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    Author: NYCitygurl
    Title: Tale as Old as Time
    Fandom: Across Disney fandoms
    Summary: Tales as old as time ... retold by Disney and borrowed by me.
    Notes: Written for the 7th Ultimate Drabble Challenge.

    List of Movies
    Week One: Tangled
    Week Two: The Little Mermaid
    Week Three: The Princess and the Frog
    Week Four: Aladdin
    Week Five: Beauty and the Beast
    Week Six: Mulan
    Week Seven: Snow White
    Week Eight: Pocahontas
    Week Eight: Frozen
    Week Nine: Brave
    Week Ten: Brother Bear
    Week Eleven: Peter Pan
    Week Twelve: Alice in Wonderland
    Week Thirteen: Cinderella
    Week Fourteen: Sleeping Beauty
    Week Fifteen: Enchanted
    Week Sixteen: Tarzan
    Week Seventeen: Hercules
    Week Eighteen: The Emperor's New Groove

    Week One: Rapunzel


    She was just a child, a little golden-haired princess still in her cradle. And she had the magic of life within her.

    All Mother Gothel wanted was a little snip of that hair, a way to turn herself young again as she had done for ages untold … but snipped, the hair turned brown and dull, its magic lost.

    Gothel had no other choice. She snatched the princess and fled, leaving the king and queen to mourn the daughter they’d fought so hard to save.

    Mother Gothel, uncaring, fled into the forest with little Rapunzel, to a hidden tower …


    Mother Gothel raised the child as her own. Safe in the tower, Rapunzel’s hair grew long and bright. Gothel never let her cut it, for that would mean the end of her magic.

    Every night, Rapunzel would sing the song her new mother taught her, and every night, Gothel’s ageless beauty was renewed.

    Rapunzel didn’t remember any of her life before; she had been too little. She stayed in the small room in the high tower, not complaining—much—and Gothel was safe.

    But the thought ever dwelled at the back of her mind that someday, Rapunzel would grow up.


    Rapunzel grew into a young woman—gangly and awkward and barefoot, but still beautiful, a beauty that would only mature as she aged.

    And she became more restless. She wanted adventure and excitement—she wanted to know what happened beyond the walls of her tower.

    Gothel would never let her go, so when Rapunzel had the chance, she leaped—into the arms of one Flynn Rider, would took her to see the lights and took her heart with him when he left.

    And so she fled back to the tower, thinking her life was over, just as Gothel had planned.


    Age is only a number, some say, and Rapunzel took that step into adulthood the moment she saw Flynn lying hurt on the floor.

    She begged, she pleaded—she needed him. Gothel saw her adopted daughter slipping away for good and sought to hold on with everything she had. Even fatally wounding the man Rapunzel loved.

    Is this what I get for raising her? Is this my reward?

    For sixteen years, she’d treated Rapunzel like her own daughter. And this was the thanks she got: Rapunzel was willing to fight, to leave, for Rider.

    Gothel had to protect her magic.


    In the end, it wasn’t Rapunzel, after all.

    Gothel saw Flynn move toward Rapunzel, saw him slash his arm—and watched with horror, unable to stop it, as Rapunzel’s long, golden locks fell to the floor, the same brown as the one Gothel had cut all those years ago.

    The magic had been cut.

    Gothel felt herself shriveling. She reached out, but it was too late. She had lived hundreds of years past her time, and she suddenly started to feel her age.

    And then she was nothing but dust on the ground, and Rapunzel turned away and didn’t weep.
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    Jul 26, 2005

    I loved the journey through Rapunzel's life, heartbreaking as it was.

    Looking forward to more


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    Feb 9, 2005
    Mother Gothel!!!


    I cried for her, does that count?
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    Oh, but the little kid in me did a song and dance number once I saw that you decided to tackle Disney movies for these, and Tangled is such a favorite, at that! [face_dancing]

    I loved moving through Rapunzel's life here through Gothel's eyes - Adult was definitely my favorite of the set (even though they melded together so perfectly that it was hard to choose) - very chilling and poignant. =D= The prompts lended themselves seamlessly to these. :)
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    Nov 9, 2010
    I love Disney movies. :) Love to see them explored this way.
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    Cool Nat! =D= =D= I too love Disney movies. :D And the song that inspired your title. [face_love] Wow, Adult was definitely the most poignant one, but I also liked Teenager a lot. [face_sigh]
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    Shrek ruined me on Repunzel... can't take the story seriously any more after that. :p

    But you did a great job. [:D]
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    May 15, 2005
    Having just recently finally watched Tangled (we were down for the move), I loved this. Awesomely done, Nat. :)
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    Kelia: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it :)

    Mu: You're not supposed to root or the bad guy, silly :p

    Mira: [face_laugh] I love Disney, too :D I've been planning these for a long time :p Thanks! I wanted to switch it up and not just do it from Rapunzel's POV.

