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Drama Darker Tides ~ A Soap Opera

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by spycoder9, Sep 21, 2011.

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  1. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008



    And the occasional murderous love affair. . .


    That would describe the odd little town of Riverview, Maine. Named for its location on the ocean, Riverview was built as location for commerce and growth for the country. It began as one of the early English settlements. When power shifted away from commerce towns, the bustling city slowly lost power. At one point in time, citizens feared the town would be shut down from lack of any form of commerce. That little period of time was quickly forgotten when Casper Industries set up business crafting a new type of flexible sailboats. They began as a company made to test the water. . .literally. It went well, and they crafted top of the line swimming gear and branched out in Riverview. The town became famous once again. The Casper family was a large and almost unparalleled family. But in the past year, a new company, Sylvester Incorporated came into town. The owner, a sly business man with charisma and savvy, had managed to steal some of the basic blueprints of Casper flexibility designs by having an affair with one of the family members. Which one it was never came out, but it was one of them.

    A midst the drama, the granddaughter of the patriarch of Casper Industries finds herself floating in the pond at the local park. Once her body is discovered, a horrible feud buried beneath bureaucratic lies is uncovered by the general public. As police officers dig deeper in the young woman?s past, they find that the CEO of Sylvester Inc. isn?t the only person that could?ve played a part in her murder.

    All of this on. . .


    [color=crimson][b]~Darker Tides~[/b][/color]

    This is a soap opera-type RPG. There isn?t a specific end to the game, as the storylines can always go on. There will always be one or two major storylines at the time, but depending on the players, possible secondary storylines could run alongside others. This game will end at one point in time, but that will not happen until the interest has finally been lost. In the beginning, the game will revolve around the [i]Casper family[/i] and the [i]Sylvester family[/i].

    Now, dealing with [b]Character Development[/b], I will do this a little differently that other games on these boards. No person in this game is set in stone except for the deceased young woman, the patriarch of the Casper family, and the owner of Sylvester Corps. Now of course I don?t want that to just be my cast, so after looking at those three, I want you to send me a PM about what you would like to play. The wife? A brother? Grieving mistress? And in that direction, the characters don?t have to be involved with the families, but at one point in time they will be. So someone could create a police officer, and I would put the character on the murder mystery. That would cause interactions.

    Secondly, I?m looking for anything and everything. Crazy people, loveable family members, handsome mystery men. Again, anything. The pure creativity of my players makes the game.


    [b]~ Rules ~[/b]

    [b]1.)[/b] GM?s word is final.
    [b]2.)[/b] No godmoding, flaming, insulting other players, etc.
    [b]3.)[/b] [b][color=red]PM Character Ideas.[/color][/b]
    [b]4.)[/b] Tell me if you will be absent longer that a week for story reasons.
    [b]5.)[/b] Updates should come as soon as I can, which might be two - three times a week. Depending on my time available and player amount.
    [b]6.)[/b] And. . .most important of all. . .HAVE FUN![face_happy] >
  2. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008

    Darker Tides - a soap opera RPG will begin shortly. Within the next few days, actually. Anyone who wishes to join please just send me a PM. Remember, I?m accepting any and everything. Also, I understand time constraints and the like, and I want to offer anyone who wishes to take a Guest Star spot. You can reserve a character and then whenever you actually have the free time, you can play around with the character. At the moment, I have 3 people who have worked with me and developed their characters. I?m waiting on one more person, but we will begin nevertheless if they don?t reply. They are allowed to jump in at any time, of course. Remember, anytime during the game, anyone is accepted. All the time. So if you can?t join now but find the time later, you are welcome to join.

    A sneak preview of our cast:

    Xander York - CPL_Macja

    Christopher Nicols - HanSolo29

    Mordecai Casper - DarkLordoftheFins

    First post coming within the next 48 hours. . .
  3. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008

    Murder is not the crime of criminals, but of law abiding citizens.
    - Emmanuel Teney


    It was Sunday evening.

    Tomorrow, the work week would begin.

    Citizens of [i]Riverview, Maine[/i] would wake up and head off to work, school, the grocery store. . .anywhere.

    Everyone. . .except for one woman.

    [b]Natalie Crane[/b] would not wake up.

    Trapped in the tight embrace of death, she could only watch as her murder unfolded some of the most hidden secrets of her family.

    And for the most part, she laughed.

    [b]TAG: ALL[/b]>
  4. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    The Nicols Household


    The grandfather clock in the living room rang in the quiet house. The man of the home, Christopher Nicols, wasn?t there. He was out with his brother-in-law, trying to console the saddened man. The house was empty except for one person who lay in the crumpled bed sheets. The radio played rowdy love songs, but they were only background noise. The young lady stretched on the blankets resembled a photograph on the wall.


    But the woman in the bed didn?t look so good. Naked except for a robe, Naomi Casper Nicols was hung over. Only she would remember the events that led up to her lying in her bed with only a robe on, exhausted from too many drinks. She would know what she had done. She might not accept it at first. Might even pass it off as a crazy dream. But it was no dream. She had done exactly what she thought she did.

    And that would not turn out good in the end.

    TAG: tjace

    [i][b]Amy York?s Cabin[/b][/i]


    [b]Amy York?s[/b] cabin was a stark contrast from other houses in the town. She was one of the only cabin owners, and the fact of the matter was that she enjoyed that. The thought that she was different, that she was unique, pleased her. Not that being the first female police chief of Riverview wasn?t unique, but. . .

    Amy York was in the kitchen.

    Pasta had become her new obsession. For the past week she had thought of creative ways to make pasta more flavorful. Finding weekly obsessions was the only thing keeping her from finally going off the deep end. Seeing crime scenes, chasing down crooks, worrying over your staff. None of it was too good on the human body. So Amy had her occasional obsessions to take up her time. At the moment, she had added some pieces of broccoli and carrots. She had tried cinnamon, but that hadn?t turned out to well. Leaned over her cooking pot, Amy was so focused on what was she was making that, when the bell rang, she shouted out.

    Cursing at herself, she stomped to the door and flung it open.

    ?What are you - [b]Xander[/b]!? She wrapped her arms around her son and lead him inside. Her son, the pride and joy of her life, was at her doorstep. It seemed like she hadn?t seen him in weeks, but really she had saw him last Tuesday.

