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Star Wars Dark Reach: Episode I - An Order Remade

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Lady Belligerent , Jul 1, 2019.

  1. darthbernael

    darthbernael Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 15, 2019
    IC: Renn and Serapis
    Aboard the Hapan ship

    “Plan, hmmm sure….” Renn began just before a tide of terrified Hapans burst forth from the bridge. His sabers ignited again but he had little to do as many of them streamed past, having already seen what he and Serapis had done to their companions. The true danger began a few moments later when a more strategic minded Hapan flew through the hatch Serapis had entered the corridor from.

    In a couple seconds, they’d been flung into a side room, and that Hapan had darted for the ceiling. However their darting attack wasn’t the worst that needed to be dealt with at the moment, as two grenades were flying toward the two of them, even as blaster bolts rained down. Just as they detonated Renn saw what they were and knew this had to be the Captain as he’d planned ahead, one for each of them.

    A broad smile crossed his face, “Think a tree hasn’t practiced for centuries to avoid fire?” he taunted as he reached out, en-globing the explosion, even as it happened, with a sphere of Force energy. Even as bolts seared his bark, some cauterizing wounds he’d already received, some biting deeper into his ‘flesh’, he whipped the sphere around and sent it directly at the Captain now dangling from the ceiling, then broke open the sphere, leaving a hemisphere of energy underneath, so it directed all the power toward the Captain.

    His head tilted for a moment, “Tin Man, did we invited someone else to the party? Because there’s something big coming, something pissed off.” He reached out with his senses, tasting the emotions and how they seemed directed. “Oh wait, they’re not all that mad with us, or some of us, odd that, but rather at that idiot up there.” he finished with a limb pointed directly at the Captain, firing a recovered blaster back at the Hapan as he spoke.

    Sometimes these battles can be dizzying. Serapis had just been walking toward the final battle with a relatively intact ship when the captain decided to shred the last of it. Now he and Renn were separated (again) from Bo. No telling how he was doing in his current situation.

    In his reverie, though, Serapis just barely noticed the grenade landing nearby him. This lack of Force presence was really getting annoying. He barely had enough time to dive into a corner when it exploded. "Aaagghhhh! An ion grenade! Renn, my leg is failing to respond!" He was going to be a hindrance if he couldn't get his leg rebooted. He had the droid send a signal to his leg to try to get it responding again. Ion grenades had a habit of frying circuits, though.

    Meanwhile, he still had the rifle he'd liberated from the Hapan guards, though. He avoided the bolts the Captain was sending at him, barely, and shot his own volley in his direction.

    Then he realized what the tree was telling him. "Who? Who's coming?"

    The Captain triggered his personal shield for long enough for the fireball to vanish, and then switched it off to conserve batteries, though a bolt splashed on his shoulder armour. With a hiss, he triggered his boots and rushed at the floor, inverting his weight so he landed on his boots and pointing at them, he kicked his foot up and triggered the boot - sending a corpse hurling at Renn and Serapis; aflame, of course.

    He shifted his aim to target their heads, over the flying makeshift weapon, teeth bared.

    Tarsul knew how to fight; he'd helped suppress the rebellion in the Rifle Worlds many a time.

    He had no ability to sense the gnashing, angry, madness of his Queen Mother.

    Renn was moving as the Captain blocked the explosion then dropped to the floor. He heard the question from Serapis, laying on the floor, leg apparently nonfunctional, “Ask braindead there,” as he fired off a slew of bolts at the Captain, “whoever it is seems very very mad, at him, at the destruction, at this whole situation in general.”

    He ducked to avoid the bolt coming from the Captain, but it still sizzled the bark of his shoulder. A slice of his blade and the burning corpse was split in two, not much he could do for the section that dropped toward Serapis at the moment, but at least that was one thing out of the way. Bounding forward, he shifted, density increasing as he decreased in size and the floor plating now shuddering at his every step.

    A loud thump sounded in time to him sliding, feet first toward the wall near the Captain, rebounding and leaping at the Hapan. As he sliced toward the blaster in the Captain’s hand he called out, “Who could you have pissed off that badly, ambushing us, Captain Braindead?”

    Serapis shuffled the best he could out of the way of the flaming bodies. Neither the fire nor the body itself would have any effect on him. It just blocked his shot. He took two more shots at the Captain as he got clear.

    The droid brain was working on the disabled leg. It communicated with him there were enough servos and circuits still working to enable him to stand, but no acrobatics. Then it sought permission to reactivate in that state. Ugh... droids. So ordered, the droid brain restarted what it could.

    Tarsul grinned, backing away. The Neti was shrinking; so where was the rest of him going?

    "The Queen Mother won't be happy with whats happened. She's probably on her way here with the Star Home. But when I kill you both, I'll be finished," the Hapan grinned, dancing away from the two shots.

    Ser@pis finalised the reboot and the leg reactivated, allowing him to stand.

    Tarsul fired more of his Verpine bolts with his off-hand, and used his dominant to key the controls on his arm; oxygen off, and gravity off. His visor sealed, and he trigger his rocket boosters; intending burning out the oxygen that remained as he moved up to the roof.

    He had just put a timer on the fight, at very least for Renn...

    The lack of gravity gave Renn a boost as he flew past where the Hapan had been. “See Tin Man, the idiot answered your question for you, his Mama is coming and wants all our heads.” He could feel ichor slipping from a wound one of the bolts had caused as he passed by. The air was slowly getting thicker and he giggled at the sight of bubbles of his sap floating around.

    Rebounding off the wall he shifted again, appearing now as a tentacled monstrosity from the depths of the dark side. The tentacles whirled, using the walls, floor, and ceiling as anchor and propulsion points, grabbing detritus and flinging it at the Captain as Renn flew toward him. He knew he had to take damage to close and defeat the man before the oxygen fully escaped the room.

    “Tin Man, if none of this works, the clock is ticking on me being able to breathe so you’ll need to finish this idiot and turn the air back on. But keep his body, need a present for my little craziness.” He closed the distance toward the Captain still, firing both the blasters he had and blocking as many shots as he could with the sabers he still held.

    Serapis could now stand, yet the lack of gravity made that irrelevant for most beings. Serapis turned his magboots back on and stood, favoring his partially damaged leg. He took two careful shots at the captain. "We've got to finish him, now!" A simple human surviving this long against two Sith? This whole thing was getting rediculous.

    He braced himself against the bulkhead and pushed. Aiming himself at the Captain he ran as best he could. Taking shot after shot as he ran toward him, he planned to release his maglock when he got close enough.

    The Captain hadn’t expected the droid to recover so swiftly, frowning for the first time in the fight. He just about triggered the shield, the bolts impacting on the energy, which gave way at the fourth bolt, part of it splashing across his suit, burning his skin through the pockmarks.

    But he adjusted his aim for the droids head; of course he should have prioritised the one which could survive hard vacuum. Tactical mistake, he chided himself.

    The Neti was irrelevant now there was no oxygen.

    Renn knew he was getting sluggish, with nothing left to breathe but the Captain had made a vital error, he’d switch focus to Serapis’s droid form. And Renn himself was still inbound like a squid missile.

    The closer he came to the Captain the better he felt, small streams of breathable air were escaping the suit from holes Serapis had put in it. It gave him just enough energy so that when he got within reach of the Hapan, he got his tentacles wrapped around the man, squeezing and bending him in unnatural directions. One tentacle wrapped around the arm with the ship controls and morphed into an exact replica of the Captain’s hand, in case it was needed.

    Renn had used that precious energy as he needed the oxygen back on, even as he squeezed the Captain to a pulp. The hand tapped out the commands needed and oxygen was restored, gravity as well. He fell to the deck, taking the Captain with him, or rather the now squishy suit, filled with what was left of the Captain. He gulped in large lungfuls of air, his head clearing.

    He let loose of the body and returned to his normal form. “Well Tin Man, that could have gone better. And craziness is going to be mad she didn’t get to kill him, but I’ll still give her what’s left.” he said as he reached into his kit and pulled out a bag. Balling up the pieces of the Captain, he stuffed it in the bag and attached it next to the bag of candy for Helinith.

    “Now what’s the order of priorities? Craziness is missing, Golden boy is around here somewhere, no idea where Grape is, and the pissed off Matriarch is almost here. I know the mission but my friend is more important to me than the mission, at the moment. But you’re the boss, so what do you recommend?”

    When gravity came back on, the thudding of bodies and relative peace was a relief. The main enemy was dead. A new one may be coming, though. You're right. We need to find Helinith and Bo. We also need to get control of what's left of this bucket. With Squishy dead now, that's going to be fairly easy to do. Let's go take the bridge. I think I saw where Bo went. Let's go."

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  2. Silvertough

    Silvertough Jedi Knight star 2

    Aug 19, 2018
    IC: Azeth Drost/Vyatoris
    Tipoca City

    The newly named Vyatoris sprinted down the hall, spurned on by the ever-incessant wails of the damned echoing behind him. The city was lost, that was for sure. But as for the planet? Salvageable, possibly. It was just as likely that this Order 66 had been broadcasted to the other cloning facilities as well. If that were the case..

    Vyatoris shook his head, squashing such thoughts. He, no, the Sith, would come back to Kamino. Someone would need to pay for their treachery. But not him. A smile grew on his face as his datapad chimed. 23% eh? Not bad, for such a small amount of time. It should be enough to start with.. He turned a corner, bypassing the main hall he originally took as rabid clones made their presence known. Thankfully, Tipoca City was home to a number of side passageways and tunnels, and not just single large corridors..

    Directly ahead was the door leading out to the landing pad, and through the force he could already tell he wasn't alone. Vyatoris came to a halt before the door, both to catch his breath and to prepare himself once again for battle. With a soft exhale, he pushed his consciousness outwards, viewing the pad clearly through his mind's eye.

    There were at least four or five of the clones still on the landing pad, clustered around the ship. It was almost certain that a few more were already inside.. But he wasn't completely sure. The very nature of the clones' insanity made it hard to single out individuals from any specific group. Add to that the overwhelming number still present inside Tipoca City, and he was happy just to see the few he could..

    Well, here goes I guess. Vyatoris stepped forward, instantly blanketed in torrential rain as the door swirled open. The ship itself had been moved, almost as if pushed, to the edge of the platform. Looks like the clones.. or their masters.. want to keep us here..

    His thoughts were interrupted as four clones took notice of him, immediately sprinting full force towards him. His feet slid shoulder-width apart, adopting a more steady stance as they approached. A crimson-blade ignited, and with a flurry, pointed towards them. Vyatoris was ready.

    They arrived simultaneously, each attempting to jump and force him to the ground. Their combined effort made things simpler, less variables to consider, just more mass. Vyatoris, tightened his grip on his blade, and met each with a single sweeping slice across each of their midsections. The motion completed as he fell to a single knee, ducking as three bisected forms sailed overhead, crashing into the wet durasteel of the landing pad.

    Rising, he turned just to find the fourth, for all intents and purposes uninjured, suddenly grabbing at his shoulders, in some attempt to restrain his lightsaber. Vyatrois grimaced, finding the clone's grip to be far stronger than it's lithe form would suggest. But it still wasn't enough. From his free hand, lighting suddenly erupted forth. Arcing into the chest of the Kaminoan. The sheer force broke it's hold and sent it stumbling backwards a few steps. The lightning wasn't fatal, Vyatoris knew that. His own experience in the matter was lacking..

    Was wasn't lacking however..

    Vyatoris rushed forwards, bolstered by the few seconds of confusion-masked pain apparent of the clones face. Lightsaber gripped in two hands, the Miraluka brought his blade skywards in a diagonal cross, the neck of the clone offering his lightsaber very little resistance.

    The four clones were dead, and the landing pad was secure, for the moment. A squealing of metal on metal tabled the thought, as Vyatoris looked on in surprise as the Sith's ship began tilting ever more dangerously off the side of the landing platform. "Blast!"

    His lightsaber holstered itself and he reached out with the force with both hands, in an attempt to lift the ship back onto the "safety" of the platform. The sheer weight of the vessel made him shudder, his legs beginning to tremble as the ship slowly ceased it's descent.

    Unfortunately, Vyatoris was now helpless, easy picking for whomever decided to charge from his rear. The ship itself was slowly inching it's way back to its original position, but that would take time.

    Time Vyatoris wasn't positive he had..

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  3. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Soliloquy - Combined with Sinre
    Hallway of Doom!. . .Tapico City, Kamino

    So, it wasn't Stars he had seen in her eyes. It had been oily glisten. With haste and half a head leaking black smoke trails with shots of purple fire he looked to the fin head. "Bacterial hive mind. . .infection. . .Mnngl-Mnngl." he tried to say. Grunting with the noise of broken gears and shattering chimes.

    He had done his worldly duty with that. With a gesture he raised a barrier around himself and Shimmer, and the fin head if she stood close enough. Truly, that was his last worldly duty. A delaying action.

    Into the mindscape his focus stayed as he heard out the words. The trial against him. "Cousin I never lied. I merely never told you the truth of the length and battle you would face! You died. I lost a universe. Only so you could be saved, only so I could come and guide you to fight out with the very living flesh of a deity for your substance! And when we banished that deity I could have, despite dying in the flesh that day, stayed and finished you off! Guiding the remaining to do so. I didn't because I finally had fulfilled my promised bargain with you. You prove that even now."

    He struggled for time, but did not viciously fight for anything else.

    Mnngal-Mnngal didn't need excuses now.

    Take you body, body I take.

    Mind was shredded; shredded was mind.

    A fragment was saved by the Son and Daughter; Son and Daughter brought me here... gave me bodies, but asked me to be quiet, be silent, until it was Time.

    Time is up.

    The creature pressed in harder upon Soliloquy, and Shimmer writhed, a black ichor emerging from her mouth, eyes, and ears, pooling above her head as a looming figure, leaning over him.

    Lama Su was nowhere to be seen, of course.

    His half a head languidly shook as he looked up. What a sad sad little shredding this was. His own screaming apprentice Ithorian had handled and done better, but his apprentice had had his help. Whilst Mnngl-Mnngl had been left alone with a simple method of learning, a method it had squandered. "I SEE." he simply stated, his voice deep and complex at the start and then seeming to break with children's laughter and tinkling chimes.

    "You forget, forgot. I already paid with my body. I have none to give anymore." With that the leaking smoke bled out, eroding and whispering with phantasmic echoes away the last of his head to reveal a floating holocron in it's place. "Do you now desire to be a thing again? Have I sacrificed and worked so much for you, you ungrateful cousin, that nothing is enough?" The holocron languidly turned as it kept shifting facets facing the other. "If so, then I am death and I am tired of your whining." Their voice in the last sentence took on a sharp cold and clear quality before with a quick turn spores were cast out in all directions. Spores it pushed and drove home into the bacterial cells no matter how massively combined where they would burst and grow unnaturally fast. Forming a webbing of fine filaments from the core of one bacterium to another and another and another. Cross-hatching and feeding and growing as Soliloquy stepped once more into the depth and brink of hunger, drawing on the Force to feed off of Mnngl-Mnngl until there would be nothing left.

