Full Series Debate on the set fates of Ahsoka, Rex & Maul in The Clone Wars between Dave Filoni & George Lucas

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Do u believe Dave & Sam that George (pre-retirement) let Ahsoka, Rex & Maul survive The Clone Wars?

  1. Yes, I believe Dave Filoni and Sam Witwer because they worked with George Lucas for near 10 years

  2. No, at least not until I hear Lucas say it

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  1. LucasFiloniFan1

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    May 21, 2020
    This has been a debate going on for about 5 years now. However, now that “The Clone Wars” has ended, I believe this should be discussed and debated. I want to know from a certain amount of you your thoughts on this question. Do you believe Dave Filoni and Sam Witwer when they said that George Lucas (before and as he sold Lucasfilm to Disney and retired) allowed Ahsoka, Rex, and Maul to survive The Clone Wars at the end of the series?

    Me, personally, I believe they’re telling the truth, and I have three sources to back up my point.

    Exhibit A - Sam Witwer’s interview with Geekly Bubble where you can hear him say “Filoni said ‘Lucas said you (Maul) survive ‘The Clone Wars’” (timemark 12:58):

    Exhibit B - Dave Filoni admitted to RebelForce Radio in 2015 the almost black and white rule of George Lucas to eliminate any characters not in the movies in The Clone Wars. BUT he also revealed that if any of them came to life and resonated with fans (Ahsoka, Rex, Maul and Hondo) that Filoni argued to George that they shouldn’t kill ALL of them and that they can find a way to explain why and how some of them aren’t in Revenge of the Sith or other movies without killing them (timemarks 46:23 to 50:18):

    Exhibit C - Dave Filoni told, in October 2016, that he and George allowed Rex to survive and that they both had conversations that he would be a part of The Rebellion, which I believe is true since Pablo Hidalgo said there were plans to show the fate of the clones during the Empire in Lucas’s scrapped Star Wars: Underworld series back at Celebration Orlando in 2017:

    I mean what value do they have if you felt they lied? Filoni said at least once he’s a terrible liar (, which means he’s told the truth.

    And, Sam Witwer has been able to give behind the scenes info on other shows that he’s been involved in before (like not just on “The Clone Wars”, but on “The Walking Dead” as well). Now, you would probably question Sam’s knowledge and validity on that. But, I can tell YOU that HE knows more about what ACTUALLY went down in The Clone Wars series than most believe they do since he actually is close to Filoni AND George. And, if you ever heard him talk about the original plans for The Walking Dead series, then you would probably know he’s not lying about what he’s saying since he doesn’t mind ruffling feathers of corporate Hollywood if he thinks they’ve compromised the story, which in the case of the planned fates for Ahsoka, Rex and Maul on The Clone Wars, they have not. Also, I know you’ll say “he was probably paid to say this“, but, I don’t believe he was because i believe he’s telling the truth, as he was kindly being honest recently that the Sequel Trilogy (or at least The Last Jedi) weren’t the kind of movies for him.

    And, I know some people are ask why would George Lucas allow Maul to survive The Clone Wars when most would a view Maul as a Sith and a major villain that by being alive automatically would undermine the events of ROTS, specially when the Jedi and the Sith are aware of his survival. Does that really matter if Lucas allowed those three in particular to survive, including Maul?

    I mean at the end of The Clone Wars, the Sith and the Jedi don’t know that for sure. I mean even when Vader looks at the crash site and sees Ahsoka’s lightsaber in the snow, you would have to believe that he would report to his master that both of his former friends and Maul were killed in the crash.

    Maybe, the Sith will find out he’s alive in a potential follow-up series to Solo on Disney Plus involving Maul, Qui’ra and Crimson Dawn that would end with the Empire destroying Maul’s empire but also with Maul escaping his potential duel with Vader, which would result in him being on Malachor and Vader ordering the Inquisitors to hunt him down, thus the Sith would know he’s alive by then.

    What do you guys in particular say?

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  2. Ancient Whills

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    Filoni also stated that he was more in the "Ahsoka lives" camp while GL was in the "Ahsoka dies" camp here.

    starting at 1:28

    I don't think he lied, what would he gain from it? I think he would have been very excited to tell us that GL always wanted her to survive. I kinda agree it would make sense for Maul and Vader to have a confrontation which leads to him losing Crimson Dawn (either that or Qi'ra dismantles it from the inside/becomes the new leader). It would explain why he said that he couldn't fight Vader alone in Rebels. I also don't think Rex would have been in Underworld specifically considering when they started working on the scripts.
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  3. Todd the Jedi

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    Hi @LucasFiloniFan1, while I appreciate the enthusiasm, this does not need to be a thread. One- it's all based on speculative information from several different parties. Two- it's a discussion centered on pitting LucasFilm creatives against each other, which is sure way to incite not-so-nice arguments.

    Three- please don't tag random users in hopes that they'll participate in your thread. If people are interested in a topic, they'll post of their own accord.
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