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Star Wars Science Fiction Drama Unclassifiable Death In The Clouds! Star Wars Clue Spinoff

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Mitth_Fisto, Feb 3, 2023.

  1. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Chosen One star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Shadow ASP Monitoring Unit 1 & 6
    The Conservatory

    Three units walked into the room following the three suspects. They were simply doing their assigned task and most would argue that they lacked the processing capacity to do anything but just that. When the bust was revealed there was no reaction, but after Butler had walked away Unit 1 which had been assigned to the Black Cloak stepped forward and ran a scanning beam over the object in question.

    A double beep and blink echoed from the Unit as it stepped back. Secure in it's knowledge of logged data. Taking position next to Unit 6 it waited. Although it seemed Unit 6 would soon be leaving with Praxon.

    It kept it's photoreceptor firmly on the assigned subject and waited. Unwavering even as Unit 6 a drawn out beep-moan to indicate it did not understand how to answer Praxon's query.

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    IC: Shadow ASP Monitoring Unit 2
    Main Hallways Lord Semolurian Divertium’s Mansion near Bespin

    Unit 2 had nothing to report. Accusation without situation was given. No relevant data for nor against was present in this droids memory banks.

    It beeped a single beep as it continued it's duty dilegently.

    TAG: @Lady_Belligerent

    IC: Shadow ASP Monitoring Unit 3

    Many Places

    This unit had not processed that it would have to run! It nearly lost sight of it's sworn observation target for nearly more than a second! This was stressing to its processes to the extreme. This unit could not work in these conditions! Formal complaint was selected from the pre-requisite menu and submitted. . .to the head Butler.

    The unit beeped softly to itself. Wait a moment, my charge is? At that the droid forgot what it was thinking as it remembered to resume watching it's very fast and impulsive observation target. As such it was unresponsive to the question that posed, it's poor processors were overloaded at this moment.

    TAG: @darthhelinith

    IC: Shadow ASP Monitoring Unit 4


    This units charge had been slower, more prone to speculation, although nearly not so much as Unit 2's had seemed to be proving to be.

    It was not long before this units charge followed the charging Butler into the Library. This unit followed and waited as banter was initiated. A non-clue was not something this unit knew how to process. A future destination was suggested, but this Unit had no input to add for relocation of venue for quesitons.

    TAG: @adaml83

    IC: Shadow ASP Monitoring Unit 5


    Unit 5 was inclined to follow it's charge into a room, the Study where it laid out a broad suppositional that 'someone' used a dataspike in the Study to murder the late Master Lord.

    Standing in the room it found that they were alone. The fact that another had stated something on the way here not compute. It ran a scanning beam across the room. Documenting the current state of things. This had already been done for the whole mansion before the guests had awoken from their gas induced sleep and according to the comparison report no one else had entered this room since that prior scan.

    Perusing the only the partially garbled report that the ASP unit had to compare to, it stepped nearer to it's charge. "No." it simply stated before stepping away again.

    What did it mean? Lack of person charged to commit crime? Wrong weapon? Wrong room?

    It was the very charge of an answer that gets more questions. Would Odosius Zaal try to ask them and work that rabbit trail? Or would he go elsewhere to confer with others? Possibly use this unit to call one of the others to try and summon a specific person here?

    TAG: @ConservativeJedi321

    IC: Shadow ASP Monitoring Unit 7

    Dining Room

    Shadow ASP Monitoring Unit 7's charge was the non-conformist eared individual of common height. Honestly something in this units sub processor core just wanted it to go forward and test the elasticity and secured nature of those protrusions. They just looked so. . .bendy.

    The unit was shaken out of it's contemplations when the recorded subject made a move to the Dining Room. No other person was present but a short five second rewind of the tape for internal review gave the unit context. Lifting a hand it displayed a spinning holo of a single word: Summon? Below the word was the image of the individual in question was enlarged. Below that was candid snap shots of all other individuals minus the requestor.

    Did this individual want to try to call another here to defend themselves? Another to compare concepts with? Perhaps the super non-conformist eared individual or another of their party? Or did it wish to consult this droids limited access to the crime databases knowledge concerning this crime from Cloud City at this time?

    TAG: @darthbernael
  2. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: The Master of Masters
    Interjection, intervention, interdiction

    Alright so the bust wasn't used.

    Got it.

    Unit 1 did a nice annoying scan of the thing, as if the Master wasn't able to cogitate that there was a material thing in front of him.

    The Master rolled his eyes, or would have done, could she.

    With a snort, the Master cast his memory back to what had happened before... but found, of course, a blank where he would have liked some certainty.

    A frown.

    "Yes, Praxon, whatever," he nodded to Abner's form as she skipped off. "Go, accept your offer, red-head or not."

    He leaned into the hallway. "Oh Doctor Bellorum, might I speak to you about a Pipe?"


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  3. Lady_Belligerent

    Lady_Belligerent Queen of the RPF, SWC, C&P, and Underscores star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Jan 29, 2008
    Doctor Bellorum
    Lord Semolurian Divertium’s Mansion near Bespin

    ”Oh Doctor Bellorum, might I speak to you about a pipe?”

    A perfectly enchanting voice called out into the corridor. Bellorum’s eyes lit up and she beamed. “I’d love nothing more,” she said walking into the Conservatory. It was a room she had not entered since her arrival, and was anxious to get a look around.

    “I’m afraid I can’t help you out with a pipe,” Bell said coyly, “I don’t smoke them.” Her perfectly glossed lips curved, “Mr. Master, aren’t you curious to view the body?” She asked.

    “I’d like to see if there are visible signs of strangulation. It would quickly confirm or rule out the use of a cable to constrict the airway. I would, of course, check for petechiae in the eyes, swollen lips, bruising.” She slowly circled the room explaining how a cable could’ve been utilized to slay the Lord. “ligature strangulation seems more likely than something as tedious as hanging him, but it hardly matters which, I guess, as both would’ve been done with a cable.”

    She studied the floor closely, and didn’t see obvious signs that rugs had been damaged, or that been cleaned from blood spatter. “Strangulation would also explain the lack of blood on the floor or furniture,” she said thoughtfully.

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  4. ConservativeJedi321

    ConservativeJedi321 Force Ghost star 6

    Mar 19, 2016
    IC: Odosius Zaal

    The Lannik considered the other mans words for a second, he certainly did have a point. Their host was uncommonly security conscious, Odosius recalled that upon his landing in Cloud City both he and his staff were accosted in a manner he had considered to be rather rude. Even as the Ambassador was the only one permitted to see the Lord, searching his companions had been completely unnecessary.

    To the Doctor he mused "Yes, if business is the reason for murder this is the most likely location of the crime."
    At her suggestion that the killer was an employee he smiled. It was certainly possible, though the only employee he had seen since arriving was the uptight piggy. He didn't come off as the type, but then how many killers gave off the vibe of a psychopath before being revealed? It was for that purpose he had ignored Pointdexter's accusation on the shrouded creep. Yes he had no reason to discount him yet, and he would not, but it just felt too obvious.

    Odosious glanced around the small study with curiosity. A few dozen business manuals scattered the shelves, as well as a very old news print out that discussed Semolurian Divertium's rather substantial inheritance, dated from soon after he took charge of the business. Lastly there were a couple pictures on the table: one of an elder Lutrillian female next to him and a bust, and the other appeared to be of a charity banquet of some kind. A red stain adorned the dark wooded desk, scratching at it the Lannik tested it, and instantly recognized the liquid as a delicate wine of Alderaanian origin, and of a far better quality than the one he had taken last night. Maybe the host had hidden his good stock? "My bet is on the Proffessor." He shrugged. "Nobody is that stoic without some dark skeletons in their closet."

