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Science Fiction Drama Dune: The Between Years

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by darthbernael , Sep 29, 2021.

  1. BobaMatt

    BobaMatt TFN EU Staff star 7 VIP

    Aug 19, 2002
    IC: Thufir Hawat
    Kaitain Street

    Hawat felt the annoyance drain from him as he listened to the agents' words. He was an unassuming man - the best agents were - stubbled and a tad sweaty, a doughiness about his features belying what Hawat could tell from his gait was a quiet dexterity. The mentat took a moment, his eyes fluttering in calculation. What difference would it make to try to convince Hawat that the Emperor alone was responsible? Even if he had not already known definitively that some of the troopers were Harkonnen, it wouldn't change hundreds of years of enmity. The damned Harkonnen and their misdirection! What use was a mentat without proper information? Unless.. was it possible the Baron simply meant to torture him? To drive him to madness?

    This would have to wait.

    Fremen using Atreides battle tactics. Interesting. Duncan had been with them. And surely there were some refugees from Arrakeen, survivors - perhaps as a debt to Idaho, or out of respect for the Duke, or even to spite the Harkonnen, the Fremen had taken them in. Thufir tried to remember who was left out of the casualty reports, whose bodies were never found. But he hadn't seen the final reports. That information had been kept from him.

    "These reports of Atreides battle tactics," Hawat asked. "Where do they come from? Are these Harkonnen reports?"

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  2. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Ike - a GM combo!
    Carthag, hating on the place

    He was definitely a half-glass-full kind of man, and so Ike scorned all the broken-down wares he had been offered. It was frustrating, maddeningly so. He waved at Tamalrx to stay close as he stepped towards the last salesman of the last boneyard.

    At this rate he was going to head to see the Baron (on a whole 'nother world), and ask to lease ships from him! With a mental shake of his head, he eyed the slick, slick man - if not in appearance, then in bearing, and with that unpleasant grin, personality too. Setting his lips, Ike waved to his heavy. "This list."

    Tamalrx stepped forward and slammed the data into the salesman's hands.

    "We want it."

    Minimal words, minimal secrets spilled...

    ... minimal blood spilled.

    Ike had no doubt his shadows were being watched, after all.

    The salesman barely flinched as Tamalrx slammed the list into his hands. Snapping his fingers one of the shop aides came up, with a towel. he wiped his hands on it, then held the list by a pair of fingers as he perused it.

    His smile was no less oily when he finished reading the requirements. "Planning on taking over the spice harvesting from the Harkonnen?" he asked with a sly smile.

    With a gesture, he let Ike and Tamalrx trail him to his office. Settling behind his desk, he pulled out the files, going through them. "Lets see, not that one, ahhh good, this one hasn't been on the market long."

    He sat back, passing the files over to Ike, a mix of equipment, ranging from the same quality he currently had to one that looked as though it had been swiped from the Harkonnen depot, even with fresh plating where the owner's crest would usually be.

    "And how on financing all these purchases? We do offer great rates on loans, at the Banking Guild rates."

    The salesman wasn't the normal sort. Clearly something wrong in the head. Gesturing to Tamalrx to go away, he regarded the man... and the option with the fresh plating but no family crest...

    The Harkonnen comment didn't endear Ike to the man, and he didn't even want to put two and two together.

    But he had resources...

    "I have credit, don't you worry about that." He stared at the files. "I don't want a loan. Nor do I want that it's so fresh off the conveyor belt that it's clearly stolen piece. Everything else, sure."

    He didn't answer the prior question.

    If he could avoid it, he didn't want to kill the man.

    In civilised space, bodies were more trouble than they were worth.

    “Ahhh, then it takes some of the items off the table." The salesman said, reaching and pulling several of the files from the stack.

    "If you have that many credits then you must have a House backing you, not a simple smuggler." he said as he sat back, fingers steepling before him as he looked over the table at Ike.

    "And you're not one of the Fremen, they have no need of harvesters or carryalls."

    He looked up, had seen the narrowing of Ike's eye, (Wearing a patch still, yes?) then smiled slightly at what was in the shadows, not the first time someone had come in looking for the five fingers discount.

    "You know a transfer of this quantity of equipment in one shipment is going to raise questions, more for you than us, we're bonded suppliers."

    Ike growled as the list of items began to cut down. “Tomalrx.” He’d given up on playing nice. “Let’s say I steal these, and remunerate you later.”

    He smiled wanly.

    The salesman's smile was no less friendly as he chuckled. "Ahhh, so...refreshing...another who thinks to just walk out with what good we have spent our own credits on."

    His hand waved lazily and there was a cough, a metal sliver appearing in the very lip of the table. Another millimeters difference and Ike would never father children. "I suggest you do better observing of a place before you say such things. And your 'heavy', he'd be wise to continue moving casually, the security system is...twitchy."
    Ike cooled. Now this he could handle. Haggling was boring. Action was manageable. He looked down at the blade. “You should know Fremen don’t have our reproductive organs there.”

    That was the baldest lie he’d ever told but the confusion would be worth it.

    Might even be an opening for their shadow…
    The salesman chuckled, "I've met enough Fremen to know where their reproductive organs lay. Although it is a bit odd, the turret never misses. I must need to get it calibrated again. Now, credits, as you said you had or leave."

    The salesman's attitude would tell Ike that his shadow had acted, but perhaps not in the way he'd hoped. They'd keep him alive, only as long as it suited them and the Viscount.

    Ike frowned slightly. How... curious.

    The salesman was important? Or...

    ... even a minor confrontation would bring too much attention.

    Who could be so concerned about being noticed?

    Were the rumours about the Emperor's involvement in the fall of House Atreus accurate?

    If so... this would get considerably more knotted than he was prepared for.

    "Sure," he said, drawling. Let's see how much he could push the line. "And those items that were recently stolen? I'll have them too, k?" He produced a credchit, threaded it through his fingers. The colouration would tell the salesman that it was a high-value card.

    The salesman snorted, reaching a hand up to comb his hair back. "Stole, such a...foul...word. Perhaps they were left unattended for long enough and were relocated, for other purposes."

    He could quite easily see the chit that Ike was teasing with. What it told him was that a House was behind this man, making the corner of of his lips twitch. "So, the lot, It doesn't matter to me what you need it for or why, as once it's out of our hands it isn't traceable back to us."

    Pressing a stud under the table he waited. A few moments passed and another appeared, in the coveralls of a mechanic. Passing him the files, "Our new friend wishes all of these prepared. So, the usual spot, and he gets to know where to retrieve them once his credchit passes the transaction."

    The mechanic grunted, taking the files and disappearing once more, with a glance at Ike. "Anything else you wish to add, before they finish?" he was asked, the salesman's eyes glittering as he glanced at the credchit once more.
    Ike tried not to pull a face. “Do you mind if my colleague goes along to oversee the picking out of the items?”

    “After all, you seem to pride yourself on your product… them being untraceable to you and the original inattentive owners too, after all.”

    Chuckling in response, "If we pride ourselves on that why would we allow the customers into the recesses of our facility. He doesn't appear the type that would appreciate being strip searched to ensure he didn't 'accidentally' walk off with anything more than you bought. Which would be procedure if anyone got back there."

    He reached out for the credchit, "I can run this now and you will have the pickup location as soon as it is approved or I can call my associate back and have the stocking returned to it's locations, your choice. Honestly, I could have this all sold in a day or two, so whether you buy it or another, it makes no difference."

    Ike looked at Tomalrx, gave him an expression. “I can strip search.”

    He turned back with a smirk. “See. Problem solved.”

    "Tell me, if someone, even CHOAM, demanded to see your spice harvest and inventory it, to decide how much they should have, would you allow it?" the salesman asked with a quiet tone, eyes intent on Ike's.

    “Of course,” Ike said drily. “But I’d have already hidden the good stuff.”
    It seemed if he had the salesman by the gooleys. “Haven’t you?”
    The salesman chuckled. "You're the one with a House credchit and we have the account now so anything that goes missing," his eyes narrowed slightly, "anything at all, will be added to the bill." He finished with a predatory smile.

    “Excellent!” Ike said. “Anything you don’t want me to take?” He was oh so amused. Stealing and someone else footed the bill? Sounded perfect.

    The salesman continued to smile, "If it is gone it is gone. But, as I said, it won't trace back to our facility so anything that seems missing from others stock...that's your problem." He scanned the credchit, handing it back to Ike. "I wish you luck in your endeavours and should you need more you know where to acquire it."
    Ike smirked. “Thank you.”

    “Anything that you’d like me to take off your hands…?” His gaze sharpened. “Or not?”

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  3. Shadowsun

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    Jun 26, 2017
    OOC: Combo with the bossman

    IC: Shamir

    Shamir loathed the feeling of the city. The feeling of being trapped within it, the density of the population, it all sat ill with the Fremen. His first day had turned up little information about the smugglers or about remnants of Ginaz. To be expected it would take some time before anything emerged.

    “Not smart to travel the streets alone. Where are you headed, boyo?”

    His eyes narrowed as he searched around him.

    "Elsewhere and nowhere," responded Shamir, his blue on blue eyes scanning to see if he could find the source of this mysterious voice.

    A dry chuckle came from the buildings around Shamir, the narrow passageways allowing it to echo again and again, further distorting its point of origin. "A very noncommittal answer, serves you well in the city. And tells more of who you are."

    The voice shifted, now coming from a different area of the street, the delay just long enough that the person speaking could have moved that distance. That they had done so silently also spoke of what they might be.

    "And how many thumpers did it take for you to reach here, sand dweller?"

    "Enough," responded Shamir in a neutral tone His eyes shifting to where the voice was coming from. They narrowed in focus, making a judgment to see how far he was from the safe house.

    "Now unless you plan on robbing me I have places to be..."

    He made a motion to move, his body tense, his mind's eye tracking where the voice was from.

    The dry chuckle sounded once more. "You must have come from the deepest desert, or one of the sietches that suffers the worst depredations."

    A whistle sounded, in the distance, the cry of the ceilago. As though that was a signal to the voice here, four shapes detached from the the sand colored columns shielding the covered inner walkways. They resolved into sand colored hooded robes, stillsuits underneath.

    A cough sounded overhead, a figure to Shamir's left, on the roof of the home there, "This is our desert, we are the city Feydakin. As you and yours battle in the desert, we have been charged to do so here." he said as his blue within blue eyes studied the young fighter. But questions as to why you have come to our 'desert' must wait until we are off the streets."

    Shamir relaxed slightly. The knowledge that these were fellow Fremen and not fore caused him to relax somewhat. He gave a small nod.

    "Of course, lead the way," he said softly, his eyes darting around to see if anyone else was watching them. His mind did cast back to the young Fremen he had fought during the raid. It was entirely possible that they were not friends but still foe. Highly unlikely in Shamir's mind, but certainly possible.

    A more appropriate sand cloak, to match the adobe of the city, was passed to Shamir. The man on the roof vanished from sight, reappearing a couple moments later, from a doorway. He nodded to the young Feydakin, then turned, knowing the young man would see that the Fremen had no issue exposing his back to him.

    The trip to what turned out to be a secondary safe house was short but when they entered, the others removed their cloaks and filters, revealing a range of ages of both male and female Fremen. The leader, going grey around the edges asked "I'd ask what brought you to the city but an old saying goes 'Three can keep a secret, if two are dead.' So instead, what can we do to assist you without knowing your task?"

    Shamir gave a nod of his head, thankful in his heart for the bond that these Fremen shared with him so freely.

    "A place to rest is a welcome start," he said, glancing toward the various Fremen.

    "But also if anything is known about any remnants of House Ginaz, that would be a great boon to me,"

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  4. darthbernael

    darthbernael EU Community Mod, Fuego, Pyrofuego! star 5 Staff Member Manager

    Apr 15, 2019
    OOC: Apologies for the day late update.