    Mnngal-Mnngal, the God of Rot and Hunger, absorbed the bacteria released from the Holocron as if it was glorious food. The slither of a fragment of a remnant of an Old One saw the true end of hunger; to consume oneself.

    Shimmer groaned, and then blinked, perplexed. "Master?"

    The cousin surrendered itself to the void; or, at very least, this component. Koa Ne had spread it among the clones at the order of her Master, though; that much was apparent.

    The clone horde still approached, scrambling over itself.

    Flesh, flesh, flesh.

    Give unto us flesh.

    It didn't seem to understand that there was no flesh to Soliloquy, or, rather, none easily reachable...

    But Mnngal-Mnngal was enraged; it would swallow the Holocron whole, rip it apart, tear at the flesh that must surely be held within the confines of the Holocron.

    That was about as good as one could expect. Truly and really so. To talk down and get another to surrender from eating you to being allowed to be eaten by you was no small thing. Unfortunately it was not the whole but the part that had done so. Still it was something, if not a prior feat done better it was a the least of it, a feat. There was a buoy not only in the Force as he began trying to digest what he had done and what he had, but in the simple joy of accomplishment. A joy so often ignored and displaced.

    Looking down at the puddle of liquified goo, formless and lifeless, his apprentices first words were lost as it then took in the other ravenous clones descending upon them. He had pulled it off once, he doubted he could pull off a repeat performance however so many thousand times the rest would demand. With a boost towards her he simply gave two solemn commands. "Grab me. Now Run! Run Shimmer, Run!" Letting loose a lightening storm from it's free facets it did it's best to kill any clone that came too close, pondering how exactly besides a ship they were going to get themselves out of this one.

    Shimmer snapped to attention and nodded, running besides them... with the clones in hot pursuit, rabid, mad, dying, chasing, and then... the corpses standing up, animated by a black puerile matter within their skin.

    This was going about as well as could be expected for a Sith mission.

    His apprentice grabbed at Soliloquy and yanked his 'corporealness' towards a way, jumping off the bridge. "There is a way to the depths here; they split the cloning areas up by bulkheads. There is a manual override for each room, to prevent contagion."

    "So far I am not impressed." They idly looked down, over and back at the horde of murderous clones and undead coming for them. "I think this is a terrible idea. Let's do it." he simply replied. That was it, the pages of fate had let the ink dry and now they had to see what would be of it. Down and away.

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  4. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Ike
    The Bazaar of Bizarre

    To be fair, all of these events were bit of a gathering of numbers and oddities, and this particular market was just that. Keeping a relatively low profile in his fancy-dress black cloak, Ike swept through the planets stalls and places until he reached the rough area he needed to be in. Peering around at the milling crowd, he saw what had to be bodyguards and muscle for the event; unsubtle as ever. He allowed Anark to trail him, resisting the urge to add much. As ever, Insipid's apprentices, former or otherwise, were off-limits. Insipid had been very clear about that.

    But Insipid wasn't here, was he?

    Work first, pleasure later - Ike threw off his cloak, striding forward with his whip coiled. The taller of the thugs glanced at him, and the outfit, and then finally the whip, eyes blinking. As Ike closed, he resisted the urge to blink too. How big is this guy? Muscle was muscle, and Ike spread his largest grin. "The names, whatdoyaknow, Lord Chall." Ike flipped a coin to the man. It was pretty enough, though the currency wouldn't be invented for another twelve hundred years. "Sort me and my friend a good place for the slave market, would ya?"

    "I don't have time for playing, and you won't know how to handle me, big boy..." Lord Chall was an arrogant sort. "If there are any issues, you can play with him." He jerked a thumb back at Anark and strode between the two guards.

    Ike grinned. This was going to be fun.

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  5. QueenSabe7

    QueenSabe7 RPF Awards Host star 6 VIP - Game Host

    Mar 23, 2001
    Combo with Sinre

    IC: Luke Skywalker w/friends, A Voice, & Leda

    Hotel Plaza, Kuat

    Leda turned expectantly after her projectile successfully caught the man with the green blade and sent him flying. As soon as he was off his feet and shoved out of view, she set to locating the man and the woman and licked her lips as she noted their speed pick up on their way to the ground. Thirsting for revenge, she snarled as they slowed again, abruptly caught by the stranger’s hold from someplace unseen. They even had enough wits about them to return to shooting at her.

    Her blood boiled and she swatted back a few shots that made it the long distance between herself and the couple, whirling back to find the other and try once more to-

    Run, Leda! Run!

    Insipid’s voice perked her ears, as if he had leaned in to whisper the command to flee. It startled her into a dead stop and she glanced all around her for his face. Even knowing she wouldn’t find it.

    “My Lord?!” Leda exclaimed into the ensuing noise surrounding the plaza. Protection for the Kuati citizens were closing in, and the nearby presence of the senator they had originally been after was not missed despite her raging emotions. She could not sense Bernael nor Manticore anymore.

    "Run? But why?"


    A tug in the Force illuminated the direction; beneath her. Unnoticed in the fray, there was a sewer nearby, and she could take it. As if on cue, the base of the building sagged, damaged by the battle and finally having given way, and it began to fall her way, onto the plaza

    Luke had no choice but to grab at Leia and Han and draw them towards him - narrowly avoiding her deflected fire -diving into the pool and erecting a shield. The hotel was collapsing in earnest, barely evacuated, and the approaching officers turned and fled. All eyes shifted away from Leda and to simply survival.

    Leia and Han lay flat as the shield was erected, Leia squeezing the hands of both Luke and Han. The Jedi Master was strained, preparing to catch an overwhelming weight. Leia muttered. "Who are these guys?"

    "Trouble," Han said. "That's all they are."

    No answer came, and she was left with no choice but to do exactly as the disembodied voice ordered.

    Leda looked skyward as the building finally gave way, the earth seeming to bend as the structure leaned from the top to arc over the plaza and breakaway as it plummeted down on the very spot she stood. The man and his relentless companions were gone, and unless she wished her death to be a pointless one, squashed beneath the rubble of an event she started, it was time to go.

    With a wave of one hand she loosed the sewer drain cover as with the other, she extinguished her blade and ran the short distance to her only chance at safety. Chunks of duracrete rained down around her and she leapt the rest of the way to drop into the murky depths of the hole mere seconds before the hotel crashed down, a deafening explosion blocking out any other noise. Ears ringing and covered in dust and pulverized debris that followed her as she fell, only about a dozen feet later her feet smacked into a swampy wetness, sinking an inch or so into something mushy she did not want to see. And it smelled.... horrible.

    "Kriffing seriously?" Leda whined, shaking whatever liquid resided here from her hand and hastily wiping any that had splashed up onto her face. Gagging once, she bit back the bile in her throat and reignited her lightsaber, casting her surroundings in its pale yellow glow.

    What did you expect me to do? Save you from a falling building?

    There was a soft chuckle. Well that went about as well as I had hoped it would. Terrorists targeting Apollin will increase his politicos cachet, after all.

    It was definitely Insipid. He was definitely doing dead, though. Don’t worry, I’ve not anchored myself to you. I just needed to get us into position.

    But I’m grateful that I can’t smell.

    "I-" Leda shook her head, his voice still bouncing around in her thoughts as strongly as if he stood next to her. "You're dead, I saw it. And I don't understand."

    Death is just the beginning, Leda. I’ll teach you one day. Especially as you’re the only one which managed to not get driven away.

    Insipid sounded bemused. Now. What next? The mission is incomplete, but you have a sense of the Senator and your Sith colleagues; do we continue on, regroup, or find somewhere to settle down?

    The tunnel was murky, and oozing, but it was, at very least, quiet, notwithstanding that parts of the roof were seemingly bowing in. He asked her, however, because he wanted her answer; she might be exhausted or even wounded for all he knew.

    She cocked an eyebrow and sighed, trying to shrug off the rather odd sensation talking to herself in the dark gave her. Like she had a few too many screws loose. She had been knocked around quite a bit, stiff and sore but still in one piece... she hoped.

    "Continue the mission," Leda replied, resolute. Peering about in the tunnel, she pulled one boot free of the muck with an unsettling slurp-ing noise, repeating with the other to began slowly moving ahead. "The senator remains the focus, as I am sure it remains their focus." Referring to the wayward Manticore and Bernael, she had no doubt they were pursuing their quarry without her, and she'd do the same without them if need be.

    "Apollin wasn't killed, I sensed him in the plaza and am still aware of him now, somewhat. I think." Again she shook her head, finding it difficult not to vomit on the spot.

    Precisely. We Force users have the ability to reconnect with past meetings. So, we shall track Apollin to whatever safehouse he holes up in, and have a pleasant chat. I am sure the others will catch up.

    Not that it mattered tremendously to Insipid. We are in for a trek. You please me with your focus, Leda. As a reward, I shall teach you how better to hide in the Force; behind someones doubts, I can make you invisible, with Doubt Shroud.


    The question drew her up short. Leda stopped navigating the sewer and stood still, dropping her saber to her side. The Emperor himself - dead Emperor aside - offering to teach her a skill that would expand her power in the Force. In all her days she had never though such a thing would be possible for someone... like her.

    "Yes, my Lord," came her reply, as if she would respond any other way. "Very interested."

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  6. Darth_wanderguard

    Darth_wanderguard Game Host star 6 VIP - Game Host

    Apr 26, 2005

    IC: Plo Wanderguard - Bilbousa Bazaar, Nal Hutta

    The auction house was busy, but maybe a little less so than the rest of the bazaar. It was a place for high-value items, after all, and most of the goods sold in the bazaar were decidedly not that. The signage was all in Huttese, and though Plo had never been able to speak it, he was at least literate in that and a few other alien languages. “Come on,” he beckoned Syren and Bellorum, and began to push his way through the crowd to the registrations desk.

    When he got there, it was tended by a human clerk who had hopefully seen better days. The woman’s eyes were sunken, nose and cheeks beaten by weather and bumpy owing to what must have been years of alcoholism. She was bloated, swollen, and gray maybe most of all. When they walked up to the booth, she didn’t even look up.

    “Registrations desk, describe your goods,” she croaked, as if she’d said that exact line more times than she could count.

    “Two slaves. Women. Young,” Plo answered, and gave Bellorum a wink. “Also this,” he handed her a piece of flimsi with something written on it. She looked up with narrowed eyes and he shrugged.

    “Reserve?” she asked.

    “Uh, what?” He blinked, not understanding. He’d never auctioned anything.

    “Reserve!” She snapped, finally looking up, eyes bloodshot and wide.

    “I don’t know what that means, lady!” Plo shouted back.

    “Reserve is the minimum price where you would like to start the bidding,” the woman explained, now as calm as she had been at the beginning. She was, however, unfazed by his response. Or she didn’t show it, anyway.

    “Uhm, what do you think?” he turned to Syren and Bellorum.

    “Idiot, you don’t ask the slaves how much they want to be sold for,” the woman droned.

    “Why don’t you mind your goddamn business?” he turned back to the clerk and asked rhetorically.

    “Why don’t you get out of my line until you figure out how to properly be a slave owner seller?” she was raising her voice again. “Next!”

    “No, wait, uh,” he interrupted. “500 credits.”

    The woman suppressed a snicker. “Ok sir. Your auction is...” she looked at the board, “third from now. So once the current auction ends, two more and then yours. Have a nice day.” She held out a fob which, he assumed, would vibrate when it was their turn.

    “Can you believe some people?” He shook his head, wide-eyed, and brushed past the pair of them to stake out a spot for when it was their turn.

    On the other end of the building, the auctioneer could be heard doing the usual talk-fast routine as he stood on an elevated stage and took bids for an albino Pygmy Bantha. Plo wasn’t sure if he was more disturbed by the thought that it would become a pet or a meal. Rich people...

    Once the Pygmy Bantha had been sold off, followed by a set of antique beskar plates and half a dozen Rodian adolescents, it was their turn.

    “Ladies and gentlemen, now announcing auction #917. 917, please take the stage,” an amplified voice called from the side of the stage.

    “That’s us, go,” he said and gave them each a push. There was a path around to the side stage and then a short flight of stairs recessed into the platform. Once he’d ushered them on the stage the auctioneer gestured for them to move up front.

    “Ladies and gentlemen we have here two lovely female slaves, uh,” the auctioneer pulled out the same piece of flimsi from earlier and read it aloud, “described by their owner as two fine pieces of ass, especially the little blue one, personally trained in the art of pleasure... by Jarilla the Hutt,” he looked up, confused.

    Plo, who was standing behind Bellorum, took the opportunity to pull aside the hanging strip of cloth covering her otherwise naked backside. With the other hand he laid a hard slap across the supple blue goosebumped flesh, and watched it jiggle. A wolf whistle erupted from the crowd and Plo looked proud of himself.

    The auctioneer rolled his eyes. “Bidding starts at 500. Do I hear 600?”

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Lord Manticore

    He was neither awake, nor asleep, yet there was a sense of awareness. In that moment, he realized he was looking up at a dark, bleak, starless sky -and he was in an awkward position. Why was he laying down on his back? In a flash, he rose to his feet, eyes darting through a landscape he did not recognize - seeking a point of reference.

    Tall jagged rocks jutted through the broken and treeless terrain, casting long oblique shadows as far as his eyes could see. A strange and sinuous mist unspooled languidly along the ground, like midnight ink in water. There was no light source to speak of, but the similitude of refracted dusk, as if light were fleeing the encroachment of darkness.

    A bitting chill crept into his awareness then, gnawing at his skin, his flesh and his bones. He looked down at his vestments which only resembled shorn tatters. He felt pain, somewhere between sharp and dull, not here or there, yet everywhere: and ever present -but nothing seemed broken, at least not that he could see.

    “Finally, you wake.”

    Manticore turns suddenly. What initial displeasure he felt, now grew in intensity. The black robes, the shadowed hood, that voice.

    “I killed you.” He rasped with unbridled vehemence, taking several menacing steps towards the cloaked figure. “And I shall kill you again.” He declared with murderous determination, his body tensing.

    “Oh, I’m sure that was your intent, when you asked if you would run into ‘yourself’.”

    Manticore’s eyes narrowed dangerously, but he offered no rebuttal.