    Looking back, he saw Bellorum had already left him, undoubtably off to chase a new lead. "Oh all by myself. What a world."
    Glancing at the desk again he saw various datapads scattered across its surface. He placed a hand on the nearest one, and it lit up.

    Security Code Required

    Nothing could ever be easy could it?

    Just then a shadow disrupted his concentration. One of the dead man's monitoring units had appeared in the room, and a low beep told him that device had responded to one of his previous questions with the word "No"
    "Very helpful" Odosious muttered in response.
    The room appeared in order, that simply told him that if the crime was committed here there was not a fight of any kind. Or perhaps the killer cleaned up afterwards, simply missing the rather inconspicuous wine stain that could just as easily have been a product of drunken clumsiness on behalf of its drinker.
    "Fine, I'll play your game." He spoke, leaving the desk behind and moving out of the room.

    Moving Next Door, he thought quietly before speaking up. "Professor Juhn, in the library with a viro dagger?"

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  5. adaml83

    adaml83 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Dec 8, 2004
    IC: Medb Ra-oon
    Ceased to be Lord's Mansion near Bespin

    Medb heard the invitation for Dr. Bellorum and though they were near the Billiard room, she turned to Praxon, "I will be just a second…” she left and leaned into the hallway, “It was not the Doctor, one of the few things I distinctly remember is the scraping of a chair and the noise of it being propped up against the door. My guess is that she was afraid of something or someone nefarious, turns out she guessed correctly but she was not the target.

    Medb paused and looked directly at The Master, “Why does the Voice called Ike keep on going falsetto? He does not do it justice, and the more he sings the worse it gets despite what he says. I agree with that other voice.” With that, she left and returned to the Billiard Room.


    "Sorry, I knew the whereabouts of one of the guesses involved last night, which is a shame that many of us only remember a few things about last evening." Medb checked for what was factual and what was speculation.

    Medb looked at Praxon, "It seems that we are a lot closer to figuring out the weapon than we are to the person or the location. What is your opinion on trying to eliminate people or places that we do not think are involved?"

    She offered Praxon a small smile, "Say, if it was you, Praxon, with cables, here in the Billiard Room?" Medb was not sure if it was Praxon, she could not be sure that it was not her. Then again she rarely left bodies accessible. Cables seemed like a logical choice in her mind as blood was strangely not mentioned. The location was a complete guess, she needed to reduce the variables in order to figure it out.

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  6. darthbernael

    darthbernael EU Community Mod, Fuego, Pyrofuego! star 5 Staff Member Manager

    Apr 15, 2019
    IC: Rugel Juhn and the Master Combo with Sinrebirth and our GM
    Dining Room

    Having reached the Dining Room, Juhn poked around for a few moments, trying to ignore the droid that had followed him. He was used to droids being present on excavations and exploratory missions, needed to document everything but these were different in that they were following to assist in determining which of them could have killed their host. At one point he’d glanced over his shoulder, pushing his spectacles higher on his nose with one finger. The corner of his mouth twitched up at seeing the unit’s grasping fingers twitch as the unit’s optical sensors had been fixed on his ears. He was used to it, Sephi ears were not the same as many other species.

    It wasn’t too much longer that the droid chose to address him directly. He’d made a comment about who possibly could be the perpetrator, what weapon, and where such could have taken place but, honestly, it was his first, gut, assessment of the situation, before he’d done his own investigating so it was interesting as the droid asked if he wished for the one he’d suggested join him in the room.

    He carefully perused the images of the others, not knowing any of them well enough yet to have formed any real impression he just let their identities filter into his mind. Listening to what the droid offered he shook his head slowly, thinking. When it offered the last he frowned slightly, reaching up to rub the tip of one ear. ”The last, if you please. I would hear what evidence is available before I speak to the others, they all seem…not particularly the type of people I usually associate with and I’d prefer more information before I proceed.”

    Shadow ASP Monitoring Unit 7, or Seven for short, was ready to perform the summoning signal to this units counterpart when the eared one asked for the last one, but then asked for evidence. It's beep of compliance turned into a grating staccato chirp that ended in what some units would consider a rude raspberry.

    The holo changed to static briefly before clearing to show instead an pair of words: Murder Weapons. Under this was the list of probable weapons.

    1. Blaster
    2. Vibrodagger
    3. Candlestick
    4. Dataspike
    5. Cable
    6. Hydrospanner
    7. Pipe
    8. Bust
    Beeping as it received an update from other units to their shared databank it beeped twice.

    • Bust
    The line through the item was used to indicate this was no longer considered a viable choice.

    It let the images hang for a moment before it beeped twice as the images vanished to be replaced by another.


    Juhn thought through what the droid had just reported. Shaking his head he snorted, ”Only in the most rudimentary way but it is a start.” he told the droid, wondering at the efficiency of providing such limited droids in this circumstance.

    ”I am sure it was not me, our host had information more valuable to me than the end of his life. I needed him alive for my own investigation.” he muttered to himself. Stalking around the dining table he tried to determine if there were any signs that could point to the murder having taken place in this space.

    Looking up as he finished his circle of the table, ”On second thought, why don’t you ask the cowled one to join me, someone other living being’s perspective, warped as his might me, might be of use.”

    "Yes." The unit spoke the single word it's vocabulator was able to use, besides no of course. It was a binary response and if not for this unit having the Holocommunicator installed it would not have been able to handle this conversation as much as it had.

    Sending out a ping it notified Unit 1 that it's suspect was requested at this location.

    The Master of Masters had been pinged.


    Partaken of.

    He could feel the offensive action as an audible noise from his Unit, one he dutifully ignored while he administered some thoughts to himself, but then it extended a probe and jagged him in the coccyx!

    How rude!

    Rubbing his offended rump absently, he marched to the offending location and placed hands upon his hips.



    Juhn was studying the walls of the dining room when he noticed the hooded being enter the room. His long ears flicked slightly as he barely shook his head, the man was dramatic obviously. Walking around the table toward the man, he studied what he could, which was little as the man was completely covered and had the hood up.

    Leaning back against one of the chairs, he pushed his spectacles back up on his nose again, ”So, how convenient do you find it that we were all gathered here just in time for our host to be murdered?” he asked.

    "Isn't it just so very convenient," the Master said, lilting, watching the man's spectacles; or peering into his soul, Juhn wouldn't have a reference point either way. "Presumably the murderer did it to mask their actions. For all we know, they've not been caught in this little net of Units, either."

    A lazy gesture to his proverbial droid shadow.

    Juhn let the corners of his mouth turn up in a small smile. ”The droids they have decided to be our minders are rather…rudimentary…or so they appear.” He didn’t particularly care for Force users, the few he’d had the displeasure to run into had not cared one whit for the history they destroyed with their senseless violence. And this one…he wasn’t sure but the dress and mannerisms told him the cloaked figure was another one.

    ”Considering all who are here and have been detained…” his eyes went distant for a moment, ”they’re all seemingly tailor made to appear, at face value, as the perfect cover for a murderer. Which makes me feel odd to be among such company.”

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  7. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Chosen One star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Shadow ASP Monitoring Unit 1 & 7
    The Dining Room

    Two units stood stark still viewing their respective suspects. They were simply doing their assigned task and of course this did not change the fact that they were both transcribing the discussion in detail. Their tasks were to monitor to aid in the investigation and they would do so to best of their programming.

