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Story DC/Marvel Comics crossover entries

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    This is also not for profit. There were years ago crossovers of DC and Marvel Comics.
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    JLA/Fantastic Four

    (Marvel Comics and DC Comics Crossover Graphic Novel)

    Original Marvel/DC Crossover Continuity Fan Fiction


    On the streets of New York City nearby the Kingpin’s building at night time. A portal opens. There is Lex Luthor in his battle suit. With him are Captain Cold, Queen Bee, Evil Star, Psycho Pirate, Bane and Black Manta. Luthor:We’ll take over New York City. Wilson Fisk is the Kingpin of crime. Lex Luthor will be the new Kingpin and then I’ll take out Dr. Doom for world domination.” They head off to the Kingpin’s office. Luthor:Get them all.” There are some other thugs still standing after Batman and Daredevil teamed up years ago. They pull out guns. They open fire. Bane throws punches onto them. Captain Cold freezes them. Luthor:Now I’ll throw the Kingpin out of the window.

    In the Kingpin’s office. There is the Kingpin at his desk. With him are 6 super villains. The Wizard, Typhoid Mary, Gladiator, The Wizard, Psycho Man, Diablo and Hydro Man. Kingpin:I fought Batman. Scarecrow killed some of my men and I killed 2 of them here years ago. Daredevil defeated Scarecrow. I will be doing business with Dr. Doom.” Lex Luthor shows up with 6 criminals. Kingpin: You must be Lex Luthor who hates Superman. I will take you out now and run your men.” Kingpin goes charging at Lex Luthor. The villains with their powers or weapons are fighting each other. Lex Luthor with his battle suit zaps the Kingpin. Luthor: Bane. Throw Mr. Fisk out of the window.Bane:Kingpin!” Bane goes over to the Kingpin. Kingpin:Face me you tough thug. I’ll run you as I crush Lex Luthor.” The Kingpin and Bane throw punches onto each other. Bane picks up the Kingpin. Bane throws the Kingpin out of the window. The fighting stops. Lex Luthor goes over to the Kingpin’s desk. Luthor:The rest of you now answer to me. This will be called the Injustice 12.

    Outside of Murdock, Shane and Nelson. There is Matt Murdock transforming into Daredevil. Hand assassins and their leader Tsurayaba show up. Tsurayaba:It’s Daredevil. The Chaste is there too. Kill them and Stone too. I killed Stick long ago.” Next comes Stone and the Chaste ninjas. Stone:I got your back Daredevil. He killed Stick after the death of Takashi. Elektra killed Kirigi too in a sword fight.Daredevil:I’ll take on the Hand’s leader. Vandal Savage in battle killed Kirigi. The JLA defeated Vandal Savage too. Batman defeated Bullseye while Nova Sam Alexander defeated Sinestro in battle. Nightwing defeated Green Goblin Norman Osborn. I defeated Roscoe Sweeney’s goons and Slade himself serving life in prison. Roscoe Sweeney died of a heart attack when I ran after him in trying to turn him over to the police.” Daredevil gets into battle against Tsurayaba. Stone and the Chaste ninjas battle the Hand ninjas. The ninjas are killing each other. Daredevil and the leader of the hand throw kicks and punches at each other. Superman is flying by.

    In Gotham City at night time at the Penguin’s turf. There are Night Wing, Bat Girl and Robin fighting The Penguin’s thugs. Silver Surfer is flying by on his surf board. Batman:Give up Penguin.Penguin:I will kill you all. Your new ally called Daredevil took down Scarecrow.” Batman is fighting the Penguin hand to hand. Batman grabs the Penguin’s umbrella. Penguin runs up to Batman. Batman knocks out the Penguin with his umbrella. Batman:Give up Penguin. You are getting a good long time in prison on racketeering charges.

    The next day at the bat cave. There is Batman sitting at the bat computer. He is look for Lex Luthor and his injustice gang. Batman:Lex Luthor has gone over to NYC. I once faced the Kingpin of crime.Aqua Man:Kyle Raynor flew with me past Dr. Doom. I think that Lex Luthor will next try to kill Dr. Doom.” With him are Aqua Man, Plastic Man, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter and Superman. Batman:Lex Luthor took over the super villains in league with the Kingpin. Next he will face Dr. Doom. I drove Daredevil to here years ago because of what Cat Woman stole. Bat Girl has taken down Cat Woman. Daredevil has not well enough eye sight to drive so he doesn’t have a vehicle.” The heroes all depart for New York City.

    At the Baxter building in the day time. There is Silver Surfer flying by. He goes into the Baxter building. Inside the Fantastic Four lab. There are Sue and Reed Richards, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm the Thing. Also with them is Matt Murdock. Matt:Shane and Foggy with me are prosecuting the Kingpin of crime. Psycho Man in his large suit has come to Earth. I defeated Tsurayaba the leader of the Hand. Tsurayaba killed my blind mentor Stick when he took leadership of the Hand.” Silver Surfer goes flying in. Silver Surfer: Psycho Man has come to here. I will stop him.” Matt Murdock transforms into Daredevil. Matt:It looks like a job for Daredevil. We’ll stop Lex Luthor and Dr. Doom. We’ll end this rivalry war.Johnny Storm:Flame On!” Johnny Storm transforms into the Human Torch. Thing:It’s Clobberin Time!Mr. Fantastic:Maybe we’ll meet with the Justice League of America out there.

    Outside of the Baxter Building. The Justice League teleports to the City of New York. Batman:Daredevil. It’s been many years since you and I fought Scarecrow and the Kingpin.Daredevil:The Kingpin once again went free. Matt Murdock with Foggy Nelson and Mr. Shane have the evidence now to have Kingpin put behind bars.Superman:My arch enemy Lex Luthor now runs the Kingpin’s turf.Aqua Man:Lex Luthor will next face Dr. Doom. Dr. Doom was standing on the balcony when I was with Green Lantern teaming with the Avengers.” There is Batman with Superman, Aqua Man, Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman and Plastic Man. Daredevil, Silver Surfer and the Fantastic Four comes out of the building. They go after the Kingpin.

    At Dr. Doom’s headquarters. There is Dr. Doom present. He has robots with him. Dr. Doom: Lex Luthor has killed Wilson Fisk the Kingpin of crime. Now we’ll all go out there to kill Lex Luthor. Let’s all go now. Spider-Man has taken down my henchmen. He defeated Venom.” They all depart for the Kingpin’s turf.

    At the Kingpin’s turf. There is Lex Luthor with the In Justice 12 somewhere else outside of the building. Lex Luthor:We’ll eliminate my enemies the Justice League. Than I’ll take out Dr. Doom. You who worked for the Kingpin could kill Spider-Man, Daredevil and the Fantastic Four and even Silver Surfer. You people could even kill Venom who used to be Spider-Man’s enemy.” Dr. Doom shows up. Dr. Doom:I will take over your injustice 12. You killed Wilson Fisk the Kingpin of crime.” Lex Luthor gets into battle with Dr. Doom. They shoot energy beams at each other. Lex Luthor and Dr. Doom get near each other. They throw punches onto each other. Luthor:I could with this battle suit kill you Dr. Doom.

    Somewhere else in NYC. There are the Justice Leaguers with FF and DD. Also there is SS flying by on his surf board. J’onn Jonz does a mind reading. Martian Manhunter:Lex Luthor is doing battle with Dr. Doom.Daredevil:Let’s take them all out.Mister Fantastic:We’ll take them all down. Daredevil told me once about the bat cave.” They go after the villains.

    Over to the Kingpin’s turf. Lex Luthor and Dr. Doom are fighting each other. There are the Kingpin’s men frozen shattered when Wilson Fisk hit their frozen bodies. Superman:It’s over Luthor. This madness ends now.Daredevil:The Kingpin’s men have been shattered when you threw the Kingpin out of the window.Batman:There was no sign of Wilson Fisk’s body.” Plastic Man takes on Diablo. Batman takes on Gladiator. Wonder Woman takes on Typhoid Mary. Invisible Woman takes on Queen Bee. Human Torch takes on Captain Cold. The Thing takes on Bane. Daredevil takes on Psycho Pirate. Silver Surfer takes on Evil Star. Martian Manhunter takes on Psycho Man. Superman takes on the Wizard. Mr. Fantastic takes on Black Manta. Aqua Man takes on Hydro Man.

    Typhoid Mary pulls out her sword on Wonder Woman. Typhoid Mary:I will kill a goddess.Wonder Woman:I am an Amazon warrior.” She takes a swipe at her. Wonder Woman blocks Typhoid Mary’s sword with her bracelets. Wonder Woman knocks the sword out of Typhoid Mary’s hand. Typhoid throws a kick onto Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman throws a punch back onto Typhoid Mary. She throws her across the alley. Wonder Woman next snares Typhoid with her magic lasso. Silver Surfer and Evil Star shoot projectiles at each other. Daredevil and Psycho Pirate are throwing kicks and punches at each other. Daredevil double kicks Psycho Pirate. Gladiator swings his wrist blades at Batman. Batman throws a punch onto Gladiator’s face. Silver Surfer in battle defeats Evil Star.