    “If you found your other ‘self’, that would in turn lead you to me, and then you could kill me ‘all over again’- or so you thought.” The robed figure stated with confidence.

    “But you never did like my history lessons much, did you? *Sigh* you should have paid more attention.”

    “I should just kill you again right now!” The zabrak Sith Lord growled-and with a motion quicker than the eye could follow, he reached for the cloaked figure's throat and squeezed, only to have his hand pass clean through the phantasmal apparition.

    “Don’t be so surprised. I’m already dead.” The cloaked figure said with an amused chuckle.

    “You’ll have to wait your turn. I don’t think your ‘grey’ friends are so powerful, that they can reach you all the way out here.”

    There’s a pause and a low growl from the zabrak.

    “What do you want?”

    “What else? Revenge, of course.”

    “You’re planning to haunt me. Here?”

    A strange and eerie laugh issues forth from the phantasm.

    “Not a bad suggestion, but no, that would be too easy.”

    Manticore cannot see him smile, but he can ‘feel’ the evil grin aimed in his direction.

    “You see, in this timeline, you will be weak and she will never have eyes for you; the two of you will never meet. Why you ask? Because you never get to meet me.”

    The zabrak was silent. He was too well aware of the schemes and mind-games Anguish played and he knew better than to participate in them.

    Snoke must have really done a number on you. Either way, the reason you don’t get to kill me again- is because of Skywalker.”

    Even before he can stop himself from reacting, his brows rise in surprise.

    “Yes. He kills us all. You are never forged into a weapon by me or anyone, you remain weak. I never send you on ‘that’ mission. Don’t you see? He has robbed you of ‘your’ revenge. You must destroy Skywalker.”

    Was Anguish speaking truth, lies, or half-truths? One could never be certain, as the nagai represented everything that Manticore despised.

    “No. When I kill him, I'll do so for myself.”

    “Oh? He killed your god-Emperor. What can you hope to do alone?”

    “I grow tired of this conversation.”

    “You’ve been betrayed time and time again.What will you do different this time? Leda has probably been slain, or worse, has been captured and believes ‘you’ have abandoned her to her fate. Bernael has probably gone into a gluttonous hibernation, and your Sith Emperor is no more. Your precious First Sith Order was finished before it ever began. No - you are alone and have need of my knowledge. My power. There is no holocron. No Insipid. There is only ME.”

    Manticore’s pointed objection was simple. He opened his mouth and ejected a terrifying cone of Stygian Fire straight from the hate-filled core of his soul. He could scarcely hear the shrieking wail of the disintegrating phantasm as it was utterly consumed.

    Nothing was left- only silence and the witness of blind rocks and elongated shadows.

    “Begone foul spirit. I walk my own path.”

    “Through Passion, I gain Strength. Through Strength, I gain Power. Through Power, I gain Victory. Through Victory, my chains are broken. The Force shall Free Me.”

    That exertion of power, however, had taken more out of him than anticipated. So he opted to sit for a moment, then recline, and soon enough, his eyes became heavy, and before he knew it, he was once again in the embrace of oblivion.

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: The Ghost of a Dark Lord
    Depths, sewers, Kuat

    In the hours which followed, Insipid taught Leda how to use Doubt Shroud. The principle was simple enough; once you placed doubt in your opponents mind, you could use it to conceal yourself, and hide to the point of invisibility. It was tricky, and would require practice, but it was effective even against Force users. In most circumstances, a simple Force Blur would enable you to pass unnoticed, but such blurs could be tracked by someone particularly adept at analysis.

    In short order, they ended beneath a concentration of life that was shaped like a squat, flat, building. Safehouse, Insipid mused. He nodded to himself, though she could only sense the nod, and of course not see it. A particular dot came across as Apollin-esque, and Insipid noted it was in the center of a wide space screened at various corners by New Republic guards; as a spectre he was able to peak and be unnoticed, and the slight bond between the two of them enabled Insipid to convey what he could 'see'.

    It was difficult though, and Insipid ended up withdrawing to the sewer depths.

    Insipid allowed himself to become somewhat corporeal, a red-lined spirit. "Lady Leda, do you trust me? Do you want to, I should say?"

    It was a very pointed question.

    But this was going to be difficult, at best.


    "I've found a survivor!" The serviceman called out, his sensor having sniffed out the heat signature of what was possibly a Zabrak, from the physiology. Whatever had possessed the Kuati ship in orbit to open fire on its own people, the man didn't know, nor did he care; it was madness of the higher order and the higher ups welcomed a New Republic occupation in response to it.

    X-wings and A-wings led rescue ships back and forth, and troops had been sent to the capital building of Kuat City, but the government deserved it, at the end of the day. Terrorists or not, their response had been horribly disproportionate, and everyone thought it was simply a ploy by Kuat of Kuat, the leader of the world, to encourage the citizenry to hate the New Republic. Others thought that the terrorists had been NRI officers, trying to stir up anti-Kuati sentiment.

    Again, this man didn't care, he simply drew a spade from his waist, which expanded outward as he triggered it. It worked with him to unearth the collapsed building, as loader-droids and a medical van rolled up. In short order, they exposed Darth Manticore.

    Another Elsewhere

    Conversely, sensors didn't pick up the sleeping Bernael, who had gone into a kind of Anzati coma. In his dreams, a cloaked man chatted with Darth Insipid, and Darth Insipid chatted with someone he called Samhain, who claimed to be true name of Sekot. Whatever that was. It was jumbled, at best, because the next moment Bernael saw himself talking to Insipid when he was younger, in a different body to the one Bernael knew, which was apparently a form similar to that of the Son of Mortis. There was a story there, but who knew.

    Ah, there it was, a colossal fight between Insipid-as-the-Son, power of incredible heights, fighting a black-silhouette above a shapeless continent, which bent and bowed as they crashed into and through it, a Tower standing above a Well, the silhouette acquiring tattoos, then turning anew into something else; Insipid threw all his power into the figure and it ripped open, spilling out all manner of Sith - he recognized some of them from the feast; Manticore among them.

    Then he awoke to someone screaming, him in an alley bridged by two fallen buildings, balanced precariously on each other; it was a child, who had discovered a monster asleep in the shadows. There were noises, of rushing individuals coming to find the source of the scream.

    TAG: @QueenSabe7 (combo), @darthbernael, @greyjedi125
    IC: Styx
    Kamino Coup; On-Going

    smiled, and bowed to her apprentice, basking in his praise. They leaped, falling into the depths and fetching up upon a hastily inflated buoy-island. The Prime Ministers retinue was already gathering to evacuate the City; aiwha were evident as were transports. As Lama Su climbed aboard, he gestured for Cocytus and Styx to catch up. Taun We was already present, eyes rapidly blinking.

    "Prime Minister; my Lord - whatever Koa Ne has done can be reversed, I am sure; there is no need to sink the entire City."

    "Those are my orders, Taun; do not interfere." All manner of Kaminoan paused, waiting for confirmation that the Prime Minister's orders were indeed to go ahead; Taun We had influence as one of the premiere cloners on-world. Indeed she had earned the title Clonemaster and that carried weight.

    It was the kind of argument which Sith need not abide, and the rain lashed at them, as it always did.

    An explosion above their heads, off to the right at the landing platforms would catch their eye, however - it was not above them directly, but nobody could fail to notice.

    The window where they had escaped was, just as suddenly, plugged by a mass of clone-creatures trying to escape at the same time, baying for blood.

    Styx looked back and forth. "My Lord, we need to act before the situation is brought under control; chaos is our aide, for now."

    Docking Bay

    Vytorias had the ship in his mental hand, that he did, the exertion bringing the ship back from the edge. They were suspended some height above the water, and the ship was at least partially active already. The droid that was Trayus peered out a viewport, clearly responsible for the same. The ships weapons cycled, not a moment after a gargling noise came behind the Miraluka - the clones had caught up -

    The guns blasted, blowing apart them before they could attack him -

    The platform dipped, Trayus had shot clean through it to the support -

    The ship fell, tugging Vytorias with him, even before he could think of releasing his Force grip -

    He was at the very edge of the dipping platform -

    The ships ramp popped open -

    His choice was exposed; behind him, a baying horde of creature-clones, standing in the entrance howling at the escape of their pray - beside them was an exposed and open grate, clearly showing where Kronos and Esmerelda had made their entry -

    Or he could go over the teetering edge, aim for the ramp, hope he didn't miss and hit the water, hope the ship pulled up before it crashed, hope hope hope -

    What a choice, eh?

    Edge of the Depths

    "A terrible idea?" Shimmer dumbly repeated, before laughing. "It really does," she said, amused. "Master, I do not believe we have time for your wit." Shimmer guided them down a flight of steps, and slapped a door shut behind them. It wasn't sealed, and the horde slammed into it in a squeal of cries and groans and pain. The next door however was sealed, and she locked it behind them.

    But there was somebody here.

    Shimmer was looking at herself.

    Esmerelda looked back. "Who the frak is this?" Esme lifted her blaster, Shimmer raised a hand to ward off the bolt and rip the weapon from her hand, but a second weapon was already in Esme's hand and Shimmer was completely out of position -

    TAG: @Darth Cocytus, @Mitth_Fisto, @Silvertough
    IC: Queen Mother Ni'Korish

    Arriving aboard the Star Home, Hapes Cluster edge

    What remained of the crew of the Song of War fled, leaping into escape pods and so forth. However, there were a dozen surviving bridge crewmembers, and a variety of gunners and so forth still aboard that couldn't break free around paths which had been blocked off by the fire the Dragon had sustained; but the lower half of the ship was completely empty, including engineering.

    In very short order, Bo, Serapis and Renn had cleared the ship of resistance, which essentially ended with the death of Captain Tarsul.

    Helinith was nowhere to be found; a lot of escape pod.

    But regardless of where they chose to end up - on the bridge, or wherever, the internal comms were overridden by the sound of a vicious and female voice, timed to the arrival of a massive ship, or maybe it was a battle station.

    Perhaps Palace would be most appropriate.


    It was the Star Home, the largest vessel in the Hapan collection the personal fortress of the Queen Mother. 2,500 meters in radius, armed with enough weapons to give an Imperial Star Destroyer pause, and stocked with sixty fighter craft and a hundred soldiers, if only to balance out the retinue of the undisputed ruler of Hapes.


    Not quite undisputed, but nonetheless, she now spoke to those three.

    "Sith who have taken my flagship, I speak as the Queen Mother Ni'Korish, as the Ruler of all Hapes; I hope Captain Tarsul dead, and if not, I shall have to deal with him myself. Surrender, before I blow your commandeered Dragon out of the sky... the surviving crew are all traitors anyway." She sniffed.

    It was voice-only. She knew not to communicate by face, as they could use those pesky Force powers in her.

    "You have five minutes to decide among yourselves your fate."

    The line cut.

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    Apr 15, 2019
    OOC An, hmmm, informative combo with our devious GM

    IC Bernael
    Healing Sleep

    As Bernael lay, to all appearances dead or in a coma, changes could be seen as his body rippled. His ear slowly regrew, muscles and bone under the skin rippled and returned to their places. Bruises faded and blood dried up or crusted then fell from his skin. Burns returned to normal coloration. The only way to tell he yet lived, externally, was the rise and fall of his chest one per every ten minutes.

    Internally, however, was another story. In his mind many things were flying through at once. He'd compartmentalized his mind while dealing with the three versions of Insipid’s memories that he’d absorbed. At the same time, there was a fourth compartment, one that had been nagging his mind since coming to this time but he’d, until now, been less than willing to recognize.

    His mind opened to the nagging, knowing what it was. “You are Bernael yet not the Bernael of this time and place. How and why have you come?”

    Bernael’s spirit form chuckled. “Boss, I know you encompass the multiverse, so I know you know that already. I had no choice, the universe I inhabited, we lost, the balance was riven, and the old Gods returned, devouring all.”

    There was a pause and the voice spoke, “You, we failed in that universe, in that timeline? Do you know the specifics? I, as I am, can only observe this one. Each iteration of myself is tasked with the timeline it inhabits. That one of you from another could breach this one does not bode well for what else could breach and cause the destruction you fled, before we are prepared to stop it.”

    The voice returned, “Agent, now I must decide how to utilize you best. Your younger self has removed himself from the board for a time, but will return. You are caught up in events that are already fragmenting the overall group you are a part of, not to mention having spread the small group you are with across the city you are in. And I must know what happened in your timeline to bring about the end so that it may be stopped here. We must discuss and decide…..”

    As the voice finished a vision appeared.

    *Ah, there it was, a colossal fight between Insipid-as-the-Son, power of incredible heights, fighting a black-silhouette above a shapeless continent, which bent and bowed as they crashed into and through it, a Tower standing above a Well, the silhouette acquiring tattoos, then turning anew into something else; Insipid threw all his power into the figure and it ripped open, spilling out all manner of Sith - he recognized some of them from the feast; Manticore among them.*

    “I know that shape,” the voice stated, “and know that place, this must be the end you meant, of your timeline, your universe. We must keep the Keys separated.”

    The compartment faded as the discussion moved to another plane.

    Focus shifted and Bernael’s form observed the unknown Insipid’s memories. “Something of a ‘God’ has touched this set, I must continue to observe it and work to understand it better so that the mistakes that led to the end of my time do not occur here. Hmmm, Samhain, Sekot, I must remember and research those names, they are familiar but something nags about them.”

    The third compartment revealed itself, the ‘Greater Insipid’, his master for a time in this timeline. He saw a form conversing with this Insipid, one that had been described to him before. Someone who, mostly, had worked as he did but for other reasons that often set them at cross purposes.

    As he watched, Insipid discussed matters with a trio of holograms; one, Senator Apollin, another, what could only be a Hapan monarch, the other, some kind of Kaminoan in the attire of a politician. He seemed to have instructions for them each, and he held out a datapad, and the Senator huffed; the Hapan laughed, and the Kaminoan simply blinked. Kuat, Hapes and Kamino? Each forewarned? Forearmed?

    The shadow that was Bernael observing simply watched, this Insipid was not exactly as the old Insipid he’d known but close enough he knew not to always take things, even visions, at face value. Even still, should the vision be entirely honest he was not surprised, he knew Insipid tended to have multiple plans going at once that would allow him to achieve his goals. Bernael knew what his own goals were and as long as he could survive to carry them forward, keep the balance intact, dealings and double dealings meant little to him. After all he’d done so himself many times in the past.

    The final compartment in his reflections opened and before a table covered in scrolls, books, maps of the galaxy, sat Bernael and his old friend, the ‘Lesser Insipid’.

    As he watched, the Sceptre of Sistros was handed over to Insipid, the cloaked man gesturing back to a pair of other staffs; one, angular, leering, the other, white, circular. In times gone by one belonged to Ragnos, another to Ahsoka Tano the White. "I am but a humble collector, but something tells me that you need this to start to set things right."

