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Discuss BP with Kathy -- Spoilers Welcome

Discussion in 'Literature' started by Shmi52, Oct 31, 2000.

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  1. Matt Windu

    Matt Windu Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 20, 2000
    Thank you Mrs. Tyres for answering my question.

    I do hope for a change in Leia, and I think that she will have to change too, just as long as she doesn't die yet, she's got alot of unused potential now. I do admit that is does stir the pot nicely, espically since now her all her family is threatened.

    Again thank you.
  2. Gandalf the Grey

    Gandalf the Grey Jedi Knight star 6

    May 14, 2000
    Congradulations on the new Firebird book!

    Since everyone else seems to be relating how Truce at Bakura affected them, well for me, before Truce, I had only the vaguest notion of Star Wars. It was something like Star Trek, wasn't it?

    I recieved the Truce at Bakura for Christmas from an uncle some years ago, and because I had no interest in this "Star Wars" stuff, I put it on a shelf and ignored it, for about three months. Then, in march with nothing else to read, I finally decided "What the heck?"

    I was prepared to really dislike the book. And I was really pleasently surprised to love it. It was a little confusing by times for someone who had never seen the movies (Whats a Stormtrooper? A Lightsaber? A X-Wing? A Darth Vader?), but I quickly got over it. And after reading through it, I went out to the library and took out Zahn's trilogy, and Andersons soon afterwards.

    And some years later, here I am, still happily reading Star Wars, and the author who began Star Wars for me has written a new book. =)

    So thank you again, both for Balance Point, and Truce at Bakura as well.
  3. Sache8

    Sache8 Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 19, 2000
    Whew! I read the entire post up till now but finally it's my turn! I'll try to keep from being to long-winded.

    First of all, Kathy, like many before me have mentioned, TaB was my first EU novel ever, and I have absolutely adored it for the last six years; Gaeriel is one of my all time fav. SW characters (I actually cried when she was killed).
    I even used your dedication @ the beginning as a direct quote in a research paper I wrote about movie music and John Williams.

    Ahem! Anyway...

    I finished BP and I too just loved it; I think the fact that it focused mainly on Jacen, and to a lesser extent Mara, gave it a strong focus.

    My most fav. parts:

    Mara, Luke, and the baby of course! I've been keeping my fingers crossed for this since VoF and all writers to get the chance to bring it about, I'm so glad it was you! I loved the part in chapter 9 when Mara is trying to figure out what the heck is going on; I figured it out right away and was practically giddy w/ excitement.

    I loved how you wrote Luke + Mara; Although I liked VP as a whole, one thing I didn't like was how you could barely tell they were married; In the other books the intimate moments were few and far between, and those parts you wrote were most welcome; I'm hoping for at least one new romance to develop over the course of the NJO; I wouldn't even care who it involved.

    I loved the Warmaster's speech at the end. Can't wait to see what this portends for the Jedi (especially as we all know the Vong don't give a hoot about stopping at Duros)

    Favorite quotes:
    "Get out of my head, Skywalker"
    "Get out of my head, Jade"
    (was it "head" or "mind", I don't have the book w/ me at the moment)

    The only thing I hated was that Leia shaved her head; I've never cut my hair in my life and never intend to; It'd be like losing a limb (which Leia lost as well, come to think of it); Anyway this just made me extra-sensitive to that part

    One non-BP question:

    Did you nickname the Ssiruk "fluties" because you play the flute? I'm a violinist myself (and Eclectikaki please don't be mean to me; I'm not haughty and I have a very healthy respect for the viola)

    Finally, I wanted to extend MY thanks to you for takin' the time to hang out here w/ all of us. It is so unbelievably cool. Also thanks for your stipulations when it comes to the vulgarity-in-the-posts issue; It's a real treat to me, as I harbor identical feelings on the subject.

    Too my fellow posters, if this post seems over long I apologize; I never really got to say all this stuff I wanted to Ms. Tyers and just had to jump at this chance!

