Beyond - Legends Contractual Obligations (SJRS August Challenge)

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    SJRS August challenge: The 'Contractually Obligated Beard!'

    For this challenge you must write a fic in which Luke has a beard. It can be in any universe (D-canon, Legacy, or any AU). You MUST include: Mara's reaction/opinion, a razor (or whatever GFFA equivalent), and the word "obligated" (or any tense of the word you want). BONUS POINTS if you include the phrase "I don't shave for _______ _________"

    Mara Jade Skywalker walked wearily to her apartment – after a month away from home helping Karrde with a situation on Fondor she was anxious to see her husband and son. It was with a sigh of relief that she stepped over the threshold to see Ben waiting for her, smiling inanely.

    “Hi Mom,” the thirteen year old said as she stepped forward and embraced him tightly. Mara kissed her son’s hair, and Ben pulled away and wiped at the place her lips had touched, as teenage boys were wont to do. “I’m going over see Jacen and Jaina at the Temple.”

    Mara was incredulous. “Ben, I just got back,” she said, a little hurt by his reaction.

    “I’ll see you later,” Ben promised. “Dad’s in there with Uncle Han,” he pointed down the hallway to the living room. “And I’m retreating to a safe distance.”

    “Why?” Mara asked, immediately suspicious. “What has your father done now?”

    “Bye, Mom,” Ben left with a grin and a wave. Mara sighed deeply and walked down the hall, wondering what trouble her husband had gotten himself into now. She was somewhat relieved when she saw Luke and Han seated on the couch, each swigging from bottles of ale and chatting animatedly. There were numerous empty bottles on the caf table. She didn’t see what she was supposed to be annoyed about, except perhaps that they had started drinking without her.

    But as she crossed the room she saw what had amused Ben so much - Luke and Han were sporting long, greying facial hair which covered their cheeks and chins. Both of them looked utterly ridiculous.

    “Mara!” Luke rose and bounded over, taking her in his arms and kissing her fully on the mouth. She could taste the ale on his lips, and his whiskers tickled her skin. Mara pulled back and looked at his chin pointedly.

    “What is that monstrosity on your face?” she asked, not even bothering with a greeting.

    Luke grinned and stroked his chin. “Come on, Mara, you’ve seen me with a beard before.”

    “Yes, I have,” she agreed. “Some nice, well-trimmed facial hair, or a little sexy stubble-”

    “Ew,” Han butt in. “I’m trying not to throw up over here, thanks.”

    “Go home to your wife, Solo,” she growled over Luke’s shoulder.

    Han pouted. “Leia says I can’t come home until I shave,” he said. “So me, Luke and Ben have been hanging out.”

    “Good for her,” Mara prickled with warm amusement. “I’d do the same except you’re already home,” he poked Luke playfully in the belly. “So I’m afraid the bachelor’s vacation has come to an end. For you boys it’s back to washing your dishes, throwing your dirty socks in the hamper and yes, liberal application of the vibrorazor.”

    “It’s not like that, Mara” Luke protested, covering his whiskers protectively.

    “Then what is it like?” she asked.

    “Beardapolooza!” Han drunkenly threw his hands up in the air.

    “That’s not a word.”

    “Sure it is,” Luke nodded with a bit too much enthusiasm. “It’s a really neat idea to raise money for Coruscant’s homeless. They’ve got a whole bunch of public figures, we all promised to grow out our facial hair, and people can donate money to support whoever they want!”

    “And you’re not allowed to trim it?” Mara asked hopefully. She didn’t mind Luke with a beard usually - if it was well kept she actually thought he looked rather handsome. But the beard he was currently sporting could generously be described as straggly.

    “Nuh uh,” Han shook his head, standing and ambling over to them. “Against the rules.”

    “Well I don’t care what the rules are,” Mara declared and turned back to Luke. “You’re shaving it off right now.”

    “Mara, it’s for charity,” Luke said. “And I signed a contract, I don’t shave for anyone until they have enough money.”

    “Yeah, Jade,” Han added, pointing to his face. “These are contractually obligated beards.”

    “The target is to raise one hundred thousand credits each,” Luke explained. “Then it can come off.”

    “And we’ve got our own bet going,” Han grinned. “Whoever raises the money first wins.”

    “Wins what?” Mara asked.

    Wins,” Han gestured emphatically. “Prestige, bragging rights, that sort of thing.”

    “Right.” Mara sighed deeply. “And how much do you have to go?” she addressed Luke.

    “Another five thousand.”

    “Heh, I only have two and a half!” Han gloated. “Guess the ladies still prefer a roguish smuggler to a Jedi, huh kid?”

    Luke waved his hand indifferently. “Well I’ve heard it on good authority that there are people donating to other men so that I keep the beard for longer,” he declared, grinning. “They think it makes me look distinguished.”

    “Yeah, like a distinguished Ewok.”

    While they argued, Mara pulled out her datapad and logged into her personal account, her fingers furiously tapping at the screen.

    “What are you doing?” Luke asked, his attention back on her.

    “Get out the vibrorazor, Farmboy,” she said as she closed the datapad and walked back over to him. “I’ve just donated five thousand credits for you. Looks like we both win.”

    “That’s cheating!” Han protested.

    Luke looked conflicted. “I guess as long as they get the money, but Mara, it’s still not very fair…”

    “Well, Farmboy,” Mara responded gently, and stroked the side of his face. “You can ponder how fair or not it is out here with Han.” She leaned forward and kissed him lightly. “Or you can get rid of him, and that beard, and come join me in the bedroom.”

    It took approximately six seconds for Luke to usher Han down the hallway, push him out the front door and sprint back to the fresher where Mara had already laid the vibrorazor out for him.
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    LOL! =D= and [face_mischief] Super fun response! Yay for Mara's personal funds. ;)

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    Ha! They do that sort of charity event where I live. Nicely done!
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    [face_rofl] [face_rofl] [face_rofl] [face_rofl]

    I love this!!!!! What a fun response. I love that it was both Luke and Han growing beards. And living the bachelor life. I just wonder if Leia is going to let Han back in the door! I love how Mara ponied up the creds. I can't say as I blame her. Toooo fun!!!
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    Man, you are fast!

    Bahaha! That is NEVER a good sign.

    Great piece! I love how Mara took matters into her own hands!
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    Hahahahahahahahahaha! That was great!!
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    Sqweee!Mara would do anything to have her boiyish farmboy back!
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    Thanks everyone! The charity event was inspired by "Movember" :p
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    This is really cute. I do like how Mara resolved the issue.
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    Thanks Gemma! A small price to pay for clean-shaven Luke ;)
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    [face_rofl] This was hilarious! I loved Luke and Han in boys' mode, watching football and drinking beer, while Mara is her usual snarky self as she puts up a brave face in front of this decadence. The best canon interpretation nomination was just waiting to happen :)
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    What a fun story to stumble over! Thanks! That was a good and fun read! Actually, I sort of forced my husband to have a beard. Well, just a goatee... [face_blush]