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    Title UDC VIII Is it Veila or Is it Ren?
    Author: MartyAvidianus
    Character: POV Disney EU Tahiri, varioius other characters.
    Time Frame 13 ABY to 42 ABY (Both Continuities, but mostly in Disney EU)
    Rating: G to PG-13
    Genre: Angst Drama Action Rom Com Hopefully.
    Canonicity: Disney EU Canon compliant as of May 21, 2017.
    Summary: These drabbles deal with Tahiri Veila's Life The Tahiri in the disney universe, although valor works for legend eu as well.

    This is a Tie in to my work The Bounty with minor spoilers for that work.

    Latest Set: Week 20


    Drabble Week 1

    Drabble Week 2

    Drabble Week 3

    Drabble Week 4

    Drabble Week 5

    Drabble Week 6

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    Drabble Week 8

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    Drabble Week 11

    Drabble Week 12

    Drabble Week 13

    Drabble Week 14

    Drabble Week 15

    Drabble Week 16

    Drabble Week 17

    Drabble Week 18

    Drabble Week 19

    Drabble Week 20


    Week One of Drabble Challenge Version 8


    “[Eugh Argh Wu]!”

    “I’ll miss you too, Slivian.” Tahiri said.

    “[Eku Wuarg Hueghk]”

    “No, I will never forget you.”

    “We’ll see each other again. As soon as I become a Jedi I promise I’ll return.”

    “Mistress Tahiri, please, we must leave.” K-4PO, said.

    “[Mugh Aigh!]”

    Tahiri hugged her father she had ever known as if for the last time.

    “Tell me not to go, Tahiri cried, “and I’ll stay.”

    “[Yeargh Muuuuu.]” Slivian gently pushed her toward the Jedi Master.

    “She’ll be studying under Luke Skywalker himself, don’t worry.” A total stranger said to her.

    Tahiri walked toward the shuttle Valor.


    “My name is Tahiri, what’s yours?” Tahiri asked the aurburn haired girl about her own age.


    “What kind of a name is Honor?” Tahiri asked.

    “What kind of a name is Tahiri?” the girl asked, and pushed Tahiri.

    “Hey!” Tahiri pushed Honor back, the girl’s head bumped on the floor.

    “AW! WAAA!” The girl cried.

    “What’s happened, what’s going on?” A deep voice asked. Tahiri has never saw such a tall man.

    “DAD! I don’t like it here! They make fun of my name! I want to go home!”

    “It’s my fault.” Said Tahiri, “please don’t tell Master Skywalker.”


    “Kill him. Kill him now.” Bellowed Ben Solo.

    “[Tughghr! Targh!]”

    “Only by killing him can you prove yourself to be a believer in our cause.”


    “You know it is true. Only by killing him by yourself can you become a true knight of the ren.”

    “Tahiri activated her lightsaber. Her new one. Its glow lit up the Taatoine sky. Only one sun was present, the other already set.”

    She could run. She could still save her father.

    The red blade fell.


    “The supreme leader receives your sacrifice. Hence forth you are Veila Ren.”


    Veila Ren Rose.


    The deceiver came running into her quarters just like Tahiri thought he would.

    She rose. Her real lightsaber in her hands. She took comfort in holding it for what she must do.

    It gives her strength.

    BEN SOLO!”

    “That name no longer has any meaning for me. It is a mock--”


    Tahiri didn’t wait for Kylo Ren to finish speaking. She kicked him in the face, while sand flew everywhere, Tahiri activated her lightsaber. Then, Tahiri’s bright green saber was locked with Kylo Ren’s.

    Tahiri doesn’t remember much after that.

    She did remember saying her own true name.


    The Jedi temple was theirs. All the weaklings have been eliminated. With her true friends with her, Veila Ren soared with pride.
    Who was she kidding?

    She was afraid. Afraid to lose her friends.

    When Honor joined Tahiri’s boyfriend Ben in his novel thinking, she was glad. They could be friends together, to be Jedi together, and bring justice to the galaxy like Ben’s uncle.

    Now, she wasn’t sure if she was a Jedi or not. Even if Kylo stopped meeting her in the evenings, Honor was at her side, they still fought together.

    If that’s not Victory, what was?"
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    “What about the Knights of Chusan X?”

    “You want to be named after the Academy? That’s dumb.”

    What do you think Ben? Tahiri asked.

    “I think It’s not our priority. This is no time to discuss new names. First we need to discuss the plan. With just the five of us it’s not enough. Who do you think will support us right now?”

    “I’ll talk to Friend Dorsk 81 again. Tenel Ka said. “I think he may join us.

    Later, privately, Ben met with Tahiri, Honor, and Gantoris. “I don’t trust Tenel Ka. She calls everyone Friend, but I fear...”


    “If you’ll sign here, then let me scan your iris.”

    “Congratulations, you are the owner of this domicile. Here’s the title. You may move in immediately.”

    Tahiri nodded and received the electronic file with her handheld. “Thanks.”

    By nightfall she already knew her intelligence was false, and Tenel Ka and Kyp was never on the planet.

    By dawn Tahiri already sold the house. She could hear the cry of the Tusken Raiders.

    The two she killed in mistake must have been important. Faintly she heard and recognized the dirge reserved for tusken royalty. Tahiri wondered what the victim’s titles were.


    “Beep. This is Honor. You know the drill. Beep.”

    “Honor. Ben’s coming for another private dueling lesson. He’s bringing a friend. Call me.”
    Beep. This is Honor. You know the drill. Beep.”

    “This is Master Skywalker. The academy is under attack. All Students must come to the main conference room and meet your master there and evacuate. All students must come to the main conference to meet your master there and evacuate. This is not a drill.”

    “The number you dialed is no longer in service. Please disconnect and try again.”

    “Oh, no. Not now!” Veila Ren thought. She run.


    The red blade fell. Slivian died on Sixth Month, The nineth day.

    A year later, the blade fell. Slivian died.

    A year later, it happened again

    And again.

    So Veila Ren awoke at 0740 screamed again.

    And agian.

    Until one day. Veila’s heard a buzz at her door. Honor was standing there.

    “Veila. Report for Reconditioning.”

    When Veila reported to Kylo, he was talking to himself.

    She turned to leave, but it was too late.

    “Veila. The resistance pilot Dameron has been sighted on Duros. I’m leaving in a few hours. I need to leave my knights in prime condition.”


    “Grandmama, I want to look at the album.”

    “Sure thing, sweetie.”

    “Here we go. Now can you tell me who each of these are on the holo? Can you find Grandmama?”

    Here’s Great Granda Luke, Grandpapa Ben, Granduncle Jag, Grandaunt Jaina and There’s you! I always can tell because of your forehead. Can I kiss them?

    “Go ahead. Love. Here.”

    “And this holograph! In your Jedi Academy days! There’s you, and there’s Granduncle Anakin, and Who’s this girl with the weird coloured hair?

    “That’s not your granduncle Anakin. Cassie. That was a very bad man. Tahiri hugged her granddaughter close.
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    Some good work with that first set. I particularly liked Valor. Coherent, and made sense.