    “We make our own justice. We make it here on Arrakis—win or die.”
    Duke Leto Atreides - Dune

    Carthag, Salesman’s office/Landing fields

    The mechanic returned to the office a couple hours later, “They’re away with what was picked.”

    The salesman smiled darkly, “And, did you do the usual?”

    A broad grin spread across the mechanic’s face, “Yes…I did. I printed three times the labels for the gear they paid for. The mountain of muscle, not brains would see something he liked or thought his boss would need and demanded the label be added to it.”

    “Excellent. And you have the full list?”

    A nod and the list was handed over.

    “And, the trackers should reactivate once they’ve been an hour outside the perimeter of the warehouse?”

    A second nod, another broad grin, and the mechanic headed back into the warehouse.

    The salesman went through the list, three times the ‘thopters, twice as many carryalls, and all the harvesters they had in stock. It also included some of the weapons crates they had on hand, a couple desert armored vehicles, and all the packs of thumpers they had on hand. The last made him chuckle as half of those packs were actually Atreides uniforms they’d recovered and had planned to sell along to a collector.

    Marking everything up to twice its value, he ran it through and all the equipment was paid for.

    His comm rang, “Yes, yes sir, all the ‘liberated’ equipment has been sold along, in one purchase. Yes…the usual markup. Thank you sir.” and then he hung up.


    It took another hour for Tomalrx and all the gear that had been either legitimately or otherwise acquired from the warehouse to arrive at the hangar that Ike and the remainder of the team occupied.

    When the trailers finished unloading, the new carryalls grounded and under cover, the team was tired and knew they’d need a lot more men now. The question then became, do they contact the Moritani rep onplanet or recruit from the dregs of the smugglers here and chance their loyalty.

    The decision was Ike’s to make.

    TAG: @Sinrebirth (combo with GM)


    Arrakeen, departing

    Naveed's companion snorted, he'd seen how both Naveed and Taina had acted and he could almost visualize the thoughts running through his Feydakin commander's mind. A curt nod followed and he placed two fingers to his lips, the trilling cry of the cielago piercing the air.

    Within moments dark cloaked figures descended from several directions, falling on the two Harkonnen. When they vanished, mere moments later, the dying sergeant and the dead trooper, their weapons too, were gone, and the evidence of their deaths, their blood, was sifted in the sand as though nothing had happened.

    He glanced at Naveed, "The water counters of their body's water will be brought to the sietch. As to her...perhaps a trip, by foot, will allow her to know the reason we defend our home." His suggestion would mean they needed to travel through the city and out past the shieldwall, to reach the open desert and the sietch beyond.

    Another trilling cry came and he led them off the street as the sound of tramping boots sounded again, this time the sounds gave evidence of an entire Harkonnen squad headed in their direction. He led them on a winding path as the sounds of the patrol dwindled. Along the route various native sounds filled the air, some not from this particular part of the planet. When he heard those he’d turn in one direction or another.

    Finally they reached the edge of the city. Night was almost upon them and he stopped by a door with a sigil lightly carved into the adobe beside it. A series of knocks and the door opened, revealing a dimly lit space beyond. Words were exchanged and they were waved in. When Taina stepped in, the Fremen inside stiffened, “What is one of the witches doing here?” was asked in a hissing tone.

    TAGS: @grejedi125, @Adalia-Durron (Combo with GM)


    Corrinth City, Kaitain

    The agent gently guided the Mentat as he could see Thufir working through the information that he had. The crowd was still around them but slowly dispersing. The older man was looking more and more frail and that troubled his agent. When he returned to the cell he’d request that it be sent out to try to find what had been used, if anything, to bring Thufir to the point he was at now.

    When the question came to him he paused for a moment as he recalled all the information he’d been given. “A little of both. There were reports that were intercepted that the Harkonnen caught Adreides battle language being used between the Fremen in several battles.” That alone was of interest as the agents still couldn’t infiltrate the sketches. It was as though the Fremen had closed ranks after Duncan Idaho’s death and the defeat of the Duke and his family.

    “The Fremen seem to shun comms so these reports are from first line commanders.”

    The crowd was thinning even more, “And those same reports spoke of eerie similarities, from those that had been there, between the Fremen and the Atreides troops when the Harkonnen attacked them.”

    He coughed, “And there are some former Atreides, minor troops I believe, who stayed on Arrakis, mostly as smugglers and to get revenge and there’s at least one intercepted message that said the same things, from a group of those who witnessed a battle between a Harkonnen patrol and the Fremen.”

    As the crowd fully began to thin out, “If anything else is received, you will be notified immediately.” he said before disappearing, his ‘generic’ dress and looks allowing him to blend into the crowds in a moment.

    TAG: @BobaMatt


    Arrakeen, Fremen Safehouse

    The leader of the Fremen group nodded, glancing at one of the others. They disappeared through an archway, moments later the sounds of coffee being brewed, the scent of it too, filled the air. He sat on a long, firm seat, “I am Nashim. I am not surprised that you know little of the city Feydakin, we were the more urban of the Fremen before the Harkonnen returned and we were trained, in similar ways to the other Feydakin, but in more urban tactics. So we often have to blend in to the city dwellers to fulfill our missions and cause even more chaos for the pigs.”

    The coffee was brought out, the thick, almost syrupy coffee that the Fremen favored, with mugs for as many as were in the room. The scent blossomed, filling the sparse room even more as it was poured, Nashim taking a mug and gesturing for Shamir to take one. “Arrakeen is the quietest area as our enemies are centered around Carthag. But that does not mean that there isn’t activity. Since you mention House Ginaz, as the main report is gathered, I can tell you what I believe you already know, that they have a smuggling operation based here, safer for them than around the Harkonnen.”

    It was only a few minutes, the other Fremen busying themselves with any minor things that needed doing before the one who had stepped away returned. He had a small file that Nashim took, leafing through it. “Hmmmm, we do not have much outworld intelligence, except what those sympathetic to us relay or what we pick up in the markets of the cities. But the fact that the Ginaz can and are sending a pair of Swordmasters here suggests that the House is on the rise again. That and the fact that they could afford to send a House specific spice mining crew here also suggests a rebuilding of fortunes.”

    He drank more of his coffee, pouring a little more into his mug. “I do know they were close allies of the Atreides before the Atreides were destroyed. We have absorbed a few that were minor Ginaz into our ranks, usually sent to the sietches so that they aren’t found by the patrols.”

    His eyes lifted, looking into Shamir’s eyes, “So…I take it your mission here is related to them then.”

    TAG: @Shadowsun (combo with the GM)


    Heighliner above Kaitain

    Baldwin had several hours to study the various files of those on Arrakis. The Holtzman engines were silent, indicating the Heighliner was still in static orbit over Kaitain. By the time he received a message from the Navigator he’d spoken with previously, he’d learned a good deal.

    House Moritani was definitely involved on the planet. They had a spice mining operation on planet, as well as the fact that one House frigate had already been sent there since, under the guise of another House Minor, which spoke of the House’s ‘school’ in business. Which could complicate things if the Guild and its agents fell into their mandate. The under the table battle that was being waged by that House could be his key to gaining more ground for the Guild with that House.

    House Ginaz was involved as well. Which wasn’t a surprise, if the Moritani were involved somewhere often too were the Ginaz. A similar smuggling operation was on Arrakis and beyond that there was a House transport currently docked on this Heighliner, waiting as well to fold space to the desert planet. Onboard were a pair of Swordmasters and a Bene Gesserit. The male swordmaster or, he reread the report, the probationary swordmaster graduate, had been made the Ginaz representative to Arrakis. That one was headed into a snake pit and the circles Baldwin would be moving in would mean he would come in contact with the man on occasion. The almost solitude and seclusion the House representative would feel could be a fracture point he could use.

    There were many slim files on Houses Minor that were also sending almost every credit they had in equipment to Arrakis that could be manipulated in whichever direction the Guild desired, which could assist him in negotiations with any of the Houses Major. But otherwise were of almost no note in the scheme of what was currently occurring.

    Finally there was the lengthy report on the na-Baron. The most recent item in his file was the attempt by Feyd Rautha, at the Imperial Audience, to assist Glossu Rabban. And how harshly that had been shot down. The Emperor had thrown Rabban to the masses, he had what he had from the Baron and that was all the assistance he would get. The next page of the report spoke of even worse news for the na-Baron, the Baron Harkonnen was not going to be giving Rabban any other assistance, he had to make due with what he had. Which would provide a perfect fracture point for the Guild to gain even more power over the Harkonnen.

    He now had time to sort his impressions and begin to formulate a plan of ‘attack’ for when the Heighliner arrived, the message from the Navigator telling him he still had a few more hours before they would depart.

    TAG: @Jabba-wocky


    Desert Sands/Arrakeen

    The carryall descended, latching onto and lifting the harvester from the sands. It rose, gaining altitude, just in time as a worm none of the spotters had seen suddenly burst from under the sands, just where the harvester had been. It didn’t rise very high before it slid back into the sands and disappeared from sight again.

    The ‘thopters that could socket to the carryall did so and the others flew alongside, as they made their way back to Arrakeen. When they settled into the hangar the spice reservoirs were removed from the harvester and set on a transport. As the transport trundled out of the hangar Randolpho went with it. He knew a ‘reputable’ spice banker that knew to overvalue the load to CHOAM and that was where his first stop would be.

    When Randolpho left the remainder of the crew secured the equipment and prepared it for the next trip out. As they were directed, several joined Clarence, to assist with his investigation. The first stop that was made, to gather what data they could, and verify locations of the testing station, was the ruins of the Imperial planetologist’s office, the deceased Doctor Kynes office.

    It took about an hour but they managed to retrieve data on most of the locations, so their hunt was narrowed down. The crew suggested that they begin with the ones closer to Arrakeen as the boss might be back soon and they also did have to continue that work as well but left the final decision up to Mudze as he was leading this effort.

    TAG: @BobaMatt


    Desert Sands/Arrakeen

    The carryall descended, latching onto and lifting the harvester from the sands. It rose, gaining altitude, just in time as a worm none of the spotters had seen suddenly burst from under the sands, just where the harvester had been. It didn’t rise very high before it slid back into the sands and disappeared from sight again.

    The ‘thopters that could socket to the carryall did so and the others flew alongside, as they made their way back to Arrakeen. When they settled into the hangar the spice reservoirs were removed from the harvester and set on a transport. As the transport trundled out of the hangar Randolpho went with it. He knew a ‘reputable’ spice banker that knew to overvalue the load to CHOAM and that was where his first stop would be.

    Receipts and credchits in hand, he took them to the city center, stopping first to bank the creds at the Banking Guid office before filing the receipts at the CHOAM office. Once those tasks were complete, he commed the House, leaving a message for the Duke with what the plan was, what they’d already mined, and how they planned to move forward.

    A quick message was received as he headed to the industrial area to search for parts, meaning a secretary, possibly transcribing for the Duke, had replied. The message said that their efforts were understood and that to start the profits flowing rather than attempt to get too greedy from the start was a wise choice. The last lines repeated what he’d heard while in the desert, that a pair of swordmasters were coming and one would be holding a letter of grant from the Duke, making him the Ginaz representative on Arrakis. That would certainly help their efforts.

    Finally Randolpho’s path took him to a facility very similar to another in Carthag. As he entered a smiling, hair slicked back, salesman approached, “And what may we do for you today?” he asked.

    TAG: @Mitth_Fisto (combo with GM)


    Moritani House, Grumand

    Several hours later the two of them were still laying before the fire. Hundro sighed, lifting himself up on one elbow to look down at Sokanon. “That was a very deep discussion, Sokanon. You gave me much to ponder. However, we still, as the assassins of the Imperium, have our job to do.”