    The question of what would happen next was all that was left to consider, but in the end it was not worth considering. They were monitoring and would continue to do so for their respective subjects. Long ears and black cloak.

    TAG: @Sinrebirth & @darthbernael

    IC: Shadow ASP Monitoring Unit 2
    Conservatory Lord Semolurian Divertium’s Mansion near Bespin

    Unit 2 had nothing to report. Questions were being asked, none to this unit.

    It beeped a single beep as it continued it's duty dilegently.

    TAG: @Lady_Belligerent

    IC: Shadow ASP Monitoring Unit 3

    Many Places

    This unit had not processed that it would have to run! It nearly lost sight of it's sworn observation target for nearly more than a second! This was stressing to its processes to the extreme. This unit could not work in these conditions! Formal complaint was selected from the pre-requisite menu and submitted. . .to the head Butler.

    The unit beeped softly to itself. Wait a moment, my charge is? At that the droid forgot what it was thinking as it remembered to resume watching it's very fast and impulsive observation target. As such it was unresponsive to the question that posed, it's poor processors were overloaded at this moment.

    TAG: @darthhelinith

    IC: Shadow ASP Monitoring Unit 4 & 6

    Billiard Room

    This unit 4 charge was demonstrating erratic behavior in talking in ways that distressed this units processors. Unit 6 was grateful from this brief interaction that it's suspect had not exhibited the concerning mental tick of talking without clear intention to another living creature.

    A question was poised, but not to either of these units. Both eagerly awaited to catalog the response of any possible helpful information.

    TAG: @adaml83 & @HanSolo29

    IC: Shadow ASP Monitoring Unit 5


    Unit 5 was surprised to see what choice the assigned suspect took to it's response.

    "Very helpful" Odosious muttered in response. This unit was having trouble processing when it had last been thanked for it's services and especially for it's vocal response.

    The room appeared in order, "Fine, I'll play your game." He spoke, leaving the desk behind and moving out of the room. Perplexed this unit followed.

    "Professor Juhn, in the library with a viro dagger?" the man asked.

    The unit beeped, booped, and ran the available data points. Running a spectral scanner across the room it humming idly. "No?" it tentatively replied. Systems were data overloaded. What was no or yes was unclear, but this unit was doing the best that it could.

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  8. darthhelinith

    darthhelinith Force Ghost star 6

    Feb 10, 2009

    The butler continued to muse to himself. The library was nice and quiet, even with the sudden addition of the Lannek, who appeared to have heard his accusation.
    The butler looked stoic as he placed the hollowed out book back where it belonged- the other was right, perhaps the blaster had been picked up and tucked away somewhere along with the other weapons.

    That doesn't rule out the library though. He thought. Nor Zaal.

    "Or prehaps Medb Ra-oon." He spoke aloud. "Maybe the good lady recognises this room from last night- the learned type- the sort who would use an improvised weapon, like a candlestick."
    He glanced at the monitoring droid, curious.

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  9. ConservativeJedi321

    ConservativeJedi321 Force Ghost star 6

    Mar 19, 2016
    IC: Odosius Zaal

    For half a second Odosius was caught up in trying to interpret the droid's response, it didn't exactly sound confident in its answer.
    As the Lannik turned to enter the library he was greeted by the Butler. Oh good, someone who is actually capable of carrying on a conversation.
    "Or prehaps Medb Ra-oon." the alien began without so much as a greeting. "Maybe the good lady recognises this room from last night- the learned type- the sort who would use an improvised weapon, like a candlestick."

    The mention of Medb startled Odosious, and a fuzzy memory of the night before rose to the front of his mind. "Quite the coincidence meeting you here good Abner." He greeted the Gamorrean with a display of respect. "You have my assurances, Medb Ra-oon had no part in this crime." He walked forward and ran a finger along the edge of a dusty bookcase. "I paid her a visit last night after dinner, offered to split a bottle of wine with her." He gave a sly smile as he turned back to the man and droid. "She must have had a long day, as she looked half dead at the time and politely declined." Or rather slammed the bedroom door in my face. He grimaced briefly, before putting back on a gracious expression.
    "I heard the door lock, and probably waited a good ten minutes before heading to my chamber." Ok, that last part may very well have been a lie. The memory went fuzzy again not long after they parted way. "But I am quite confident she was in no mood to go lurking around the mansion with malicious intent."

    Eying the servant with mild curiosity he wondered out loud. "Don't suppose you know your boss's security log-in information? The files he has locked in his study could be useful for determining motive." He didn't even wait for the answer before looking to the droid who had followed him from the study. "Your previous beep leads me to think I may be on the right track." Scanning the room quickly, he pointed out "There doesn't seem to be any visible blood as far as I can tell. Perhaps Professor Juhn, in here with a cable instead?"

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  10. Lady_Belligerent

    Lady_Belligerent Queen of the RPF, SWC, C&P, and Underscores star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Jan 29, 2008
    Doctor Bellorum
    Billiard Room, Lord Semolurian Divertium’s Mansion near Bespin

    “I need something to do,” Bell murmured, “oh!” She remembered the pool table in the Billiard Room, that would be entertaining she thought and quickly walked into the Lord’s gaming room. Once inside she ran her fingertips along the felt side cushions and sighed, this was perfect.

    Bell selected a cue from a rack attached to the wall, and took chalk. She didn’t consider herself an ace, or even an “A” player, but Bell knew her way around the table.

    She grabbed a rack from the shelf beside the cues and began positioning the balls. Once they were in place she gave them a good smack to tighten their placement and removed the triangle.

    After glancing at the droid that had tailed her into the room, she spoke to it, “are you programmed for gambling?”

    Bell took the cue ball to the kitchen and placed it in her favorite spot for a break, she blew off any powdery chalk from the end of her cue and took her shot.

    Two solids and a striped ball fell into the pockets. It really didn’t matter, she was just running the table on her own.

    In moments she cleared the remaining balls, sinking at least one ball per shot until only the cue ball was left. She laid her cue on the table top and turned to the droid saying, “this is exactly where I would take out someone with my blaster, if I were the killer.”

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  11. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 RPF/SWC/Fan Art Manager & Bill Pullman Connoisseur star 7 Staff Member Manager

    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Praxon
    The Billiard Room

    Their conversation led them to the billiard room, though Praxon barely noticed their surroundings. He was too intrigued by his current partner, the alluring redhead who spun a fascinating tale to explain their circumstances. He merely scoffed at her naivety—he still considered the search for the killer a farce; a way to manipulate them. However, that did not stop him from appreciating her company.

    What did she say her name was…?


    Praxon clamped down on that thought and flashed a charming smile. "My opinion, huh?" he repeated in a lazy drawl, his eyes scanning the room to note the only other occupant; a Chiss woman who found pleasure in a solo game of pool. It was a curious notion, though he decided not to draw attention to her.

    "I believe it’s a travesty that our hosts have opted to promote a witch hunt to uncover the guilty party." He shook his head and adopted a casual stance as he leaned back against the wet bar. "What do they hope to gain other than to cause strife? It’s obviously a ruse, and I don’t intend to partake without some oversight."

    He trailed off long enough to pour two glasses of bourbon; one for himself and the other for Medb. "But since you inserted me into your narrative," he pivoted and handed her the glass with a mischievous glint in his eye, "I don’t mind indulging you for the moment. I make a living deconstructing the human mind and understanding a character’s motives. And what are we if not a diverse cast of characters?"

