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Challenge Clone Wars Hostage Crisis Remake?

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Writing Resource' started by DarthTalonx, Aug 26, 2015.

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  1. DarthTalonx

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    Nov 12, 2014


    Star Wars CW, Hostage Crisis was a good episode, but could have been so much better? Cad Bane and a posse of bounty hunters take hostages in the Galactic Senate. Given this is the Galactic seat of government, it seems rather empty, too small and poorly guarded or lacking protocols. In addition, no on the outside world seems to notice or are too busy to help and the Jedi sense nothing? Also when help is dispatched, no Jedi are sent, nor does anyone attempt to follow Bane discreetly?

    Could you make it slightly more epic and plausible as follows? Bare with it, I've tried to describe the main gist of it. The parts with Anakin and Padme can stay the same.

    I liked the opening sequence was great with the bounty hunters advancing. But you needed more, maybe a Joker style dark knight attack by Cad Bane and decoys and various people being taken out.

    E.g. Have the initial sequence with Aurra Sing sniping the guards the same. But after the initial attack on the platform, the command tower raises the alarm and the Senate goes on alert. Senate Guards from inside arrive at the scene, but the attackers are gone and all those on the platform dead. GAR Command is notified and we see them issue an alert and a senior commander ordering that assistance should be sent to the Senate. At the same time, communication beacons between here and the Senate and the Jedi Temple are shown to the audience. We see a trooper at GAR command speak into his console ordering nearby garrisons to respond to the Senate crisis. We see one garrison of troopers in the Senate district scramble and two gunships take off whilst hearing on the audio communications that more troops are on the way. A communication tower/beacon (showed earlier) relaying signals between the Senate, GAR command and the Jedi Temple are hit by a second bounty hunter team who are betrayed by Bane as their ship explodes along with the beacon itself. In addition, various explosions on transports and buildings near the Senate on Coruscant distract everybody and the Jedi are trying to work out what is going on. GAR command is unable to directly communicate with the Jedi Temple or the Senate.

    From this point, primary ground communications out of the Senate are down. Two gunships approach the main docking area. The rest of the Senate is shown to be locking down internally by massively thick blast doors and internal shields so that this upper east wing area is cordoned off from elsewhere. Anakin is shown to be wondering what is going on, and heads toward the east wing lobby. Senators and staff are evacuating on the other side. The only people inside this east section section near the main docking area are the Senators who are later hostage, Anakin, two Senate guard units and the Chancellor himself with six Red Guards outside his quarters. The Senators are stuck inside the lobby and are told to remain where they are till help arrives by the voice announcer. There are two more units of Senate Guards in this wing - one guard rotation and another lot on the platform.

    The two gunships we saw earlier comm the guards on the platform. The clone pilot provides the necessary authorization code and also informs them that they will secure the Chancellor and that more backup is on the way with two Jedi Generals to assist and also hunt down the attackers. The Senate guards on the platform lower the energy shield and the gunships move into to dock. Suddenly, when landing at the main docking area, one gunship fires on the other destroying it and all the troopers inside. It then proceeds to hover over the platform.

    Clones jump out of it and kill the Senate guards on the platform supported by the gunship which lands when all the guards are dead. Cad Bane takes off his helmet and order his posse to move forward (all are disguised in trooper uniform) as he reactivates the energy shield. The commando droid fakes the guard's voice (as in the episode to the guard rotation) to tell the command tower that backup is here. The command tower informs them that the east wing of the Senate is now secured by lockdown.​
    Aurra Sing questions Bane on whether the garrison would have noticed. Bane says it will be too late. We see the same garrison base from where the gunships took off and two troopers noticing blood in the corridor. They open the hatch to see the dead troopers who the bounty hunters replaced and see an explosive charge just before it detonates and destroys that base.​
    The bounty hunters move the Senate Guards off the platform. Cad Bane and one half of the posse go and kill the guard rotation (as in the episode, but dressed as troopers), whilst a second team heads to that communication room seen in the episode and cuts off internal communications. At the same time, they reconfigure the lockdown to only accept orders from inside. All the commando droids that came with the bounty hunters attack the Chancellor's Red Guards when the power is turned off killing all of them, though taking a few losses. They then go to join Bane.