    Thanks again

  4. Jedi_Jade-Skywalker

    Jedi_Jade-Skywalker Jedi Grand Master star 3

    Oct 8, 2000
    What picture are you talking about?
  5. Shmi52

    Shmi52 Author of New Jedi Order: Balance Point star 3 VIP

    Nov 20, 1999
    Gandolf -- Thanks for your kind wishes re CROWN OF FIRE. My pulse has dropped back into the normal range. I enjoyed your TAB story. What a small world ours has become.

    Sache8 -- Fascinating how you used the Williams dedication. Makes sense.

    BP's story focus (on Jacen) is largely due to Shelly Shapiro's insistent trimming of my outline. I do think she brought out my best.

    Was Ch. 9 too easy to figure out, or had the spoilers caught up with you? :)

    I'd like to see at least one new romance, too. I applied for the job, but it didn't fit into my book --

    Shelly also asked for the warmaster's speech, though I wrote it. Again: I think we worked well together.

    You bet I called the SR "fluties" because I play flute. Most of us are pushy, competitive (for too few orchestra spots), perfectionist . . . er . . . hm, maybe there are other flutists reading. In our defense, we also get to sit in the very best spot in the orchestra -- the ultimate SurroundSound. My mom was a fabulous flutist, and you can see her in a trailer before the flick, "How to Marry a Millionaire" sitting in the 20th Century Fox sound-stage orchestra. She's the one wearing pearls.

    J_J-S -- Hm?

  6. Eclectikaki

    Eclectikaki Jedi Youngling

    Oct 31, 2000
    Darn, I was just about to ask that question about the Fluties! It came to me while shoe-shopping for the fall formal rather randomly.
    I don't hold it against anyone to be violinists; they're just unenlightened philistines.
    Flutists are awesome, though. My first boyfriend was a piccolo player and was rehearsing the piccolo solo from the Tchaikovsky 2nd Symphony next door to my practice room at music camp one summer. My mother is a flutist.

    Very curiously, Lady Tyers, do you like the Yuuzhan Vong as a villainous whole? Do you like them better than the Ssi-ruuk or is it a different matter entirely because the Fluties were your own creation? Whatever did happen to the Ssi-ruuk? I thought they were worthy opponents; though, I seriously disliked the Dev Sibwarra character--my only qualm about that book. I thought his best contribution was dying. Yes, that's a horrible thing to say, but...
  7. Sache8

    Sache8 Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 19, 2000
    It wasn't too obvious I don't think (the Ch. 9 part, that is); You wrote it soooooo well. Mara, who's so used to being on the constant defensive (especially w/ the Vong around) that the reality of the situation doesn't dawn on her as it does with the rest of us

    Plus I wanted it to be true so badly and I've been reading every Luke and/or Mara scene like a hawk.
  8. Asyr Handor

    Asyr Handor Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 11, 1999
    The first thing I have to say is WOW!!

    I love it!!

    I must say that I am very, very glad Han and Leia are on their way to getting back together.

    I also want to congratulate you on the way you added humour into your story. Going from laughing at one-liners to the refugee situation was a real tug on the emotions...great story.

    Great characterizations!!

    I will come back with more detail later, but right now I must go to bed. 2 hours of sleep and 1 meal is not going to let me stay up tonight. :)

    Oh yes, I must say. I great friend of mine, Mark is reading the book now and is actually driving me nuts.......why? every five minutes he looks up and says "I have a mental block, I can't read this story, Leia with no hair, what!" It WAS funny, now it's driving me nuts. ;)

    Skycrawler (great term).

    Leia at the end and the torture.....great story, but obviously one that is disturbing. You realise we do not even know when the next book will come out so we can find out what happens. :D

    Ok, must go to bed. Oh yes, the application is done and in. In a month, hopefully the masters of diplomacy will start at Cambridge. :)

  9. Shmi52

    Shmi52 Author of New Jedi Order: Balance Point star 3 VIP

    Nov 20, 1999
    Eclectikaki (I believe I spelled that wrong earlier -- apologies) -- At this point in my life, I want to spend as little time as possible dwelling on either the SR or the YV. I find them both repellant. I hear that the Chiss smooshed the SR when I wasn't watching, and I'm glad. :) And do you know, I'm rather squeamish about Dev now myself. Maybe I could've shown him a little less desperately deluded . . . but how?

