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NSWRPF Archive Dimensions Collide - The Rise of Evil

Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Chukles38, Aug 14, 2009.

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  1. Imperial_Hammer

    Imperial_Hammer Manager Emeritus: RPFs star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 25, 2004
    IC: Tiffany Belle
    Location: The Castle, The Courtyard

    Tiffany was in no hurry to get up. Those losers outside would just have to wait for her. A beauty such as herself needed her beauty sleep. This was almost self-explanatory. She took her time doing her hair and make up. When she did come down, she needed to look perfect. Then she carefully put on her blue outfit. First the top, and then the bottom. And finally her large, feathery headpiece. Her turquoise sparkles shone quite nicely in the sunlight, and she gave herself a careful inspection in the mirror.

    Yes. She looked acceptable.

    So the showgirl left the room, her deck launcher strapped on and ready to rumble.

    As she went down into the main hall, she could see through the windows that many battles had already began. Hm. So they didn't wait for her? How rude.

    Tiffany cracked her knuckles. Well she better get to it then. She didn't feel like breakfast. A woman in her position didn't eat much, and didn't need much in turn to be comfortable.

    She strolled out into the Courtyard, elegantly making her arrival. Sadly for her, it didn't seem that many noticed.

    Tiffany didn't have to wait around long before she was pulled into a battle. Some black shadowy figure swooped in, darkness and shadow spilling out around him.

    ?Excuse me, miss?? he said, floating/slinking over to the woman in the glitzy outfit, ?I?m afraid your presence has offended me greatly. I challenge you to a card battle??

    ?In HELL!?

    Strangely, the courtyard started to fade away and she found herself standing in a purple foggy place. Hrm. How strange. There were some cards that could affect the battlefield, but she never heard of a card that could change the entire scenery. This guy must be a gigantic nerd with way too much time and money on his hands.

    Then the shadow man said something else

    "You must defeat me or be trapped here for one flogna.?

    Whhhhyyyy. Why did she get put up against these people first? Couldn't she have an easy start?

    She tugged down her top a bit, as it was riding up, and clinched her fists. Fine. She would defeat this guy or she would be defeated kicking and screaming. She was not the Clark County Card Champ for nothing.

    She smiled at the shadow man.

    "Always get the nerds first hm?" she said. "Alright Pointdexter, you dragged me out here into your "cool" shadow world. Now you gotta deal with me."

    She started to pull cards

    "My deck is known for its field spells, and you face them all the same. I cast "Luxor" on the field!"


    The dark shadowy floor rumbled and quaked as the giant black face of the Luxor's pyramid rose up and outward. And then lo, its massive Xenon lamp fired up, a bright lance shooting up and out into the darkness, illuminating the bleak field.

    "Then to follow up, I summon Criss Angel, the star of the Luxor's very popular new show, onto the field in attack mode!"


    The young, scraggly magician materialized onto the field, with a giant tesla coil behind him

    "I will end out my turn and place two trap cards face down."

    She laid the cards down to the side, and struck a sexy, dramatic pose!

    "Welcome to Vegas honey, lets see how your luck holds out."

    TAG: Ramza
  2. AngryLaserHobo

    AngryLaserHobo Jedi Youngling

    Jun 29, 2009
    Charlie G

    Charlie had randomly phased out for a few moments (as land whales often do), going back to the time when he worked in a bank and some asswipe strategist threw a dart at the world map and declared "let's invest there" and then asked the Research department for supporting data (which really means find a list of reasons why this landfill of a place can generate $50 billion in cash flow over the next 5 years), which the Director couldn't be bothered with it so it got handed down to the food chain until it hit Chales the Analyst, which is why he was stuck modelling spreadsheets on a Sunday evening intermittently browsing forums while chained to a desk.

    However, with the lightning reflexes of a land whale, he quickly noticed a 5 foot 3 slim dark-shoulder-length-hair with inverted V parting over right eye Earth Human approaching him, who eventually turned around in search of food. AYE CARUMBA, Charlie says, I should interact with this individual (as whales are wont to do). Ok Charlie, be nice, keep it simple, have to make lots of friends you see.

    "I CHALLENGE YOU TO A DUEL" he screams at the lady, in his baritone whale voice.

    Tag: Sith-I-5
  3. Yuul_Shamar

    Yuul_Shamar Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 3, 2004
    IC: Danny Fenton
    Kiwi Incorporated Castle Courtyard

    "I shall play this secret fighter card in face-down defense mode, and activate Supply Room. So long as it is on the field, all of my Office Supply fighters gain one hundred points additionally to their attack and defense. In addition, I play this other card face-down."

    'Office supplies?' Danny thought to himself as he miraculously kept himself from laughing outright. After all what was so threatening about office supplies? Shaking his head, Danny focuses quickly on the match, planning his next move. A passive glance at both his hand and his side of the field was all it took to decide what to do. I summon Ghost Pirate from my hand onto the field, and, activating Youngblood's special ability, I can special summon another one directly from my deck!" Once having done so, the holbattler on his arm automatically shuffled the deck for him, which was quite handy.

    [image=] x2

    Danny smirked, "Their arrival also brings Youngblood's Attack and Defense up to 2000 and 1850 respectively. And with that, Youngblood and his two friends, attack!"

    Tag: Chukles
    OOC: Couldn't find a decent image for the card.
  4. Chukles38

    Chukles38 Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 10, 2005
    Think I got everyone. :)

    IC: Yvette

    Yvette pouted slightly. ?How dare you, monsieur, insult me so. I am hurt.? Her French accent rang clearly through the courtyard. She watched quietly as her opponent made his move and then turned it over to her.