    With a slight flourish of his hand, Praxon tilted his glass in her direction before taking a long sip of its contents. "If I was portraying a ruthless killer, no… I wouldn’t utilize a cable to commit the crime. It’s too mundane. Too obvious. The audience would solve the mystery before you reach the halfway point of your story. There’s no payoff. To orchestrate the perfect murder, you would need something a little more imaginative."

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  12. adaml83

    adaml83 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Dec 8, 2004
    IC: Medb Ra-oon
    Being pulled around

    Medb listened to Praxon and slowly smiled, “Ooh, I could have fun with you. I do not know who it is, and I tend to agree with you that this is an awful way to conduct an investigation. I mean did they actually clean up where they found the body before the investigation was conducted?” she turned to face the ASP droids, “And these things are no help…” It was at that moment when two things happened. One she would find a way to come up with a competitor, named Ichneumon, and two, someone else in this incompetent house accused Medb, it sounded like the butler, Abner.

    If that fool was actually on his game, I would not have been at that dinner, and I would have been meeting some junior associate of this now gone Lord, getting information, however, the Tearmann will not do business with THESE fools.

    She growled at her droid, “Naturally you will be no help.Medb composed herself before they reached the Library, and she was about to speak up when Odosius offered his evidence to clear Medb, she did not remember it quite that way, but it was generally accurate. Medb hadn’t really wanted to go the dinner the last night after the long journey. The Vector was not that comfortable.

    Medb smiled at Odosius, “Thank you, I guess that door was heavier than I thought last night. I did not mean to slam it in your face.” She turned to stare at Abner, “Now why would I kill your boss? You should know that among the manifests, there were no weapons found on me, nor on my ship. There is a lesson there.” She turned and left to head back to more pleasant company back in the Billiard Room. She caught the end the good Doctor’s game with herself and her guess and laughed out loud, “Praxon dear, do you have a megaphone? Seems some people are not catching things that have been disproven already. That or someone mysteriously put cotton balls in our ears overnight.

    She turned to grasp her ASP droid, “Did the murder occur here in the Billiard Room?

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  13. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Chosen One star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Shadow ASP Monitoring Unit 6 & 2 & 4
    The Billiard Room

    These units had a more interesting situation. Three were gathered together now, Unit Two watched in fascination as its subject proceeded to initiate some form of game instead of actively searching or questing to solve the murder or absolve her plausible guilt.

    Then the whopper of a question came, was this unit programmed for gambling. “No.” This unit had been used in petty gambling situations so was aware of the variable parameters associated with gambling, but it had not been programmed.

    More shocking was her self implication after she finished her game. Luckily others came then.

    Unit Six came in trailing the Human Male, and Unit 4 trailing the red head female. The two thought appeared be absorbed in their private conversation, especially the male who ignored Unit Two’s person of interest.

    Unit 4 let out a raspberry noise as it was thoroughly scandalously shamed by this guest and possible murder suspect. Redacting the update in the system it didn’t want to entertain her plausible innocence!

    Unit Four was also being run ragged by this woman and combined with her manners JT was seriously contemplating a nail gun to secure her feet to the floor if the maintenance droid could be persuaded. When the question and grasp was put to it by her it responded with an ear grating raspberry noise before turning its head away from her in a clear denial of access. If she thought this unit was going to help her now she had another thing coming!

    Unit Two not being yet privy to the scandalous gossip raised a hand to garner attention. Then as soon as it had her attention it would shrug. This information was currently unavailable and no one yet had voiced any concerns nor clearing statements for the Billiards Room. Likewise the current disconnect with Bespin City Police meant it could not access those files at the moment.

    TAG: @Lady_Belligerent , @HanSolo29 , @adaml83

    IC: Shadow ASP Monitoring Unit 5 & 3

    Unit Five and Unit Three shared a silent look at each other. The fact that the Butler and head of domestic authority had asked his assigned unit a question was undeniable. But another had answered in the form of the shorter member of the gathering here. Were they still required to answer? Unknown. Instead the Five documented the response.

    The innuendo was lost on the units, although Three did make a notation for a possibility of a missing bottle of wine. A question was then poised by units person with Large ears and reduced stature. Unfortunately the question still held too many variables. It ignited its hologram system to display a rotating question mark - underneath was the stated text Unable to validate answer. Exceeds variable limit and/or information available.

    TAG: @ConservativeJedi321 , @darthhelinith

    IC: Shadow ASP Monitoring Unit 7 & 1


    These were living interesting lives. Posts to come later ;)

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    Apr 15, 2019
    OOC: Fun with Sinrebirth and Mitth_Fisto

    IC: Rugel Juhn and the Master of Masters
    Dining Room

    Glancing at the two droids Juhn sighed. His arms moved, clasping his hands behind his back. Pacing over to the window of the dining room, he looked out, watching the storm as it swirled. Glancing back over his shoulder at the cloaked figure. ”Have you yet figured out why someone wanted our host dead? From what I can tell, with all the people present, there are a variety of reasons why he would have been murdered.”

    Turning back to the window, he tried to decide if he’d picked up enough clues on his own to make such a decision. But it would be interesting to see what the dramatic one thought.

    "No idea, but being as we can reduce the variables to this immediate area... and the candidates are presumably all among us... and the weapon is to hand..." An elaborate shrug. "I could verily suggest you with, oh I don't know, the Dataspike, in this very room, no?"

    Snorting as he adjusted the waist of his vest, Juhn looked at the cloaked man. ”Funny you should say that.” he muttered.

    Turning to face the droid that seemed to be his shadow. ”I am quite certain that you and the other droids have a more complete database than you reveal. So, I ask that you reveal to this being and this being only my whereabouts throughout the evening last night, and how I could not be the murderer.”

    As he waited for the droid to respond, Juhn turned back to the cloaked man. ”Why I say it’s funny is that I had almost the exact same thought as you as to location and weapon but not being. I suggested it was you who did so, although no one nearby at the time confirmed or denied any of it.”

    Shadow ASP Monitoring Unit 7 shifted, turning this way then that as it attempted to process the request. "No." it finally stated.

    "No?" the Master said, amused. "No as to what?"

    He looked for his unit.


    He brandished a finger at Juhn. "What he and I just said."

    Shadow ASP Monitoring Unit 1 shook on it's motivators as it processed the request. "Yes. No. Yes - Yes." It responded. Vocabulator limitations were troublesome when trying to related an idea. Especially when someone was requesting complex information. They could attempt to create a holo-presentation, but that would be memory core intensive.

    Tapping Seven, One dipped it's head before pantomiming taking a holo to it and point to the pointy eared one. Seven shook, "No." it replied.

    One tapped a foot. Then mimed scrolling in mid air and pointed at the pointy eared one. "Yes." Seven replied. One blinked his photoreceptors several times. Seven bobbed several times in return, "Yes." it replied before turning and displaying a holo of a data usage feed that indicated the pointy eared one had been utilizing an active and responsive datastream last night - well through the time of death window.

    "Does it count if I murder the droid?" The Master leered.

    Juhn snorted, ”It doesn’t count as murder, I believe, as they are not living beings. However, you did specify both our questions be answered and they only answered yours, which does show where and what I was doing almost all night. Which is also good for me to know after that noxious gas.”

    Glancing at the droids again, then thought for a moment, perhaps the being before him didn’t have those answers himself which should mean, with how tied to them the droids were, that information would not be available. ”Interesting…” he murmured.

    The Master looked incredulous, at least in how he leaned back, aghast in body language. "I don't even know what they said."

