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Beyond - Legends Dark Currents 2: Vengeance - AU, OC's, 420 ABY

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    Title: Dark Currents 2: Vengeance
    Main Time frame: 380 ABY to 420 ABY
    Characters: All OC’s with mention of Saga and EU characters from Legends
    Genre: Alternate Universe. Jedi vs. Sith

    Hi everyone. I've been gone for awhile and after putting together another story for these characters I'm finally ready to share again. These characters are favourites of mine now and there is still a lot of me in one of them.

    This is sequel to my previous story called Dark Currents which can be found HERE There's obviously new characters and many old ones whose story I wanted to continue in this big beautiful galaxy that George Lucas started and Disney continued to grow. The first few chapters will start with past events that predate the events of the previous story and delve into the new character's histories.

    Thanks for the views, and please comment if you'd like to.

    To my usual crew. @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha @AzureAngel2 @earlybird-obi-wan


    Dramatis Personae

    Marcus Dal Colle/Darth Nephros: Dark Lord of the Sith (Human Male)

    Vikka Gratua: Jedi Master (Human Female)

    Daniel Gratua: Force Sensitive (Human Male)

    Amera Ronal: Force Sensitive (Mirialan Female)

    Praxis / the Archivist: Sith Lord (Human Male)

    Lorn Nyeb: Sith Lord (Human Male)

    Darius Baron: Jedi Master (Human Male)

    Trip Vrand: Jedi Master (Human Male)

    Joy Tenor: Jedi Grand Master (Human Female)

    Taric Raywood: Admiral: Imperial Navy (Human Male)

    Vidor Dalporte: Emperor of the New Galactic Empire (Human Male)

    Luther Fiuggi: Commander CSF Special Forces (Nikto Male)

    Orala Ronal: Force Sensitive (Mirialan Female)

    Bail Exas: Jedi Master (Human Male)

    Brea Sai: Force Sensitive (Togruta Female)


    Should the sins of past generations haunt those generations of the future? Are past sins a curse or a gift? It depends on how we use them.

    Star Wars: Dark Currents Two, Part One: Aftermath

    Chapter One, Part 1: Terminator Region, Ryloth, 398 ABY

    Amera Ronal buried her head within her father’s chest. All the Mirialan could hear within the compound was the screams of terrified beings and a low pitched hum. The little girl believed a monster had come to take her away and all she could do was hold on to her father as tight as she could so the monster would not get her. She was also afraid because she could not see where her mother was. Amera had been playing with her father in the greenhouse, which she called the ‘forest room.’ She went from playing in that room to hearing screams and then running outside of it and seeing a scary man with a scary sword that was made of blue light as it hurt her friends.

    Amera was happy when she finally heard her mother’s voice. “Dinar what’s going on?” She asked her husband.

    “A Jedi has come. He’s gone mad! He’s killed Tarok and his two men at the front blast door.”

    “Killed? Did they attack him?” Orala Ronal asked. “The Jedi are supposed to be pacifists not executioners.”

    “This man seems to have different ideas. Take Amera into the caves, save yourselves.”

    “What about you?”

    “I’m going to buy you time. If he senses Amera’s connection he’ll take her.”

    “No, come with us. We can run together.”

    “No my love. He’s too close. Take Amera and get out of here. I’ll find you later.”

    Dinar lied knowing that this insane Jedi would most likely be his end. However, he had to think about his wife and daughter first no matter the cost. Amera had a powerful connection to the Force and if this Jedi felt her power he would no doubt take her away from them. Dinar prayed to the Force that his sacrifice would save them both.

    “No Daddy, come with us, don’t leave us.” Amera cried.

    “I’ll never leave you Ami, but I have to do this so you and mommy can be safe.”

    “Dinar.” Orala kissed her husband and they tapped their foreheads together. It was something they had done since they were young lovers and they never stopped the small embrace. “I love you.”

    “I love you too. Now, get out of here.”

    Dinar and Orala were Force sensitive but could not wield it like a Jedi. In these times of the Jedi Imperial Act they joined the Prophets of the Dark Side for the protection they provided. The group may have been a cult for some but they took care of their own and provided for all. The Jedi and Empire would round up Force sensitive beings and either make them Jedi or have them arrested if they suspected that there was any chance that the wielders could turn to the Dark Side of the Force. It was a brutal way to maintain control but it had worked for almost three centuries.

    When their daughter Amera was born they could immediately feel that the child had a much stronger connection to the Force than they did. It was essential to hide Amera as they did not want their daughter to have Jedi’s life. Or at the very least, have Amera choose for herself.

    The family moved from city to city for five years on Mirial before they fled their home planet to Ryloth which was in the Outer Rim and had little in the way of Imperial activity. Dinar worked a job at the docks while Orala stayed home with Amera until they were discovered by a Twi’lek girl named Jeila Wam’kodo. She was also a Force sensitive who was running from her family. Her older brother was a rising captain within the Imperial Navy. Jeila was afraid that her connection to the Force could harm her brother’s career as her powers were beginning to get out of her control. Jeila introduced them to the Prophets and the family had lived among them for a year. Jeila would disappear and would never be heard from again.

    The Prophets had taught Dinar and Orala how to control their own powers and made them quite adept at using the Force in rudimentary ways. Telekinesis was Dinar’s forte while Orala was skilled at Telekinesis and she would have occasional visions of the future through the Force. Orala furthered her knowledge and training of the visions as she would see things that disturbed her in her sleep. What seemed like dreams and nightmares turned into vivid visions that made Orala feel like she was within them. The visions made her feel anxious, distressed, and so she wanted to control those feelings with extra training. Even though the training was limited to the few teachers within the Prophets, Dinar and Orala eventually plateaued at a certain point. However, Amera was very different.

    Amera was taught about her powers and how to use them to the best of the Prophet’s abilities. Dinar refused to leave his daughter in the dark regarding her Force sensitivity. Considering her obvious power, it was essential that Amera learned how to control the Force. Even though the child was five years-old, in that year with the Prophets, Amera’s abilities were honed more and more. Her ability in telekinesis had already surpassed her parent’s capabilities at age six. She was gifted with a powerful connection that Dinar and Orala feared may one day become a curse. Tarok had always said that Amera could be a prospect for the Jedi if they had ever sensed her presence. Her parents felt differently.

