Resource Creche Thread Version 3.0 Now Open! A place where new members can get help!

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    This is Nyota’s Heart, the hostess for this latest revision of the “Creche Thread.” Since the move, we’re just starting to see an influx of new users and with “The Force Awakening” hopefully a lot more.

    Here is the gathering place for pairs of veterans/oldbies and newbies/padawans to get together and share insights and provide moral and practical assistance in the rewarding, but sometimes daunting venture of writing.

    Please copy and fill out the form below:


    Looking For:

    Eras of Interest:

    Favorite Characters:


    What I Will Never Write:



    Fun Fact(s) about Myself:


    Things to Keep In Mind

    • What makes an ideal master/mentor will differ from person to person. Some will want a beta, a sounding board, someone to answer questions, etc. Personalities can contrast or have much in common.
    • The thing to look for is based on what you feel you can bring to a partnership or conversely, get out of it, that will help the newbie grow as a writer and also as a side benefit, find a valued friend.
    • It might happen that partnerships will forge outside this thread through story threads and/or conversations. If this happens, let us here in the thread know so we can post in the master list and send our congratulations.
    • If you want to be removed from the list or added to it, PM the hostess or post in this thread.
    • Valuable sources of information are the in the Welcome New Users and in the stickeies at the top of the forums.
    • Any questions please PM me.
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    Aug 31, 2004
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Addendum to the above:

    Ewok Poet brought up in conversation a very interesting point. =D=

    Those who aren't particularly newb but not veterans either can help in the following ways:

    * Helping newer ones navigate the ins and outs of posting and other sections of the Jc that they frequent
    * With aspects of writing or the SW world culture that they're more comfy with. etc.

    Just in reading the FF-AMA interviews, so many authors have different strengths and types of scenes that they do easier than others. That's always going to mesh well with what someone else needs. :cool:
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    Jul 31, 2014
    Somebody had to break the ice here, right? :D

    Name: Ewok Poet

    Looking For:
    I can help with the following:
    - I can write poetry for your fictional poets. Lyrics, too.

    - Are you writing Ewoks? Writing from their POV? I can help.

    - If you have some equivalent of an IT industry person in your fic - a web dev or a designer from any sub-field in particular, I can help turning real world stuff into GFFA stuff. You can borrow some of my made-up tools and companies as well.

    - Have a LGBT+ person in your story who's a + and not one of those letters before it? Come to me.

    - I can see the same piece of writing from different people's POV, I can pretend I am somebody else when reading; so, if that helps...

    - I can be your attentive reader, cheerleader, buddy, whatever you want to call it. :)

    I can always use the following:
    - A honest cheerleader of my own, no lip service etc.

    Eras of Interest:
    This is for reference, right? The only thing I have truly flawless knowledge on is Endor and everything related to it. I know every single moment of the Ewoks animated series by heart, same goes for the comics, I can identify them all in ROTJ and TV films and I collect silly, silly stuff.

    Other than that, mostly the saga era, though I tackled beyond saga and I do plan to familiarize with before saga at some point, as I hate not knowing things.

    Favorite Characters:

    Not too keen on hurt/comfort as the concept behind it confuses me. Fine with everything else.

    What I Will Never Write:
    Pretty obvious from the above. And any stuff that's just...wrong.

    - Writing good characters on brink of adulthood, as well as older women.
    - Good dialogue.
    - Writing non-visual artists.
    - Creation of characters with realistic flaws.

    - Sometimes I don't finish sentences. Or whole paragraphs. I may need help with that.

    Fun Fact(s) about Myself:
    - I'm close to the point where I think I'll be able to hack any language related to those I already speak.
    -The whole planet saw something I was responsible for in June 2011. Sadly, it was not writing. It was the swan song of a woman six months younger than me who chose not to choose life.
    - Ummm, what else...I can lick my nose.
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    Mar 21, 2007
    Name: Lady_Misty

    Looking For: If you're stuck I'm willing to help you get unstuck and other plot related difficulties.

    Eras of Interest: I know the Saga fairly well and due to research have some knowledge of some of the characters back rounds to help gain some insight into their characters. For example, the reason why Padme was ruler of a planet at the age of fourteen and there were rulers younger than her is because at some point the adults decided that children untainted by the galaxy would make better rulers since they would no be corrupt so they for all intents and purposes brainwash the children in the legislative program on Naboo into believing that the Republic is all good and all they have to do is report to the Senate an abuse of power and the Senate will set things right.

    Favorite Characters: Anakin Skywalker, Luke Skywalker, Padme Amidala, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Leia from the Saga. I like Ahsoka Tano and Satine from TCW and I don't have a favorite character from Rebels yet but Sabine has grown on me after I saw that she wasn't a pyromaniac.

    Genre(s): I don't think I could do tragedy and forget horror unless its more of Halloween than outright horror.

    What I Will Never Write: Incest, adultery, Obidala (Obi-Wan/Padme)

    Strengths: I have a great imagination and a wealth of knowledge as stated above and I am willing to share it and aid those that need help.

    Weaknesses: I don't always use details but hopefully I am getting better. My grammar isn't the best so I might not make a good Beta Reader.