    ?Well, I shall play this card in face up attack.?


    ?And, while I am playing, I shall equip him with this equipped card.?


    ?And I will play this facedown. Now, I attack your monster, killing it? unless you can counter it?? Her accent held true as she waited to see if he could counter.

    TAG: MIB


    IC: Jackson Ray

    The burly man grinned, his tight shirt clinging to his tight muscles. Were his opponent not so absorbed in the boys that she so seemed to love, she might be quite taken with him. Most women were. When he spoke, his voice was gruff and deep, the essence of manly.

    ?Heh, that is A VERY TRICKY card you have there, but KEEP IN mind that I will still DESTROY YOU LITTLE girl. WITH THAT, I will play this fighter FACE DOWN WHILE I PLAY THIS other card face down as well.? His random shouting might have been found annoying by most, but there were certain people that find it endearing. He merely smiled now. ?It is YOUR turn, LITTLE GIRL!!!?

    TAG: Sey


    IC: Kenneth Appleton

    The slightly geeky fellow began chuckling softly. ?I am most afeared, my dear friend, that you have been misled as to the potential strength of that card. For, you see, as you attack my facedown card with your ghost pirate, he flips him into face-up defense mode.? A card slipped and it was?.


    A?. tape?. Dispenser?.. Really? Seriously? Um?? okay?.

    ?My kind young sir, you see, the defense, with the field arte Supply Room on the field, is at 3000, which means that your ghost pirate loses you 1000 survival points. I have not yet reached the conclusion however, as you have already willingly committed your two weaker fighters to attack, they too cause a totally of 4000 survival points to you, making the accumulated survival point damage to you 5000. And now, it is my turn??

    Kenneth drew a card and examined his hand. ?I now play one face-down fighter and one more face-down card. It is your turn.?

    TAG: Yuul
  5. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Toshiko Sato (Torchwood operative), Kiwi Incorporated Castle courtyard.

    Ah, she had it?s attention now, Tosh noted, as she picked herself up off the sodden lawn, brushing herself off.
    The white heels were ruined, and although the stiff PVC mini-skirt was good as new after a double palm brush, she now had grass stains up the back of her legs.

    ?I really need to score a pair of jeans,? she muttered as she straightened and took in the expectant Blue Whale. ?You got a couple Wet Wipes?? She enquired as she looked up at it, then answered her own question. ?S?pose not. Okay then, let?s get this show on the road.?

    Toshiko straightened, planted both feet in the turf, shoulder width apart, and put her hands on her hips, Supergirl-stylee. All she needed was the ?S? on her chest, and a silky red cape.
    ?Consider your challenge..., accepted.?

    She already knew which card she was going to use first, and had moved it to the top of her relatively slim deck the night before.

    She used her right thumb to slide the first card free, and placed it carefully into the Fighter slot. She waited for the holoprojectors to begin work on the vaguely human shape in wrinkled grey coveralls.

    ?Allow me to introduce Janet, a Weevil my friends and I captured in Cardiff Town Centre.?

    Still only half formed from the head down, the legless holo-Weevil growled a warning at the financier.

    "She likes you." Tosh raised an amused eyebrow.

    Tag: Charles G

  6. TheManinBlack

    TheManinBlack Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 1, 2007
    IC: Arnold Stalone

    ?And I will play this facedown. Now, I attack your monster, killing it? unless you can counter it?? Her accent held true as she waited to see if he could counter.

    He could.

    " A real man does not leave a woman unattended. Sure, that might be considered stalking by lesser persons, but those persons aren't me. Despite the best efforts of that wormy court ordered therapist. " Arnold said gruffly. "Reveal response card!!!!"


    With that giant hearts formed over the Colonel's eyes, causing his head to tilt to the side as he drooled all over himself.

    "With that your turn ends, and mine begins." Arnold said softly, drawing a card from his deck without looking at. He didn't know if that looked really, really cool...or really really stupid. Not that it mattered, no one was looking at him anyway, just the pretty looking things over head. All humans where drawn to cute things in life, like moths to the flame. Expect looking into cute things didn't end with you flying into them, and being set on fire.

    With Arnold looked at card he drew, and for the first time that day a genuine smile graced his face and stayed there. whenever he saw this card he brought his spirits up. He had shown the woman what the meaning of cute was, now it was time to school her in the art of beauty. He almost felt bad for her, she wasn't a faker like he thought, she even a good maid would when insulted. She was just a second rate maid. But he would show her no mercy, the Hokuto no Ken practitioners had no mercy.

    " Did you know young girl, that somewhere out in the world there is an island of women and no men, and it is forbidden for men set foot there. Consider yourself lucky, not only have you seen the embodiment of get to glimpse the definition of beauty, a thing very few can claim. I play Amazon Lily" Arnold bellowed in glee, though to passers by it might sound like a battle cry.


    " That's not all, I will also summon the queen of this land as well. A woman whose beauty knows no peer. Young, Old, Living, Non Living, all her swayed by her. I summon, Boa Hancock"


    With that a lush jungle, surrounded by a fierce sea surrounded the players. Far off in the holograph, a ship began approaching the isle. As it closed it became apparent, the ship was being towed by a giant serpent, with a skull cap on its head, where a regal, beautiful looking woman stood. The boat finally stopped on Stalone's side of the field, with the woman looking down so much at Colonel Mustard...she was actually looking up at him.