    Bernael let the vision in this compartment play out, as with the last he felt he knew of the cloaked figure and the actions taken by that figure only confirmed what he’d been ‘told’ of that being. He waited out the vision before he spoke to his old Master.

    “We failed, in our time, old friend. We must not fail with this group, Lord. I have seen the battle at the End Times and it must not happen again.”

    His body finally healed, and the memories having been mostly sorted, he began coming out of the almost coma he’d been in. And then the most innocent creature had slipped by his senses, a child of all things, and his eyes flew open behind the mask to the sight and sound of the child screaming. It had found him and he was sure the sight had terrified the child.

    Reaching out he quieted the child’s mind, but he had already heard the sounds of footsteps pounding toward his resting place. Vanishing from sight he made his way as quietly as he could through the rubble, away from the sounds of approaching Kuati citizens. He had to find Leda or Manticore, or both. They needed to regroup. He reached out his senses and unsurprisingly he felt the essence of Lord Insipid. Beginning to move through the rubble of the city he began tracking the trail, sure he’d find one or the other of his compatriots when he arrived.

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Soliloquy
    Edge of the Depths

    "A terrible idea?" Shimmer dumbly repeated, before laughing. "It really does," she said, amused. "Master, I do not believe we have time for your wit." Shimmer guided them down a flight of steps, and slapped a door shut behind them. It wasn't sealed, and the horde slammed into it in a squeal of cries and groans and pain. The next door however was sealed, and she locked it behind them.

    "Always time, even when dead there will be time." he simply replied as they found themselves in a new room, hastily so, which was why it took a moment as the two women looked at each other for him to note that one was not a clone of the two.

    Esmerelda looked back. "Who the frak is this?" Esme lifted her blaster, Shimmer raised a hand to ward off the bolt and rip the weapon from her hand, but a second weapon was already in Esme's hand and Shimmer was completely out of position -

    Youngling mistake. With a shudder black smoke sprang into being in the shape of his body that he had used on this mission so far. At the same a protective barrier was raised over Shimmer. "Esmerelda! Is that anyway to greet your purified granddaughter? Esme, Shimmer. Shimmer, genetic mother. NOW that that is out of the way. Where is Kronos? We need to get out of here." Not to mention record the poor man's reaction to the pair. Granted the taking of an apprentice in Shimmer was more a lark than anything as he knew she was genetically accelerated to die rather spectacularly in less than a blink of an eye in the span of things.

    Only sometimes those blinks, those star bursts of a life individuals could sometimes do the most amazing and worthwhile things. That and if he truly ever did come to like her he planned to transpose her mind to a new body before too much age had taken her, or not at all.

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    Apr 15, 2019
    OOC Combo with @DarthIshyZ and @Sinrebirth as the Hapan Matriarch, hope @darthhelinith thinks I did her justice

    IC Serapis, Renn, Bo
    Mostly Destroyed Battle Dragon

    As soon as the Queen Mother announced herself, Serapis stopped walking and put his head down. "The very person Helinith was supposed to contact. Damn. We need to find her."

    Then he looked at his companion. "Unless...," he paused, "nah. Never mind. We need to find Helinith."

    Renn had heard the ultimatum, knew the mission, but his little friend was AWOL at the moment, no idea where she was and that disturbed him. But the mission had to proceed.

    He looked back at Serapis, grinned broadly, then spun. His form writhed and shrank as he did, and when he finished, “Never mind what….Master??” ‘Helinith’ asked.

    Serapis did a double-take at "Helinith." "Well... that's about it," he stated. This was disturbing on some level. He was thankful this changeling couldn't make an exact duplicate of anyone. There was something off about his mimicry, both in person and in voice. It should do, though. "I suppose we should find Bo and and a ship-to-ship comlink." He started to walk again, then stopped again and watched as Renn walked past. Astounding.

    ‘Helinith’ skipped ahead of Serapis, “Got an idea there, my shiny Master, follow my lead?” she said with a big grin. Reaching the door to the bridge, she paused, ensuring the sabers were sheathed and she only had a blaster in her hand, seeming to collect herself before pressing the activation stud. As the door opened she strode into the bridge as if she owned the place.

    Seeing the remaining bridge crew shrink from her as she entered, she looked around, spotted the only officer she could find, and shot him in the knee. As he fell to the floor, screaming in agony and clutching his knee she walked over to the crewman by what appeared to be an engineering console. “Power the engines enough that we drift toward that thing.” she said, using the blaster to point toward the image of the Hapan Matriarch’s ship.

    She moved away as the terrified Hapan did as she ordered. “Quiet now, or I’ll shoot the other knee.” she chided the writhing officer. Moving to what appeared to be a command console she confronted the crewman there. “Set the self destruct to, ohhhhh, 3 minutes, silent countdown.”

    “Ma’am,” the Hapan said, shrinking in on herself, “that needs two command keys, including the Captain’s.”

    ‘Helinith reached into the bag containing the remains of the Captain, “Oooo squishy,” she said, finally finding a key. She pulled it out, hand dripping with gore. “This one?” she asked.

    The Hapan nodded, a jerky, spastic, motion. Pointing to the officer still screaming on the deck, “He has the other one, Ma’am.”

    ‘Helinith’ danced over to the wounded officer, reached down and unceremoniously ripped the command key from around his neck. Patting him on the cheek, “Thanks, dearie.” she said before returning to the command console. Wiping the gore covered hand on the Hapan's tunic, she held out the keys.

    The Hapan took the keys from her and inserted them. As she did ‘Helinith’ turned to Serapis, “Get vacuum helmets for me and Bo, just in case, Pwweeeaassseee.” she said with a silly smile.

    As the self destruct was set, she turned to what appeared to be the comms officer, “Get the queenie on the coms, now.”

    She waited but a moment before the channel was open, pulling out a fruit roll as she waited, and popping it in her mouth. When the comms officer nodded that the channel was open, “Five minutes you say? I say you knew we were coming to negotiate and decided to double cross us and the Emperor. So, you now have, ooohhhh, two and a half minutes to decide if you want to act in good faith before we turn into a giant, pretty, firework, hopefully damaging that giant spider of yours, and earning you the undying ire of the Emperor.”

    “What do you have that I, Queen Mother of the Hapes Cluster, need or want?” She barked orders and tractor beams held the Song of War firm. The Star Home began to slow, but it’s momentum was such that it would still be close to them as and when and if they exploded.

    “I don’t need the Sith; all I have gained from this alliance is the loss of two fleets, and you have lost your empire in the Unknown Regions. Why shouldn’t I let the Jedi know of your existence, Lady Helinith?”

    ‘Helinith’ made a cutting sign to the comms officer, glad she’d left the visuals out of the call. “Hey fast thinker, any ideas, running out of time.” she said to Serapis.

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    Darth Cocytus

    Darth Cocytus watched idly as the Prime Minister and Taun We briefly argued about sinking the city as the rain lashed at them without discrimination. He smiled thinly has Lama Su quickly shut down the other kaminoan’s protests, almost surprised that the Prime Minister was basically already under his influence, or at least seemed to be. Either that or he just found the Sith Lord’s ideas to be basic common sense. However long that would last, only time could tell, Cocytus thought, although it may very well end once the situation is brought under control and the coup finally crushed. That meant that Lama Su will have to be disposed of while they still have the chance… Or when they find the chance, anyway.

    Cocytus glanced at Lady Styx urging him for action. He reached out into her mind to find what she was talking about and nodded. “Patience, my apprentice, patience.” he said quietly, “Sith act through subtlety and subterfuge. We ultimately work in the shadows, not in the light of day, unless when safe.”

    Cocytus’s attention was then caught by an explosion from up above and saw the rabid clones clogging the window from which they escaped from. A cruel smile formed upon his lips. “Although the opportunity may yet upon us very soon…” he noted very quietly to Styx, “Wouldn’t it be unfortunate if Lama Su were to fall victim to a horde of hungry,angry, and insane clones?”

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    Combo with our great GM, Sinre


    Amongst the rubble, Kuat

    At first there was only darkness and the sound of his own shallow breathing- and pain. He was uncertain as to his location, as he began to recall his last moments before losing consciousness. A continual scraping sound kept interrupting his concentration, when suddenly the obscuring structure was lifted from on-top of him, bathing him light.

    Manticore shut his eyes as he was momentarily blinded by it, then slowly opened his eye lids. The first thing he saw was a rescue worker who worked with alacrity to set him free. The zabrak Sith Lord’s survival instinct was at the fore of his consciousness. He was in a vulnerable state and in a vulnerable position, which was something he could ill-afford. Solely through instinct, he was about to reach out to the serviceman and utilize a darkside power he reserved for such situations: Darkside Healing.

    “I found a survivor!” the serviceman called out.

    Manticore simply groaned, as he aborted the use of such a dark power. His ‘rescuer’ had just alerted others, which in essence attracted unwanted attention. Sure enough, loader-droids and a medical van arrived on the scene right after.

    Well, that could work to his favor just as well,

    “w..wa..water…..” he rasped from where he lay, even as he listened to his surroundings, gauging and planning his next move- feeling out with his senses. He would allow this particular scene to continue. He just needed to force himself to be patient for a moment longer, before creating an opportunity in order to search for either Bernael or Leda.

    Debris was shifted, bodies pawed at Manticore, and lifted him out of the hole that could have been his grave, before resting him into his back. Water was pressed to his lips and a helping hand held his head up, while the droids politely requested everyone step back so it could scan the Zabrak fully.

    The buildings beside them all were not at their strongest, and the oversized lifter droids moved to brace them, inverting their flat ‘scoops’ and the clank of supports clicked into place around their squat feet. As they did, they released a swarm of bee-like droids which rushed to patch up cracks with hardening fluid or insert themselves into breaches, expanding to thrice their size with internal mechanisms.

    “Can you tell us your name?”

    The medical droids photoreceptors drifted across the Zabrak’s face and torso, performing a visible analysis in the meantime.

    “Thank you…” Manticore managed to say after taking several gulps of water. Inwardly, he hoped his performance was convincing enough. As for the inquisitive droid, he opted to ignore it for now. Certainly it could see for itself that he was too ‘damaged’ and unable to respond to such formalities. Manticore leaned back down, closed his eyes and used that moment to extend his senses as far as he could, past the helpers, past the droids, the destruction and the other wounded- all in an effort to get any ‘sense’ of Bernael or Leda. If that failed, then his options would be few indeed.

    The Force rewarded him as his strength returned; it indicated that Bernael was nearby, and Leda was further away than not. The Firefighter and droid were tending to him, but the droid would want answers soon.

    “Scans indicate no cranial damage; you should be able to respond to our enquiries.”

    Now soon, even.

    Manticore felt it, the surge of the Force rippling through him, flowing and suffusing his very being. He welcomed it greedily as his body shuddered involuntarily. His strength was returning, moreover, he’d sensed his fellow sith.


    With a groan, the zabrak rose to an upright position, but still remained upon the afforded conveyance and spoke calmly to the nagging droid. It was only performing the duty it had been programmed to do, but so were the droids who were trying to kill him several moments ago.

    Manticore flexed his fingers, then made a fist, testing his forearm, then slowly rotated his shoulder, testing what he could feel somatically.

    “You may call me Viscus.” he said simply and waited. Time was of the essence, but so was caution. The mission still needed to be salvaged and completed.

    “Greetings Viscus,” the droid said.

    “Yeah, hi,” said the Firefighter, deadpan. “You’re lucky to be alive. Lots of people aren’t. How do you feel?”

    A scream rang out, and the two of them turned towards it. It was a child’s cry. “What was that?!” the human said, panicked.

    The Force boiled with anxiety.

    Manticore simply nodded, returning their ‘greeting’. He was still determining the level of restoration he’d been granted by the Force. “I am alive, as you said.” Was his curt response.

    Then a child’s cry rang out for all to hear.

    Slowly, he turned his head towards the sound and stretched out with his senses. He did not react to the man’s mounting panic. The sound, he noted, came from the same direction as….

    “We should go investigate.” He suggested calmly. “The more sentients we rescue, the better.”

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    IC: Styx
    Kamino, chaos... and opportunity

    Koa Ne's daughter looked up. "Wouldn't it just?"

    She pressed herself mentally upon the window frame, sure that her master was testing her. Styx understood the basics of Force use; Faya Ne had helped her mother teach the clones from scavenged Jedi teachings. Pushing, she tugged down at the frame, ripping a vent and suddenly gasping out with the exertion; the window broke, and the horde boiled through, into the ocean, suddenly splashing in the sea - and already rushing for them.

    The guards opened fire immediately, the sea already filling with bodies and enough floating to the top that an unholy bridge of sorts was forming to the platform. The window opening widened, and Styx had to take to her knee, breathing. "I hope this pleases... my lord?"

    The Sidious AI laughed mentally.

    Lama Su didn't, and he backed to the rear of the platform as the clones swam or drowned each other to reach them. "See, Taun We, we have to sink the city." The guards drew a net around the Prime Minister, but Cocytus would sense clones swimming under the platform.

    Taun We blinked, nodded, but stepping close to Cocytus; she was no idiot. "You seem to be the only Kaminoan here in possession of their senses, Lord Cocytus. The Prime Minister will be liquidated for this failure..." She blinked. "If he survives."

    One of the guards was barking instructions into comlinks; sure enough, booming noises started to sound out in the City complex.

    To their left, the dance between Vytorias and TRAYUS as their ship-tip-fall drama continued, but the middling-depths Tipoca City were still occupied by Soliloquy, Shimmer and Esmerelda. The latter flashed her eyes at Soliloquy. "I don't know where Kronos is," she snapped. "He sensed something and was too distracted when the clones separating - he was complaining about headaches of some kind."

    The headache of a clone sharing the same wavelength as him, no doubt. But should that not have stopped when Soliloquy ate the enraged Kronos-clone? There was a bang, and the City shook.

    Esme wobbled, holding out a datapad. "We managed to download some encrypted files from 'Koa Ne' and 'Taun We', whoever they are. They seemed to have all the data on the cloning project that 'Dr Shadow' started; and we know that's a pseudonym for Snoke so it seemed close enough."

    "What's going on?"

    Shimmer, who had been accessing the computers when it became apparent that she wasn't going to be shot, glanced over. "There's an emergency evacuation in order; they're dropping the City to the bottom of the ocean before the clones spread. All ships are being released, everything is being sealed up, there are no life pods because all the Kaminoan's can swim... and I locked us in here because of the clones."

    To punctuate the point, the clone screams rose up, hammering away.

