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Saga Darth Yoda, the Darkside of the Moon (repost) 3/24/13

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Lea-El, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. Lea-El

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    Aug 13, 2005
    Author: Lea-El
    Era: Near the end of the Clone War
    Description: Dark Yoda

    Darth Yoda, The Darkside of the Moon

    As he walked the hall of the Jedi Temple late at night the shadows stretched out towards him as he passed. During the day he was the exemplary Master Head of the Jedi Council but his favorite time, his real time was late at night when he could be himself, his true self.

    Centuries of being looked down on, tripped over and being dismissed as an animal came to offend his pride and seduced him to the Darkside.

    Centuries of loss as friends, family, mentors and paramours; all those he loved returned to the once comforting Force taking its toil on the once meek and docile Master.

    Centuries of delving into the ancient manuscripts, many Dark and deadly, twisted his spirit even more than his body.

    As he walked the halls he invaded the dreams of the Jedi, turning their pleasant dreams and relaxing sleep into bone chilling fear. As he came to his favorite balcony on the temple he hopped up on the ledge and looked towards the Chancellor's home and office building and smiled his greenest and most malicious smile. "Well you are doing, my fine apprentice."

    "Mafer Oda, I haf a bad dweam." Broke Yoda's train of thought. Yoda dropped off the ledge and looked grandfatherly at the youngling standing before him.

    "A bad dream, you are having? Humm!" Yoda said, softly to the small girl brushing the strands of fiery red hair from her face. "Come little Mara, to your bed I will take you. Back to sleep, you should go."

    "I dun't wan' ta go ta sweep, I dweamed you wuz bein' mean ta me," her whimpering lip pouched out sadly.

    "Master Yoda mean? Never!" Yoda looked back over his shoulder toward the Chancellor's offices. "Looking to the future, I was. Now, to bed, you go. Tell you a story, Master Yoda will, about a time when over, the Clone War is, and all the galaxy one man rules."

    The End of the beginning.
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    May 9, 2005
    I like it so far.
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    May 17, 2006

    Have seen other darkside Yodas before.

    Rarely work out well, but the concept remains intriguing ever since Dark Rendezvous.

    I'll keep an eye in this one.
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    Aug 13, 2005
    AN:. I would like to give a bow to Pelly-Welly's I'm to sexy for my Empire for starting the orange speedo rumor.

    Part Two

    "Your representative to the Council, I want Anakin to be made. Much contention stir up, this will. Forced on them as a member of their precious council, Anakin will be. Angry they are; not chase after me, they will." Yoda hissed venomously.

    "Master, won't they be suspicious about you not foreseeing what is coming." Palpatine asked respectfully, mindful of the last time he offended his Master, which he was still recovering from. (There was a rumor starting to circle, in the not so polite society that he wore strange constrictive orange undergarments because of his injury.)

    "Tell them, I will, clouded the future, the Darkside has, " Yoda sneered maliciously. "Truth, it will be."

    "How do you want me to explain this to Anakin?" Palpatine asked, eyes down so as not to risk the ire of the troll.

    "Expedite the end of the war, if all are working closer together. Soft hearted, he is, work on that we must. Coming along nicely, my plot to get him to leave the order, bulbous his secretive wife is; soon forced to act, they will be." Yoda smiles spitefully then turned to look in the direction of the youngling quarters.

    "Go I must, again the brat awakens. Make her turn to Darkside, I must. Strong, she is. Good hand, she would make." Yoda dropped of the ledge and turned on his charm.

    "My, my, Mara, again, awakened, you are." Yoda said warmly to the youngling. "To bed you must go."

    "I dun't wan' ta go ta bed. I dweam ya 're mean. I dun't like sweep." Mara fussed.

    "Tell others of your dreams, you must not or scold you, they will. Speaking evil of Master Yoda like this. Huh!!"

    "Move your bed to another wing of the Temple, I will arrange. Pleasanter surrounding make for happier dreams, interrupt Yoda's meditation, you will not."

    "Okay, I p'omise I wan't tell. I sor'wy I 'rupted ya medi? medi?cat'n. Ya dun't haf ta tell me ano'fer stowy, I d'dn't like ta wast un." Mara followed Yoda back to her room.

    "Can ya weave a lite on, it's dark in 'ere." She said, as he covered her up too tightly.

    Yoda left the light on the dimest setting and smiled as he closed the door. "Dark indeed."