    " With Amazon Lilly in play my Mahoro power is increased by 500...and Boa Hancock's is increased by 700. With I will place card face down on the field and..."

    ATK 2500/ DEF 2200

    ATK 4100/ DEF 3100

    "...and will have Boa Hancock kill of your precious Colonel Mustard." Arnold finished.

    With that, Boa Hancock kissed her finger, making a small 2-D cartoon heart appear on it, and fired at her opponent in the classic 'BANG, your dead' gesture.

    It remained to be seen if she would manage to kill Colonel Mustard though.

    TAG: Chuckles and all others reading
  7. BartSimpson-SithLord

    BartSimpson-SithLord Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jan 24, 2002
    Jeremiah Prideson
    Castle Courtyard

    "Since you were so kind as to lend me your own fighter, I suppose I don't need to summon any for the time being. Luffy ? what was it you called it? ah, right ? use Gum Gum Bazooka Valkyrie Smash to attack Buster Machine #7! Alucard and Tingle will attack your survival points directly!?

    Jeremiah held his head high as the once former Nightmare Luffy's attack hit his card. The resulting blast sent Buster Machine #7 flying head over heels into the castle wall where she shattered. His survival points took the first hit, then the other fighters followed in their attack. After it was all said and done, he was down to 0150 survival points. This couldn't have possibly taken a worse turn for him. This fellow he was playing really knew what he was doing.

    The man placed another card face down. ?You have put up a good fight, but now I am afraid it is all over for you. Perhaps next time you will be able to recognize when there is a trap set right in front of you.?

    "Perhaps," Jeremiah said in a tone that suggested he was fine with his fate. He pulled a card from his deck and gave a smile. "But I cannot allow you to sully my card any longer!" he triumphantly placed his arte card into the correct slot.

    "My comrades' feelings have been etched into my body. I will change this eternal darkness into light. Heaven and Earth. One body, one soul. Nightmare Luffy, I ACCEPT YOUR DYING WISH!"


    On cue, a massive spiral of green energy rose from the field. It enveloped all of the fighters on the field, its overwhelming power ripping into their bodies and tearing them apart at a subatomic level. As the energy continued to build, the fighters lost their color, becoming sketches of themselves before fading away into nothing as the sudden surge of energy passed.

    "But I'm not finished yet." Jeremiah continued. "I shall place one fighter face down in defense position. Then I shall end my turn."

    This guy is pretty good. And he's honorable, even if what he did to Luffy was inexcusable. I think we'll get along well.

    TAG: EmpireForever

  8. EmpireForever

    EmpireForever Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Mar 15, 2004
    Maximilian Von Trapp

    Maximilian drew his card, and smiled triumphantly. He may not have any fighter cards at the moment, but in one turn that would change dramatically, and with Holy Bell on the field, he didn't need to worry about his opponent attacking him.

    ?This will all be over soon enough, as Holy Bell heralds the coming of her Goddess, and your impending doom. Now would be a good time to start handing over that kiwi slice, Champ.?


    ?The power of mankind is nothing next to the power of my goddess. So ends my turn.?

    Of course, in this game, the winner could change with a single move. Maximilian was aware of that, and felt that if anyone was capable of pulling it off, it would be the fighter he was currently facing. To be honest, Maximilian had nearly lost his cool, but his cards had come up just right, and he had managed to save face. He just had to hold his composure for a little while longer...

    Tag: Bart
  9. BartSimpson-SithLord

    BartSimpson-SithLord Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jan 24, 2002
    Jeremiah Prideson
    Castle Courtyard

    ?This will all be over soon enough, as Holy Bell heralds the coming of her Goddess, and your impending doom. Now would be a good time to start handing over that kiwi slice, Champ. The power of mankind is nothing next to the power of my goddess.?

    Jeremiah stared at the card. With Noriko in defense position, all he would have to do is flip her into face up defense and play one of the cards already in his hand. That would get rid of that goddess quickly and easily. He just had to hope that the next card was a strong fighter. If he was able to come back and win this, he'd be ecstatic. He just had to pull through. This fellow was tough, really tough. The first opponent to ever bring Jeremiah this close to defeat. He couldn't help but be immensely impressed.

    This was it. Any way he looked at it, this would be the last chance he really had, he pulled the card from the top of his deck and his face went white. No, this was too easy. This card, the very essence of the friends he'd left at home and the friends he would still make in the future. The most powerful arte card he possessed. And he just happened to draw it. This would end the duel on this turn. He would win. But it was just too easy. He wanted for this duel to keep going. He wanted to feel the excitement of this duel as both dueler and fighters refused to give up.

    He stared at the card, deep in thought.

    Sure this card could win him the duel, but it felt cheap to him. This had been a hard fought duel, one that was back and forth, and he'd hate to win it by using the card combination he had now. No, he had too much fun here for it to end like that. And, perhaps winning wouldn't be advantageous here. There were other duelists he could gain kiwi slices from. But the chance to make a new nakama happened only once in a while. Two working together would get through this contest far faster than only one.

    Friends, I'm going to lose this one, okay? But we're still strong, and we'll still go beyond the impossible and kick reason to the curb!

    His face became one of acceptance, but still retained his sense of confidence he'd always had. Grouping his cards together, he placed his hand face down atop his deck. "I see how this duel would end, my good fellow. The win, and my kiwi slice, is yours. OUTRAGEOUS match!" And as the holograms faded, he couldn't help give a heartfelt laugh as he walked over to shake his opponent, and hopefully new friend's, hand.

