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Star Wars Corellia: Reach for the Stars

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by DarthXan318, Jan 17, 2012.

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  1. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007
    Lisander Olic
    Aboard the Cheap Trick

    "Lissy? You got one of your Lissy days? Oh c´mon. My vision is blurred by nothing. My eyes are exactly on what I wanna get out of this." He gave her a dry smile and allowed his eyes to wonder up and down on her body before turning to the opening gates of hangar 3. "The credits."

    He laughed and leaned back. She was playful and in a good mood. He had seen her differently in the last years. So why hold a grudge against her, if she actually was in a good mood for a change. "And you are right. Your precious Ran is one of many guys in this project, we´ll probably not even meet him."

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  2. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Sacorr
    Location: Space, the disturbing frontier

    Having been crammed last into a shuttle pod bound for a space station that had survived the horror?s of both the Freedom Wars and governmental upheavals to date was a disturbing experience. In fact she tried her best to avoid looking out any viewports as they traveled through space, her mind just wasn?t suited for such things. Either that or her stomach was over-riding her mind on the situation. So she was only too grateful to let others pass her by in exiting the death trap, for a few moments as she collected herself to actually move with her own two feet.

    When boarding and now in un-boarding the craft she noted the different types of people also aboard. There were a propensity of humans and one other Selonian in her pods compliment of crew, no Drall. The other Selonian she noted was old, how old she was not about to venture a guess, but the grey hairs gave that much away. The other three were human males, ranging around their middle ages of years she guessed, and two seemed to have some bearing that suggested more to them. Something their weapons bore possible testament to.

    As she exited she stretched herself backwards, feeling the popping of her vertebrae as they settled back into proper positioning after that cramped rust-bucket ride through the sheer openness. Tilting her head at the Lieutenants words of greeting and to follow the Lieutenant she snuffed once to get a vague smell of the place. Quickly regretting it she chuffed with a partially withheld cough after their apparent human leader agreed to them all being led. Not that she disagreed but the smells of this place disagreed with her from the similarity of some of the smells to where she had fought before. Even a tinge of blood, probably caked into the creases that no one could reach yet in cleaning. They all subtly played out the odor of what either happened to a builder in construction, in abusive use of this place, or in the taking of this large floating heap of ore. Either way it now spelled a new point in the chapter of their history of freedom.

    Using her rifle-staff as a baton she rested the barrel in her hand pointing down in front of her as she held it backwards to it?s designed use. The weapon was old, and built to take a beating, but with a rub of her chin and cheek upon it she felt the comfort once more of having it close.

    Having been issued it early in the freedom wars the black with bronze color highlighted weapon was a treasure to her soul. It was also something that she could not imagine fighting without after roughly a decade of doing so. Leaving the scope on for the trip and now was merely a practical matter in case someone wanted her demonstrate her skills. Well that, and also it added another layer of comfort to know she was ready to fight one way or another at a moments notice even in this supposedly secure space facility. Whether it was actually safe to so she didn?t dare to dwell on, as the mere thought of decompressing a part of the station made her stomach start to roil once more.

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    Hope the image for the weapon is alright, it was the best I could find for my idea and even is a real test weapon from back in the days.
  3. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    Aboard the Cheap Trick

    She stretched herself and grabbed her jacket from her seat next to Lisander. While pulling it over and through that at least hiding her knifes, she gave him a cool smile.

    "Sure." It was all she said, before turning. On her way to the ramp one level below she checked both her guns. They were actually the small ones, which was enough. But she wanted to make sure they worked when needed. The government wasn´t to be trusted. They had not been there that long, for sure. Things could still take dirty shortcuts with them.


    With a satisfied sigh she returned them to their holsters and heard the landing procedure initiated.

    The Cheap Trick was a huge and not very elegant ship. Not even she knew where Lsiandder had it from. It was worth enough money to retire, certainly. but depsite his speech over dreits, she kinda thought Lisander wasn´t in it ofr the money, anymore. He had plenty of it. neither of both was doing it for wealth.

    And probably it was exactly the reason they never talked about why they kept on doing it.

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  4. Penguinator

    Penguinator Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 23, 2005
    Lazlo Lundi
    On Station: Maintenance Shaft

    The small man bit his lip in frustration. Working! No interruptions!

    He swung his head down the shaft to see the being who'd said hello. Lazlo found himself wanting the Drall's courtesy to extend to silence while he worked, but let it pass.

    "Hh. Lazlo Lundi, mechanic, I fix things." His speech was fast, a bluster of words as he waved a hand hurriedly at the wiring on the control panel. "Almost done, should see approximately five percent increase in efficiency and margin for error, maybe six, see after wiring done."

    Abruptly he swung his head back up into the shaft and buried his nose in the control panel.

    "You have stimcaf?" he said without turning. "Caf good too."

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  5. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    Lyle Zahara
    Space Station Approach, Yet-To-Be-Named Starship

    You know, not that I ever feel inclined to complain about getting a chance to fly, especially in a new ship...okay, yeah, nothing's new nowadays but...

    To put it simply, the ship he was flying was a piece of junk. Whenever he had been on an easy cruise such as the one he was now currently on, Lyle liked to sit back and enjoy the experience. Listen to the hum of the engines, lay back on a newly-cushioned seat, listen to the rhythmic beeping of the electronics of the vessel, and just the nice feel of being comfortable and protected by however many inches of solid metal of the hull.