    He gathered up a blanket, wrapping it around and walking back to his desk. Sitting, he glanced at the paperwork scattered across the surface of the desk. “While I agree, we still must decide how and where to proceed, what will benefit us and the Imperium as a whole.”

    Looking over the desk to where she still laid, “So, I certainly would still would appreciate your input on which Houses we should focus our efforts on off of Arrakis.”

    TAG: @pashatemur (combo with GM)


    TAG: Combo between @TheAdmiral (Aya-Carolina) and @Corellian_Outrider (Garsiv and Lucina) rolls over this week
  5. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Ike - a combo with the GM-Emperor

    It took too long for the order to come through, but Ike wasn’t overly concerned. He was on the House’s time, and if he spoke about a two-bit salesman interfering, he’d be dead. Which is why he wasn’t overly worried about sabotage either, indeed he expected at least some.

    As much as the salesman would likely argue it hadn’t been him, or deny the sale, Ike’s backer could follow money and whoever was to blame would be dead. Probably Ike, yes, but definitely them.

    Surely the salesman knew that much?

    But with a shrug he knew that he wanted to spread as much blame as possible. If those rumours about House Atreus being set up were indeed true, he didn’t want to use his initiative. He wanted others to be caught in the web too.

    So he opened a channel to the rep, walking around the cargo bay that had just been filled with crates of new weapons and the like. Why not?

    The channel opened and a voice replied, "Moritani legation, Arrakis. With whom am I speaking?"

    "Ike," he said simply. "If I need to tell you who I need to speak to, they'll get mad."

    There was a dry chuckle on the end of the line, "Yes, he has been expecting your call."

    There was the sound of dead air for a moment before a deeper, bass voice spoke, "We have received the invoice for your purchases. Those currently in operation have stated that your current force level is not appropriate to the amount of equipment you now have. How do you plan to solve that?"

    Ike rolled his eyes.


    "By hiring, of course. I am sure we have retainers that can be called upon. A redistribution of assets seems appropriate, what with the potential wealth at stake. We can hardly accumulate without speculating." Ike smiled, so that is voice would seem naturally uplifted.

    There was a snort through the comm, "We do have resources here that can be redistributed but beyond that...I would have to speak with the Viscount. He was adamant though, that the other House assets here not be interfered with." There was a shudder to the man's voice as though he'd too had had first hand experience with those other forces.

    "And how many new people do you believe you need, to carry out operations?"

    Ike named a figure, which was too many. He was expecting to be cut down to a smaller number, which he actually needed.

    "So, how does that sound? And how long do I need to tell the Viscount his expensive new ships will be grounded for?"

    "Seriously..." the legate scoffed, "that's twice the minimum crew needed to run all the equipment that you purchased."

    He stated a figure that left Ike with a need to hunt up several more bodies from the other smugglers in operation. "And what is it I hear that a blue eyed man around vessels carrying the House crest seems to be a person of interest among the Fremen?"

    "But, speaking of the Viscount, he did recently ask how the young halfbreed was faring."

    Ike pulled a face, but kept the smile pasted on his face so his voice wouldn't betray him. "What is it you do hear?"

    He bypassed what the Viscount was asking, and the figure given. For the moment.

    Ike pulled a face, but kept the smile pasted on his face so his voice wouldn't betray him. "What is it you do hear?"

    He bypassed what the Viscount was asking, and the figure given. For the moment.

    "Your description has been passed among the villages and has even reached the major cities here. There seems to be displeasure among the natives here that on of even half their blood is working against them. Their death warriors have put a bounty on your head." The man responded calmly.

    Ike shrugged, but knew that couldn't be seen. "Not the first time, nor the last. But as you're so well connected... perhaps you can help me out with a Fremen I'd like to chat to." He described the man who took his eye.

    The Legate chuckled, "When you make enemies, you really make enemies, don't you?" he replied, in response to the description.

    "I do not know his name but I'll circulate that you wish to meet. That one, that I am aware is one of the middle leaders of the Fremen death commandoes." He said, "And is on the list of our common...friends."

    "They don't make death commando's like they used to," he said wryly. "He only got my eye. A proper one would already be wearing my scalp. I'll deal with him in good time - and his friends."

    He had to wonder. "Any recommendations that I should add to the team, on Carthag, or Arrakis?" There was a veritable list of dangerous individuals out there, after all.

    There was a pause, "The Fenrings have come to Carthag, they currently are guests of the na-Baron. And there are rumors that the Viscount will travel here in the near future. Either could be persuaded to give you a few moments of their time. Of course, if it's wasted time then you may find it your last but that is your choice."

    "Well I would of course make time for the Fenrings and Viscount, after all, and of course I would expect their Legate to ensure they have not wasted their time. That is part of your role, after all, to screen the trash from bothering them?" Ike's tone was sickly sweet.

    There was a snort again on the line. "Of course, you do have the Moritani blood. Why am I not surprised? The Viscount might thank me for helping him rid himself of some trash if it turns out that way." He replied smoothly.

    "That's true," Ike said, amused. "You barb well, Legate. I shall remember you to the Viscount if he happens to have space for me in his schedule. I hope I don't waste his time... nor your recommendations prove... unseasoned."

    He signed off.

    Should he try the Fenrings, or the Viscount?

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  6. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Randolpho Espanza & DarthBernael Combo!
    Desert Sands/Arrakeen

    It didn't take long as the carryall descended, latching onto and lifting the harvester from the sands. It rose, gaining altitude, just in time as a worm none of the spotters had seen suddenly burst from under the sands, just where the harvester had been. He hadn't been aware worms could be sneaky and deep dive like that! Luckily it didn’t rise very high before it slid back into the sands and disappeared from sight again.

    Their mission done they docked with the other ‘thopters that could socket to the carryall did so and the others flew alongside, as they made their way back to Arrakeen. After seeing that worm he was feeling just a touch possessive of the haul now. When they settled into the hangar the spice reservoirs were removed from the harvester and set on a transport. As the transport trundled out of the hangar Randolpho went with it. Naturally. After all he knew a guy, a ‘reputable’ spice banker that knew to overvalue the load to CHOAM and that was where his first stop would be. It was hard to protect something you rode like a passenger after all.

    Receipts and credchits in clenched hand, he took them to the city center, stopping first to bank the creds at the Banking Guild office before filing the receipts at the CHOAM office. Paperwork. You would of thought one of the Emperor's would of done away with such things by now, but life is bureaucracy. Once those tasks were complete, he commed the House, leaving a message for the Duke with what the plan was, what they’d already mined, and how they planned to move forward. Employers always like to be kept aware with updates. Made them feel connected to their ventures.

    A quick message was received as he headed to the industrial area to search for parts, meaning a secretary, possibly transcribing for the Duke, had replied. He had no delusions that as important as this could be that the Duke himself was hand recording anything back to his information. The message was the base 'good job, you haven't died yet. try not to tomorrow, and remember my money' spiel. The last lines repeated what he’d heard while in the desert, that a pair of swordmasters were coming and one would be holding a letter of grant from the Duke, making him the Ginaz representative on Arrakis. That would certainly help their efforts. The ultimate mated carrot and stick! All he had to do was keep this humming and he hopefully would get a firm handle on the proper end of both.

    Finally Randolpho’s path took him to a facility very similar to another in Carthag. As he entered a smiling, hair slicked back, salesman approached, “And what may we do for you today?” he asked.

    With a sway to his step as he came in he intentionally kept his gaze down, looking up at the query with wide eyes. "I had a list, but with a question like that a man is given visions of a bath!" chuckling at his own wit in the moment he stepped forward pulling up the list that his crew had compiled.

    "I'm on a budget. For now. But, ah, yes. I need to see what I can get." turning it over he waited to see how this man would respond. And what the prices would be.

    The salesman chuckled at Randolpho's witty remark. He took the list and, as he did, he noticed the small emblem on Randolpho's tunic, the crossed swords. His lip twitched in almost a smile. "It has been some time since that crest has been seen openly here." he murmured.

    Guiding Randolpho to his office, "We shall see what we can do for you." Looking over the list, "This is mostly parts, replacement equipment. Do you need anything more extensive, larger gear, such as harvesters, carryalls, or 'thopters?"

    "Two of everything!" he said with a chuckling shake of his head, "I wish! Spice has not yet flowed that well. Maybe after another haul or two to prove the worth I will be able to spend currency like that." he said with a deep and genuine smile as he followed the man back to his office.

    "As for the crest. No matter how short it is always too long since last." he added with a small nod as he reached up to brush back his unruly hair.

    The salesman smiled slightly, "Fully understandable, equipment here is a rare commodity. And the current rulers aren't that free in releasing good quality equipment onto the open market."

    He sat behind his desk, indicating for Randolpho to take a seat on the other side. He leafed through a series of files, to find the equivalent of the equipment the man had asked for. "For the Ginaz," he said quietly, "perhaps some discounts can be made."

    Taking the indicated seat he nodded. at the man in a conciliatory air, "We would be most grateful. If ever we can lend assistance. . ." he simply replied.

    "The Harkonnen and their allies are arrogant and demanding. The Atreides, rest their souls, and the Ginaz were fair, when they were here under the Atreides banner." The salesman responded.

    He pressed a button on his desk, a mechanic entered and he passed the files to the man who disappeared once more. Another entered moments later, "Coffee?" He asked.

    The salesman nodded to Randolpho "Feel free to use a poison snooper if you wish, but it will be a short while as the items are gathered. We do have everything on your list."

    "I'll take a cup." he said waving off the very idea of the poison snooper. "If you want to kill me and rob me you've had better chances than this. Besides if I die now, it would save me enough paper work I am liable to not even hold it against you!" he added with self deprecating laugh. "Do you have any seaweed creamer? It is the little things one does miss." he asked with faint hope.

    The salesman chuckled, reaching onto the tray under the coffee service. "A man after my own heart." He poured two mugs, some creamer and sugar into his before setting the creamer and sugar containers on the desk between them as well as the second mug, steaming slightly, and a spoon.

    Stirring his own, "I grew up on Caladan and came here before the Atreides, with this company. I shouldn't warn you, but the Moritani are also here, operating out of Carthag and recently had a...less pleasant business transaction with our location there."

    Taking his cup he waited patiently and added the creamer. Dipping the spoon he paddled it to mix the creamer in for a moment as the salesman continued talking. Soon it was good and with a practiced flick the spoon was cleared before he returned it to its place.

    "Thanks for the warning. I'll make sure to give Carthag a wide stretch of sands, and a sword ready if they don't respect my hospitality." he added with a wink as he blew slightly on his cup a few times before taking a sip.

    The salesman chuckled before sipping his coffee once more. "It will be beneficial to you once the Swordmasters arrive, although they will have their own intrigues to deal with."

    The first mechanic returned with the files. He nodded to the salesman, who put them on the desk. When the man left, he sipped his coffee once more. "How much of your budget are you able to put to these purchases?" His question was twofold, to see how well Randolpho had done to date and to determine what discount he'd give, not that he'd tell the man those particulars, yet.

    Pulling out his own sheet of paper he had ready that showed the money he could use here after House, living expenses, and worker deductions as well as chunk set aside for bribes. . .scribbling the reduced number at the bottom after making sure he had carried all the proper numbers. He wasn't a mentat after all, so it took some concentration.

    Tearing it off he slid it across the table. "That's what I got at the moment."

    The salesman looked at the figure on the paper, thinking quickly. His finger tapped the scrap of paper as he pulled out the calculating machine. He went through each of the files again, deciding. Lifting his coffee once more he smiled softly before returning to his calculations. After a couple minutes of silence in the office he finished, ripping the paper scroll from the machine, reading through it, and nodding.

    He tore off the last bit of the scroll of paper, then slid it back across the table, to Randolpho. The figure at the bottom he pointed to, "Total cost for you. After all sometimes things go lost in transit from the warehouses." His lips twitched in a smile, the figure was the bare minimum cost for all the items, the MSRP, they weren't taking a profit from this lot. The figure was approximately a third of what Randolpho had available to spend.