    Orala and Amera ran through the network of caves that led to a ravine that ran beside a river which supplied precious fresh water to the capital, Lessu. Amera stopped in the cave and looked back to see if her father was following but something was telling her that he was not. Orala had already felt her husband falling in the battle. She could no longer feel his presence in the Force and she did not want to devastate Amera right now. Orala needed her daughter to focus on escaping and to keep moving. She would tell her daughter about Dinar at a better time.

    An opening at the end of the tunnel appeared and the fresh air welcomed Orala and Amera. She tried the best she could to reach out with the Force to see if they were being followed, they were not. However, she felt multiple presences not too far away. Orala guessed that the attackers were still in the compound Amera tugged on her mother’s robes and looked upon her mother with damp and reddened eyes.

    “We’re never going to see papa again are we?” Amera asked already knowing the answer.

    “Did you feel him in the Force Amera?” Orala was not going to sugar coat anything now that the child had obviously felt her father passing through the Force.

    “I don’t feel papa’s hugs anymore.”

    That was Amera’s way of describing feeling her parent’s presences in the Force. “I’m sorry baby. You’re papa did it to save us. He sacrificed himself so we could live. We’ll never forget him.”

    “I feel the bad man mama. He’s angry at other people. Two more new people are in our home now.”

    “That’s why we have to get away Amera. Come on.”


    Lessu, Ryloth – 409 ABY, 11 Years Later.

    Amera and Orala walked onto the balcony of their apartment building which overlooked a small park where the children of their living complex played. It was one of the few recreational areas for children in their neighbourhood. Amera and Orala lived on one of Lessu’s smaller and less expensive turrets, but at least they had a park. This day was the eleventh anniversary of Dinar’s death at the hands of the fallen Jedi Lorn Nyeb. They knew the man’s name now as he was one of the Sith Lords that had attempted a coup on Coruscant for control of the Empire just a few years before. There were few details, but from what the holo-net and the resident rumor starters had said, Lorn Nyeb had vanished in the aftermath and had not been seen since.

    Emperor Dalporte had been a fair man during his tenure. There had been some backlash to his policies when he raised taxes on the wealthiest citizens in the core and mid-rim systems. The backlash had not come from the common folk as their taxes remained the same and they admired Dalporte, who donated three years’ worth of his salary to the rebuilding of the Fobosi Medical Centre on Coruscant and the various medical facilities in Oridin City on Fondor after their respective destructions during the war.

    With the extra tax funds, Dalporte had rebuilt much of Oridin City on Fondor and many of Coruscant’s war torn residential areas. The emperor had also resupplied and re-staffed the Coruscanti Security Force as well as Fleet Admiral Taric Raywood’s new Imperial navy. Dalporte had commissioned a number of ships including two massive star destroyers that were modelled from the structure of the Tiber. Fondor’s shipyards were also rebuilt to help stimulate the economy as well.

    Even the senate was busy again as all galactic decisions were put to a democratic vote. The results of senate votes were made into law unless forty-nine percent of the vote was against the bill. A review would be held and argued and then the Emperor would make a final decision. However, every system was now afforded only one representative in the senate and an alternate if the prime senator was away from Coruscant. This measure dispatched most of the bureaucracy of the past senate regimes and helped move the government’s business along. Each system continued to have voted in regional governors that ran the individual systems on the planet and they all reported directly to their senators who would then raise any issues in the Senate.

    The Jedi had had their temple rebuilt and the Jedi-Imperial Act had been thrown out across the galaxy. No longer did Force users have to live in fear of their abilities and wonder if they would be thrown in prison or detained. The Jedi Order itself had begun its own healing process immediately as a Jedi Master named Bail Exas had returned from Ossus after the war with dozens of Padawan learners and Jedi younglings. Grand Master Joy Tenor continued to lead the Order with a close working relationship to the emperor. Those Force users that wanted to join the Jedi Order were almost immediately accepted and those that were Force sensitive that did not want to be Jedi were given the right to do so. However, their activities were still monitored if they had turned to lives of crime or they committed questionable and illegal acts.

    The Jedi Grand Master had become more of a public figure in the past few years to help with public relations and keep the Jedi in a positive light throughout the galaxy. Master Joy was present at many of Emperor Dalporte’s media conferences that pertained to Jedi business and galactic defence issues. There had been another round of criticism towards Force users after the events of the war, specifically on Fondor and Coruscant. Three powerful Dark Side users were allowed to wreak havoc across the galaxy and the Jedi had seemed almost powerless to stop them until the very last battle. The usurper Cyrax was said to be killed during the fighting and his apprentice had vanished. Lorn Nyeb was a wanted man but his long absence was a sign that perhaps the fallen Jedi was gone for good. There were very few details about the third Sith. Some beings went as far as saying that he was a fiction created by the Jedi to cover up yet another fallen Jedi Knight. The truth about the massive Sith who fought the Jedi and Cyrax during the war was elusive.

    The higher taxes on the wealthy had ultimately led to consecutive years of economic prosperity for the galaxy. Normal beings Like Orala and Amera were finding work and raising their families in a peaceful society. Orala was working in a local food market and Amera attended the CSF academy on Ryloth. Amera was a gifted student who progressed quickly through her studies and had been noticed by the CSF academy as well as Cor-Sec’s recruiters from Corellia. She choose the CSF due to their scholarship offer. Orala made a decent living but not enough to pay for an academy tuition. Thankfully Amera had taken care of that. The next part of their lives had everything to do with moving to Coruscant. Orala wanted her daughter to move on with her life and Amera wanted to take care of her mother. In the end Orala had won and Amera would leave her mother on Ryloth.
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    Thanks for the Views!

    @AzureAngel2 @earlybird-obi-wan @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    Chapter One, Part 2

    Jedi Temple, Coruscant - 412 ABY

    The CSF academy was not the stepping stone that Amera thought it would be in the three years that she had been there. She took well to her training and she was climbing quickly through the ranks of her training class. Amera was learning valuable skills and with the help of her Force abilities she was well placed to graduate into the CSF main corp. She showed promise in her academic courses and surpassed many of her classmates in critical thinking exercises. Amera had a natural ability to assess situations and plan strategy in a minimum amount of time. Her mind was her greatest weapon. However, her physical abilities were not as strong as her mental capabilities. Amera closed the physical gap to her classmates with the Force enhancing her even though her mother had taught her to hide her sensitivity to the Force.