    Problem was that when Lyle tried to do that on this vessel, he was just reminded on what, exactly, he had been given: a junk heap. His head tilting to one side, the child soldier-turned pilot closed his eyes for a moment and listened just to confirm it.

    The engine pitch is off; different from when we took off, he thought. One of the generators may be malfunctioning. Great. I can feel subtle variations in acceleration as well. Again, subtle, but I know they're there. Power is probably surging erratically cause of said generator. Nothing life-threatening but I'm going to need a mechanic to look this thing over. That or I'm going to have to patch it up myself. Yeah, that'll last. And the cushioning? I think I feel a spring digging into my lower back. What did they give me?

    To be fair, about 85% - or more - of what can be considered as Corellia's navy and other vessels could hardly be any better. Even with ten years since the Freedom War having passed, Corellia and it's citizens still have a ways to go with their recovery efforts, especially when it came to ships. The Rakata never let any Corellian have one of their fancy ships - especially a warship - so any Corellian that sought to take the fight off the ground had to deal with hastily-converted transports, shuttles, and other civilian craft that had big guns bolted onto the hull and sent out into battle with the best of luck.

    I wonder if that's what I was given. One of those transport-converted-to-warship-converted-to-piece-of-crap.

    "My heavens."

    And noisy passengers. I liked it when I was just transporting the shattered remains of someone's home.

    Okay, this was probably not one of Lyle's better days. He's usually a nice guy; a pretty laid-back guy really, but trying to avoid being impaled by a rogue spring while also trying to figure out where he was going while ALSO trying to discover anymore pitfalls that may or may not allow him to land this ship in one piece all the while a chatterbox took the liberty of sitting in his co-pilot seat could darken anyone's day. He still didn't know where or why he was going. The directions pretty much just said: take ship, take ship to coordinates, see what happens.

    "Unless I'm badly mistaken -- and let's be frank, I often am in this job -- that looks to be one of the Lucifer stations. Out here, of all places!"

    At least I know where I'm going now, Lyle thought sarcastically while his foot had been half-raised to shove Ringhaven's head from inbetween Lyle and one of the camera screens so that he could look at the space station himself. Old, beat up, and definitely - as Ringhaven had just said - been cannibalized for parts. Well, since it already looked that way, perhaps no one would mind if Lyle looked at what he could cannibalize for himself. He never really had any personal items for himself - flying was all that mattered to him - and anything he needed he scavenged. Plenty of damaged, spare parts around and perhaps here would be no exception.

    That was really all he cared about. Though given an unusual mission - or at least unusual to him -, Lyle hardly looked into the matter which included the details. Such as one of his passengers that was currently lounging in his co-pilot seat. Ringhaven did ring a bell - some fancy family that had gotten rich - and Lyle knew that hi
  6. Saintheart

    Saintheart Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Dec 16, 2000
    Ran Ringhaven
    On station (Docking Bay 3)

    "Don't expect any red carpet on your way out," the captain said as he got up.
    "Oh, that's quite all right, captain. As long as there's a decent red waiting, the lack of a proper reception's forgiveable," replied Ran with a grin. He rather liked Zahara on the impression he'd had of him on the trip here. The man seemed fairly no-nonsense; knew his stuff, even if his discontent at flying a rustbucket was as apparent as if Lyle were grinding teeth.

    The historian got out of his seat to follow Lyle, though he did stop off at his cabin, habit compelling him to once more look over the incredibly valuable cargo he'd finagled aboard the ship: his large collection of journals and texts from Coronelli, worked on carefully by the scholars there to ensure some ruggedness and durability to their leather binders:

    [image=] [image=] [image=]

    He tried not to think too much about the sidearms he'd brought along. They were here, of course, but if it did come to use of weapons, they were probably in deeper trouble than he'd thought.

    Ran turned aft, following Lyle again.

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  7. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007
    ooc: Ah, it is weapon show of time? Then here is Lisanders six-shooter.


    Lisander Olic
    The Cheap Trick

    Why did this sure sound like she knew something he didn´t?

    Nothing left but to sigh in resignation and check out of the system. The Cheap Trick was a ship for five to six people minimum and he had got used to fly it alone. He needed a few minutes to get the drives down, therefore. Then he stood up, stretched himself, made sure his slugthrower was exactly where he wanted it, near his hand and took his long bron leather coat. On the way down he pushed it over his shoulders.

    Actually he was anxious to see the station. He hadn´t been to one of those in a few years and none outside planetary orbit. So this was probably a good thing to begin their job with. He hadn´t specialized in antiquities because he wasn´t fascinated with them. Weapons and drugs would have been more profitable, certainly. Although he made a good profit anyway. But the treasure hunter in him was eager to have a look.

    "Wait for me, sweety. You don´t wanna get out there to all those rough hard-drinking scientists from Corellia all alone, will you?" He said over voice-comm and then he made sure he did not loose time to catch up with his partner. As he approached her she was already tooled up as always. If things turned rough for whatever reason, and you usually did not see those coming, it was so good to have her.

    "May I?" He asked laughing and offered her his arm.

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  8. Ramza

    Ramza Administrator Emeritus star 8 VIP - Former Mod/RSA VIP

    Jul 13, 2008
    [link=]On-Station: Comm Room[/link]

    "... And this is our comm and briefing room," the human concluded.