    Definite schoolyard vibe with Honor, and that read well.

    Didn't know where you were going with the later ones, but still solid drabbles.
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    Thanks Sith I 5. I'm glad you enjoyed the sets.

    They are all pretty much Tahiri POV, with a bit of other ones. But which Tahiri and what time frame?

    and this drabble sets is a TIE in with my novel fic. Although I'm pretty sure everyone can enjoy the drabbles to the fullest, reading that will definitely help.

    Also keep in mind even though the novel fic is updated to chapter 2, I'm actually on chapter 11 or so, and I started this drabble when I was on chapter 9, so I write the drabbles simultaneously. So... :p

    I hate to do this as I'm the opinion that figuring out the pov and the time frame is half of the fun but I will explain.

    Sacrifice. This is the NEU Tahiri killing Slivian, her Tusken Raider father so that Veila Ren can be reborn, much as like Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader. At least this is what I was going for. Did it work? You decide.

    Defeat this is a direct TIE in to the novel fic I was talking about, chapter X, Kylo Ren. It's not updated on the forums yet, probably not for a few months (updated every monday). anyway
    A kind of redeemed NEU Tahiri and Kylo Ren show down. She didn't make it.

    Victory NEU Tahiri tries to justify her reasons to join the Knights of Ren.

    Name the Knights of Ren starts to figuring out what to name themselves.

    Title NEU Tahiri buying a house in order to assassinate some Tusken Raiders.

    Number NEU Tahiri trying to get into contact with her friend, Honor Mur-hazy at various times.

    Date NEU Tahiri experiences nightmares on a specific date, and the solution to her problem.

    Legacy This is the EU Tahiri we know and love, looking at some family holographs with her granddaughter Cassie. That last holograph though. <Forrest Gump>I can tell you the girl with the weird color hair is
    Honor Tur-hazy, aka shoto girl, NEU Tahiri's BFF whom EU Tahiri accidentally killed in Chapter 4 of my novel fic.
    </Forrest Gump>

    Look for Week 3 updates tomorrow dear readers!
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    [h2]Week 3[/h2]


    Helpless Tahiri hones her lightsaber skils.

    Tahiri deflected the blaster fire away and turned the bolt back to the remote.

    There were now 58 remotes, and Honor still threw them into the arena. Tahiri was almost blinded by the onslaught, 59, 70. Tahiri’s arms moved on their own. Five remote down, shot by their own bolt, But Honor kept on adding remote ten at a time.

    As Tahiri’s attention were fully on the remotes, she suddenly heard a scream.

    All the remote shot down suddenly. Honor’s hand twisted on the ground, Tahiri looked on helpless as the medics run toward her friend.

    What did she do?

    Satisfied Will Tahiri pass basic lightsaber?

    Tahiri waited in the corridor. Pacing. Will she receives a passing grade? Will they make her repeat the courses? She just got Honor to talk to her again. Failing Lightsaber courses means while her best friend moves forward an entire year.

    She will eventually forget me. Tahiri thought.

    If she fails this category? Will Ben—Kylo still speak to her. Will he still want me in his secret club?

    “You may enter.

    Student Veila. Congratulations. Even though you failed the lightsaber course, mainly because you refused to take the Djem So exam. We are satisfied based on your other scores.

    Enough Knight of Ren attacks!

    “That’s enough Tahiri. No further.” Her former Master called.

    Veila Ren hesitated for a split second.

    That traitor Tenel Ka was getting away. And Tallisibeth Enwandung-Esterhazy was standing in front of her with her grand niece.

    “This is not you, Tahiri. Ben has gone mad but it’s not too late. Come with us.” With a snap hiss Honor activated her shoto beside Veila. The short blade was still yellow.

    Veila Ren activated her own blade. The vermillion ray came to life.

    A yellow tip stuck out her former Master’s sternum. A mountain seems to weigh down on the old woman.

    “You too?”

    Non-stop Veila Ren gets news Kyp Durron and Tenel Ka may be on Genzhut 4.

    “First time riding the Non-stop train to Lahto?” The sandy haired man asked Veila Ren.


    “No second timers would not know to wear a shoe to the this train.” It gets cold during the long night.

    The man continued. “I’m Nathenidor, but you can call me Nat.”

    “Emya.” Veila Ren said.

    Well, Emya, let me buy you a drink. To your first time on the Lahto-Kolia Experss.

    “Then maybe I can tell you all about Lahto’s attractions.”

    Thank you. I’d like that.

    Turns out Kyp Durron wasn’t in Lahto.

    But the trip to Genzhut Four wasn’t really wasted either.

    Burn Tahiri and Honor sleepover.

    “Try not to burn the dorms down again, girls.”

    “We will be careful, Grand Aunt.”

    “You remembered to bring the book?”

    “What book?”

    “Don’t tell me you forgot!

    “Just kidding. Here. Many bothans died to bring me the manual.”

    “Ha Ha.”

    “I can’t wait till we get them to work. We’ll be the first students in the entire class to get lightsabers!”

    “Dont’ get too excited.”

    “Let’s start already. What color do you want yours to be?”

    “Blue. Duh.”

    “No, everyone have Blue! Yellow for you, Green for me.”

    “Uh, Are the Crystals supposed to glow like that right now?”
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    Hi, everyone! Hope you are all enjoying the drabbles sets. Here's week 4.

    [h2]Week 4[/h2]

    Hunger Veila Ren waits for her friend.

    Honor Ren hasn’t made any contact in almost two weeks.

    Veila had told her it was a mistake. That she shouldn’t go. But Kylo felt His presence onboard that freighter and that was that.

    At least with Tionne with her, Honor should have be okay. With her Master, her friend wouldn’t do anything stupid. Like getting herself killed.

    Veila was tired. When will Kylo’s hunger for more control end?

    She killed her father, betrayed her Master, and everyone else close to her. Now Honor was the only family left.

    Veila opened the holonet with her datapad. She browsed it casually.

    Thirst Every Jedi student must find water for her and her partner as part of a lesson.

    Tahiri has been deydrated for two days.

    A Jedi knows no thirst. Through the Force, things she will see... Like how to dig a well!

    “Friend Tahiri. I’ve been trying to distill water for hours. This is not the way.”

    Senior student Kyp Durron drank his ice tea, mocking her.

    Kyp downed the glass. The Hapan was useless. If Honor were here Tahiri was sure they would be gulping wine now

    “Excuse me, Mister? Might you help us? We are thirsty and may die of dehydration.”

    Kyp snapped his fingers. The camouflaged wells revelaed themselves.

    Congratulations, You passed the test.

    Itch Tahiri wakes up and arrives at the Jedi academy on Chusan X

    “We are here. Tahiri. Wake up Dear”.

    “Welcome Future Jedi!”

    Please put on your new cloth as well your complementary Jedi robe. All newly admitted students are robed in grey, but you may choose your own sock and shoe color.

    Consult the screen in front of you to familiarize yourself on how to wear your Jedi robe in the regulatiion style.