    Hazel: Me, too :D Thanks!

    Jade_eyes: We totally need to form a club :D I love Beauty and the Beast and that song! And it seemed to work so well :p Thanks!

    Alexis: [face_laugh] Have you seen Tangled? If not, you need to! Thanks!

    Daena: It's SO good, right! Thanks!

    Thanks for reading, everyone! If anyone would like tags or PMs, please let me know.

    Week Two: The Little Mermaid


    Ariel retreated from the shore, but she didn’t go far. She waited with baited breath as she saw his chest rise and fall. He was still breathing.

    He slowly sat up, shaking his head, as the dog bounded down the shore and reached him. Ariel waited, unable to tear her eyes away, as he stood and walked down the beach.

    He was beautiful, the most beautiful man she’d ever seen. She couldn’t stop staring at his retreating form, half-wishing that he would turn around and see her—though she had swum away for a reason.

    But still, the mermaid wished.


    Ariel felt her voice leave her throat as she sung. Only moments later, the aching loss was topped by another—her lungs felt crushed, and she fought to breath, trying to swim away. But something was wrong—no, not wrong. Different. She couldn’t move her tail because it had been replaced by legs. Two long, beautiful, human legs. At last, she thought, I have legs.

    She couldn’t savor the moment because of the desperate need to breathe. She tried to claw her way to the surface, air her only thought, as the edges of her vision started to go black.


    She felt sick to her stomach. Another sunset; another day, hour, closer to the day her time ran out.

    She had been so close today. So close! He had almost kissed her … but then the boat tipped, dashing her hopes. He hadn’t wanted to kiss her after that.

    She brushed her still-damp hair. Being back in the water, even for that brief minute, had felt like coming home. But she had legs, now, and she still wasn’t used to using them. One thing had been familiar, though: Her desperate need to reach the surface.

    Before it was too late.


    Ariel had a few moments of happiness as she thought, despite everything, that she and Eric were to be married—happiness that was quickly dashed when she learned that she wasn’t his intended bride.

    She panicked. What was she going to do? She had to stop that wedding!

    A few minutes later, she found herself clinging to a barrel in the middle of the ocean, thrashing her feet to try to reach Eric’s ship before he married the wrong woman.

    She refused to believe that all of this—all her sacrifices—would be for nothing. She had to have him.


    Ariel worked her vocal chords, desperately trying to get her voice to return, even though the sea witch had it and was never going to return it. Not by choice.

    As much as she tried, her voice wouldn’t come. She tried to tell Eric who she was—that she had saved him from the wreck of his ship, that she loved him—but she couldn’t. She had no voice.

    She had been given three days, and the sun was about to set.

    Ariel tried one more time to get her voice to work, to say something. She started to sing.
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Wonderful use of the prompts. =D= Wriggles! Methinks Disney should've had ownership rights to SW loooong time ago. :p :grin:
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    Oh, these were delightful, Nat! I feel like a little kid again, reading these. [face_love]

    Healthy had such a great dose of longing here, and was perfectly bittersweet and wistful. My favorites of the set were sick and injured, though, especially with how the 'need to reach the surface' played off of each other, in more ways than one. Frustrated was a great way to wrap this up though - with her voice bringing her tale full circle.

    Well done, again. =D=
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    Nov 9, 2010
    The little mermaid, yay [face_dancing] :D. Definitely one of my favorites.

    I especially loved the healthy - Eric is one hot Disney prince. [face_blush]
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    Jul 26, 2005
    I loved those!

    Especially Ariel's determination to get to Eric [face_love][face_love][face_love]

  14. DaenaBenjen42

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    May 15, 2005
    Wonderful exploration of our favorite mermaid and her growing frustration. :) (And didn't that sea shell break at just the right moment?)
  15. NYCitygurl

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    Jul 20, 2002
    Jade_eyes: Thanks! [face_laugh] They did such a good job with the Avengers, this could only be a good thing :p

    Mira: Aww, thanks! Not gonna lie, I watched Beauty and the Beast last weekend. By myself, with no little kids :p

    Hazel: Thanks! I always felt an affinity with Ariel (redheads unite! :p ). And Eric is definitely good-looking :D

    Kelia: Thanks!!

    Daena: Thanks! I know, right? :p

    I've only seen this movie once ... but the prompts fit so well!

    Week Three: The Princess and the Frog


    He was attractive; she had to give him that. He was tall, and there was a sparkle in his eyes that she couldn’t miss.

    But as enticing as his appearance was, Prince Naveen’s personality was far from it. He was full of himself, obviously aware of his beautiful exterior. And a little smarmy, too.

    It was obvious that he was interested in Charlotte—for her beauty or her money, Tiana wasn’t sure, but she felt sorry for her friend. Charlotte wanted to find her fairytale prince more than anything, but she needed a man who would be there for her.