    Amera had kept her Force abilities a secret for a significant portion of her time at the academy. It was not until she had met another Force sensitive that she discovered that she was not alone. This Force sensitive and Amera befriended each other quickly as they had much in common. Amera’s friend was named Brea. Amera, a Mirialan, and Brea, a Togruta female, became inseparable and had survived the rigors of the CSF Academy together. Brea had discovered Amera’s Force abilities during an obstacle course training exercise where Amera had fallen down while trying to scale a wall. Brea saw Amera leap to the top of the wall without the use of the rope provided. Brea had felt the usage of the Force and confronted Amera later on. During that conversation Brea revealed her own Force sensitivity.

    Amera and Brea had won an opportunity to take a tour of the famous Jedi Archives by finishing first in a strategy game during a class. As the two friends walked towards the temple they noticed the rebuilt statues of past Jedi. Former Grand Masters and famous Jedi such as Nomi Sunrider, General Hoth, Luke Skywalker, Yoda, and K’Kruhk watched the two young women enter the domain of the Jedi. The exterior of the temple had been almost completely restored since the coup and most of the white marble statues gleamed in the sun once again. The Jedi Temple was a beautiful building with a tradition and history seeped inside of its architecture. The rest of Coruscant was obviously a massive modern metropolis, but the Jedi Temple stood apart in this regard.

    Amera and Brea understood that they would have to concentrate very hard to keep their Force abilities dormant within the Jedi temple. Keeping her abilities a secret was not illegal anymore but Amera was not ready for an interview with the Jedi just yet. When Amera had told her mother about the trip to the Jedi Temple, Orala became concerned and told her daughter again that the Jedi would most likely sense her abilities straight away if Amera was not careful. However, the chance to see the Jedi Archives up close made her discovery worth the risk.

    In the back of Amera’s mind, she had always craved more information on Lorn Nyeb and the Jedi Archives would be the best source of information on her father’s killer. Amera’s dreams were still haunted by the memory of her father’s last day on Ryloth. She could still visualize the last time she saw him and how he sent her and her mother away for their own protection. Amera would wake up many nights screaming for her father. It was more than a matter of getting closure, Amera wanted to see this human for herself. She knew that no one had seen Lorn Nyeb in years and that he was still a wanted fugitive. Amera had made it a personal mission for herself to find Nyeb since she arrived on Coruscant. Within the CSF she now had the resources to find him, this was an opportunity where she could use the Jedi could help her as well.

    When Amera and Brea reached the entrance to the temple they were greeted by a protocol droid and after they had given the droid their credentials, they were shown inside. Walking through the grand entrance was a moving experience for Amera. She immediately felt the presence of the Force in a way she had never sensed it before. Feeling the Light Side in the temple was a soothing experience. It was almost as if the Force had a purity laced within it while Amera walked through the building. The Grand Hall was full of spiraling staircases and mezzanines that displayed statues and plaques describing the history of the Jedi and past Knights.

    Brea Sai was also impressed with the Jedi temple, but unlike Amera, she did not find the Jedi to be awe inspiring. She had her own reasons for hiding her Force powers as she did not trust the Jedi. Brea had a sister that was training to be a Jedi when she was an infant. Her sister however died while at the Jedi training facility on Dantooine during an excursion with younglings into a kyber crystal cave. The group of younglings, including her sister, and the two Jedi Knights had discovered that the cave had been infested with Kinrath. Brea’s sister died during the attack. The Order had informed her family with a personal visit from the Jedi Master Brun Sarro.

    Brea’s father blamed the Jedi Order and as a result he became untrusting of Force users in general. Her father’s mistrust forced Brea and her mother to hide her abilities from him for a time. Eventually he found out about his daughter’s secret and thankfully he accepted his child for what she was. He had softened his stance for his daughter, but only his daughter. Brea would eventually leave her family for Coruscant to pursue her studies. She would join the CSF after the coup attempt by the Sith as she felt an overwhelming sense to serve the Empire anyway she could.

    Amera looked around and enjoyed seeing the Jedi Knights and Padawan learners being busy and walking about. Brea nudged Amera to look at a massive Wookiee who was being followed by a young Devaronian Padawan into a room behind a pair of large wooden doors. Amera asked the droid what that area was and she was told that it was the entrance to the Room of a Thousand Fountains. The droid continued to explain that the room was filled with flora and fauna from different systems and numerous differently sized streams of running water. However, all of this beauty paled in comparison to the majestic waterfall in the middle of it all. Amera made a mental note of wanting to see that room before she left.

    Amera and Brea had finally made it to the Jedi Archives. One quick look around had made Amera fall in love immediately. She walked past the droid into the main rotunda which had four pathways that separated from that spot. This was yet another area that was a hive of activity with Jedi, young and old, roaming the library’s stacks of holo-pads and data cards. The room itself was impressive with statues, sculptures, and paintings of various things from beings and landscapes.

    Amera walked towards the closest stack of holo-pads and looked at the stack’s label. She saw ’Alderaan.” She took out the pad and skimmed through the data-pad. Amera read a few pages quickly with her superior intellect and she read the words ‘Death Star I,’ Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, Princess Leia Organa Solo. After a few swipes with her finger, Amera looked into Princess Leia. She read how she had gone from a senator from her home planet, to a Rebel Alliance general, to the Chief of State of the New Republic. Amera could be inspired by this person who had also become an accomplished Jedi Knight herself following her political service.

    The droid motioned to Amera who made another mental note to read about her new idol. She looked at Brea with a massive smile on her face as the droid took them on the tour. Amera made inquiries into the attempted coup and more specifically into the Sith Lords Cyrax and Lorn Nyeb. All her attempts at attaining information at the CSF academy had not gotten her anywhere except for general information from various holo-net sites. The droid gave yet another general answer with little to no details about who they were, where they came from and what had become of them.