    He shrugged. "Care to translate?

    Chuckling at the response from the cloaked one, Juhn turned back to face him. ”They basically said that there was no way I was the killer as I was too busy working to be bothered by such mundane pursuits as murder.”

    "But what about little ole me?" He placed his hands on his chest.

    ”Well, that depends. They answered mine as I was sure and they had proof of what I was doing and where I was.” Juhn answered. Turning back to the droids, ’But he’s right, I did suggest it was him, with the same weapon, and here. So is he the one?”

    Seven and One looked at each other and beeped and booped a few times. Their photoreceptors blinking as data was shared between them and other Units. The holoprojection of data usage was replaced with a spinning question mark. Beneath it was a datalink stating 'Result not found'.

    "I mean, I could suggest myself, but that'd be insanity." He chuckled, drily. "With the dataspike, in this room?"

    He held his fingers up to his mouth as if nibbling his nails in fear of the result.

    "Assuming these buckets of bolts cooperate."

    A snigger.

    Once more the image displayed slowly blinked twice.

    A spinning question mark. Beneath it was a datalink stating 'Result not found'.

    The Master threw up his hands and turned to leave.

    "I'm going."

    Juhn snorted, ”I bid you good morning then, mysterious one. The non answer does keep some mystery alive so that is something. So the hunt continues.”

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    Mar 19, 2016
    IC: Odosius Zaal

    “Thank you, I guess that door was heavier than I thought last night. I did not mean to slam it in your face.” Medb appeared behind him giving him a startle. He eyed her with curiosity, and concern. Did she just read his mind? Facing Abner she declared “Now why would I kill your boss? You should know that among the manifests, there were no weapons found on me, nor on my ship. There is a lesson there.” And just as swiftly as she had arrived, she was gone. Trying to defuse the tension Odosius chuckled a little. "Always on the move. Gotta pity the droid that's tasked with keeping track of her." Still, a shiver went up his spine. Hard not to see why Abner had accused her. The creep factor aside, he stood by his previous defense of her.

    His own droid had finally gotten an answer back to him, a rotating question mark that failed to provide any direction whatsoever. Great.
    "I'm getting the feeling our shadows here won't be much help finding the killer. The Professor went to the Dinning room, I think I will trail him there and interogate him myself. If you'd like to join me, feel free." Not even waiting for an answer he began his walk to the other side of the mansion.

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    Jan 29, 2008
    Doctor Bellorum
    Billiard Room, Lord Semolurian Divertium’s Mansion near Bespin

    Bell pursed her lips and scowled at the droid.

    After taking a moment to consider her options, she picked the cue back up and started to rack the balls again. She pushed the triangle forward quickly to get the balls nice and tight.

    She’d seen Praxon and the redhead enter the room, but had chosen to ignore them until now.

    “Praxon,” Bell spoke up, “indulge me and play? I confess that I’m not very skilled, but I’ll try to be a worthy challenger.”

    She reached into a pocket and pulled out a card and glanced at it, “let’s make this interesting,” she said. “I’ll wager you 100 credits that I can beat you, if you can tear yourself away from red that is?”

    Placing the card on the edge of the billiards table, she leaned close to the droid and said, “I still think a blaster was used.”

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    Nov 15, 2004
    The Master

    Shadowed, and shadowless, the Black Coat rolled his proverbial eyes and stalked into the main area.

    His head tilted towards the open doors to the Billiard Room and the palaver occurring therein. "Ah, yes, no, I know it definitely wasn't in there."

    He twirled, holding up his finger and pointing wherever he stopped.

    There was quite a commotion in this room too.

    He took a quick step, peered into the Library.

    "So.... Odosius Zaal, did you do him in here, with a Vibrodagger?"

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    Apr 15, 2019
    IC: Rugel Juhn
    Dining Room

    The cloaked figure swept out of the dining room, leaving Juhn alone with the droid that had become his shadow. The silence of the room was only broken by the sound of the storm outside. He sighed, being no closer to the solution of who had killed their host, except that he knew and it had been shown, at least to the man who had just been here, that he was not the one who had done the deed.

    The fact that the droid had not been able to show that that man was innocent did add to his knowledge, only confirmed one of his suspicions, although none of the others had been discounted yet either. As he thought, he wandered closer to the window, staring out at the storm.

    The clouds were racing, the storm boiling and flaring around the floating residence. In and among the clouds he could see the forms of first one then more and more airsquids. Reaching up, he pinched the bridge of his nose. Those creatures and more had been the only reason he’d come to this violent gas moon. And now he was trapped in a house with someone who had had no compunction with killing their host.

    Who else might fall to the killer before they were finally released?

    Sighing at that thought, he returned his attention to the storm, trying to count how many of the flying creatures there were and whether they could end up a threat to the residence any time soon.

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    Mar 19, 2016
    IC: Odosius Zaal

    As he began to exit the Study he nearly barreled into the shrouded individual who had immediately begun to question him about a viro-dagger.
    "What gave it away?" He snarked, gesturing to the spotless room. "The blood spatters?"
    Realizing that perhaps sarcasm wasn't the best method to earn trust he backtracked a little. "Of course, I wouldn't know if I was the killer, last night is simply a haze. But knowing myself as I do, I am a being of diplomacy not violence." He offered a thin smile, as he moved past the man and in the direction of the Dining room. Grabbing his data pad out of the fold of his robe, he spent a second evaluating proper protocols for being accused of murder and came away disappointed. "It is my intention to question the Professor, do with that knowledge as you like."

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    Dec 8, 2004
    OOC: This wonderful bit of droid shenanigans came from our beloved GM, @Mitth_Fisto, and myself
    IC: Medb Ra-oon, Shadow ASP Monitoring Unit 4, Sneamach
    Departed Lord's Mansion, Billiard Room

    Medb sensed danger directed at her, it didn't seem to come from the living beings, but when she looked at the ASP droid...

    She narrowed her eyes, moved her grip to more of a center of mass, and started pushing the droid out of the room. Need a little alone space to work and finish my job. Then come up with a plan to get out of here.

    Shadow ASP Monitoring Unit 4 backpedaled as its charge obviously desired to leave and it was in her way. A vulgar subject! It didn’t have time for this; it needed to finish its complaint form about this subject! Yet all it could do was react and be pushed wherever she was going.

    Medb kept her voice low and continued to push the ASP droid slowly toward the Lounge. She remembered something from one of the few useful things that Cloud City had ever done, the briefing. "You, your lovely group of droids are as much or more responsible for this situation." Those idiot droids had mutilated the body which made an autopsy useless, the poor record-keeping by the droids did nothing but aided the murderer. Add to that, so far no one has found something that obviously said, 'Crime scene' which in her mind meant that these stupid droids cleaned the crime scene!

    She looked to find the off switch to the droid to begin her plan. Medb heard the Master’s guess, her path took her close enough to speak quietly enough for only the Master to hear, “Kinky…”

    When the unit back to notice what this subject was attempting it tried to emit a fog horn growl of defiance. A brief deep tone started as it tried to uppercut punch her away. . .

    . . .and was suddenly silenced as Medb found the emergency shutdown switch inset in the roof of the open chest cavity. With a groan the lights dimmed from the units eyes as its vision dimmed. Four had never finished that complaint form, what an odd thing to flicker across its processors as it as shut down?

    Medb exhaled in relief, forgetting the abbreviated uppercut...until it contacted her side, it hurt but she was pretty certain that there would be a bruise.