    ?What are you doing here??

    She led him into her living room. On the side table, a picture of Xander and [b]Natalie[/b] sat. They had been dating since high school, but it seemed like forever. Meant to be together, forever, Amy had no doubt that soon they would wed. And then. . .then her son truly would be rich.

    ?You smell that? It?s my new pasta recipe! Truly delicious. But anyway, how have you and Natalie been??

    [b]TAG: CPL_Macja[/b]
  5. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    Casper Estate


    Mordecai Casper was asleep when she came.

    His fourth wife, Heather Casper, lay at his side. Her gentle breathe signaled she had no idea what was going on. She wouldn't realize anything, because she was in a deep sleep. She always had been. Heather was the youngest of Mordecai's wives, but being the mother of both Natasha and Naomi, she wasn't that young. Mordecai would wake up that night when a cold breeze came though his open balcony. Heather had shut the balcony doors before they had went to bed, but they were open now. Standing on the balcony was someone Mordecai wouldn't expect.

    An illustrious figure with tears running down her cheeks gazed out the beach. Her blonde hair blew in the breeze, and her blue eyes gazed at the moon. It was hard to imagine such sadness in such a young woman.

    Most likely, Mordecai would realize this was his granddaughter, Natalie Casper.

    If not. . .he would soon.

    TAG: DarkLordoftheFins

    [i][b]Red Beard's Wacky Shack[/b][/i]

    [i]Red Beard?s Wacky Shack[/i] was wild.

    [b]Dakota Casper[/b] was a regular at the place. Walking in with [b]Christopher Nicols[/b] behind him, an uproar of people greeted him. TVs showing late night comedy shows, replays of old football games, and the like were turned down so they could all greet him. Dakota was the son of the great [b]Mordecai Casper[/b]. Dakota could go to the better bars, but here no one recognized him for his money. They recognized him because of his kindness to everyone, and the wild side that came out almost every night. Christopher wasn?t greeted as kindly. He came here once or twice, but mostly he was seen at the higher end places. Where everyone there were high society men with too much time on their hands. Dakota called Chris at around ten thirty this evening. Tomorrow was a work day at the local college, but Chris was known for his generosity to others. Chris had accepted his begging and met him at this club.

    Everyone in town knew about Dakota Casper?s situation. His wife of ten years had left him. Dakota wasn?t very faithful to his wife in the first place, but she had managed to have a long affair with a banker. She left her lawyer husband for a banker who was rather ugly.

    Dakota sat down at the bar and ordered two mugs of beer. Tonight he felt like partying. And he would.

    Only ten minutes later, Dakota was heavily intoxicated. Two more beers came after the first, foaming over. The bartender was amused, and scrubbed glasses while grinning at Darrel.

    Dakota turned to look at Chris.

    ?Listen,? Dakota?s voice was slurred over from the beer, ?Never get tied down.? His eyes were drowsy, and yet what came from his mouth made sense, ?Never let a woman tie you down. She uses you for money, uses you for having kids, and then when she?s drained you dry. . .? he took another gulp of beer, ?She kicks you to the curb.?

    ?Done with ?em. I?m going be a bachelor. I?m gonna have me ten different women in my house. Party every night, if you know what I mean,? he nudged Chris and then broke into laughter.

    ?Aye, but you?re pretty happy now, aren?t ya. You have yourself one mighty fine lady.?

    [b]TAG: HanSolo29[/b]>
  6. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 Manager Emeritus + Official Star Wars Artist star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 13, 2001
    OCC: I just wanted to make note that I had misspelled Chris' last name when I initially sent the PM. It should be Nichols, not Nicols. I hope that won't create a problem. :)

    IC: Christopher Nichols
    Red Beard's Wacky Shack

    The amber liquid sloshed back and forth, threatening to splash over the rim of the glass as Chris Nichols exchanged it from one hand to the other in apprehension. In fact, he had been doing that for most of the night and had neglected to even finish off his first round. It wasn't that he didn't drink, he could hold his liquor just as well as the next guy. He just didn't like this place. Maybe it was the way the other patrons looked at him or maybe it was something else was hard to tell. All he knew was he wanted out, but he hadn't exactly been given much of a choice. He had made a promise - a promise to entertain his brother-in-law, Dakota, in his time of need. He should have known it would turn into nothing more than a drunken soliloquy.

    I can't believe I wasted my night...for this, Chris groaned inwardly, bowing his head to stare into his drink as Dakota rambled on at his side.

    To his credit, the other man had been through a hell of a lot. He had been in an emotionally draining relationship that had lasted over the course of several fact, Chris had suspected something was awry the moment he had met the man and wouldn't be surprised if he ever found out it had been going on even then. Of course, they couldn't keep going on like that and it finally reached its breaking point in the form of a divorce. Dakota was now pouring his heart out over alcohol, warning Chris to beware of women and their ulterior motives; to not be sucked in and taken for a fool.

    Chris merely smiled at the accusation, careful to guard his expression against the thoughts lingering at the back of his mind. They weren't exactly pleasant thoughts, but they did lend to a great deal of experience in that particular area. Chris understood quite well what the other man was currently going through...

    ?Aye," Dakota uttered after a moment, sobering up a bit after a brief fit of laughter. "But you?re pretty happy now, aren?t ya. You have yourself one mighty fine lady.?

    Narrowing his eyes, Chris turned to regard the man carefully. That's right. It was true. Chris had finally managed to find himself a decent lady and settle down. He couldn't quite explain it - it sorta just...happened. It seemed like the proper thing to do at the time and he had simply gone with it. Everyone ended up getting hitched eventually, right? But now that Chris had finally taken the plunge, he had to admit, it wasn't all that bad. Naomi was special in her own right.

    "Of course you would say that," he finally replied in jest, slowly lifting the glass to his lips to take a sip. "She's your sister. You're obligated to make her look good."

    He paused, straightening a bit. "But keep in don't have to live with her anymore. I guarantee that'll change your mind real quick."

    Falling silent, he allowed that bit to sink in. With the other man's clouded mind, the results should prove to be interesting. But in the end, he decided he couldn't be that cruel. The poor guy needed something in his life to go right for a change.

    "Still," Chris continued, a hint of a smile starting to form on his lips. "I can't complain too much. She has her moments, but overall, things are pretty damn good." His smile broadened as he took another swig of his drink, finally draining it. "I'm happy."