    The droid then informed the two CSF cadets that they could explore the Archives further on their own. It was exactly what Amera had been hoping for. She immediately placed herself on a terminal and entered the name Lorn Nyeb. To her surprise she came across a file that described that he was a Jedi Knight that was expelled from the Order and there was nothing else. Amera took out a data card and placed it into the terminal’s drive. Brea gave Amera a surprised look as she knew exactly what that data card was. Amera was going to slice into the Jedi Archives.

    “Are you actually going to try and slice into the Jedi Archive?” Brea asked knowing the answer.

    “I’ll never get a chance like this again Brea. Just keep watch.” Amera answered nervously.

    “You always say that I’m supposed to be the bad one.”

    “You are, but for today I’ll take the mantle.”

    Amera began punching keys with her fingers faster than Brea could keep up with. She warned her friend about the dangers of such an activity, but Brea knew what Amera was looking for. Amera was looking for closure, truth, but Brea did not know if she wanted revenge. Not yet. Amera’s screen flashed with information on numerous files. She downloaded everything that she deemed appropriate onto her data-card. Amera took the card and placed it into her pocket and began to walk back to the stacks where she had discovered Leia Organa Solo. What Amera and Brea did not count on was their tour guide standing there in front of two Jedi Knights.

    As the two girls approached the Jedi, Amera was suddenly overcome with visions of the night her father died. She winced at the pictures due to her inability to control them and Amera also realized that the human Jedi had taken notice as well. She understood that something was happening within the Force. Something had triggered her to see these images from the past. Amera’s head began to spin and the room moved around her too quickly for her to stand. Brea went to Amera’s side and held her up but just as soon as Brea tried, Amera feel to her knees and blacked out.


    Amera woke to see Brea sitting by her bedside with a concerned face. She felt a massive headache and quickly recalled what had happened in the Jedi Archive. Amera rubbed her head and sat up in the bed while giving Brea a reassuring smile.

    “How are you feeling?” Brea asked.

    “I think I’m alright now.” Amera replied.

    “What happened to you?”

    “I can’t explain it Brea. All I remember is walking towards those Jedi and looking at the human. Suddenly I felt an overwhelming sensation from the Force. I think it was trying to tell me something.”

    “Well, whatever it was telling you, you’re going to have to explain it to the Jedi as well. They said they were returning as soon as you woke up.”

    “What did you tell them?”

    “I didn’t say anything. All they asked me was whether I knew if you had any medical conditions. I told them you didn’t as far as I knew.”

    “And the files?” Amera whispered.

    “I got it right here.” Brea whispered in return.

    “Now, you’re going to give them to us.” The Jedi male human said as he approached with a Wookiee walking in behind him.

    “Kriff.” Brea cussed.
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    I'm really enjoying this! :) I like the scope of it and all the little nods to icons from the past.
    I'm coming into this fic fresh so all the explanations about the characters pasts, the galactic situations, conflicts, governments and Jedi are very helpful but don't slow the pace which is something I admire. I sometimes struggle with such exposition or explanations. I'm already fond of Amera and Brea's friendship. :D Can I get a tag for the next update? [face_batting]
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    I'm really enjoying this! :) I like the scope of it and all the little nods to icons from the past.
    I'm coming into this fic fresh so all the explanations about the characters pasts, the galactic situations, conflicts, governments and Jedi are very helpful but don't slow the pace which is something I admire. I sometimes struggle with such exposition or explanations. I'm already fond of Amera and Brea's friendship. :D Can I get a tag for the next update? [face_batting]
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    Sorry about posting twice ( and now 3 times haha! [face_laugh]) my computer had a funny moment and reloaded, hence the 2 replies. Anyways keep up the great updates! ;)[face_peace]
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    Great to see your characters again and with Brea and Amera in this situation.
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    Enjoying Amera and Brea very much, how their friendship and skills complement each other. Love the details on how the Order and Government have progressed in rebuilding. =D=

    I am not surprised, given Amera's history, that she is interested in the details of Nyeb [face_thinking] Given the title, "Revenge" [face_worried] I think I know her motives.
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    Thank you very much for the kind words and I will absolutely tag you next time. I usually release a chapter every two weeks. Please feel free to ask me any questions about something you aren't clear with. Again, welcome! :)

    Welcome back Early, A few more new characters to come. :D

    Welcome back Nyota, We will see. :p


    One tiny spoiler for all, this might be a shorter story with a focus on light side/dark side story lines. It may get bigger like Part 1, it just depends on how much my creative juices flow. :p
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    @earlybird-obi-wan @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha @AzureAngel2 @mayo_durron_666

    Chapter One, Part 3

    The Jedi Knights had led Amera and Brea to a conference room with a holo projector. They had confiscated the files that Amera had downloaded. Brea was certain that the Jedi had seen what they had stolen from the archives. She also feared that the Jedi were going to report their actions to their CSF superiors. It was a certain court martial and a dishonourable discharge for both of them. Years of hard work from them both was about to be flushed down the refresher drain.

    “Don’t worry Brea, I’ll take the blame for this. This is all my fault anyway.” Amera reassured her.

    “I’m not leaving you now Amera. Let’s see what they want before we assign blame.”

    The pair of Jedi returned into the room. The human sat down and looked over at Amera and Brea before asking, “What are two CSF recruits doing trying to steal restricted files on Lorn Nyeb?”

    “Master Jedi, Lorn Nyeb killed my father.” Amera replied.

    “Nyeb killed many fathers recruit. Was your father apart of the CSF force that fought here?”

    “No, he killed my father on Ryloth when I was a child. I was five years-old.”

    The human Jedi paused for a moment and looked at Amera for a few seconds. “Ryloth? How long ago?”

    “About fourteen years ago.”

    “Do you mean you were a part of that cult, Prophets of the Dark Side?”

    “So you knew that they were there?” Amera asked with the same look on her face now as the Jedi had. He obviously knew something. “What is your name Master Jedi?”

    “My name is Trip Vrand. This is Keytar. His last name is way too long to say out loud.”

    “It seems Ryloth holds pain for both of us. Were you there when my father died? What do you know about that man?”

    “I didn’t know your father, but I fought Nyeb there.” Trip admitted.