    Captain Cold shoots his ice gun at Human Torch. Captain Cold:I will put your flames out now Human Torch.” Human Torch shoot ice beams with fireballs. Bane and Thing are throwing punches at each other. Queen Bee shoots stingers at the Invisible Woman. Invisible Woman blocks them with an invisible force shield. Black Manta throws a punch onto Mr. Fantastic. Mr. Fantastic makes a boxing glove out of his hand. Lex Luthor in his battle suit crushes Dr. Doom’s hand. Dr. Doom:Kill this hairless thug now robots.” Doom bots fire on Lex Luthor. Lex Luthor shoots beams back at the doom bots. Human Torch with a fireball knocks the ice gun out of Captain Cold’s hand. Human Torch next puts flames around Captain Cold holding him there. Human Torch:This should hold you here until the police come.” Psycho Man is in his huge suit. Psycho Man:I come from a micro universe. I will crush you in this suit.” He throws punches at Martian Manhunter. Martian Manhunter throws punches back. J’onn Jonz puts his hand through the suit. He pulls Psycho Man out. Martian Manhunter:You will be sent back to your world and sent to prison.

    Hydro Man washes away Aqua Man. Aqua Man:I am the king of the 7 seas.Hydro Man:I will wash you away.” Aqua Man shoots his hook into Hydro Man. Aqua Man throws a kick onto Hydro Man. The Wizard is shoot disks at Superman. Superman blocks them with his hands. Superman throws a punch onto the Wizard knocking him off of the flying object. Diablo throws a punch onto Plastic Man. Lex Luthor shoots down Dr. Doom. Luthor:Now Dr. Doom. You will die.” Silver Surfer in the battle defeats Evil Star. Plastic Man with his hand blocks the punch by Diablo. Diablo shoots Plastic Man with magic. Diablo takes off. Plastic Man stretches out his arms. He ties up Diablo. Aqua Man sends a kick onto Hydro Man making him fall into the sewers in the flood drains. Wilson Fisk the Kingpin of crime shows up. Luthor:I thought that you were dead Mr. Fisk.Kingpin:I banged into my men frozen and they shattered.Batman:It’s time for a rematch Kingpin.Kingpin:This time Batman I will kill you.” Batman takes on the Kingpin. Luthor:I will take you out now you alien.” Silver Surfer takes on Lex Luthor. Kingpin and Batman throw punches at each other. Lex Luthor shoots energy beams at Silver Surfer. Silver Surfer shoots lasers out of his eyes on Lex Luthor’s battle suit. Batman is getting beaten up by the Kingpin. Kingpin:Now to kill you Batman.Batman:Thing. Pull Bane’s cord. It will weaken him.” The Thing pulls Bane’s cord. Bane charges after the Thing. The Thing throws a punch onto Bane. Mr. Fantastic ties up Black Manta. Invisible Woman does an invisible ram onto Queen Bee. Many police cars show up. Batman pulls out his bat stunner. The Kingpin makes the move to break Batman in half. Batman strikes the Kingpin with his bat stunner.

    Silver Surfer does damage to Lex Luthor’s battle suit. Luthor:You destroyed my battle suit. I will bring in my thugs from Metropolis.Superman:Dan Turpin is hunting down all of your henchmen. You are finished Luthor.” The cops all come out of their cars. Superman takes off with Psycho Man to his home planet. Superman:I will return Psycho Man to his home world and he will go to prison.” All those cops come out with guns drawn. Many of the villains including Dr. Doom, Lex Luthor and the Kingpin are taken in the police trucks in handcuffs. So is the whole Sinister Injustice 12. Foggy Nelson and Mr. Shane are standing there. Foggy:We have the evidence for you now Kingpin. You are going to prison.” The Justice League goes back to their world or town. Daredevil swings off into the night. Silver Surfer goes flying off. Silver Surfer:I am leaving here now.

    1 week later. At the United Nations outside. There are Daredevil, Silver Surfer and the Fantastic Four there. Also there is Eddie Brock from the Daily Bugle. Eddie Brock:I need to get your picture for the Daily Bugle.Urich:The Kingpin is finally behind bars. So is Dr. Doom.Daredevil:Superman turned Lex Luthor’s henchmen over to the police in his hometown. I teamed up with Batman before.” He has his camera with him. Ben Urich is there too. The Justice Leaguers show up from a portal. They are Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Aqua Man and Plastic Man. Superman:Lex Luthor has been taken by to Metropolis as have those other super villains working for him were taken to their home areas to their prisons.” The heroes all get to together. Ben Urich has a pen and paper. Eddie Brock takes their photo.


    Nazis United

    Original Marvel/DC Crossover Continuity Fan Fiction


    In Gotham City at night time. On the streets there is Catwoman. Spider-Man and Daredevil are swinging around Gotham City. Daredevil:Catwoman wasn’t caught here years ago. She has been hunted for years.Spider-Man:How come I drove you to here?Daredevil:Purple Man is here doing business with Two-Face. I was friends with him in law school. He even drove me around. I never in my life had a driver’s license.” Batman is swinging by. Batman:I am helping you too Daredevil. Catwoman was reformed and went back to her criminal ways.” Batman goes over to Spider-Man and Daredevil.

    Somewhere else on the streets of Gotham City. There is Two-Face present with the Purple Man. There are also some thugs working for Two-Face. Purple Man:I will have the police under my control and than you’ll replace the Kingpin of crime Wilson Fisk.Two-Face:Batman fought the Kingpin years ago. The Justice League of America once teamed with the avengers.” Catwoman goes over to them. Catwoman:Daredevil is here with Spider-Man and they are with Batman after us.Purple Man:I put you under my control and you have gone back to your old ways. You’ll lead the heroes into the trap.” Batman shows up with Spider-Man and Daredevil. Batman:Catwoman is going with you to the police station and she’ll testify against you men.” Batman takes on Purple Man. Daredevil takes on Two-Face. Daredevil:You’ll face me again Harvey Dent.Purple Man:Catwoman. Take out Spider-Man.” Some thugs and Catwoman go after Spider-Man. Spider-Man ties up Catwoman and those thugs with his webs. Batman and Purple Man throw punches at each other as does Daredevil against Two-Face Batman lays some kicks onto Purple Man. Daredevil high kicks Two-Face. They are banged into each other. Spider-Man with his webs next ties up Two-Face and Purple Man. Spider-Man: That should hold them until the police come.” Wonder Woman, John Stewart the Green Lantern, The Flash and Superman show up to greet Batman. Superman:We have news of Vandal Savage taking New York City. Some Nazi has become Metallo stronger than John Corbin. We put John Corbin behind bars after you and Daredevil battled the Kingpin and Scarecrow.Wonder Woman:J’onn says that Vandal Savage is uniting Nazis with some other super villains and then they take away world freedom.John Stewart:I was with the US Marines. I will fight for our freedom.Batman:I think that Vandal Savage and Red Skull will challenge each other for world leadership.” Next Captain America and the Avengers show up. There are Wasp, Black Widow, Spider-Woman, Hawkeye, Vision and Iron Man of the Avengers. Captain America: Spider-Man. Daredevil. Red Skull is plotting to take over the world and end world freedom.Black Widow:Red Skull wants to start the Axis again.Iron Man:On our sources the new Axis plots to ban tattoos and body piercings. Red Skull will have them ripped off of people. Let’s go.” They all leave the place. Daredevil:I am unable to drive because of my eyesight.” Spider-Man takes Daredevil to the spider mobile. Batman goes over to the Batman mobile while others in the league fly off and the Flash speeds off. The Avengers get onto their quinjet.

    Somewhere in New York City by the Hudson River. There is Vandal Savage present. Red Skull shows up on Vandal Savage. Vandal Savage:You are crazy to rip tattoos or piercings off of people. They will be executed for having them just as I will outlaw cigarettes and beer. I will ban hip hop music and other pop songs.Red Skull:You will not kill people for their piercings if they remove them.” Red Skull pulls out his gun. Vandal Savage pulls out his sword. Vandal Savage with his sword goes after Red Skull. Red Skull shoots Vandal Savage down and he falls into the Hudson River. Captain Nazi, Red Panzer, Green Skull, Ultra-Metallo, Gorilla Grodd, Lady Vic, Cheshire, Syren, Baron Blitzkrieg and Red Panzer’s thugs as there are Baron Zemo, Green Skull, Crossbones, Mandarin, Grey Gargoyle, Mother Superior and Red Skull’s robots. Red Skull: You are my daughter Mother Superior. Kill him for sure. We’ll have Scandal Savage killed because she will try to kill us. If he killed me than you would be killed by Scandal Savage.” Mother Superior pulls out her guns. She shoots at Vandal Savage in the river to make sure he is dead. Mother Superior:You won’t kill my illegitimate father.Red Skull:You who served Vandal Savage will answer to me.Red Panzer:A black man named Turk Barrett gives Daredevil information. Go kill him and kill the heroes. They are at Central Park.Grodd:They know from my psychic abilities.Mandarin:I was with the Japanese back in World War 2. The Axis will return and I will crush Iron Man.” Red Panzer’s Nazis leave the place after the heroes.