    TAG: EmpireForever
  10. EmpireForever

    EmpireForever Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Mar 15, 2004
    Maximilian Von Trapp

    "I see how this duel would end, my good fellow. The win, and my kiwi slice, is yours. OUTRAGEOUS match!"

    Maximilian blinked in surprise and nearly fell over in relief, but managed to compose himself before anyone noticed. He straightened his necktie and smoothed his hair back.

    Screams of delight could be heard from the viewing audience, tears of ecstasy flowing freely down the cheeks of several fan girls who had heretofore managed to contain themselves; he did have a rather large following, after all. He waved to them dismissively without actually looking in their direction and there was a frenzied eruption.

    His opponent approached him to shake his hand. Normally, Maximilian wouldn't bother to give another dueler the time of day, but something about this duel had been different. He realized that, for once, in a very long time, he had not been bored. His opponent had been cunning and charismatic, and had pushed Maimilian's abilities to their limits.

    He gave his opponent a friendly smile, and extended his hand.

    ?A fabulous match indeed. You are a most worthy opponent.?

    For the time being, his waning interest in dueling had been renewed, and he found himself looking forward to the rest of the tournament.

    Tag: Bart
  11. Yuul_Shamar

    Yuul_Shamar Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 3, 2004
    OOC: As I'm typing with a messed up keyboard with various annoying problems, I doubt this will be very long and there will likely be some form of errors I will miss. The delay has been due to a virus that wiped out my other computer so I'm working on a beat up laptop of mine until the situation is fixed.
    IC: Danny Fenton
    Kiwi Incorporated Castle Courtyard

    " one face-down fighter and one more face-down card. It is your turn.?

    That last turn had been disastrous. If he didn't do something soon and turn this duel around he would lose for sure. As he drew his card for the turn and saw what it was he grinned. The ghost on the card brought up a few bad memories but the card itself might just win himself this duel.

    "That was quite a blow, but I'm not out just yet. I tribute all three of the fighters I currently have in play and summon Spectra!"


    Out of a swirl of shadow appears a ghost with glowing red eyes seemingly made of the shadow it appeared from.

    "For every fighter I tributed to summon Spectra, her attack and defense increase by 500. As I tributed three, her attack and defense are each increased by 1500 points! Which, of course, brings her up to 4000 and 3500 respectively." Danny finished with a grin, he couldn't help it. "Spectra, attack Scott the Tapesman!" Danny cried, rolling his eyes at his opponent's fighter's ridiculous name.

    Tag: Chukles
  12. Ramza

    Ramza Administrator Emeritus star 8 VIP - Former Mod/RSA VIP

    Jul 13, 2008
    GM Note: In the interest of possibly accelerating my rate of replies (And also keeping my photobucket account reasonably open), I will be refraining from posting full cards unless they're finishing blows.

    The Hatted One - AKA Linkara
    Castle Courtyard

    Linkara, who's identity we no longer feel compelled to conceal, grunted as the blow from the hologram with no real physical presence connected. On cue, the survival points displayed on his Arm Thingy dropped by a sizable amount. "Urgh, getting beaten down by a Williams Street cartoon. I feel dirty..."

    He drew his card, and his frown slowly turned into a sardonic grin. "Of course, not even they're going to save you from this! I summon THE GOD **** BATMAN, in attack position!"

    THE GOD **** BATMAN!
    Fighter - Bad Comic / Effect
    THE GOD **** BATMAN! gains 500 ATK and DEF for each fighter you control.
    ATK: 2000 DEF: 2000

    Batman, as interpreted by Jim Lee and with horrendous dialogue provided by Frank Millar, appeared on the field.

    "Now I activate the arte Ninja Style Dancers!"

    Ninja Style Dancers
    Special summon four Ninja fighter tokens to the field, in attack or defensive position. They each have ATK and DEF 1000.

    "This allows me to summon four Ninja fighters in defensive position!"

    On cue, four ninjas appeared. Batman glanced at his compatriots, grinned, and grew in size.

    "Who the hell do you think he is? HE'S THE GOD **** BATMAN! And with an attack of 4000, he's about to take down Dethklok! Go, Batman, attack with ATROCIOUS WRITING!"

    TAG: Kev

    [i][b]Gottfried Euler[/b]

    "Did you just draw a card on my...?" Gottfried started, as he pulled a small book out of his back pocket labeled "Rules" and flipped through it. "Well, I'll be. That's not against the rules, after all. Go figure."

    "Still, you're going to pay for what you did to my precious Fibonacci Sequence. I activate the DIRAC DELTA FUNCTION!"

    [b]Dirac Delta Function[/b]
    Reduce one fighter's Attack power to zero for one turn, regardless of any effects the fighter might have.

    A bizarrely shaped function, zero at all points except zero, appeared next to Vencarlo. Suddenly, the fighter appeared extremely weak.

    "And now, I'll play the Left Hand Riemann Sum, in attack mode!"

    [b]Left Hand Riemann Sum[/b]
    [i]Fighter - Equation[/i]
    [i]An approximation of the area under the curve using the left edge of rectangles[/i]
    ATK: 2500 DEF: 1000

    "Go, my beautiful equation, attack Vencarlo's Fury!"