    "I noticed. Very... homey," Gareg settled on, adjusting his glasses. "Something to be said for a well-lived in briefing room, I suppose." He was starting to get that distinct impression of incompetence he had gotten on multiple occasions. It was usually preceded by someone saying something to the effect of "Well, that technology was evil," but in this case the drall decided to make an exception. He hoped there was a janitor.

    "I see the model is made only with the most cutting edge technological specifications. No, no, don't tell me, somebody broke the Rakatan holographic display. It was evil. Still, at least the comm setup should be adequate for my needs. Better than I can say of a lot of things, at the end of the day. And what sort of job would this even be if I had all of the technology I want at my fingertips? It's like a muja fruit tree - it takes considerable careful cultivation and 150 years to compensate for well-meaning basket cases mucking everything up."

    Gareg cracked a smile. "That was a joke, lad. Ease up a bit. All that tension is bad for the nerves - and by the fur of my ancestors stop treating me like an old man! I'm not yet 30 by your years, I have no desire to be addressed as though I were a persnickety elder with gray running all through my beard. Wait, I know, it's the glasses, isn't it?"

    He took them off.

    "Helps with the eyestrain, but I don't need them all the time. Not yet anyway. But yes, yes, this should do nicely."

    He poked the model of the planets. "And I'll be sure to give whatever student made this a glowing progress report."


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  9. tjace

    tjace Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 11, 2008
    Axel Antilles
    Space Station Approach, Yet-To-Be-Named Starship

    A degenerate piece of scrap, she was. Then again, the coneheads had always been about how cheaply they could make something, not how good it could be. It had to work right now, with no thought of future performance or maintenance.

    He felt a flicker from engines, like when you first turned on one of those new fluorescent lights. Like the lights, you knew there was a problem if it continued to waver as time went on.

    Yep, those government guys must really want us to succeed if they give us such a fine vessel to work with. Not that politician types are of much use, anyway. The vessel began to decelerate as it began its approach to their destination. The slight shudders felt like an earthquake to the engineer. What on earth had the ship?s mechanic been thinking? Axel knew he would never allow a wreck like this to leave his charge, not without first solving the ship?s problem.

    You?re a degenerate piece of scrap, yourself, you old coot.

    Oh, you heard that, did you? Well, just you take it easy. I?ll get you fixed up in no time. What?s your name, girl?

    It?s none of your damn business!

    All right, all right. Listen, after we dock, I expect I?ll have to go talk to some other meatbags for a while, but after that?s over, I?ll come and give you a good check-up.

    Check-up? What are you, some kind of doctor?

    I guess you could say that. Listen, I gotta run, but you be a good girl and wait for me to get back, okay? And please, go easy on the mechanic here.

    Hmph. Whatever.

    All right, good. See you then.

    Axel grabbed his duffel bag and his shotgun, and headed to the exit ramp, where he would have to deal with decidedly more boring company.

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  10. Ktala

    Ktala Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Xany approved! :D

    Name: Mariisa
    Age: 17 (Adult)
    Gender: Female
    Species: Selonian
    Profession/Speciality: Computer Slicer (Hacker)/Tinkerer
    Brief Biography: The young Selonian, has dark black eyes, dark brown fur, which is black over her back, and a cream colored face and tummy, with bits of darker patches showing. She wears a green cape, and always has a toolbelt and a tiny computer she has salvaged from bits and pieces she has found. She is ALWAYS looking for 'upgrades'...

    Mariisa does not speak much about her time before joining the expedition. It was known that she had joined with another group of older Selonians who were working hard, to fight in there own way against the Rakatan ruling body. She worked hard with them, and learned much of her slicing skills by working with them. Then later, when the new government body, the Triumviate, came into being, and it was found out that they were putting together an expedition to search for old technology, they suggest that Mariisa join the expedition as a tech expert.

    How could she say no. It was a dream come true.


    Mariisa was very young when she suddenly found herself on her own, with just a few of her other young den-mates during an attack of Rakatan Forces on her den. The older ones and adult were taken as prisoners, to become part of a prisoner workforce, while she and the others escaped, moving deep within the tunnels, to some of the older network tunnels no longer used. Mariisa was forced to grow up early, taking care of the others as best as she could, while she hunted for food and supplies.

    One day, as she was out foraging for food for the others, she had a tunnel collapse, separating her from the others. She spend a day digging like mad, and When she finally reached the area she had left the others, they were gone, and the room was in shambles. Marissa searched and searched for the others, but could not find any sign of them. She could not know that they had been rescued by others, and were being reunited with others of her den.

    Despondent and heartbroken, she moved on, foraging for food and feeding for herself. With no den to belong to, she began to build her own 'den', using bits and pieces of equipment she found along to way to make herself companions to keep her company so she would not feel so alone.

    Because of this, she feels more at home with machines, than with others of her kind now. Her language is code, and her music is the hum of machinery.
  11. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 Manager Emeritus + Official Star Wars Artist star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Eryk Graf
    On-Station, Living Quarters

    Things certainly weren't playing out how he had envisioned them, then again, few things often did. In the end, that's what made his job interesting - facing the unexpected and overcoming its many challenges. In this case, it was the sheer lack of leadership and obvious disarray that greeted him upon arriving on the space station. As if the flight down here wasn't enough(they actually had the nerve to stick him with an automaton pilot of all things!), they had left him stranded in the hangar bay for half an hour before some stuck up lieutenant finally came along to collect him and show him to his quarters. And even that was less than flattering.

    But did he really expect something more? He had to remind himself that the only reason he was here was no one's fault but his own, so really, he had no right to complain. Besides that, it was the only way if he ever hoped to solve the mystery of the Rakatan.