    The first thing she did was plug her datapad into the inert droid to see if Sneamach, her astromech who had networked into her datapad via her Vector starfighter, could help. Medb kept her voice barely above a whisper, "Snea, do you see anything interesting in there? Also, is it possible to mess with the motivators for the legs on the outside?" While waiting for an answer, she had a realization, "Snea, I need to record a message, can you get it out for me?"

    Snea would powered up from a standby mode it had successfully used to avoid a restraining bolt and/or forced shutdown when the hanger had been in chaos earlier this morning. The hanger was pitch dark with only emergency glow strips for illumination.

    On inspection he would find that all terminals were unpowered currently, the blast doors were engaged and locked both at the hanger exit and entrance. There was not a sign of any other active thing in the hanger. The signal was weak and prone to mild glitching because of the heavy shielding between Snea and Medb by those blast doors, but it was possible for it to bypass the Asp droids limited faculties to make it jerkily walk.

    Medb checked the signal strength, the signal would not make it through this storm, "I guess we can set it up so the message will send once everything is back to normal. It seems to be the best we can do right now. "

    Looking at the messages about the ASP droid, "Could you set the speed of one leg to move faster than the other, so maybe it will walk in a somewhat odd circle?"

    She switched over to record her message.

    Medb saved the file and requested that we distribute it among various systems to be sent out as soon as it was possible to get a powerful signal so it would not be fragmented.

    Snea was able to promptly reply that it could indeed make the ASP droid walk in a circle. Or a square pattern. Or wherever Medb wanted it to make it walk it so long as it had the link to the droid’s systems from the remote plug in through the datapad. It would of course save the message and wait for an opening to send it.

    Medb made a face, though she kept her voice low, "I still need the datapad..." she looked into the Lounge, "Wait, I have an idea!" she rushed into the Lounge and grabbed a small datapad, taking care to not leave her evidence on it, removed the dongle that would allow Sneamach to access datapads with the programming, though somewhat limited by the pad's memory. She plugged in that datapad and took some care to hide it as best she could. "That may limit you Snea, but I do still need the datapad. It only can say yes or no, but could you use it to play the Terrifying Tale of the Termination of Starlight Beacon ? I just want it to act like the droid is on the fritz and it is a distraction for everyone while I do some investigations."

    She wanted to alter the name of Cloud City into False Promises with the tagline of Faulty Hyperdrives a Specialty, and the manor to include that the lord is dead, with its particular tagline being synonyms of dead. Along with figuring out the crime by investigating the rooms herself, finding out what was actually causing this Force Malaise and if Medb could end it, and escaping while insuring those who were innocent would get to escape as well.

    I could make the Asp unit to alternate 'Yes' and 'No' but would not carry any kind of tune clearing, but Snea could make a pattern that someone who knew what they were listening to by the drawn out vocalization would recognize the tune. If they were really listening for it.

    As it could not plug into any mainframe, it could not alter the name of anything either locally nor at Cloud City. Whether it could convince the city computer was another problem.

    Medb kept up with Snea was saying, she typed:

    I will attempt to change the name if I can find a good computer to so, it might end up being something we attempt later. Keep an eye out for any attention on you, engage your Escape and Evasion programming if necessary.

    “Yes.” Came the monotone reply from the ASP Unit.

    "Thanks Snea, have fun." Medb then left to enter the Lounge to examine it for clues, whether it was for the murder, or her own mysteries.

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  21. darthhelinith

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    Feb 10, 2009
    The Butler, The Master and a pair of binary deadbeats
    (combo with @Sinrebirth and @Mitth_Fisto )


    The Butler inclined his head towards Zaal.

    "If the gentleman will excuse me, I will remain here and tidy away these remaining books."

    Abner had just noticed a series of bound periodicals and reference titles in the corner that his late master had been browsing a couple of days prior, with the strict instruction that they not be tidied away until he had finished with them.
    The corner of his mouth twitched into a smile.
    He would no longer be denied his duty to replace them unto their proper shelves.

    As his companion left the room, the Gamorrean's large gloved fingers enclosed the first few volumes at the top of the pile of literature, the other hand placing a golden-rimmed monocle to his eye. A soft grunt of satisfaction as he read the spine of each, and began sorting them upon the various bookcases.

    With his back to the doorway, he heard The Master's accusation long before turning to see the cloaked figure.

    Another grunt, this time of irritation- he had not finished cleaning and it went against every fibre in his body to have the guests of the house in a room that was dirty, even with the circumstances as they were.

    "The gentleman you mention has just left, I believe in the direction of the study?"

    Having finished the last of the books, he pulled out a pink feather duster from... somewhere about his bulk and began to dust.
    Guests be hung, he couldn't leave a job unfinished.

    "May I be so bold as to inquire of the relationship you shared with the late master?"
    “My relationship…?” The Master turned to the speaker and shrugged eloquently, about to quip, but was sidetracked by a glimmer.
    He couldn’t see what it was, so the stranger could downplay it with ease, but his curiosity was piqued.

    In one of the books Abner put away and was now dusting, he had noticed something gleaming inside the spine between the backing and the pages that was sticking up just enough, poking up slightly at the top. Glinting in the light.

    Abner grunted again, surprise this time, momentarily forgetting the presence of the other being. His gloved hands placed the books to one side and carefully removed the dataspike from its hiding place, holding it up to the light. Aside from a few light finger-marks from use, it appeared clean. But Abner did not recognise the tool, and suspected one of the guests might have hidden it away in the library, intended for later use. Had someone been intending to access the late master's business records or even the mainframe?

    "Unless the murderer is a meticulous cleaner, I might suggest that this object can safely be ruled out from the list of weapons." He eyed the droid that had been accompanying him all this time.
    Would it now relay that information to the other suspects?

    Satisfied with his own appraisal, he offered the object to his companion for their own inspection, interested to see how he would respond to it.

    The Master regarded the data-spike.

    "Unless it's a double bluff," he said, noting his gloves and eying their hands. "The data-spike, here..." a frown, heard rather than seen. "So all we have left is the name of the murderer, perhaps?"

    The Master watched the gamorrean's reaction exceedingly carefully.

    It seemed very neat and tidy.

    Abner found it...

    Was Abner the one?

    Oh Sith I'm alone with the murderer.

    Was he?

    At the suggestion of a double bluff, the butler looked nonplussed.
    "While it is possible, I believe it is often found that the simplest solution is the most likely, is it not?"

    He read the change in the master's stance and raised an eyebrow.
    "And forgive my forwardness, but with all due respect, should I have been overcome with desire to murder my late employer of seventeen years, I would have chosen the day before my day off, so I would have had time to escape the crime scene."
    The boar sighed, suddenly looking very tired. "As it is, I was up late last night writing a letter. My late wife and twin daughter's graves are under threat from a property developer and I am trying to arrange for their remains to be moved to a quieter locale." He turned to look out the window, lost in thought.

    ASP Unit Five and Seven looked at each other, then after a few moments Five pulled up a holo displaying an auto save document linked to the Butler’s account with time edits listed. Indicating he was remembering correctly and had an alibis.

    The Black Coat nodded sagely, slowly.

    “Well, I am very, very sorry for your loss, there,” a hesitation, “and my sincerest apologies for impugning your honour.”

    Abner turned back from the window.

    "It is no matter, it is natural for accusations to fall toward the staff, we do, after all, have more intimate knowledge of our employers comings and goings. If-"
    He stopped himself, paused, and something slightly dangerous passed behind in the Gamorean's eyes for a split second. The butler seemed oddly relaxed to share the room with someone who had produced no alibis of their own- the gamorrean was certainly innocent, but perhaps not without motive.
    "The late master is dead. The estate will be handed over to the executor of the will, and I must seek a new position."