    Somewhere else on the streets of New York City. There is Spider-Man driving the Spider buggy with Daredevil riding aboard. Batman is driving his car down the streets of NYC. The other Justice Leaguers are flying by and the Avengers quinjet is flying by. Daredevil:We’ll question Turk at Central Park.” They go over toCentral Park.

    At Central Parkthere is Turk stand there. Daredevil jumps after Turk out of the spider mobile. Daredevil:You will give us information Turk.” Green Lantern with his power ring captures Turk. Turk throws a punch at Daredevil. Daredevil throws a kick back onto Turk. Daredevil grabs Turk by the shirt. Daredevil:What’s going on Turk?Turk:After The Kingpin was defeated there was Red Skull who wants world domination. The Kingpin defeated Lex Luthor and than Lex Luthor even defeated Dr. Doom. Red Skull has a base on the pier. He has a robotic replicant of himself that could grow. Vandal Savage an immortal and the last of the cavemen had just killed Resurrection Man and than he fought Red Skull. Red Skull killed Vandal Savage.Captain America:We’ll all work together and find the real Red Skull too.Turk:Baron Zemo is also working for Red Skull.” Spider-Man hops out of the spider mobile. Some Nazis pull out guns. Daredevil throws his billy clubs bouncing from the rocks and trees. He strikes some Neo Nazis. The avengers come out of the jet. Black Widow drop kicks a couple of Neo Nazis. The Flash speeds by some of Red Panzer’s Nazis knocking them to the ground. Flash: They work for Neo Nazi Red Panzer.” Spider-Man ties up the rest of Red Panzer’s Nazis to the ground. Spider-Man:That should hold them there for the police. Let’s go after Red Skull.Superman:On the crime syndicate world I put Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Black Canary, Wild Cat, Fire, Ice, Vixen, Aztek, Kyle Raynor, Green Arrow, Blue Beatle, Metamorpho, Shining Knight, Vigilante, Elongated Man and Plastic Man teaming with Alexander Luthor the good version of Lex Luthor against the evil versions of us.” The avengers get back into the quinjet. Daredevil gets back into the Spider Buggy. Red Panzer’s Nazis show up. Everyone leaves for a pier inNew York City.

    At a pier in New York City. There is Red Skull present with all those following him. There are Red Skull’s robots. Red Skull:I have a replicant of me who could grow bigger and take out the Justice League of America and the Avengers.Baron Zemo:We’ll rip out lots of belly button rings. My laser device will remove tattoos.

    Somewhere else on the pier. The bat mobile and spider mobile are being parked there. Spider-Man and Daredevil hop out of the spider mobile. Batman jumps out of the bat mobile. The Avengers quinjet lands. The Flash speeds on over to there. Batman:Now let’s get Red Skull.Daredevil:We’ll even nail Baron Zemo.Wonder Woman:Vandal Savage put together a villain teamed called Tartarus and they defeated the titans and they are injured.Batman:My partner Robin was the leader and they were known as the teen titans. Also Raven, Star Fire, Beast Boy and Cyborg fought those villains as did Impulse and Wonder Girl. On the team were Syren, Gorilla Grodd, Lady Vic, Cheshire and Red Panzer all working for Vandal Savage.Captain America:I think that Vandal Savage was killed by Red Skull.” Red Skull’s robotic soldiers show up. Captain America:They are Red Skull’s robotic soldiers.” They fire on the team. Superman shoots them down with his heat vision. Green Lantern with his power ring shoots down robots. Batman uppercuts some of Red Skull’s robots. Daredevil strikes a robotic soldier with his billy club. Wonder Woman with her bracelets blocks the gun fire by Red Skull’s soldiers. Iron Man and Vision shoot down soldiers with lasers. Captain America strikes some with his shield. Hawkeye:I have the rest of them.” Hawkeye shoots down the rest with his bow and arrows. They go after Red Skull and gang.

    Over to Red Skull and those villains in league with him. Robot Red Skull:The Justice League of America and the Avengers will be showing up soon. The real me is in hiding.” Gorilla Grodd pulls out his laser cannon. The heroes all show up. Captain America:What an evil thing you have done Red Skull and you all working for him.Robot Red Skull:Puny heroes. I will shut you up for good.Batman:We’ll teach you the meaning of justice just as we are the Justice League.” Daredevil takes on Red Panzer. Hawkeye takes on Green Skull. Iron Man takes on Baron Blitzkrieg. Vision takes on Ultra-Metallo. Spider-Man takes on Grodd. The Flash takes on Crossbones. Wonder Woman takes on Mother Superior. Wasp takes on Syren. Black Widow takes on Lady Vic. Spider-Woman takes onCheshire. Hawkeye takes on Green Skull. Green Lantern takes on Mandarin. CaptainAmerica takes on Captain Nazi. Superman takes on Grey Gargoyle. Vision takes on Ultra-Metallo. Batman takes on Baron Zemo.

    Red Panzer shoots beams at Daredevil. Daredevil throws his billy clubs striking Red Panzer. Zemo shoots at Batman. Baron Zemo:You are the man who dresses up as a bat. You won’t stop us.” Batman throws a batarang while ducking and it knocks the gun out of Zemo’s hand. Daredevil with his billy club strikes Red Panzer on the forehead. Grodd shoots his laser cannon at Spider-Man. Grodd: You must be the man who dresses up as a spider.” Spider-Man leaps out of the way. He ties up Grodd with webs. Spider-Man: Now I have webbed an ape.

    Cheshirethrows a lethal kick onto Spider-Woman. Lady Vic:We’ll kill you Spider women.Cheshire:Our new leader is Red Skull. We’ll kill you women from the Avengers.” Lady Vic swings her deadly knives at Black Widow. Black Widow lays a kick onto Lady Vic knocking her out. Spider-Woman with her webs ties up Cheshire. Syren:I have this wasp right there.” Syren shoots her voice onto Wasp. Wasp shoots Syren with bio electric energy blasts. Baron Blitzkrieg shoots laser blasts from his eyes onto Iron Man. Baron Blitzkrieg:I will crush you now Iron Man.” Iron Man throws a punch back onto Blitzkrieg. They are fighting each other hand to hand. Iron Man defeats Baron Blitzkrieg.

    Crossbones is shooting at the Flash. Crossbones:You are trapped!” The Flash out runs his bullets. The Flash speeds over to Crossbones. He throws a punch onto him knocking him out. Mother Superior fires on Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman with her bulletproof bracelets blocks the gun fire by Mother Superior. Wonder Woman pulls out her magic lasso. She nails Mother Superior with it. Batman in the battle knocks out Baron Zemo. Green Skull shoots at Hawkeye. Hawkeye shoots a non lethal arrow onto Green Skull in battle knocking him out. Captain America and Captain Nazi are throwing punches at each other. Captain America with his shield clobbers Captain Nazi. Ultra-Metallo and Vision are shooting at each other with laser blasts. Vision blows up Ultra-Metallo. Vision:I think that this man had kryptonite for you Superman. I saved you.Grey Gargoyle:I will get some kryptonite and kill Superman with it.” Grey Gargoyle shoots Superman with stone bricks. Superman goes over to Grey Gargoyle and throws him aside.

    Mandarin shoots at Green Lantern with his powers. Green Lantern shoots at Mandarin with his power ring. Mandarin:See my power!” Green Lantern in the beam fight defeats Mandarin. Spider-Man with his webs ties up those villains in league with Red Skull. Spider-Man:Now we have you Red Skull.Robotic Red Skull:I will take you all out at once and kill you like I killed Vandal Savage.Flash:We tried firing squads on Vandal Savage after I defeated him. Nothing happened.” Red Skull pulls out his gun on the heroes. Captain America throws his shield striking Red Skull. Red Skull grows himself into a giant robot. Red Skull shoots lasers at the heroes. Wonder Woman:Great Hera. What’s this?” Green Lantern blocks them with his power ring. The Flash outruns the lasers. Superman shoots lasers back at Red Skull’s giant robot. The real Red Skull shows up. Red Skull:You will all face the giant robot replicant of me.” Superman is shot down by Red Skull’s lasers. Iron Man and Vision shoots lasers at the giant Red Skull robot. Red Skull next clobbers Iron Man and Vision. Green Lantern is knocked down as are the other heroes. Wonder Woman is blocking laser shots with her bracelets. Red Skull traps Wonder Woman in plasma. Red Skull is shooting up the ground around the Flash. Red Skull’s giant robot next clobbers the Flash. The 3 women in the Avengers are clobbered. Spider-Man does a spider leap onto Red Skull’s giant robot. Daredevil throws his billy club. Daredevil:I got him.” Red Skull’s giant robot grabs DD’s billy club and clobbers both Spider-Man and Daredevil. Red Skull:You I will defeat you all.” Vandal Savage shows up. Vandal Savage:Face me I am immortal but I am losing my immortality. I will die of old age. Face me.” Vandal Savage has a gun with him. Red Skull: You will now die for sure.” Vandal Savage fires on Red Skull’s giant robotic replicant. Vandal Savage:Now John Stewart the green lantern. I am going for redemption and I will do my time.” Green Lantern makes a sword from his power ring. He slices down the giant robot. Red Skull next jumps kick Vandal Savage. Red Skull:You won’t defeat me. Everyone will get back up and you heroes will be crushed.” Vandal Savage throws a punch back onto Red Skull. They are fighting each other hand to hand. Red Skull:Now I will kill you all.” Vandal Savage in the battle shoots down Red Skull killing him. Vandal Savage goes over to all of the heroes. Savage:I am going for redemption. I have just lost my immortality maybe from what Red Skull did. I thought that I might as well change. I will do my prison time.

