Saga Diplomatic Mission - Fanfic Olympics Pentathlon, Captain Raymus Antilles

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    Congrats on finishing! These entries were amazing. Very poignant look at Bail and his feelings about sending Leia on her mission. :)

    That pretty much sums him up; his motivation's were never selfish. He would do what it took to complete the mission. :(

    Very well done.=D=
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    Wow. Bail sending his child away and Raymus going down with his ship. Cograts on completing
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    Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I don't know a lot about Bail beyond what's shown in the movies, but he seems like a very complex character. Thanks for reading and commenting!

    Thanks! I can only imagine how much time he's spent on his ship over the years, and when he's responsible for it and everything on it, I think he would naturally tune into a lot of the details and what they might mean. I'm glad you enjoyed the stories. Thanks very much for reading and commenting!

    Thank you! I'm glad things came across well. I agree-- Raymus never seemed like he was motivated by selfishness. I consider the Organas lucky to have him with them. ;) Thanks a bunch for reading and commenting!

    Thanks! I imagine it would be hard for Bail sometimes with all the different roles he has to play, and then adding "father" into the mix when Leia goes on missions. Thank you for reading and commenting!
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    And isn't that the highest level of trust, right there


    These are all excellent; insightful and beautifully written. And I just love the decision to focus on Captain Antilles, who's gotten so little attention in general. Fantastic job all around :D
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    Sometimes it’s more fun to work with background characters – it allows for more creative freedom and opportunities for character development. This is a great “slice of life” set of stories that fill in blank spaces in the SW narrative while fleshing out a character.

    Your pentathlon portrays Captain Antilles as a man dedicated to a life of service while keeping his own sense of humor, honor and duty. These stories reveal him as the kind of man who can be given a difficult assignment and trusted to carry it out in a capable manner, even when it requires thinking outside the box. As in the “Charity” segment, Antilles also voluntarily takes on tasks just because they need doing and he happens to be available. All of the 4x100 drabbles convey a great deal of information and emotion in a very small space. (I have a couple of framed artwork from children in my office at the library, and I don’t have children of my own, so even I get the joy of the “Affection” piece.)

    As someone who also frequently takes the “+” sign to heart, I can assure you that this entry didn’t seem too long at all. You effectively told the story that needed to be told, and none of that effort was wasted.

    All nicely done.
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    Thank you! I agree, that would be a special kind of trust. I dunno about anyone else, but I know I'd watch an entire movie starring Captain Antilles - he's got so much to offer as a character. Thanks very much, and thanks for reading and commenting!

    Thank you! Yup, I totally agree on the fun of working with background characters. I'm wired more that way. With virtually every TV show and movie I watch or book series I read, I'm drawn much more to the supporting or background characters than the main ones, even if I never write a fic about them.

    I'm happy to hear he came across well here. :) He's always struck me as a good, honest, reliable man. It'd be interesting to delve deeper and poke around with a character flaw with him to see how things play out amid his other character traits, but I think that would lend itself better to a longer story format (the generous use of the "+" sign notwithstanding, LOL). Kids' artwork is special, and it's a treat when they decide to share that creative part of themselves with you. :) Thanks a bunch, and thanks for reading and commenting!