    TAG: spycoder
  7. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    OOC: A special update because of the arrival of a new character. Won't usually update this fast. Welcoming JediMasterAnne, who will play Kareen Gillis, the police officer. And the name change is fine, Han. :D


    [i]Riverview Park[/i]


    [b]Kareen Gillis[/b] didn?t expect to get the night shift.

    She especially didn?t expect getting stuck on patrol. While [b]Chief York[/b] relaxed in her cabin home in the woods. Kareen?s partner on the job, [b]Robert Long[/b], walked along the path with her. A streetlight shone down on them.

    ?So I told the lady, I don?t like her-?

    Robert spoke of the same boring things he always spoke about. A Chinese man with multiple girlfriends, he was always so fascinated by American women. The chief had threatened him with his job because multiple other police officers had complained. Even though he was a womanizer, overall Robert wasn?t that bad. He could be entertaining most of the time. And he was a very good detective.

    As he talked on, Kareen might notice some blood on the park bench. Behind the grouping of trees, the sound of running water could be heard. The small creek ran through. Splatters of dark blood could be seen going into the shrubbery.

    If Kareen paid attention, she might very well be suspicious.

    [b]TAG: JediMasterAnne[/b]


    [i]Red Beard?s Wacky Shack[/i]

    ?That?s good. Real, good. I -?

    Before [b]Dakota[/b] could finish his sentence, another man came lumbering in. A flustered man, who looked like his clothes had just been thrown on. He sat down at the bar, ordered a drink, and hung his head.

    ?Hey, man, I seen you around town,? Dakota asked the man, ?What?s your problem??

    ?Nothing. Nothing. I don?t believe it affects you.?

    ?Man, cool down. We?re all friends here.?

    ?Have you ever made a married woman have an affair??

    ?Uh. . .yeah. Why are you asking me? I am the king of affairs.? Dakota started to laugh, got up, and went off to dance with several very drunk partygoers.

    ?Who is that guy?? The man asked.

    [b]TAG: HanSolo29[/b]>
  8. CPL_Macja

    CPL_Macja Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Xander York
    About 5 years ago, Riverview High School[blockquote] [image=]
    It was his senior year and Xander York was finishing up with the last football practice before the Homecoming game. He was the quarterback captain and therefore the last player to leave the field. He looked over to the area of the field where the cheerleading squad was also finishing up with their practice.

    The head cheerleader was also waiting for her squad to walk off the field. Confidently he strolled over to her and wrapped his arms about her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. ?Hey babe, what?s shaken, other than your pompoms of course?? Natalie Crane wiggled herself out of her boyfriends embrace.

    ?Gross Xander, you?re all sweaty,? she squealed slightly put off, ?You know I don?t allow skin on skin contact after practice, until you take a shower. You smell like a gym locker.? She looked him up and down. He knew she liked seeing him all sweaty like that even if the stench was repulsive. ?So are we on for tonight Sweety?? she asked while pulling on his waistband.

    He decided to play a little hard to get, ?I don?t know Babe, I might have a Madden tourney to play in?? She playfully smacked him on the chest. They had been together since their freshman year, so he knew how to push her buttons. ?Of course we?re on Babe. I?ll pick you up around six.? He snuck one more kiss before running off for the locker room.[/blockquote]---

    Last year, St. Charles University[blockquote][image=]
    Natalie laid at the foot of the bed in Xander?s dorm room playing with the ring he had given her the night of their senior high homecoming dance four years ago. He was finishing putting on his cap and gown to go down to the fieldhouse for graduation. ?How do I look Babe??

    Natalie had graduated yesterday from State Teacher?s College and she was a nervous wreck getting ready. He had watched her like she was doing for him today and he teased her about her hair. ?Well other than that grey hair you have in the back there,? she retaliated.

    He walked over and smacked her on the butt, ?That?s not funny. You know I want to look good for my mom. She never thought she would see this day and now here it is.?

    ?So when are you going to tell her that we are going to move into a loft together downtown?? He didn?t quite know how to answer that. He really only suggested the new living arrangement when Natalie was dropping lots of hint about wanting to take their relationship to the next level. He had hoped that by moving in together would get her off his back for a little while, but his mom was another story all together.

    She was one of the top police officers in Riverview and had raised Xander all by herself. So she would not be too happy about the idea of them moving in together right out of college. Luckily Amy loved Natalie just as much as she loved her own son. ?I think we should tell her at dinner tonight right after you tell her about your new job at Riverside Elementary.?

    He looked at the clock, ?Shoot, I need to get going Babe or I?m going to be late.? He walked over to her and gave her a deep passionate kiss. ?I love you, Babe. Don?t forget to meet mom outside the fieldhouse.?[/blockquote]---

    Present day, Amy York?s Cabin[blockquote]Xander stood on the deck outside of his mother?s cabin, pacing back and forth. He had just made a huge decision, but wanted his mom?s opinion before going through with his plan. Surprisingly the past year together with Natalie had been an absolute dream, never did he think things would work out so smoothly. Not only were things going go for them, but his mom had a big year as well. Shortly after graduation she had been appointed as the first female police chief in the history of the Riverview PD.

    Everything was going perfectly for all three of them, bu
  9. tjace

    tjace Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 11, 2008
    IC: Naomi Nichols

    A woman lay among tangled sheets, her blonde hair splayed out. Her robe stuck to her skin in places, was open in others.


    A trashy song played in the background, interspersed with static. Dim lamplight shone through her eyelids. Naomi Nichols stirred, looked sluggishly over at the source of the noise. She instantly regretted it, as another jolt of pain flashed through her head. Her head fell back to the pillow.

    What just happened?

    She lay there for several moments, waiting for it to come to her rather than straining through her headache.

    She opened her eyes with a start, and bolted upright. She winced as that damned headache took another hammer to her skull, but that was nothing compared to her current quandary.

    It was all coming back to her now. Chris going off for who knew how long to tag along with her despondent brother for some alcoholic adventures. The faculty party. Dan from Shipbuilding. Copious amounts of liquor. Really, an intelligent guy, Dan. He was going places, not settling for lesser jobs or careers. The party had ended too soon. She would have to fix that when planning for the next one came around. It was only natural that they finish their discussion. It was so gentlemanly of him to escort her home. Home?