    Later on at the pier. There are many military men there who take away all those villains in league with Red Skull. The Avengers quinjet flies off. Batman:You’ll ride with me Vandal Savage. We’ll all meet at the UN as we saved the world of Nazism of today.” Vandal Savage rides in the bat mobile with Batman driving it. Spider-Man is driving the spider buggy with Daredevil riding aboard. The Avengers quinjet flies off with the team aboard while the Flash is speeding by and the others leaguers are flying off into the day.

    Many days later at the United Nations. There are the Justice Leaguers Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern John Stewart and Superman present. Also there Spider-Man and Daredevil there. Also present are the Avengers members Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Wasp, Spider-Woman, Vision and IronMan.There are many men and women from all over the world with leaders. The super heroes are all honored for their defeat over modern Nazis. Superman:We saved the world from Nazism where Red Skull and enemies to many of us were plotting to take over the world and take away world freedom. I have won freedom for the world.

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    Oct 15, 2005
    The CSA & Sinister 7


    On the streets of Manhattan at night time. Mysterio appears in teleportation with 6 other criminals known as Scorpia, Shocker, Electro, The Vulture, Hobgoblin and The Beatle. Mysterio:I think that Spider-Man is on a mission to Apokolips teaming up with others and New Genesis against Darkseid. SHIELD is at war with HYDRA just as SAFE it at war with AIM.Hobgoblin:I knew that the X-Men is at war with the Brotherhood of Evil mutants now lead by Mr. Sinister. Magneto and Juggernaut are reformed now.Scorpia:I hope that Darkseid gets Spider-Man just as New Genesis is at war with Apokolips.Mysterio:We’ll get rid of Spider-Man and his allies. We’ll recruit 5 more people and form the sinister twelve.” 5 other people appear from a portal from the anti matter universe. They are Ultra Man, Owl Man, Super Woman, Power Ring Kyle Raynor with blonde hair and Johnny Quick. Ultra Man:I am Ultra Man the evil version of Superman. I am the big boss in the crime syndicate. Those 4 are bosses.Owl Man:Alexander Luthor with his Justice Underground is at war with our gang.Super Woman:Slade Wilson’s rebellion is at war with the Teen Tyrants. Alexander Luthor in his campaign for president is taking on our Martian Manhunter as he’s left in charge there.Mysterio:Will you join us? You could defeat your heroic counterparts here and we’ll kill them.Ultra Man:We’ll join.” The crime syndicate members get together with the Sinister 7. Ultra Man shakes hands with Mysterio. Mysterio:You and I Ultra Man will leader the sinister twelve.Ultra Man:There’s Owl Man the evil version of Batman. There’s Super Woman the evil version of Wonder Woman just as I am the evil version of Ultra Man. There are Johnny Quick and Power Ring the evil versions of Green Lantern and the Flash.Mysterio:I am called Mysterio. I am the master of illusions. Those 6 with me are Scorpia, Electro, The Beetle, Shocker, The Vulture and Hobgoblin. They are also enemies to someone called himself Spider-Man.” The Owl flies out. Owl Man makes fists at the Owl. Mysterio:It’s OK. He’s Leland Owsley also known as the Owl. He’ll hire us.Owl Man:I am known as Owl Man the evil version of Batman.The Owl:I am the Owl who’s taking over as the Kingpin of crime. Batman once at the statue of liberty defeated the Kingpin but he got away and the Kingpin is now at Ryker’s.” He lowers them. The Owl goes over to the CSA and Sinister 7. The Owl:Come into my office. I will learn about you guys from the anti matter universe.Ultra Man:Heroism is a dirty word in my world. Now we’ll go to there.

    At the Kingpin’s building later on at night time. Turk is sitting at a seat. The Owl appears with the Sinister 12 team in league with him. The Owl:This is the new Sinister Twelve. Those 5 here are the evil versions of the founding members of the Justice League. I hired the sinister twelve to get rid of our enemies.Ultra Man:I am Ultra Man the evil counterpart of Superman.Owl Man:I am Owl Man the anti matter version of Batman.Super Woman:I am Super Woman the anti matter counterpart of Wonder Woman.Power Ring Kyle Raynor:I am known as Power Ring the evil version of Green Lantern.Johnny Quick:I am the evil version of the Flash from the anti matter universe.Turk:I am Turk Barrett who is forced into giving Daredevil information.The Owl:You can leave now Turk and hang out at Josie’s Bar. You can slash Daredevil up before he finds me with the Sinister Twelve.” Turk leaves the place.

    Nearby Josie’s Bar later on at night time. There is Turk there. Daredevil appears. Daredevil:Turk. I need information.” Turk goes for a knife. Turk:Not you again.” Daredevil sends a kick onto Turk’s hand knocking the knife out of it. Daredevil and Turk fight each other hand to hand. Daredevil high kicks Turk to the ground. Daredevil grabs onto Turk. Daredevil:Tell me what’s going on Turk. The police are after you.Turk:The Owl has hired the Sinister Seven and even the evil version of the Justice League. They formed a Sinister Twelve. You could bring in the Justice League or Justice Society members available.Daredevil:Parademons are coming onto Earth now. New Genesis is at war with Apokolips. We are fighting for freedom and peace in our galaxy.” Police cars show up. Daredevil throws Turk to the ground. Daredevil:Thank for your cooperation.” Daredevil swings off into the day.

    The next day at the Baxter Building in the living room. There are present are Reed Richards, Ben Grimm, Sue Storm and Johnny Storm. Johnny Storm:I heard about it last night there have been the evil version of the Justice League coming to here.Reed Richards:We’ll have Daredevil by our side along with the Justice League and Justice Society to help us deal with them. This is whoever is available.” Daredevil swings into a window of the Baxter Building. Daredevil:I am helping you fight this Sinister Twelve. I got available members of the Justice League and Justice Society here. I was blind since I was turning 13 years old and so I never owned a car. I never had a driver’s license or even a permit. I hunted down those who killed my father when I started out and I even defeated a villain called the Scarecrow when I teamed up with Batman years ago. Batman had fought the Kingpin.The Thing:We’ll get suited up.” The Fantastic Four gets suited up.

    Outside of the Baxter Building. There is Wildcat present along with members of the Justice League and Justice Society Hawk Man, Dr. Fate, Plastic Man, Star Girl, Martian Manhunter, Steel and Black Lightning. Martian Manhunter:Aqua Man is dealing with parademons under the sea. They want to turn the ocean into lava just as Darkseid plots to destroy Earth where most of us are from and then destroy New Genesis.Steel:The Teen Titans are at war with HIVE just as The Doom Patrol is at war with The Brotherhood of Evil.” The Fantastic Four shows up on their vehicle called the fantastic car. Daredevil swings out of the building on ropes. Daredevil:We are ready.Wildcat:I trained Black Canary and Green Arrow and I will face the Owl personally. I’ll split up from you just as I will face The Owl and the rest of you face the Sinister Twelve. We’ll send the Crime Syndicate leaders back to the anti matter universe. I will search the Kingpin’s building for the Owl just as Leland Owsley wants to take Wilson Fisk’s place running the crime in New York City.Daredevil:I am helping you fight this Sinister Twelve. I got available members of the Justice League and Justice Society here. I was blind since I was turning 13 years old and so I never owned a car. I never had a driver’s license or even a permit. I hunted down those who killed my father when I started out and I even defeated a villain called the Scarecrow when I teamed up with Batman years ago. Batman had fought the Kingpin. Being blind is why I don’t drive as my powers won’t always being useful to me and I have teamed with Batman against Two-Face with Hyde. I went to law school with Harvey Dent. My 2 partners are on the Leland Owsley case and the Kingpin is for a long time behind bars.” The heroes all depart. Wildcat departs for the Kingpin’s building.

    At the Kingpin’s office. There is the Owl present along with the Sinister 12. The Owl:I think that there’s the Justice Society and Justice League teaming up with Daredevil and the Fantastic Four. You all go after them.” The Sinister 12 departs for Prospect Park.

