Bec-Mi, our General, our teacher, and most of all, our friend. Don’t tell me you didn’t feel any remorse when you killed Master Aayla Secura.”

    Bly responded, “I didn’t. It felt enjoyable killing a traitor to the Republic”

    Book then said, “Please don’t make us have to fight you.”

    Nay said, “I’m not fighting them. I refuse to fight someone that has the same genetic make-up as me. We were made to kill droids, not humans, especially our own brothers.” And saying that, he threw down his weapons. One by one every Clone did the same.

    Bly said, “Well, this is your own funeral. Troops ready!”

    The Clones pulled up their blasters.


    The 327th aimed their blasters. Each Clone stood there fearless.

    Before Commander Bly could give the order to fire, Bec-Mi jumped in front of the Clones and used a giant Force Push and knocked the entire 327th to the ground, but not killing them.

    He shouted to the 281st, “Run to that escape tunnel over there! I’m right behind you!” And drawing his lightsaber, he began blocking the shots coming from the 327th.

    All of the 281st began running toward the tunnel, with Chasta and Nay still helping Chatter and Book, and Sparkle still holding his broken hand. Jedi Knight Bec-Mi Gi-Mil began moving toward the tunnel, blocking the blaster fire with his lightsaber. The green color of his saber flashed with each blaster shot it blocked. He then grabbed some of the mines on the mountain above, with the Force, and began running into the tunnel. After he was in, he turned around and used a little Force Lightning to set them off. He knew a few Dark Side powers, but he just never used them that often. The explosion destroyed the opening to the tunnel and the opening was closed with rocks and earth from the mountain above. Bec-Mi ran as fast as he could so he would not get buried along with the tunnel.


    Meanwhile, the 281st was still running. Where they did not know. All they knew is that they had to get away from the 327th and the droid base as fast as possible. For they knew, the Clones, their own brothers, would hunt them. Then, Master Bec-Mi joined up with them, and they all, Clones and Jedi, kept running


    The 327th recovered from all that happened and just stood there, waiting for orders from their commander. Bly stood there, facing what used to be the escape tunnel. He had so many conflicting thoughts in his mind. One said to follow; another said to leave, and so many others that will not be mentioned. Finally, in anger, he fired his blaster pistol at the rocks covering the tunnel. The bang of the blaster shot gave an echo throughout the mountain.

    Bly whispered softly to himself so only he could hear, “Why did you have to do that Sun?”

    He then started walking toward the entrance of the base, back to the rendezvous point. As he was walking he said to his troops, “Come on. Let’s get out of here.”

    As they were walking, one of the troops ran up to him and asked, “What are we going to do about this?”

    Bly responded in a short voice, “What do you think?” And then he continued walking, with his Regiment a few meters behind him.

    Bly dared not give his true feelings, because he had a dilemma. He could either not report what had happened, and risk getting court-martialed; or he could report this event to the Supreme Commander. Either way, he knew there would be a battle no one wanted: A battle of brother against brother.


    The writer wishes to thank the following: Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, for the dialogue of Emperor Palpatine. The novel Star Wars Republic Commando: True Colors by Karen Traviss, for the exact wording of Order 66. The Seton Writers Club website, for hosting a Star Wars Short Story Contest, which inspired me to enter and write this story. And, of course, George Lucas, for making the Star Wars Universe.