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Saga [DDC 2015] The Chronicles of I-5YQ (Updated 12/22/15-Complete)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Ewok_Slayer, Jan 9, 2015.

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    Well, for someone who's not good a writing action scenes, you did a pretty good job here :)

    That was a neat narrative trick to restore I-Five's memories, and as usual you put the right clues in the right places to indicate that he has now fully recovered his droid abilities -- e.g. when he says that "my HRD programming activated a shuddering breath to accentuate the overwhelming relief I was now experiencing". If I ever write a droid as a character, I'll be taking lessons with you.
    Why do I sense that this means trouble for them in the future? They're going to be the heroes of Myrkr after this, and they don't want the attention.

    Drunk!Magash was hilarious. They almost deactivated a bomb while copulating on the back of a stampeding rancor there [face_laugh] (And, well, before she got drunk, I-Five did admit his feelings for her, didn't he ;))
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    Thanks. I am glad to get that action scene out of the way. Those are tough to write.

    Of course, that is what happens in the movies. The hero gets his memory back at the last minute. That is probably a Literary Trope.

    Thanks. Magash is a little out of it.

    Thank you. That is a great compliment.

    It will get them some attention. Thanks for the kind review.

    This is just a short little post.
    Entry 53

    When we got home Norro tried to jump out of the speeder without helping me. “Norro, bring in the cooler and get the clothing in the wash.”

    He frowned but did as I asked. I walked over to the passenger side and actually had to wake Magash up. “Hey, sleepy, time to get showered and in bed.”

    She gave me a drunken smile as I picked her up and carried her inside. Norro came in behind us carrying the cooler, which he immediately dropped and called out for the others. “Jax! Sacha! Den! Come here!”

    Sacha came into the entry area from the living room and let out a gasp of shock when she spied our bloody appearance. “Are you hurt? What happened?”

    Before I could answer, Jax and Den heard the commotion and came to where I stood. “What the?” was all Den managed to get out.

    “Are you okay?” Jax asked.

    “Magash is a little hurt. We ran into a problem and had to kill some of the local predatory animals. The ambulance medic gave Magash a painkilling overdosed and that’s why she is groggy.” I looked down at my friend I held in my arms. “I need to get her cleaned up. Norro will tell you the whole story. I know he is dying to give you all the details.”

    Norro grinned wildly. “I’d love to.”

    I could hear Norro chattering excitedly as I carried Magash to the ‘fresher. I pushed open the door with my foot and set Magash down on the bathroom floor. “Don’t move,” I cautioned her as I turned on the shower and adjusted the water temperature. When it was at a comfortable temperature I picked Magash up and maneuvered both of us into the shower stall. Since we both wore swimsuits I assumed she would not consider this overly forward of me.

    Her droopy eyes popped open when the water hit her back. She smiled sultrily before she leaned forward and rested her head on my chest. “We’re taking a shower together. How romantic.”

    I was having a difficult time keeping a straight face. I kept an arm around her waist as I reached up and picked vornskr fur out of her hair. “I’m picking animal gore out of your hair…how unromantic.” I grabbed a shower sponge hanging from the water valve and began to wipe the blood off of her body.

    “I’ll clean you up the best I can and then let Sacha take over. She’ll get you into night clothing and into bed.”

    She put her arms around my neck and whispered into my ear. “Thank you for being my friend.”

    I wondered if this comment was in response to my confession in the forest thanking her for being my friend. “You’re welcome.” I waited for her to continue talking, but she was barely awake. It was probably best if she didn’t remember my heartfelt admission that if I could pick anybody, I would have chosen her to be my life companion. I don’t want things to become awkward between us.

    Entry 54

    After a quick shower I wrapped a towel around her and guided Marash to her room. I called for Sacha who was down the hall. “Can you get her into her sleepwear and into bed without my help?”

    “No problem.” Sacha smiled at me with a look of pride. “What you two did tonight was really brave. You two make a great team.”

    “I think so too.” I sat Magash down on a chair in her room. Her head hung down limply and I had to keep a hand on her shoulder to prop her upright.

    “I got her,” Sacha said as she grasped Magash’s other shoulder and shooed me out of the room.

    I exited and closed the door behind me and walked to the living area where Jax and Den requested further details.

    Jax motioned to Magash’s room. “How bad is she hurt?”

    “The barbed tail of one of the creatures pierced the meaty part of the calf. It didn’t hit the bone. I’ll bring her to the doctor tomorrow to make sure it is healing alright.”

    Jax ran his hand through his hair. “That was some adventure you had.”

    “We are lucky to be alive. Magash is an incredible fighter. She couldn’t touch the Force, but she fought like a Jedi.”

    “If those things live in the forest I’m glad we live far from it,” Den said adamantly.

    “Definitely,” Jax agreed. “I don’t want my future son getting anywhere near those things.”

    “Believe me,” I said emphatically. “Nobody should get anywhere near those things…ever.”

    Entry 55

    I have performed a complete self-diagnostic of my brain and discovered carbon scoring on the cognition module, which created a short in my artificial neural web. Den was able to repair the problem and he now believes I will no longer experience shutdowns or false memories.

    Since all of my recollections are recovered, I have continued my journaling and tagged all entries that occurred during the time of my brain malfunction as recovered memories. I now can record my journal entries automatically and place them in the appropriate file.

    Jax was right. Last night truly was an adventure. I will endeavor to moderate the threat level of any future escapades. I have been decapitated twice. I would like to avoid a third time.
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    =D= Everything seems to be settling down. [face_relieved] Vornskrs are definitely something to be avoided. :eek:
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    Thank you. I have to wrap up that last adventure and then off to a new one. I can't believe this diary is almost over.


    Entry 56

    I know Norro considers somebody watching you sleep as creepy, but I felt compelled to do so in this situation. After she fell asleep, I pulled up a chair next to Magash’s bed and monitored her respiration. In the morning her eyes popped open and blinked a few times before she noticed me sitting next to her. She rose up on an elbow and looked at me questioningly. “Did we go out and get drunk after our vornskr killing spree?”

    “Unfortunately, no. The medic overdosed you on painkillers. How is your leg?”

    She pulled the blanket off her body and looked down at her sleep shirt. “I don’t remember changing. She looked at her hands and arms. “I don’t remember showering.”