    Thank you for your cooperation. And have fun training to be a Jedi. The future of the galaxy will be in your hands.”

    Tahiri took off her socks first and then shoes. The itch from her feet was gone.

    Yearn Tahiri finally find Kyp Durron and Tenel Ka, fugitive Jedi.


    Nobody actually believed Kyp Durron and Tenel Ka would actually be on the Yearn. Least of all Veila Ren herself. Yet there they were. The former Jedi, lice crawling in his beard, raged across the catwalk. Launching himself in a futile attempt to reach his charge. Anger and Frustration warred on his face. He didn’t dare get any closer, not while Veila Ren still had her saber on Tenel Ka’s neck. The Hapan was still unconscious from her Force Choke.

    “It’s over Durron! The Supreme Leader is the only trying to bring Justice back. Join us!”

    Impulse After finally getting the datapad to work, Veila Ren thinks about her life.

    She didn’t know who she is anymore.

    She wasn’t sure what impulse led her to find her first lightsaber.

    Why did she keep it? And why did she bring it onboard the Kiss when reporting for duty on the Command Ship?

    The saber felt like a toy in her hands. A child’s play thing.

    There were sand grains finger paint of Slivian her father. And the designs of twin suns of Taatooine.

    The green blade was shorter than what she remembered.

    She could still run. A chance in a new home.

    She will decide tonight. Either way, Kylo is coming.
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    [h2] Week 5 [/h2]

    Dinner Tusken Raider language lessons

    “Arrrgh Ekuuuulu Looorgh”

    “Arrghe Ekuuuulu Loorkh”

    Slivian sighed.



    “[It’s no use. A human will never be a real raider.]” Okun said.

    “[Nevertheless she is my daughter and she wil learn.]”

    The elder sighed. “[The young never listens.]”

    “Look, she got the word water right. She just need practice.]”

    “[Alek’us, what do you say?]” Okun asked another elder of the tribe.

    “[Another week, and she must under go the rite.]”

    Tahiri was silent during the exchange in front of the elders.

    Her tiny hands touched her father’s. “[Bantha.]”

    Okun asked, “[What did she say?]”

    “[She is ready.]” Akek’us declared.

    Theater Matchmaking Tusken Raider style.

    “[You did a great job in the bantha dance. I’m proud of you]”.

    Tahiri has never been happier. She was second leg, an unheard of honor at her age.

    “[There is something I must tell you]”. Her father continued, “[I think it’s time].”

    “[Time for what?]” Tahiri asked.

    “[What do you think of Kortaz]?”

    Tahiri blushed. She asked, “[What about him]?”

    “[I saw you two wrestling by the water, so did Kortaz’s parents]”.

    Tahiri’s face was red as a tomato now.

    Kortaz sends this gaffee stick. “[If you like truly like him, then you must ride out before the dawn]”.

    Pint The Knights of Ren's formal declaration.

    Kylo Ren said. “We are now the Knights of Ren.”

    “Yes Kylo.” Her fellow Knights replied in tandem. The effect of twelf disciples of Ren simultaneously taking the pledge was breath taking, and a bit blood curdling, if Tahiri, uh, Veila Ren, was honest.

    “Will each of you grab the pint glass in front of you. Drink

    Now that we have pledge ourselves to the Supreme Leader, let us reintroduce each other. We will go from the youngest to our eldest.

    If you would please.

    A tall figure started. “Fellow knights, from this moment you may call me Honor Ren.”

    Shot Veila Ren talks to Tenel Ka.


    The Hapan did not.

    “You led me on a merry chase, but you had to know it would end like this.”

    “Kyp Durron already abandoned you, we will hunt him down like we did you”.

    Veila Ren felt she was speaking to a wall.

    “The Jedi are no more because they are weak. They sow discord across the galaxy. You know it to be true. This is why they get destroyed times and again”.

    “All you have to do is drink up. It’s only a shot of ale, I promise”.

    “It’s not too late. We can still be friends”.

    Alcohol Jysella Horn and Tahiri Veila finds an unusual bottle.

    “What you got there?” Jysella Horn asked Tahiri.

    “I don’t know, but I saw Master Solusar and janitor Melio drinking it.

    “It’s not a bad drink is it?”

    “What do you mean? A drink can be bad?” Valin Horn asked.

    “Well, duh. I heard there was this clear liquid called all something that will burn your tongue.

    “Well how can we tell? The label is torn off.”

    “We could always try tasting it.”


    “No you.”

    Why don’t we just ask Janitor Melio?

    “Janitor Melio? What is this?”

    “Oh, this is apple juice, want me to open it for you?”
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    [h2]Week 6 [/h2]

    Dream Through the Force, Things you will see...

    In front of Veila Ren two creatures two meters high were standing behind a tree with ysalamiri on it. Their bodies were in some kind of black living armor. Behind their armours were scars and tatoos.

    They stopped working and one held out a black staff with living creatures on it to block their way. He said in a weird language, Remaga Corlat?

    Kylo was beside her. His knight of ren and the mask he was wont to wear was missing. However, his anger was unmistakable when he said. “Kane a bar.”

    The living staff bit her.

    Veila Ren screamed.

    Stars A night out for Veila Ren.

    Veila Ren appreciated the occasional time off from her knights of Ren duties.

    She followed the two stars of the holofilm back stage to their after party.

    “This is private area, miss.” the security guard said simply.

    Veila Ren didn’t want to ruin her evening, so she took out her purse from her evening dress and says, here’s for you. Have a good evening.”

    She soon find her in front of the two actresses.

    “Who are you?” The younger one asked.

    “I’m a fan of you, you can call me Emya.” She said, “I love how you portrayed tragic heroines.”

    Barricade Tahiri joins Kylo Ren on the Razor's Kiss.

    “Aren’t you supposed to be on the Barricade? What are you doing here?” Kylo Ren asked. Who’s on that ship, if you are here?”

    “The Supeme Leader wanted more knights on this ship. He felt a disturbance in the Force.” Veila Ren said, “Zekk is taking over the duties on the Barricade.”

    “I asked why you are here.”

    Veila Ren remained silent.

    “It does not matter. I suppose.”

    “Settle in, we have much to do. We have to take care of this Grand Admiral Mintensega. She can’t be allowed to get in our way.”

    “Of course, Kylo.” Veila Ren said.

    Rain Veila Ren thinking.

    Rain made Veila Ren sad. She doesn’t know why.

    The First Order’s mission was not yet complete, but she knew it would be soon Soon the Starkiller base will go online. No one would be able to deny them anymore. No one sane would deny the need for peace and justice and most importantly order in the galaxy.

    A galaxy without Jedi is a galaxy without discord. The knights of Ren to guard against any Jedi rebirth.

    If the Knights of Ren were successful, no one will know their name.

    The rain keeps on falling outside of Veila Ren’s window.

    Home The Knights of Ren attacks the Jedi academy.

    “Get behind me, get behind me!” Corran Horn yelled, his children, Jysella and Valin Horn run from Veila Ren and cowered behind the Jedi Master, their father.