    Naomi shuddered, remembering what had happened next. He hadn?t even stayed afterwards, leaving her to wake up alone, in this state.

    She stumbled over to the radio, her hands clumsily reaching for the off switch. All his idea, she never listened to that station. She sat back down on the corner of the bed, exhausted. She couldn?t let Chris see her like this. This never happened. She would have to clean up the bedroom and the rest of the house from any trace of what had happened. Starting with herself. She walked over to the bathroom, shrugging off the robe. She stepped into the shower and turned it on. As the hot water streamed down her body, she realized how lucky she was that Dakota just happened to be drowning his grief tonight.

    TAG: spycoder
  10. JediMasterAnne

    JediMasterAnne Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 24, 2004
    IC: Kareen Gillis
    Riverview Park

    Kareen just rolled her eyes, not really listening to Robert?s tale of his latest escapade. The first few weeks after she had started working in Riverview, the story (and his general attitude towards women) might have offended her, but aside from his womanizing conduct and occasional lack of decency when relating his experiences with the opposite gender, Robert was actually a pretty good guy?he just took a little?getting used to.

    Still, she would rather have been at home in bed than out here on patrol in the middle of the night. At least Robert?s stories, however degrading they might be in regards to her own gender, kept her amused.

    Something caught her eye then, just as they passed the park bench under the street light. Is that?She grabbed Robert?s arm and pulled him back, indicating the spots on the bench. ?Does that look like blood to you??

    Looking closer, Kareen noticed more blood, spattered on the bushes. Lifting her flashlight, she looked around to see if there was anyone nearby?perhaps someone had gotten hurt somehow; the blood looked fresh?but there did not appear to be anyone besides herself and Robert.

    ?Looks like it leads towards the creek,? she mused aloud to Robert. Drawing her gun from its holster?just in case?she picked her way through another part of the shrubbery to follow the blood trail.

    Tag: spycoder9
  11. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    OOC: Since almost everyone replied, I decided to go ahead and update. Next update will come once everyone posts or two-three days have passed. Tjace, PM me if you are interested in a combined for the conversation on the phone. And I'm really impressed with everyone here. All of you are great! I love working out twists and turns with all of you!


    [b]Riverview Park[/b]

    [b]Robert[/b] walked ahead of [b]Kareen[/b], whispering for her to stand back. He reached the other side of the shrubs before Kareen. A sharp intake could be heard, followed by a string of curses. Robert had known the Casper family for years, ever since he had first arrived in Maine. He had even babysat the little [b]Natalie[/b] when she was a kid.

    Now, the beautiful blonde haired woman with so much life left in her was laying, face down, in the creek. A trickle of blood still ran down the back of her head and onto the water.

    ?Kareen! Holy ****!? He scurried to the riverside, flipped her over, and started checking to see if she could breathe, ?You know who this is? This is Natalie Casper!? He pumped her chest repeatedly.

    ?Get someone. Call the ambulance. Do something!?

    Robert shouted at her as he continued to pump her chest.

    ?Dammit, the Chief?s son is her boyfriend!?

    He wheeled around to Kareen, tears streaming down his cheeks.


    He barked. It wasn?t meant as a question.

    [b]TAG: JediMasterAnne[/b]


    [b]Amy York?s Cabin[/b]

    [b]Amy[/b] stared at her son in shock. She gently reached over and took the small box in her hands. Wiping a tear from her eye, she hurried and used a tissue to wipe it away. Then she looked back and stared not only at him, but into him. She could feel the love her son felt for [b]Natalie[/b]. She smiled wider than she ever had.

    ?I. . .I love it, [b]Xander[/b]. She?ll love it.?

    Amy turned away to wipe her eye. When her son had moved in with Natalie, Amy had known it was only a matter of time. He was marrying Natalie. Amy already knew it would go through.

    ?I?m so happy Xander!? She wrapped her arms around her son and hugged him tightly. Tears flowed down her cheeks.

    ?I?m proud of you, Xander. You found the right girl. You?re gonna make a family.? Grinning ear to ear she stood up, ?Want some pasta??

    ?But remember,? Amy turned back to her son, ?Don?t forget about your mother. I?ll always be here. For anything.?

    [b]TAG: CPL_Macja[/b]


    [b]The Nichols Household[/b]

    After [b]Naomi[/b] had managed to clear the house of all unwanted debris, she found the TV on. News stories droned on and on, but one caught Naomi?s ear.

    [i]?Ever wondered how to tell a spouse is cheating?? The reporter seemed amused. ?A new report released today says that more that 85% of women who see their husband less than 3 hours a day are cheating on their husband.?[/i]

    The telephone rang.

    Unusual, it being 11 o?clock.

    Caller ID read: [b]Susanna Casper[/b].

    Naomi would most surely recognize the caller ID of her older sister. But it was rather odd that her sister would call her all the way from New York City.

    [b]TAG: tjace[/b]>
  12. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 Manager Emeritus + Official Star Wars Artist star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 13, 2001
    OOC: Crap, I was about halfway done with this when you posted that update. Just a tad bit late! :p

    IC: Christopher Nichols
    Red Beard's Wacky Shack

    Chris shied away when the newcomer approached, slouching his shoulders as he leaned over the counter and lowered his head. The guy looked desperate and if there was anything he learned, it was not to mess around with someone in that state of mind...especially in a place like this. It was best to just let the guy come in, grab his drink and wallow in his sorrows alone...

    But of course, it couldn't be that simple.

    ?Hey, man, I seen you around town,? Dakota cried out in his alcohol induced stupor. ?What?s your problem??

    It was in that moment that Chris realized that his brother-in-law was more than drunk...he was completely wasted. In his right mind, he would have never dreamed of confronting a total stranger in a bar room full of potential drunks. That was a death sentence as far as he was concerned and at the moment, he had no real inclination to bail him out. It was his problem now. Chris simply glanced over his shoulder to watch the exchange, his hand tapping idly against the empty glass sitting in front of him.

    As much as he would have liked to see a fight, things didn't exactly pan out that way. It turned out Dakota and the stranger had more in common than meet's the eye. Both men had been running from something and both men had apparently been involved in an affair.

    Small world... Chris thought to himself with amusement as he fished into his pocket for a pack of cigarettes. Smoking was a habit he didn't dare do around the house, especially around Naomi, but sometimes certain situations required it.