    “Since we were already in swimsuits I assisted you in the shower. Sacha helped you dress and get you into bed. I came in after you were asleep to make sure you didn’t have respiration difficulties.”

    “Oh,” she whispered before looking at her injured calf muscle. She pried up the bacta patch and inspected the puncture wound. “It doesn’t look infected.”

    “We are supposed to see the doctor today.”

    She sat up in bed and slowly lowered herself to the floor, checking to see if her injured leg could hold her weight. “It feels good. The tail of the animal must inject a poison that paralyzed the muscle. I couldn’t control it after my injury.” She walked a few paced back and forth testing her balance and control. “How is the boy?”

    “I don’t know. The animals didn’t injure him. The medics were working on him in the ambulance.”

    She nodded. “How about Norro and his friend?”

    “He listened to me for once and stayed inside the speeder with Nik.”

    She was unusually quiet as she sat down at the edge of the bed. She sighed and brought a hand up to squeeze the bridge of her nose.

    “Are you well?”

    “Yes.” She paused for a long moment. “I’ve never got that close to dying before. Working as a trader has weakened my body and reflexes. My clan sisters would be greatly disappointed.”

    I sat down next to her and put a hand on her knee. It was a gesture I’ve seen Jax do with Sacha when she was upset. “Magash, you are anything but weak.”

    She shook her head. “I had to be saved by men.”

    Now I understood her distress. On Dathomir the women were supreme fighters. To be rescued by a male would be disgraceful. “Magash, we were saved by blasters. If we had blasters we could have easily walked out of that forest.” I stood and strode to the door. “After you dress we should visit the doctor.”

    She gave me a curt nod as I left. I didn’t like seeing Magash depressed. I wonder if being rescued by the police was the only thing bothering her.

    Entry 57

    The police officer I talked to last night made an appointment to come out to our house to get a statement from me and Magash. Sacha, Jax and Den decided to keep their distance from the law enforcement authorities and opted to be away during his visit.

    We invited the man in and sat at the kitchen table as we gave him an account of what happened. At first the questions were routine, but then things changed. The middle aged police officer turned off his datapad that he used to take notes and put it away in his pocket. He then sat back in his seat and regarded Magash and I quietly. “I was really impressed by your fighting skills. You say you are traders?”

    Magash looked over to me nervously. I gave her a reassuring expression before turning back to the man. “Yes, we have a ship and are hauling cargo for some of the local import/export businesses.”

    A slow disarming smile crossed his face. “You do much fighting in the cargo hauling business?”

    I wasn’t sure where he was going with this line of questioning, but I didn’t like it. “No, not normally. Sometimes cargo hubs can attract some unsavory characters.” My smile dropped from my face when I realized this officer might believe we were smugglers or even worse, pirates. A pirate might have the fighting experience to kill all those vornskrs.

    “I can understand that. This galaxy is now swarming with unsavory people.” He shifted in his seat so he could face me fully. “I was so impressed with you and your wife’s heroics that I did a little background check. I discovered you received replacement Imperial identification on the planet Phindar right before you arrived on Myrkr.”

    “That’s right. We lost our official documents during the war.”

    The man smirked. “Yeah, the war. The talk around town is your adopted son claims you were a fighter in the clone wars.”

    I suppressed the urge to groan. Norro needs to learn to keep a low profile. “My son likes to exaggerate. I worked as a medic during the clone wars.”

    I could tell by the look in the man’s eye that he didn’t completely believe my story. “The thing is,” he said slowly. “I checked and I couldn’t find a Fyve Pavan in the military databanks…anywhere.”

    “I was a civilian medic.”

    The man chuckled. “Sure you were. You’re a civilian medic that’s not in any databases and one that can kill our most deadly predators like they are helpless pittins. That is beyond any normal human abilities in my opinion.”

    I frowned. “What are you suggesting?”

    He leaned forward, gazing at me intently. “I know what you are.”

    Magash shifted in her seat as I saw her hands grip the edge of the table, her body tensing. I wasn’t sure what she was planning, but I am fairly certain it involved violence. I reached out and put my hand over hers and gave it a squeeze before turning back to the officer and smiling. “Officer, I’m an honest trader. I know the replacement identification may look suspicious, but I guarantee we are not smugglers, pirates, nor do we participate in any unscrupulous activities.”

    He laughed. “Pirates! No, I don’t think you’re a pirate. I wasn’t referring to your current occupation, but to you personally, Fyve Pavan—as in the number five. You would think you’d come up with a less obvious alias.”

    I closed my eyes, realizing he knew I was a droid. “Why are you bringing this up? I haven’t done anything wrong.”

    He leaned forward in his seat. “I’m not here to give you trouble. I just want to warn you to keep a low profile. Don’t give any holovid interviews and keep your image out of the media. Advertising your identity might invite problems with some of our less enlightened citizens.” He gave Magash a sideways glance before turning his attention back to me. “I can understand you wanting to get away from it all, settle down, marry, adopt and start a family.” He looked around as if he expected to be overheard. “I am disgusted that you and your kind have been prohibited from gaining citizenship and are treated so inhumanly. It’s wrong. I know you were created for a specific purpose, but that shouldn’t mean you are locked into that role your whole life. You deserve the same rights as anybody else.”

    “Really?” I looked toward Magash who appeared just as confused as I was. “You don’t think it strange that I’m married.”

    He shrugged. “No, not at all. I know some people think Rim World citizens are backwards, but here on Myrkr we are fairly liberal and accepting of all people…at least most of us are. We have a few troublemakers. ” He gestured toward me. “Who am I to say you two can’t be married to each other if you are in love. Just because this new Empire won’t accept you as a citizen and sees you as property, it doesn’t mean everybody feels that way.”

    “Thank you.” I was shocked by this turn of events but it was refreshing to find a human who advocated droid rights.

    He stood from his seat. “I don’t want to take up more of you time.” He came around the table and shook Magash’s hand. “Thank you for saving Erik’s life. He’s in stable condition and should be released from the hospital soon. I know everybody in this town sees you and your husband as heroes.” He turned to me, grasped my hand and pumped it enthusiastically. “I always wondered what a clone looked like under the helmet. You guys did a great job taking on the Separatists.”