    With a raised brow and twist of the head Randolpho clicked his tongue before giving an arms wide to the heavens shrug. "I do not think I. . .a. . .can remember being low balled by a merchant." With a sigh he nodded, "But I thank you. You do me two services and a kindness. Either you fell in love with a sword master before you left Caladan, a deep hate Moritani, or surely there is something I or my house can do for you? I am but a humble smuggler of course, but money has legs."

    The salesman chuckled, "Not lowballing. Our organization was founded by one of Duke Leto's, may he rest in peace, ancestors and often were wholesalers to the Atreides and their allies. We do sell to the other Houses as well, we are a business after all. But," he swirled his coffee, "we do not wish to see the Harkonnen or the Moritani here succeed." He set his coffee down, looking across to Randolpho. "You may also consider us a clearing house for any information you pick up as you mine. If it can aid the end of this endless cycle of violence the better."

    Dipping his head to the man he smiled large, "Now that! That is something I can easily and gladly do. I'll make sure my men pass anything on to me, and I in turn to you. It is the least I can do." Part of him wanted to play up the 'new friend' routine, but honestly neither of them needed it. Was better to smile and enjoy acceptable coffee with good creamer and the start of a beautiful business alliance. Raising his coffee in a toast he bent his head, "To good business allies and great houses! May ours always come out on top."

    Raising his mug, the salesman returned the toast. A smile and "To alliances that benefit us both."

    The comm chimed and he lifted it, listening. Setting it back down, "Your gear is prepared and on the transport you arrived on. I hope it serves you well."

    Nodding he drank the last of his coffee, couldn't forgive himself if he let it go to waste. Especially after a good toast. "Thank you. Calm seas." he replied with a small bow as he stood and took his leave. It was best not to overstay his welcome.

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  7. BobaMatt

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    Aug 19, 2002
    IC: Thufir Hawat
    Corinth City

    Hawat felt his heart palpitating as he tried to process this and run through as many different scenarios as he could in a short time. Some of this was obvious, and since it came from sources besides the Harkonnen it was more reliable - both because it assured he wasn't being lied to and because the Harkonnen intelligence apparatus was not of the highest quality in the Landsraad. Why did it nag at him so? It wasn't like a mentat to feel this way, but he'd learned from Duke Leto that intuition sometimes pointed to something. But there was no time. As the agent melted back into the crowd, Hawat hissed after him: "Look to the smugglers." They'd have the best contacts with the Fremen, and they had to know the lay of the land, the grumblings of the underworld.

    That said, it sounded like every house in the Landsraad were going to be smugglers now...

    Hawat knew what he needed to do. He needed to find a way off of Kaitain.

    TAG: @darthbernael

    IC: Clarence Mudze
    An ornithopter over the open sands...

    He'd compromised. Not for no reason, of course - he'd wanted to see what the deepest desert had to offer in terms of old Imperial stations. The spice sands that far our were extremely dangerous, of course, but he made the point that having a base out there would mean it wouldn't take quite as long to evacuate a dig site. The idea of searching closest to Arrakeen was raised early but quickly put to bed: all the reasons that made Arrakeen a useful staging area for the Ginaz forces also made it the first place anyone hunting Ginaz forces would come looking. So the compromise was they'd begin the search with a station roughly one fuel tank's journey from Arrakeen. They'd ditched the shield generator in order to carry another barrel of fuel for the return journey. And, once empty, could still be useful... With each day Mudze's purpose grew more urgent, and he wasn't sure how many more expeditions he'd be able to convince his employers of.

    The Imperial station loomed, now - an impossibly enormous doorway in a cliffside, of impressively ancient design. Mudze undid his crash webbing and stood, making his way to the rear of the vehicle. He took in the rest of the crew as he went. Fighters all - they had to be, in this line of work. Some burly, some wiry, all dangerous, but with different levels of formal training. Mudze idly considered which ones he could take in a fight. He called over his shoulder to the pilot. "The original Imperial Landing pad might be buried. Scan to see if you can connect and open up. May be too old to be compatible. Still, if these have been in use at all there might yet be a flat place to put down."

    This mightn't be safe.

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  8. Shadowsun

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    Jun 26, 2017
    OOC: A combo with Mr GM

    IC: Shamir


    Shamir gladly accepted the cup of coffee. It had been a fairly lengthy journey and he could certainly welcome being more alert in this moment. The fresh comforting smell, feelings of home, and nostalgia baked into every whiff of the coffee.

    He listened attentively about the prospect of two new Swordmasters. So they were still around... although Shamir still loathed the prospect of having to work with outsiders to free themselves from other outsiders. Stilgar would want to work with at least one if not both of them in the manner they would have with Duncan Idaho.

    “So…I take it your mission here is related to them then.”

    "That is correct... do you think there is any way I would be able to get in contact with the Swordmasters?"

    Nashim sipped his coffee, glancing at the reports that had been brought in. "They should arrive on a Heighliner in the next few days. I would believe, given the previous support their House gave to the Atreides, they will take up their main residence here in Arrakeen. It would offer the most safety for them, rather than Carthag. Since their spice mining operation is also based out of here, that shortens their lines of communication as well."

    He glanced up at Shamir, "We do have locals who work in most of the legations and it would be simple to have one of them make an approach to one of them, as a gesture of goodwill, so to speak, from our people. To test the waters, of course."

    Shamir nodded, his eyes looking Nashim with a quiet resolve.

    "Would you be opposed if I went with one of these locals to connect with them?" Shamir took a deep drink of his coffee after he asked his question. His eyes looked down into the swirling dark liquid. His mind still thinking over if he was really okay working with outsiders or if his life-long hatred of them would boil to the surface when meeting them. He honestly did not know how he would react when meeting them.

    Nashim nodded, "That would be wise. You would have to be careful, hide your skills, appear as a regular laborer, new to the house." He sipped his coffee again, "That would get you into the house and present so that when our local makes contact the 'supply line' of communication is much shorter and allows you to immediately make communion with them." he mused.

    "Agreed," replied Shamir taking another sip of his coffee as he relaxed into his chair. His grip tightened on his mug, eyes drifting from the hot liquid back to Nashim.

    "Is there anything else? Any word on the street about the pigs and what they are up to?"

    Nashim snorted before he sipped from his coffee once more, "What aren't they up to? For every one of the pigs whose water we take, they drive even more of the city dwellers into our ranks when they kill ten of them. Every spice crew they send out they bring back half their men or less, which is why quads roam the cities on regular as clockwork patrols, one quad almost every two streets every moment of the day. Yet we operate with impunity."

    He chuckled, "They continue to tighten their grip yet everything seems to be slipping through their fingers. Of course their lapdogs, the Moritani have recently come and their assassins are actually somewhat skillful."

    Shamir nodded slowly, taking a lost deep draft of his coffee as he finished it. He then looked to Nashim as another question that formed onto his mind.

    "How often have you come into contact with the Moritani? How large of a problem do you think they will pose?"

    His eyes shone as he went pour himself another cup of coffee.

    Setting his coffee down for a moment Nashim let a toothy grin cross his face, "To the Feydakin, not quite the trouble a Sardaukar would cause but to the city recruits, they would go through them about as easily as a Maker's hook enters a ring segment."

    "They are the premier assassins of the Imperium and," he checked the file he had, "apparently our dusty world has been graced by an entire company of them." He stood and poured another mug of coffee for himself, "Most of their activities are centered around Carthag for now so the suspicion is that they aren't to be used against us but rather in Imperium political maneuvering, at least until their eyes adapt and they could attempt to infiltrate the sietches."

    "So we have some time," mused Shamir. They could pose to be quite the problem. If stealthy more unseen forces began hitting back against the Fremen it would be more difficult to oppose than the standard troops and tactics of the Imperium. Though they would still the massive uphill battle of infiltrating the sietches of Fremen effectively without being detected or noticed. It could easily take decades to perform.

    That and the pigs likely still did not realize there were millions of Fremen. Their greatest strength at this time was how severely underestimated they were.

    He took a sip of his new cup of coffee as he looked to Nashim.

    "Thank you my friend you have been of great help,"

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  9. Adalia-Durron

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    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Sister Taina and Naveed.
    Is it enough?

    Thank you to @greyjedi125 and @darthbernael for this joint, learning daily from you guys

    Taina regarded him as she allowed her eyes to scan over the man, keeping her tone even she answered him before her companions. "I have come to help you." She knew this was just another test, another hurdle to jump, she may be older and her appearance of a much younger woman, but she was wise and knew this was just a step on the path. "If given the opportunity." She added.

    Naveed couldn't help himself as he regarded the woman and huffed audibly.

    "You had an opportunity...and blew it." he said, his tone harsh, perhaps a bit more than necessary.

    "But you can use the 'Voice' to disable the Harkonnen pigs. At least that's a good start." he offered, sounding less irritated now, as he realized he needed to calm himself and not see all things in blinding absolutes.

    The leader of those inside nodded in respect to Naveed. "I am Karsh. And you are well received, brother." He glanced over at the Bene Gesserit, "If you say she is worthy of remaining then she shall. Our experience with the witches has not been overly fruitful, to date. But there have been fewer as they don't often slip by the pigs at the spaceport. So, she, perhaps has skills."

    He sat back down, "How long do you think you will remain? We have patrols out and, if you are headed back to the sietches, it may be wiser to slip out when the smugglers make their morning breaks to the spice fields. The pigs often try to focus on the landing field then and less on people on the streets."

    Taina gave a slow nod but remained silent. Whilst she'd not killed the soldiers, the ones they all seemed to refer to as pigs, an interesting term as pigs were quite intelligent and not as filthy a most assumed, she was able to sway their thoughts and actions. This was not the time to make such a statement but it was a discussion she wished to have, out of curiosity mostly.

    Naveed thought about the options presented by Karsh. Moving about unseen was always the best option, so slipping out when the smugglers were making their move seemed ideal.

    "Would it be too much trouble if we stayed the night and left in the morning? I do not wish to burden you brother."

    Naveed said, speaking in their native tongue.

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  10. darthbernael

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    Apr 15, 2019

    “The eye that looks ahead to the safe course is closed forever.”
    ― Frank Herbert, Dune​

    Baronial Residence, Carthag

    In a day’s time very many things can happen. The Moritani Legate proved that to Ike. Before the day was done, he had received an embossed, official invitation to a dinner at the Baronial Residence the following day. The fact that it was delivered into his room, without him being aware, told him enough about who, or what, delivered it. Which meant his shadows knew all about the conversation with the Legate and had acted as a go between.

    A note had been folded inside the invitation with a credichit. Which told him too, that his shadows were not without a certain dark sense of humor as the note told him that he had better clean up and use the chit to outfit himself for the dinner or the next visit he wouldn’t wake from.

    After a shower and a change of clothes, Ike slipped out of the hangar, heading into town. On almost every street was a patrol of Harkonnen troops, quads. Given that here he could openly wear the Moritani shield, after the first patrol he didn’t need to show documentation that he was authorized to travel. The closer to the center of the city and the Harkonnen headquarters he travelled the less of the ordinary citizens were present and the more of their people were present.

    A whirlwind hour of trying on outfits, of the shop assistants flirting, of drinks being poured for him, and an outfit had been procured. Told to return in the afternoon after it had been altered, Ike took the time to sample some of what the life of the city had to offer, a higher class of delicacy and living than he’d been afforded over the time he’d already been present. At the appointed time he retrieved the outfit and headed for the Moritani residence that the note had said was available when in the city.