    I'm glad I don't have to go back and change him, though. I'd rather press on.

    Sache 8 -- Thanks for your take on that scene. It's hard to know if readers will interpret her mental state as I did. And as you did. :)

    Asyr Handor -- Cambridge, no kidding? I wish you all the best. Now go get some rest. With peaceful dreams.

    I can't take credit for "Skycrawler." I've heard it around fan circles. Cute, eh?

  10. noitart

    noitart Jedi Youngling

    Nov 1, 2000
    So... What are your thoughts on Mara? SHe seems to be the type you thought he would hook up with, so I wondered how much you liked her. SHe has to be my favorite good character.
  11. Shmi52

    Shmi52 Author of New Jedi Order: Balance Point star 3 VIP

    Nov 20, 1999
    I've always liked Mara.
  12. Cougar

    Cougar Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jul 22, 2000
    I haven't read any of the NJO books yet. I'm still working on Vision of the Future. :D However, just because it would be cool to talk with a SW author, I would like to say that I found Truce at Bakura to be a pretty good and interesting story. My only qualm is that the Ssi-ruk or however it's spelled could have been scarier. The main characters and everything were all portrayed accurately, though, and it was a pretty good read. No offense when saying it's not Zahn quality, but he's an exceptional SW author so I wouldn't consider that too much of a problem. :) I hope I didn't say anything someone else already mentioned. Ten pages is a lot of posts to go through. :D
  13. Shmi52

    Shmi52 Author of New Jedi Order: Balance Point star 3 VIP

    Nov 20, 1999
    Cougar -- I've got the greatest respect for Tim's books, too. As for the Ssi-ruuk, there surely were ways I could've made them scarier. Instead of making them "physically gruesome" (with the exception of one scene that I now I wish I'd played down a bit), I consciously made them "intellectually gruesome." That, too, could've been more subtle. Oh well . . . not only can you NOT please all of the fans, you can't even please your future self!

  14. RB-wan

    RB-wan Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 18, 2000
    Just a real quick one here. I'm just starting to read BP--between job, household and Padawan-rearing, it's been hard to sit down for more than a few minutes at a time!--and thus far I am thrilled. I expected I would be, and am pleasantly surprised, to be swept away. My only problem: I was set to have a go at Firebird and Fusion Fire after finishing the latest Dune novel, but then I HAD to go and get started with BP. <g> The Face on the back cover brought wistful tears to my eyes, just like seeing a five-month sonogram pic of my son ( one of my most cherished possessions; only a parent can understand ). So, I promise, after BP, the Firebird trilogy, and nothing but! ( The covers are beautiful, just like your writing ).

    I read your latest comment regarding "not dwelling upon" the Ssi-ruuk or the Yuuzhan Vong, and perhaps may comment on that myself in a PM, if you don't mind. I'm formulating what I want to touch upon, as this forum isn't the most conducive to long, thoughtful treatises--others' efforts notwithstanding--or heartfelt commentary, so it may be a few days, a week--as long as the impressions have had some time to soak in.
    OK, gotta put the wee bairn to bed and dive into BP. Best--


    PS--I mentioned this in an earlier thread and no one seemed to catch it. In the TaB sourcebook, the vignette of Yeorg Captison is titled "Balance Point". Just wondering if you or anyone else noticed. <g>
  15. Thrawn McEwok

    Thrawn McEwok Co-Author: Essential Guide to Warfare star 6 VIP

    May 9, 2000
    Any chance that 1983 fanfic will ever see the light of day, Kathy?

    There are websites and 'zines out there, y'know... =)

    - The Imperial Ewok
  16. jastermereel

    jastermereel Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 19, 1998
    I apologize first because i am ashamed to say i have not yet read the book...colledge essays have blocked my path...