    My jaw dropped in surprise. He thought I was a clone! It all started to make sense. Clones were given numbers, just like droids; hence he thought my name Fyve was a variation of my clone designation. Clones were treated little more than droids in our society. In fact they were given the horrible moniker of ‘wet-droids’...and clones were some of the best fighters in the galaxy.

    “Thank you officer…for being so understanding.”

    “Yeah, well, you guys fought and risked your lives and then were not given citizenship. Screw the Empire. They treated you like slaves. It’s disgusting.” He let go of my hand and gave me a pat on the shoulder. “If you ever need anything, just let me know. And thank you for your service.”

    He gave Magash a smile and wave as he walked to the front door. “I’ll let myself out. Thanks again.”

    When he was gone I turned to Magash and grinned. “He thought I was a clone trooper.”

    Her expression morphed from confusion to understanding before she chuckled and gave me a shocked look of horror. “Oh no, my husband is a deserter.”

    “I guess it is better than him thinking I was a pirate.”

    She shrugged. “A pirate sounds exciting.” She looked me up and down. “We can purchase you some tight leather pants and Mandalorian armor.”

    I stepped back, hands out as to ward her off. “No, no more clothing shopping with you.”

    She grinned widely. “That’s your loss. You would have turned heads in that swimsuit I picked out for you.”

    “That, I don’t doubt,” I laughed. “But they would be looking for all the wrong reasons.”

    This day turned out well. Magash’s leg is healing properly and we are town heroes. Perhaps we will acquire more cargo runs now.
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    I am not surprised Magash was dispirited by having to be "rescued by men." :p [face_laugh] But then [face_tee_hee] I guess it would be a logical conclusion that "Five" was a clone designation. [face_thinking] ;)
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    Such great updates! I love how thoughtful Five is towards Magash, tending to her by washing the blood and gore off and then making sure that her feelings are considered by having Sacha take care of the more personal part of getting into bed.

    The idea that the police officer thought that Five was a clone trooper is brilliant. Why wouldn't he? That makes perfect sense - and it's actually a great cover! ;)
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    Thanks. I thought their performance in the forest might raise eyebrows, but with them thinking he is a clone it means he won't be suspected of being a droid or a pirate. I remember in the clone trooper novels many of the men would take the first number of their designation as their name. In this case Fyve could be short for 596905.

    He is a perfect gentleman. I hope I can write a happy ending for him.

    Thanks everybody for reading. I wanted to put in a second post before the holidays get me busy.


    Entry 58

    We have been very busy in the trade business. I believe the hero status Magash and I obtained may have resulted in a number of new shipping contracts. Den and Norro have continued to stay planetside due to school and work obligations, but the remainder of our group has traveled across the galaxy a number of times in the last few months. Our profit margins are increasing and life has become fairly comfortable for our group.

    Sacha is very close to her due date and is expected to deliver next month. I am looking forward to seeing my future nephew. I thoroughly enjoy my responsibilities as an adopted father and I am certain I will find the position of uncle just as gratifying.

    Magash and I have continued our experiment in courtship behavior and I enjoy our time together immensely. We are often seen together in town and, according to Den, many people have commented that Magash and I make a cute couple.

    Our elevated profile within the town has complicated Magash’s plans to find a human or zabrak male to bond with and procreate. After all, we are viewed as a happy, loving, devoted and, reportedly, attractive couple. If she started to date somebody on Myrkr it would result in ugly rumors.

    Fortunately for Magash, Sacha thought of a solution. She believes Magash could avoid the awkward questions by using a holonet relationship-site to arrange dates with men along our trade routes. We travel to the same planets often so this idea is not without its merits, although I find the idea of advertising for a mate somewhat unconventional. I also have reservations about this plan for personal reasons. If Magash finds a mate, then our pleasurable courtship experiment will come to an end. I suspect this will generate within me a degree of emotional discomfort. I already experience an inexplicable desolate sensation when I am not in her company. The compulsion to remain in close proximity with Magash is confusing and I sometimes worry that I am developing a camaraderie addiction of some sort.

    I have mixed emotions about the matter, but I do know I want Magash to have a family, therefore I am determined to help her in any way possible.

    In two days we are scheduled to travel to Taris to purchase local delicacies such as wine and foodstuffs. The planet has a robust human population and we regularly voyage to the world. Sacha believes this would be a perfect planet for Magash to find a prospective mate.

    Magash was hesitant, but Sacha’s excitement swayed her into agreeing to the plan. Prior to the trip, the two women retired to our home’s living area where our computer was connected to the holonet.

    I was seated at the dining room table and Jax was on the couch reading his datapad. The two women were sitting in front of a large, old wooden desk left in the house by our landlord. Luckily Norro and Den were at work because the things discussed probably were not for Norro’s young ears or Den’s gossipy mouth.

    “Alright, when you set up your profile,” Sacha said as she pushed the keyboard in front of Magash. “Don’t mention you are a Dathomir witch. Inquisitors know the witches are all Force-users. You don’t want to attract unwanted attention.”

    Magash nodded. “I will keep things vague.” She scrutinized the monitor before she began filling out the blanks of the dating site profile page. After about five minutes, Magash turned to Sacha and motioned toward the monitor. “There it is done.”

    Sacha looked over her bio and guffawed. “Oh, no,no, no. That won’t do, unless you trying to attract a Mandalorian Assassin.”

    Magash looked flustered so I decided to offer my assistance. I rose and walked over to Magash and looked over her shoulder to examine what she wrote.

    Magash’s first attempt at an online bio went like this:

    Self-Summary: Female‘Rimworld Zabrak/human hybrid, looking for Taris male of similar species to become a bonded mate and to father a child.

    Occupation: Trader

    Body type: Toned and muscular

    Relationship: Single, never married

    I am really good at: Tracking, hunting and fighting.

    How do I spend my free time: Tracking, hunting and fighting.

    The first thing people usually notice about me: Are my facial tattoos.

    The one thing I could never do without: A weapon.

    I am looking for: A healthy Human or Zabrak male of good breeding stock to father a child and who is interested in lifelong monogamous relationship.

    She looked up at me. “What is wrong with what I wrote?”

    I gave a slight shrug of my shoulder. “It is very truthful, but it may intimidate some men.” I gestured toward a nearby chair. “May I help?”

    She nodded an affirmative, so I pulled up a chair and sat down next to her.