    Tiana resisted falling in love for as long as she could.

    She didn’t want or need a man, and certainly not one like Naveen. Too full of himself, too selfish. She had worked hard her whole life, just like her parents, and she was going to open her own restaurant, just like she’d always planned. She wasn’t going to let a prince get in her way.

    No matter how she felt about him. And his occasional graciousness. And his determination. And his sparkling eyes, even when he was a frog.

    She was not going to fall in love with him.


    It was funny, Tiana thought, how easily her plans could change.

    She had committed her whole life to saving enough money and opening her own restaurant, fulfilling her dreams. She had had no time for men.

    But even as a frog—a rather pompous, self-absorbed frog—Naveen had managed to change her priorities.

    Tiana clutched the vial, staring at Facilier. He could make her restaurant dream come true … but by doing so, he would take her new dream from her before she even had time to try to make it come true.

    She threw the vial to the ground.


    She might have lost her dreams of owning a restaurant—or of being human again—but she learned early that life goes on. Old dreams had to make way for new. And after she’d chosen Naveen love the restaurant, she accepted what he offered: marriage and a life together, even as frogs. It wasn’t the way she would have dreamed it, but it was real.

    No one was more surprised than Tiana that giving into her desires actually gave her everything she wanted.

    She never thought that by marrying a prince, she would become a princess and break the spell.


    A year later, the restaurant was booming.

    The tables were full every night, and there was often a line out the door of people waiting to get in. The food was fresh and delicious, and Tiana’s was the talk of New Orleans.

    The princess spent her anniversary elbows-deep in grease as she made her daddy’s gumbo. Naveen had tried to get her to hand it off and come with him, but she had laughingly shoved him away.

    He tugged on her apron strings, and she turned around and gave him a kiss. After all, he was the dream she’d chosen.
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    :D :D Enjoyed this muchly. How like Leia that bit in Love sounded [face_laugh] ;) And ooh, gumbo :) or crawfish -- love all that Cajun stuff, specially with shrimp.
  17. Mira_Jade

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    Jun 29, 2004
    I applaud your tastes then! Beauty and the Beast is definitely my favourite Disney flick. [face_love] There is a reason these films are such classics - no matter your age. ;)

    And these were just as fun to read. You had Tiana's gumption and spirit down pat. Attraction and Love were especially fun to read, with her denial, and very real concerns for his character. :p But Anniversary was my favourite one of the bunch! I love their happily ever after, and that last line was the perfect mix of mush and flirty fun. Just wonderful. [face_love]

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    Nov 9, 2010
    This movie is so much fun, and these really brought it back for me. :)
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    Jade_eyes: Me, too! I go get Cajun food about once a week with my friends [face_hungry] :p

    Mira: Agreed! Beauty and the Beast and Lion King are The Best :D Thanks! This set was a little harder because I've only seen the movie once, a couple years ago, but it seemed to fit!

    Hazel: Thanks!!

    I'm trying to get caught up with these 8-}

    Week Four: Aladdin


    Jasmine lifted her fingers and felt the cool flakes melt on her skin. It was cold, but she didn’t care. She felt her stomach swoop as the magic carpet raced through the snowy skies. This—this was freedom.


    Something so beautiful can also be deadly.

    Aladdin shielded Abu with his own body as the tower rolled down the snow-covered hill. He prayed that he had judged the distance correctly, or he and his best friend were going to be smashed.

    He felt a moment of pure terror as the tower, sent by Jafar to kill him, rolled over them.


    The sand filled the hourglass. It signaled that Jasmine’s time was running out.

    She gasped for air and tried to claw her way to the top, to hold on just a few moments longer. She was sure that Prince Ali—Aladdin—would save her before she drowned in the sand.

    But he was engrossed in his own battle with the evil sorcerer and couldn’t reach her, though he tried. She took one last, deep breath as the sand rolled over her, trying to hold on for just a few more seconds. She knew that next breath would be her last.


    Jasmine chugged the glass of water, then gasped for air as she held out the cup. She vaguely realized that he Genie filled it before she brought it to her lips, trying to wash the sand out of her mouth.

    “You have to stop panicking, Princess.”

    Jasmine tried to hold onto the sound of Genie’s words and slow her breathing. She felt Aladdin’s arms go around her. “It’s okay,” he said. “You’re safe. Jafar is gone, and no one will ever be able to bring him back.

    Jasmine met Aladdin’s eyes. They were big and brown and full of warmth.


    She couldn’t tear her eyes away from his or bring herself to tug her body away from the heat of his arms. He was here. He had saved her. But …

    “Ali,” she said. “No—Aladdin.”

    He winced, and she felt her fury rise. “You lied to me!” she said. “You lied about who you were! You let me think you were dead!”

    “I’m sorry,” he said, grabbing her hands as she pulled away. “I’m so, so sorry, Jasmine. I just wanted to be someone good enough for you.”