    After a moment, Dakota became bored of the conversation and decided to meander off into the crowd, leaving Chris in a very awkward situation.

    ?Who is that guy?? the stranger asked, still rather distracted.

    Chris craned his neck to look back at the man, a cigarette now clenched between his teeth. "Who, him?" he nodded in the direction Dakota had wandered off. "Just another crazy drunk. The whole place is full of them."

    He produced a lighter from his pocket and lit the cigarette before taking a long drag. "You came in at a bad time to look for marital advice, I'll tell you that much." He exhaled, blowing the smoke in the stranger's general direction.

    TAG: spycoder
  13. JediMasterAnne

    JediMasterAnne Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 24, 2004
    IC: Kareen Gillis
    Riverview Park

    Kareen already had her radio out and was dashing back to their patrol car at the other end of the block to get the first aid kit, nearly tripping over her own feet in her haste. ?Base, we need an ambulance and back-up sent to Riverview Park, Long and I found an unconscious female near the creek, some kind of head trauma. Robert is already performing CPR; I am getting the first aid kit, over.?

    She wasted no time in pulling their patrol car closer to the scene and flipping on the lights before grabbing the first aid kit and rushing back to Robert. ?I called for an ambulance and back-up,? she told Robert, hoping to at least lessen his panic, while trying at the same time to restrain her own.

    Why, why, why did she have to be a Casper?

    As far as Kareen knew, very few in the town knew of her past connection to the Caspers, or if they did know, they didn?t say anything about it. And since she had been hired on at the police department some months earlier, she had had little to do with that influential family, and preferred to keep it that way. Chief York was probably as close as she got these days, and that was only because the chief?s son was?

    --was dating this girl.

    What the heck were they going to tell Amy?

    ?I don?t think we should alert the Chief until we have something definitive on the girl?s condition,? Kareen answered her unspoken question out loud to Robert, pulling on a pair of gloves and beginning to search for the source of the blood flowing from Natalie?s head. ?Robert, does she even have a pulse??

    She hated to be the one to ask the question, but it needed asking.

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  14. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    ~The Known Casper Family Lineage~

    Mordecai Casper

    - Elizabeth Bellomy Casper (Cancer)

    -- Renee Casper (Cancer)

    - Rosa Gomez

    -- Dakota Casper
    --- Dana Casper
    --- Lana Casper

    - Meredith Armstrong Casper

    -- Susanna Casper Crane
    --- Natalie Crane (Murdered)

    -- Patrick Casper
    --- Devon Casper

    - Heather Smith Casper

    -- Natasha Casper

    -- Naomi Nichols
  15. CPL_Macja

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    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Xander York
    York Cabin[blockquote] ?I. . .I love it, Xander. She?ll love it.? He knew that Natalie would love it she was the one who picked it out, but she didn?t know that she was picking it out. They had gone to a jeweler looking for Christmas presents for their mothers when they came upon the heart shaped 2 karat diamond that was flanked by four quarter karat diamonds on either side. Natalie?s eyes immediately lit up and glistened brighter then the ring itself. It was at that moment Xander knew he had found the perfect ring.

    It took him since Christmas to finally find the right time to slip away to go and purchase it. The happy couple was supposed to meet up for dinner at a fancy restaurant after work tonight, but Xander said he had to suddenly stay late. Then he slipped away to the jeweler. He hated lying to Natalie like that especially after what happened during the summer before their sophomore year in college.[/blockquote]---

    About 3 years ago, St. Charles University[blockquote]It had taken Xander about two hours to make his way from his bed, into the shower, and to crawl back into his bed. Once he made it there he fell back a sleep wearing only a towel. His dorm mates had decided that all of them would go out for a night of drinking celebrating the completion of their first year of college. Since most of them were under the legal drinking age they opted to party in a vacant field not far from campus. What was supposed to be a small gathering of just their floor, turned into an all out dorm bash.

    In his dorm, every other floor housed members of the opposite sex, while none of them were co-ed. Each night, at midnight, the doors at the end of each hallway were locked and only a key from that floor would allow access. Then the doors were not unlocked again until about ten o?clock the next morning. It was only about 8 o?clock so, Xander was not really worried about someone accidentally walking in on him half-naked.

    Unexpectedly he felt a hand of silky smooth skin rubbing his bare back. ?Wakey-wakey sleepy head.? He vaguely recognized the female?s sultry voice. He was sure that it did not belong to Natalie, since she normally had to be buzzed in by him because she was not a student at St. Charles. He slowly opened one eye and spotted the auburn lochs of Amelia Rockford.


    She sat next to him in six of his courses throughout last year and found every excuse she could to talk to him. She also lived three floors up from him, so there was little to no getting away from her. As he fully opened his eyes he saw that she was not was not wearing anything at all. He shot up with a jolt and smacked his head on the underside of his roommate?s bunked bed. ?Dammit Ami, what the hell do you think you?re doing?? Xander said gathering his sheets about him. He looked over at the clock and realized that it was just before noon. ?How did you get in here? I made sure the door was locked.? He found her undergarments lying just within his reach. He picked them up and threw them at her.

    ?My, aren?t we cranky in the morning,? she started to redress, ?Billy let me in almost two hours ago. I came to check on you after all the beer you drank last night. I was afraid that you were suffering from alcohol poisoning.? Once she had fully dressed he motioned for her to turn away from him so that he could get some clothes on as well.

    He grabbed a pair of sweatpants from on the floor and a t-shirt hanging on his closet door. ?But that does not answer why you were naked in my room.? He grabbed his phone to check his messages and found two of them from Natalie.

    ?Well after your girlfriend stormed out of here??


    ?I think she thought you and I had been together last night,? Amelia answered timidly, ?She asked where you were and I said you were sleeping off the big night we had last night.? Xander?s jaw dropped to the floor.
  16. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008

    [i]Red Beard?s Wacky Shack[/i]

    ?I just need a drink. To cool off.?

    The man received a mug of foaming beer and took a sip of it. He screwed his lips up for a moment, but continued to gulp some more down. The bar was filled with too many people drowning their sorrows. [b]Dakota[/b] was laughing with several other biker guys, playing a round of cards. [b]Chris[/b] was left to his own devices for the moment. Suddenly one of the bikers got up, slammed his cards down, and started shouting at Dakota.