    “It’s not a bad start, but maybe we can soften your image to attract somebody other than assassins, bounty hunters or pirates.” I gave her a wink. “Although I suspect you might have an interest in pirates,” I joked before bringing my attention back to the monitor and pointing to her first response.

    “I like what you have here, but instead of declaring your desire for a mate to father a child, perhaps you should say, ‘looking for friendship that could lead to a long term relationship.’” I reached over to the computer control and scrolled down. “The occupation, body type and relationship are fine, but, although you are an excellent tracker, hunter and fighter, it might not be something that most males are looking for in a woman. You are good at holding a conversation.” I smiled warmly. “I know you hold my attention.”

    She nodded and I made the suggested changes. She glanced over to me. “What about how I spend my free time?”

    I thought about that for a moment. “You do like hunting. Why don’t you say, ‘I enjoy communing with nature.’” I scrolled down further. “The facial tattoos are appropriate, but perhaps you can think of something more benign that you cannot live with out…such as…friends. That says you are a friendly person. And you should simply say you are looking for a human or Zabrak under the age of thirty for possible relationship.”

    Sacha leaned forward in her seat so she could view me on the other side of Magash. “I-Five, how about you? Are you going to make up a profile for yourself? After all, you are looking for a lifelong companion.”

    I could hear Jax on the couch trying to disguise a laugh with a cough. “I think that’ll be a great idea. Your screen name could be HRD4U.” Jax laughed at his own joke before going back to his reading.

    I shook my head. “I don’t think that would be wise. Too much duplicity would be involved. I cannot come out and say I am a sentient droid and I do not wish to mislead women.”

    Jax shrugged. “You could admit you are a droid. It’s not illegal to be a sentient droid, at least not that I know of. You could say, ‘Tall, handsome, sentient, human replica droid seeks single, toned, muscular female huntress to share a passion of tracking and fighting vicious predatory animals while communing with nature.”

    Magash shook her head in irritation while I crossed my arms and glared at my friends who were now laughing boisterously. “That is not humorous.”

    “Sorry, I-Five. We’re just joking.” Sacha picked up her holoimager and dragged Magash outside to take a picture for her bio. A few minutes later they uploaded the picture and created the profile. Sacha leaned back in her chair and gave her friend a self-satisfied grin. “Now all we have to do is wait for somebody to show interest.”

    It wasn’t more than two seconds before the computer started making a beeping sound. I leaned in to get a closer look. “What is that noise?”

    Sacha examined the HoloNet dating site and smiled. “Those are audible tones indicating men have responded. It is referred to as a ‘wave’…meaning they are trying to get her attention. A wave allows you to see their screen name but not their photo. Both parties have to agree to share their photos on this first part of the dating experience.”

    Jax looked up from his datapad. “Exactly how do you know so much about this site?”

    Sacha blushed slightly. “When I was young, before I met any of you, my school roommate and I had profiles.” He glanced over to Jax. “Profiles that I have since deleted, so don’t think you are going to see what tacky clothing and hairstyles I had seven years ago.”

    Magash pointed to the screen. “What information can I learn prior to ‘waving’ back and sharing my photo?”

    Sacha pushed some buttons on the computer keyboard. “You can read their self-summary.” She looked over the growing list of men. “Let’s pick one who doesn’t have an overly egotistical screen name.”

    I pointed to the monitor. “In that case, you probably want to avoid ‘Hotgrindr32’, ‘SexySeedFarmer’, and perhaps ‘CreepyStalker28’”.

    Sacha gestured to the screen. “How about ‘FunGuy9’.” She clicked on his screen name and up popped his Self-Summary: Fun but lonely, light skinned human male looking for human or near human female between 20-30 to share candlelight dinners and romance.

    Magash read it and shook her head. “I do not wish to date a man who cannot afford electricity.”

    Sacha gave an amused snort. “Candlelight is supposed to be romantic.” It looked like she was going to say more, but decided to go to the next candidate. “How about FitFella? It says he loves long walks.”

    Magash’s brow furrowed. “He doesn't own a speeder?”

    Sacha chuckled. “Okay…next.”

    Magash waved her off. “I will look through them myself. You find this situation far too amusing.”

    Sacha threw her hands up as she stood. “Fine. I’ll let you at it.” She tapped my shoulder indicating that I should give my friend some privacy. Sacha sat down on the couch next to Jax while I returned to the dining area seats. Magash went through multiple profiles until she found one to her liking. “Here is a self proclaimed soft-spoken, kind, and modest Zabrak/human male, age thirty, in good health looking for a healthy and committed relationship.”

    Sacha tore her attention away from Jax long enough to encourage Magash to swapped photos. As soon as Magash clicked the ‘Exchange image’ button she made a sound of disgust before pushing her chair away from the screen.

    “What’s wrong?” Sacha asked. “Is he ugly.”

    Magash shook her head and I could see her jaw clench in irritation. “I don’t know. This soft-spoken, kind and modest Zabrak/human male sent me a close up image of his reproductive organs.”

    Sacha jumped off the couch and went to the computer. Her face scrunched up into one of disgust as she viewed the photo. “Gross.”

    I remained in the dining area, having no desire to see what was on screen. I am not surprised by Magash’s reaction. I may be a droid, but I am certain sending an image of one’s genitalia is not the proper way to woo a woman. I might have a chance at finding a life companion if men like these are my competition.

    Magash turned off the computer and stood. “I am reconsidering my involvement in this plan.”

    “I know it can be frustrating,” Sacha reassured her. “There's a lot of nuts out there.”

    “And we saw some today,” Jax mumbled under his breath.

    Sacha shot Jax an annoyed expression before turning her attention back to Magash. “It takes a while to locate a match, but it will be worth it when you find the right man.”

    Magash heaved a sigh. “I do not believe the right man will be found on the holonet.” She walked over to where I sat and slid into a seat across from me. “Do you think I am ready to date?”

    I considered my response for a moment before answering in a hushed voice so Jax and Sacha could not hear. “I know I have a wonderful time with you. You are an interesting conversationalist and an enjoyable companion. I believe you are prepared to date.”

    She did not look convinced, so I reached over the dining table and put my hand over hers. “If you would like to practice courtship behavior further, I am more than willing to offer my assistance.”

    She smiled at me coyly. “I would love that.”

