PT Count Dooku,Sith Lord or freedom fighter?

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  1. Eike Starseeker

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    Because if you become a Sith, you are a Sith.
    You would be a former Jedi then. Its like the next level.
    Shooting lightning, ruling the galaxy or overthrowing your master is what any darksider can/would do if its useful for him, its just an evil act.
    Being a Sith is more than that, its a whole culture, and like I said I dont see Dooku being 100% into it, judging most of his behavior.
    Also he turned to the dark side after Qui Gons death, means there are only few years where Palpatine taught him stuff and probably not even that much, since Anakin was his favorite and Dooku was already old.
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    I think he showed he is capable of horrifying acts such as sending the battle droids into the arena to dispose of 185 Jedi, then in TCW he poisons hundreds of systems with slavery, ruled by droids and bombing of the Senate/Jedi Temple (was Bariss working for him?). TCW even shows the yellow Sith eyes once In awhile. I like to think of him as not wanting to cross that line just yet. Somewhere in between a dark Jedi- Sith. His ultimate goal would be to start over a new Republic non Sith.
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    Oh, I see. Some cannot accept the idea of a Jedi (unless he was Anakin Skywalker) becoming a Sith Lord. Some of the comments I have read seemed to reflect this.

    But Dooku did cross the line. How can we deny this? Sure, it's nice to consider him rejecting his role as a Sith in some future, but it never happened in the saga. Perhaps in an alternative universe fanfiction story.

    Sometimes, I find myself wondering if a lot of Star Wars fans have difficulty accepting ambiguity in the saga.
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    Being a Sith is exactly what I said it was. That's Sith culture. Nothing sets Dooku apart from any other Sith in the movies.
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    And I still disagree.
    Like I said, the things you mentioned are things any darksider is capable of, if this makes someone a Sith, all of the Seperatists and later the Galactic Empire and its officers like Tarkin would also be Sith.
    The Sith are a "Religion" like the Jedi, with its own beliefs. And Dooku seemed always like hes using just the dark side for his plans.
    In never saw him as 100% evil like Palpatine or Anakin.
    Im just judging his character of the movies since I didnt watched much of clone wars, seems I have to do this now, but I doubt this will change my view of Dooku.
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  6. Iron_lord

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    In the newcanon, he left the Jedi Order long before Qui-Gon's death, and he turned to the dark side before Qui-Gon's death, being up to his ears in evil things, such as arranging for murders like the murder of Sifo-Dyas - it's just that he didn't become "The Sith Lord's Apprentice" until Maul's injury on Naboo.
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    Count Dooku is a sith and uses DarkSide Ability, he is more controlled in his Anger. He was meant to be a place holder, until Anakin was ready. I feel he had good intentions, because the Republic became very corrupt and the Jedi supported the Republic, however he did fall to the DarkSide. Dooku wasn't innocent and caused many evil acts, the willingly followed the most evil Sith in StarWars history.
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    Here’s a crazy thought , but maybe Sith Lords have the ability to conceal their “Sith eyes.” Or maybe it’s something that comes and goes. Anakin is a Sith Lord and we only occasionally see his eyes turn yellow. So the fact that we rarely see Tyranus with yellow eyes is hardly evidence that he’s not Sith. Sidious has yellow eyes all the time after being struck by lightning because either he’s permanently disfigured, or he’s successfully conquered the Galaxy, so he doesn’t care about concealing his Sith identity anymore.
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    Plapy and Anakin had yellow eyes because they were on the death sticks.

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    Nov 25, 2003

    Though he clearly was a Sith apprentice to Darth Sidious, he hadn't (perhaps just not yet) given himself fully to the Darkside, though he used Darkside powers. I also believe this is why Dooku did not have yellow Sith eyes, as the other characters-who were known to be TRULY Sith-did. To me this also explains why Kylo Ren or Snoke didn't have the eyes either; they used the Darkside for their own ends, but never truly dedicated themselves fully to the Sith belief (or gave themselves fully to the dark side, the way a Sith would).

    I figured that Anakin's Sith eyes came and went in ROTS cos he was progressing to the point where he would surrender himself fully to the Sith-but there were still moments of Anakin in there. It seemed the yellow eyes came whenever he gave in fully to his hate, but went away when he still retained a semblance of himself. I figured later they stayed there.
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    Oh God.:rolleyes:
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  12. Aznak Dum

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    I think he is kind of a Charles Manson-figure: playing a charismatic leader of a group for his own selfish and nefarious ends. One of the biggest failures in nu-canon in my opinion is that there is no clear sense of how Dooku from the end of "Dooku: Jedi Lost" could become the saturday cartoon villain from AOTC and TCW and how much of his idealism is real. I think biggest indicator of his callousness towards his own supposed idealistic goals is how badly he treats all separatist allies.
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    Which Sith didn't use the dark side for his plans? That's the very point of the Sith. Using the Force, including dark side, for their own ends. From the movies alone, Dooku's motivations are evil. He willingly contributed to his master's evil plans, plans that he subscribed to. He willingly became a Sith Lord. He craved power and was trained in the ways of the Sith to gain it.

    There's no reality where Dooku isn't evil or a de facto Sith.
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  14. whostheBossk

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    There really is no way around it, Dooku is an evil Sith. Whether he planned to overthrow Sidious or not, he is still following their beliefs and even if he killed Sidious, he wouldn't do good acts to help the Republic/Empire. He would rule it like a Sith.
    I think many such as me, struggle with this interpretation is because he is seen as a noble man/Former Jedi who would also make a great Jedi. This is a complement to the great Christopher Lee. I've grown to like his character and really wish he was portrayed as a freedom fighter. Using his blue saber, he was simply avenging Qui Gon and Dyas deaths by restoring a New Republic for good. Then killed by Anakin when he was simply trying to capture the man responsible in Sidious.
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