    “Why are you doing this?!” Horn asked. “You are only 14 years old! You’re not like the rest of them!”

    “Old enough to kill you.” Veila Ren said. “Jysella and Valin doesn’t have to die. Let them join me. We knights of ren complete our training together.”

    Valin yelled, “We’ll never join you! Right Ella?”

    Jysella said, “I want to go home! Dad please, I want to go home!”

    “Valin, take Jysella, Go!”
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    [h2] Week 7 [/h2]

    Tangy Honor and Veila Ren visit the pet shop.

    “Welcome. Welcome. How may I help you?” The protocol droid asked.

    “Why are we here again?” Veila Ren asked Honor Ren.

    “I want a pet. Perhaps a goldfish named Tangy. Always wanted one.”

    “I didn’t know you that.” Veila Ren said. “In any case I’m surprised you’ll have the time. The work of a knights of ren is never over.”

    “Isn’t it?”

    “What’s wrong?” Veila Ren always knew Honor Ren to be full of self confidence, a bit ruthless, a trait she always wanted to emulate. Today Honor radiated self doubt and uncertainty.

    “I seen my death. You were there.”

    Sweet Veila Ren talks to a captured TK.

    “I really think we are starting to undersand each other Tenel Ka.” Veila Ren said.

    “I think I know how this works.”

    “I talk and you listen.”

    “I know, I know, you are wondering what exactly I what I possibly want from a sweet block of carbonite such as yourself.”

    “Kyp Durron is searching for you even now.”

    “Who should we send to dispatch him?”

    “Dorsk 81? You remember Dorsk 81 don’t you? Such a good clone. But no.”

    “You want Honor to go?”

    “Why, I never thought you could be so helpful. Thanks Tenel Ka, talk to you tomorrow.”

    Spicy Veila Ren tries out Honor's cooking.

    “It’s good! Veila Ren said through clenched teeth. “Really good”.


    “Please.” Oh, please for the love of the Supreme Leader, no more.

    “I’m so glad you like it.” Honor Ren said. “I know I’m not a good cook. This is the only Vorzydian course I know how to cook. My grandaunt taught me.”

    “I’ve been thinking. They have started construction on the Starkiller base. Soon all this will be over. There won’t be any Jedi to stop our progress. No obstacles to bring order and justice across the galaxy.

    “Yes.” Veila Ren said.

    “Here’s to happier times.”

    “Happier times.”

    Bitter After being sent on a mission by Kylo Ren to capture a yacht by the name of Sliding Panda, Veila Ren's friend Honor still hasn't returned.

    “Hi Tangy. No, your mama hasn’t returned. Pretty sure she’ll be back tomorrow. Meanwhile here’s your meal for the day.”

    “I told you to call me Aunt Veila Ren.”

    “What kind of a name is Veila Ren? Everybody’s a critic.”

    “Fine, you can call me, oh, Aunt Emya, how’s that?”

    “What do you mean I don’t look like an Emya? Who do I look like then?”

    “WHAT? Tahiri? Where did you get that name? Who sent you?”

    “I should let Tenel Ka go? Why? Are you kidding ? Do you know how much I sacrificed?”

    “And I’m talking to myself.”

    Bland Tenel Ka aboard the Razor's Kiss in Veila Ren's quarters.

    “name is Tah--”

    The sound of a body dropping on the floor.

    Is she dead?

    Silence in the room except for some raspy breathing

    She can still hear, so she’s not dead.

    Someone else was in the room with her.

    She knew that sound.

    She tried to make herself small. It wasn’t that difficult.

    Hibernation sickness.

    She could bearly stop her shaking.

    ARGGH! Someone screamed. The sound of lightsaber activating.

    She knew that sound too.

    It sounds like it was cutting through durasteel and something soft at the same time.

    Tenel Ka had no choice but to crawl forward.
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    May 14, 2017
    [h2]Week 8[/h2]
    Rebellion Honor and Veila Ren checks out a new restaurant.

    “Let’s try this new restaurant. The New Rebellion. It’s supposed to be the best athentic Corellian cuisine.”

    “Okay, let me feed Tangy.”

    Five minutes later, Honor joined Veila Ren at the door, “Let’s go.”

    “We should invite Valin for dejarik later.”

    “Our Valin?” Veila Ren asked. “Horn Ren?”

    “Yes. We spends time together, walking .” Honor said, “I think he may like me in that way. He sends me flowers every week.

    Veila Ren commented. “He’s always been mad, ever since their shuttle crashed trying to escape from the academy. We never found Jysella’s body or that of their father.”

    Revolution Corran Horn and Jysella Horn on the run.

    “Ella, we have to go, now.” Corran Horn told his daughter.

    “But I was just getting ready to go to the library. My new friend Kacey is waiting for me.”

    “You know why we have to keep moving.” Corran’s voice was firm.

    The Mugahao is starting a revolution. The First Order can’t tolerate that. It means the Knights of Ren will be here soon.”

    “You remember your big brother Kyp right? He’s waiting for us on Ithor. He’s bringing your friend Tenel Ka. You remember Tenel Ka? She always shared apple juice with you.”

    “Dad? What’s that in the sky?”

    Freedom Some criminal activities going on.

    “Did you hear? The First Order Starkiller base has been destroyed!” The Twi’lek in the Red Ronto bar said.

    “Urrah!” The patrons gave their approval.

    “Kylo Ren is also missing, presumed dead.” the twi’lek continued.

    “Excellent.” Hurgal the Hutt said to his majordomo Streo. “We are now free to commence activities in the Portum system. How soon can the glitterstim start flowing?”

    “With transportation time of 19 parsecs. The first shipment should come in two weeks.

    Streo replied. We are expecting spending revenues of 3000 and make a profit of 90 thousand.”

    “Get the ships ready. They will launch immediately.”

    Martyr Knights of Ren speech after the event of TFA and during The Bounty.

    We lost comrades today for the first time, martyrs, heroes and heroines all.

    The coward Resistance dared to attack the Starkiller base, killing thousands of innocent men and women, orphaning two thousand or so children. They dared to attack the command ship sent to rescue survivors. Now even our flagship, the Razor’s Kiss, is lost, along with our own Master Kylo Ren.

    Knights of Ren! Do not be discouraged! We must still keep our vigil against any resurgent Jedi threat. The latest attack proves that the galaxy cannot be fully have peace and justice if the New Republic still stand.

    Veteran A legendary Tusken Raider story teller visit Slivian's tribe.

    “[Slivian, Bruharg is here, he is ready to tell the tale again].” Okun said.

    “[Daughter, I must ask you to stay in our yurt tonight”]. Slivian said to Tahiri.

    “[But why?]” Tahiri asked.

    “[I’ll explain later, but for now, please stay].”

    After Okun and Slivian slipped away quietly. Tahiri pouted. Whenever the wondering elder Bruharg came to the tribe, Tahiri was asked to hide.

    She wondered why.

    Tahiri decided to find out. She put on her headdress, and crept out of the yurt after her father.