    ‘I would love that too’, I thought to myself.
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    [face_laugh] [face_laugh] Oh, yes. I share that assessment of Magash about finding suitable persons to have romances with online. :p More nutcases than anything to weed through. I think Magash is ready for dating, etc. but whew, too many false starts this way [face_laugh] I like Five's honesty about the reluctance for any change in the relationship with Magash and feeling bummed out if she finds someone but at the same time wanting her to have a family. :)
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    Thank you for your kind review. It looks like I lost a lot of readers in the last few months. :( I will have this story done by the end of the month. I just have a few more posts. Hopefully all the loose ends will be tied up.

    Thanks again for reading.

    Entry 59

    Magash, Sacha, Jax and I are on our way to Taris for a trade run. Sacha had convinced Magash to give the holonet dating site a second chance and my friend finally found an acceptable male to rendezvous with on the planet. She said his biography was impressive without being overly narcissistic. Plus, he did not include any vulgar photos of himself nor did he request any salacious images from Magash. He was a twenty-eight year old human, blond-haired, two meters in height, never married and enjoyed camping. I told Magash that probably meant he couldn’t afford proper living quarters. She rolled her eyes at me before asking. “Is that your way of saying you do not wish for me to meet him?”

    I blushed slightly. I am sure somewhere deep down in my programing that is exactly what I meant, but I simply brushed off the comment by claiming it was a joke. “I’m jesting. I am very happy for you.”

    “Ah,” she muttered. I cannot be certain, but she appeared disappointed with my remark. I can only assume she is nervous about her upcoming date with a stranger and wanted an excuse to withdraw from the meeting.

    Entry 60

    We arrived to Taris and purchased the items on our acquisition list. Since Magash planned on meeting her holonet suitor tonight we decided to wait until morning to depart.

    I discovered the man she was to meet is named Sterling Fury. I am certain it is an alias. According to Sacha, it sounds very much like a skinholo stage name…I did not ask her how she knew this. I also did not express these doubts to Magash; she already erroneously believes I do not wish her to date other men.

    They were to meet at a dance club tonight. Sacha insisted that we all go to the nightspot just in case Magash selected a murdering psychopath to date. According to Sacha she has read about women who meet their holonet dates, get their drinks spiked with spice, and then end up chained in the man’s basement. Or worse, their body is placed in stasis until they can be sold into slavery on Mandalore—that is after a kidney is removed and sold on the black market as an appetizer in Barabel restaurants.

    I would say Sacha is paranoid, but my experience on Phindar has made me painfully aware of the extraordinary capacity for evil some sentients possess. I suspect Sacha is exaggerating, though, otherwise why would she encourage Magash to participate in holonet dating?

    To my great surprise, Magash did not object to us accompanying her to the nightclub. We entered the establishment and found a table while Magash walked one level down to the bar and waited for her date. Eventually a tall blond man walked up to Magash and introduced himself. They talked for a bit before finding a table.

    Magash was facing towards me and I was encouraged by her relaxed and talkative demeanor. The exposure therapy obviously is working.

    The two conversed, ordered drinks, danced and then went back to the table to talk some more. I was surprised when Magash abruptly stood and said what looked like stern words to her date. The dance club music was too loud to actually hear what was said, but by watching her lips, I believe Magash called her date a slimy, no good, lying, kriff-face. The man stood and quickly walked away from the table as Magash made an unfamiliar gesture behind his back. I am unsure of its meaning, but I am certain it was not complimentary. She then sat back in her seat looking dejected.

    Jax and Sacha also witnessed the exchange. “Fyve, go talk to her.”

    I turned to them confused. “Why me?”

    “Because you and Magash are good at comforting each other,” Sacha said softly.

    That was true. I rose and walked down to Magash’s table, sliding into the booth seat next to her. “Are you okay?”

    She looked over to me her face pinched with anger. “His name wasn’t really Sterling Fury.”

    “Ah,” I said softly. “Is that why you are irritated?”

    She crossed her arms in front of her chest. “No, he’s also married.”

    “Oh. I’m surprised he admitted it.”

    “Pssfff,” she hissed. “He didn’t want to admit it. I sensed deception from him when we started talking about his job and background. I asked him straight out if he was married and he said no. I then asked him again with a little more force behind my words and he broke down and admitted he was married with four kids. His youngest is three-months-old.”

    My eyes went wide. “Magash, did you do a Jedi mind-trick on him?”

    She turned a darker red than her skin normally is. “Just a little. I don’t think there are any Inquisitors nearby.”

    We both sat quietly for a long moment. “This is a hopeless pursuit,” Magash finally said. “No man could live up to my standard for a mate.”

    “What is your standard?”

    She looked away and shrugged.

    “If you expect men to be like Jax, you will be disappointed,” I remarked. “He trained all his life to defend others, to live virtuously and altruistically. There are few males that can measure up to a Jedi.”

    “I don’t want a mate that is like a Jedi.” She turned to me and smiled sadly. “I want a male that emulates your values.”

    I sat back in my seat confused. “Me?” I had to laugh at the absurdity of the comment. “Why me?”

    She leaned back and closed her eyes. “You risked your life to save mine, you have been nothing but kind and supportive of my goals, you are respectful, honest, honorable and the best friend I have ever had.” She glanced over to me. “You would never cheat and lie to your mate.” She looked away and her shoulders slumped, her body language indicating a high level of discouragement.

    I reached over and put an arm around her shoulder, pulling her into a soft embrace. “You will find someone. Until then, I will be here for you.”

    She nodded and eventually a smile graced her lips. “Would you like to dance?”

    I grinned. “I would love to.” I stood and took her hand leading her out to the dance floor. “I do have to warn you, though, I am already married.”

    She raised an eyebrow. “Oh really?”

    I grinned. “Yes, and she is truly a witch, so we must be cautious.”

    She shook her head and laughed. “I will watch out for her.”

    We danced and talked. I believe by the end of the evening I succeeded in making her forget all about the disreputable Sterling Fury.
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    Caught up on your diary. It's fun to read about Magash trying to get someone else. Maybe Five and she should stay together.
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    Scuzzbag Sterling Fury. :p Glad her friends were there to notice him getting dumped and her needing consolation. Five really is great at lifting her mood. :)
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    Thanks. I'm glad you like it. Only two more posts to go and I will be done. Thank you for reading and reviewing. I really appreciate it.