    [b]TAG: Peng[/b]

    [i][b]Captain Seadog[/b]

    "Arr, that sort of thing be exactly what I was expecting. Ye've activated my face-down fighter's SPECIAL ABILITY!"

    [i]Fighter - Pirate / Effect[/i]
    FLIP: Arrharhar! Be searchin' yer deck for a card labeled "The Head of Edward Teach" and place it into play!
    ATK: 100 DEF: 2000

    "I be summonin' THE HEAD OF EDWARD TEACH, ye scurvy landlubber!"

    [b]The Head of Edward Teach[/b]
    [i]Fighter - Zombie Pirate / Effect[/i]
    Sacrifice The Head of Edward Teach to special summon up to five Zombie Pirate tokens with its attack and defense to the field.
    ATK: 500 DEF: 500

    "Now I be activatin' The Curse of Captain Morgan!"

    [b]The Curse of Captain Morgan[/b]
    Destroy all fighters on the field

    "In [i]response[/i], I sacrifice the Head of Edward Teach! And because I'm a pirate, The Curse of Captain Morgan activates, and be destroyin' all fighters, and [i]then[/i] I summon four zombie pirate tokens to the field! Then I play the ZOMBIE PIRATE LE CHUCK!"

    [b]Le Chuck[/b]
    [i]Fighter - Zombie Pirate / Effect[/i]
    Arr! Be gainin' 1000 ATK and DEF for each Zombie Pirate ye be sacrificin' to this effect!
    ATK: 1000 DEF: 1000

    "I sacrifice all four pirate tokens to be givin' Le Chuck 5000 ATK points! Now, Le Chuck be attackin' yer life - er... survival... points directly!"

    [b]TAG: Kahn[/b]

    According to him? Hell[/i]

    "How quaint, Las Vegas," our mystery man replied, drawing his card. "I've never been, but you'll pay dearly for underestimati>
  13. EmpireForever

    EmpireForever Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Mar 15, 2004
    OOC: I just pictured the GOD **** BATMAN beating on Deathklok. Thank you for this.
  14. Kev-Mas_Colcha

    Kev-Mas_Colcha Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Dec 15, 2002
    IC: Vaikkö Hanssen
    Castle Courtyard
    Survival Points: 2200

    [blockquote]Vaikkö was in a bind. He had overextended his resources now twice, and was stuck with nothing to do to respond to two large attacks. On the other hand, he was lucky he was still alive. Taking the 800 damage from his monster being destroyed, he grunted, and then drew his card, and then grinned.

    "I believe that its still not over yet," said Vaikkö, "I activate the Arte card, Heavy Metal!"

    Heavy Metal - Arte (Heavy Metal)
    You may play one card with "Genre: Heavy Metal" in its text from your deck or hand.

    "And, with that, I will play Metallica from my deck!"

    As soon as that happened, a band consisting of finely aged, but still kicking thrash metallers, known as the one and only METALLICA!

    Metallica - Fighter (Heavy Metal)
    2 Tribute Fighter (This card can only be summoned from hand by sacrificing two monsters, or from the deck by the effect of another card. It can be summoned from the graveyard any way.)
    Genre: Heavy Metal
    Master of Puppets: You may take control of one of your opponents fighters until the end of the turn. You may not attack with that monster.
    That Was Just Your Life: You may sacrifice one monster you control. You may then search your deck for one card and add it to your hand.
    ATK/3000 DEF/1500

    "Now, for the first song on their setlist, I activate their first ability, Master of Puppets, allowing me to take control of 'THE GOD **** BATMAN!'!"

    With that, the song known as [link=]Master Of Puppets, by Metallica[/link] played, and puppet strings attached to Batman, and brought him over to Vaikkö's field.

    "And now, the next song on the setlist, is their second ability, That Was Just Your Life! Allowing me to sacrifice the Batman I just took control of, in order to add one card from my deck to my hand!"

    Just then, the song known as [link=]That Was Just Your Life, by Metallica[/link] played, and "THE GOD **** BATMAN!" was destroyed, allowing Vaikkö to search his deck for a card.

    "And the card I searched for, will now be revealed! Time for your Ninjas to Ride the Lightning!"

    Ride the Lightning - Arte: Song (Heavy Metal)
    Band: Metallica
    This song can be played once again from the graveyard if you control one card named Metallica.
    Destroy all cards on the opponent's side of the field.

    With that, the song known as [link=]Ride the Lightning, by Metallica[/link] played, and the Ninjas were then strapped to electric chairs, as lightning pulsed through their veins, coming from Metallica's amplifiers and guitar, then killing the Ninjas instantly.

    "And now, Metallica will attack your survival points directly! Shove Metal up his ***!"[/blockquote]

    TAG: Ramza
  15. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    Marcus Faiholm
    Castle Courtyard
    Survival Points: 2000

    [blockquote]Marcus yawned, the pirates utter lack of anything remotely technological in his deck was boring. He hadn't eve played a ship card, at least that was somewhat mechanical in a sense. So far the only thing of interest to him was the third light activating over the Damocles for the pirate taking his turn. His head did perk up when the Pirate mentioned a curse, which resulted in Marcus laughing. ?Oh isn't that cute. A curse. Only it won't do a thing to me.?


    As the card flipped up, a sphere of lasers surrounded his fighters protecting them from the curse, not once, but twice, such was its continual nature. And when the pirate Le Chuck attacked Strike Rouge ISWP blocked the attack directly to Marcus' survival points. ?Now I know what you're thinkin'. Why block with a monster when I can block with my trap? Marcus smiled, ?To make room.? The Strike Rouge took visible damage, but before blowing up activated its special ability. It drew one of its massive swords and slashed Le Chuck in half before blowing up in a cliched puff of pink smoke.