    “[That is why we must kill all Jedi on sight]” the elder Blargh finished.
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    May 14, 2017
    [h2]Week 9[/h2]

    Bright Some OC on the Razor's Kiss (FO vessel) talking to eachother.

    “If you are so smart, then how come you are still a lowly garbage processor? Why aren’t you in that cool clone laboratory you keep talking about?” Ask Gred.

    “I like working here, it’s where I’m needed. Help me with this load. It’s heavy.

    “Right. Mr. Clone Expert picking up garbage.” Gred said, but he did help Gred helped Helian lift the black garbage bag

    “What do you think is in there?

    You are not paid to think. The knot is loose, come on.

    Kanta! I think it’s a body!”

    Helian’s headlamp shone brightly on what used to be torso.

    Star Helian, The OC, started unauthorized cloning

    The process has started. Soon Helian would need to move sample to a larger container.

    She has grown like a star. If the clone process continues, Helian decides that it would be a good time for a name.

    The growth has halted at the most critical stage. Helian cried as he was forced to discard the yellowish mess that held so much promise.

    He would have to start over. Helian went back to his secret freezer.

    He found the torso gone. It’s not ship security, or he would be dead right now. But, what’s this. A strand of blonde hair?

    Mama cloning success?

    Helian watched at the sample grow. He hasn’t shown up for two weeks. He knew Gred was dead, and he didn’t care if no one took care of garbage proposal in Section 120. The ship will run with no problems with one garbage proposal non operational. Helian had more important thing to do.

    The clone opened its eyes. Like the first time, it was female. Green eyes looked at Helian’s face.

    She opened its small mouth.


    She started crying and won’t stop. Someone will hear!

    “MAMA! She screamed.

    Milk. Yes. She needs milk.

    His daughter slept as Helian watched.

    Please Helian (OC) named his daughter Dorli, her first day at school.

    “Please welcome our latest addition to our Razor’s Kiss day care family!” Enthused ensign Deltin. “Dorli!”

    Dorli, come and say hi to the rest of the nerf class. We have Mr. Koomer, our beloved nerf herder, and your friends Anissa, Gorlitez, Su, and Tonni.





    “How do you do”.

    “Gorlitez, would you like to teach Dorli our pledge to the Supreme Leader?

    “Okay Mr. Koomer. Gorlitez took Dorli’s hand, and said, you just place it right here, see?

    “Now repeat after us.”

    “Once upon a time, there was an evil organizatiion called the Jedi, and the Supreme...

    Shine Dorli has grown up to become a successful writer.

    “I just love your new holobook, Ms. Tahiri!” The fan gushed.

    “I’m glad you enjoyed it.” Dorli said, “I certainly had fun writing it.”

    “Please sign the autograph to Luanna and Vanima Cerlo.”

    “Sure, here.”

    Ms. Tahiri, GFN news, may I ask a question on behalf of your funs everywhere in the galaxy how you decided on your pseudonym when you first started writing?

    “Well, you’ll have to ask my father.”

    “So it’s true that when he found you there was a name tag that said Tahiri on your blanket?”

    “That’s true,” brushing back a loose auburn strand, Dorli said.
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    May 14, 2017
    [h2] Week 10 [/h2]

    Raise Zekk and Jysella playing dejarik, right before Knights of Ren attack.

    “I’ll see your telekinesis lesson and raise you a lightsaber duel.” Zekk said.

    “How is a lightsaber duel better than a telekinesis lesson?” Asked Jysella.

    “It just is.”

    “No it’s not. Besides, I know you are cheating.


    You can’t win this particular dejarik game. I have foreseen it.

    Seriously? You, Jysella Horn, has foreseen it?! Give me a break. If you are afraid of losing just say so, don’t call the winner cheaters. All you’ll do is be a sore loser, like your brother before you.

    “What? You take that back.”

    “Wait, what was that?!” The dejark table fell.

    Juvenile TK and OC in Imperial Hold

    “So what are you in for?”

    Lees shivered. Ever since they bombed her family mansion she has been living in the Galizo streets.

    “Loitering.” Lees replied.

    “That’ll do it.” The cell mate nodded sagely.

    “I’ll get out soon.” Lees said. “They told me so. The so called officers who caught me.”

    “And you believed them?” Her cell mate said.

    What do you know?”

    Pretty things like us? Not one of us will get out of Galizo Prison.”

    Listen, my name is Tenel Ka, and if you help me, both of us can get out.

    “What do I do?” Lees asked.

    Mature Legend Tahiri thinking to herself.

    Ben Skywalker crashed into her life, literally this time. Probably saved her life. Again.

    She was twice his age.

    She also killed again.

    What scared her is that she does not feels regret for the deed.

    No. She wasn’t regretting killing that girl at all.

    She was afraid what Ben would do if he ever found out.

    What is she becoming?

    In the escape pod, what was that about? That nonsense about the kid’s lips was just like Anakin’s.

    She must be going mad.

    She must tell the kid about her killing that poor thing before he founds out himself.

    Growth Honor Ren's clone going to the doctor.

    “So it’s removable?” Dorli asked the doctor.

    “Very easily. Do not worry.” The doctor assured her.

    “Why isn’t it a droid performing the operation?”

    “Mechanical hands are not delicate enough for this kind of growth.” The doctor explained. “Would you roll up your sleeve and let me examine the area, please?”

    “Ah good. It is as expected. It will only hurt a bit.”

    Something is wrong, Dorli thought.

    The scalpel shone in the Doctor’s hands. He rose it to cut.

    Dorli’s throat.

    “Yah!” Even though the scalpel failed to cut her throat open, it did cut her cheek. She struggled.

    Elder Characters: Dorli, her Granddaughter, and Her son. All OC

    “Grandmama, time for breakfast.”


    “Hello! Mrs. Sugie the Bantha is here! She wants a hug!”


    “Dad, Grandmama won’t wake up.”

    “Mom? You okay?”


    “Tallisibeth?! Go to your room and stay there!”


    “Don’t come out until Dad gets you okay?”

    “Yes, I need an ambulance at my location right now!”

    “You’ll be okay, ma. You’ll be okay.”

    “That was a scare, doctor, why did you need to see me privately?”

    “Dr. <REDACTED>, Are you aware that your mother is a clone?”

    “What are you talking about? I will sue you and your entire hospital for slander!”
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    May 14, 2017
    [h2] Week 11 [/h2]

    Go Characters involved; Honor and TK

    “See? Way more fun than the normal dejarik.”

    “So the object of this modification is to surround your molators with my kintan striders? And then your molators will simply disappear after it got surrounded? In four directions?” Tenel Ka asked Honor Tur-hazy.

    The auburn haired girl continued, “and you are supposed to try to control a larger area with your kintan striders than I can with the molators.”

    “How many molators and kintan striders are supposed to be there? Aren’t there supposed to be mantellian savrips?”

    “Nah, just the molators amd the kintan striders. The kintan striders always go first.”

    Wait Character involved: Kyp and TK waiting for someone.

    Senior student Kyp Durron paced inside the freighter. “We have to wait another minute.”

