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Saga Death Watcher (Leia, Pre ANH, Part 1/2)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Sara_Kenobi, May 2, 2014.

  1. Sara_Kenobi

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    Sep 21, 2000
    Title: Death Watcher

    Summary: Leia, while visiting Coruscant, is haunted by the past that had forgotten her. But now it seems to want her back.

    Notes: This will be in 2 parts total.

    Category: A few years before ANH.

    Author: Sara Kenobi

    The sea of the Senate made Leia Organa feel like hiding herself away. Today she just didn't want to be here. Leia couldn't explain the dark feelings that had taken over her since walking into the grand building today. It was no different than from any other trip to Coruscant, now Imperial City.

    She watched the Emperor speak from his platform and she felt chilled to her bones. Leia could have sworn he looked directly at her, more than once. Which was hard to believe considering the sea of beings here.

    Her father was going to speak soon and Leia wanted nothing more than to vanish into thin air. Those cold, dead eyes would see her. Something whispered to her that she should be wary. Suddenly she excused herself and fled the Alderaanian platform before her father started his turn.

    Her father, worried about her behaviour, insisted a lady go after her. It was Margrethe, a handmaiden that Leia had known since they were children together. Leia stared out at the city scape from the view that their personal air bus transit provided. She day dreamed of a woman with dark hair and eyes, and Leia could swear she could hear the singing, even now. Her mother, singing to her softly. The sound took all the bad feelings away. A memory that Leia called upon ever since she could remember.

    She was now sixteen, but it still helped the bad feelings go away.

    “My father is going to be furious with me,” Leia told her handmaiden. “I have never left the senate like that before.”

    “Are you alright, Your Highness?”

    Leia smiled sadly. “I will be. I think old ghosts are just chasing me today. Ever feel like someone is watching you, Margrethe?”

    “You worry, unnecessarily so, my lady.”

    “Sometimes I wonder,” Leia spoke, taking a moment to close her eyes. They abruptly snapped open upon seeing those cold, dead eyes again. “I feel like I can't even rest. Always watching, always hiding... the dreams are getting worse.” Leia then suddenly drifted off to sleep, forgetting everything.
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    =D= Very plausible and in-character. Palps is enough to bring on spooky dreams all by himself :p