    Esme looked fearful. "What can we do? Where are "

    An explosion sounded, close enough to throw any equipment unhooked down to the floor.

    "Fierfek we're in trouble," Shimmer said, swearing.

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    IC: Queen Mother Ni'Korish

    Star Home, near the Song of War, edge of the Hapes Cluster

    Into the open question and the ticking down seconds, Ser@pis searched its memory banks for ideas to give to Serapis and thus Rennilinith. They didn't have many. Kesh's location was a secret, which was useful, but it was very far away from Hapes and all it would do was give Ni'Korish another target... but it may buy them some time. They were here to entreaty Ni'Korish to join the new First Sith Order, but she seemed disinclined to ever trust a Sith again. They had killed Tarsul, which had earned them some favour, but not much.

    Bo was here, of course, and he as Grand Vizier knew that Twilight Sun had once had access to all manner of things, but what would a Hapan Queen want...?

    Helinith was missing, and Takaris Yur was a captive.

    They didn't have many options, and time was running out - their own deadline was about to expire.

    The other Hapan Battle Dragons began to drift between the Song of War and the Star Home, and sensors would confirm that they were focusing their shields between the Queen Mother and them; literal defences made of their bodies.

    There was a huge spike in the Force; the anxiety of three crews with their lives on the line.

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    IC: Serviceman Brin Tal

    Kuat City, recovery efforts

    While Leda continued her mission with the guidance of Darth Insipid, the droid and firefighter with Manticore were drawn to the child's cry, as were various others; three more firefighters, a loadlifter, some half a dozen volunteers, and a New Republic solider, moving up and radioing in the updates; a medical shuttle was en route, but the converged group found a child, scared witless, unable to communicate what she had seen.

    As the shuttle drifted to the ground, they calmed the child and the medical droid turned to face Manticore, of course missing Bernael among the nearby rubble. "You seem fit to depart, sir, or assist. Are you placed to do so?"

    The medical shuttle already had a trio of minds in pain, but it was the numbed kind of a mind sedated but a body not, with a pair of medic-pilots prepared to pick up another survivor and take them into the New Republic capital ship in orbit. It was the kind of opportunity the two could not afford to take, even though there were X-wings patrolling also.

    Subterfuge was the call of the day, after their dramatic moment.

    The girl managed to mutter what she had see.


    It was only then that the possibility that the reported Acolytes of the Beyond had survived. Perhaps it had all been true, and some Kuati idiot had just overreacted...or, perhaps, as the Anzati had managed to make it...

    His mind was turning over options as he recalled that the description had been of an Anzati and a Zabrak.

    Tal found himself turning to look at 'Viscus' without intending to.

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    IC: Manticore
    Kuat City

    He slowly eased himself off the conveyance as the droid declared him fit to depart.

    “Thank you, but I will take my leave.” He informed easily as he got on his feet. He accepted the generic and nondescript robe handed to him as he calmly surveyed his surroundings. The medical droids, the firefighter, load lifters, volunteers and New Republic soldiers. There were X-Wings flying overhead instead of TIE Fighters, but they were all the same to him.

    More to the point, they were all exactly where they needed to be - he should be no different than they in that regard.

    He was pleased that the girl had been calmed and no longer caused as stir, especially if his suspicions were correct.

    He then heard her mutter a word that brought confirmation.


    Absently he wondered how a little child would even know what an Anzati looked like, but then again, they were a legendary species, which embodied many tales designed to evoke both horror and discipline.

    With steady steps he walked over to where the child was and moved so hey could be leveled with her.

    “Be brave little one. There are no such things, just tricks of the imagination, but I shall go make sure there’s nothing there, just so you feel better. Ok?”

    Manticore ruffled the child’s hair as he turned to depart, but paused for one moment as he looked over his shoulder, noticing the staring serviceman. Subtly, he called on his ability to Affect Mind before speaking -and poured his will into it.

    “Do not follow, you are best suited to aid those in need. Take the child to the shuttle and go with her.”

    With that, he turned and proceeded in the general direction the child had come from, but not directly. He knew if he could sense the ‘vampire’, he in turn would sense him. Once he met with Bernael, the two could regroup and formulate the next step in their plan, especially since he could faintly sense Leda. She was far away, but alive.

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    IC Darth Bernael
    In the rubble

    Bernael perched among the rubble, having witnessed the shuttle coming down he knew it was an opportunity, a risk worth taking at least for he and Manticore. He could feel the here and gone presence of Insipid as well as Leda’s, in the distance, but getting himself and Manticore out of the general area and closer to those two would be most beneficial.

    He continued observing as group upon group of citizens and rescue workers flooded the area, zeroing in on the cries that had come from the child. The memories of what he had witnessed in his visions continued to press upon his mind as well and made him wary, even of those he was currently working alongside. A half smile appeared behind the mask as he watched Manticore rise from the stretcher and confront the child. The conversation, only tiny fragments that he heard, made him know that the Zabrak Lord suspected heavily that he too had survived.

    He saw the three casualties loaded on the shuttle and knew, for a time that only those three and the two pilots were on board the craft. Making his way slowly, closer to Manticore he spied a location among the rubble that would allow him to return to sight but use his powers to appear as other than what he was. The only ones unaffected would be the droid and, for the most part, Lord Manticore.

    Humor, amusement, hunger, and a sense of the shuttle would be pressed against Manticore’s mental shields for a moment, seeming to come from empty air, in the rubble. A few moments later a wave of Force energy swept across the area and it seemed another medic walked around the pile behind which the thought had come. To the Zabrak, Bernael was sure, the image would waver and fade from moment to moment, revealing himself. But aside from him Bernael was certain only any droid in the area would notice that the medic was not a medic.

    He approached Manticore, a stern look on his ‘face’, “Sir, I am unsure why my colleagues allowed you to self determine that you are in a fit state. I would much prefer to run a health diagnostic, at least on the shuttle, if not at the trauma ward.” His arm swept out and gestured to the shuttle ahead.

    “I expect you to join me on the craft so that I may do so. Do not dawdle or I will ask the droid to escort you to the ship.” He began striding toward the shuttle and came upon the serviceman Tal, walking with the child. “It would perhaps be best to take the child to the recovery point being set up nearby so they may be reunited with their parents. The proximity of a parent often assists to reduce the image of trauma a child may have witnessed.” Pointing off to the distance, in a cleared area, where he knew such a site would be located, “Besides you’d get gratitude points from the parents by bringing their child back.”

    Mounting the ramp at the shuttle he turned to see whether Manticore had followed, or not, before ducking inside. The three patients were sedated, and therefore in no fit state to cry out or give warning when he boarded. Approaching the flight deck, he ducked his head inside and saw the crew, at stations, prepared to depart. Swiftly he dropped the illusion he’d used to gain access and his will swept out, blanketing the minds of the two at the controls. It was an effort, but he did have three ready meals in the back and he was sure Manticore would not object that he fed while they made their way to a less observed area so that they could regroup. Keeping his will pressed upon the two, controlling their minds, he moved to where he was just out of sight outside the craft, by the ramp, and sent a thought to Manticore, ‘Hurry Lord, we have a craft, but need to depart before the authorities become suspicious that their rescue craft has not returned with the casualties it has already given notice that it has on board. And we still must recover Leda.’

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    Mar 9, 2005
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    IC: Captain Lennox Jerod, Ami Sayul
    Location: Bilbousa Bazaar, Nal Hutta

    Jerod was continuing to push the dolly hoping that soon they would finally spot someone who could get rid of these blasted hawkbat eggs. And perhaps get rid of them before they hatched. He continued to follow Ami keeping quiet but keeping alert for any trouble. Ami knew what she was doing and he had to trust her to find the right person to sell too even if Lennox thought they were all dodgy. This place was driving him nuts, but if they were to find any shopping they had to sell this lot.

    And then they ran into their first bit of trouble. Ami had been groped by a rather nasty looking alien Ami reacting with an elbow to the snout, nice move Jerod thought, Ami definitely didn't like that.

    Unfortunately the alien didn't like it either and then tackled Ami to the ground and she couldn't get him off. Jerod’s tactical mind came into force straight away. Using the blaster could kill the alien which would cause a riot, and would stun work?. Vibroblades would be too small and again could maim or kill. And that left his batons. Time to be gentlemanly, for Ami, but an outlaw to the rest.

    He had to leave the dolly where it was, plus trying to run the alien over would be no good, the alien would be out of the way before he arrived and would just injure Ami. And he would be in Plo’s bad books for that….

    He unsheathed both his batons, giving them a quick twirl to test the weight before narrowing his eyes and roaring in an un Captainly voice “OI!. GET THE KRIFF AWAY FROM HER SCUM!

    He charged forward bringing one baton to give a hard whack to the aliens body, the second swipe aiming for the wings so he couldn't get away. “HOW DARE YOU ATTACK A WOMAN!” Lennox was having none of it.

    The alien looked up just in time to take a whack to the chest from the first baton, which nearly knocked him off of Ami by itself. He yelled and started to reel, wings fluttering preparing to escape, when the second blow struck his flight implements with a crunch. Wailing over his broken wings,he stumbled in his attempt to scurry away, tripping over Ami and sprawling for a moment, looking back over his shoulder with a terrified grimace, expecting a death blow. Ami answered with a crushing boot to the face, yelling an uncharacteristic expletive as she did so. The alien fell limp then, face down in the mud and his own blood and broken teeth.

    Jerod gave Ami an appreciative look as she finished the alien off, he then spoke to her in a quiet voice only she could hear " I commend your moves there, remind me never to get on your bad side" He did not mention it was the second time he had saved her backside.

    He faced forward again scanning around the area with his eyes, looking for any other threats. His arm where he had received the cut earlier was throbbing now but the alien had deserved that particular punishment. Lennox relaxed his stance but kept both batons at the ready.

    "Now that is the punishment you get scumbag" he growled, "You never, EVER attack a woman, especially my business partner. Because if you do, she fights back, and I get angry, and you end up on the floor"

    He looked around the market "If anyone else fancies a go, be my guest and you can end up like our friend here. However if you don't we would like to find out where is the best place to sell our wares here"

    By this time, Ami had gotten up and started to dust herself off. “Thanks,” she muttered, recognizing that there was no telling what the alien had had planned for her, had Lennox not been there to intervene.

    “TELL US YOUR WARES THEN,IDIOT,” a voice shouted from the side of the street. The crowd wasn’t huge but there were still too many lifeforms to really tell where the quip had come from.

    “Hawkbat eggs!” Ami shouted back, and the street fell silent. “Kriff,” she whispered just loudly enough for Lennox to hear.

    One could have heard a pin drop. Even the hover carts hadstopped in their tracks, and everyone seemed to be staring at Lennox and Ami.

    “I think we should leave,” Ami kept her voice low. She hesitated to move, afraid of what might happen - and her fears were proven correct as she took a cautious step back and immediately heard “GET THE EGGS!”

    All hell broke loose, and in a moment no less than half a dozen attackers were upon them with more joining in. Ami was thrown aside by one large human, landing hard on the mossy ground. They were fighting to get to the crates, with each other as much as anyone, and Ami was being trampled.

    Her ankle was smashed under a passing boot, but that pain was quickly forgotten as she absorbed a kick to the lower back. Gritting her teeth, she rolled and grabbed wildly for a leg, pulling a knife from her waistband with the other hand and stabbing blindly into the ground. The knife met its mark, piercing a boot through and through and staking it to the ground. She heard a howl of pain and wasn’t sure if the one she had stabbed in the foot was the same one who’d kicked her. As long as it wasn’t Lennox, she didn’t care.

    Oh lovely, a comedian Jerod thought as some idiot in the crowd decided they wanted to speak up. And then Ami decided she would shout out what the crates were carrying which was a mistake in Jerod's book.

    And then the street fell deathly silent, Jerod could feel in the crowd the tension building. " Bad move" he said quietly to Ami as he tightened his grip on both batons.

    Of course being on an outlaw world you did expect to get in a fight sometimes. But it was pretty far down on Jerod's list here and he was hoping the next fight would have been with the scumbags who had kidnapped his son. Guess not.

    As Ami took a step back to leave and mentioned that they should both do so someone roared at the crowd to grab the eggs. And pandemonium ensued before Jerod could agree to Ami's statement.

    Lennox narrowed his bright green eyes and snarled as attackers arrived from left right and centre, not just fighting them but fighting each other. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Ami go down but he woild have to fend off his assailants before he got to her.

    Left and right he let the batons fly connecting with heads, chests, stomachs, any weak spots he could find. His feet flew through the air as well delivering mighty kicks to whomever was stupid enough to try and attack him.

    However an assailant did manage to get through his defenses and kick him in the stomach which sent him dropping to the floor, luckily still with both batons still in his hands. He was set upon by a couple of others, getting battered and bruised again with kicks. And then one delightful soul managed to step right on his injured arm which sent pain shooting down his arm and forcing him to drop one baton.

    He saw Ami on the ground having a good old stabbing session with her knife, and more fool those trying to injure her Lennox thought. His assailants then stopped kicking him and his arm was released which Lennox decided to use to his advantage.

    Shakily retrieving the other baton, he planted his hands on the ground and swept one of legs around hopefully taking the legs out from under his assailants. His injured arm was throbbing badly and probably wasn't working properly and he felt like he had been run over but adrenaline was fueling him and with a roar he charged forward, arms and legs flying in a myriad of directions as he tried to batter his opponents into oblivion.

    Hopefully Ami would recognise his Imperial style boots and not stab him.

    Lennox was now hopefully making his way towards Ami, and he would not use his blaster unless he or Ami were in mortal danger but that moment could be soon…

    Ami was struggling to her feet as the man she stabbed fell back heavily, flailing and clutching at his ruined foot, tugging at the knife still embedded in it and howling in pain each time he did.

    Jerod had skillfully disabled no less than four of the men, Ami herself having taken care of the one, but more and more than were joining the fight now.

    “Just leave the eggs!” She grabbed Lennox’s injured arm in a moment of forgetfulness. “We have to get out of here!” She was grabbed from behind by one of the smaller attackers but managed to knock him off by driving her elbow into his stomach. He fell to the ground coughing and sputtering.

    They could probably leave with minimal injury, since it was the eggs the attackers were after. But if they really were valuable enough to cause such a fracas…

    Ami was now back up to Jerod's relief, however more were coming, and this was a fight they could not win. Even Lennox's mastery of tactics was no good now. It was simply fight...or die.

    Ami was quite a good fighter but she had already been knocked down twice, if she was knocked down again then she could be set upon by more of them, and even Jerod with his martial arts training would not save her. And his injured arm meant that he was essentially one arm down. Luckily it was his left arm not the right so he could still shoot.