    Sterling could anybody think that was for real. :p At least Magash figured out he was a cad early on.

    This is the second to last post. Thanks to all my readers!

    Entry 61

    The next morning our ship was only minutes out of Taris’ atmosphere before Sacha buckled over in pain. She was piloting our ship when it happened. Jax took over the controls and called Magash and I to the flight deck to assist. I jumped into the pilot seat vacated by Sacha while Magash and Jax each put an arm around her waist and helped her to a jumpseat in the cockpit. I turned around in my seat and addressed my friends. “Is she in labor?”

    Sacha was leaning back in her seat, hands over her extended belly and grimacing in pain.

    “I think she is,” Jax said. “We should go back to the planet.”

    “No,” Sacha blurted out. “It’s part of the Empire. We can’t risk getting put into any hospital computer system.

    “We have no choice. Myrkr is also part of the Empire." Jax gestured toward the forward viewport. "We are close to the core. All the planets around here are under Imperial control.”

    Magash turned to Jax. “We are close to Dathomir. The Singing Mountain Clan midwives can deliver the child. They are not connected into any computer system that can reveal your identity.”

    Jax looked over to me. “How long before we can get to Dathomir?”

    I consulted the navigation system. “Four hours.”

    Jax returned his gaze to Magash. “Have you ever worked with the midwives? Do we have four hours?”

    Magash put a hand over Sacha’s extended belly and concentrated. I assume she was using the Force to assess Sacha’s condition. “The baby does not appear in distress.” She examined Sacha’s clothing. “I do not believe her water broke. She is three weeks early. It might be false labor.” She blew out a nervous breath. “I believe we have time. I can help deliver the baby if we do not make it to Dathomir in time.”

    “I can also assist,” I called back to Jax. “I downloaded obstetrician medical information into my databanks shortly after I learned of Sacha’s pregnancy.”

    Jax ran a nervous hand down his face. He looked to Sacha. “What do you think?”

    She nodded. “Let's go to Dathomir.”

    Entry 62

    We arrived on Dathomir and landed in an open field near the Singing Mountain Clan village. Magash ran ahead to notify her clan sisters of the situation. Sacha’s contractions have continued, but they are random and irregular indicating this might not be true labor.

    We helped Sacha down the ship’s boarding ramp before Jax gently scooped her up in his arms and carried her to the clan’s village. There, we where met by Magash and some of her clan sisters who guided us into the clan’s large tunnel system that wound its way through the Singing Mountain. Sacha was brought into a room with a small sleeping pallet with a soft down covering. Inside where two middle aged women who were introduced as midwives. Jax tenderly laid her down on the bed and stepped back allowing the women to attend to Sacha. They laid their hands on her extended abdomen while chanting in a language unfamiliar to me. I assume they were utilizing the Force to ascertain her condition. After a minute or two, the clan mother of the Singing Mountain Clan, Augwynne Djo, entered the room. The midwives stepped aside allowing their leader to approach Sacha. The aging woman smiled as she laid her hands gently on Sacha’s belly and closed her eyes. Sacha became noticeably anxious when the clan mother’s smile faded and her eyes took on glint of sadness.

    “What is it, Clan Mother?” Magash asked.

    The elderly woman shook her head gloomily. “I am sorry to say, it will be a boy.”

    Sacha let out a relieved sigh. “But is it a healthy boy?”

    The gray-haired woman nodded. “Oh yes, he is very strong. He will be a fine worker.” She turned to Jax. “Normally men are forbidden in the birthing rooms, but I am aware in your culture it is the norm. I will allow you to stay with your mate.”

    “Thank you,” Jax said.

    Magash turned to me. “Sacha will be put into birthing robes. She will need privacy.” She motioned for me to follow her down the rocky tunnels. “It may be hours or days before the child is born. Will you stay on the ship or do you wish for me to acquire you quarters in the men’s camp?”

    “I will go back to the ship.” I was going to say more but a tall Zabrak witch approached and gave Magash a hug.

    “Sister, have you returned to stay?”

    The question appeared to bother Magash. She glanced over to me as a guilty expression crossed her face. “Fyve, this is my half sister Kryssa. Can you give us a moment?”

    “Sure.” I took a few steps toward the ship and then waited for my friend.

    Magash pulled the woman in the opposite direction to talk. It was far enough away that a normal human would not be able hear their conversation, but my acute droid hearing could discern discussions at a much greater distance. I know it is wrong of me to eavesdrop, but I too wished to know if she intended on staying.

    “I am simply here because my friend is in labor," Magash explained. "We needed the assistance of midwives.”

    “You have been gone for a year. We thought you would return to us.” The woman glanced over to my direction. “Will you continue to stay with the outsiders?”

    “I have not made any decisions." Magash shook her head. "I am torn as to what to do.”

    Kryssa put a hand on Magash’s shoulder. “Then you must seek out the Clan Mother. She has the power of prophecy. She can guide you.” The woman brought her hand down to cover her abdomen. “I took a breeding male last month and I am now with child. You should stay and have a family. Years ago you often talked about raising a daughter.”

    Magash sighed and glanced in my direction. I averted my eyes feeling guilty about spying. “I will seek out the clan mother’s advice.”

    She broke away from her sister and walked in my direction. “Fyve, I will meet you back at the ship. I need to discuss something with Augwynne Djo.”

    I forced a smile on my face. “Sure. I will see you soon.”
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    Glad they are safe on a planet where no imps will find a mother in labor.
  14. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Glad they arrived safely and in time for Sacha and that her child is healthy. Wow, Magash is really on the spot about a decision.
  15. Ewok_Slayer

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    I thought that would be the best place for them to give birth. The witches have their magic and midwives and do this all the time.

    She is torn. She knows her deep seated prejudice against men will be hard to break. She doesn't like this in herself and that makes returning home difficult. She is estranged from both cultures.

    This is the final post. I have family visiting me for Christmas and they would probably find it rude if I typed away on the computer while they are here. I hope these final entries are satisfactory.

    Thanks for reading!

    Entry 63

    It took hours for Magash to return to the ship and when she did it was to tell me Sacha was now definitely in labor.

    “We can’t enter the delivery area until the baby is born and the midwives are done with their work, but it shouldn’t be long." She motioned for me to follow her. "Sacha was told it was time to push.”