    Later on at Prospect Park. The Sinister 12 shows up under the power of Power Ring Kyle Raynor. They all get to the park. Owl Man:Maybe our enemies are here.” Daredevil shows up next with the Fantastic Four and the Justice League and Justice Society without Wildcat present. Daredevil:It’s over. I know of who you people are from Turk. Turk is going to do prison time.The Thing:It’s clobberin time!” The Thing takes on Ultra Man. Dr. Fate takes on Mysterio. Hawk Man takes on the Vulture. Star Girl takes on Scorpia. Steel takes on the Beetle. Black Lightning takes on the Shocker. Martian Manhunter takes on Hobgoblin. Plastic Man takes on Electro. Human Torch takes on Power Ring Kyle Raynor. Invisible Woman takes on Super Woman. Mr. Fantastic takes on Johnny Quick. Daredevil takes on Owl Man. Johnny Storm:Flame On!” Johnny Storm transforms into Human Torch. Power Ring Kyle Raynor:Now to put you out.” Power Ring shoots energy beams at Human Torch. The Human Torch with his flames fries them. The Human Torch shoots a fireball onto Power Ring Kyle Raynor. Power Ring Kyle Raynor falls to the ground. Johnny Storm next fries Power Ring Kyle Raynor’s power ring. Johnny Storm:Now you don’t have your powers. You must be the evil counterpart of Green Lantern. You’re going back.Power Ring Kyle Raynor:Now I won’t. I will be back and you’ll pay for this.Johnny Quick:Now to tie you up stretching man.” Johnny Quick goes speeding around the park. Mr. Fantastic ties himself around trees. Johnny Quick bangs onto Mr. Fantastic’s body. Reed Richards next makes a hammer out of his hand on Johnny Quick. Mr. Fantastic with his hammer hand clobbers Johnny Quick. Human Torch turns back into himself. Scorpia shoots energy blasts at Star Girl. Star Girl blocks them with her staff. Star Girl next with her staff clobbers Scorpia. Black Lighting and Shocker shoot blasts at each other. Black Lightning with his powers shoots down Shocker. Electro is shooting electrical blasts at Plastic Man. Plastic Man goes into different shapes. Electro:I can still fry you as you are a plastic man.” Plastic Man next with his arms grabs onto Electro. He slams him against a tree. Sue Storm-Richards turns invisible. Super Woman:I think I have found you invisible blonde.” Super Woman shoots green lasers at her. She misses. Super Woman goes for the magic lasso. Super Woman:I will get you where ever you are.” Sue Storm-Richards invisible kicks Super Woman on the knees. Invisible Woman:I was right here. Now I will stop you.” Invisible Woman next sends a punch onto Super Woman. She knocks her down to the ground. Beetle shoots blasts at Steel. Steel blocks them with his steel hammer. Steel next clobbers the Beetle. The Beetle falls down to the ground. The Vulture with his blaster shoots at Hawk Man. Hawk Man blocks the shots with his sonic mace. Hawk Man with his sonic mace clobbers the Vulture. The Vulture falls down to the ground. Hobgoblin:I didn’t know for sure of life on Mars but I will get you now.” Hobgoblin throws pumpkin bombs to Martian Manhunter. The Martian goes invisible. Hobgoblin:Where did you go?” Martian Manhunter flies onto Hobgoblin’s glider. Martian Manhunter:Right here Hobgoblin.” Martian Manhunter throws a punch onto Hobgoblin. Martian Manhunter takes control of the Hobgoblin’s glider holding him prisoner. Daredevil and Owl Man are fighting each other with kicks and punches. Daredevil in the battle uppercuts Owl Man knocking him down to the ground. Owl Man tries to get back up. Daredevil next roundhouse kicks Owl Man incapacitating him. Daredevil:Stay down.” Dr. Fate and Mysterio are shooting magic at each other. Dr. Fate with his powers captures Mysterio. The Thing and Ultra Man are throwing punches at each other. The Thing:You must be the anti matter version of Superman. I will clobber you.” The Thing in battle uppercuts Ultra Man. Steel gives kryptonite to the Thing. Steel:Here’s his weakness just like it is to Superman.” The Thing next throws a hard punch onto Ultra Man incapacitating him. Dr. Fate with his magic ties up the Sinister Twelve. Dr. Fate:Now that I got you all I will send you to the police. I am sending you leaders of the crime syndicate back to your world as the police there will arrest you.Ultra Man:You’ll all pay for this.” He next teleports them to the police station.

    In the Kingpin’s building. There is the Owl present. Wildcat shows up. Wildcat:You must be the Owl.The Owl:That I am. You must be a member of the Justice Society. My Sinister Twelve will defeat your allies.” Wildcat takes on the Owl. They are fighting each other hand to hand. The Owl swings his talons at Wildcat. Wildcat sends a jab punch onto the Owl making him fly across the room. The Owl:Now see my dive bomb. You’ll pay for this.” The Owl gets into the air. The Owl makes the move to dive bomb Wildcat. Wildcat uppercuts The Owl knocking him down to the ground. Wildcat next steps on the Owl. Wildcat:Stay down.The Owl:I’ll get out and you’ll pay for this.

    Later on outside of the Fisk building. There are officers of the NY PD with The Owl being loaded into a police car in handcuffs. Wildcat is out there watching. Lt. Nick Manolis is there too as is Ben Urich of the Daily Bugle. They go over to Wildcat. Urich:I am here to get the story on the evil versions of Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern and Superman. I heard of them visiting Turk in the interrogation room.Manolis:I will soon arrest the Sinister Twelve. I have other officers at the station to help me.Wildcat:I will soon go back to the hall of justice. I am retiring. I trained the first Black Canary and even the second Black Canary the daughter of the original. I even trained Green Arrow to fight.

    Many days later at the Baxter Building in the Fantastic Four’s place. There is the entire Fantastic Four there. Also present are Daredevil, Wildcat, Star Girl, Plastic Man, Steel, Martian Manhunter, Black Lightning, Hawk Man and Dr. Fate. Dr. Fate:Ultra Man, Super Woman, Power Ring, Johnny Quick and Owl Man have been returned to the anti matter universe and locked up.Martian Manhunter: Alexander Luthor defeated my evil counterpart just as the heroic counterpart of Deathstroke and his people have defeated the Teen Tyrants.Hawk Man:The members of the Justice Underground defeated the many members of the Crime Syndicate. We’ll clean up crime on our world.Daredevil:As Matt Murdock I have 2 partners. Since I could never drive and I am blind for the rest of my life from the radioactive accident I took a train into Gotham City on the Kingpin case while Batman drove me back to New York City. We are all out of here. I will keep fighting crime in New York City.” Dr. Fate teleports the Justice League members and Justice Society members out of the building. Daredevil departs as well.

    Outside of the Baxter Building. There is Daredevil swinging out on ropes into the city.


    Nazis United Again


    At Vandal Savage’s headquarters in New York City in the day time outside. There is Vandal Savage present. Also there are Savage’s Nazi thugs. Also with them are super villains Captain Nazi, Reichsmark, Swastika, Baroness Blitzkrieg, White Dragon, Armin Zola and Dr. Faustus. There are Nazi flags. There are Hour Man and Dr. Mid-Nite present. Savage:I lied to the Justice League about being reformed. As I have killed Red Skull I am your leader now. He tried to kill me. In my society no more candy or ice cream. No more cigarettes and no more tattoos or body piercings. Captain America fought against us in World War 2. I will take over the world.Captain Nazi:I have served you before Savage just as I know that Zemo and Red Panzer have given up Nazism. We’ll crush the Avengers along with the Justice League and Justice Society.Savage:Yes. Let’s do it.” Vandal Savage’s Nazi followers put their hands up in Nazi salute. Dr. Mid-Nite and Hour Man vanish from the place.

    At the Avengers tower later on in the day time. In the living room of the place. There is Captain America present. Also there are Iron Man, Miss Marvel, Hawkeye and Luke Cage. They are all seated on chairs and couches. Captain America:I remember that Vandal Savage killed my arch enemy the Red Skull. Maybe no more Nazism in the world. I know that War Machine, Wasp, Ant-Man, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and Wonder Man are at war with Maggia.Iron Man:Thor is also on Asgard dealing with Loki his evil brother.Captain America:Before I was frozen in an ice berg Red Skull and the Joker tried to kill each other. Venom is now one of the good guys.Iron Man:Black Widow we know is on the mission to Apokolips to save the world from Darkseid and Darkseid has defeated Galactus years ago.Luke Cage:I just joined with the Avengers team. I could fight for freedom as well.Miss Marvel:I know that the X-Men is at war with the brotherhood of evil mutants. I was once part of the X-Men.Hawkeye:I know that Valeria and Franklin Richards with the New Exalibur are at war with the friends of humanity and sentinels trying to eliminate mutants.Captain America:I will seek us a mission. SHIELD is at war with Hydra just as SAFE is at war with AIM.

    Outside of the Avengers Tower. There is Edwin Jarvis walking into the building. Dr. Mid-Nite and Hour Man appear. Dr. Mid-Nite and Hour Man go over to Edwin Jarvis. Edwin Jarvis:You guys must be members of the Justice Society.Dr. Mid-Nite:That we are. Vandal Savage has united modern Nazis and I know that Captain America is available to deal with them.Edwin Jarvis:Come right with me.Hour Man:Vandal Savage is the leader and he lied about being reformed just to take over the world.” They enter the place.