    However...i do have a question...relating to another image on the cover...(i hope this isn't so obvious that I sound like an idiot...)...but why is there an inverted mask of vader in the top left hand corner of the cover?

    Sorry if my question is redundant to the hundreds prior to it...or if it is so obvious to one who has already read let alone written Balance Point that this question should be ignored...but...i had to ask...
  17. Cougar

    Cougar Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jul 22, 2000
    Which scene are you referring to? It's been a while since I've read it. :)
  18. Shmi52

    Shmi52 Author of New Jedi Order: Balance Point star 3 VIP

    Nov 20, 1999
    RB-Wan -- I'll look forward to that PM.

    Good heavens -- you're right! I had to go back and look it up. I titled that myself, too. It must've re-emerged from my subconscious at just the right moment. :D

    Thrawn McEwok -- Ulp. Confession is good for the soul, right?

    It has been published. Because Mr. Lucas drew from so many wonderful mythological concepts, there was room to replace his copyrighted characters with my own and create another original novel.

  19. Hunter Of Winds

    Hunter Of Winds Jedi Youngling star 5

    Dec 5, 1999
    In an earlier thread, you once said that you were expecting a "Kathy, how could you?" thread from a certain poster. What did you mean by that?

    I'm delighted that CROWN OF FIRE is finally appearing in print. Thank you, Kathy!
  20. Shmi52

    Shmi52 Author of New Jedi Order: Balance Point star 3 VIP

    Nov 20, 1999
    jastermereel -- I don't know why the Vader mask is there. But I see it, too.

    Cougar -- the entechment scene. I know that some people are much more revolted by the trichoid sequence near the end, but as a former microbiology tech, fascinated by life sciences, I didn't find it nearly as disturbing. Besides, in the "bug" sequence it's more obvious where to draw the line between good & evil. (Good = Luke. Bad = nasty bug. Good Luke kills nasty bug, end conflict. Not so straightforward with Dev & his masters/captors.)

  21. Wormie2

    Wormie2 Jedi Knight star 6

    Feb 22, 1999
    IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, a feminist that shouldn't matter to me, but I'm soooo happy the name won't die out!

    Ms. Tyers, this has been said and said and said, but really it's so true it deserves constant repetition; Thank You so much! And to all the other authors and Del Rey editors as well! I so needed this good news. I had all but sworn off reading anymore. It was getting too depressing, but you've dragged me back in! No way I'm missing out on the birth of a new Skywalker!

    And Mara. Well, what can I say about Mara? I'm not a fan. In fact, I barely tolerate the character, but you wrote her in a manner that remained true to the character but far more human and less cold than others had. That made her almost likeable to me. I appreciate that.

    And Luke. Oh, gosh Ms. Tyers, I hate to say this because it seems like an insult to all the other Star Wars authors, but you better than anyone seem to know his character. I have always favored the way you write him over anyone else, and you did an excellent job with him.

    I loved the book. Thanks again.
  22. Shmi52

    Shmi52 Author of New Jedi Order: Balance Point star 3 VIP

    Nov 20, 1999
    Oops. Double post.
  23. Shmi52

    Shmi52 Author of New Jedi Order: Balance Point star 3 VIP

    Nov 20, 1999
    Hi, Hunter!

    IIRC, I was referring to the severity of Leia's injuries. But it could also apply (gently, because I understand their viewpoint) to those who posted that they would prefer not to see any Skycrawlers cluttering up the series. His very existence creates a new vulnerability for Luke and Mara.

  24. taramidala

    taramidala Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jun 18, 1999

    You just said (page 11?) that your fanfic from back in '83 was changed and became one of your own novels. So tell us...which one was it? :)

  25. Shmi52

    Shmi52 Author of New Jedi Order: Balance Point star 3 VIP

    Nov 20, 1999
    Wormie2 -- I agree, the name shouldn't die out. I married from a common-named family into one with an unusual surname, and I was glad that my only child turned out to be a son, too.

    Thanks for including the rest of the team in your praise. They deserve it.

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