    The Master held out his gloved hand for the item. “Do we show the dataspike to the others, or do we bluff out the murderer by announcing that we found the weapon?”

    “It was hidden here…"

    Abner shook his head and returned his attention to the object that the Master was now examining.
    "Sir suspects doing so may force one of the other guests to reveal something?"
    He rested a finger to his chin in thought. If this will get us all out of this force-forsaken mansion quicker.
    "There is also the possibility of accusing someone of being a secret beneficiary of the late Lord's generosity, as part of the ruse. Family members and friends tend to become blinded by offence when accused of being a beneficiary of the will. Prehaps someone was using the dataspike to try and determine their inheritance, before deciding to 'cash in' on it?"

    The Master could have rolled his eyes so much they unscrewed.

    "Has the Will even be read yet?"

    He eyed their know-it-all-but-not-useful-whatsoever shadow droids.

    The butler too turned his attention to the droids once more, waiting to see how they'd respond, though doubting much of substance.

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    and perhaps the beneficiaries of the will, if any are out there... [face_thinking]
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  22. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Shadow ASP Monitoring Unit 3 & 1
    The Library

    The two units looked at each other before looking at the two making such an enquiry. "No." stated 3.

    At the same instance, "Yes." stated 1. The two units jerked in surprise and looked at one another before turning back to their charges. "No." stated 1.

    "Yes." stated 3. Shifting towards each other they both blurted out a string of binary screeching with arms raised. After a few moments they settled to turn to the two and displayed a list of those presently on the suspect list. A flash of the projector as they both agreed and stated simultaneously: "No."

    The will after all likely had been read by the lawyer, possibly shared by now with any affects to Cloud City with it's administrator, possibly relayed to other affected business partners. Unfortunately no one, least of all the deceased man's lawyer, had been in contact with anyone in the mansion. So to them, no one would of read the will.

    TAG: @Sinrebirth & @darthhelinith

    IC: Shadow ASP Monitoring Unit 2 & 6
    Billiard Room, Lord Semolurian Divertium’s Mansion near Bespin

    Unit 2 and Unit 6 watched the pair silently. . .there was a baited breath and pause to the moment. Unit 2 looked to Unit 6 with a 'what are they doing' tilt of the head and blink of the ole photoreceptor. To which Unit 6 stepped forward and tapped it's human males shoulder in a light shove towards the questioning female.

    TAG: @Lady_Belligerent & @HanSolo29

    IC: Shadow ASP Monitoring Unit 4, aka Snea

    Hallway Outside Lounge

    Walking in a shaky circle Unit 4 was made to begin singing in a stilting, lilting "No. Yes. Yes. No. No. . . Yes. No. No. No. No. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes!" Snea meanwhile, very slowly, and as quietly as possible, began studying the hanger and checking on the other ships present by launching his remote probe.

    Medb would hear a noise though, before this recitation began as she moved to enter the Lounge. It appeared she had a witness. . .

    TAG: @adaml83

    IC: Shadow ASP Monitoring Unit 5

    Leaving the Study, In the Halls en route to the Dining room

    Having left the Study and turning to walk passed the Hall and Lounge to get to the Dining Room. This gave him a clear line of sight to observe what might of been the signs of a struggle and then calm conversation as Medb had a datapad he would see her exchange into the plug of the droid that began an odd loop of words. His own Monitoring Unit 5 did not understand what it was seeing and waited to see what the short long ears would do to make sense of the situation.

    TAG: @ConservativeJedi321

    IC: Shadow ASP Monitoring Unit 7

    Dining Room

    Watching out the window several of the Airsquids tried to attach to the mansion, but mild electrical shocks quickly dislodged the beasts. Soon crab gliders were seen as well. These though, would be seen swinging low or high upon the winds. Seeming to aim for the rocky underpinning of the mansion, or for the roof instead of for the sides as the airsquids were focusing their efforts. Unfortunately from their vantage point Rugel would not be able to see if these places granted the carion feeders a safe port to land in this storm.

    TAG: @darthbernael
  23. darthbernael

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    Apr 15, 2019
    OOC: Fun, first time ever comboing with ConservativeJedi. At least I think it was the first time.

    IC: Rugel Juhn and Odosius Zaal
    Dining Room, more questions…

    Juhn’s eyes kept up a constant scan of the clouds. The count of airsquids presents kept growing and it concerned him slightly that they were attempting to attack the floating mansion. ’As though there aren’t enough problems already…’ he thought. They seemed to focus their efforts to the sides of the mansion but he couldn’t be sure if it was an effort at complete encirclement as they tried, as he couldn’t see the far side of the mansion from his vantage, of course.

    The appearance of the crab gliders caused him to beetle his brows, his pointed ears swiveling as he focused on the new creatures. He glanced back at the monitoring droid before turning back to the window, doubting that the droid would be able to answer any questions about the mansion’s defenses or why the two varieties of creatures…his eyebrows rose, these creatures were focusing on the areas that the airsquids were not, the base and peak of the mansion.

    Sighing, he stepped away, taking a chair from the dining table, and dragging it back to the window. Seating himself in it, he leaned against the back of the seat, arms slightly crossed and one hand on his chin. ”A murder and now the beasts want to take the mansion out of the sky, what else could go wrong?” he muttered.

    As Odosius trolled across the hall, he oversaw a kerfuffle between the redhead and her droid. It was bound to happen sooner or later, but the action certainly did not make her look less suspicious, save for the reality that he had already discarded her as a suspect based on his limited memory of last night.

    Into the dining room he made a show of knocking on the doorframe, but never broke stride as he came across the man, he was looking for gazing out of the window. "Well, I knew I'd find you here, glad you haven't wandered off." with a courteous smile that betrayed nothing, he took a seat near the head of the table. "Professor, you said you had been researching data-spikes. Must be a fascinating study! Is that why you came to visit the Lord?"

    Hearing the knock at the door, Juhn ignored it as the study of the creatures outside was of more import right now. However, whoever it was was more persistent and he vaguely recognized the voice. Sighing, he stood, turning the chair, and bringing it back to the table. Sitting once more, opposite the Lannik, he steepled his fingers under his chin. ”I was here for research purposes, yes. There were rumors that our departed host had a collection that could have assisted my research while I am here.” he replied in a calm, even tone.

    Taping his finger on his knee Odosius listened intently, thinking hard and trying to make connections. "A collection of Data Spikes? or a Collection of a more academic nature?" Thinking back to the man's conviction that a spike had not been the murder weapon; he couldn't help but wonder if it had been a diversion to deflect suspicion from himself. "Did you by chance ever get a chance to see this collection?"

    Juhn glanced at the droid that had been assigned to him. Turning his attention back to the other guest he let the corners of his mouth tick up in a fractional smile. ”Unfortunately, as far as I’m aware, the data spike or spikes our host had that were available did not contain the data I sought. I do not know if there were others but he seemed quite reluctant to reveal any others.” With a shrug, the smile turned up slightly more, ”You do seem fixated on data spikes though, were those part of your business here, perhaps?”

    Odosius's eye's flared in a moment of surprise, while he had used one or two in his line of work that was besides the point.
    "It's more accurate to say I'm interested in you, as well as all our other guests." He clasped his hands in front of him in a thoughtful gesture before continuing.

    "I believe if we can better understand each other, our purposes in being here and our backgrounds we have a better chance of determining who the murderer is, or rather at least what may have motivated them."