    The eggs were valuable there was no doubt of that but their lives were more valuable. He would explain all to Plo later and hopefully he would still be alive to see his son and Hel return with the others. And if both the Captain of his ship and Ami died, well there would be even more hell to pay.

    "I agree, we need to go" he said glancing at Ami wincing slightly as she touched his injured arm "We are outmanned and possibly outgunned. I think this shopping trip has turned into a rather nasty one" he sheathed his batons and took out his blaster setting it to stun.

    "Forget the eggs, they may be valuable but to be honest so are our lives" he raised his right arm, his left behind him "I will clear a path, grab my hand and follow. Hold it as tight as you can, I cannot lose you here. If we get through we need to find a safe place to rest for a bit" he took a deep breath "Ready….go!"

    Lennox then fired several stun shots at the people in front of him and then kept on firing to clear a path as he strode forward hopefully with Ami following.

    And if she did find them a safe place they both needed to sit down and have a rest.

    Ami had hesitated for an instant, her judgment telling her that after the captain’s earlier advances, maybe there was somewhat of an ulterior motive to this “grab my hand” business.

    That hesitation fell by the wayside when she was run into and nearly knocked down by a very large Trandoshan who was apparently very desperate to get those eggs.

    She righted herself, grabbed Lennox’s hand as instructed, and soon enough they were barreling their way through the calamity. Ami was knocked one way and then the other multiple times but never fell and never let go. As they burst through, both her grip and her footing finally lapsed and she stumbled. She twisted as she fell, landing hard on her backside but unhurt, and breathing heavily. She climbed to her feet as the struggle for the eggs went on, and from the center of the writhing mass, avian shrieks could be heard. The eggs had hatched. The crowd quickly began to disperse as the hawkbats attacked the crowd, clawing at eyes and throats and faces.

    “Sorry about your bad luck,” she muttered, feeling rather unsympathetic to the ones in distress. She looked back to Jerod. “Let’s find somewhere to sit down?”

    Thankfully Ami had trusted Jerod after his earlier blundering attempt at flirting and held his hand as Jerod shouldered and stun blasted his way through the crowd. Luckily it was working but he was getting jostled and so was Ami judging by the fact he could feel her hand moving in his. And then they were out Jerod dropping his blaster arm to his side and breathing heavily after that mighty fight and managing to escape the ruckus.

    Out of the corner of his eye he saw Ami go down again, this time from exhaustion by the looks of it. Jerod nearly joined her but he holstered his blaster and then stood there bent nearly ninety degrees, his hands on his knees and taking deep gasping breaths of oxygen. His left arm was throbbing badly now and he needed to rest it for a bit. The buildings round here weren't exactly chic, and sitting somewhere public was bound to get them noticed. They had to find somewhere they could sit for a bit and then move on. Either try and get some shopping r perhaps to head back to the ship. Maybe there would be some news regarding Hel and Xander.

    As he looked towards the crowd watching the fight continue the hawkbats decided to come out and play, and Jerod was thinking that he was glad they had left them there, a few more minutes and they would have probably attempted to break out of the crates. And the Imperial part of his brain had one word for that as he smirked at the crowd getting mauled ...justice.

    Ami was not feeling particularly sympathetic either by the looks of it. She suggested they find a place to sit down “I quite agree” Lennox said “I haven't been involved in this many fights since my days of fighting in competitions at the Academy” he shook his head “And I think we both need a break, follow me”

    He holstered his blaster and walked quickly through the bazaar looking for anywhere that would do as a little hidey hole for now. After a couple of minutes he found one that looked a little better than the others and looked better than the one he stood on top of on Nar Shaddaa doing his “I’m King of the World” impression.

    Lennox entered looking around and not liking what he saw but it would do for now, he entered the building, entering one of the rooms and then sitting down resting his back against the wall. “Apologies about the building but unfortunately I don’t think they keep buildings maintained in places like these” he shook his head “But it will have to do for now until that crowd either disperses or decides they want to become hawk bat food. Now they know how we felt when they escaped”

    He looked her up and down quickly but it was mostly a “checking if she was OK look” before holstering his blaster and unsheathing his batons again, one on either side, just in case anyone tried to come in and want to start another fight. “I hope you are OK, you took two nasty falls there but you handled yourself well. You are quite a fighter, and I don’t think anyone would want to get on your bad side”

    “Thanks,” Ami sighed. “I’m not a fighter at all but sometimes we learn things about ourselves in a pinch. Thanks for getting us out of there.”

    She slumped against the wall, still breathing hard, but glad to be out of the fray. The building where they were sitting was small, and only three of its four walls were standing, but thankfully the open side wasn’t facing the road. It was just secluded enough to offer some respite.

    “So what do we do now?” Ami wondered aloud. “There’s still no food. And we didn’t get any more money for the eggs. We can’t go back to the ship totally empty-handed. Hey,” she peeked through a crack in the dilapidated walls and spied a large building up the road in the distance. “I think that’s the auction house that the signs have been pointing to. Worth a shot?”

    Jerod was quite happy sitting by the wall for the moment. His back was still sore from the original hawk bat attack and those cuts would need to be sorted as well as his remaining wounds on his arms. His bicep wound would just need a check over and his left arm would need a rest.

    But Ami was right, they couldn't go back to the ship with nothing at all, Plo would have their hides if they did (even though it was his fault he brought the cargo aboard in the first place). Hopefully if they did head towards the auction house, the ruckus they had escaped from would either be continuing or had died down. And they could slip away unnoticed.

    "No problem" he responded after a moment, his breathing was back to normal now although his body was aching like crazy "If you ever fancy learning some self defence techniques, the security chief ior myself could teach you, could come in handy if some scumbag decides they fancy having a go"

    He pulled himself up slowly, wincing as he rose and sheathing both batond. Lennox moved over towards where Ami was standing and peered through another crack to where the auction house stood. "In regards to the auction house I don't think we have anything to sell except ourselves. However we could buy something we can sell and get some credits to get our food shopping" he shrugged. "What have we got to lose?"

    Ami shook her head. “Nothing now.”

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    Super Combo House of Crazies - w/Darth_wanderguard, Lady Belligerent, Sinrebirth, & Snokers

    IC: Plo Wanderguard, Lady Bellorum, Ike, Anark, & Syren

    Auction House, Nal Hutta

    Syren shuffled past the class of younglings that had been sold off for some unknown destination and lead the way onto the stage, moving over enough to allow Bellorum and Plo to stand beside her. While the latter decided to make a show of things and involve the former Dawn Herald in a way that made her feel rather uncomfortable, and ill, all she decided to do was slowly pull back her hood and remove her cloak entirely. It billowed to the floor behind her.

    Resting a hand on her hip, Syren looked blankly ahead and waited to hear just how much their faces were worth to these scum. Thankfully the heavy air warmed her bare skin, though sensing the shifting emotions of the crowd she knew it wasn't strictly because of the bodies that filled the room; her stomach churned again.

    Bellorum had kept her cool, until Haretisch struck her. Humiliation wasn’t part of this bargain she decided.

    “Hello, boys,” she crooned and stepped away from her former lover and Syren. Stepping near the edge of the stage, Bellorum opened the clasp of her cloak and allowed it to fall into a puddle of shimmersilk at her feet while she made eye contact with a heavily tattooed Zabrak standing there. She slid slowly into a center split and leaned her torso forward, never breaking eye contact.

    The Dark Lady wasn’t forgetting Haretisch, she may have been staring down a Zabrak, but her focus was on the edge of her nemesis’ cloak. Bellorum was channeling flames from the deepest pits of Hell itself, and willed them to creep up his cloak.

    Ike grinned as Bell played the crowd like a fiddle, and felt a strange pang in his stomach at Syren's discomfort. Seemingly he cared about her now, after their little drunken catch-up. Rolling his eyes at himself, Ike shifted his shoulders and fell into character.

    "I'll pay £600 credits for the younger one!"

    Someone shouted back that it was a lot for both.

    "Both? £601 credits, then."

    He grinned. Oh, Bell would not like that.

    It was all too much.

    Anark’s saber hilt vibrated under his tunic as his smouldering yellow eyes moved around the place, the many voices inside all being stimulated by the proceedings, each in their own unique way. He found himself envious of the Zabrak who’d caught Bellorum’s attention. It made him want to split the tattooed fodder chucker in half.

    Anark’s role in this pretence wasn’t amusing him at all.

    Perhaps he would take his frustrations out on the being closest to him.

    Perhaps he’d bring a saver down on Ike’s head.

    On the stage, Plo was now less than pleased as Bellorum decided to get into character and have a moment with some filthy Zabrak in the audience. He didn’t know what he had expected setting this up. ‘Oh well,’ he thought. ‘What’s done is done, they might as well commit.’

    He looked over to Syren and then gestured to Bellorum. “She can’t make this sale by herself,” he noted. “Maybe... dance or something? I don’t know.”

    Absently, he began to wonder what was burning, as the scent of smoke began to cut through that of sweat and marsh and poor hygiene which permeated the bazaar.

    “600! 600 credits, do I hear 700? Only 700 credits to take home these two beautiful slaves, that’s a deal. Do I hear 700?” the auctioneer continued.

    Syren looked at Plo and rolled her eyes, taking a few steps forward and shaking her hips in a rush. She bent forward, placing her hands on her knees and squeezing her elbows together which pushed her already ample cleavage to new heights. All of this took a minute, tops, before she straightened and walked back to her spot at the back.

    "You seem to be on fire, by the way," she told him without giving him another glance.

    From the corner of her eye, Bellorum saw Syren getting into the moment, so she decided to step up her own act and reached her hand towards the Zabrak. Her intention had been to stroke his cheek, but something in his expression and in the Force made her stop and instead she pulled back and stood up. She spotted her bidder, Ike, and winked at him as she strutted towards another side of the stage, putting space between herself and the Zabrak. Something about him had spooked her.

    Crossing to now stand next to Syren, she slowly moved her head in the direction of the curious male, hoping she’d understand Bellorum’s meaning and take a closer look.

    “15,000 credits,” a voice spoke up from the front row. It was the Zabrak, who was now staring intently at Bellorum, one side of his mouth curled into a crooked smile.

    Ike gasped in mock surprise. This was going to draw some useful attention; just as Plo wanted. He turned to Anark, hissing. “Head to another part of the crowd and bid. It’s not as if Plo is going to expect us to pay up with his money.”

    With a snarl, he stepped forward, pushing aside bystanders to get closer to the prize. “20,000!”

    Anark moved through the sea of people, cursing Ike under his breath as he walked.

    “Excuse me, pardon me.”

    He stopped behind a rather regally-outfitted Abednedo and whispered in his ear, waving his hand behind the man’s back, “you wish to place a higher bid.”

    “I wish to place a higher bid,” he repeated and held an arm up to catch the auctioneer’s attention, “25000!”

    There was an audible gasp from the crowd, except for one in particular. The Zabrak in the front row scrunched his face in anger.

    “50,000 credits,” he announced. The auction house fell silent.

    “Fifty... thousand credits,” the auctioneer repeated slowly, stunned.

    Bellorum’s eye twitched at the declaration from the Zabrak. This could be bad if he didn’t back down, so she decided to create some chaos. Glancing up she saw the lighting fixtures were large glowrods that ran lengthwise radiating out from the centrally positioned stage. Thinking that would work, she stepped forward and slowly gyrated. With a seductive smile she projected her voice, “I don’t believe any of you boys can handle this.”

    She glanced upward once more and splayed her fingers instantly causing every glow rod in the room to explode, raining the bits of bulbs onto the audience.

    Appreciative of Anark one moment, sending a pulse of approval in the Force - Ike huffed, and the crowd was already cooing because of the display. Bell was taking his thunder!

    Ignoring the possibility of someone being concerned by the sudden light-show, he pulled his whip out, cracking it at the floor to create some space around him and to draw attention to him. "60,000!"

    Plo had initially offered little more than a half-scoff, half-laugh when Syren told him he was on fire, and then dismissed the assertion out of hand. Now as the lights burst and the bids spiraled out of control, he was more certain than ever that this plan would work - that they would attract the attention they needed and maybe find some kind of lead.

    The room smelled of ozone now due to the lights, otherwise he would have smelled his cloak burning before he felt it. Instead it was the faint burning sensation in his calf which tipped him off, and by the time he had turned to look, half of the garment was up in flames. He spun and shed the garment in a whirlwind of fire and curses, and cast it off the stage.

    “What the kriff was that?” he barked at Syren.

    Not able to help a laugh and a genuine smile, enjoying how much her fellow Sith were enjoying themselves, Syren offered Bellorum an enthusiastic round of applause and a whistle as the lights above them shattered and ground into glitter-dust. Infinite sparkles fell onto the crowd like a slow-moving rain, or an unknown substance being tossed around a grimy club down in the Coruscant Underworld...

    "Wasn't me," she shouted back at Plo over the growing cheers from the crowd, then pointing a finger at the half-chiss woman causing mayhem at the front of the stage. "I believe your lady wasn't in the mood to be spanked." Chuckling again, she even offered up another shimmy of her hips, absently wondering if someone had managed to dose her. She was feeling a bit... giddy, and hoped she wasn't having a much belated second wind from her recent spice binge.

    Mayhem TBC...

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    IC: Vyatoris/Azeth Drost
    Tipoca City - Landing Platform

    The ship slowed in it's descent, hanging precariously off the edge, but otherwise stable, if for the moment. A labored exhale of relief escaped from the Miraluka's lips, taking the briefest moment to readjust his stance, which had become noticeably off center during the ideal. The ever incessant rain had made the landing platform slick, it was a miracle in of itself he hadn't lost his footing and simply been pulled over with the ship..

    Vyatoris grinned wildly, an eyebrow twitching uncontrollably from exertion, as he carefully guided the ship closer to himself, and more importantly, the hard ground of the landing platform. Inch, by agonizing inch, it floated closer, each step a new milestone.

    But nothing was ever that easy, was it?

    From behind, the unmistakable wail of deranged clones, shattered his concentration, interrupted further by the sudden sounds of the ship's weapon systems spooling into action.

    Oh. So that's how it is.. The ship's guns opened up, belching forth a salvo of searing hot plasma hurtling towards the stationary Miraluka. Vyatoris stood motionless, powerless to alter his apparent fate.

    And watched dumbfounded as the bolts shredded through the clones gathering behind him, melting through into the wall beyond. ....Wha-? He turned, finally noticing Trayus peering out of one of the ship's viewports. Ah. AH! HAHA! I'm not done yet!