    “Okay,” Tenel Ka said.

    “They’ll be here.” Tenel Ka thought Durron was trying to convince himself rather than her, but she kept silent.

    Knocks at the airlock.

    “Durron! Ha... pan girlie, hurry.” It was Lees Cazedio.

    Tenel Ka ran and activated the automatic ramp. With a hiss the airlock opened. A skinny brown mass dropped into the freighter.

    “Lees? What happened to you? Tenel Ka asked the half comatose young woman in her lap. “Where’s Gahk?”

    “Gah... ed. Nights of en. Way ding for ahs. Ambushed.”

    Rise Characters: Honor and Scout

    “Honor? Sweet, wake up, it’s time.” Scout shook her great grandniece gently.

    “Five more minutes.” Honor blinked, trying to get rid of the sleep in her eyes. “Please.”

    “You said you wanted to see the Mandalorian sunrise before you left.”

    “Grandaunt? Mandalorian sunrise?” Honor jumped up from her bed. “Let’s go!”

    Aunt and niece climbed the mountain and sat at the top. The red Mandalorian sun was near the horizon. They fell silent.

    An hour later, Scout picked up the sleeping girl and carried her back to the house. She put her niece back to bed and tucked her in.

    For Characters: Jysella Horn and Valin Horn

    For Jysella Horn, it was very simple. Just survive. Her father was sick again, the second hand cybernetic legs never worked right. Yet they can’t risk a proper hospital with genuine bacta. The Knights of Ren tried to set up a trap again. She fell for it again. If her father didn’t stop her going at the last moment, Jysella doesn’t know what would have happened.

    For Horn Ren, it was very simple. Get his sister away from him. His deluded Jedi ways brings chaos to the galaxy. Kylo was right. Corran Horn must be eliminated. He missed his sister.

    Against Characters: Ta'a Chume, Teneniel Djo, Isolder, and OC.

    “Where is she?!” The traitor asked again.

    Teneniel didn’t answer. She would not give the traitors satisfaction of showing discomfort. Yet Isolder lies dead at her feet. Victim of a palace coup.

    “Just tell us. I promise she will not suffer.” Ta’a Chume said. “Unlike you.”

    “I sent her away. You Hapan Shantors will never find her.”

    The traitor slapped Teneniel with the back of her hand.

    “Your sad insurance put in place against this elegant plan didn’t help you.” Ta’a Chume said. “Did it?”

    “In fact, I know exactly where your shutoon is. Chusan X will be her tomb.”
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    Aug 14, 2002
    Week 3

    Helpless. Yeah, I'd like to know what the heck Tahiri did as well, though I am assuming she deflected a laser bolt back to Honor's hand.

    I had to scroll back up to Week 1 to confirm that yes, it was Honor that took a hit that time as well. Honor, luv; the Force is trying to tell you something.

    Satisfied confused. Coming right after she disarmed Honor, I assumed she was outside the girl's hospital room, but some time must have passed.
    Having looked up what Djem So is, I guess Tahiri avoided that exam to prevent injury to more padawan. Aw, a noble gesture.

    Enough, I recognised some character names, but did not know what was going on. I gather that Honor stabbed someone through the sternum? idea.

    Burn. Ah, we are back to stuff making sense again. A welcome return. Nice use of the Bothan line.
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  15. MartyAvidianus

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    May 14, 2017
    Hey Sith-I-5! Thanks for reading and taking the time to review!

    some answers.

    Well I guess one really need to read The Bounty (my fanfic, see signature) for absolutely everything to make sense. But basically

    Honor is a member of the Knights of Ren who boarded Ben and his Jedi Master's ship in the Legend Universe (Honor is shoto girl). She had a hook for her hand when she boarded the Sliding Panda. Helpless is the scene where she got her hand shot right off by Tahiri's deflected blaster bolt, and why she had a hook instead of a hand. Inspiration is TK's accident in Legend Canon.

    Satisfied: Tahiri is talking to Luke, the Jedi Grandmaster of the academy. Because of the accident involving basically destroying her BFF's hand, she's basically refusing to train with lightsabers anymore. So she got a fat zero for lightsaber form 5.

    Enough: Yes, Honor did kill someone by cutting her in the back. This is a scene where the Knights of Ren started slaughtering everyone in the academy. If you ever read Dark Rendezvous, you might figure out who died. TT (I had no choice, but basically Honor killed her own blood.... TT)

    Non-Stop Someone survived the academy slaughter. Veila Ren got news where they might be. But basically she's on an Orient express train to a city. She met someone on the train. Had a good time in Lohto.

    Burn -- Thanks!

    I'm going to start putting Character involved in each scene from now on.
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    May 14, 2017
    [h2]Week 12[/h2]

    Break Valin Horn and Jysella Horn

    “We’ll never join you!” Valin yelled. “Right? Ella?”

    His sister whined beside him. “I want to Go HOME! HOME!”

    Gantoris’s Lightsaber in his hand, Valin activated the strange saber. “Dad, take Ella and get on that shuttle.”

    “Don’t be a fool Valin!” His girlfriend said to him. “You know our progress was intentionally slowed by our Masters. With Kylo’s new teachings we can bring justice to the Galaxy faster. I know you know that. Besides, we belong together.”

    “Break from the Jedi’s dogmatic teachings, be free. Be at my side.” Her red eyes flashing, Honor lost none of her beauty.

    Quiet Jysella Horn and Corran Horn

    Inside the cramped Headhunter, Jysella held her hands tightly on the joystick.

    “A little to the right, Ella. Just a bit.” Her father said behind her. Was it her imagination or was his voice quieter since the last time she said anything?

    “If only Whistler was here.” Her father continued, “He could have played a song for us. What’s your favourite?”

    “A little youngling on Corellia.” Jysella said, “But I don’t know all the words.”

    “A young girl on Corellia,
    her name was Ella
    Her mother was a police woman...

    Jysella lost the words, it was quiet on the Headhunter.

    Lives Honor Ren and Veila Horn

    “What a waste.” Looking at the ruin of the Jedi academy, Honor said to Veila.

    “I really thought Gantoris of all people would join us.” Veila said.

    “You okay?” Veila asked her friend.

    “I’ll be fine. She’s just too kriffing old fashioned. There was no way she would join us. It had to be done.

    “But did it have to be you though? Your own Great grandaunt.”

    “I said I’ll be fine.” Honor said. “I suppose I’ll never take her invitation to see the Mandalorian sunrise now.”

    “We got a live one!” Lusa Ren called out.

    The Jedi Grandmaster’s wife.

    Dies Tenel Ka Kyp Durron Lees Cazedio (Disney Canon Edition, OC)

    Tenel Ka shook the unconscious woman. “Friend Lees!”

    Durron knelt beside Tenel Ka and checked over Lees. He shook his head.

    “We can take her to the medbay and hook her up to a drip. But without a proper tuned MD droid working real bacta, she won’t stand a chance. Her injury is too extensive.”

    “I guess we can forget the shipment of goods,” Kyp said. “We’ll have to find a new source of coolant.”