    Marcus drew the card from the top of his deck as the fourth light appeared on the top of his deck. ?Now lets get started. Shall we? I activate one of my face down cards Diminishing-Entropic Fields!?


    ?This lets me summon your worst nightmare!?


    ?Shrike, Guren, and Qubeley attack his survival points for Fifteen Thousand Two Hundred Damage!? He was about to add a witty remark about the attack and that all his fighters were made of metal, but over the bustle of the battles in the courtyard, and Metallica's "Ride the Lightning" Marcus heard Vaikkö say exactly what he was going to say. Well damn... he stole my line.[/blockquote]

    Tag: Ramza

    OOC: Damage includes the extra 1000 from the Sky of Damocles.
  16. s65horsey

    s65horsey Otter-loving Former EUC Mod star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 24, 2006
    IC: Fangirl

    ?Heh, that is A VERY TRICKY card you have there, but KEEP IN mind that I will still DESTROY YOU LITTLE girl. WITH THAT, I will play this fighter FACE DOWN WHILE I PLAY THIS other card face down as well.?

    Fangirl set her mouth in a grim line. She knew she had taken a chance on playing that card first and luckily it had paid off and was looking like her opponent's deck was made up of human fighters. This was good. Now she needed to have some fighter cards herself. She drew another card from her deck and her day got a little brighter. There was Joe and Kevin's determined faces staring off into the crowd as they foamed the people below them.


    "I shall play the foamers fighter card."


    Tag: Chuckles

  17. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Moe, Toshiko, Kiwi Incorporated Castle dungeon and courtyard

    The Sentinel followed the coppery blood smell deeper into the dungeon, where the dim light ahead of an in-progress duel, illuminated the dank space enough for him to see chains and old bones attached to walls.

    The scent trail did not take him that far, but to an adolescent pink-haired female in dark clothing, and eating a snack.

    Stopping a couple of metres short, he regarded her warily. ?You are lucky that my girl?s deck is not themed for CSI, cos I would be back as soon as you like with a bottle of Luminol, an ultraviolet lamp, and some handcuffs.?

    The tinny sounds of [link=]Hamster Dance[/link] emanated from somewhere about his person, sounding embarrasingly loud in the empty dungeon.

    The humanoid felt his permanently hidden cheeks go warm as he fumbled in his robes to turn it off. ?Do not say a nest-fragging word.? He warned the large-eyed yanderekko. ?Not if you want to live.?

    Keeping the ominous schoolgirl covered with his blaster, Moe reluctantly brought up his wrist-communicator. ?Tosh? Everything alright up there? Sorry Luv, I have to go; the RPF-EUC Masters Lightsabre Tournament just re-activated. I need you to pull the Project Indigo response card. I will be right up.?

    Turning to retrace his steps, Moe directed Yan Dere?s attention to a section of the flagstones to left of her flared skirts. ?You missed a bit.?

    * * * *


    Tosh had gotten tired of waiting for the land whale to make a move, and started to wonder if there was Rift Activity in there area, freezing the banker in time.

    She pulled the entire deck of cards, apart from the Weevil fighter one that was in play, and pawing at the air between it and Charles. A quick thumb through the grey cards brought up the one Moe had asked for, showing that UNIT doctor, Martha, wearing a backpack of some type.

    Toshiko placed it in the Response tray of the arm thingy, and the holoprojectors had already finished their work by time the Sentinel turned up. He hurriedly put the backpack on, pulling the straps secure over his wide shoulders. He shrugged in apology down at her. ?Really sorry about this.? He dug around in his robes for a set of keys that jangled in his huge fist. ?Keys to the Safety Car.?

    The Torchwood operative gaped up at him. ?Safety Car??

    ?Well, you remember I got your outfit from a race meet??

    She nodded.

    ?Used their safety car to get away. It?s the silver Mercedes-Benz SLK with the orange lightbar on the roof, and no drivers? seat in the front.?

    ?Of course it is.?

    ?Catch you later.? Moe pulled on the two metallic handles that would be present if he were wearing a parachute, and before her eyes, shrank to a spot and disappeared.

    Tag: Yan Dere, Charles
  18. Imperial_Hammer

    Imperial_Hammer Manager Emeritus: RPFs star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 25, 2004
    IC: Tiffany Belle
    Location: Strange Battlefield

    Tiffany stood, mouth agape, as the Nuclear Holocaust card systemically took down her first wave of cards. Ooooh-kay.

    The showgirl gritted her teeth and didn't bother responding or replying with taunts. Things had suddenly gotten very serious all of a sudden. If he wanted to be cute, she could play his game.

    "Alright" she said, setting down cards. "Don't like Luxor? Thats fine. Lets do Rio then."


    The tall multicolored tower of Rio rose up from the ground. It was a tall thing, and in the darkness, its neon lights lit up fiercely, filling the arena with colors.

    Tiffany smugly looked at her building. She loved those cards the best. That boy might knock them down, but she could build them up just as well.

    "Then I'll play Rio's own Carnival World! Such a tasty buffet. Good thing I have an appetite! Hope your Iblis does also!"

    She laid down the buffet card, and out sprung tables and tables of food all around her. Hot piping entrees from all over the globe.