    ?Calm down, man. It?s just a little cash-?

    ?You cheated! You cheated you little Spanish freak!? He shoved Dakota out of his chair and onto the floor. Beer fell from the table, followed by all of the playing cards and money.

    The man who had spoken to Chris and Dakota stood up.

    ?You men should probably take this outside. No need to mess up this nice man?s bar.? The biker approached the man, attempting to punch him.

    ?Hey, hey, hey!? The bartender pointed to the door, ?No fighting on premises or I call the cops.?

    The biker left the bar in a fury, slamming the door behind him.

    Dakota looked at Chris with a crooked grin.

    ?I didn?t [i]mean[/i] to cheat.?

    The man turned to Chris also.

    ?I think you should take him home. He is causing too much trouble.?

    [b]TAG: HanSolo29[/b]


    [i]Amy York?s Cabin[/i]

    A happy mother-son bonding moment. She took the ring and put it in her pocket.

    [b]Amy[/b] laughed at what he said. Gave him a playful punch. They sat down at the table. Talked over things. The comings and goings of life.

    Then the phone rang.

    If Amy had known afterwards what the phone call from [b]Kareen Gillis[/b] would detail, she wouldn?t of answered it. She wouldn?t even of touched it. For this moment, this completely blissful moment, would shatter to pieces.

    Amy glanced at the caller ID - [i]why is Kareen calling at this time[/i] - and answered it.

    ?Officer Kareen? Hold on for a sec -?

    Amy glanced over at her son.

    ?Also, [b]Xander[/b], we don?t need to dirty the ring. It?ll have to be perfectly shiny for Natalie, as you know,? she shot him a wiry grin and turned back to the phone.

    ?Sorry. My son bought his girlfriend an engagement ring! You know [b]Natalie Crane[/b], [b]Mordecai Casper?s[/b] granddaughter? But, what are you calling about??

    Amy?s face slowly changed.

    ?N-n-Natalie?? Amy?s face collapsed, ?No! No, no, no! You have the wrong girl! Not Natalie! No. Natalie and Xander are going to get married and have kids and. . .and. . .? Amy dropped the phone on the counter.

    ?Xander! Xander! Oh my god, Xander. . .Natalie. . .Natalie. . .?
    Amy turned back to the phone, picking it up in her shaking hands, ?Are you sure?? A moment?s silence,

    ?We?ll,? Amy sniffed, ?be at the s-station.?

    She disconnected the phone and turned to her son. Tears running down her cheeks.

    ?Oh Xander. . .Xander. . .She. . .?Amy couldn?t get it out. She snatched her purse up and put it on her shoulder.

    ?Natalie is. . .dead. She?s dead, Xander.?

    [b]TAG: CPL_Macja[/b]>
  17. JediMasterAnne

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    Apr 24, 2004
    OOC: Joint post between me and the GM.

    IC: Kareen Gillis
    Riverview Park

    Robert continued to feel for any sign of a pulse. He was slowing down, the weariness bearing down on him.

    ?No pulse.?

    Robert began to do CPR.

    He tried hard.

    Heather Casper had taken a special interest on him when he had first arrived in town. A Chinese man with great detective skills and no family. She supplied him with a medium sized apartment, gave him a fair amount of cash, and told him to make himself something. So far, he hadn?t done much of anything. He had solved several big cases, including the Straw Haired Strangler, which had delved into the gruesome. But overall, Robert never felt like he had proved himself. Now her granddaughter?s life rested in his hands.

    And he was failing once again.

    ?Dammit. Breathe. Breathe, Nat. Please, please, please, Natalie. Come on girl.? He saw a little pig tailed girl, running through her grandfather?s house, giggling at him as he chased her. Her tea parties. Tears glittered in his eyes.

    ?Natalie. . .?

    ?She?s dead, Kareen.? He let her rest in his lap.

    ?She?s dead.?

    The ambulance siren could be heard over the running water. Pushing through the bushes, two strong paramedics came in. Robert put her in their arms, and they attempted to rouse the girl.

    Their attempts were also futile.

    Robert stepped out of the bushes, bringing Kareen with him. He stood with his head in his hands for several minutes.

    Kareen leaned against their car, wiping at her eyes--she didn't know Natalie herself, not personally, but the stress of the situation was getting to her.

    ?Who?s going to tell Chief??

    She looked up at Robert, cold dread washing over her. Part of her felt it might be better if Robert called the Chief--he had known the girl far better than Kareen, and could sympathize with Amy much better than she could, but at the same time...he was in such a state, Kareen feared that asking him to tell Chief York would probably drive his emotions over the edge.

    "I will," she offered, taking her cell phone out of her pocket and dialing Amy's number.

    ?Officer Kareen? Hold on for a sec-? Amy?s voice fades a little bit but Kareen can still hear her ?- Xander, don?t dirty the ring. It?ll have to be perfectly shiny, for Natalie - Sorry.? Amy?s voice could be heard better. She giggled, ?My son bought his girlfriend an engagement ring! You know, Natalie Crane, Mordecai Casper?s granddaughter? But, what are you calling about??

    Kareen somehow found herself smiling as she heard Amy scolding her son, but her smile quickly faded as Amy gushed about the engagement ring, and her heart plummeted into her stomach. How the **** can I tell her now? How can I ruin this for her? But it had to be done. Kareen just wished she wasn't the one doing it.

    Fresh tears welled up in her eyes as she summoned the courage to say the words that would bring Amy's world crashing down around her. "Amy...I, uh...I've got some bad news...

    "Natalie Crane is dead."

    ?N-n-Natalie?? Amy?s voice crumbled on the telephone, ?No! No, no, no! You have the wrong girl! Not Natalie!? It was now obvious Amy was crying. ?No. Natalie and Xander are going to get married and have kids and. . . .and. . . .? Kareen could hear the phone being set down. Sobbing in the background. ?Xander! Xander! Oh my god, Xander. . .Natalie. . .Natalie. . .?

    Kareen had known Amy's reaction was going to be bad, but this was even worse than she had been expecting. Amy was hysterical, and she was pulling Kareen down with her--the young detective felt like crying herself.

    "Are you sure?" Amy shouted in the telephone.

    Kareen nodded, even though Amy was miles away and wouldn't see the gesture. "Robert and I found her in the park..." she trailed off, glancing over at her partner. He looked about as bad as Amy sounded.