    Back in the living room of the Avengers Tower. Captain America and his team get up. Edwin Jarvis shows up with Dr. Mid-Nite and Hour Man. Edwin Jarvis:We have 2 members of the Justice Society said that Vandal Savage is back out there and leads the modern Nazis.Captain America:He killed my old enemy Red Skull. Maybe he did that to one day take over.Hour Man:Captain Nazi is back out there.Captain America:We’ll bring Vandal Savage to justice. I fought against the Nazis when I started out.” The 2 members of the Justice Society go over to the Avengers available. Captain America:Let’s go end Nazism here in New York City.” The Justice Society members with the Avengers depart going after Vandal Savage and his Nazi team.

    At Vandal Savage’s headquarters later on in the day time on the lower levels. There is Vandal Savage present. Also there is the entire 4th Reich team with Vandal Savage’s thugs. Savage:My men and I are going out to the statue of liberty. We’ll destroy it. You members of 4th Reich stay here as do you 2 who worked for Red Skull.” Vandal Savage and his thugs depart for the statue of liberty.

    On the roof of the Avengers tower. The 2 Justice Society members and the Avengers go onto the Avengers quinjet. They all get in. Captain America is piloting the thing. They head off to Vandal Savage’s place.

    At Vandal Savage’s headquarters outside on a roof top. The Avengers quinjet appears. The Avengers and Justice Society get out of the jet. They head to inside of the building.

    Inside of Vandal Savage’s headquarters on the lower levels. There are Captain Nazi, Reichsmark, Swastika, Baroness Blitzkrieg, White Dragon, Armin Zola and Dr. Faustus. Captain Nazi: Captain America is still out there. Let’s kill him.White Dragon:Sal Maroni and his gang went to war with Carmine Falcone and his gang. Sal Maroni scarred Harvey Dent who went to law school with Matt Murdock from around here. Matt Murdock was blind since before he was old enough to even drive.” Captain America and the Avengers show up with Dr. Mid-Nite and Hour Man. Captain America:We’ll show you the meaning of justice.Captain Nazi: We meet again Captain America. Now you’ll die.” Hour Man takes on Armin Zola. Miss Marvel takes on Baroness Blitzkrieg. Captain America takes on Captain Nazi. Dr. Mid-Nite takes on Dr. Faustus. Luke Cage takes on Swastika. Hawkeye takes on White Dragon. Iron Man takes on Reichsmark. Baroness Blitzkrieg:You’ll die now as I know you are a mutant.” Baroness Blitzkrieg goes speeding by Miss Marvel. Miss Marvel shoots her powers at the Nazi woman. They are now fighting each other hand to hand. Miss Marvel defeats Baroness Blitzkrieg. Luke Cage and Swastika are throwing punches at each other. Swastika:I know that you have super powers. We’ll take them away from you as we rule the world.” Luke Cage in battle defeats Swastika. In the battle Reichsmark tries to turn Iron Man into a statue. Reichsmark:I know that you are in steel armor. I’ll fight you the old fashioned way.” Iron Man and Reichsmark are fighting each other hand to hand. Iron Man defeats Reichsmark. In the battle Dr. Mid-Nite fights Dr. Faustus hand to hand. Dr. Mid-Nite defeats Dr. Faustus. In the battle Armin Zola tries to get a picture of Hour Man. Hour Man kicks onto the camera. Armin Zola:I’ll just beat you up. I know that you aren’t with the Avengers.” Hour Man and Armin Zola are throwing punches at each other. In the battle Hour Man defeats Armin Zola. White Dragon fires on Hawkeye. He misses. Hawkeye with his bow shoots down White Dragon with a non lethal arrow. White Dragon is captured in a net. Captain America and Captain Nazi are throwing punches at each other. Captain Nazi:I know that you got your powers from a scientist and you killed that Nazi who killed him. I got my powers the same way as you.” Captain America with his mighty shield clobbers Captain Nazi. Captain Nazi falls to the ground. Hawkeye:Where’s Vandal Savage? I am a good shot with my arrows.Armin Zola:He went off to the statue of liberty with his troops. They are plotting to destroy it.Captain America:We are going there next just as I call in the cavalry. Give up just as Zemo and Red Panzer have.” Captain America goes onto his cell phone to call in the cavalry.

    At the statue of liberty grounds. There is Vandal Savage present with his thugs. Somewhere near there is The Punisher Frank Castle. Savage:Maybe my Fourth Reich team will crush the Avengers and Justice Society. I will rule the world and we’ll raid tattoo parlors with candy shops and ice cream parlors. We’ll ban allot of stuff. I joined the Nazi party in World War 2 in hopes of taking over the world.” Vandal Savage spots the Punisher. Savage:There’s a vigilante calling himself the Punisher. He’s gone to war with the mob guys and whacked them out. We’ll even kill vigilantes.” The Punisher pulls out his Uzi and berretta. The Punisher:It’s over Savage. The guilty will be punished just as I served in the armed forces fighting for our freedom. Now I will kill you.Savage:I am immortal. You can’t kill me. It’s impossible.The Punisher:Try me. I have killed mortals only.Savage:Get him and kill him.” Vandal Savage’s troops go after the Punisher with their guns. They fire on Frank Caste. Frank Castle fires back on Vandal Savage’s Nazi thugs. Frank Castle shoots down Vandal Savage’s Nazi thugs with his Uzi and berretta killing them. 3 more attack. The Punisher shoots them down with the bullets left in his Uzi. The Punisher throws his Uzi aside. Savage:I will kill you just as Armin Zola replicates them.The Punisher: You will die. Maybe I can kill an immortal.” Vandal Savage pulls out his sword. The Punisher a few times near the water shoots Vandal Savage down with his berretta. The Punisher goes over to Vandal Savage. Vandal Savage is about to get up. The Punisher pulls out a grenade. Vandal Savage runs after the Punisher. The Punisher kicks Vandal Savage aside. The Punisher removes the tab from the grenade. He throws it into Vandal Savage. The Punisher again shoots Vandal Savage. Savage:You have tried shooting me before. You can’t kill me with your guns.” Vandal Savage falls into the water and is blown to pieces. The Punisher:You are the first immortal that I killed.” The Punisher puts his gun away. The Avengers quinjet appears moments later. The Avengers get out of the jet along with Dr. Mid-Nite and Hour Man of the Justice Society. The Avengers and Justice Society go over to Frank Castle. Captain America:I couldn’t join the military and I was in the super soldier experiment program.The Punisher:I have fought for your freedom before. I served in the Delta Force. I want to join with you.” Hour Man finds dead Nazi thugs. Captain America goes in search of Vandal Savage. He doesn’t find him. Captain America:We’ll see about it. I know that you are just a vigilante. Your family was killed and you killed the killers of your family when you started out.The Punisher:I have before teamed with Batman.” Captain America: “Come with us to our tower.” The Punisher gets onto the Avengers quinjet with the Avengers and 2 members of the Justice Society. They all depart.

    Many days later at the Avengers Tower in the living room. There is Steve Rodgers present. Also there is Tony Stark who’s known as Iron Man. Also present are Luke Cage, Clint Barton, Carol Danvers who’s Miss Marvel, Dr. Mid-Nite, Hour Man and Frank Castle. Steve Rodgers:Vandal Savage could be dead but we haven’t found his body in the river. It could’ve washed away.Tony Stark:War Machine who’s my friend James Rhodes defeated Count Neferia while his daughter Madame Masque was defeated by Scarlet Witch. His gang was defeated by Wonder Man, Quicksilver, Wasp and Ant-Man.Captain America:SHIELD has defeated HYDRA just as Nick Fury has killed Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker the leader. SAFE has defeated AIM. We have 4th Reich behind bars.Dr. Mid-Nite:Teen Titans have defeated HIVE just as the Doom Patrol has defeated the Brotherhood of Evil.Carol Danvers:The X-Men defeated the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants lead by Mr. Sinister just as Cyclops has defeated Mr. Sinister. The 2 kids of Sue and Reed Richards have defeated the sentinels just as New Exalibur has defeated Friends of Humanity.The Punisher:I am fighting against the gangs of New York. We don’t have any word on Fire Star and Ice Man or even Spider-Man and others on Apokolips against the forces of Darkseid. I am out of here now.

    Later on outside on the roads of New York City. There is the Punisher walking down the streets of New York City. He has his guns holstered.


    Venom vs. Darkseid


    On Apokolips at Darkseid’s castle in the morning. There is Darkseid present on his throne. Also present are Virman Vundabar, Desaad, Granny Goodness, Knockout, Kalibak, Kanto, Mantis, Mortalla, Devilance, Amazing Grace, Steppenwolf, Dr. Bedlam, Titan, Glorious Godfrey, Brola, Stompa, Bernadeth, Mad Harriet, Lashina, Wunda, Gilotina, Atremiz, Malice Vundabar, Bloody Mary, Speed Queen, Chessure and Darkseid’s soldiers. Also there are parademons present. Darkseid:We have been for many years at war with New Genesis. We have Earth and New Genesis to destroy. I am sending you parademons to Earth and New Genesis and building boom tubes. There’s the Marvel Knights along with the Justice League and Justice Society. There’s even the Doom Patrol and Teen Titans along with the X-Men on Earth. Even on Earth there’s SAFE and SHIELD. Let’s crush them all and we’ll rule the galaxy. We’ll even destroy the source for green lanterns. I fought have Galactus years ago and defeated him. Chessure. You are taking parademons with you to Atlantis and you’ll destroy Aqua Man.” Chessure departs for Earth with parademons. Other parademons depart for New Genesis. Darkseid:We’ll all leave my castle and prepare for final battle against the Justice League and Justice Society along with the Marvel Knights. There’s also the Fantastic Four on Earth.Granny Goodness:I could make female furies out of the amazons.Darkseid:You have done well Granny Goodness. There’s also Elektra of the chaste lead by Stone since Stick died. Stick was blind his whole life.