    Sighing, he turned and offered a wane smile to his less than grateful escort. "Two hours you say?" he repeated nonchalantly, stepping around the perimeter of the room to study the various amenities before stopping at the terminal the Selonian had indicated in her speech. He punched a button with his index finger and cued up the main screen before idly flipping through the other documents stored on the device. "Well, then I guess that allows me enough time to...oh, I don't know, have a look around the station on my own then."

    He turned away from the terminal and pushed his hat further back on his head. "That is, if that sort of thing is permitted, of course."

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  12. DarthXan318

    DarthXan318 Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 12, 2002
    Penguinator-176, Ktala
    On-Station: Maintenance Shaft

    "Certainly, my good man!" Tanial cried. "What would we be without stimcaf! That's the only working piece of junk in our mess, in fact. Made sure to fix it the moment I got on board. This way, this way-"

    He beckoned, clearly expecting Lazlo to follow, and trotted off down the corridor - only to run smack into a tall young Selonian. "Oh! My apologies! I didn't see you there!"

    Said tall young Selonian was Mariisa, who - like Lazlo - had arrived on the station not too long ago and had been immediately put to work by Captain Ferrault. He had asked her to see what she could do about improving the station's subsystems, and suggested she begin with the power supply routing hub, which - coincidentally - was located not too far from the maintenance shaft Lazlo was tinkering with.

    Which brought them to now: Tanial running into her, and claiming to not have seen. A ridiculous proposition considering Mariisa, being Selonian, was about twice as tall as the little Drall. He was evidently not the most observant of creatures.

    Friendly, though.

    He squinted up at her for maybe half a second before bursting into speech once more. "Ah - and you must be our Selonian whiz kid! Welcome, welcome! I'm Tanial, starship maintenance - we were just about to get some caf - perhaps you would like to join us?" He looked at her enquiringly.


    On-Station: Living Quarters

    "As you will," the Selonian said stiffly. "Don't get lost. Two hours." And with that very comforting line, she deposited Eryk's bag, spun sharply on her heel, and stalked away.

    It seemed as if Eryk had the run of the station. The terminal was able to render a wire-frame holo of the station (albeit one that seemed to date back to before the station had been partially blown up). It told him he was currently in the North Wing Living Quarters, within easy reach of the cafeteria, the gym, the weapons range, and several other amenities that might or might not still exist. He could try to follow the map's directions to any of those, or just wander around if he wished.


    On-Station: Briefing Room

    "I, ah," the young man stammered. "The holo was indeed wrecked when we got here - and we don't have the parts ..."

    He trailed off upon realizing that Gareg was joking, and shuffled his feet a bit awkwardly when the Drall commented on the model.

    The door swooshed open, and in stepped a tall middle-aged man that had the build and bearing of a career soldier. "I trust Fenor here has been a suitable guide," he said gravely, by way of greeting. "He's responsible for what little we have working in here, and will be assisting you as you require in the upcoming months. I'm Captain Ferrault," he added, sticking out his hand to shake, "the officer in charge of this station."


    Barden_Jusik, spycoder9, Mitth_Fisto, Jedi_MasterSkywalker, docking_bay94
    On-Station: Hangar Bay Exit

    "Right this way." Lieutenant Destyan led them out of the hangar bay just as two more ships landed. (She frowned in that general direction, a little worriedly, but continued on.) The group reached the exit hatch just as it opened and a young human man, also dressed in a crisp new lieutenant's uniform, stepped through.

    "Vanya's held up, so I'll take the others in," he said, rather cryptically. Evidently that meant something to Destyan, however, for she seemed to relax, nodding, and waved everyone through the hatch. The young man grinned and saluted as he passed. "Welcome aboard, Major, gentlebeings. I look forward to working with you all."


    DarkLordoftheFins, SirakRomar, Saintheart, Sarge221, tjace
    On-Station: Hangar Bay

    The five of them disembarked into the dimly lit, cavernously empty docking bay. Those familiar with Lucifer-class space stations in particular or hangar bays in general were probably aware that this docking bay was definitely not supposed to be this dimly-lit, and in fact said dim lighting constituted a big safety hazard. Either the light
  13. Saintheart

    Saintheart Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Dec 16, 2000
    Ran Ringhaven
    On station, docking bay 3

    For his part, Ran didn't notice the individual walking towards them. At first he was too busy peering around the landing bay, looking for --
    "Ah! There it is. LVX-3," he said to the Lyle, Axel and the hangar bay at large, gesturing at the alphanumeric stencilling in white letters ten feet high on the far wall and very faintly visible as a result of the poor lighting. "LV, the designation for the Lucifer class, X for exit port, three for, well, that's fairly obvious. There were supposed to be--oh, here we are."

    The cutoff in his conversation was due to was the two rather (shall we say) unconventional people who'd just deshipped off the Cheap Trick and were now walking across to them. The gait was well-remembered to Ran, at least; he'd seen it before. It was the kind of gait owned by one type of individual, regardless of gender: the sort of individual for whom room was made at a bar. Or on a sidewalk in Coronel, even in the dangerous sections.

    So it might well have been to the surprise of his fellow shipmates (if indeed that was the term) as he strode enthusiastically across towards them, eyes fixed (as the two would have noticed) on the female.
    "Morgue, my dear!" he said, stretching his arms wide in greeting, a wide smile across his face. He didn't go to the expected hug, though -- instead, the historian formally reached out to the woman's right hand and raised it ever-so-gently to his lips, planting a courtly kiss on the back of the hand in a move straight out of the old Kirilis romances.