    "Amy, I am so sorry..."

    She knew it was little for consolation, but she didn't know what else she could possibly say.

  18. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    Mordecai Casper
    Casper Estate

    Waking up at night had become a sad routine. the gae, the pressure, the anger. His doctor said all of it would kill him, especially in combination with the cigars he was basically always smoking these days. The doors were open and he sighed. From under his pillow the gun crawled into his hand and he took his cold cigar next to his bed. a quick check that his wife was asleep and well and he regretted not having a hand remeaining to lighten his Caza del Torres.

    Anyway, he switched of the safety of the gun without giving it much thought. It was unlikely someone had broken the door and then forgot to commit whatever crime. But you never knew. You never knew.

    A cough betrayed his awakening, as did the hissed curse as he stood up and stepped out.

    Only then he recognized the girl standing out there. With a sigh he allowed the gun to drop, only in boxer shorts and a shirt, but straight and proud as if he wore his finest suit, he stepped next to her and lay the gun on the nearby desk. "girl, girl, you need to tell us before you come over at night." He shook his head and grabbed the lighter on the table. he put them everywhere in the house. A hundred dollars a piece. Zippos with a proud "frek communism" on them. A heristage from his father, replicated endlessly. These little sweet extravaganza were what makes a life full of responsibility and dark decisions so . . . easy to endure.

    He finally allowed himself to recognize her tears. He had seen them immediately. but only now he allowed his mind to think about them.

    "Sad, hm?" He said without sounding too emapathic. "What is it? Money? Someone causing you trouble?"

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  19. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Christopher Nichols
    Red Beard's Wacky Shack

    "Sure, sure...go ahead," Chris drawled to the stranger with a causal wave of his hand, seemingly unphased by the other's hard luck. He took another drag of his cigarette and leaned forward. He hadn't come here with the intention of listening to every poor sap's sob story. Listening to Dakota was enough and even that was starting to stretch thin. He needed to get out of here and his opportunity to do so just might have been unfolding right before his eyes...

    Dakota, being the rowdy drunk that he was, had managed to turn a simple game of cards into a contest of brawn and wit. No matter how dangerous things were turning in that corner of the bar, Chris couldn't help but smile as his brother-in-law was backhanded by a burly biker and hit the floor with a loud thud. Perhaps Chris was about to get that fight he had been secretly hoping for after all.

    That was all before the bartender caught wind of what was happening and stepped in to break it up. The bikers dispersed without too much protest, but Dakota was another story. He kept insisting that he hadn't been cheating and even had the nerve to turn in Chris' direction and smirk, no doubt trying to seek approval or maybe even restitution. Chris only sighed and diverted his eyes away from the other man as he started to rise from the bar stool.

    ?I think you should take him home," the bartender announced, thumping his hand down on the counter to grab Chris' attention. The tone in his voice suggested that it was more of an order than a recommendation. "He is causing too much trouble.?

    There was no argument there. Chris acknowledged the bartender with a quirk of his lip and complied in silence, stomping out the remainder of the cigarette before turning to face his brother-in-law. His gaze was hard and serious as he grabbed the other man by the bicep and started to hoist him up to his feet.

    "Come on, man," he coaxed in a low baritone, reaching down to help him up with his other hand. "Time to go. You've had enough for the night. It's getting late anyway..."

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    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Xander York
    York Cabin[blockquote] ?Natalie is. . .dead. She?s dead, Xander.?

    It all happened as if in slow motion. The tearful words from his mother?s lips, the glass slipping from Xander?s hand and crashing into his plate, pieces of glass and ceramic splintering off in different directions, and his chair sent sailing out from underneath him as he stood up in shock.

    ?No? I just talked to her? She can?t be? How? Who? Where? where is she? Why would someone do this?? So many questions were running through his head he could not articulate all of them. He just stood there shaking from what he had just been told. He walked over to his mom and threw his arms around her and started sobbing uncontrollably.

    They stood there for who know how long before he pulled himself away from her and started wiping the tears from his face. ?You? You said that we?ll be at that station. So we should probably clean up my mess and head over there.? He walked over to the table with the trashcan and pushed the shards, hands still shaking, into it. He wiped down the table and walked back over to his mom, ?We probably should take your car since it has the fancy lights that let us go faster.?[/blockquote]TAG: spycoder
  21. spycoder9

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    Jul 23, 2008
    The Casper Estate

    Natalie Crane cast an amused smile at her grandfather. Even as the tears glittered in her eyes.

    ?If only you knew, grand dad.?

    She turned to him. The evidence of her strangeness was clear now. She really did have a blue aura. It would be obvious then. Something was wrong with her.

    ?Remember the time me, you, and grandmother went to the shopping mall. I bent down in the little fountain and fell over. Thought I was drowning. And you saved me.?

    More tears built up in her eyes.

    ?I wish you could?ve saved me this time.?

    She turned back to the ocean. Watching the waves hit the shore.

    ?Why did I have to die on such a beautiful night?? Then she smiled to herself, ?You wouldn?t know that though.?

    An eternal light brightened everything. Leaving only Natalie looking at him with that sad smile.


    ?I love you, grand-dad.?

    Then she was gone.

  22. spycoder9

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    Jul 23, 2008

    Three can keep a secret, if two are dead.
    - Benjamin Franklin


    And so, Natalie Crane is dead.

    Her body was discovered in the Riverview Park creek.

    The story has become a BREAKING NEWS BULLETIN.

    Panic has already plagued those who have learned of the tragedy.

    And this is just the beginning.

    Because once someone dies, secrets manage to come out.

    Bad secrets.
  23. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    The Sylvester Ranch


    Esmeralda stood perched on the second story of her brother?s home, looking out over the balcony down into the living room. She was a pretty woman, with snake-like eyes and a devious smile to match. She wasn?t very kind, known for her unquenchable thirst for men. She had such a lust for any type of male. She would go to the ends of the earth to have the man she wanted.

    She had already watched the BREAKING NEWS BULLETIN on television.

    Natalie Crane was dead.

    Actually, Esmeralda thought, the girl deserved it. Such an attitude. Acting as if she was queen because her grandfather was rich.