    As darkness fell, he dressed, invitation in hand, and entered the Baronial residence. The building was huge, opulent, and extravagant. Wealth, power, and especially water, gushing in many fountains, was on display. He wandered, mingling, until he found himself before a couple. The man was dark haired, weasley of features, yet Ike’s eyes wanted to slide away from the man. His wife was beautiful, stunning, with an aura of intelligence and power about her.



    The man smiled, an unpleasant sight, “I was told you wanted to speak to me.”

    TAG: @Sinrebirth (Combo with GM)


    En route, Sietch Tabr

    The following morning the city Fremen guided Naveed and Taina to the edge of the city and out into the desert. It was a short walk, the Fremen teaching Taina to walk without rhythm, as they reached the Shieldwall. Beyond it, a pair of them stayed with them until they reached a secluded area, out of the Harkonnen patrol reach.

    Kasim eyed Taina, “Naveed is going to bring you to the sietch. Follow his every command Shai Hulud is unforgiving if you make a mistake out here.”

    He handed Naveed a bag of supplies, in case they needed to weather a sandstorm or the worms, a knowing look passing between them. “Kull wahad.” he intoned.

    With that, he and the other city Fremen turned and vanished back into the sands, leaving the two of them to make their way through the desert to the sietch.

    TAGS: @greyjedi125, @Adalia-Durron (Combo with GM)



    Knowing he couldn’t return to the Harkonnen compound, Thufir found himself at one of several safehouses he had set up across the city, one that could not be traced back to him or any of his associates. With the poison he knew flowed through his veins he didn’t have long. The cell that ran the safehouse sent out feelers, trying to find a safe route off of Kaitain, one that would bring the aged Mentat to Arrakis.

    Others of the cell worked with him on disguises; after all his was one of the most recognizable faces in the Imperium. By the time several disguises and the documents associated with them had been worked out, the travel arrangements had been made.

    An hour later, a much younger looking man boarded a House Metulli freighter, even that House was intending to begin their own spice mining operations and the man had signed on as a lookout for their first operation. The freighter headed up to one of many Heighliners in orbit, socketing into a bay inside.

    All that was left was returning to the desert planet, the memories, and what schemes were currently in motion. He was left alone in his cabin, with his thoughts and the memories, as well as all the information he currently had on hand.

    TAG: @BobaMatt


    The deep desert, open sands, Imperial Testing Station

    The pilot nodded and the copilot began to try their various frequencies. Nothing worked for the first few minutes, until a grinding sound could be heard and the sand began to part. The port opened about halfway before the grinding got worse, and the port shuddered to a stop.

    Looking back over his shoulder, “You’ll have to hang on, can’t enter with the wings extended. I’m going to have to fold the wings, then snap them out to flare, inside the port.”

    Turning back, he folded the wings against the fuselage, the nose dipping and the ‘thopter diving. Orienting it so that it was in line with the portal, his free hand hovered over the wing controls. As soon as the craft was just deep enough, he snapped the wings out, hearing them creak as they upped the air.

    “This is going to be hard.” he muttered as the ‘thopter slowed.

    The landing legs out, they groaned as they hit the floor, flexing. It took a minute to stabilize before he shut down the engines. “Getting out is going to be harder, someone’s going to need to get the portal open more or we might be stuck.”

    TAG: @BobaMatt


    Arrakeen, returning to the hangar

    When Randolpho stepped out of the dealership, three transports were lined up; the one he’d come in and two more behind. Behind the building, the warehouse doors opened widely and a pair of carryalls, appearing in much better shape than the one he currently had, rose and headed toward the airfield.

    The mechanic that had taken the list the first time was behind the wheel of the second transport, nodding to him before Randolpho stepped into the cab of the first. The drive back to the airfield was stopped only once by a checkpoint but the company had supplied a driver, who explained to the patrol there that they were shifting goods from one warehouse to another. Once the patrol was satisfied they let them pass and the remainder of the drive was without incident.

    When they arrived at the hangar, the three transports pulled into it. A team of loaders from the company assisted in unloading the three vehicles. As they did, Randolpho noticed that everything on his list had been doubled. From ‘thopters to harvesters to the two new carryalls that were already there, it was more than he’d expected. Included was gear he hadn’t needed, spares, sterile stillsuits and uniforms, even maula pistols and lasguns.

    Once the other two transports were empty the mechanic came up to Randolpho, “You might want to find another hangar, the Harkonnen are starting to bring more troops here and I doubt they’ll look kindly on anyone who is associated with Houses that were Atreides allies.” He warned before he stepped back into the cab of the transport and headed back with the third to their company.

    TAG: @Mitth_Fisto (combo with GM, possibly)


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    IC: Ike

    He took some time washing up and looking good, ignoring the jibes of his crew.

    Ike even purchased a glass eye for the occasion, but had to dip into his own funds for that.

    It wouldn't do to intimidate the nobility...


    Satisfied, he allowed himself to be whisked through the moment, until he was indeed before a slime of a man, and a pretty woman. Very pretty. Artificially so?

    He ignored her and bowed deeply, over his hand.

    "Sir, I am honoured that you have agreed to see me."

    Fenring smiled, eyes glittering. His gaze turned toward his wife, "So, Margot, is this what I look like when I'm attempting to be ingratiating?" he asked.

    She glanced at the young man, the corner of her lips turning up. "He does have that same bravura. And the determination to have had the Moritani legate here mention him to you. Which tells me he needs your attention, not that of the Sisterhood."

    Hasimir grinned lopsidedly, "That is true my dear Lady." Turning back to Ike, "So, what is it that you believe deserves my attention?"

    "The venture on Arrakis, of course," Ike said swiftly, cutting to the chase, as Hasimir was clearly toying with him... and did he want to be here, with a Sister, for too long. Spice was one thing...

    He caught his thoughts and bowed again to her also. "My apologies, Lady Margot, for any affront I may have caused."

    Margot smiled softly, as Casimir's eyes glittered. She put one arm on her husband's, "I think Shaddam would like this one. He's fast on his feet. Too bad he's stuck here on Arrakis grubbing for spice."

    Count Fenring smiled at his wife before turning his gaze back to the young man. "What of the venture here? We know you are a cadet member of House Moritani and that you are running their spice operation here." His eyes raked over Ike, "Is that were you got the eyepatch?" he said softly.

    “Yes, it was,” Ike said as to his eye, trying not to get maddened by the use of the word ‘cadet’.

    “Shaddam?” Ike politely inquired. “I appear to be at a disadvantage to your wit, sir, Sister.”

    Fenring let his lips quirk up in a smile, not replying. His wife, on the other hand, tapped a finger on the back of her husband's hand, "You wanted a meeting with my husband, I take it you didn't realize his position." Her smile didn't quite meet her eyes, "Let me just say that a young Moritani's name may soon be known to the Padishah Emperor himself. Casimir is one of the few that Shaddam trusts."

    Ike’s eyes widened. “Truly? That’s…” insane, he thought, but he said. “Amazing. You must be poised to make your move any moment. Arrakis, that’s child’s play to what you intend to reap.”

    Casimir smiled softly, "I serve the Imperium, serve it fully. And..." He looked up into the rafters of the hall for a moment, "it would be a shame if your shadows decided to act, I taught some of them, most likely." It was as close to an admission that he was the Padishah Emperor's personal assassin as he was likely to make.

    Margot tapped his hand. "Let's not terrify the young man, he did come for a reason. And had the bravura to wish to speak to you, whether he fully understood or not." Her gaze turned toward Ike, "Now what was it you were hoping to ask my husband about the situation here?"

    Ike swallowed deeply. This man was very dangerous; this woman, as much so. He quite regretted asking for them.

    “We’re low on crew. Without more men, I am concerned as to the success of the mission on Arrakis… that the House is also being setup to fail, as was the case with House Atreides.”

    Margot arched an eyebrow, even as the smile now touched her eyes. Leaning closely to her husband, "I believe that which was discussed earlier might be appropriate now." She said quietly.

    Casimir nodded, glancing back up toward the rafters. His fingers quirked in a couple motions and the rafters suddenly seemed empty. His eyes met Ike's eye and patch, "Come morning you will find an official missive denoting you the Moritani Legate." He linked his arm with his wife's, turning and looking over his shoulder at Ike, "That should suffice to draw on your House's resources. Now, would you care to join my wife and I in an apéritif?"

    Ike's eyes widened somewhat at how ahead of him Margot was. It was such a surreal feeling, to be seen through all the time. He nodded slowly. "I am grateful, I truly am."

    Casimir was being led by Margot, but perhaps he knew how irresistible she was.

    He had to remember what an apéritif even was before he nodded, but he was already nodding when he remembered because, well, they were the powerful ones, after all. "I would very much care to."

    His smile reached his eyes too.

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    IC: Randolpho Espanza - A combo with Darth Bernael
    Arrakeen, returning to the hangar

    Leaving the dealership, three transports were lined up; the one he’d come in and two more behind. Talk about your service. Behind the building, the warehouse doors opened widely and a pair of carryalls, appearing in much better shape than the one he currently had, rose and headed toward the airfield. After a friendly nod and they were off. It was not long until they a check point, lied their pants off, and were soon on their way without any trouble.

    When they arrived at the hangar, the three transports pulled into it. A team of loaders from the company assisted in unloading the three vehicles. As they did, Randolpho noticed that everything on his list had been doubled. From ‘thopters to harvesters to the two new carryalls that were already there, it was more than he’d expected. Included was gear he hadn’t needed, spares, sterile stillsuits and uniforms, even maula pistols and lasguns. Whistling and looking at what he had actually gotten he definitely was going to need to have a talk with all of his people to pass on anything they learned. This good will gesture was going to take a while to pay back.

    Once the other two transports were empty the mechanic came up to Randolpho, “You might want to find another hangar, the Harkonnen are starting to bring more troops here and I doubt they’ll look kindly on anyone who is associated with Houses that were Atreides allies.” He warned before he stepped back into the cab of the transport and headed back with the third to their company.

    "Thanks. Already looking into it, will step up those efforts." he replied with a solid nod and a genial wave as the man left.

    Once he was gone Randolpho decided it was time to call a company meeting. "Alright everyone! Meeting in twenty or as soon as we get everything squared away!" With that he went to do his own checks on scanning the proposed meeting area for listening devices. They had been here for one haul, that was enough for a warning and so was definitely enough for a little extra paranoia towards caution.

    The crew worked with speed and efficiency to get all the gear, equipment, and new vehicles sorted and prepped. They met Randolpho's twenty minute deadline, just within it. As the crew gathered, one of the more senior ones stepped forward, "We're going to need some more bodies for all of these, unless the plan is to save some as reserves."

    Giving an open handed shrug he nodded slowly as he brought his hands back in, "Eh, Exactly! For now these will be reserves. We have Swords coming and we will see about crew then. If you have recommendations put together a list and I'll see what I can do."

    Nodding at that, one thing taken care of already. A very productive meeting! "Now, I find out we need to move. Our base is apparently not in a good location with certain. . .neighbors that might snoop around. So, hopefully when I scout comes back we will have a new location to relocate to. Beyond our normal operations lets see about also getting things ready to move out to a new base as soon as we know where it is. So as much as we can pack the reserves to move out and then pack what we don't need at the ready after that with mind to setting up quickly wherever we are going. If I don't hear back soon I might be tempted to either do another spice haul or check on the scouts depending what time it is. Any questions?"

    The apparent spokesman glanced at the others before turning back, "Increase the size of patrols here until we move, with that news?"

    The others began comparing notes, putting together the list they had from the gear they already had, plus the new gear they'd just acquired. One of the senior ones paired off the men not scheduled for patrol, to divvy up the gear into what would be for immediate use and what would be reserves.

    "Yes. Yes, ah, of course." He muttered as he pulled out his tablet and began making the note to see about how to best divide the shifts for extra patrols and who was marked as having experience for such things in their files verses combat abilities. "Anything else? Before we get back to more work?" He asked, half hopeful he hadn't overlooked anything else so glaring.