    “Why didn’t you stop him?” Amera began to tear up.

    “I was only a Padawan, he was a Jedi Master. Vikka and I couldn’t…”

    Trip stopped speaking just at the mention of her name. He had not said the name of Vikka Gratua out loud in some time. It had been years since she left the Jedi Order to raise her child. She never said where she was going and she had not made any attempts to communicate with anyone from the temple as far as Trip knew, but he had thought about her every day since. Recalling that day on Ryloth brought back bad memories as he had lost that duel with Nyeb. Trip, Vikka, and Master Exas were all injured and Nyeb escaped to terrorize the Jedi for years after that battle. This Mirialan girl knew something that she could not have, it was classified. The battle on Ryloth was not even in the archive files that she had downloaded.

    The disturbance in the Force when the girl collapsed in front of him was most likely due to the Ryloth connection he had with this girl. This CSF recruit was Force sensitive and from what Trip could sense so was her companion. He felt terrible for this girl’s loss and perhaps he felt guilty that he could not stop Nyeb from killing her father. Regardless of the fact that Trip was a newly minted Jedi Knight at that time, he felt that he should have done more for Master Exas, Vikka, and now this girl at that time.

    “You’re both sensitive to the Force. You must have kept your abilities from the CSF for quite some time.” The Wookiee Jedi said.

    “We’ve helped each other keep our secret Master Jedi.” Brea explained.

    “Why would you hide it?” Keytar asked. “The only explanation would be you were trying to keep it from the Jedi. You have nothing to fear here. If you did not want to be a part of the Jedi Order, there would be no pressure.”

    “We don’t trust the Jedi Order. I don’t trust the Jedi.” Brea said defiantly.

    “That’s not an uncommon opinion these days. The Jedi Order has been the author of its own troubles. However, we have always done our best to maintain peace throughout the galaxy.” Keytar explained.

    “The fallen Jedi Knights that come back to haunt the Order do the most damage to the galaxy. The Order as a whole cannot be held responsible for the failings of a few though.”

    “My father told me Coruscant was taken over because of the Jedi that fell to the Dark Side of the Force.” Brea countered. ”It may not be the Order’s fault, but Force users have brought so much misery to the galaxy.”

    Brea began to tear up and Keytar noticed. “What is it child? What are you trying to tell us?”

    “My sister died on Dantooine in the care of Jedi Knights while she was training there. She died in a Kinrath cave.”

    The statement hit Trip like a punch to the stomach. Even the Togruta girl was connected to his past. “I was there too. She fell into a pit within the cave. My former partner tried to save her.” Trip paused. “I’m so sorry to both of you girls.”

    “You were there?” Brea asked.

    “Yes I was.” Trip replied.

    “This is so odd. The coincidences are unbelievable.” Amera commented.

    “There is no coincidences when it comes to the Force.” Keytar answered. “You three have been brought together for a reason.”

    “What reason is that?” Amera asked.

    “To heal.” Keytar replied.

    Amera and Brea looked at one another and then at Trip. Could there actually be a chance to heal here in the Jedi Temple? Amera wanted to believe it, as the Wookiee had put it. She felt some hesitation to the idea. On the other hand, Brea betrayed nothing in her face as her skepticism for the Jedi ran deeper than Amera’s. Perhaps it was her father’s doing, but Brea’s sister’s death was obviously hurtful. Brea’s connection to the Force was evident and strong in the presence of the Jedi now that she was not trying to mask it anymore. Amera took her friend’s hand and stared into her eyes.

    “We can heal together.” Amera said. “We begin here. No more hiding and no more fear.”

    Brea looked at Amera and then at Keytar. “I never wanted to be a Jedi. I never considered the thought of it. My father instilled the mistrust and animosity into me.” Brea paused and considered the thought. I feel like my sister would want me to believe in you and I don’t want to carry this pain around anymore.”

    “I will teach you how to let it go child.” Keytar replied. “If you wish to become a Jedi, I will request that you and I become Master and Padawan.”

    Tears began to roll down the Togruta’s cheek. “I think I would like that. I was afraid to delve into the Force more than I had. I suddenly feel that this is the right time. The right moment for me to make a decision like this.”

    “What about your father?” Amera asked.

    “This is for me Amera. I want to honour my sister and accomplish what she had set out to do.”

    Amera smiled at her friend. “We can both grow here.”

    “What about you Amera, what are you looking for?” Trip asked.

    “I won’t lie to you all. I’ve been thinking about Lorn Nyeb since my father died. It’s not so much that I want revenge. It’s more that I don’t want to live in fear anymore either. Brea was afraid of the Force, I’m afraid that I will meet the same fate as my father.”

    “Becoming a Jedi will ease your fear and teach you the necessary principles and skills to cope and conquer your fears Amera.” Keytar explained.

    “Yeah, and the lightsabre training will make sure you can back up your new confidence.” Trip added with a smirk.

    “Amera is already the best duelist in the class. She’s not the most physically gifted but she has great skill and instincts.” Brea said proudly of her friend.

    “We can work with that.” Trip said. “Looks like you’re stuck with me. What do you say kid?”

    “When do we start?” Amera replied with confidence.

    “As soon as Master Joy gives us her blessing.” Trip replied.

    “Will that be an issue?” Brea asked.

    “Nah, we’ll figure something out.” Trip said.

    “We will explain your situations and your ties to Master Trip. I have little doubt that the council will accept you both as Padawan learners despite your ages.” Keytar explained.

    “Thank you Master Jedi.” Amera replied with a bow. “We have work to do as well when we return to the barracks.”

    “We’ll have to tell our families too.” Brea included.

    “Yeah, that too.” Amera agreed.

    Amera and Brea rode the transport back to the CSF Barracks to collect their belongings and inform their superiors that they would be joining the Jedi Order. Amera wanted to speak to her mother about her decision and attempt to get her blessing. She was not certain how her mother would feel about her joining the Order, but Amera wanted to explain what she had told Trip and Keytar about her constantly living in fear. She wanted to change that and somehow, perhaps through the Force itself, she was sure that this was the best way to do that.