    He made a leg as he released her hand, straightening up. "I'm so glad you could make it. When your ship commed ours I thought you'd not be along for the ride," he added. Ran glanced across at Lisander, his smile turning to a gently mocking look. "I would have understood it if you'd declined the trip due to inherent risk in the means of travel. I really don't know how the Cheap Shot holds herself together."
    Roughly three participants to this conversation knew the misnaming of the ship was intentional.

    "Olic," he added, shortly, by way of acknowledgment, thus recommencing yet another round in the running contest.

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  14. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    ooc: to shorten this, Fin and I decided to make a combined, which we won´t do often. :)

    Lucifer-Class Space Station

    "In your dreams" that was all she replied to his offer of leading her down the ramp and she punched the button that made the gateway slowly lower down. Ignoring Lisander for now she had to smile. Actually he loved to be here, she was sure. But he wouldn´t admit it so pushing him made no sense.

    As the ramp touched down on the cold metal floor, she stepped out into the dimly lit hangar. Activating the intense light at her left hand she waved it around to make sure it was save and stepped out. The light bowl lead the way as she tried to get an impression of the facility. "Looks like they actually are still pretty much making progress on the station. Must have been like this for quite some time." Lisander stated behind her. She looked at him and nodded. "Yes." Was all she replied.

    "You know what, Morgue? I actually do not have a bad feeling about this." Lisander laughed from behind and stepped down the ramp. "Probably you´re only getting old, loosing your edge and all that." She replied in an absolute serious tone.

    "Speaking of lacking an edge, look who is here." Lisander forced a smile at her and his eyes had a clear "you knew this" in them.

    Now she could indeed not keep an smile from playing around their lips. She took lead with her lights at her wrist and approached the other group. "Ran." She smiled and directly approached the man who had got them here. As he kissed her hand she was sure Lisander was burning holes into the mans soul with his eyes. She only smiled. It was her most polite smile and probably there was more of a hint of sympathy than she ever wanted to show. This was business after all.

    "I'm so glad you could make it. When your ship commed ours I thought you'd not be along for the ride," he added. Ran glanced across at Lisander, his smile turning to a gently mocking look. "I would have understood it if you'd declined the trip due to inherent risk in the means of travel. I really don't know how the Cheap Shot holds herself together."

    Morgue turned her head to Lisander and before he could say something absolutely hostile she answered. "You would be surprsied about her many hidden qualities."

    If this was all for nothing, she would at least enjoy the two men´s fighting. "And I see you brought company. Soldiers, if I am right? I am Morgue and this is Captain Lisander Olic, we are Antiquity Recovery Experts." She said that, as if it was acknowledged job these days. Well, on this project, maybe it was!

    Turning to Olic she expected him to reply to Ran and the mistaken name of his ship and she had to admit, she would enjoy this.

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  15. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007
    Lisander Olic
    The hangar on the station

    Freeze the smile. Freeze it.

    She had known all along he would be here. But even better. If this was dangerous, that Professor would not stay on his feet very long. So if she wanted to cover Ringwalds butt, she should. Lisander was pretty good on his own. But he wouldn´t come after them blasting, if they messed things up!

    Approaching the other group he loosely lay his hand on his gun, which was more a habit than the idea he needed to do so. Morgue immediately approached Ran Ringhaven. Of course she did. Lisander watched in disgust as the guy kissed her hand. Half the men in the universe who tried that had lost their neck a second later. Hadn´t she just rebuked him for offering his arm and now this guy . . .

    They talk, get your act together and pay attention, Lisander!

    "I would have understood it if you'd declined the trip due to inherent risk in the means of travel. I really don't know how the Cheap Shot holds herself together." Ran tried to be smuck? Okay. He spoke that language!

    Morgue turned her head to Lisander and before he could say something she answered. "You would be surprised about her many hidden qualities."

    "And I thought you were the cheap shot, my ship is the cheap trick. You know?" Lisander smiled and stepped forward, padding the guy on the shoulder, playing out his physiciality. "Just kidding! You can call her anything! God, it is sooooo good to see you, I was so worried after our last meeting! Really!" He suddenly dragged him to himself and embraced him with like an old friend. he embraced him a bit longer than comfortable, probably. "Ranny Ringwald, that is my man!" He told the soldiers in the background as he stepped back from the scolar and offered them his hand. "Professor Ringwald, as I used to call him. Or Ranny the runner." He smiled and winked at Morgue. then he turned to the soldiers. "And you, you must be Corellia´s finest! Captian Lisander Olic of the Cheap Trick, at your service." He nodded to them and then stepped over to Morgue, grabbing her at the shoulder and dragging her to his side. "We are so proud we can be of help! I just told Morgue here, I actually feel bad about getting paid for something that is actually me honor, you know? but she insisted. Women, you know? All about shiny things and the money!" He laughed out as if that was especially funny.

    And he gave Morgue a look that obviously told him . . . not that easy, sweety . . . this will not be that easy . . .