    The impromptu leader of the crew, or spokesman, glanced around at the others. "All I can think of is that we need to check and make sure everything will fit on the carryalls we have now, I don't think any of us want to try to drive transports over the open sands." He admitted.

    "Sounds good, although if it won't fit we can see about rigging a palate to load the transports on for the carryalls to relocated. Let's figure out how we are going to make this work, and start prepping. Meeting dismissed." he added with a wave as he continued to work on his tablet to make sure he got the details sorted.

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    Aug 19, 2002
    IC: Thufir Hawat

    The note left for the Baron had been brief.

    "Gone to see Abulurd offworld on urgent whalefur business. Will contact you when arrived. Have a servant destroy this note. - TH"
    It was barely coded. There was no reason to visit Abulurd and whalefur was never urgent, hence the need to destroy the note. The Baron would know, and hopefully would trust Thufir's judgment, but even if he objected there was a certain thrill for Thufir in defying the Baron and heading off on his own. He took a sip of his reserve of antidote - there was more at Carthag, and Thufir had no intention of staying away from Rabban's base of operations. Incredibly simple, that man. Ostensibly, Thufir planned to gather information on the growing resistance in the desert. Privately, he thrilled at the possibility that this was all more complex than he had previously realized.

    IC: Mudze (combo with GM)
    Imperial Environmental Testing Station

    It was all Mudze could do not to fall over on his face as the ornithopter plummeted and then landed heavily. All the same, he was impressed. This pilot was very skilled. He'd have to remind himself of this pilot's name...

    The gangway lowered. The dark landing pad beyond. Deep breath.

    "Okay, men. I need three teams. One group needs to figure out how to open the bay doors above. My team and another will explore the facility, make sure it's abandoned, and try to assess whether it might make a workable forward base for us. Who's on what?"

    The crew had gathered, pilot and copilot last, had joined the rest of the crew as Mudze spoke. They took one of the others to work on the bay doors. The pilot nodded to him, "We'll do all we can to get them open enough."

    One of the more senior crew took one of the others, glancing at Mudze as well, "We'll go through the eastern half of the facility, if we find anything we'll let you know. If that works for you, of course."

    The last couple men turned to Mudze, "So, what exactly do you want us to look for, equipment or livability, or stuff like that?"

    Mudze nodded. "Focus on livability, space, workable systems. If these places are as abandoned and as old as they say, I can't imagine there's any useful supplies or equipment, but if the lights turn on and the air's not poisonous, if the doors open and closed and there's places to put things and void our bowels..." he shrugged, "We're scouting, gentlemen. Make sure we safe from worms in here." He sniffled, looked at his shoes. "Make sure no one else has made this a home, or if they have that we can move them. Actually, if someone else lives here it means it's not as isolated as we were hoping - report any signs of recent activity."

    The pilots took their helper and set off for the door mechanism, knowing they had to work quickly as they didn't know how long before the other teams would finish their reconnoitre or whether the sands above would shift.

    The second team took in the information that Mudze had provided and headed off in their chosen direction. They were alert and studying every chamber they passed. When one was checked and cleared one, who had the foresight to bring a marking pen, scribed symbols by the door to show what they'd found and whether there were any signs of recent occupation.

    The other two waited for Mudze to take the lead. "Hope there's another hangar if this place works out, not sure this space is big enough for the gear." one mentioned in passing.

    Mudze nodded. "There must be some sort of central administrative area, where they ran operations from. Shouldn't be too hard to find. I big can this place be?" Mudze thumbed open the strap on his lasgun holster, just in case, and began to stride down the nearest hallway.

    One of the two with Mudze took point, lasgun in hand as they stacked the doors at each chamber, working as a team to clear them. The leader of the other clearing team would relay small messages with each room they passed.

    The first few rooms on the western side of the complex were mostly empty, blood trails on the floor suggesting there had been a battle, in the past, but the lack of bodies also suggested the Fremen knew of this base and had recovered the bodies for their own purposes. As they moved deeper, the sounds of machinery, faint at first, began to register.

    Mudze slowed. The blood trails were dry...but recognizable, which means maybe the battle wasn't too, too long ago. Or were the environmental seals on this station really that good? But the sounds of the machinery below deep within - Air pumps? A generator? He signaled to the men with him to stay quiet as they proceeded.

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    IC Naveed, Taina, - joint with @greyjedi125 and our GM @darthbernael
    Desert Dunes and its not fun.

    The night had been somewhat comfortable and the food certainly plain but sustainable. Taina had made a point of speaking very little and not getting involved with anything or anyone much, she did not want to upset the delicate balance among these people.


    The next day they were led to the edge of the desert and now she quietly watched as their escorts moved away. Once out of ear shot, she turned to Naveed, "so, do you plan to kill me and blame the desert?" She asked seriously knowing that she was far from his choice of travelling companion.


    The evening had been, thankfully, uneventful. Naveed did notice however, that Taina was keeping to herself. That was good in a way, hopefully she would take time to see things beyond the 'surface' and end her neutrality, or at least draw closer to ending it. Naveed might be harsh and impatient, but he was not heartless, that is, unless you were a Harkonnen pig.

    That evening, Naveed enjoyed the warm hospitality of his people, for tomorrow was not promised.


    The next day, all proceeded according to plan. They'd gotten up early and followed their escorts to the designated location. At an opportune moment, Taina turned to ask a very specific question. The fremen looked at her quizzically, wondering if she was jesting, but by her expression understood that she was serious. Naveed shook his head slightly, issuing a curt mirthless chuckle. There were so many ways he could answer that bit of accusation.

    "If you truly believed I would do such a thing, you wouldn't be here with me right now." He stated simply, while holding her gaze firmly in his. "Why would I give you an opportunity to use your 'Voice' on me, or wait until we were alone? No, if you were an enemy, you would have been treated like one already, clearly that is not the case. So the answer to your question is 'no'."

    The dark haired young man took a centering breath before continuing.

    "Look, if we are going to cross this desert together, we'll need to have more than a truce, we need to have trust. We don't have to agree on everything to do that. Do you understand?"

    His answer was honest; she could tell and gave a sage respectful nod. "I understand, I was only asking as you seemed very disappointed in my actions yesterday. I trust your word, and will trust your knowledge of this journey." She had to trust him, she had little choice but the truth was she did for some reason. The question was more a exploratory search to see the truth in his eyes, the ability to be so. She had no desire to kill him but if he'd answered differently her own mantel would have changed.

    Naveed nodded at Taina, his hardened expression softening if only just. She was right. He was disappointed by her, but that was yesterday. They'd both survived their encounter with the Harkonnen pigs and she had been part of that. Yesterday's disappointment would remain in the past. This was a new day, with new opportunities, and more than enough challenges of its own to be saddled with things that could not be changed. Going forward was their only option.

    "Remember what you were taught, walk as we walk. But first, do a final check of your stillsuit before we move on."

    If one was to survive crossing the desert, one could never be 'too' prepared.

    Taina gave a sage nod as she did as was requested. All seemed and looked well to her, she had a lot to prove and abiding by her own standards of life would be difficult to following going forward, she had orders and so far, she'd done well enough to get this close, stopping now nor backing out was not an option and she knew she would be pushed to the very edge. Balance, she could do that on the edge.

    The morning sun was already beating down on the desert surface, the temperature rising. Carrion birds were lazily circling overhead as the two began their trek. It was only a few minutes of walking before the sound of 'thopter wings beating the air began to sound in the distance.

    Taina knew that sound and duly looked over her shoulder. "Should we hide?" She questioned, instinct told her yes, but this was not her land, nor her trek.

    Naveed hissed out a curse.

    The carrion birds were anticipating a feast, but it would not be their carcasses which would feed them. From what he could gauge, the 'thopters were still some distance away.

    "Yes, we should hide. If we cannot find an outcropping, then a dune will have to do."

    Naveed looked about quickly, hoping to find a rocky patch somewhere nearby. Their wake would likely be visible from the air, so fooling the pilots would be crucial if they wished to evade notice with a measure of success.

    Peaking just over the next dune, ahead of them, was a spire of rock. There was no guarantee that the outcrop would be large enough for them to hide in but with the direction of the dunes, the way the wind and sun had pushed them, it seemed the most likely place they could hide. The 'thopters were still far enough that they had the time to reach the outcrop, if they chose to, but between them and the next dune was...drum sand, a massive patch. To their left-hand side, the dune had been sculpted into a hollow, a space carved out of the base of the dune, where the potential to hide was also possible. To their right-hand side stretched nothing but open desert. It was time to make a decision.

    Taina had managed to stand only in his prints so far and a quick glance back made it look like there has only been on alone person walking, not that it helped, they were still visible. She thought fast, if they were captured, his fate was set, hers not so much, she had the abilities required to get out of a sticky situation. If she was to prove her alliances, show him she was dedicated to her cause, she needed to take a big risk. "Go, I'll follow till the ground hardens, then I will lead them away from you, and hide down there." Taina pointed to the darkened area. "If they follow me, I will make my way free, do not worry about me. Go now." She urged pointing to the outcrop, "hide there."

    Naveed chuckled at Taina's good intentions, for she still had much to learn about the Fremen and their ways.

    "We hide together, we fight together, we die together. Me protecting you and you protecting me. A man's flesh is his own, but his water belongs to the tribe."

    There was simply no time to explain further, so it was best to just 'disappear'. The different hiding 'options' also meant their enemies themselves would need to consider more than one place, which did give them some advantage.

    "There, we nestle inside that Dune. We become Scorpions, blend and disappear into our environment and strike at our enemies before they are the wiser. None can know that we have come this way."

    Naveed did notice the drum sand and noted its relative position before turning to the left and towards the sculpted dune with the hollow, which meant the wind would be to their favour, in addition, he hoped some of their 'trail' would be made indistinct enough by the time the enemy flyers arrived. Failing that, he was sure there was a surprise or two packed in his satchel.

    "Let's dig in." He said as he covered up his entire face, then began the process.

    The two of them made it into the safety of the dune with a minute to spare. As they reinforced the hollow under the overhang the 'thopters drew close. The craft slowed as they saw indistinct trails in the sand, descending so that their crews could study the marks to see if they were human of creature.

    That descent was an error for the Harkonnen crews as it further obscured the tracks closer to the dune but it had another effect as well. Even as Naveed and Taina shored up the hollow the 'thopters drifted closer and a rumble sounded. Along with the rumble came a creaking sound. Just before the 'thopters dropped into the low space between the dunes a far louder crack sounded and the entire face of the dun shifted then collapsed, leaving the two of them in a cramped but slightly open space under the tons of sand.

    Naveed signalled for Taina not to move a muscle and to be quiet. He was already armed, his is weapon on hand, just as she was already armed with her 'voice'. Ideally, the patrol would move on after finding nothing. Should they be discovered, the two of them would have to act quickly and exploit the element of surprise to the best of their ability- especially if there was more than one 'thopter' involved.

    Everything seemed to become still as they listened and waited for what would occur next.

    Taina was no fool and took all the directions given to her, remaining still and silent, but as the sand began to collapse, she moved enough to pull the scarf she wore over her face and squeezed her eyes shut. It wasn't much, but it certainly helped her breathe as they were essentially being buried alive. Once the sand stopped moving, she slowly opened her eyes in the darkness, her ears keenly listening for anything that could be considered a threat. She closed her eyes again, against the sand and to allow her to focus. Silently she began to pray, it could not hurt.

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    Apr 15, 2019
    OOC: Apologies, I meant to have this up yesterday

    “The test of a man isn’t what you think he’ll do. It’s what he actually does.”

    -Frank Herbert Dune

    Baronial Residence, Carthag

    Ike spent an…instructional…and, at the same time, terrifying hour with the Fenrings. By the time they allowed him to wander he was in desperate need of the meal that had been promised as part of the evening's entertainment.

