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Science Fiction Deus Ex Machina

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Thelegacyofallmen, Nov 8, 2010.

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  1. Thelegacyofallmen

    Thelegacyofallmen Jedi Youngling

    Nov 8, 2010
    This RPG is based upon a full length script treatment that a group and I have created. So bear with me people :)

    July 15, 2160

    The ultimate dream: the perfect society. Hundreds of thousands of years have been devoted towards achieving this elusive goal.
    Hundreds of empires and civilizations have tried..and failed, either to imcompent leaders or creed consumed the people to the point beyond reason.
    The metropolis of Axuim, the pinnacle of human ingenuity and with the same blade and firearm...savagery. Once an established monarchy, led by King Wallon Laurentine VII
    Axuim expirenced great successes, militarily, culturally, and economically.
    The world itself has changed much in the past two hundred years or so.

    Axuim, a great place of wonders;forests to the north,a desert in the south and an ocean to the west.
    Perfect yet scarred beyond measure. Despite these unprecedented gains that have been made, there has been and will always be a select
    few that feel as not enough has been done, too many loose ends left unchecked. Patience is best left to the weak, an ill conceived idea spineless idealists
    use to make excuses for their inadequacy. Precious time wasted, so therefore only one option: coup d'eat.
    With the sroke of a pen, the bang of a rifle, and the swing of a blade the crown was overthrown. Beginning of the regime; a militant headed government ran by a group referred to
    simply as the parliment, a large body of politicians and delegates. Sitting at the head is the Prime and Vice Minister, respectively. Power is then shifted from them to the Cardinals,
    Deacons, Judges and finally Mayors, who control these metropolises.

    Any and all who failed to submit, were treated as heretics and therefore deserved to die like dogs, no compromise. Some however fled underground, fought back for a land they no longer had a place
    in have continued to do so for the last twenty five years; a beautiful struggle. The war ravaged land is stained with poverty, starvation, crime and oppression. It holds the people with an iron fist, never letting go, forever united.


    So now I ask of you: will you answer the cries of the weary
    ? Or silence them until they are gasps of blood smothered air?
    The choice is yours?.

  2. Thelegacyofallmen

    Thelegacyofallmen Jedi Youngling

    Nov 8, 2010
    Rules! gotta love them

    1.No "godmodding". Powers are fine, but there has to be a limit. (Hey even Superman had kryptonite, and Batman was allergic to bright colors.)
    If you have some sort of power, let it have a drawback, like mind control leading to brain trauma if overused or something.
    2.Take lead in the story line. If you feel it slowing down, let it be known. Remember, this whole plot is based on a movie script I wrote so help me out. NPC play by other posters is strongly encouraged.
    3.Keep swearing to a min. (I know, end of the world and all, but just keep it in mind.)

    Guess i'll go first...credits go to the website for providing a template

    Name: Timothy Wallon Laurentine
    Birthplace: Castle Irvine; Gardiena, Axuim
    Affiliation:Neutral (depending on the situation)
    --Traits:Carefree, Honest, goodnatured to the point of easily taken advantage of
    --Likes:Ramen noodles, chocolate cake, sea vessels
    --Dislikes:Those who prey on the helpless
    --Habits: Tends to hiccup when he is nervous or scared witless
    --Height: 6'1"
    --Hair Color: Black, shoulder length
    --Eye Color: brown
    --Clothing:clothes of a beggar.
    --Other Attributes:
    --Other Details:
    Weapons:Dagger, broken sword

    ---Personal History: The Crown Prince of Axium. Due to the crown being overthrown Tim has grown without comfort or love, but has also developed him into a self reliant young man. Looks towards Quincy as a surrogate father figure
    --Military History: N/A. Basic weapons training.
    --Traumatic Exp: Was kidnapped from an orphanage by slavers, was rescued by Quincy who was passing by. Quincy recognized him and they have been together since.

    Name:Quincy Elmond Impervious Jeeves
    Age: 55
    Birthplace: Archers Point; Midtown, Axuim
    Affiliation:Neutral (Mainly to Tim)
    ---Traits:Serious, loyal to a fault, Pompous demeanor
    ---Likes:Earl Grey Tea, sea turtles, buttered biscuts
    ---Dislikes:Slavers;getting dirty
    ---Habits:Tends to adjust his glasses when he is annoyed, or any other time. Smug when he is smarter than others
    ---Skin Color:
    ---Hair Color: Grey wig, bald underneath
    ---Eye Color:grey
    ---Clothing:Butler garments
    ---Other Attributes:
    ---Other Details:
    Weapons: A Rapier, Shotgun
    --Personal History: Personal guard to the disposed King, served as a professional butler to nobles and important people. Was on the way home when he saved Tim from slavers, recognizing him, he took him under his wing to take care of him.
    --Military History:Was a Captain in the Unforgiven, the King's Elite Guard. Expirenced in old world weapons, not so much with modern equipment.
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