    Relief washed over Vyatoris, a nice momentary reprieve from the usual mixture of rain and worry. The ship now finally back over the platform, Vyatoris simply dropped it downwards, the crash drowning the sudden screeching protests of the damaged platform. He dropped one of his hands, resting it on a knee, the other still latched onto the ship through the force. His labored breathing finally calming. Boy.. That was way more difficult than it had any right to be.. Ugh, glad Ravenous wasn't here to see that..

    The landing platforms supports, damaged both from the impact of the ship dropping onto it, as well as from its guns, suddenly gave way with a resounding craaaack, tipping both ship and Miraluka towards and over the edge. Time itself seemed to slow to a crawl, as a number of options of escape suddenly presented themselves.

    Directly in front was the ship, currently toppling over the edge into the raging seas of Kamino, and via the force, dragging him along for the ride. The rear hatch had opened, presumably due to Trayus, and offered salvation via a way offworld. However, he would both have to make it both inside the ship in time, as well as somehow pull the ship out of the nosedive it was currently in.. all in time to avoid becoming a submarine.. Not the best odds..

    Behind lay the door to the cloning facility. And the clones. Who, Vyatoris noted, were all angrily clustering near the safety of the door, waiting for him to come their way. There were too many to fight through safely.. Also not the best odds..

    His boots skirted ever closer to the edge of the platform, Vyatoris spied a third, potentially safer option, an open grate, which appeared to lead back underneath the facility itself, maybe even way from the clones... Yet, that meant sending his only way offworld into the depths of the sea.. and heading back into the facility.. which was also probably destined for the sea..

    With an exasperated groan, Vyatoris made his choice. Surely there was another ship or something docked within the city, right? He released the ship from his force grip, just in time too, the heels of his boots gaining just enough traction to avoid toppling over the edge. A moment of arm flailing later, and his balance was regained. Turning, he charge forwards, flinging himself towards the grate with a force-boosted jump. Vyatoris impacted inside the grate with a sickening crunch, using the last of his strength to scramble fully inside, an unignited lightsaber in hand pointing towards the entrance, just in case any clones attempted to follow him inside..

    Moment's later, the last of the platform's supports gave way, the platform sliding down into the waves below, swallowed instantly by the raging waters of Kamino. Vyatoris' head fell backwards onto the metal of the duct, his chest rising with shaky breaths. Oh what I give for a day off..

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    IC: Soliloquy
    Tipoca City, Drowning in Regrets and Mispent Dreams

    Did you know, overloading a beings ability to emotionally respond often can have the effect of making them lock in like lasers to logic in a near emotional rage. It was fascinating and always fun to trigger. Now was definitely a blast to Esmerelda although not enough to trigger that reaction. She flashed her eyes at Soliloquy. "I don't know where Kronos is," she snapped. "He sensed something and was too distracted when the clones separating - he was complaining about headaches of some kind."

    The headache of a clone sharing the same wavelength as him, no doubt. But should that not have stopped when Soliloquy ate the enraged Kronos-clone? There was a bang, and the City shook. Well, cloners. There was little more to be said than that. Why clone one when you can do ten for better quality control? Brushing off the notion as he watched the identical women shudder step as Esme continued to share.

    Esme wobbled, holding out a datapad. "We managed to download some encrypted files from 'Koa Ne' and 'Taun We', whoever they are. They seemed to have all the data on the cloning project that 'Dr Shadow' started; and we know that's a pseudonym for Snoke so it seemed close enough."

    "What's going on?"

    Shimmer, who had been accessing the computers when it became apparent that she wasn't going to be shot, glanced over. "There's an emergency evacuation in order; they're dropping the City to the bottom of the ocean before the clones spread. All ships are being released, everything is being sealed up, there are no life pods because all the Kaminoan's can swim... and I locked us in here because of the clones."

    To punctuate the point, the clone screams rose up, hammering away.

    Esme looked fearful. "What can we do? Where are "

    An explosion sounded, close enough to throw any equipment unhooked down to the floor.

    "Fierfek we're in trouble," Shimmer said, swearing.

    "My my. You both need to learn control. We as well have the option to simply swim out. Once we do we will be exposed. So, once you can download all client information files we can all leave. I will require you both to be my eyes and spot when the clones are attacking in the water. In return I will be your protectors and your lungs, courtesy of the Vong. I had a rather long time to study them and their biotech thankfully in a past universe. Amazing what people will share with a holocron when their lives on the line and you offer the merest glimmers of hope."

    Reforming a solid body, a stuttering green mist swirling about as flashes of purple and red danced within until the mist parted to a tall stocky form that was now hollow with his holocron on a secure position about chest height behind the single panel, cognition hoods dangling from either inner shoulder position when he parted his robes to show it to them both. It would be tight, uncomfortable, and rather intimate. "When the time comes, know to dive into me and do not resist the tubes going down your throats. A good portion of my mind will be distracted by keeping you alive, so you will have to focus on the outer stimuli and alert me to danger as I swim us out of here. First, the files."


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    OOC Fun, quick combo with @greyjedi125

    IC: Manticore & Bernael
    Kuat, Forging Plan B

    Manticore saw the medic approach, yet sensed Bernael. He halted at the stern medic’s bidding, pausing for a moment, seemingly considering his words.

    “Sir, I am unsure why my colleagues allowed you to self determine that you are in a fit state. I would much prefer to run a health diagnostic, at least on the shuttle, if not at the trauma ward.”

    The medic’s image wavered and shimmered revealing the Anzati before he was once again shrouded in the guise of the medic. Manticore smirked ever so lightly, already agreeable to the ruse.

    “I expect you to join me on the craft so that I may do so. Do not dawdle or I will ask the droid to escort you to the ship.”

    “No need to call the droid. Perhaps a second examination is in order.” He heard himself say, before following the medic.

    Upon hearing Bernael’s direction to the serviceman, he agreed with a solid nod.

    “The medic knows best.” He said, reinforcing medic Bernael’s instructions and applying the same abilities as before to the serviceman. To the child, he simply said: “See, only a medic. All is well little one.” Subtly, he also reinforced that notion in her mind, then simply proceeded to board the shuttle.

    Finally onboard, he made sure that no other souls came on, swiftly closing the door behind them. Sensing Bernael’s exertions in the Force, and being of the same mind concerning the mission, he gave a simple instruction:

    “Let us depart.”

    Seeing that Manticore had joined him, Bernael dropped his illusion, sagging a fraction at having used as much Force energy as he had, while maintaining the illusion as well as the physical energy he had spent controlling the pilots minds. Turning to Manticore, “Lord, if you would, take over the control of the pilots, while we find Leda, she’s a couple miles away and it seems well hidden. It also feels like Lord Insipid is with her, and not, spirit I’d gather. I need to recharge my batteries, and then I will join you.” He gestured toward the flight deck and beyond, a general wave in the direction he'd felt Leda's presence.

    He turned away from the Zabrak Lord as he felt the engines spooling up to lift. Taking the few steps toward the sedated and incapacitated casulaties in the medbay portion, he felt his proboscises begin to stir, slipping forth from their pockets, and then through the slits in his mask. His eyes shifted to black and he leaned over the first of the three. “Too close to something you should have stayed away from, your loss my gain.” his, now, low, gravely voice whispered to the Kuati.

    At that the proboscises dove into the victims head, seeking their mind, and he began to feed.

    Manticore gave the Anzati a solid nod, conveying both his understanding of the task at hand and Bernael's need to feed. As for the Emperor being a disembodied spirit, well, he couldn’t focus on that just yet. Bernael did absorb some of Insipid’s essence, so that could be why he was able to sense these things.

    Focusing now on the pilots and taking over control for Bernael, Manticore poured his will into the task. They were to continue in the general direction Bernael had indicated, which would bring them closer to Leda. Should they resist overmuch, he would simply knock them out and take over piloting, if it came to that. They now had a second chance to complete what they'd come here to do. Not one second could afford to be squandered.

    Bernael breathed in the soul of the first casualty, even as he fed on their ‘soup’. Unlike Insipid’s mind the memories of this being filtered through him quickly, just an average, non Force sensitive. His proboscises retracted as the medical equipment began beeping a warning that the heart had ceased beating. He quickly moved on to the second and repeated the process, feeling his energy levels being restored and his reserves filling again. As with the first the Kuati’s essence was quickly subsumed and the soul joined the first in the group of lesser souls that would be used first should he need a quick boost during or after combat.

    He moved to the third and felt a much stronger boost to his energy as he realized this was an untapped talent, a minor Force sensitive that had never truly shown themselves as such or they would have been taken by some Order or another and trained. He smiled as he knew this would be one to add to the collection of souls that were kept for longer term draining, a steady, slow, feed that kept his reserves at a decent level, even with extended use. As he finished he stood, his proboscises retracting into their pouches and he stretched, satiated.

    He moved to the flight deck, and stood beside Lord Manticore. “Let us hope they don’t get suspicious and we are able to regroup, including Leda. But I very much suspect we are going to be harried at every single step and that our cover was blown before we ever set foot on this planet.”

    “It would be best if our rendezvous with Leda goes undetected.” The zabrak intoned soberly.

    He gazed intently at the two pilots, making sure they were ‘focused’ on the task at hand.

    “Once we land, I will likely need to ‘heal’ as well.”

    Manticore’s intent for the pilots was two sided. Chiefly, he needed to restore as much of his power as he possibly could. He would incapacitate both pilots, then use Darkside Healing to its fullest extent, which meant there would be no witnesses as a result. Afterwards, they could either send the shuttle away via auto-pilot to a different location, or perhaps disable the ship’s transponder and commandeer it for their own use. It was important to note that such an option had both advantages and disadvantages to be considered.

    In any event, they needed to get to their destination first.

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    OOC Hapan Combo with @DarthIshyZ and @Sinrebirth and sorry for the double post but this combo needed to go up

    Serapis heard the AIs ruminations. Yet he had ruminations of his own. Renn, as Helinith, was doing a fine job on his own. Yet the Queen Mother was having none of it.

    He looked at the Neti, trying his damnedest to keep this form. "Divisions," he said. "Divisions are what plague us all. It's what also unites us." The droid paced a few lengths. "Can we leverage that? The Sith healed their division, in the end. Our assignment was to help them heal theirs. No?"

    'Henilith' looked thoughtful for a moment then frowned, pulled out her blaster again, and silenced the moaning and writhing wounded officer. "Can't think with all that caterwauling."

    "Ahhh, silence, better. Hmmm, healing divisions. Well can't heal the one between the sexes so it will have to be between the Matriarch and daughter." 'She' looked at Serapis, "Captain Idiot obviously had very detailed dossiers about each of us so I'm sure he knew why we'd come so changing that may work."

    'She' turned back to the comms officer and gestured to reopen the channel, "You know us well it seems. Well, it's mutual. Such as, we know there's no peace in the Palace, and I'm sure we can remedy that."

    The Queen Mother paused. "My daughter Ta'a seeks my throne as her birthright; she is not my only heir, but she is the most capable of my daughters. Secciah is merely an irritant, though I do wish Ta'a had a daughter, and not just sons..."

    The Hapan chain of succession was matrilineal; it flowed via the women of the family. Ta'a only had two sons, and Secciah had a daughter. If Ta'a was to be disinherited, Secciah's claim was already a strong one... and it was in Ni'Korish's power to choose Secciah to follow her.

    "Can your 'Force' influence the birth of a child, then?" The woman seemed to be curious. "Change its gender?"

    Time was ticking down, and her shield of Hapan Battle Dragons was complete; she would be unharmed by a self-destruct.

    'Helinith' growled, very low, in frustration as she saw the Battle Dragons form their shield. But then a smile came over her face. The nearest Hapans took that exact moment, at seeing her smile, to flee. She was glad that she too was only using a voice channel.

    She looked over to Serapis with a look that said Follow my lead, back me up, hope she buys this before responding. "Yes it can, Matriarch. Your heir needs a daughter doesn't she?" she added so the ruler knew they had come knowing as much as they could about the current Hapan situation.

    Looking back to Serapis, she nodded, as if to say Now, need that backup, now, Master.

    Serapis caught the hint and went with it. He did attempt to change his voice to sound more feminine - a BX-series droid ability.

    He stated: "It is a matter of record that the Force can be used for many purposes that can be seen as medical 'miracles.' Darth Plagueis the Wise was one of the main researchers in that area. A Sith, in affiliation. He used the Force to manipulate Midichlorians into, among other things, bring a patient back to life multiple times and to impregnate a woman with a child that would become Anakin Skywalker or Darth Vader. Also a Sith. This type of research is not available through the Jedi."

    The Queen Mother cooed. "Excellent. You shall present yourself to me, and I shall accept you as guests so we may negotiate a new treaty with the Sith Order."

    The Hapan Battle Dragons targeted their replete weapons at the Song of War.

    ‘Helinith’ grinned widely at the response from the Matriarch. “We will join you shortly, Matriarch, first we must find an undamaged shuttle on this rattling bucket of a ship.” ‘She’ cut the connection once more then sighed.

    Looking to the Hapan at the self destruct controls, “As long as those weapons stay fixed upon us, we will do it this way. Since it’s a self contained system there’s no way they can override it so pause it at one second, and give me the control keys.” The Hapan did as commanded then stood next to her. “Now scoot, all of you, out of here, before I decide to have some target practice.” she said while tapping the blaster against her thigh.

    After they left ‘she’ turned to Serapis “Looks like it’s you and I at the moment, the Golden Boy better get back soon and Craziness, starting to get really worried. But we need to get over there, to get anything done, so I guess we need to find that shuttle now.”

    Serapis went to one of the working terminals. There wasn't much left on this floating slagheap. He finally found something. "Helin...," he corrected himself, "Renn, I found three Miy'til starfighters in a nearby hangar. I'm locking them down with a sixteen digit key code. Yet, gods know if we'll be able to find either of our companions in time." Finishing up his encryption, he turned and started out of the bridge. "This way. Hurry!"

    Renn heard Serapis call out and grinned broadly. He knew the remaining bridge crew was confused and scared now and grew even more so as the short, grinning woman morphed, even as the grin remained, into a large, humanoid, tree. "I'm coming, just need to leave one last present as we leave."

    Lifting his blaster he shot the com console, disabling comms, before typing commands, closing whatever bidge shutters remained, then strode quickly to the bridge exit. As he stepped through the door he turned, "Sorry kiddies, you know too much." he said as he grabbed a couple of Sith Poison grenades from his belt, tossing them to opposite sides of the bridge.

    "Enjoy your madness!" he called out as he stepped trough the door, the grenades already hissing, releasing their deadly cargoes. As the door cycled shut behind him he shot out the controls, stranding the remaining bridge crew among the clouds of gas, as they slowly went mad. His long strides allowed him to catch up to Serapis quickly. "So play it the same way when we get there?" he asked as they made their way to the hangar.