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  16. Jedi_MasterSkywalker

    Jedi_MasterSkywalker Jedi Knight star 4

    Aug 29, 2010
    IC: Davos Reemus - Station Hanger Bay

    The Freighter they were all in was not comfortable in the least, especially for the Selonians. The other humans had different looks to them, one a military officer of some rank, Davos could not tell. Looking out into space Davos finally felt a little better since the death of his brother Caleb. After everything his big brother did for him, Davos felt that this would be the perfect way to pay Caleb back. Caleb wanted nothing more that to see Corellia reach her potential and this was a way Davos felt he could help achieve it. Davos made a promise to Caleb and his parents that he would see this mission through and be a part of Corellia's rise to greatness.

    Leaving his old post had not been difficult since the factory that he worked in was in shambles and needed too much work after the rioters and looters had been done with it. Davos' last assignment for the factory owners was to help clear the looters which he did with his usual lethal proficiency. Of course he was reprimanded by his former Coronet Security colleagues who thought he was still too violent when they arrived at the scene. At that time Davos was still mourning his family and he took out his frustrations on the fools that were taking advantage of those that lost their lives to free Corellia, yet another reason to put them to his blades. When the call came for something more, Davos jumped at the opportunity. Especially considering the nature of the mission which suited him perfectly.



    Davos said nothing but when he looked around neither did anyone else which worked for him just fine. Davos sat down and drew one of his serrated blades and started to sharpen it with a whet stone. He hoped the sound would not start to annoy anyone but then again they seemed to be lost in their own thoughts as he was. He wondered where this journey would take him and whether it would give him the peace he needed to move on with his life. There were demons that ate at him and sins he had to pay for. Davos believed that the mission would answer some of those questions.

    Finally the freighter had begun its approach into the Hanger Bay of a old Space Station that looked like it had seen better days as did most of the remaining Corellian technology. When the ship landed and the freighter's door opened the group exited the ship and were greeted by a human female. She had a new Coalition Armed Forces uniform and said, ?Welcome aboard,? she greeted. ?I?m Lieutenant Destyan. If you?ll follow me?"

    Davos got off the freighter last and followed the group taking in his surroundings. The Military officer was the only one to reply to the Lieutenant other than a bunch of nods as well as he own, "Lead on Lieutenant." The Military officer had said.

    There was not much to look at in terms of the station itself but there were many beings moving about and ships still coming in. The Lieutenant then replied, "Right this way." The group reached an exit hatch and when it opened another human male stood there and then through towards the group.

    "Vanya's held up, so I'll take the others in," he said, to the female and she continued on leading them. As they walked by the male he said to them all "Welcome aboard, Major, gentlebeings. I look forward to working with you all." Davos hoped that the Coalition Armed Forces was organized and that they were not wasting his time. Yet from what he could see he was hopeful and that was something at least, for now.

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  17. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC/SWC star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009
    IC Major Ric Anders
    On-Station: Hangar Bay Exit

    Anders returned the male Lieutenant's salute but not his smile. From his exchange with LT Destyan, he was covering for someone named Vanya. Already a first impression had been made on Anders of this Vanya, and he had not even met the him (her?) yet. Ander's hoped that Vanya wasn't going to be a part of the security team for the expedition. It was hard to trust someone who couldn't even get to simple assignments on time.

    The general state of the Station also began to weigh on Ander's mind. It had been obvious from their approach that the station had seen better days. That in itself wasn't much of a surprise, but apparently the power levels were not up to par either. He hoped that this mission had not been short changed in terms of budget considerations. It was the key to the future of the system, and possibly the Coalition government as well. Than again most of the military's, especially spaceborne, forces seemed to be hanging on by a thread these days. Another reason for the hopeful success of this mission.

    He found himself wondering about the group he had flown in. How many had served during the wars? From the looks of it, most of them had in some capacity or another. That was reassuring. They seemed a quiet bunch, taking in everything around them without offering much. Time to go fishing a bit. He glanced back over his shoulder, keeping one eye on LT Destyan as he followed her through the station's corridors. He asked the only question that ever mattered to him when meeting someone new. "So did you all do your part during the wars?"

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  18. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Sacorr
    Location: Space, the disturbing frontier

    Taking in the new guide replacing the discomforted initial guide was a bit. . .odd. Still having so many males running around still seemed odd to her. After the war any males were needed for breeding and were appropriately any free ones had been taken in by needing dens. She had a basic idea of the other races, even learned some about them from the war, but some of the basic differences were still as alien to her as the Rakatans.

    The fact that the male was filling in for someone else was, to her own senses not that out of character. With rebuilding many had to fill roles for others to keep things from falling apart, something not uncommon in a den these days. . .at least from what she had observed as an outsider of sorts. All had to do their part.

    Then their leader intruded on her wandering thoughts as he asked a question to everyone else that was traveling with him. It was an odd question: "So did you all do your part during the wars?"

    Tilting her head she felt her ears flick a few times as her lips curled to show her teeth at his insinuation that she had not done her part. ?I did as the Resistance and Selonia needed, do you dispute my service.? She ground out through clenched teeth as her head began to rear back, her body rearing to its full height and preparing for a fight as her grip tightened on her weapon. Already her muscles were tensing to bring it off her shoulder to use as a long club if the Human was indeed stating a challenge of her integrity.

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  19. docking_bay94

    docking_bay94 Jedi Knight star 1

    Jul 26, 2008
    Lucifer Station: Hangar Bay

    Calcin looked around the hangar bay as their guide led them out. Decrepit. Needs repairs. I've seen worse.
    Before long, they were passed on to another lieutenant, a young male, also in a spiffy new uniform. They seemed to be the standard here. The party continued on after the LT in what had become their characteristic silence, until the Major broke it.

