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Beyond - Legends / Dollhouse crossover] Precious Stones (Evil Author Day 2021) (Mara, Luke)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Tarsier, Feb 15, 2021.

  1. Tarsier

    Tarsier Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 31, 2005
    This is a Star Wars Legends / Dollhouse crossover. I really liked that show, at least until it all went to Hoth, and I have so many ideas for a crossover! But the project has always seemed a bit too big and my focus a bit too flighty. The basic idea is to replace the dolls and handlers with Star Wars characters, Mara being the focus, and keep the "crew" of the dollhouse from the show (with the wrinkle that I think Fran Kranz would make a pretty great Ghent, hence Topher's blue hair here). Luke Skywalker would be Paul Ballard, except that I can't stand Ballard and I would of course want Luke to be likable. This will make a lot more sense if you are familiar with Dollhouse.

    Brief summary: The Emperor has recently died, leaving his personal "doll" (a programmable human being) lost and alone. There's a race among the Dollhouses (businesses that profit from renting out dolls programmed to their wealthy clients precise demands) to claim this most precious doll, for a doll that could use the Force would be lucrative beyond their wildest dreams. Meanwhile, based on little more than rumors and a vague feeling, Luke becomes obsessed with unraveling the secrets of the supposedly fictional dollhouses, and a certain someone identified only as "Jade"....

    I am posting this for Evil Author Day 2021 and releasing this plot bunny into the wild. Just please let me know if you use it because I really want to read it! (I also have a few more ideas not included here because the are too spoilery.)

    Dolls [doll name (SW character; Dollhouse character(s) they are based on)]:
    Jade (Mara; Echo)
    Topaz (Callista; November, Caroline)
    Onyx (Kyp; Victor?)
    Obsidian (Syke (OC); Alpha)

    Handlers [(which doll(s) they handle)]:
    Talon Karrde (Jade)
    Corran Horn (Topaz)
    Mirax Terrik (Onyx; Obsidian?)

    Corellia Dollhouse Crew
    Adelle DeWitt (boss)
    Topher Brink (programmer)
    Laurence Dominic (head of security)

    Luke Skywalker (playing the role of FBI Agent Paul Ballard in a less creepy way)
    Leia Organa and Han Solo (concerned with Luke's obsession with what they believe to be mythical dollhouses)

    Corellia (Los Angeles)
    Coruscant (D.C.)
    Hapes (Saudi Arabia)

    Jade was scared. She huddled in a corner, shaking. Something had gone wrong. Terribly wrong.

    Her master was gone. He’d left her with a final command: KILL LUKE SKYWALKER. But she could not execute that command, so it was useless to her now.

    There were loud noises and bright lights and Jade had run. Run until she couldn’t run anymore.

    For hours Jade sat, shaking. Then finally, a voice.

    “Are you ready for your treatment?”

    Jade turned toward the voice. She did not recognize it, nor the face that went with it.

    “Yes,” Jade said, taking the proffered hand.


    “Did the wipe come back clean?” a dark-haired, middle-aged woman strode crisply into a richly appointed lab room.

    “Clean as a whistle in a microchip processing facility,” replied a young man with shaggy blue hair.

    The dark-haired woman stared hard at him.

    “Yes, it was perfect. You can relax, boss. She’s ours,” he added with a grin.

    The woman sighed and allowed herself a small smile.

    “Relax?” a new voice called from the hallway. A tall, lanky man with spiky blond hair and close-set eyes strode purposefully into the room. “Are you out of your kriffin’ minds? We just stole the most valuable doll in the galaxy from under the noses of the two most ruthless houses out there, mere weeks after a security breach nearly compromised our entire house and you’re talking about relaxing?”

    “There, there," the blue-haired man soothed. “We found her, fair and square. The other houses wouldn’t dare enter our territory to come after her.

    “And Obsidian is gone. Probably dead. A one-in-a-million fluke. Everything is working fine now.”

    The tall man glared, but his retort was cut off by the woman. “Will she be able to use the Force?”

    “Well…yes--in theory,” the blue-haired man hedged, “I mean, if it’s true, if she really is Force-sensitive, than physically, yeah, she’ll be able to use the Force…”

    “Yes…? What is it?”

    “Though she’ll have the physical capabilities, mentally she won’t know how to manipulate the Force. I don’t have any imprints with Force abilities.”

    The woman’s eyes narrowed in clear disappointment.

    “Surely you’re not serious,” the tall man replied. “You can’t possibly intend to set her loose with functioning Force powers.”

    “Why not?” the other two asked in unison.

    “She’s the Emperor’s Hand! He hand-picked her to be an unstoppable killing machine! She’s said to have assassinated more people than the galaxy’s top three bounty hunters combined.”

    The blue-haired man waved a hand dismissively. “With the right imprints, I could give any doll that same record.”

    The dark-haired woman crossed the room to the large window that looked over the large open room below. “Topher, get the imprints. Dominick, quit worrying about a little girl.”


    In the room below, Jade walked slowly, quietly memorizing her new space. Her eyes were wide, absorbing every detail. She saw others like her, and smiled politely at them. She looked up, and saw three people through the window in the room above. She continued to her sleeping quarters. It was time to rest.
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  2. pronker

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    Jan 28, 2007
    I was immersed in an unfamiliar canon and received good first impressions of the DH characters - Mara seemed perfect for their use.
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  3. mavjade

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    Sep 10, 2005
    I only saw a few episodes of Dollhouse, though it's something I'd like to go back and watch at some point because it did seem interesting. But I love how you put this into the SW universe, it's a fantastic idea! Having a Doll that has Force powers like we know Mara does, but she has no idea... that would get really interesting!

    Thank you for sharing this, I really enjoyed read it!
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  4. Tarsier

    Tarsier Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 31, 2005
    Thanks!! Sometimes crossovers can feel forced, but I feel like this one could integrate really smoothly. :)

    Thank you!! I think Dollhouse joins the ranks of many shows Fox managed to kill with silly decisions. And although we get a bit more of a conclusion than some other shows, I thought the ending was just awful. So there may be a little bit of fixer-fic in here. :)

    I didn't quite manage to work it into this first little bit of story, but getting the imprint they need is going to be virtually impossible: The only currently known Force-user is Luke - so they are trying to hide from him, and also need to use him... And then there could also be the little part where they've had Kyp, a Force-adept, all along! (I think for this story Callista and Corran will not be Force-sensitive, don't want everyone to be a secret Jedi :p)
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