    "And now, to finish the tale, I will follow up with Show in the Sky..."


    A massive line of floats materialized in the sky above the battle ground. They were quite the spectacle, with dancers and music and flashing lights. Its pure showmanship seemed to draw everyone's eyes up to it.

    ... and Blackjack!"


    A table and dealer hologram materialized, a deck of specialized weapon-cards explosives spread out on the table.

    The showgirl's gaze drifted over to the ass on the other side of the field. It was the classic triple wall. Iblis' attacks are rendered useless. By the time his monsters had chopped through Show in the Sky and Carnival World, Blackjack and probably one or two more monster cards from the next draw or two would be primed and unstoppable.

    TAG: GM
  19. Ramza

    Ramza Administrator Emeritus star 8 VIP - Former Mod/RSA VIP

    Jul 13, 2008
    GM Note: Sorry for the delays, folks, DRL has been hitting both myself and Chuks pretty hard as of late. We apologize for any inconvenience, and would just like-

    [link=]"Wait, and Imma let you finish, but Joe Wilson had one of the greatest apologies of all time!"[/link]

    Dammit, Kanye!

    Linkara, the Hatted One
    Castle Courtyard

    Okay, so Linkara had resigned himself to the fact that this was going to take a big chunk out of his survival points. No worries, he could always... Wait, what was this?

    The survival points kept dropping! "My life-er-survival points! That can't be right, unless..."

    His eyes widened in horror. "They can't handle this level of rock and roll!"

    Sure enough, a massive wall of sound built up in front of him, sending him flying backwards as his survival points hit to zero.

    "Subtle. ... Wait, did I just lose?" He checked his HolBattler thing. "While I'll be - "

    "Hey Linkara, Imma let you finish, but..."

    Ramza promptly killed Kanye West, and hopefully the whole meme along with it.

    We hope.

    In any case, it seemed that Vaikko had been victorious!

    TAG: Kev

    [i][b]Captain Seadog[/b]
    Castle Courtyard[/i]

    "Arr! A fine maneuver - one worthy of the greatest captains o' the seven seas. But I be afraid that no self-respecting pirate would be caught dead without one more trick up 'is sleeve!"

    "Tis a fine day to die!" he cried, tossing the card into his ArmThingy in a needlessly dramatic fashion. "I be activatin' [i][link=]Screw the Rules, I Be Havin' Booty![/link][/i]"


    "It be allowin' me to do whatever I want, so long as I don't be winning the game with it. So I be saying it cannae be countered, and be removin' all cards from the field from the game, and be reducing us both to 1500 Survival Points! Then I be activatin' 'Down With The Ship'!"

    [b]Down With The Ship![/b]
    [i]Arte - Field[/i]
    Both players lose 1000 Survival Points. The first player to be reduced to zero survival points be winnin' the game. All players must attack if possible.

    "And as I be havin' no fighters in me hand... I be endin' my turn."

    [b]TAG: Kahn[/b]

    Hell, or So He Keeps Telling Us[/i]

    "An impressive move, at a key strategic juncture. It's a shame it won't do you any good. I activate the response card, Tragicomic Mask!"

    [b]Tragicomic Mask[/b]
    If you have a card named Iblis on the field, you may return it to your hand and special summon Beelzebub to the field.

    "As a result, Iblis returns to my hand, and I special summon Beelzebub, in attack position!"

    The Iblis hologram spun around exactly once, pulling out a mask that was like a combination of the mask of comedy and the mask of tragedy. As if on cue, his turban turned into a top hat, and he placed the mask on. Looking increasingly insane and unstable with each passing moment. It then started laughing chaotically.

    [i]Fighter - Shedim / Effect[/i]
    As a result of his mystic Wedjat Eye, Beelzebub cannot be the target of card effects, either beneficial or harmful or beneficialicialful. In addition, once per turn Beelzebub can forgo an attack to destroy an opponent's fighter. Preferably in as flashy a manner as possible.
    [b]ATK - 4000 DEF - 4000[/b]

    This guy's deck theme seems familiar...

    "Not many people know this, but in the original conclusion of Aria of the Soul, Beelzebub was the mastermind behind the entire plot, having secretly been manipulating most of the characters as himself, using the Shedim to his own end, and having his hands in Nepal in the guise of - yes - Iblis! It's spoileriffic, innit?"

    Very familiar...

    "So I'll activate Iblis' special ability and destroy Carnival World! Leaving your Blackjack card wide open, and what better way to do it than with the Daitô Shirô card!"

    The Carnival World exploded into a burst of blue butterflies. Right afterwards, a grey-haired, dirty young boy with a smith's apron >
  20. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    IC: Marcus Fairholm
    Courtyard of Insanity

    Marcus grinned a grin of partial mental instability, "Actually you just ended the duel." before being destroyed one card flipped up.


    "You aren't the only one who isn't fond of rules my scurvvy ridden friend, I mean hadn't you heard? We scientists defy the laws of the universe all the time. I use the power of USS Make **** Up to say that your card is negatable and It lets me draw from my deck and activate this! Schneizle's Guise!"


    The fifth and final light illuminates over the Damocles airship and it starts to rise into the air. "Continuing the effect of Schneizle's Guise I summon this, who thanks to the convenient nature of Making **** up, I can summon Ritual Monsters! Who will destroy you're down with the ship and negate its effect! So Screw the Rules, I have science!"