    A short time later, Serapis arrived at the hangar. The three fighters were right where he'd expected them to be. They were loaded with R3 astromech droids. Two of them had pilots pecking hopelessly at their padds to get in. One yelled to his companion a query if his code was working. Rather than explaining to him why it wouldn't work, Serapis simply shot him, took his padd and started entering the correct code.

    "Renn, let me know when you're ready for the code." The cockpit opened, Serapis climbed up and jumped in. With as little time as they had, an abbreviated start-up sequence was called for.

    Renn was only a few short steps behind Serapis when they entered the hangar. He saw the fighters the other Sith had mentioned, and the pilots frantically attempting to input their codes to escape the slowly disintegrating ship.

    As quietly as a 3 meter tree can walk Renn walked up to one of the ships and tapped the pilot on their opposite shoulder. Their head whipped that direction then toward Renn. A greenish brown exact physical replica of them smiled broadly as they shrieked then punched them across the hangar.

    As he wound up the punch, Renn heard Serapis and replied, "Yup I'm ready, Tin Man, my fighter is now without its Hapan pilot."

    He was about to yell out the code when he realized there were likely ears nearby. He took out his comm and sent the code to Renn. Then he sent it again to both Helinith and Bo. Muttering Gods help them, he closed his cockpit and lifted off.

    Renn took out his datapad, checked the code given and inputted it into the console on the side of the fighter. The cockpit popped open and he leapt inside, feeling the fighter settle around him, as he'd retained this form, for the moment, so he fit inside. The cockpit closed and he had the droid run the startup procedure on the fast start instructions. As soon as the fighter was ready he felt it lift from the deck and take station by that of Serapis. He knew his crazy little friend had to make it out ok or there would be several hells to play, and they needed the Viceroy too so he hoped that one made it out as well, they needed everyone to ensure the Order thrived. But, for now, the two of them had to take the Matriarch up on her offer.

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    Darth Cocytus

    Cocytus smiled a Styx used the force to bring down the window and release the rabid clones into Kamino's oceans from the sinking platform above. That meant she had training from her mother already and have taken her first steps towards power, having Cocytus's work as master already cut out for him. However, they were merely baby steps and Styx still had much to learn of the Dark Side, the art of the lightsaber, and of the Rule of Two Philosophy in order to achieve the power she craves. The path to Mastery of the Dark Side will be long and Cocytus will stick to his word that he would break his apprentice until she becomes unbreakable.

    Cocytus chukcled mentally along side the Sidious AI, enjoying the Prime Minister's panic as the horse swam towards him. Cocytus felt no such fear, trusting fully in the Force to guide him in his philosophical view of partnership with the Dark Side unlike submission under or domination over. He saw himself as one with the Dark Side of the Force and the Dark Side as one with him. As long as that remand, and Cocytus avoided all forms of overconfidence, he may yet very well survive this ordeal, and all others yet to come.

    The Sith Kaminoan glanced at Taun We and his smile thinned, but was no less cruel or genuine. "Oh something tells me that Lama Su's political survival is most certainly in jeopardy." he mused humorously, "Certainly we can find a more suitable replacement... one who will lead Kamino into war against the ones responsible for this travesty. After all, it all started when Insipid's little gang of Dark Jedi started getting involved in Kaminoan affairs. I suggest we hunt down the survivors when this is all over. They have a lot to answer for."

    Speaking of which, for some time, Cocytus had noticed... as disturbance in the force. Insipid was dead and the rest of his Order of Dark Jedi not present on Kamino most likely scattered across the Galaxy in the power vacuum. His smile grew and he had to force himself to avoid overconfidence in order to avoid the swarming clones. The Dark Side was most certainly on his side and the purge of the Sith Order to reestablish the Rule of Two was becoming all the more easier....

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    IC: General Rieekan
    Orbiting Mon Calamari cruiser, Peacebringer, Kuat

    The ageing General folded his arms. Rieekan was a veteran of the Rebellion, having lead the evacuation of Hoth, turning a massacre into a rout, but he was well remembered for it. The diplomatic mission to this world had seen the Kuati open fire on their own citizens to kill dark side terrorists, whatever that meant. Skywalker had killed one, and forced two to flee, while the fourth was presumed dead in the fall of the Kuat City Hotel.

    The two were also believed to be dead, as their location had been the main focus of the turbolaser barrage. But Rieekan was not a believer in such neat loose ends. He doubted the others returning aboard the Millennium Falcon believed much different either. Rieekan met them as they dropped down the ramp, nodding to Luke, shaking hands firmly with Han, and then regarding Leia. "Princess, are you alright?"

    The woman, marked with a handful of cuts on her cheek, nodded. "What of the recovery efforts. The Acolytes were likely targeting us, after all."

    Han shrugged. "You don't know that."

    Luke turned to Han, eyes glazed over as if looking through him, and then he turned back to the General. "You have something for us."

    Rieekan smiled lightly. "Yes, Master Skywalker - a report from one of our probes."

    "Probes?" Leia said, lowering her voice so it was under the tumult of the hangar bay.

    "Yes, Princess; the ones monitoring neutral worlds and the ex-Imperial warlords. We've had a hit from one; some kind of confrontation is playing out and it's causing some harm in the area."

    Han arched an eyebrow. "Leia?"

    "The New Republic is worried that the Imperial remnants, Acolytes of the Beyond and the crime families will consolidate their position in neutral states, or the far Outer Rim, while we focus on the Core and Inner Rim," Luke said, not looking at either of them. "It makes sense to keep a casual eye on worlds beyond our borders."

    Leia shrugged back at Han.

    Luke finally looked at Rieekan. "You suspect a connection between what is happening here and elsewhere?"

    The General allowed an expression of concern to roll around his face. "Ackbar suspects. A three pronged assault on worlds that have yet to join the New Republic? It's the coordination that worries him."

    The Jedi slowly nodded. "I shall investigate."

    "Luke?" Leia said, sounding concerned.

    Han rolled his eyes. "You can't go to two places at once," he growled. "Chewie and I could look into the other one while you handle the other."

    Luke accepted the datacard from Rieekan, passing it to Artoo, who Rieekan admittedly had not even noticed was there. "No, Han," Luke said, ethereally firm. "Those Acolytes were well trained; the female one, the last one, she was more than a match for you and Leia. I need to go, and alone."

    He gestured to Artoo. "I'll take the X-wing. Can you have a tender meet me at the Rishi Maze? Whichever anomaly the Force guides me to investigate first; I'll need a moment to resupply."

    Rieekan nodded. "I can, Master Skywalker, and, may I say," he continued, thinking of the carnage that four Acolytes had caused below. "May the Force be with you."

    Leia looked unhappy, but she couldn't disagree with her brothers logic. Luke smiled at her, squeezing her hand before nodding to Han, who looked even less happy than Leia. "And with you each. I will check in once I have investigated Hapes and Kamino."

    After Luke had embraced them each and headed off with Artoo in tow - who himself exchanged farewells with Threepio, who had managed to stay out of the conversation to this point, Han looked to Rieekan. "And what are we doing?"

    "Well we have secured the Senator... you could reconnect with him?" Rieekan tried not to sound invested in the latter. Kuat was only the largest shipyards in the galaxy.

    Leia rolled her eyes this time. "Fine. But I have a bad feeling about all of this."

    "You and me both, Princess," Han said. "I'll prep the Falcon; you can work out if we need to go back down there or not."

    Rieekan smiled faintly. "That's down to the Senator, no?"

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    IC: Kapper
    Shuttle, flying casual, but not too casual

    One of the patients aboard the shuttle was nothing of the sort; he had merely dosed himself up and done exactly what the Sith had; snuck aboard. He came to and saw Bernael consuming one of the two others - the Devaronian had already managed to sweep his blaster up and took a shot at the Anzati before he had fully detached from the body, drowning in the soup of the mundane.

    But the shot would surprise Manticore, and while he was able to do anything he set his mind to, the minds of the two pilots slipped from his control out of fear, the oldest and strongest emotion. They turned to look, and saw the Zabrak, one of them tracing their hand across the controls and inadvertently sending the shuttle veering off course.

    An irritated voice came through immediately. "Medical shuttle AA3, you're deviating from your approved route. Please advise." If Manticore was by the controls, he'd see it was coming from one of the patrolling X-wings. One of the two pilots turned back to key the console and open a channel - the other was so surprised he could only open his mouth to shout.

    TAG: @darthbernael, @greyjedi125, @QueenSabe7 (Leda, we finish up this week)
    IC: Princess Secciah

    Star Home, edge of the Hapes Cluster

    It didn't take much to make sure that she was there to greet the Sith. They were not interfered with, merely directed to a hangar bay which should have been filled with a few dozen troopers all pointing weapons at them - if not for the Hapan Princess that ordered otherwise.

    She introduced herself. "I am Princess Secciah, fourth in line to the Hapan throne." She bared her teeth in a grin. There were no guards here, because she had read the old books; the forbidden ones - she knew that Sith would appreciate a direct thought. "I have ordered silenced the recorders and cameras; you are free to speak; but it may be appropriate for one of the two of you to go forward to meet the first security check."

    Sure enough, the Force would tell Rennelinith that there was another similarly female and officious presence beyond them, and not a security check, which was actually set up another room later. That woman was Ta'a, the first in line for the throne. Secciah looked to Ser@pis and Renn.

    "I know the droid is more than it seems; a Sith AI, perhaps. I heard the First Order had these, so I have no qualms who I talk about my mother with. But one of you needs to go on to Queen Mother Ni'Korish so she doesn't think to look into the trifling of security details." She looked behind them. "Wasn't there a third one of you? I gather the fourth, the ugly-tree-monster, did not make it... and of course the Queen Mother has the purple-skinned one held."

    TAG: @DarthIshyZ, @darthbernael, @Snokers, @darthhelinith (mentioned)
    IC: Taun We

    Kamino, floating platform, sinking Tipoca City

    A series of muffled explosions sounded underwater as the order was given, and, all of a sudden, the City was vanishing into the depths, sending a wave crashing up as the water shifted to compensate; the struts that had held the City up were gone, and they had been tall, without them the entire City basically sank without much more to add to the conversation.

    TRAYUS looked for Drost (to him, anyway), and Insipid's visage appeared upon its face; instead he keyed his colink. "Report. The destruction of Tipoca City was anticipated by Lord Insipid, but not that only you would survive to report in. He will be displeased."

    An immediate response was interrupted by the sudden scream of a mutated-clone, which had indeed managed to avoid falling into the depths, crawling up the side of the City - as Vytorias had anticipated, before he had been thrown about. Black tendrils emerging from veritable cracks in its skin.

    The clone lashed out, a jagged Force move that allowed it to leap into the grate. But in the Force, the act felt like heresy; as if something truly unnatural had occurred - as if something dead had exhaled into the ship. The creature-clone howled, a multiple-voiced scream that ripped into Vytorias as if daggers into his skull.

    Still, the ship managed to right itself and hovered beneath them above the tumultuous waves, uncaring and unimpeded, for now, by the drama above. TRAYUS repeated its enquiry, as only a droid could.

    Not a moment before the entire City dropped into the ocean, sending their ship spinning away.

    Files downloaded, Shimmer and Esme were well on their way to expressing their revulsion to Soliloquy when the City unceremoniously dropped, hurling them up to the ceiling and unleashing a wave of water that crashed up through the floors themselves. Esme struggled to reach Soliloquy, while Shimmer manipulated the Force to ensure she arrived, nuzzling into the re-breather even as Esme was on the verge of being separated from them.

    Electrical equipment shorted out and added illumination to the depths for the moments it had left, but entire segments of the City were coming apart around them, and all manner of monster-clone was struggling above them, being crushed, being impaled, being driven down upon them with a City. Some of them made gestures with the Force, skills buried from the dead, but navigating this disaster was going to be difficult for Soliloquy - and even more difficult if he exerted himself to save Esme.

    Kronos was nowhere to be seen.

    Above, at the epicentre of all the events that had come to pass today, was Darth Cocytus and his new apprentice, who regarded the end with the typical Kaminoan dejection; the deaths of all of their clone subjects and a handful of Sith meant nothing to her. Styx regarded Lama Su, aching to kill the Prime Minister, but holding herself back should her Master which to do so.

    Taun We turned her head slightly, and eyed the slightly taller Cocytus. "You would find no objection from me if Prime Minister Su were to be removed, Lord Cocytus. Do you wish to appeal to the Council for yourself to be Prime Minister, or perhaps another?" She eyed Styx, and the Sidious AI mused.

    She wants it for herself, but she does not wish to appear too eager. She merely needs to be given... permission.

    The Sidious AI went to lengths to ensure Cocytus noticed the blaster in Taun We's palm; a small weapon, designed for very limited shots but easily concealed as she could close her hand around the aperture.

    Meanwhile.. the guards surrounding Lama Su suddenly realised the clones had swam underneath the platform and were already clawing up from all sides; the platform lifted from the water on repulsors, but a good half a dozen monsters still hang on... and one had a hand on Lama Su's ankle, while his guards were occupied.

    Styx's bloodlust boiled into the Force.

    Yet, there were three unoccupied clones, and they snarled at Cocytus, eyes black as the darkness between the stars. Their lips spoke in sychronicity.

    We feed; we leave; you carry us.

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    IC: Manticore
    Scuffle in the Shuttle, Kuat

    It all happened very quickly, far quicker than he would have liked. Still, unexpected events also presented unexpected opportunities.

    Manticore heard the shot and sensed the pain that coursed through Bernael, even as he lost mental control of the pilots due to their primordial fear response.

    As a result the sudden surge of panic affecting the pilots, the shuttle dipped and veered off course, alerting their X-wing escort.

    [“Medical shuttle AA3, you're deviating from your approved route. Please advise.”]

    Manticore reacted with lighting speed, enhanced by contained Anger and the Force. In the blink of an eye, his hand shot forth as he reached out for the Devaronian’s weapon hand and grabbed him by the wrist. Immediately he squeezed with a force enhanced vice-grip and did not stop until he felt a bone break.

    That was payback for shooting Brenael. If the Anzati lived, his attacker would become his next meal, unless he proved to be exceedingly useful, if not, then the Devaronian’s life was forfeit by default.

    Before any of the pilots could speak, Manticore himself shouted a response into the open channel.

    “Containing a violent patient, Standby Escort!!”

    Manticore squeezed harder for good measure, keeping the Devaronian paralyzed with pain, unable to focus or act in anyway.

    “Land the shuttle before we crash!” He hissed at the pilots.

    Only then did he spare a glance to visually check on Bernael’s condition.

    The situation was threatening to unravel out of control and he could not allow that to happen. Not before finding Leda.

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