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Beyond - Legends Different Lens' - AU Iterations of OC Lens Eli (drama, humor, action drabbles and vigs.)

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    A/N: Welcome to Different Lens' my knew thread for AU versions of my OC Lens Eli. I'm starting with three ficlets. I don't know how often I'll be back, but AUs have always been a fun way for me to break the back of DWB. I hope you enjoy.


    Lens Eli sat on the stoop of a low level Coruscanti tenement. His off white tunic was stained with dirt, food, blood, and other filth. His trousers were torn at the knees and frayed at the hem. His face was no better, a layer of grime covering a bruise protruding high on his right cheek. His blonde hair was greasy and matted to his head, barring the cowlick which plotted its own course on the left side. What could not be covered over in dirt, or dulled by his experience were his blue-grey eyes. They shone with the zealous acumen of someone who wanted to live and would do whatever necessary to do so.

    “What’s on the docket today, Ace?” Lens asked another scruffy looking teen sitting next to him.

    “Same as yesterday, Boss,” the kid answered, pulling a weathered cap down over his eyes. “Skins provided a couple of prospects, but the yield is questionable.”

    Eli shook his head in disappointment. “Skins needs to work harder if he wants to eat. Tell me about the marks.”

    “Skins said it was a couple of pilots. Resistance, maybe?” Ace offered, feebly.

    “I don’t like stiffing Resistance,” Eli replied, bristling. “Skins knows that. What about Imps?”

    Ace shrugged, not meeting his boss’s eye. “Nothin’”

    Eli swung a backhand that knocked the cap from his cohort’s head. “Tell Skins to keep looking! I won’t take from the Resistance if I can help it. If he’s hungry enough, he’ll find another target.”


    “Hey, Lens!” yelled Ace, rushing across the street to his leader’s corner. “Did you hear the news?”

    “I’m holding it in my hot little hand,” replied Lens with excitement. He lifted up one from the stack of newspapers and shook it for emphasis. “The War in Europe is ended! Surrender is Unconditional!”

    “Hard to believe, eh Boss?” Ace, said, emotion making his voice huskier.

    Lens grabbed the boy by the shoulders and gave him an enthusiastic hug. “But’s it true, Ace! The boys are coming home!”

    “Amen to that,” Ace replied, shuffling his feet in bashful merriment. “Have you seen Skins yet?”

    “You bet I did!” the older boy replied. “I told him to go home to his momma. They had already heard that his dad would be back soon.”

    “What about you, Boss? You got anyone coming home?”

    “Just an older ‘brother from the Orphanage.”

    “What’s his name?”

    “Well, aren’t you curious this morning, Ace?” Lens said, amiably. “His name is Kyp and we haven’t seen each other in a long time. Could be a while yet, anyway.”

    “I bet it’ll be back sooner than you think,” Ace said, hopefully.

    “Thanks, Squirt! Now scram back over to your corner and share the news with the rest of the world.”


    Life wasn’t so bad in the shadow of the Observatory in Sector 1583. In the days of the Old Republic the structure had been called a planetarium. Whatever the name, then or now Lens Eli enjoyed the fact that his home for displaced younglings was located so close to such a powerful device for viewing other planets. Lens hoped to visit some of them in the future.

    Lens was trying out a new pair of macrobinoculars when he spied a brown haired beauty talking with Mr. Kregor, the home administrator. Try as he might, he could not take any of his four eyes from the woman. She was not dressed like a Coruscanti, at least not one from his sector and staff she carried made her look more like a nerf herder than a prospective parent. His eyes popped and the dropped the ‘macros’ when Mr. Kregor pointed right at him. He stood up, placed the macros on the bench, gulped as they approached.

    “Mr. Eli,” Mr. Kregor began, officially. “We have a very special guest whom has come to see you, specifically. Her name is Rey, and she represents the Jedi.”

    “The Jedi?” Lens started, before regaining control. “Really?”

    “Really!” said Rey with an excitement Lens was weary of. Do you mind if we talk for a while, Lens?”

    “Are you here to adopt me?” Lens inquired, narrowing his eyes.

    Rey looked to Kregor who shrugged and turned back toward his Home’s entrance

    “So?” Lens pressed.

    Rey sat on the bench and motioned Lens to sit next to her. “From a certain point of view.”

    “So, you’ll be my mother?” he continued.

    “Lens,” she said, catching his eye with hers. “I’m here because you have a special gift. I’m here to see if you want to come with me to explore that special gift.”

    “Do you have a big house?” he asked.

    “I’m a Jedi, Lens. We don’t have big houses,” Rey answered sympathetically.

    “The old Jedi did. They had a big Temple. So, who’s gonna be my dad?”

    Rey looked over her shoulder, presumably for Kregor. “This isn’t a formal adoption, Lens. It’s more like educational apprenticeship.”

    “Why would I want to do that? I have that here.”

    “It’s about the special gift you have, The Force.”

    Lens grew nervous and scooted away from Rey. “You want to force me into an educational apprenticeship?”

    Rey took a deep breath and sent peace into the force. “I won’t force you to do anything you don’t want to, Lens. But I am asking to come with me to learn more about becoming a Jedi.”

    Lens laughed out loud. “Me? A Jedi?” You must me joking. Orphans aren’t Jedi.”

    Rey smiled at him, which made him blush. Having her as a mom would not be bad at all.

    “Knock it off, Lens,” she said, seriously. “I may not be able to read your thoughts, but I can read your thoughts. Don’t be rude.

    Lens straightened at that and nodded his acceptance of the admonishment.

    “Now, let me tell you just how much orphans have affected the recent history of the Jedi.”
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    Fun! Ficlet threads really are the way to go to collect related but not chaptered stuff. =D=
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    Oh Lens!! [face_love]

    No matter the 'verse, there's such a scrappiness to him that I just adore. I love how his caring came through, even with how hard and gruff he is in the first one. He's scrapping to stay alive and provide for his crew, but his morals shine, nonetheless. He's a rebel in the making.

    And how interesting to see a historical AU! Once again, Lens just folds himself right in.

    But it's the third one that stole it for me. It's just so bright and hopeful! And I love how Lens can't quite tell the difference between a parent and a master. But he's taking his first step into a larger world. It's just as heartwarming to see that as it is Rey rebuilding the Jedi order. [face_love]

    These were just wonderful, brodie! I can't wait to see more as they come to you. =D=
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