    We quickly walked to the village in silence. I hoped Magash would broach the subject of her visit to her clan mother, but she obviously was not in a talkative mood. In fact her facial expression and body posture indicated she was troubled by something. Perhaps she is anxious about the impending birth or maybe Augwynne Djo predicted something distressing in Magash’s future.

    I decided to break the silence. “Is there anything wrong?”

    She gave me a dismissive wave of her hand. “It is nothing. We can talk about it later.”

    I wanted to talk about it now, but the time was not right. Sacha and Jax were going to be parents and I didn’t need to start a conversation that would mar their happy occasion…especially when I suspect Magash was given bad news by the elderly clan leader.

    I followed my friend down the long winding tunnels deep within their holy mountain. When we came to the birthing room she put a hand up signally me to stop. She poked her head into the room before waving for me to enter. Inside I found Sacha laying in bed, covered with clean linens and looking exhausted. Jax was grinning widely as he gazed down to his swaddled son in his arms. I have never seen Jax so happy; his expression was one of pure love.

    He motioned for me to come closer. “Come here and meet your nephew, Erec Pavan.” I approached the baby and marveled at his tiny statue. I have had contact with children over the years but none this young. The boy had wisps of dark brown hair and dark eyes and was currently crying. Magash came up behind me and peered down at the boy.

    “I am so happy for you two,” Magash whispered with a noticeable hitch to her voice. Jax smiled and passed the baby over to her to hold. Magash rocked the baby gently in her arms, her dark green eyes brimming with tears. “He’s beautiful.”

    I am not sure what standard of beauty is used when determining the attractiveness of a baby, but it must be different than from toddlers or adults. Jax and Sacha’s baby was red, wrinkly and now was crying furiously.

    Sacha motioned to Magash. “He’s probably hungry.” Magash smiled softly as she transferred the baby to his mother. When Sacha started to reposition her sheet I realized she intended to breast feed the child.

    I quickly turned to give her privacy. “I will return later when you are not so busy.”

    I left the birthing room and wandered down the cave tunnels until I exited into the bright sunlight. There I found women milling around the open area outside the caves laughing, talking or tending to the ferocious rancors corralled at the edge of the compound. Some women were instructing young girls in the use a fighting staff, bow or knife. Everybody looked so happy. I can understand Magash's mixed feelings about whether to stay or go. I saw some men on the periphery of the community and walked over to see what they were doing.

    The Singing Mountain Clan village was built on a flat expanse near the base of the mountain. At the border of the village there was a gradual dip downhill into a wide valley lined with various crops and groves of fruit trees. Toiling under the hot sun were dozens of men picking vegetables, tanning hides and caring for a small herd of meter-high horned animals with large utters. Young boys worked along side the men, carrying baskets of produce or cutting some variety of wheat crop with oversized sickles.

    I turned when I heard footsteps and spied Magash walking towards me. She tried to produce a convincing smile, but I could see the tension tightening the delicate features of her face.

    “Sacha is done feeding the baby, if you would like to return.”

    “Maybe later.” I reached out and took her hand in mine. “Can we talk?”

    A guarded expression clouded her face but she followed me to the side of the hill where we took a seat on the green grass. I glanced over to her. “You were crying earlier.”

    She looked away. “I was happy.”

    “You don’t look happy now. Do you miss home?”

    She looked at me suspiciously. “You were listening to my conversation with Kryssa, weren’t you?”

    Now it was my turn to avert my eyes. “Yes.” I looked back to her. “Did you talk to your clan mother? Did she foretell your future?”

    Her head drooped as she ran her fingers through the grass. “Yes. She saw me with child.”

    Although I have mixed feelings about the news I couldn’t help but grin. “That’s great. That is what you wanted, isn’t it?”

    Magash didn’t return my smile. “She said a local breeding male would father my child.”

    “Oh,” I said cautiously. “Does that mean you are staying here?”

    “No,” she whispered hoarsely, her voice full of despair.

    “Magash, why not? You want a family. You could have it here.”

    She shook her head. “The clan mother said I would have a boy.” Her voiced cracked when she said the words. “I cannot stay here and condemn a son to slavery.”

    ‘Ohh,” I said slowly, completely understanding her reluctance. “What will you do?”

    She blew out a breath. “I will return to Myrkr and help Sacha raise her son.”

    I scooted closer to her so I could speak in low tones. “I thought you wanted a child of your own.”

    She took a long pause before speaking. “I did, but I cannot see myself finding a mate and settling down like Jax and Sacha. I also can’t envision myself living here and taking the chance on having a son.”

    I was greatly disturbed by my friend’s sadness. Her dream was dying and the heartbreak I saw etched on her face produced in me great emotional distress. I feverishly contemplated the situation, trying to envision a viable solution to this problem. After a minute I came to a decision. I nervously reached over and took Magash’s hand in mine. “Magash, we make a great team and we are good companions to each other. Return to Myrkr with me and we can raise a family together.”

    She looked at me skeptically. “You cannot father a child.”

    “I know, but one of those men can.” I pointed down to the slaves planting and harvesting vegetables. “Take a breeding male, conceive a child, and return to Myrkr with me. I will help raise the baby.”

    She shook her head. “I can’t allow you to make such a commitment.”

    “Why not?”

    “You are giving up your chance at happiness to help raise a child that is not yours.”

    “First of all, I am already raising a boy that is not mine.” I smiled at her warmly. “Magash, I’m not giving up my chance at happiness. I’m happiest when I am with you. Bereft of your company I will…I will no longer find joy in my existence. We are friends and I do not wish to lose you from my life.”

    She shook her head. “You are proposing too great of a sacrifice.”

    “What sacrifice?” I was somewhat baffled by this conversation. She always hinted that she could sense my feelings through the Force. Didn’t she realize I cared for her deeply? I shifted so I was on my knees facing her. “Magash, we are already married according to the Imperial records. I want to continue being a family—you, Norro, a baby and me.”

    I waited for a response, but none came. Instead she turned her head, avoiding my eyes. After a while the moment became awkward. I slowly rose to my feet and turned away. “I am sorry if I made things uncomfortable between us. That was never my intent.”

    I heard movement behind me before slim, muscular arms circled my waist and her head rested on my back. When I sensed moisture on my tunic I realized she was crying. I turned and pulled her into my embrace. “Magash. I didn’t mean to upset you. I’m sorry.”