    Brea on the other hand wanted to fulfill her sister’s wish of becoming a Jedi Knight. Her mother had told Brea about her sister’s strength as a child and now she wanted to emulate that strength. Even though Brea thought her father would be against her decision, it did not matter to Brea now. There was something that the Wookiee Jedi Knight had said that caused Brea to feel differently. The ability to heal was a powerful motivator and Brea wanted to heal the broken heart she felt from her sister’s passing and take her life into a new direction with a new way of thinking. Her father had dominated her thoughts all her life, now it was her turn to take charge and live the way that felt right to her.

    Brea and Amera exchanged looks until Amera said, “Are you happy with your decision?”

    “Yeah, I have a feeling that this is the right way for me, for us even. Something just felt warm and good about meeting Master Keytar. Are you happy? It must have been hard to tell them that this wasn’t about your father’s murderer.”

    “It isn’t Brea. Joining the Jedi really is about moving on and not living with fear. I still want to track down Lorn Nyeb in the future, but maybe, as a well-trained Jedi Knight I’ll be able to control my anger towards him. Begin to heal like Master Keytar said.”

    “I hope you’re right Amera. You’re stronger than me if that’s the case.” Brea admitted. “I think I would want to continue to look for him for vengeance’s sake and use the Jedi’s resources to do it.”

    “I’m sure we’ll find out more and more about the past events and everything to do with this Nyeb character soon enough. Either way, we’re going to have fun doing it.”

    “Absolutely.” Brea said smiling.

    After Amera and Brea wrote their resignation letters stating that they were going to discharge themselves from service with the intention of joining the Jedi Order, their immediate leaders took the news well enough but Brea had her father lecture her for over a standard hour. She explained the purpose of her decision but he overwhelmingly disapproved of his daughter’s direction. Brea was steadfast in her beliefs as Amera stood by her side the whole time in support. Brea’s father ended the conversation with a final proclamation that this was a betrayal and it would dishonour the memory of his daughter that died in the care of the Jedi Order.

    Conversely, the conversation between Amera and her mother was one of acceptance and understanding. Although Orala did not want this path for her daughter, she realized that the Force had set Amera down this road for a reason. Whatever it was, she prayed that her daughter would be always be safe. Orala understood that safety was an illusion. The lives of Jedi Knights always included facing numerous obstacles during their lives of service to the Order. Danger was inevitable.

    Amera was hopeful and determined to set her life on a course that she deemed important. If becoming a Jedi was part of this worthwhile existence than Orala had to let Amera blaze the trail and endure all that came with it herself.
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    Great insight in the past of the two girls.
  11. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Super reveals about Amera's and Brea's pasts and connections to Trip. Both embrace their future changes with determination and good intents. Keytar is a wonderfully compassionate person and Brea will definitely benefit from his tutelage. Trip has been through much and his guidance will help Amera as well find a balance between justice and revenge and the conquering of fears. @};-
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    I am very sorry that I did not react properly before, dear Furio. Even though I did some intense lurking around I found no words fitting your latest story.

    Once more I got sucked in straight, happy to face some canon characters that I know and cherish. (Because I am a bit lost with Old Republic characters, but yours developed a life on their own for me in the old story.)

    I do enjoy your tense plot, the persons you write about. Consider me to be a reader, but at present... alas... not a regular one. [face_batting]
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    Brea’s father ended the conversation with a final proclamation that this was a betrayal and it would dishonour the memory of his daughter that died in the care of the Jedi Order.

    Conversely, the conversation between Amera and her mother was one of acceptance and understanding. Although Orala did not want this path for her daughter, she realized that the Force had set Amera down this road for a reason.

    Parents are tricky. It's hard to go your own path without their blessing. I feel for Brea a lot! I hope her father comes around to being more understanding. Amera was lucky to have such an accepting mother.

    Nice update! :) An interesting turn of events here, I can't wait for more. :D
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    The future is going to be fun. ;)

    Thanks Nyota, I was worried that it would be too many coincidences, but it seemed to fit my theme that Force users affect the lives of normal beings so much, and in some cases too much.

    You have nothing to apologize for Azure. I'm happy to see you around. :D

    Parent's expectations are a massive influence in a child's life. You take what you can and make the best of it. Thanks for reading!
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    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha @earlybird-obi-wan @AzureAngel2 @mayo_durron_666

    Chapter 2, Part 1: Jedi Temple – Coruscant 412 ABY

    “What are you thinking Key?” Trip asked the Wookiee.

    "I feel like the Force is always trying to guide us into directions we never thought possible. The fact that you are connected to both of those young women is incredible, but not surprising.”

    “I hadn’t thought of Nyeb or Vik…I haven’t thought about all of that for a while now.”

    “I know that must have been difficult for you Trip.”

    “No it wasn’t.” Trip dismissed his friend. “Vikka made her choice to leave me, I mean the Order so she could raise her child. The Sith’s child. Force knows what that kid will become.”

    “You’re questioning Vikka’s ability to raise the child correctly? I don’t. I have faith that Vikka would have raised the child appropriately, regardless of who the father was.”

    “Don’t underestimate the power of Sith blood Keytar. Nephros was never a fallen Jedi, he was an evil bastard right from the start of his miserable existence.”

    “Darth Nephros killed Cyrax and left the Empire peacefully. We haven’t felt his presence in some time. I think Vikka saved his soul.”

    “His soul wasn’t worth the effort to begin with.”

    “No soul is beyond redemption.”

    “I guess you’ve forgotten the hundreds of beings Nephros killed at the Fobosi Medical Centre Key.”

    “I have not forgotten Trip. It is you who cannot let go of the past. Amera can be your future. You cannot let these resentful feelings get in the way of her training.”

    “I know what I have to do Key.” Trip lowered his volume. “Just let me vent.”

    “Of course.” The Wookiee put a large hand on Trip’s shoulder. “I will gladly be a confidant to you but you must let the past go as you know where it will lead.”

    “I’ll never be selfish enough to fall to the Dark Side. Never.”

    “I worry that you’ll simply be blind to the goodness around you. You have been much better these past few years. Don’t let that progress fall by the wayside.”

    “I won’t Keytar. You’re my best friend, I won’t let you down.”