    The pages and servitors called the guests to the table, for such a gathering perhaps it could be called intimate, only fifty guests. He found himself seated beside a merchant on one side and a young woman wearing the triple rose shield of House Ezharian in the form of a pendant around her neck.

    When he took his seat he found an envelope upon the gilt plate before the small placard bearing his name.

    Opening the envelope he found several documents including a note. The note read:

    Ike Moritani,

    Firstly, yes you have been given rights to utilize the House name. Secondly, you have, as you can see by the formal document, been appointed Moritani Legate of Arrakis. Thirdly, all the House assets that are available are at your disposal.

    Do not dishonor the House name, complete the assignment you have been given and enrich the House or you will go the way of your predecessor.


    The young woman next to him picked up a vellum document as he was reading the note. She turned to him upon reading it, “Congratulations Legate, it is an honor to serve one’s House. Does this mean we’ll be seeing more of you at functions like these?”

    Down the table, seated beside the, currently empty, seat that the na-Baron would use, Margot Fenring was looking toward him as the young lady spoke to him, a sparkle in her eyes showing her interest in how the conversation would proceed.

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    The lighter lifted after one of the Harkonnen couriers to the Baron departed with the message. It was a short trip to the Heighliner in orbit. There were several in orbit already and the lighter socketed into a clamp system designed to hold it inside the nearest. Once it had a communique was broadcast by the Guild crew, stating that the ship would be departing immediately.

    Thufir had been in luck, another Heighliner, already scheduled to travel to Arrakis, was delayed and this second had been brought in to transport others that needed to head to the valuable planet. He heard the Holtzman engines spin up before the slightly queasy sensation of space being folded touched his belly.

    The Heighliner settled into orbit at Arrakis as lighter after lighter departed. Thufir’s was the last to depart, following the train of craft as they descended to the spaceport at Carthag. When he exited the craft, an aide was waiting at the bottom of the stairs, “Mentat Hawat, the Baron sent a message ahead. You have been given a suite at the Baronial Residence. The na-Baron is currently hosting a dinner party but will give you time to speak when it has concluded. Until that time, make yourself comfortable.”

    With that, the young man faded into the crowd, disappearing back into the city, leaving Thufir to make his way to the Residence.

    TAG: @BobaMatt (Single)


    Arrakeen, the hangar

    The crew separated into their different functions. The one who had spoken already had pulled the patrol teams into one group, doubling the current amounts, before returning to Randolpho with a list so that he could add names where needed, to keep the men from becoming overtired with shifts that were too long.

    The remainder began to prepare the craft to depart. Equipment was loaded onto the ‘thopters and sand harvesters until only the ships were left. The ‘thopters and harvesters were loaded onto their original carryall as well as the new ones until only those craft were left. THe original spokesman returned once more to Randolpho, “Everything’ loaded, boss. And one of the men, who has been here for some time knows of an outcropping in the desert that is large enough for our ships, at least for now. It doesn’t have the power and refueling capability but will keep us off the Harkonnen radar until we have a real base.”

    He nodded to Randolpho before heading back to the others. It was now all up to the Ginaz man, whether to remain here until Clarence returned or to take the chance with the location he’d been given.

    TAG: @Mitth_Fisto (Single)


    Buried in the sands

    The sand muffled the sounds of the Harkonnen beyond the fallen dune. Outside of it, the patrol was digging itself out of where the sand had buried them to their knees. They had no more tracks to follow and had lost where they were headed. The sound of hissing sand reached their ears, making their attempts to escape the sand even more frantic.

    As Taina and Naveed tried to breathe lightly to preserve the air they had, the sounds of the ‘thopter wings beating the air at high speed did manage to penetrate the sand, before fading into the distance. She was able to put herself into a meditative trance, to slow her body and breathing even more, even though it left Naveed to discern how to dig them free.

    The hissing sound of the sand reached even into their tiny bubble of air before a regular, hollow sound seemed to beat through the sand. The hissing sound changed as it turned away and headed toward the hollow sound. Which left the two of them free to dig their way out of the sand, recover their gear, and return to trekking through the sands to reach the sietch.

    TAGS: @Adalia-Durron, @greyjedi125 (Combo)


    Imperial Testing Station

    The first team, the pilots, were working diligently to clear the bay doors and get them fully functional. To their luck, they had found digging gear and much of their work was to remove the sand that had accumulated, clearing the chains and gears that ran the opening and closing mechanism. The second team was having no difficulty clearing their half of the complex, although the going was slow as, in several places, the walls had buckled in spots letting the sand into the complex. It was an issue that would have to be fixed if they took over this station.

    The last team, already on edge, followed Mudze deeper into the complex, the sounds of machinery growing louder. A glow became apparent in the distance, as they proceeded. After a few minutes' time, the one to Mudze’s left cursed and a sliver from his maula pistol went by the leader’s ear. “Something moving up there.” he hissed out.

    Looking forward, an oily back gleam reflected from the light of the flashlight, as a small body disappeared into what had been the main office of the station. Only a couple steps further and a maula pistol sliver creased Mudze cheek.

    In the doorway, stood a young figure, blue within blue eyes staring intently at the group, “This is our place!” the young teen declared. “Why are you here?”

    Behind the boy, a pair of young faces peered out around him, heads mostly hidden in the caps of their stillsuits. “Are you Harkonnen?”

    TAG: @BobaMatt (Combo)


    Ginaz Residence, Arrakeen

    Shamir had been given a room to rest in, complete with a bathroom, a water rationed shower inside, for the evening. When he woke, there was a package on the table by the door that contained the type of dress that was expected at the Ginaz residence. Once dressed, he followed the scent of coffee to the main area, where the Fremen were gathered.

    Nashim’s eyes crinkled in a smile when he saw the Fedaykin enter the space. “Morning, my friend, today you shall be included in the staff of the small residence that the Ginaz have here in Arrakeen.”

    He gestured to a young woman, as with the others having the blue within blue eyes of the Fremen, “This is Dyana, she is a housekeeper there, and will introduce you to the head of the household.”

    The woman peered up at Shamir, a tinge of nervousness under the Fremen steel. He was known, even here, and to have one of his stature potentially undermining their efforts to expand in this city had her worried.

    When the coffee and breakfast was done, she was waiting for him by the door. She demonstrated, on the walk to the residence, that even the city Fremen knew the ways of stealth as he didn’t have a travel pass yet, without work, and they had to avoid a few Harkonnen patrols.

    Arriving at the residence, she took him into the servant’s wing, leading him to the one office of that area. Leaving him at the door, “I wish you luck, Sir. Please don’t let us be found out.”

    Disappearing down the corridor, the door opened and a man who didn’t have the bearing of a Fremen but carried himself as a fighter gestured for Shamir to enter the office. Once the door was shut behind him, the man sat back in his seat, studying Shamir, “So…I’ve been told that you are looking for work. I’d say, just by a quick study, you’d fit in in the incoming Swordmaster’s retinue as a guard. Am I wrong?”

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    IC: Randolpho Espanza
    Arrakeen, the hangar

    The unofficial spokesman for the workers was on top of things. That man was so getting a bonus after the next haul! Especially with all the work he was putting in to make sure that no one was overworked in the need for extra security.

    It wasn't long until the original unofficial spokesman returned once more to Randolpho, “Everything’ loaded, boss. And one of the men, who has been here for some time knows of an outcropping in the desert that is large enough for our ships, at least for now. It doesn’t have the power and refueling capability but will keep us off the Harkonnen radar until we have a real base.”

    He nodded to Randolpho before heading back to the others. It was now all up to the Ginaz man, whether to remain here until Clarence returned or to take the chance with the location he’d been given. Ah, the weight of being in charge! Ugh. This was where he wished those swords were already here.

    Still, it fell to him and from him it fell to take a gamble. "Alright. Lets take the new stuff out to this outcropping. Someone will have to remain behind and send Mudze to us in case we miss each other. One thopter will see if they can meet him ahead to see if he has a location for us." he grumbled as he looked at what they had. Unfortunately the unforgiving sands seemed a safer place to camp than waiting around for the Harkonnen to show up. Espanza just had to hope that he wasn't signing their deaths by taking this course of action, there just wasn't a better choice at the moment.

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Ike - a combo wombo with the GM
    Baronial Residence, Carthag

    This was a lot.

    Well, it wasn't, but he didn't feel as if he remotely fit in.

    But he was suited, and so he could keep a low profile and blend in.


    But then the envelope...

    Ike Moritani,

    Firstly, yes you have been given rights to utilize the House name. Secondly, you have, as you can see by the formal document, been appointed Moritani Legate of Arrakis. Thirdly, all the House assets that are available are at your disposal.

    Do not dishonor the House name, complete the assignment you have been given and enrich the House or you will go the way of your predecessor.


    Oh ****.

    He was so glad he managed not to say that aloud.

    “Congratulations Legate, it is an honor to serve one’s House. Does this mean we’ll be seeing more of you at functions like these?”

    He felt eyes on him, and his peripherals could see the grinning devil that Margos Fenring had.



    He put aside his concerns, and swallowed into a tight smile. "I can only hope, madam." He sought her hand, to perform a potentially gauche kiss upon the back, but he had always liked the old formalities, y'know, the ones in the vids.

    He didn't care for feminine wiles, but he could play a part.

    "I have not had the pleasure of a formal introduction."

    He smiled warmly, putting sincerity into his words.

    With everything he had achieved, he would have to clean up his image.

    She smiled, little roses of color appearing on her cheeks at the kiss to the back of her hand. Lifting her other hand to her mouth for a moment, she smiled at Ike, her green eyes shining. "Apologies, I am the Honorable Trinnian Ezharian, daughter of Baron Ezharian."

    Trinnian looked back down at the document, "I do believe you now occupy a similar position to mine own here. I just thank my training at the Mother School to help me negotiate the intricacies of the Baronial court."

    "Trinnian," he said, kissing lightly. "A pleasure, undoubtedly."

    "The Mother School?" Ike hedged carefully. "I would have quite liked to have had such help. The intricacies... they are rather beyond me at times." He indicated his eye colour. "You can probably guess why."

    Trinnian smiled, a light, high laugh came from her throat, "The schooling helps but the na-Baron his policies."

    Down the table, Margot Fenring lifted her servette to hide the smile at the questioning tone in Ike's voice about the Mother School. She leaned close to Casimir, whispering something in his ear. He glanced down the table at the young pair, nodding.

    Trinnian sipped from her glass, "Your eyes, it happens to many, the longer they live here. How long have you been on Arrakis?"

    "Mercurial is one way of putting it," he said drily.

    Casimir and her whispered, and she sipped; he matched her. "I was born here, technically. I've been back and forth."

    He may as well be honest. His heritage would be a whispering at him forever. It wasn't as if his persuasions didn't earn him a fair share of whispers too!

    Trinnian's eyes lit up, "Oh, so you're part Fremen? Wonderful. It must help in getting things accomplished with the native population." She wasn't naive, at least not by the tone, whether the content of the words sounded naive or not.

    The servitors were circulating, beginning to place the first course of food on the table. As they did, the na-Baron himself entered, causing all to stand before he took his seat.

    Once seated again, Trinnian turned back to him, "Is that so? What are the Fremen really like?"

    He stood, swiftly, his surprise at her acceptance silencing him for a moment. When they were re-seated, he smiled at her. "Savages, of course. Skilled fighters, and incredibly resourceful." A slight smirk. "Good in bed, too."

    She blushed at the last comment, her eyes gazing into his. "The last I didn't know. I haven't met many yet, save for the city dwellers who work in my household. Perhaps you could introduce me to some."

    She glanced at the food for a moment then back up at him, "And perhaps I can help you integrate more into this aspect of society."