    “The boy who saved me on the street is good enough.”


    “Not for the law,” he replied softly.

    “Forget the law!” And then she realized what she was saying, that she wanted him, too—prince or street rat.

    That made him smile. He bent down to kiss her, and she wrapped her arms around his neck and felt her heart soar higher that the magic carpet could ever fly—higher than the clouds.

    “I want you,” she whispered when they broke away. “I’ve always wanted you. I’m not letting you go again.”

    “Good.” Aladdin pecked her on the lips. “Because I don’t intend to go anywhere unless you’re there with me.”
  20. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    SQUEEEEEE! It started with the words magic carpet and didn't stop till the final word of Clouds. [face_dancing] Oh, I just love that magic carpet [face_laugh] and the song that goes with it [face_laugh] [:D]
  21. Hazel

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    Nov 9, 2010
    I loved how you used the prompts for Aladdin. This is such a wonderful story.
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    May 15, 2005
    The Princess and the Frog: I only recently saw it for the first time, and kids were talking, and I wasn't able to really watch, but... it had a certain charm. Well done on the set in exploring the story, Nat. :)

    “The boy who saved me on the street is good enough.”

    Oh yes!!!!! Thank you, Nat, for exploring Aladdin!!!! [:D]
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    Jun 29, 2004
    I am so, soooo glad that you are still continuing these! :D [face_dancing] And Aladdin! Another classic. :cool:

    I loved how you covered one scene with this set. The juxtaposition of the two moments in Snow was beautifully done, but Heat had to be my favourite of the bunch. The same line caught me as it caught Daena: The boy who saved me on the street is good enough.”

    Perfectly said. [face_love]

    Another great set, again! =D=
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    Jul 20, 2002
    Jade_eyes: Me, too :D

    Hazel: Thanks! Glad you're enjoying it :)

    Daena: [face_laugh] Thanks! I rather love Aladdin :D

    Mira: Thanks! I would never abandon a Disney story :p Glad you liked that line! I always loved that Jasmine completely and totally didn' care who Aladdin was or where he came from; she just wanted the right guy.

    As this set focuses on Gaston rather than Belle and the Beast, I promise I'll revisit this movie at some point ;) It's one of my favorites (and the inspiration for the title :p )

    Week Five


    It wasn’t often that a woman turned Gaston down. It was never, in fact—except for Belle.

    Gaston couldn’t understand why she did. He was the catch of the town! Women threw themselves at his feet. Actually, physically threw, in some cases. And he had enjoyed himself immensely with each and every one of him. But Belle was the real prize. It was she who would become his wife.

    Yet she ignored his every advance, her head always stuck in a book. What was wrong with her? Well, when they were married, he would certainly put an end to that.


    Gaston dropped LeFou as soon as he finished giving the little man instructions about when to start up the band.

    It was his wedding day. Now he just had to inform the bride.

    If Belle wouldn’t come to him, he would have to go to her. With her father out of the way, Belle would be more amenable to a marriage. Gaston had approached Maurice about it before, but the old man said a choice of husband was up to Belle. No threats or intimidation would make him change his mind.

    Gaston straightened his coat and knocked on Belle’s door.


    Gaston grinned at the strange contraption attached to Maurice’s door. He was pleased when Belle opened the door … and less than pleased when she tossed him out of it, into the mud.

    The music didn’t help. Sometimes, Gaston wondered why he kept LeFou around.

    Covered with mud, Gaston slouched off to the town to get cleaned up, and then onto the tavern for a mug. But even ale couldn’t help his foul mood.

    Belle would be his, whatever she or anyone else said! He would have her for his bride, even if he had to steal her heart.


    Gaston couldn’t count the number of ales he’d had, but his mind was as sharp as ever. Maurice was a crazy old man—and everyone knew that—but there was something about what he said …

    Belle was gone, and Gaston hadn’t been able to find her. But she would return. All he had to do was wait. And perhaps provide a little incentive …

    “LeFou.” His toady scurried to his side, and Gaston bent down to whisper in his ear. LeFou nodded excitedly at the plan.

    “It’ll work!” the little man squealed. “Just like you say.”

    Yes, it would.


    Gaston had tried to be nice. He had wooed Belle, proposed to her, offered her all any woman could ever want—all every other woman did want. But Belle would have none of it, so Gaston had to resort to extreme measures.

    The tavern was dark except for the small, lit corner in the back where Gaston sat with Monsieur D’Arque. The tall, thin man who ran the Maison des Lunes was the only one who could help him now.

    Gaston had heard tales about the House of Lunatics. Belle would never let Maurice stay there. She would be his.
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    LOL Gaston doesn't get it and Belle rocks. :D A lady who knows who she doesn't want always tickles me, because when he's a lout, means she has good people sense. :p
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