    With a sigh the Lannik stood up and moved closer to the window. "I don't suppose you'd be likely to tell me if one of those data spikes actually had something of value. Worth murdering over maybe?" Shaking his head, he knew such a direct approach would lead to a dead end, so he shifted tactics.

    "What are your thoughts on the others? Say, the Butler for instance? I was just with him and he is an unusually quiet fellow."

    Juhn studied the other being as they spoke. He noted the widening of the other’s eyes but kept it to himself. One eyebrow arched, causing the long ear on that side to bend away from his head for a moment. The corner of his mouth on that side rose in more of a half smile. His hands moved from under his chin, placing the palms flat on the table.

    ”You may, perhaps, know our former host better than I. But, from all I gathered before I came here I believe he had the keys to closets that held many beings skeletons.” the deliberate emphasis was on the last word.

    ”But, the ones he shared with me were of a more tame nature.” he went on with another shrug.

    His fingers tapped on the table, glancing at his monitoring droid once more. ”There is an eclectic group here gathered, I have noticed. Many seem suspicious from even the first glance, others who may have secrets seem to hide them better. I have not yet, as far as I am aware, had much interaction with the Butler but, I’d suspect, his reserve is possibly mourning for his recently departed master?” the inflection suggested a question.

    The ambassador nodded, taking in the man's words with a careful Sabaac face. "Secrets alone are rarely enough for murder, and to have gathered so many our host must have had an instinct for discretion." With a furrow of the brow, Odosius considered once again if he could have been the killer, but again came away unconvinced. "Unless he encountered one, he couldn't afford to keep."
    Looking around the room, his eye's settled on a Large Holo-Vid screen embedded into one of the walls on the far side of the room. "What about the actor? Isn't it rather typical of that profession to have many such dirty secrets?"

    As the conversation progressed, Juhn was becoming slightly impressed with the Lannik. The way that one spoke told of training, of being able to reveal only what they wished to reveal, and that suggested one of several potential professions but his experience made him wonder if that one was political, ones in that field often spoke as the one across the table from him was.

    His fingers continued their tapping, a disharmonic rhythm, as he turned his head to take in the screen, thinking about the question. ”That one would be well trained, at least enough to feign unconsciousness and memory loss as the rest of us have experienced. And would be able to keep from revealing things to others they wouldn’t want to have revealed. Like say,” His fingers ceased their tapping as his head turned back to face Odious, ”those in the political arena.”

    "There is certainly an overlap in skill between the two." The Lannik brooded on that fact for a moment.
    With each word the Professor revealed a little, and this conversation had proven productive.
    "I can't help but notice everyone seems to be crowded around the same side of the mansion. So many rooms have yet to be explored, I believe you were the only one to go to the west wing at the start, and that certainly made you stand out from the rest."

    With a snort, Juhn lifted one hand from the table. He tilted it right and left in a so so gesture, ”I am not what people would call a people person.” The admission was easy, groups of beings, especially groups he’d been forced into, were not something he was comfortable with.

    The hand stopped waggling, the arm lifting, as he gestured back toward the storm. ”First, this was the space where I assume we last all occupied at the same time. Second,” The palm returned to the table, ”having been given a limited period for my research, this room had the best view of the storm and what it contains.”

    He peered more deeply at the Lannik across from him, ”Although, I do suspect the storms here are not your forte, that you had a more involved reason for your own presence here.”

    "Knowledge is reason enough." He stepped away towards the table again "I know you better than I did before, and as you do come off as one of the more reserved guests so that was essential." Pausing briefly, he wondered exactly how much he had learned. This conversation would require review to piece together all the relevant facts. "Though the 'Master' as he calls himself is on an entirely different level of enigma, I doubt he would be quite so forthcoming."

    That drew yet another snort from the Professor. He waved the same hand at his attendant droid, ”Considering our minders could not prove he is not a suspect, with his own reticence, or perhaps better doublespeak than a politician, to answer mine own questions he is still a suspect to me.” he admitted.

    Standing, he smiled softly, ”Of course, this conversation was less than revealing as to your own innocence so the suspect pool is still more full than I’d care to admit.”

    Odosius allowed a small smirk at that last comment. "My Highness had been hoping for me to finalize a Fuel Contract with our esteemed host." Gesturing to their surroundings, with particular emphasis on their droid escorts he continued with a solemn note in his voice.
    "As it stands, I can say that I have failed, the contract may very well be as dead as our Lord, and the King shall be most displeased with me. Failure has consequences on Lannik." If you don't have the right blackmail, he added silently.

    Taking a moment to think once more, he held his hands behind his back and began to pace. "Then there is the Doctor, she comes off as surprisingly confident for one in her circumstances. Left me in the study without a word, quite rude actually."

    Ruhn had half turned to split his gaze between the Lannik and the window, as he listened. The response seemed to indicate that this one here was some sort of diplomat. He wanted to rub the bridge of his nose, thinking back on many occasions where diplomats had been the bane of his research but managed to refrain.

    The sound of pacing made him turn slightly back to face the other. ”Perhaps she had a pressing engagement elsewhere in the manse. I wouldn’t know, she and I haven’t shared a word between us.”

    His eyes drifted toward the door, ”Before your arrival there was a slight commotion in the corridor, perhaps whoever caused it had reason to draw attention there while they were engaged elsewhere.”

    Rolling his eye's Odosius offered a short chuckle. "The red dame decided to try a wrestling match with her droid by all appearances."
    He dismissed the concern with a wave. "I've already concluded she is not the killer, strange as she may be. I'm confident that one was in her room all night."

    Juhn’s eyes widened momentarily, behind his spectacles before they returned to his contemplative gaze. ”Your certainty is something that reduces the suspect pool, of course. Anyone that can be eliminated assists in finding the true murderer and reducing our time spent in…” he glanced out of the window once more, ” a facility under siege by nature itself.”

    Sensing the conversation was fizzling out, and running out of questions to ask the Lannik finally began moving towards the door.
    "If we don't find the killer soon, we may be having more than one kind of siege. I'm going to explore the South Hall. Maybe a clue can be found there."

    Juhn nodded, ”Plenty of spots left to examine.” Considering for a moment, he glanced at his droid shadow, ”Perhaps a change of scenery will be good, both to find out what happened last night as well as my own investigation.”

    With that, he followed on the heels of the Lannik, ”If any others seem to want to test whether I am the killer or not, I will be in the Ballroom.” His boots made little sound on the flooring as he turned in the opposite direction of Odious, heading to see if the Ballroom had a good vantage of the opposite side of the mansion.

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    IC: Medb Ra-oon
    Bereft of Life Lord's Mansion- Lounge

    Medb had this sense of being watched, it was normal especially in places where humans were a rarity, however…

    Are you my contact? I hate to say it, but you are probably out of a job, and I have already sent in a report to my superiors. Now if you want to help me solve this killing, that would be glorious.”

    Medb continued to look around, but always kept whatever was watching her in her peripheral vision.

    If I can only eliminate variables or pinpoint something missing, that would be ideal.

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    IC: The Master

    More back and forth's.

    "So the Will has not been read officially, but unofficially, perhaps?"

    He stepped towards his droid.


    "Who by?"

    He raised a finger.

    "And notify everyone that the murder weapon has been found, and so we know everything apart from the who, but will be very shortly narrowing it down."

    A lie, or a truth, it mattered not.

    Abner could be calm and collected, but the Master wanted results, and chaos, well, that always yielded results.

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