    "So did you all do your part during the wars?"

    Before Calcin could even begin to consider the many ways she had done her part, the Young one spoke up. She was obviously uncomfortable with the whole situation, and had been since she had been picked up on Selonia. Probably never been offworld, little interaction with humans. Pity, they seem to be most common. Might want to consider getting to know them.

    ?I did as the Resistance and Selonia needed, do you dispute my service?" the Young one growled. She straightened up, muscles tightening, gripped her fancy gun.

    Ah, taken the wrong way. Young ones and their need to act, to defend honor. What do they know of honor, who usurped my queen and stole my den from me? Focus. Not one of the Usurpers. Merely confused, incompetent at interactions with humans.

    Calcin placed a calming hand on the Young one's shoulder. "The Major means no offense. Merely making an inquiry on background." Calcin then turned to the Major. "Served ten years on the front lines, infantry," she said, gesturing towards herself and answering the Major's question.

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  20. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    Lyle Zahara
    On-Station, Docking Bay 3

    At the big 'revelation' of the meaning to LVX-3, Lyle looked up to where Ran had pointed to the white letters. He only waited until the good professor started to translate what the LV part meant before the pilot was already turning his head to look at something more interesting.

    "Ah, I see," Lyle spoke with a sudden spike of interest though, since Ran wasn't looking, the historian may be mistaken that the pilot was amazed by the specifics of LVX-3. Not true of course. History wasn't his most favored subject - especially since their history was...well...bad - and he tended to focus more on the here and now whether it be a good ale, a ship that he was piloting-

    Or in this case a ship that someone else was piloting.

    Remembering that the designation had come up as the Cheap Trick, Lyle was now able to get a clear, good look at it. He was, of course, also able to make a comparison. And as Lyle turned his back on the other vessel, he turned towards what, exactly, he had been given for a [link=]ship[/link].

    If there ever needed to be a prime example of how low Corellian ships could go, this was it. Even now he wasn't sure what to make of this vessel, even when he first received it. Though he was under the common suspicion that his vessel had been a civilian craft-turned-warship, he was wondering if it was a civilian-turned-warship that had been shot down and hasted welded back together again. There were hull plates that needed to be installed on the neck and back where any sizable debris or laser shot could decapitate or sheer the vessel in two.

    It was the cockpit specifically that made him wonder if this vessel was in fact two ships. The body was probably that of a civilian transport but someone may've hastily attached the cockpit of a warship to the rest of it. Course, the two cannons beneath the chin looked just as hastily-welded as the cockpit so who knew how credible his theory was. Fact of the matter was that this was a piece of junk and there needed to be some serious upgrades.

    Like I said, grab one of the mechanics and bribe them to pay some attention to my ship. Maybe I can even convince them to take parts off of the station that they are now repairing. Funny twist there.

    Lyle was distracted by voices but it wasn't just Ran's. Turning, Lyle spotted two others that had joined their group. No doubt the crew of the other ship. He barely caught their names - Lisander and Morgue. Actually, Lyle was just wondering why someone would be named morgue when he looked above their heads and back to their ship.

    "And I see you brought company. Soldiers, if I am right?"

    "Mmmmmmmm..." Lyle replied though his eyes were focused on the Cheap Trick "....nope."

    Big ship.

    "Pilot," Lyle spoke offhandedly. "Lyle. Hello."

    Big ship means plenty of parts. Perhaps big enough that they won't mind if I negotiate for a power cell. I'm sure they have plenty. If they have multiple layers to their hull I'm sure they won't mind if I take one...or two. I mean the war's over right?

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  21. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Sacorr
    Location: Space, the disturbing frontier

    Taking the elder Selonian at her words she listened to the woman?s advice, and her lead. Still she kept a more alert posture. The sense of touch was reassuring and helped her to calm down, not that she would openly admit it instead of changing the subject.

    The old woman had said, "The Major means no offense. Merely making an inquiry on background." Calcin then turned to the Major. "Served ten years on the front lines, infantry," she said, gesturing towards herself and answering the Major's question.

    With a motion to her own midsection she indicated herself and answered in turn, ?Joined the resistance once it reached my area, close-quarters, was retrained as sniper. I have served ever since.? It left a lot of holes in her past, but she did not feel like elaborating at the moment. They didn?t even know if they would be the one?s serving together yet, or merely were convenient to bring in on a single transport.

    So beyond this, she felt her past was her own for now. The human males knew what they needed to.

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  22. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    Carek Thorn
    Hangar Bay

    "Right this way."

    She made her way to the front of their semi sizeable group and walked out of the hangar. They all tailed behind like schoolchildren on a field trip. As they exited the hangar, Carek noticed two ships landing. The lieutenant?s demeanor changed to apprehensive within a couple of seconds. Carek took a special notice of this. Antsy, perhaps? Carek followed her, absorbing every aspect of this ship. Everything was so. . .so. . .crisp. Crisp and intriguing. Once they had arrived at the exit hatch, another man wearing an identical uniform to Miss Jittery. He mentioned something to her - combined with other noises and his partly busy mind, he missed most of it - and she walked off. The younger man turned to them and let on his smile. Mister Easy, Carek decided his nickname would be.

    ?Welcome aboard, Major, gentlebeings. I look forward to working with you all."

    Before the man could continue, one of the others spoke up. Carek glanced at him.

    "So did you all do your part during the wars?"