    “She’s not just a source of shipment for us, is she?” Kyp asked. “How do you know her?”

    “She broke me out of imperial prison.”

    Story Legend Characters discussing who exactly Snoke is. Honor's cousin, Legend Canon edition (OC) Time Frame: Post The Bounty Trilogy (Probably 50 ABY Legend Time)

    “You mean Snoke is actually <REDACTED>!”

    “Yes. I Didn’t believe it either, but it was definitely <REDACTED>.”

    “That’s some story. After so many lost, who would have thought the <REDACTED> was to blame.

    “Nevertheless it is true. <REDACTED> confessed.”

    Is there any danger? I mean <REDACTED> was able to become Snoke over there, what about here?”

    “It’s simply not possible, again, <REDACTED>over here is just simply harmless. One of the good guys, so to speak.”

    “I’m just so relieved that great grandmama never left Mandalore when Luke Skywalker asked. I just saw Cousin Honor yesterday! She wouldn’t hurt a fly!”
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    Jun 14, 2005
    I am sorry that I had no time to applaud you for coming up with a marvellous Tahiri (Veila) . The Tuskens, the Skywalkers, the Horns and even Kylo Ren touched her life. And Kyp! Wow!

    I will try to stay put even when my inflamed larynx has healed again.
  18. MartyAvidianus

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    May 14, 2017
    Welcome Azureangel 2!

    Thank you for reading. And your kind compliment.

    Take care! [:D]
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    Jun 14, 2005
    I am still sorry that I did not so so before, because I usually have so many things throughout the day and my Dutch husband DarthUncle basically needs to drag me into bed. Rise and shine in the morning is not my thing, because I am an old night owl.

    But today I took the time to give you a comment that you deserve for your hard work.

    You show us your main character during various stages of her life. A life that never stands still and changes like the hot desert sand of Tatooine. And a nomad girl like her needs to be able to adapt all the time. Otherwise her surroundings would kill her without any mercy.
  20. MartyAvidianus

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    May 14, 2017
    Thanks everyone for reading. And those of you who found time to review, I can't make my gratitude felt enough. So just ^:)^
    Also please note since I'm all caught up, further updates starting Week 14 will be updated Every Thursday instead of Every Other Day.
    So on with the Show!

    [h2]Week 13[/h2]

    Uprising Knights of Ren tries to do something good for a change.

    “Uprising 81O.” Honor wondered. Why did the Supreme Leader ask us specifically to plant this type of tree here?”

    “I don’t know and I don’t care. Streen said. “Come on, the sooner we finish the sooner I can get to play with the clouds.”

    “Don’t mind him. Veila said, glaring. “This planet’s population still needs to know how the First Order is the best thing for them. Having the Knights planting trees sends a messa--. Hey!”

    “What are you doing in my herb garden? Stupid Imperials, I’m not afraid of you!

    “You should.” Veila activated her saber and advanced.

    Negotiate Honor Ren, one of her last moments.

    If her situation wasn’t so serious Honor could make herself laugh.

    She trained under Kylo with Veila in his special lightsaber technique tutorial. Everyone said she was the best lightsaber master in the entire Knights of Ren besides Kylo himself.

    How can she die?

    There must be some kind of mistake.

    Yes Mistakes have been made.

    The Supreme Leader would grant her strength. She won’t die. She knew what she needs to do now. All she needs to do is giver herself entirely to the Knights of Ren, the Supreme Leader.

    The bank account. Yes, She’ll give it all away.

    Convince Kyp and Tenel Ka tries to stay on the path of the Jedi.

    “We did the right thing.” Kyp said.

    “How can you say that like it’s a fact?” Tenel Ka pointed her finger at the corpse. “They tried to help us and now they are gone. We don’t even know where Gahk’s body is!”

    “There was no other way. Lees and Gahk knew the risks when they agreed to help us. Even though we failed to get the coolant, we at least know where Savara Raine is. That traitor needs to die.”


    “Tenel Ka?”

    “Yes, Friend Kyp?”

    “This is not the life I wanted for you. Will you meditate with me?”

    Overthrow Aftermath of Chapter X in The Bounty

    Kylo Ren looked over the ruins of the quarter. He felt blood dripping down from his side. The wound have split. He looked down at the crumpled body at his feet.

    Is this what a Sith apprentice overthrow attempt felt like?

    Found Tenel Ka crawling inside Veila’s quarters. She was in hibernation sickness when I found her. Perhaps was frozen in carbonite inside the fish tank Veila shared with Honor all this time. The gold fish was near death, I fed it, it will live.

    Veila Ren must have suffered a mental breakdown. Pity. I had high hopes for her.

    Unite Disney Versions of some of my favourite character shows up.

    “You may have been a good smuggler, Jade, but now you are nerf fodder.”

    “Not really. Savara?” Mara Jade signalled her partner in crime, with any luck, the mere presence of the Force sensitive would scare Xizor away.

    “Right here, Mara.” Savara Raine stepped out of the shadows, behind the falleen.

    “We had a good run, Mars, but I’m afraid our little united front is over. Someone in your past whom you knew want to have a chat.”

    “You are selling me out? You Kortch!”

    “Enough! Either you pay me 40 extra, or I send you to the First Order.”
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    Jun 14, 2005
    Kylo Ren looked over the ruins of the quarter. He felt blood dripping down from his side. The wound have split. He looked down at the crumpled body at his feet.

    Is this what a Sith apprentice overthrow attempt felt like?

    Well, even though you are NOT a Sith dark jedi knight that you are, you are dangerously close to the dark side, Mister! And making sad excuses serving a greater good.
  22. MartyAvidianus

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    May 14, 2017
    Hey AzureAngel2. Thanks for reviewing.

    Everyone, I put a table of content on for easier reading.

    Week 14 drabbles will be up Thursday June 22, 2017.
  23. MartyAvidianus

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    May 14, 2017
    [h2]Week 14[/h2]

    Luke knocked the door of dorm 81. The light came on.

    “Grandmaster Skywalker? What are you want?” Kyp’s voice came from inside of the dorm.

    “I’m having an emergency meeting with all the senior students. Come meet me in fifteen minutes in auditorium B. Luke turned away and walked down the hallway to knock on Corran’s door.

    Fifteen minutes later, Luke greeted his most senior students, Corran Horn, Streen, and his own nephew Ben Solo.

    “I’m here to announce that I will be absent for a time from the academy. While I am gone, Corran, you will be in charge.”


    Luke guided his X-Wing down toward the landing pad.

    “Thanks Artoo, but I want to land the X-Wing myself. It was a gentle landing, if Luke say so himself.

    “This is strange. It should be Honor’s roll to work the landing lights tonight. Every light is dark on the platform. Artoo. See what you can do.”

    Artoo beeped and whistled and a low light came on to light Luke’s way. He stretched out with his feelings.

    The academy is usually bustling with the Force. Now it’s silent. This is very peculiar.

    “Wait.” Luke ignited his lightsaber and deflected the blast.


    Kylo Ren watched the X-Wing disappear from the sky. It was time.