    The Jedi Council chamber in the central spire of the temple was about to hold another council meeting. Master Darius Baron, Master Bail Exas, and Grand Master Joy Tenor waited for two others to start the proceedings.

    “Bail, Darius, let us begin while we wait.” Grand Master Joy began saying. “Bail, what is the status of the Padawans you mentioned that were ready for the trails?”

    “They await your blessing to take their trails Master Joy. Apparently you mentioned watching them first hand.” Bail reminded her.

    “So I did, you’re right Bail. I am sorry. I will accompany them as soon as possible.” Joy replied. “Darius, how do feel about these Padawans after their classes with the Sword of the Jedi?

    Darius enjoyed the remark. “They are ready for the trails Joy, I have little doubt.”

    “Good. Anything else?” Joy asked.

    “The day to day business of the Order is progressing nicely. However, there was a security breach today in the Archives,”

    “What kind of breach and did we capture the slicers?”

    “Yes we did. They were trying to extract information on Lorn Nyeb. Well, at least one of them was.”

    “Were they arrested?

    “No, in fact they want to become Jedi Knights from what I understand.”

    Joy could not help but laugh. “Excuse me?”

    “Perhaps we can explain it better.” A new voice joined the meeting. Trip and Keytar proceeded to their seats in the Jedi Council Chamber after they gave a respectful bow to the other three council members. Joy looked at Darius who responded with a slight shrug of his shoulders. She was fascinated to know as how a pair of intruding slicers were going to be put forth as candidates to be over aged Padawans.

    Joy listened to Trip and Keytar explain the situation with the two slicers from the CSF training academy. All she could do was shake her head at the way the Force had completed these connections between Trip and the two candidates. These two girls had suffered terrible losses in their lives and now they had come full circle by meeting Trip and having him and Keytar train them in the ways of the Jedi Order. Joy’s next thought was of course whether she would allow them to join the Order. Their military training would be a great asset to their Jedi training and from what she was told they were willing to take their time and follow Jedi Traditions.

    “Please bring them before us Master Trip. We will speak with them and gauge their interest in us and our interest in them.”

    “Of course Master Joy.”

    Trip bowed and left the chamber to collect the Padawans. After a few minutes he returned with Amera and Brea who had days earlier resigned their positions at the CSF. Both were questioned for hours by their superiors for their decisions but ultimately it was their decision and they were not to be denied. Amera and Brea had their own versions of their destinies and it coincided with them being Jedi Knights.

    Amera was first into the chamber and she was momentarily blinded by the sunlight beaming into her eyes. When her eyes adjusted she saw a women flanked by a man approximately the woman’s age and an older gentleman. Trip and Keytar took the two empty seats which left Amera and Brea standing in the middle of the room by default. There was silence for a few seconds until finally Trip spoke.

    “Masters Joy, Baron, and Exas. This is Amera Ronal and Brea Sai.” Trip opened.

    “Welcome ladies.” Joy replied to the girls. “The circumstances of our meetings are incredible but when the Force is involved, coincidences are rarely ever the case. With that, is it your wish to join the Jedi Order?”

    “Yes it is Master Joy.” Amera spoke first as she guessed that the only female on the council would be named Joy. “After a long time of searching for a purpose and a direction in my life, I feel like I will find that in the Jedi Order.”

    “Are you sure you’re not looking for a way to get revenge on Lorn Nyeb?” The younger man said bluntly.

    “Revenge is a controlling motivator in the search for power. If we teach you how to use the Force and commune with it, will you in turn be seduced by your anger and use it for darker intentions?”

    “Master Jedi, I…I don’t have…I’m not angry.” Amera stumbled out.

    “Master Baron is trying to ask you if your intentions are pure. There is one truth that we have known in all our research of galactic history and our own years of training Jedi. That truth is this. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate leads to suffering. That is the path to the Dark Side and that is what we must above all else not allow to happen.”

    “I sense much fear in both of you.” Darius said moving forward in his chair.

    “Who wouldn’t be afraid of starting a whole new direction in their lives and training to become Jedi?” Brea snapped back. “I’m not afraid of teachings and training, I’m afraid of not doing what I’m supposed to be doing. I want a life of meaning and purpose.”

    Darius sat back and turned to Amera. “What about you Mirialan, what are you afraid of most?”
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    Wonderful and candid discussion between friends in the first scene and hard, necessary questions in the second =D=
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    love the discussions and the last answer Brea is giving
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    Sith, Wookies, Jedi - what´s not to like about this story! =D=^:)^:D:*
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    Love Keytar's wisdom on letting go of the past. So true! :)

    Oh dear.. [face_plain][face_nail_biting]This bit made me nervous for Amera and Brea. Hope they stay away from the path of revenge.. [face_worried]

    Nice update! :)
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    Thank you Nyota, early, and Azure! I was hoping for a realistic tone between Trip and Keytar. I'll take the comments as a good sign. :D

    It's a fact of life for a Jedi.
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    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha @earlybird-obi-wan @AzureAngel2 @mayo_durron_666

    Chapter 2, Part 2: Jedi Temple – Coruscant 412 ABY

    Amera’s face changed from surprise to seriousness. “I’m afraid of what I’ll do if I don’t focus my fear and control it. I won’t lie. I have had dreams of punishment and revenge, but I always woke up feeling like it was a nightmare. I loved my father and he protected me and sacrificed himself so I could live my life.” Amera paused as she saw the face of her father in her mind’s eye. “This is what I think I should be doing even though it isn’t what my parents wanted for me. I want to prevent suffering like I have suffered. My parents believed the Force was a guide. It’s time for me to follow it down a path I think will be rewarding.”

    “I completely understand and I agree with your answer.” Joy said. “Brea, according to the file Master Trip submitted to us, your father has been an opponent of the Jedi since the death of your sister. What are his feelings on your decision?”

    “He isn’t happy and he doesn’t support this idea but I’m doing this for my sister and for me. This is my life and I’m here to finish what she started.”

    “She was a child, how would you know your sister’s future Brea?” Joy asked.

    “My mother told me that she had strong convictions even as a child, and my parents originally thought that giving their child to the Jedi was a sound decision because of her inner strength. I want to prove that their choice was the right one. Maybe it will help ease their guilt.”