    The Damocles stopped rising, its massive size silhouetted in the morning sky, casting a shadow over the Courtyard. "But now I end this duel. By having 5 tokens on the Sky of Damocles, I activate its special effect, drawing and activating, the F.L.E.I.J.A."


    A single missile shot out from the underside cannon of the Damocles traveling straight towards the pirate. Upon impact there would be a massive pink detonation sphere, depending on the power of the hologram generators it might even engulf the entire Castle. It would destroy all of the pirates monsters, a moot point now, but it would also deal 4000 points of damage to his Survival points. That suited Marcus, he liked the flair, and he wanted everyone to know the power of his glorious machines and technology.
  21. Chukles38

    Chukles38 Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 10, 2005
    GM OOC: Ugh, life. Sorry to have been AWOL so long. Expect a post shortly, as soon as I can get caught up and some cards made.
  22. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Moe the Sentinel, Toshiko ?Tosh? Sato, Castle Grounds

    The air squeezed inwards horizontally, so that all the vertical lines within one?s line of sight, constricted like a showgirl?s waist, then sprang back into shape, except the air had been replaced by the nine-foot form of the returned Inquisitor.

    Armour strips under a heavy concealing cloak, and two red eyes, burning like coals from within the stygian recesses of an almost enclosing helmet.
    Gloved hands crossed past the opposite elbows to hold the handles of a sturdy parachute-like backpack double-strapped over the being?s shoulders.

    ?Wondered when you would get back.? A bored female voice said from nearby, and the Sentinel, a rare and apparently elite variety of Imperial Guard, turned to look down at the occupant of a round wrought-metal table that had not been there when he had left, table-clothed or no. A square of white had been draped over it.

    Behind it, one knee crossed over the other, his client from this game, one Toshiko Sato, sat, staring back at him.
    The ex-, well, deceased-Torchwood Three operative, was supposed to be a contestant here at the UMF Ultimate Monster Fighter competition.

    She looked different than when he had departed, scant hours ago, maybe a Standard Day, Imperial-time.
    Rather than the cutesy, impractical, pink and snow-white KTF race-babe uniform of vinyl bolero jacket and flared mini-skirt, she was dressed in the black long-sleeved dress and stockings, paired with white frill-rimmed apron of the maid-themed waitresses serving in the castle?s cafe.

    It was a Japanese thing, he understood.

    ?i like the frills. Is there a waitress on the verge of hypothermia inside??

    Tosh got up from the table and rounded it to get nearer to him. ?Don?t be stupid; I found a spare outfit in the staff room.? She gestured across the courtyard, where Moe noticed that all the other players, PCs as well as non-player characters, including that pirate fellow, were still pretty much frozen in the positions that they had been when he had de-materialised. ?There seems to be some kind of time bubble operating here.?

    Their holo-creations, however, generated from wierd arm-band devices, still moved, where they could.

    Tosh?s, for instance, was a PVC-coveralled humanoid creature called a Weevil, and it still snuffled, growled, and pawed at the petrified, waist-coated ?land whale? who was supposed to be Tosh?s opponent.

    ?Ya think?? The slang sounded strange coming from the enigmatic and statuesque figure.

    Moe leaned down decisively, a great glove closing over Tosh?s thin tanned wrists, and before she could protest, dragged her before the land whale, two metres apart.

    He released her, positioned himself so that he was equi-distant between the two combatants, one frozen to the spot and looking ridiculous as heck, the other glaring at him, and rubbing at her abraided wrist.

    Moe stood straight, looked at each opponent, with his own hands by his sides, then looked straight ahead, raised the arm facing Toshiko, and punched the open hand straight towards the sky.

    ??Pon!? He announced in a raised voice.

    The Anglo-Japanese woman looked up at him in astonishment. ?Ippon? Ten points. You know Japanese??

    ?You won that match. I would have preferred to say ?Win By Default?, since the whale did not field any holographs, but I cannot remember the proper phrase. Still, ?Ippon? does what it says on the tin.? Moe?s voice had lowered to it?s normal level, but he raised it again for a last command. ?Rei!?

    Muscle memory responded to racial instinct. Toshiko straightened, black T-barred shoes together, arms straight down to both hips, and bowed deeply at the waist towards her frozen opponent, demonstrating deep respect for the fellow combatant.

    ?Good girl. Let?s get the drokk out of here. You still got the keys for the safety car?[
  23. Ramza

    Ramza Administrator Emeritus star 8 VIP - Former Mod/RSA VIP

    Jul 13, 2008
    And so the tournament proceeded without hitch.

    Or at least, that was the plan.

    In practice, due to a combination of a freak programming accident, random chance, and a bowl of particularly devious Kellogg's Special K cereal, Marcus Fairholm's nuclear strike proved just a bit too effective - and vaporized everyone and everything in the castle.

    Needless to say, ratings skyrocketed, and the network executive retired to a very expensive and very exclusive private retirement home with lots of incredibly attractive nurses on staff.

    Everyone else was reduced to so much atomic ash. It put a serious damper on the tone of the Ten Year Reunion Special.

    Marcus was declared the winner on the grounds that he had managed to single-handedly defeated everyone including himself, and damn it, that took skill!

    Liet Kynes probably yelled something about being a desert creature. Just to give it that special feel.


    [b]GM OOG:[/b] And so, far later than it should have, it ends. Everybody's vanished, one of the two GMs have vanished... we're beating a dead horse if we try to keep this going.

    SO WE WON'T!

    *Gets a mod on it, stat*>
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