    She snuffled, trying to suppress a sob. “These are not tears of sadness. I am happy.” She hugged me tightly as she fought to keep her voice steady. “I would love to remain a family.”

    I leaned into her embrace and broke into a broad smile. “I would love that too.”

    Entry 64

    After almost three weeks, we are on our way back to Myrkr. Sacha, Jax and baby Erec are well. I talked to Den on the subspace transceiver and he is planning a welcome home party for the couple. I then told him my good news, “I am going to be a father. Magash is pregnant.”

    After answering a barrage of questions concerning how I managed that amazing feat, Den let out a shout of excitement. Norro was also thrilled about being a big brother.

    After I ended my transmission I went to galley where Magash sat sipping juice. I slid onto the bench seat next to her and placed a hand on her abdomen. “Can you sense him in the Force.”

    She smiled. “I sense a life. I cannot tell the sex of the child yet.”

    “I don’t care if it is a boy or girl.” I paused. “Do you think I’ll be a good father?”

    She gave a soft laugh before she leaned in and rested her head on my shoulder. “I am sure you will be the perfect father. You are already the ideal companion.”

    I felt my autonomic HRD systems kick in as a blush crossed my face. “Thank you. I can’t wait to see what the future brings.”

    She flashed a warm smile. “What ever the future holds. We will face it together.”

    I grinned. “Yes, together…as a family.”
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    A very satisfying ending and congratulations on finishing!!! A yearlong challenge is a big, if fun, thing to tackle. @};-
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    Oh good grief. I fell so far behind that you finished while I was away [face_blush]

    Entries 53-55

    I-Five is a real gentleman. Enough said!

    Also, yes, I agree that keeping his memories in place and his head on his shoulders (literally) should be a priority from now on. Decapitation + memory wipe is not a good combination.

    Entries 56-57

    Magash still needs to come to terms with the fact that she now lives in a world where men and women are equals. On the other hand, it takes years to rid yourself of a basic tenet of your culture of origin, and you're showing that very well with this character.

    The scene with the police officer was awesome. You had me completely, completely fooled until he spoke about clones. Then of course I started laughing uncontrollably (somehow that happens a lot to me when reading this story!)

    Entry 58

    I love the fact that, despite having recovered his memories, I-Five still thinks of his friends as family and particularly of Jax as his brother. [face_love]

    More uncontrollable laughter with the whole holonet dating site. I actually started laughing at the first mention and went on for the rest of this chapter, and the next one.
    [face_rofl] Magash is really incorrigible.

    And of course, they're going to continue to pretend dating but they're not really dating but actually they don't know it but they are...

    Entries 59-60
    I-Five is incorrigible too!

    The scene in the nightclub was, predictably, hilarious, but then it turned into something entirely different. I wasn't too sure how you were planning to end this story when I first read this chapter, but now that I reached the end I can only tip my hat to you. This was very nicely done.

    Entries 61-62

    Oooh, back to Dathomir! That's an unusual place to give birth, but then Sasha and Jax's lives tend to be on the unusual side ;) I loved the scene where the clan mother determines that the child is a boy. So reminiscent of Magash herself in some situations, and after all these ups and downs, it must be very tempting for her to just stay there and resume her old ways... except that she can't really do that, can she?

    Entries 63-64
    Oh I-Five, just wait until yours is born. That's what they all look like on their first day.

    This last chapter was just awwww all over the place. I knew you'd find a way to keep them together [face_love] These two officially fall in the OTP category for me. Is there a chance that we will see more of them in future fics? (Hint: I'd love a Magash diary, but I do understand if you've had enough of the story, or the format, or both!)

    Congrats on completing the challenge! This was one of my favourite stories this year. I haven't always been a very good reviewer, but I did manage to read regularly. I loved every word and I'm looking forward to whatever you throw at us in 2016 =D= [:D]
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    Thank you! I appreciate you reading and reviewing throughout the year! [:D]

    Thank you for the wonderful review. @};- I really enjoy writing about this group but I am not sure how I would do a Magash diary. I have this droid love story and I think people can handle it as long as they don't know the details of the relationship. For some reason I would think a Den diary would work better because he can wonder what is going on behind closed doors and tease the hell out of I-Five. I am just not sure if there would be enough people interested in reading it. These are fairly unknown characters and I have now changed them into my own personal canon. The good thing (and the bad thing) about the TFA reboot is there isn't going to be more books about these characters to go counter to what I wrote. Right now they are not really AU since I don't go counter to anything written.

    I was considering writing a diary about the villain in the new Star Wars movie. He shall remain nameless because spoiler warnings are still up. I just don't know if I want to write a year about a character while there are so many books coming out that will probably cover some backstory and make what I am writing obviously AU. The only thing that makes me consider it is there are probably not going to be any books that reveal things pertinent to EP8. I have to think about it a little. I would probably get more people reading a TFA story, but I really like the EU characters better. [face_thinking]

    Thanks for reading and staying with me during this entire year. It really helps to have readers. :D
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    This was wonderful! I'm sorry that I fell behind.

    Honestly this was one of my favorite stories this year. There was so much adventure and humor that I looked forward to the next installment. I'm so glad Magash and Fyve found a way to not only be together but to be a family. It's not easy writing an ensemble cast, and each character definitely had his or her own clear voice, from Jax's paternal outlook to Norro's smart mouth. I really loved how they interacted.

    Congratulations on completing the diary challenge. You did a great job!
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    This is a wonderful ending for a delightful diary. I hope to see them again and all being happy. Erec and Magash's child becoming friends and with Norro[face_batting] as their older friend
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    Thank you! Thanks for reading and reviewing.

    Thanks. I don't know if I will continue the story. I think there should be some mystery when it comes to Magash and Fyve's relationship so having a Magash journal might be too revealing. I was thinking about Den because he can describe the relationship between Magash and Fyve and also Sacha and Jax.

    Now that we have TFA out I think any legends stories are going to be buried ten pages down within a day. :(

    Thanks again to everybody who read this story and I am very thankful to those who took the time to review! Thank you!
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    Voting for best DDC fic is now going on until 14 January 2016. Please PM the Diary_Challenge_Sock with your vote. The stories in competition are:

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