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Discussion in 'Europe General Archive' started by Darion_Blade, May 18, 2002.

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    Jan 25, 2001
    This will probably get me kicked off these boards forever, but I think it is important for all movie fans to know.
    I respect these boards and love the interaction, but I want to get word out about Digital Projection and this is the only way I know how to do it. So I hope you can forgive me. If not at least read what I have to say?Thanks in advance.

    Digital Projectors must become realty in every major theater. I am with an online talk show you may have heard of or you may have not. I wont even post a link to here; anyway we were at Celebration 2, and saw for the first time a Digital Projection of some Episode II footage. It brought me to tears. I have been a Star Wars fan my entire life. And never have I felt so part of the universe as I did there.
    I realized that what Rick said we as fans had to do. I am sure you have seen some posts about talking to your local theaters and writing letters and such. Well, I hope you do all these things. But I humbly request that you do one more thing for all movie fans out there, at very least if you don?t have the time to let your theaters know, or you don?t have time to write a letter, well I understand. We have an online petition you can sign and we will continue to send it out to all major theater chains until everyone can see all our favorite movies in digital.
    I know this kind of mass post is looked on badly; it took me a while to come to this decision to post these up. Maybe, I will get banned and the moderators will take them all down. I hope not I hope you all check out, which lists a few of the benefits of this incredible technology. Also it will allow you to sign the petition.
    Once again if I am banned from these boards, then it has been a pleasure getting to know the few of you that I have been able to virtually talk to.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you consider how important it is to all of us!
    Darion Blade
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