    Master Joy stood and said to Trip. “Please escort the ladies out and wait until a decision has been made.” She then turned to Brea and Amera. “I thank you both for your candour and honesty. There is much to consider in both of your cases. I know you have already resigned from the CSF but if in the event we decide that you will not be trained I will have you fully reinstated. Be patient and we will see you soon.”

    Trip left with Amera and Brea leaving the four Jedi Masters alone in the chamber. Darius walked into the middle of the room. “I enjoyed speaking to Brea and I find her very upfront and engaging. As for Amera, there is something there that isn’t right.”

    “Master Exas?” Joy asked.

    “Brea is the obvious candidate with no issue, however I also sense a deeper meaning in Amera’s training. It is not the taint of the Dark Side I fear in her, it’s simply that she is coming from a place of despair. We all know that story too well.”

    Keytar joined the conversation. “It’s the story of Darth Nephros, however there is one major difference. She has already dealt with her grief for quite some time and has made something of herself through the CSF before coming here. There is a maturity in her and an opportunity for us. I agree there is something else that has begun to happen, but in Amera’s case it is not laced in darkness, simply shrouded in secrecy. Brea on the other hand is laid bare. She is a prime candidate and I would like to train her with your blessings.”

    “I agree with all of you on Brea and I also like the idea of Master Keytar training her. Congratulations.” Joy said happily.

    “Thank you Master Joy.” Keytar replied while bowing his head.

    Joy then addressed Darius and Bail Exas “I understand the doubt in Amera you both have and I also feel the Force moving around her with a different flow than with Brea. The future hints at uncertainty in her training and I will reflect on this more during my meditations. However, I would like to see her trained. There is a destiny in her that the Force wants played out. I feel as if there is more happening around us than we understand at this moment. Master Exas, the shroud of secrecy you feel has dark roots I’m afraid. It is a new threat that is rising.”

    Trip returned and examined the room before asking. “Well? Where are we at? They’re great aren’t they?”

    “You have no issues in their training?” Darius asked Trip.

    Trip considered his words as he suspected that Master Darius Baron was against training Amera and Brea. Although Trip did not see the problem. They were both eager and their motivations seemed to be genuine. In truth, Trip could not help but see Amera as another version of Vikka. They both had troubled childhoods and he was in position to help her endure and become a successful Jedi Knight. Even though Trip could hear Keytar’s voice in his head telling him that Vikka’s decisions were her own and not his doing. The Wookie was right, but Trip still felt there was redemption in Amera’s training. Now it seemed Trip had to convince Master Baron.

    Darius had become skeptical of most Force wielders since the war against his former master Cyrax. He did not and would not tolerate Force users that were not devoted to the Jedi Order. Seeing so many Jedi Knights turn to Cyrax’s cause gave credence to Darius’ skepticism in others, even though he had originally been an apprentice to Cyrax’s Dark Side training. Darius promised himself that he would not allow others to repeat the same mistakes he had in the past. It was ironic that Darius had so much mistrust in others considering if it was not for the trust of Master Joy and the late Master Jenner, he would have been imprisoned and destroyed when he was captured while he was serving Cyrax.

    In this instance, Darius also wanted to probe Trip Vrand’s reasons for wanting to train this Mirialan. Trip had gone cold and became isolated after Vikka had left. If not for the faithful friendship of the Wookie, the masters believed that Trip would have struggled to even stay in the Order. There were obvious parallels between Amera and Vikka which they all saw, but it was her parallel with Darth Nephros that made Darius pause. Master Joy wanted them to be trained it seemed and so Darius would support her anyway he could.

    Darius and Master Joy had become close since the war and had been spending more and more time together. Their relationship had become significant enough that they even shared a kiss years ago. Except, when they pulled apart from one another, they both felt that a romantic relationship was not a good idea. Darius and Joy would come to see each other as bonded friends and nothing else at that moment. Joy and the late Master Sella Jenner had saved him from the dark path. She was a teacher and a confidant and they both felt that anything else was not necessary. Joy was their leader and the rock that this Jedi Order was built upon. Her council was small and through her leadership it was effective.

    “I will train Amera, Master Baron.” Trip finally answered. “I feel like we can help each other.”

    Darius was reassured by Trip’s recognition of his past issues. Perhaps the caring for and training of another Jedi would help him move forward with his life. “That is what I was hoping to hear Master Vrand. I believe you will help each other.”

    Master Exas saw that there was purpose in his former Padawan’s eyes again. He was thankful. “Well done Trip. You and Keytar will be wonderful masters for your new Padawans. May the Force be with you all.”

    Joy rose from seat. “Trip, Keytar, I look forward to seeing all of you grow together. Remember your own training and to follow the principles of our order. Mind what you have learned and work together.”

    “Thank you masters.” Trip replied. He turned to Keytar, “I guess it’s time to tell the girls.”

    Trip and Keytar left the Council chamber and found Amera and Brea standing at a window watching the sun setting over Coruscant. “It’s a pretty good view.” Trip said from behind them.

    “I love how the lights from the speeders and ships spark the sky. This place never sleeps. There’s so much life here.” Amera replied. “If you really concentrate on the Force, it’s all pretty overwhelming.”

    “I love Coruscant. All the people, places, and movement. It’s like there’s no past here, just everyone in their present and speeding into their futures.” Brea added.

    “The history of this planet is a long and scarred one Brea.” Trip paused for a moment as a million thoughts rushed through his head. “How would you two like to enjoy the view from here permanently and learn to control how you feel the Force?”

    “Have we been accepted by the council Master Vrand?” Amera asked with excitement in her voice.

    “Absolutely, congratulations to both of you.”

    Amera turned to Brea and they embraced. At the same time the long-time friends said together, “We did it."
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    Super! Keytar will be great for Brea, and Trip for Amera. I too sense her genuineness and that she has matured through her grief and hardships instead of being twisted by them. [face_thinking] I love your introspections about Darius and Joy and their relationship to one another. :cool:
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    You write great, well reflected relationships with unique characters. I enjoy myself here! :D
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    Great master padawan pairings
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    Nice update! :) I love the way you paired Trip and Keytar to teach Amera and Brea. I look forward to seeing how they all interact as Masters and Padawans! :D