Do Star Wars fans hate Star Wars?

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    This satirical article was published in 2005 (and did the rounds on TFN a couple of years later). But it could have been written yesterday.

    It’s honestly amazing how little this has aged in 17 years. Fandom has expanded and diversified in so many wonderful ways (and a whole new generation has been raised with a sincere love for the prequels), but for a certain subset of “fans”, some things never change.

    Read the full piece here.

    Does this ring true for you?
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    Don't other fandoms also have plenty of gripes and nitpicks with their respective franchises? We're probably not unique in this regard.
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    I believe there is a split in the fandom as regards to Picard at the moment. But I'm not too knowledgable about the details.
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    I love SW, grew up with it, but don't feel like I have to love everything Disney puts out. This whole "if you're a SW fan you should love every new thing" is a bit absurd. But if someone else loves it that's fine. I don't hate anything, but there is stuff I don't like.
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