    At this time, two gunships full of troopers and one clone commando team led by two Jedi onboard - say Masters Adia Gallia and Shaak Ti, approach the Senate and attempt to enter the main docking area, but there is no one on the platform to respond to their hails and the shield is still raised. They land at the west side of the building. A discussion between them and the Senate Guards on the ground reveal that the latter thought backup had already arrived. Internal communication is down. When they attempt to open the lockdown doors to reach the Chancellor above, they realize the lockdown is sealed from the inside. Even a lightsaber will not be able to cut through the several feet wide security doors quickly. They start to cut through with the commando's special heavy welders, but note it will take time.

    Cad Bane and his posse enter the lobby and take the Senators hostage and communicates with the Chancellor who has been sealed in as the tech guy bounty hunter disables the internal systems. And the episode continues as normal. Except the Chancellor maintains his "good guy image" and tells the Jedi and key Senators/GAR command in a hostage message that Bane sends out not to release the Hutt. However, Mas Amedda, the Speaker authorizes it fearing for the Chancellor's life and also the two Jedi believe it will buy time as the shield will have to be lowered to land at the main docking platform with the Hutt.

    The part with Anakin continues as normal (him reaching the lobby, then having to flee and later being incapacitated and ultimately unable to overwhelm the bounty hunters). But maybe he takes a few of them out (the commando droids for instance) and is only disabled facing many attackers (like on Zygeria), rather than just two (he is the Chosen one after all!).

    Bane leaves as usual as his prisoner is released and brought to the main docking platform (by a third team who he requested should collect the prisoner and be allowed to fly there unhindered). The shield has to be dropped for them to land. At this time, two gunships fly in above them to smash through (just like the episode) to the Chancellor except they are joined by Shaak Ti and Adia Gallia this time.

    Down at the platform two more gunships approach as a sniper dot appears on Bane's chest. Bane simply smiles. Clone troopers exit the gunships along with the commandos from earlier who surround the bounty hunters and the Chancellor delivers his ultimatum just like the original episode. Bane then mentions the Senators, and the Chancellor hesitates. Looking at the Jedi Masters who make a dash to the east wing lobby, he orders the troopers to stand down. Bane and his posse leave with the Hutt on the third team's vehicle. Shaak Ti and Adia Gallia run at Force Speed and leap to get to the lobby. Anakin wakes up and receives a communication from the Jedi Masters after speaking to Padme. He looks at the lasers and saves the hostages in the same manner by cutting through the floor.

    As Cad Bane is getting away, he sets off the internal explosion. The Jedi Masters are just short of the lobby and thrown back by the outward explosion of the room. The hostages are saved by Anakin in the same way as the episode. Padme says the same spiel to Anakin and the two Jedi Masters and clone commandos drop down from above to check on everyone. When Anakin mentions whether they got away, the Jedi Masters say that Bane won't stay at large for long.​
    Bane's posse is shown flying through the city. An old looking vehicle piloted by Jedi Master Cin Drallig and Knight Serra Keto track and follow him discreetly. They attempt to ambush him with a separate unit of clones in a gunship ahead of his path, but during the firefight over one of those sinkholes we saw in the whole Asoka chase in Season 6, Bane's vehicle supposedly explodes.​
    The Jedi and clones realize though that he deceived them and exited through an underside hatch in his ship to the sinkhole below. His coat is hanging in the wind. There are too many routes for them to establish which way he went. But they find a leftover clue (like Obi Wan used Fett's dart) e.g. a certain type of lazer device (used in the Senate) leading to the planet where Obi Wan and Qui Lon Vos are later dispatched.

    Isn't that better?​
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