Collecting behaviour Research. I need your help Romanian Collectors

Discussion in 'Romania' started by jonathanguiza, Sep 19, 2011.

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    Jul 25, 2011
    Dear Romanian Collectors:

    I?m a PhD student from the University of Granada in Spain, and I?m making and exchange program in the University Alexandru Ioan Cuza in Iasi Romania. The subject of my thesis is the collecting behavior.

    For the researching of my thesis I?ve choose the market of figures and articles with the representations of popular culture (designer toys, action figures, skateboards, sneakers, snowboards etc.), if you are a collector, doesn?t matter how large or expensive your collection is, I really need your help, because to get a representative sample I?ve choose the Romanian market because is not so large and is in developing, and it would be so interesting know the habits of the collectors from here.

    I really appreciate your help answer me an anonymous survey, and I hope that you want to participate in the first scientific research in this collecting market. When you finish answering the survey, you can send it to me and save it with the document name that you choose. Also if you know another collector and you can make me the favor of send the survey I?ll thank you.

    please send me your answers to

    If you want to see the conclutions, you can also send me your mail and when I?ll finish my Thesis I?ll send you a copy.

    Thank you for your consideration and time.

    Jonathan Carlos Guiza Pastrana

    Here is the survey at Google Docs
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.