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  1. JediXManSerenaKenobi

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    Jul 27, 2007

    By Serena

    Summary: The Emperor's Hand and the Jedi Knight see each other for the first time in Jabba's palace. Or have they met before?

    A/N: Done for the Disney songfic roulette. Technically my first Mara/Luke story, so I'm pretty excited. I've loved the pairing for so long, but I've never really written anything that's just about them. They're just so perfect together. [face_love]

    Song is "Once Upon a Dream", found in "Sleeping Beauty."

    The last line is from the "Revenge of the Sith" novelization.

    Breathe. In. Out. In. Out. [/i]

    A lone form swirled and stepped around the dark hall. Her bare feet moved perfectly in rhythm with the dark, seductive music, tiptoeing and flitting on the sandy, hard floor. Although slender and beautifully curvy, her bare torso and arms were strong and lined with taut muscles. The slits in her skirt revealed a pair of toned, long legs.
    Breathe. You can do this. [/i]

    Unlike the usual rowdy gang, the crowd remained perfectly silent as the only lit figure danced before them. Her dark hair swirled around her beautiful yet strangely hardened face. Her eyes, once closed, slowly opened as the music strained to a haunting end, revealing a pair of startling emerald orbs.

    Finally, as she sank to the floor when the last note of music died away, the silence broke with the wild hoots, clapping, and whistling.

    But the lady?s thoughts were not on her dance. Nor on the raucous, undeserving audience around her.

    [i]Skywalker. [/i]

    Her heart burned with a golden fury that was carefully hidden beneath those green eyes. As she rose to her feet smoothly, she turned to face her master, head inclined respectfully. The master of the castle eyed her leeringly and grinned.

    ?Well done,? croaked the Hutt. ?Such beauty and grace I have not seen in many years. You must dance again after you have refreshed yourself. Later we can? become better acquainted.?

    ?I live to serve,? the lady answered with a low bow.
    But certainly not you, you vile worm. [/i]

    ?Come here,? Jabba ordered.

    Stiffening, she forced her feet to step up beside Jabba and folded her arms behind her back, forcing back an expression of resentment and irritation. She reflected then that this would turn out to be a very long night.
    This is all your fault, Skywalker.


    She stayed by Jabba?s side for the rest of the afternoon, bored and annoyed, until a familiar Wookiee and the bounty hunter entered the hall. She watched Jabba buy the Wookiee from the threatening hunter and haul him off to the prisons. Distantly, she wondered why Jabba even wanted that furball in the first place.

    As the night fell, Jabba and the rest of his gang fell asleep, leaving her restless. She paced back and forth behind the worm until someone whispered something to him. Jabba listened and let out a horrible low laugh, something that made her cringe. The curtains drew back, and they would wait.

    The bounty hunter had been Princess Leia in disguise. And she had freed Han Solo from the carbonite, only to be delivered into the hands of Jabba once again. She studied the admittedly brave although rash Princess, taking in her temper and her threats that she had ?powerful friends? and that Jabba ?would regret this.?

    When Jabba?s tongue flicked out and the Princess winced, she found herself wincing along with her. In that, they were in agreement.

    Jabba fell asleep again not long after that, but she still wouldn?t sleep. No. Too much to think on. Too much to?

    And then she felt it. The warm tingling of light. Rather? him.

    [i]He[/i] was here. [i]He[/i] was coming down the stairs towards them, intent to rescue his friends from Jabba.

    [i]Skywalker. [/i]

    And [i]she[/i] would kill him.

    But as he entered the room, she was shoved to the side as more guards entered behind Jabba, blocking her sight of the legendary Jedi.
    Kriffing Skywalker probably isn?t even a real Jedi. [/i]

    However, she held her breath when he fought the rancor and came out alive and well. Two guards dragg>
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    May 15, 2008
    Very nice twist on that scene. Well done! =D=
  3. Miana Kenobi

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    Apr 5, 2000
    Nicely done, and a great usage of the song!! :D
  4. dancing_star

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    Feb 24, 2007
    Wow, that was AWESOME!! [face_dancing] =D= I loved it!! Loved the title too! [face_love]
    Then, just as quickly as the light and warmth had come, it vanished, almost as if it was ripped away from her being, leaving her cold and strangely uncomfortable. Her eyes narrowed at him. But oddly enough, his expression grew more gentle and? tender.

    You show a perfect characterization of Luke, just in that one sentence!! :)

    It wasn?t possible. It couldn?t happen. No. She didn?t love him. She didn?t even know him. No. She had to kill him. She had to. Her master had ordered it. And she couldn?t disobey his command. What she and Skywalker had shared? was only a dream. A vision. Nothing more. Straightening, her lips pressed firmly together as she desperately tried to convince herself of this. Her mission would continue. She would kill him. And the dream would fade away into a memory.

    The way you did once?

    But before being dragged away by Jabba?s henchmen, Luke glanced back at her? and smiled.

    And then she knew.

    Upon a dream.

    [face_love][face_love] Wonderful job writing Luke and Mara. You must do it more often!! [face_batting];) Congrats on a fabulous songfic!! [:D]@};-
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    oh squee! Serena! oh fantabulous! Perfect! Huggles!!! Your L&M is so ... please do that again!!! :D :D Often!!!! :)
  6. Valairy Scot

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    Sep 16, 2005

    [blockquote]Despite the rowdy gang shoving them both violently for different reasons, separating them from each other, their eyes never left one another?s.

    I walked with you once.

    No. She?d never met him before. Never. She?d remember if she had. And of course, he wouldn?t have survived their encounter. But maybe? somewhere else. Somewhere? not in the real world.

    Upon a dream?

    No. That?s ridiculous. I don?t dream.

    She knew it was a lie. She?d had dreams. And more frequently, too. She distantly wondered if he?d had the same dreams as she. They?d met before. They?d talked before. But not in real life. In real life, she was going to kill him.

    I know you. The gleam in your eyes is so familiar a gleam?

    Oh, kriffing sith hells, Mara. You CAN?T have been DREAMING about kriffing SKYWALKER!

    Apparently, however, she had. She remembered them clearly, almost as if they were actually real. They?d been on an island of some sort? with green mountains the distance and a wide blue lake surrounding them. She would find him on the stone terrace, standing, watching the sunset. He would turn and smile at her. She?d find herself smiling in return.

    ?We have to stop meeting like this, Skywalker.?

    He?d only grin mischievously. ?I know, Mara. And yet, here we are.?

    She?d always shiver deliciously whenever he said her name, and a tingle would run up her spine.

    ?Way to state the obvious, Skywalker,? was all she?d retort dryly. But she?d hide a smile.

    But he?d only grin brightly in return at her quip and laugh, and somehow, he?d coax a smile out of her as well. But it wasn?t real. It wasn?t. [/blockquote]

    This is pure enjoyment to read. So very wonderful.
  7. JediXManSerenaKenobi

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    Jul 27, 2007
    Thanks, guys! :) Glad you liked it. This reply is overdue, I know.
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    Aug 9, 2001
    This was great! The song fit perfectly while simultaneously being darkly twisted by the circumstances. (I sort of imagined it being sung by a metal band or something... :p )

    Anyway, great job! Loved reading it! [face_peace]
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    Jan 11, 2002
  10. JediXManSerenaKenobi

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    Jul 27, 2007
    Thank you so much, guys!! And thank you for voting for this fic!!! :)[:D][face_love] You don't know how much I appreciate it.

    - Serena
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