    The way he had worded it didn?t come across as particularly pleasant. Carek wasn?t amused, either. Another brutal tough guy who assumed that if you didn?t - fight, fight, fight - you were pathetic and deserved to be jettisoned from the ship. Same attitude as his parents. A grimace came to his face as he noticed a female Selonian didn?t take it kindly. Then the other, older female jumped in to appease both parties. The Selonian calmed down, though Carek doubted she would forget the man?s initial comments.

    ?I was a doctor. Served on the sidelines. Helped as much as I could. I do apologize if that isn?t enough for you.? And yet, even once the words had passed Carek?s lips, he regretted them. He didn?t normally let them fly out so swiftly. He was supposed to think before he spoke.

    It didn?t matter. He just needed to wait on the man?s response and try to recover from what he had said.

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  23. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 Manager Emeritus + Official Star Wars Artist star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Eryk Graf
    On-Station, Living Quarters

    The Selonian didn't seem too keen of the idea of Eryk exploring the station on his own, but she gave her approval anyway...just before she deposited his bag into the center of the room and exited the small space in a huff. Eryk watched with a frown as the door cycled shut behind her. Such a charming creature, he thought to himself as he hoisted his bag from the floor and tossed it onto the single bunk. He idly wondered if the other members of the team would be demonstrating the same kind of amicable people skills(or lack thereof) as his Selonian friend. He sure hoped not or this was going to be a long expedition.

    Once all his items were secure with his handgun tucked safely within the holster attached to his belt and his equipment bag stowed away for later use, Eryk wandered back over to the computer terminal and keyed up a map of the station. The wire frame read-out flickered briefly before coming into full view. Unless Eryk had missed some crucial details on their approach, he was fairly certain that the map that was currently being displayed on the screen was showing the station as it had appeared sometime in the past. The gaping hole on the starboard side that surely indicated some kind of explosion was proof of that. He just hoped that wouldn't hinder his plans too much. Then again, how hard could it be to find the cafeteria to grab a bite to eat? That was the most important part. The rest...well, the rest we would make up as he went along.

    Other than the cafe, he made note of the location of the briefing room and checked his watch a final time before switching off the screen. Turning, he left his quarters behind and stepped out into the corridor, taking in as many details as possible as he moved along at a casual pace.

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  24. Ramza

    Ramza Administrator Emeritus star 8 VIP - Former Mod/RSA VIP

    Jul 13, 2008
    On-Station: Comm Room

    Gareg, while not the sort of fellow to be remembered in those insufferably long drall histories as being exceptionally perceptive, was no slouch in the field of observation, and noted the young human's feet shuffling at the mention of the model. "Guess I know who to send that progress report to..." he muttered underneath his breath.

    "Ah, yes, Captain Ferrault, a pleasure to finally make your acquaintance," Gareg replied with a slight bow, grateful for the distraction. "I am, as you are no doubt aware, Gareg of Clan Hrog, though quite frankly that 'of Clan Hrog' business never sat very well with me, so just Gareg'll do." He poked the model once again. "Fenor has performed his duties most admirably. I'll be glad to have his help around the lab. Though, ah..." once again, the model was poked, causing it to rotate about its central axis, "perhaps next time we'll save the dioramas for the fruit crate display boxes. Still, if nothing else he can reach things on the top shelves for me." The drall chuckled at his own joke. "Sorry, sorry, you're one of those military types, I'm assuming, based on the whole... y'know, Captain thing. I'm... not. I hope that won't be an issue."

    "So." He rubbed his hands together. "No sense in the needless slaughter of time. Anything been recovered yet at all? Any issues with the arrays I should be made aware of in advance? ... Any food around here? Bit peckish. Preferably in that order, though I'll gallantly suffer through the food first if so required. Such is my sense of self-sacrifice, y'see."

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  25. Ktala

    Ktala Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    On-Station: Maintenance Shaft


    Mariisa backed up a few steps, her head tilted slightly, as she rubbed down the fur on her tummy. She looked at the strange Drall who had suddenly run into her. "Oh! My apologies! I didn't see you there!" Mariisa blinked.

    She could almost say the same thing. She had barely arrived at the station, when the Captain...Captain Ferrault, had immediately put her to work, asking her to look at different subsystems on the station, especially the power supply. She was a slicer - not some grease gear, but it would give her a chance to out the station for any possible spare parts and updates for her own stuff. Besides, it was a good way to learn her way about
    the station. She was looking at a map, and chirping to a small droid, when she and the Drall had collided. At least he was friendly. She looked down at him, her tail flickered gently.

    "No harm done." she replied, patting her tool belt, and apron. He squinted up at her for maybe half a second before bursting into speech once more. "Ah
    - and you must be our Selonian whiz kid! Welcome, welcome! I'm Tanial, starship maintenance - we were just about to get some caf - perhaps you would like to join us?"
    He looked at her enquiringly.

    "Us?" Mariisa intoned her question, as she looked around for another person on being somewhere in the close proximity. Then remembering the things she had learned so far from her dealings with the others, she nodded. "Yes. I am Mariisa. Captain Ferrault wanted me to check some systems, but I suppose getting a drink first would be good." Mariisa flicked her ears slightly. 'whiz kid?' She would have to look up that term later, but it didnt sound
    like an insult. And this Tarnial was with maintenance. He would be a good one to know.

    She gestured, waiting for him to lead the way. It had been a long flight, and something to dink would be nice, before she got to work.

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