    On New Genesis in the day time. There is present High Father standing out there. Also present are Takion, Mr. Miracle, Big Barda, Orion, Lightray, Himon, Infinity Man, Metron and the citizens of New Genesis. High Father:Dr. Bedlam I have found out is back out there. He’s creating parademons to destroy both Earth and here.Big Barda:Scott and I wanted to have kids but were unable to.Himon:There’s the Marvel Knights team on Earth. We could find them. A man calling himself Stick on Earth took leadership of the chaste after the death of Master Izo who was also blind. The Chaste has defeated the Hand and there are wars going on from the planet Earth.Metron:I have seen it all. The hand was defeated by the chaste. I know that Daredevil is Matt Murdock who is partnered with Shane and Nelson. He never owned a motor vehicle in his life.High Father:I am having you Lightray and Orion my son to head off to the Justice watch tower to find all those available members of the Justice League and Justice Society. You Big Barda with your husband Mister Miracle will go to New York City to find the available Marvel Knights team members and there’s also Venom who became a good guy.” Big Barda, Mister Miracle, Lightray and Orion depart for Earth.

    At the Justice League watch tower later on in the day. There are present Super Girl, Liberty Belle, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern Kyle Raynor, Green Lantern John Stewart, Red Arrow, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Zatanna, Hawk Girl, Vixen, The Flash, Batman and Superman. Superman:I heard that the Fantastic Four with Daredevil are dealing with the evil versions of us. Vandal Savage lied about giving up his quest for world domination. He now leads the modern Nazis.Batman:I drove Daredevil around since he was blind since before he was old enough to drive. He took down the Scarecrow while I fought Wilson Fisk the Kingpin of crime. Matt Murdock was friends with Harvey Dent from law school. Both Falcone and Maroni with their gangs are behind bars or dead.Wonder Woman:I remember fighting Storm of the X-Men years ago. I know that they are at war with evil mutants.” Orion and Lightray show up in the watch tower. They go over to the heroes. Orion:I need all of you available on New Genesis to meet with High Father.Superman:We must have Darkseid out there.Lightray:Dr. Bedlam is creating a legion of parademons to destroy both Earth and New Genesis.Superman:We are all coming.” They depart for New Genesis.

    Somewhere in New York City nearby Times Square. There is Venom present. Also present are Ice Man, Fire Star, Elektra, Black Widow, Black Cat, Shang Chi, Iron Fist, Dr. Strange, Moon Knight, Silver Surfer, Iron Fist, She-Hulk, The Hulk and Spider-Man. There’s a rally. Venom:Batman has faced me years ago. I am now on your side and as Eddie Brock gotten pictures of you heroes who defeated other super villains out there. I will lead the Marvel Knights team. The Punisher is hunting down Vandal Savage.Spider-Man:Batman even years ago defeated Bullseye just as The Punisher had fought Deathstroke of HIVE.” Big Barda and Mister Miracle appear in a portal. They go over to Spider-Man and his friends and even Venom. Mister Miracle:Are you all available?Venom:We’ll all come together. The Thunderbolts are dealng with Thanos and the black Order Corvus Glave, Hela, Proxima Midnight, Super Giant, Ebony Maw and Black Sawn.Silver Surfer:What’s going on? Grandmaster has been defeated by Nova Frankie Raye.Big Barda:Darkseid had Dr. Bedlam create parademons on Earth and New Genesis to destroy those planets. You are all need on New Genesis to meet with High Father.Elektra:I’ll go. Daredevil is teaming with the Fantastic Four against the crime syndicate.” They depart for New Genesis.

    On New Genesis in the day time. There is High Father present along with Takion, Infinity Man, Metron, Himon and other citizens of New Genesis. Big Barda and Mister Miracle show up with Venom and Spider-Man and his friends. Next Orion and Lightray appear with the available members of the Justice League and Justice Society. High Father:You are all on the mission to save the galaxy from Darkseid. He could rule the galaxy. I am sending you Mr. Miracle, Big Barda, Lightray and Orion to Apokolips with the heroes of Earth to stop Darkseid.Venom:I will face him personally. I was once an enemy to Spider-Man. Worse than me was Carnage who we defeated years ago.High Father:I put you Venom in charge of the fight for freedom and our fates against Darkseid and his forces.” The Marvel Knights with the Justice League and Justice Society with Venom in charge depart along with Orion, Mister Miracle, Big Barda and Lightray to Apokolips.

    In Atlantis in the day time. There is Aqua Man present with his wife Mera and their son. Also there are soldiers of Atlantis. Chessure of the female furies appears with a band of parademons. Aqua Man:They serve Darkseid. I think that the founding members are going to Apokolips to deal with the crisis. J’onn J’onz with Plastic Man are dealing with the Sinister Seven who are enemies of Spider-Man teaming with Daredevil and the Fantastic Four as is Wildcat.” Aqua Man and his soldiers get into battle with the parademons. Aqua Man:You could as the Queen of the seas face this member of the Female Furies.” Mera takes on Chessure. They fight each other hand to hand. Aqua Man strikes down some parademons who attack him with his trident. Other soldiers shoot spears into parademons who attack. Mera in the battle knocks down Chessure. Mera:I will defeat this female fury. We’ll win for our lives and freedom.

    Somewhere else in the United States. There is the Ghost Rider Dan Ketch on his bike. Parademons show up. They attack the Ghost Rider. The Ghost Rider with his flaming chains whips the parademons.

    Somewhere in upstate New York. There is Wolverine present along with Juggernaut and Magneto. Magneto:I am long since reformed but Mr. Sinister has taken my place as leader of the brotherhood.Juggernaut:I have been reformed recently. I want to team up with you.Wolverine:Maybe Cyclops will defeat Mr. Sinister while Franklin and Valeria Richards with the Exalibur team are fighting against sentinels and Friends of Humanity.” Parademons show up on them. Wolverine:Those are parademons. Darkseid must be back out there.” Wolverine pulls out his adamentium claws. They attack Wolverine, Magneto and Juggernaut. Wolverine with the blades coming out of his hands slices down parademons. Juggernaut rams into some parademons. Some others attack Magneto with spears. Magneto reverses them on them destroying them.

    On New Genesis later on. There is High Father with Takion, Himon, Infinity Man, Metron and other citizens of New Genesis. High Father:Maybe Venom will save the world. We have for years been at war with Apokolips.” Parademons show up just as the heroes have departed. Metron:Let’s all get to inside. They will deal with them.” The citizens of New Genesis and Metron get to safety. High Father with Takion, Himon and Infinity Man get into battle with the parademons. High Father with his staff clobbers some parademons who attack him. Infinity Man shoots beams onto parademons. Takion with his golden staff strikes parademons. Himon with his blaster shoots down parademons.