    It was rather late at the moment. Usually Esmeralda found herself asleep in her bed, resting herself nicely. But she was uneasy. Troubling times were ahead for Riverview. She could tell. The Caspers would not rest easy in the fact that their beloved Natalie was dead. No one ever would. And her brother would face the brunt of their anger. But she would defend him. She would lash out.

    She wasn?t afraid of anyone.

    Especially not the Casper?s.


    [i]Riverview Park[/i]


    Robert dug in their patrol car for [hl=yellow][b][color=black]CRIME SCENE - DO NOT ENTER[/color][/b][/hl] - tape. After stringing it up around the designated areas, [b]Robert[/b] and [b]Kareen[/b] find themselves forced to travel back to the dreaded crime scene. Along the way, Robert swabbed several of the blood samples, then walked along.

    [b]Natalie Crane[/b] still lay there.

    Her face was a bloated bluish color. She was soaked, and the back of her head was a mess. Her eyes were wide open in terror.

    ?Damn. She was so pretty. Head cheerleader. Chief York?s son was the star quarterback. That year, the team didn?t lose a game. Became a star team in Maine. She even got a medal for her performances at each game,? Robert spoke more to himself than to Kareen, ?And so bright. She could?ve been anything she wanted. She became the teacher.?

    He turned towards the moon, letting a single tear trail down his face once again. He whispered a blessing to her. And he felt something. A warm chill. Then it passed. Robert walked around the area, looking for anything out of place.

    They couldn't find anything.

    After getting the samples and speaking things over with a couple of other officers, the both of them left to head back to the station.

    Where the Chief and her grieving son waited for them.

    [b]TAG: Anne[/b]>
  24. spycoder9

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    Jul 23, 2008
    The Casper Estate

    ?Morde? Morde? Mordecai!?


    Heather shook her husband awake.

    ?Mordecai! Mordecai!? Heather was shaking him hard. Hitting him, punching him.

    ?No, no, she can?t be. I mean, she was just here a couple of hours ago. You have the wrong girl-? Heather held the phone to her ear. She rose from the bed and ran to her closet. She slid out of her negligee, holding the phone, and put on some jeans and a shirt.

    She moved very fast, shouting at her husband along the way.

    ?Mordecai! Get up!?

    ?It?s about Natalie!?

    TAG: Fin

    [i]Amy York?s Cabin - Riverview Police Station[/i]

    [b]Amy York[/b] gazed at her son for a moment.

    His dreams would be crushed. The ring in her pocket meant nothing without the girl who would wear it. Amy simply took her son?s hand, and together they traveled to her police car. Normally she never would do this. It would be scolded upon. But her son?s best girlfriend, the girl he was going to marry, had died.

    Amy stepped on the gas, ringing the sirens as she sped through the streets.

    [i]A handsome lover. . .
    Holding her in his four post bed. . .
    Kissing her passionately. . .
    ?Don?t ever let me go?. . .[/i]

    Tears overflowed.

    Memories of the years before, of times long ago, came back. She understood her son?s pain. She had lived through that kind of pain.


    Her voice faltered. She couldn?t continue the thought.

    They arrived at the station. Awaiting them at the door was Robert. He gave Amy a hug. She and her son were led inside by him.

    ?What happened??

    Amy asked once she was in front of Kareen and Robert both.

    [b]TAG: CPL and Anne[/b]


    [i]Red Beard?s Wacky Shack[/i]

    [b]Dakota[/b] took [b]Christopher?s[/b] hand and got up out the floor. Leaning against Chris the whole time, Dakota walked out the doors with little to no dignity.

    Once they reached Chris?s car, sat inside, and turned it on, the radio was blaring:

    [b]?Breaking News: Natalie Crane, the granddaughter of Mordecai Casper, was found dead at Riverview Park. Details soon to follow.?[/b]

    [b]Naomi[/b] sat at home, chatting with her sister.

    What should Chris do? Drop Dakota off at his apartment, or go ahead and travel home to tell his wife? Or perhaps something else? Would he remember his confrontation with Natalie only days before?

    Only Christopher knew what he would do.

    [b]TAG: Han[/b]>
  25. JediMasterAnne

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    Apr 24, 2004
    IC: Kareen Gillis
    Riverview Park?Riverview Police Station

    ?Damn. She was so pretty. Head cheerleader. Chief York?s son was the star quarterback. That year, the team didn?t lose a game. Became a star team in Maine. She even got a medal for her performances at each game,? Robert spoke more to himself than to Kareen, ?And so bright. She could?ve been anything she wanted. She became the teacher.?

    Kareen patted Robert?s shoulder gently, not sure what she could say to comfort him. Once they had cordoned off the area, she began searching for additional evidence that might help them figure out what had happened to Natalie. Kareen photographed the blood spots on the bench and the bushes, and Robert took several swabs.

    They didn?t find anything else.

    No murder weapon?no gun, no knife, no bullets or casings, not even a bloody rock that might have been used to hit Natalie over the head. No footprints, no tire tracks on the road?


    To say the least, Kareen was disappointed. Nevertheless, she and Robert left instructions with their back up to keep their eyes peeled for anything unusual.

    Kareen drove them back to the station, but the Chief?s car wasn?t there yet. Robert chose to wait outside for Amy, so Kareen took their evidence to her office, where she made a quick phone call to the coroner while she waited for the others to come in.

    The first words out of Amy?s mouth when she and Xander arrived were, predictably: ?What happened??

    ?Robert and I were on patrol in the park,? Kareen explained. ?I noticed some blood on a park bench, and when I pointed it out to Robert, we noticed there was more on the bushes behind it. When we went through to the creek?that?s where we found her. Robert tried to resuscitate, as did the paramedics when they arrived?? she trailed off; they knew what the results of that had been.

    ?After I called you, we processed the scene, photographed and sampled the blood evidence, and started looking for other clues. We couldn?t find anything. Whoever did this unfortunately didn?t leave much for us to work with.

    ?I just got off the phone with the cororner?s office; I told the medical examiner to call us as soon as time and cause of death are determined, and to fax us a copy of the autopsy report.?

    She paused a moment, a concerned look crossing her face as she turned to the Chief. ?What about Natalie?s parents, Amy? The media?s already gotten hold of the news, and I?d hate for them to hear about it on the T.V. or the radio before they hear it from us.

    ?I think her mom lives in New York, doesn?t she? What about her dad??

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