    Fun Fact(s) about Myself: I have been here nearly eight years, and they have been great. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; yes I own a computer and have the electricity to power it. I have been watching Star Wars since I was about two years old if not younger; my family had recorded RotJ off of TV and parts of ANH but RotJ was the only one that we had from beginning to end (one recording of ANH cut off during the garbage masher scene while another one I am aware of at least began with Leia's ship being towed into the Devastator but I don't remember if it went all the way through or got cut off or recorded over..
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    Mar 27, 2005
    Name: JadeLotus

    Looking For: I can act as a sounding board and help by talking through plot and/or characterisation issues. I'm pretty good at headcanoning, if I do say so myself :p

    Eras of Interest: Mostly Beyond, although Saga as well depending on the characters - I'm more comfortable with the OT than the PT.

    Favorite Characters: Luke Skywalker, Mara Jade, Leia Organa, Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Genre(s): Drama, romance, character introspection, AUs

    What I Will Never Write: Horror, anything that denigrates my favourite characters

    Strengths: Dialogue, characterisation (especially Luke and Mara)

    Weaknesses: Action scenes, anything set before the Saga, technical aspects like ships and weaponry

    Fun Fact(s) about Myself: Erm...I'm not sure how fun these facts are, but...I love musical theatre, the colour green and dogs.
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    Mar 7, 2015
    Name: Foxtrot

    Looking for: a patient Master

    Era: SW Rebels

    Favorite Characters: Kanan Jarrus, Luke Skywalker, more goodies than baddies

    Strengths: voice, individual scenes

    Weaknesses: SW lingo, word count, stringing together interesting moments into a cohesive plot, never been on a forum/ message board before (hence the request for a patient master).

    I love to write: fiction, mostly fantasy

    No way will I ever write: any type of torture pron - not my style

    Random Facts and Fun Information about me: I'm not nearly as good at the nuances and characters of SW as my husband is!

    Link to a sample of my writing: I don't actually have this, so I'm putting a sample here instead (hope that's not against the rules!)


    Kanan sat in the shadowy corner of a bar on Gorse quietly nursing a pint of the local brew. He didn't even notice the figure who had come up behind him until he felt a light touch on his arm.

    "I've been looking for you," a soft voice drew his attention momentarily to the female figure who had sat down at his right.

    "You've got the wrong guy," Kanan replied, "I don't know you".

    "But I know you, Caleb Dume".

    Kanan stiffened reflexively and stopped pretending to be absorbed by his pint.

    "I told you, you've got the wrong guy. That's not my name and I think it's about time you left me to my drink, " his tone remained even, but his hand reached meaningfully for the blaster at his hip.

    "You can threaten me if you want, but I do know you and you are who I am looking for, Caleb Dume".

    Kanan now turned his full attention to the figure for the first time. She was mostly shrouded in a hood, but her eyes sparkled intently in its shadows as they locked onto his.

    "Who are you?" he asked, panic raising a full alarm along his arms and spine.

    "My name is Illia Thall and before you refuse to hear what I have to say, I would like to point out that the entire time we've been speaking, neither of us has said a word".

    Kanan opened his mouth to reply only to realize that what she had said was true and that her hand still rested gently on his arm.
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    Feb 27, 2014
    OK to resurrect this thread? It would be a wonderful resource to have available. :)

    Name: Findswoman

    Looking For: I'm glad to help in various areas of writing: plot and character development, development of fanon elements,
    general beta'ing, and even just the whole business of getting started writing. Just having someone with whom to brainstorm aloud a little and talk things through can go a long way, and I am glad to help in that area.

    Eras of Interest: Mainly Saga (Legends and canon), plus a little bit of before (though generally limited to the KOTOR era).

    Favorite Characters: It's always been hard for me to choose just one, and I'm willing to at least try advising about any character. But I have a soft spot for the background characters and aliens of the GFFA, and of them one of my favorites is Zuckuss. And I am very pro-OC.

    Genre(s): High fantasy (or whatever its GFFA equivalent might be), drama, humor, or any combination of those things. Or, really, most anything that I haven't listed under "what I will never write" below.

    What I Will Never Write: Anything with too much in the way of gratuitous sex, violence, torture, or gross-out factor.

    Strengths: Descriptions, development of fanon elements, GFFA alien species and cultures, archaic and poetic language, fine points of grammar and word usage.
    Some specifics:
    • As an editor by profession, I'm an expert copyeditor and proofreader.
    • As someone with an advanced degree in musicology and a professional musician, I can advise on writing about any aspect of music (instruments, pieces, genres, performers, etc.), and if you need a melody for a set of words, I can compose one.
    • As the mother of Findsboy since 2010, I can advise on writing about pregnancy, childbearing, and childrearing.

    Weaknesses: Battle and military scenes (particularly space battles), detailed technospeak. Also, I should mention here that my RL schedule is extremely hectic and erratic, and if I don't respond immediately to a query immediately that will probably be why. So please be patient!

    Fun Fact(s) about Myself: I'm Jewish, a neat freak, and a cat lover (though I don't own one currently), and I can play a musical instrument with both hands and both feet at the same time.

    (Anything else I should add? Sample of writing, etc.? Just checking, since some did and some didn't.)