    On Apokolips outside of Darkseid’s castle. There are Darkseid’s soldiers present. Darkseid and his minions including the female furies show up. Darkseid:Maybe we will find the green lanterns and destroy them.Granny Goodness:I have started the female furies years ago. I want to kill Super Girl before we rule the galaxy.Dr. Bedlam:I have created parademons on Earth. They’ll face other members of the Justice League and Justice Society on various missions. We’ll destroy Earth and New Genesis.” Orion, Lightray, Big Barda, Mister Miracle shows up with Venom and the Marvel Knights team members Ice Man, Fire Star, Elektra, Black Widow, Black Cat, Shang Chi, Iron Fist, Dr. Strange, Moon Knight, Silver Surfer, Iron Fist, She-Hulk, The Hulk and Spider-Man. Also the Justice League and Justice Society members available show up. Superman:It’s over Darkseid.Darkseid:It’s Superman. You soldiers can attack him.” Iron Fist takes on Virman Vundabar. Spider-Man takes on Desaad. Super Girl takes on Granny Goodness. She-Hulk takes on Knockout. The Hulk takes on Kalibak. Silver Surfer takes on Kanto. Ice Man takes on Mantis. Fire Star takes on Mortalla. Mister Miracle takes on Devilance. Big Barda takes on Amazing Grace. Shang Chi takes on Steppenwolf. Dr. Strange takes on Dr. Bedlam. Orion takes on Titan. Lightray takes on Glorious Godfrey. Moon Knight takes on Brola. Wonder Woman takes on Stompa. Elektra takes on Bernadeth. Black Cat takes on Mad Harriet. Black Widow takes on Lashina. Spider-Woman Jessica Drew takes on Wunda. Black Canary takes on Gilotina. Hawk Girl takes on Atremiz. Liberty Bell takes on Malice Vundabar. Zatanna takes on Bloody Mary. Vixen takes on Speed Queen. Red Arrow, Green Arrow, Batman, Superman, Green Lantern John Stewart, Green Lantern Kyle Raynor and the Flash take on Darkseid’s soldiers. Venom takes on Darkseid the ruler of Apokolips. The soldiers attack the Justice League members. Green Arrow and Red Arrow shoot down Darkseid soldiers with her arrows from bows. Superman shoots lasers out of his eyes onto Darkseid’s soldiers. Green Lanterns Kyle Raynor and John Stewart shoot green beams onto Darkseid’s soldiers with their power rings. The Flash throws speed punches onto Darkseid’s soldiers. Batman throws kicks and punches onto Darkseid soldiers. Dr. Bedlam:I learned of you on Earth Dr. Strange. Now I will kill you.” Dr. Bedlam goes into android bodies going after Dr. Strange. Dr. Strange shoots them with mystic blasts. Dr. Strange next captures Dr. Bedlam. Iron Fist and Vermin Vundabar are fighting each other hand to hand. Vermin Vundabar:My niece will defeat your allies. You will die in the x-pit.” Iron Fist with his fist knocks down Vermin Vundabar. Steppenwolf swings his axe at Shang Chi. Steppenwolf:Fight me hand to hand you Earth human.” Shang Chi throws nun chucks onto Steppenwolf’s axe knocking it out of his hand. They now fight each other hand to hand. Mantis:Now I will melt you Ice Man.” Mantis shoots heat at Ice Man. Ice Man shoots ice blasts onto Mantis. Next Ice Man freezes Mantis. Kalibak and the Hulk throw punches at each other just as She-Hulk and Knock Out throw punches at each other. The Hulk sends out a sonic clap onto Kalibak. She-Hulk throws a hard punch onto Knockout knocking her out. Kanto:I will kill you and next we’ll kill Galactus.” Kanto blasts at Silver Surfer. Silver Surfer shoots cosmic energy back at Kanto. Silver Surfer shoots down Kanto. Mortalla:I see that you project fire. Maybe I will burn you.” Mortalla pulls out her Necrotic Touch on Fire Star. Fire Star shoots flames striking Mortalla knocking her to the ground. Brola strikes at Moon Knight with his hand of stone. Moon Knight with his battle staff a few times strikes back on Brola. He knocks him down to the ground. Lightray and Glorious Godfrey are fighting each other hand to hand. In the battle Lightray defeats Glorious Godfrey. Bloody Mary uses her powers on Zatanna. She blocks them with the magic wand. Zatanna with her magic strikes Bloody Mary turning her to normal. Zatanna:We are putting an end to your female furies team.Bloody Mary:I’ll get my powers back and you’ll pay for this.” Speed Queen goes speeding by Vixen. Vixen goes into rhino form. Vixen rams Speed Queen knocking down. Wonder Woman and Stompa are fighting each other hand to hand. Wonder Woman in the battle defeats Stompa. She captures her with the magic lasso. Wonder Woman:I got you before you create a quake onto me.” Mister Miracle and Devilance are fighting each other with battle staffs. In the battle Mr. Miracle defeats Devilance. Big Barda and Amazing Grace are fighting each other hand to hand. In the battle Big Barda defeats Amazing Grace. Orion and Titan are fighting each other hand to hand. In the battle Orion defeats Titan. Mad Harriet swings her claws at Black Cat. Black Cat ducks. Black Cat does a flip kick onto Mad Harriet. Black Cat next sends a punch onto Mad Harriet. Lashina:See my hands now Earth woman.” Lashina swings her steel hands at Black Widow. Black Widow sends kick onto Lashina. Black Widow and Lashina fight each other hand to hand. In the battle Black Widow defeats Lashina. Black Widow:I am called the Black Widow and I serve on the Avengers team.” Wunda and Spider-Woman Jessica Drew are fighting each other hand to hand. In the battle Spider-Woman Jessica Drew knocks Wunda to the ground. She ties her up in webs. Liberty Bell and Malice Vundabar fight each other hand to hand. In the battle Liberty Bell defeats Malice Vundabar. Artemiz shoots spears at Hawk Girl. She blocks them with her sonic mace. Hawk Girl next strikes Artemiz with the sonic mace. Black Canary and Gilotina are fighting each other with martial arts. Black Canary sends out a sonic scream onto Gilotina defeating her. Bernadeth:Now I will slice you down as I lead the female furies.” Bernadeth swings her faren knives at Elektra. Elektra blocks with them with her sais. They are fighting each other. Elektra with her sais knocks the knives out of Bernadeth’s hands. Elektra next pulls out her battle staff. Elektra with her battle staff strikes Bernadeth. The female chaste ninja knocks the female furies leader of the ground. Elektra:Give up. I have been dead before.” Superman with the 2 Green Lanterns present defeat the rest of Darkseid’s soldiers. In the battle Shang Chi sends a roundhouse kick onto Steppenwolf defeating him. Desaad:You must be Spider-Man. I will kill you now.” In the battle Desaad fires his blaster at Spider-Man. Spider-Man shoots Desaad’s blaster with his webs. Spider-Man next sends a punch onto Desaad defeating him. Granny Goodness:Without you I will recruit more onto the female furies team.” Super Girl and Granny Goodness throw punches at each other. In the battle Super Girl defeats Granny Goodness. Super Girl:No more of the female furies now.” In the battle Darkseid and Venom are fighting each other hand to hand. Darkseid shoots lasers onto Venom. Nothing happens. Venom:It takes more than that to separate us. Thanos and his allies are dealt with by the Thunderbolts recruited by the Inhumans.” Venom next shoots webs onto Darkseid’s eyes. Darkseid:I can’t see you now. You’ll pay for this.” Venom throws a powerful punch onto Darkseid knocking him down. Spider-Man and Venom with their webs tie up Darkseid and his minions. Venom:Give up. You have all been defeated.Orion:We won this ancient war against Apokolips. You are Darkseid with your minions signing a surrender and then you get imprisoned in the space prison.Darkseid:I will one day get out and kill you.Spider-Man:Never. I will fight crime in my city on Earth.

    Many days later on New Genesis. There is present High Father on his throne. Also there are Lightray, Orion, Takion, Himon, Metron, Mister Miracle, Big Barda and Infinity Man along with the residents of New Genesis. Also there is Venom present along with Ice Man, Fire Star, Elektra, Black Widow, Black Cat, Shang Chi, Iron Fist, Dr. Strange, Moon Knight, Silver Surfer, Iron Fist, She-Hulk, The Hulk and Spider-Man. The Justice League and Justice Society members present are Super Girl, Liberty Belle, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern Kyle Raynor, Green Lantern John Stewart, Red Arrow, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Zatanna, Hawk Girl, Vixen, The Flash, Batman and Superman. High Father:We have won the ancient war against Apokolips with your help.Big Barda:I was once part of the Female Furies. I fought Twilight and her mother and then defeated them when you heroes of Earth were fighting Nazis. I am pregnant now.Orion:I know of you people fighting crime on Earth.Superman:The Fantastic Four with Daredevil defeated the evil versions of us while our supporters on the Justice League and Justice Society have defeated the Sinister Seven.Black Widow:The Avengers have defeated Those Nazis and the Punisher killed Vandal Savage. Others on the team have defeated Maggia.Ice Man:The Brotherhood was defeated by the X-Men while the children of Sue and Reed Richards with the Exalibur team have defeated the Friends of Humanity.Fire Star:Cyclops along with Jubilee, Strom and Gambit has defeated Mr. Sinister. Ice Man and I were part of the X-Men team once.Shang Chi:SHIELD and SAFE have defeated Hydra and AIM.Batman:The Teen Titans and Doom Patrol have defeated the Brotherhood of Evil and HIVE. The Punisher I have faced years ago and he wanted to join the Avengers team.” Everyone departs into the day.

    The next day on the streets of Metropolis. There is Superman present along with Wonder Woman, The Flash Wally West, Green Lantern Kyle Raynor and Batman. Batman:Daredevil has defeated the evil version of me as I was informed by him. I could give him a ride into Gotham City as he was blind since he was turning 13 and will be blind for the rest of his life.Wonder Woman:No more female furies.Superman:Darkseid could return and then I will be back out there. He should rot the rest of his life in the galactic prison. The Inhumans, Alpha Flight and Thunderbolts defeated the Outriders and Resistance while Songbird defeated Thanos and the others redeemed defeated the Black Order lead by Thanos. ” They are walking down the streets of Metropolis.

    In New York City on the rooftops. There is Spider-Man with his 2 friends Fire Star and Ice Man. Spider-Man:We have heard the NEWS. We made the world safe from dictator ship and crime. We’ll team up together if there’s any more criminals out there. The Justice League members and Justice Society Members teaming with Daredevil and the Fantastic Four defeated the crime syndicate and 7 of my enemies and Wildcat defeated the Owl. We are still a team.” Fire Star flies off into the day. Ice Man goes off on ice bridges that he builds. Spider-Man swings off onto his webs.

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