    He tapped his communicator three times, then Kylo walked toward auditorium C at a leisure pace. Five minutes later he was there, so were his Knights of Ren.

    “Welcome, Master.” They said in unison.

    “Thank you. Now that my uncle is out of the way, no one will be able to stop us. Veila and Honor, I trust you were able to disable the internal communicator?

    “Yes, Master.

    “Yes Kylo.

    Kylo Ren glared at Honor.

    “Yes, Master.

    “Very good. Now let me introduce to you our supreme Leader.


    Honor rolled on the floor. “You know I’m ticklish.”

    Valin, not Horn. When did she stop thinking about him as Horn Ren and simply Valin?

    Valin stopped tickling Honor and put his elbows on the carpeted floor. His expression suddenly serious.

    “Do you think he knows?” Valin asked, kissing Honor’s hook.

    “I don’t think so, but if Kylo did, he doesn’t mind.” Honor pecked Valin’s cheek.

    “I love it when you call our Master Kylo.”

    “Oh, you.”

    “Why do you get to keep your name and I’m stuck with Horn Ren?

    “You can be my Valin any time you want.”


    There were no survivors. Not even recognizable bodies because someone burned them. The pyre was still burning when Luke came to what was supposed to be the main entrance of the Jedi Academy complex.

    Artoo beeped mournfully.

    “I don’t know, Artoo.” Luke said. “I just don’t know.”

    He needed to find his wife. She must have survivef. Someone would not kill her of all people! They have to take her hostage to get power over him! She has to be alive!

    Gran Grand... Someone called.

    Luke ran to where the sound came. “Gantoris! What happened? Who did this?”

    “Ben.... Ben....”
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    May 14, 2017
    A/N: Out of the drabbles for week 15, the last four can read like a continuous vignette. Special inspiration from and shout out to Pan’s Labyrinth. Ofelia and Carmen, you rock the Kylo Ren’s socks off!

    [h2]Week 15[/h2]

    Tahiri went into the dune sea.

    She carried the heavy gaffi stick with her. She knew what a man sending his gaffi stick to a fellow tusken raider meant.

    She also knew what returning his gaffi stick back to a man meant for the girl.

    Tahiri did love Kortaz. When he took off his head dress and shared their first kiss twenty suns ago, Tahiri had hoped.

    She really didn’t want to lose to him though. Though the ritual demanded it. If Kortaz failed to take back the stick by midday, it would mean dishonor.

    This was it.

    Kortaz charged.


    Veila and Horn was handing out bread to the people of K’uthel, the latest planet to accept First Order rule. They need a good impression after the tree planting scandal on Kelper, Veila was stuck on boring mercy missions.

    “This is ridiculous. We should be scouring the galaxy to find the Jedi and bring my sister into the Knights, but instead we are handing out food? And who wrote this thing?” Horn complained.

    Veila sighed, “I know, but the Supreme Leader was very specific on what we are supposed to do. Here, little girl, come pick up your daily bread.”


    “We should come out of hyperspace any minute now Ella. Corran Horn limped in to the cockpit.

    “Cutting into sublight engines now.” Corran’s copilot replied professionally.

    She grew up on the run. Corran realized. “Don’t worry, K’uthel will be the last place they will show up. The first order never care about people going hungry.” Corran messed his daughter’s short black hair.

    “At least we will be safer on K’uthel than we did on Dellendfu. What a mess that was. Looks like some kind of relief station, I’m taking the ship down, we can probably distribute our own supplies there.”


    “Some one is handing out food.” Jysella told his father. “I can hear their announcement. I’ll let Talky down with the supply pods. I can take care of everything, you get some sleep.”

    “No, I’ll come with you.” Corran said, heading toward the ramp.

    “Dad, please, I’m not a kid. Whoever is handing out the food is good people. If I need help, they will.”

    Thirty minutes later, Talky helped Jysella take whatever supply they could spare, little as it is, Jysella was able to hear the announcement clearly now past the checkpoint.

    “Resistance slanders when they talk about injustice”


    “In the Empire. Because in a ascendant Empire guided by the First Order, there's not a single home without a warm heater or without nutrient crackers.”

    Jysella went cold, after what seems forever later, her brain was functioning again.

    The young man keeps shouting “have for you food, which we distribute freely.”

    Is that? No, it can’t be. It’s her. Danirli, Jysella could recognize her if the murderer turned to dust.

    And that young man yelling beside her, rage in his voice. It couldn’t”

    Jysella unhooked her lighthook from her hip. Danirli will die! At last she will have revenge.
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    May 14, 2017
    [h2] Week 16 [/h2]

    A tall figure climbed the mountain at a quick speed. Gar Dellmar followed behind at a safe distance. Curiosity and the need for safety warred inside Gar. No one have ever came to the house where he had squatted for near a decade. But the brunette girl was as real as the wane moonlight in front of him.

    Presently the tall girl stopped at the summit of the mountain. There was silence, and Gar did not dare to breathe too loudly. The fading light allowed Gar to finally noticed the girl’s hair color. It was an unusual shade of red.


    River Sug was worried. Her boyfriend Gar never showed up for their usual cup of caf in two days. Well, when she thought of Gar Dellmar, she really hoped he was boyfriend material. That is until he didn’t meet her for two days straight. Sighing, she drained the last of her caf in her favourite cup and rose to leave.

    She didn’t get far before two protectors came in and headed straight for River.

    “River Sug?”

    River put on her best sabaac face, and asked, “Who wants to know?”

    “A body was found in the old woman Enwandung Esterhazy’s house.


    The blonde waited by the tree until the last light from the sun disappeared, but it was worth it.

    That is because she is almost whole.

    A figure slowly came into the blonde’s view. It was a tall with auburn hair, a figure with a stump where one of her hand was supposed to be.

    “Why was the avatar late?” The blonde asked her companion.

    There was some trouble with local law enforcement. It is no matter. We are almost whole. Now there is just one single specimen left until we rise again. Have you obtained transport?

    “Yes. Let’s go.”


    Han Solo was violently pushed by his own daughter against the bulkhead.

    He didn’t complain, because Jaina just saved his life. But he did find the need to groan out loud.

    That girl who was dead, is dead had stood up and gripped Han with the Force until Jaina intervened.

    Now his only surviving offspring was in a Force duel with some nightmare.

    It all went wrong when that Sith holocron was activated. Han wasn’t sure what exactly happened. It was too fast, but when the triangular thing stopped talking, some dark fog enveloped the body on the earthy ground.


    Cassiola Torm stopped her lecture and looked at the horizon, at the future of the Jedi order.

    “Any questions?” She asked the eager Jedi younglings and padawans sitting crosslegged around her.

    “So is Honor Tur-Hazy and this Tahiri girl real Jedi heroines who were some kind of spies? Or are they really Dark Siders who found the light?” A older youngling asked.

    According to conflicting contemporary biographies, they could be either. But what all the records written agree that a blonde and a auburn haired teenager was instrumental in the demise of the First Order and their supreme leader Snoke.”
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