    She watched her look at her food, his eyes searching for her thought process before she glanced back. "Perhaps you can. That's very generous of you, Trinnian. I would be indebted to you, and I would be more than happy to introduce you to some of the more... intimate aspects of the Fremen. Understanding them is key to defeating them - and the Emperor's future."

    She blushed again, more deeply, even as a smile crossed her face. "Good, it's settled then, we assist each other and perhaps something good can come from this."

    “Oh yes,” Ike said, smiling devilishly. He took a glass from the table, held it upon hers, the slightest of ‘clink’ to it. “To us?”

    Trinnian smiled as the glasses clinked, "To us." she replied. Further down the table Margot Fenring's eyes shone as a smile touched her lips.

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    Aug 19, 2002
    IC: Thufir Hawat
    Carthag Landing Field

    “Mentat Hawat, the Baron sent a message ahead. You have been given a suite at the Baronial Residence. The na-Baron is currently hosting a dinner party but will give you time to speak when it has concluded. Until that time, make yourself comfortable.”

    Hawat pursed his lips at the stumpy Harkonnen aide. Impressive that the Baron had already sent a message ahead, and that apparently this aide had been briefed on Hawat's disguise. The Harkonnen intelligence network was impressive indeed. But why wouldn't they give him access to it...?

    "Very well," Hawat replied. It wasn't, in fact; every moment Hawat was forced to spend with Feyd-Rautha was excruciating.

    In the groundcar from the landing field, Hawat began to remove his prosthetics, and he could feel the nerve-shots wearing off, allowing his features to return to their natural, relaxed states. It felt impossible to imagine how Face Dancers could hold their disguises for months without relaxing. The streets of Carthag were as ugly as ever - an industrial city, so recently constructed and for so singular a purpose. Still, Hawat couldn't help but admire the little bursts of life that sprung up like plants between the cracks of duracrete: a bar, a market stall, a cabaret, a brightly colored window hanging in the working quarters. People were people, no matter where they were from.

    And then there it was, perhaps the ugliest of all. The Baronial residence loomed, its front entrance like a wet mouth. Taking a deep breath, Hawat thanked the driver, and stepped out.

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Fun with @Adalia-Durron & @darthbernael [face_cowboy]


    IC: Naveed & Taina
    Traversing the Dunes

    Taina had centered herself, small places had never been of concern to her, so long as she could breathe and that was the issue. Consciously she slowed her heart rate and breathing to reserve the small amount of air they had. Opening her eyes, she watched as Naveed began to dig with his hands, as she was slightly behind him her ability to assist was limited somewhat. She listened to the sounds of the searching thopters fading away, at least that threat had gone. Then she heard a rhythmic beating, she'd familiarized herself with the 'tricks' of the deserts here, and aligned with the 'hissing' sound she could only assume was one of the worms she'd heard about, and not seen. Fear wasn't her reaction, someone, somewhere was leading the beast away, and for that she was grateful. A shallow intake of air, "I would help but it is difficult from here."

    Naveed simply signaled for Taina to follow after him, not wishing to burn precious air with unnecessary speech. He pantomimed, indicating the simultaneous digging motions to be made with both arms as they angled themselves diagonally upward and out- like land fish, or divers, but through sand. If they could still hear sounds from their position, that signified that they were covered in a shallow area close to the surface. It was only a matter of 'movement' rate before they were free again. Thus, it would be best if Taina followed his lead.

    After making sure his traveling companion understood, Naveed set himself on the task of their own disinterment as he began to dig his way out.

    The going was slow, two meters of dune face had collapsed over the shelf. Outside the tunnel they were digging, the day was advancing toward midday and the day was growing quieter but the sand warmer as they came closer to freedom and air.

    Breathing was hard, very hard, digging as she'd been signalled to do and pushing the sand behind her, she noticed as the dug the sand was getting hotter. She was getting hotter. Controlling her even breathing was becoming harder as she scooped arm fulls of the soft sand behind her, some of it was caving around her body and moving was getting harder as she attempted to keep her legs moving free feeling if she stopped, she'd be buried alive. The closer she got to the surface, the softer the sand got and the hotter and Taina was not used to this, struggling more and more.

    Naveed continued to push himself by keeping up the digging pace and ignoring the threat of muscular fatigue. He had a mission; to deliver the sister, safe and sound. Eliminating a few Harkonnen pigs while on their way was simply a bonus, he was all too glad to provide, but failure was not an option here. As it was, he could feel the weight of sand getting lighter as he continued to dig, the very notion that they were almost out of their entombment granted him a second wind and fired adrenalin through his system once again. They were almost out...they would live! He just knew they would.

    Taina was tiring, her arms burned as breathing was no heavy for her, then she felt her counterpart seemingly finding a second wind as his digging increased. Were they close? She had to believe that and with that belief she fortified herself, ignoring the burning of lactic acid build up, dismissing the inability to breathe she doubled her efforts scooping massive amounts of sand behind her. She refused to die in this sand hell with a man who clearly held her in contempt.

    And then one hand broke through the last crust of sand, a ray of sunlight pouring into the shaft the two of them had dug. Outside only the silence of the desert spoke, no being, large or small was near the dune. That final push caused the other sand at the surface shift and fall onto them, the tunnel suddenly open to the heat of the midday sun.

    It was always surprising how one could go beyond established limits under critical situations. Naveed seemed to find strength from places he had no idea he had, or perhaps always did, for as a fremen, the Will to Survive was strong with them- always had been. As he broke through the surface, he began to gulp-in life giving air into his burning lungs automatically, relief flooding him instantly. Naveed felt himself shudder, but did not allow himself to celebrate yet, he was far too disciplined for that.

    Feeling Taina right behind him, he reached out a hand to grab her and guide her out with greater speed, to lend her one last burst of energy at the threshold of freedom. They would live!!

    And so, he paused, waiting for her to come through and take in the life-giving air of the desert. The two of them would need a moment to gathered their collective strength before moving on, but at least they would be moving on- both continuing their respective missions, which conjoined in the eventual liberation of Arrakis from outworlder oppression.

    She heard it first, his deep intakes of air, and desperation pushed her to find that as well. Reaching forward her hand touched something and in a heartbeat she realised it was his hand, outstretched to aid her. Wrapping one, then the other hand around his she silently pleaded for him to pull her forward, her feet scrambling to push her own body upward. He did and in a few moments the hot air slapped her face and was being pulled into her painfully starved lungs. She didn't want him to think her weak or a failure so she simply allowed herself to catch her breath before speaking between deep breaths. " it..... always.........this" She turned and tried to smile.

    The two of them, collapsed against the hot sand outside the hole they'd dug themselves out if rested as long as they could. Soon they would have to begin their trek and the energy they'd burned off would have to be replenished. Which meant that they would probably have to stop when they reached the outcropping that poked above the nearest dune, not too distant. As the sweat the stillsuits didn't draw in began to evaporate they would recognize that their situation was still dire, the sun could kill them just as easily as anything else, from dehydration.

    Naveed pointed towards the nearby outcropping and beckoned Taina to follow. He helped to make sure she was steady before moving on, once he was certain she was OK, he began to move in the usual manner of the fremen, for danger was an ever-present factor when traversing the desert. Their going was slower, yet steady, which eventually allowed them to reach their goal without much issue.

    As the two found themselves upon the rocky outcropping, Naveed immediately performed a check of his still-suit, their equipment and provisions. Once again, he silently indicated for Taina to do the same. He was thankful that the desert had protected them from the Harkonnen pigs, yet he also understood that they could not linger either, they had to keep moving if they were to reach their sietch while their rations lasted.

    But first, there was something he needed to know.

    "Are you alright?" He asked.

    She been able to follow his gestures, and figured the silence was essential. She'd checked her suit, not entirely sure what she was looking for essentially. It felt alright, so to her it was. Silently Taina had followed him, trusting that his knowledge was the only thing keeping her alive, keeping her on target. Finally, he spoke, inquiring to her condition. "I'm alive, and I have you to thank for that." She inclined head, "I'm am also tired, but I will do my best to keep up with you." She confessed. Taina was unused to the desert and the draining effects of her having to dig her way from was beginning to take its toll.

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    Apr 15, 2019

    “You never talk of likelihoods on Arrakis. You speak only of possibilities.”
    Frank Herbert - Dune​

    Sands of the desert

    The progress of Naveed and Taina was slow. Both were drained from the collapse and digging out of the sand dune. The blazing sun, directly overhead, only made their progress slower as it sapped their strength even more. Naveed assisted the woman, helping her to walk without rhythm, stopping on occasion so they could try to rest, a tarp over them to shield them from the sun.

    Closer and closer they drew to the spire, about half the distance to the sietch, as the sun drifted across the sky. Finally, as the sun was beginning to slip under the horizon, they reached the hard surface of the stone and spire.

    Naveed led Taina into the rocks, up a carved channel that she might realize had to have been made by the Fremen, if she had the energy to do so. Once inside the channel, it grew even darker, the sun out of sight.

    After an even more exhausting climb, they reached a small shelf, covered by a sturdy overhang of rock. It was quiet and the moons were beginning to come out, adding a small amount of light to assist setting up the shelter. It was time to rest for a few hours before attempting the remainder of the journey, before the sun had risen fully. There was time to talk and relax before they tried to sleep for a few hours.

    TAGS: @greyjedi125, @Adalia-Durron (Combo, include GM)


    Baronial Residence, Carthag, Arrakis

    The evening had been a quiet one for Thufir, a chance to get settled in, to use the antidote that he’d saved to keep the poison at bay. He’d been able to gather documentation, send out runners to gather intelligence for himself and the Harkonnen and the news was less and less pleasant.

    Rabban was squeezing the population more and more even though the profits were steadily, slowly admittedly, falling off. Several hours passed while he poured over the data, organizing and compiling it to add to the information he needed as a Mentat.

    Finally an aide knocked on his door. When admitted, he let Thufir know that the Baron was prepared for him. The walk to the Baronial office was a short one, the aide opening the door and letting Thufir enter. He closed the door behind the Mentat, staying outside.

    Behind the desk was a large, strong but slowly going to fat, man. His face was chubby and had a distinctly porcine look to it. With a grunt, he gestured at the chairs before the desk, “Sit, Mentat. We have much to discuss. But first, any news from my Uncle?”

    TAG: @BobaMatt (Single if you wish to handle Rabban otherwise combo with GM)


    Landing Field, Arrakeen

    Even as the two Swordmasters and the Bene Geserrit practiced and sparred, the Heighliner prepared to depart Kaitain. The Holtzmann engines spun up, audible even in the transport. There was a shudder and a moment of queasiness as the Navigator folded space, instantaneously transporting the massive vessel from one star system to another.

    A couple minutes later the transport’s intercom crackled with a message sent to every craft that was to depart and land on Arrakis. ’Arrakis orbit achieved, craft will depart in the order designated.’

    The captain of the Ginaz craft sent an internal comm on the intercom after the Guild had sent their message. ’We are tenth in line, the craft headed for Carthag will depart first.’

    The sparring session at an end, the three of them went their separate ways. Aya-Carolina showered and changed before she felt the thud as the clamps holding the transport in place were released. As the ship drifted down from orbit there was a knock on her door.

    Once open it revealed a crewman who bowed and handed her a flimsy before turning and heading down the corridor. The flimsy had a header from the Motherhouse, indicating that the message came from, most likely, the Mother Superior. Reading further down revealed the contents of the message.

    Sister Aya-Carolina,

    You are ordered to continue to gain the trust of the Ginaz representative. However, we have lost touch with a sister who has been sent to infiltrate the Fremen. We are aware that there are Fremen who work in the Ginaz embassy in Arrakeen. Your secondary mission is to gain their trust and, if possible, gain the trust of the Fremen so that you may find out what has happened to that sister.

    Written under the hand of the Mother Superior

    The transport landed in Arrakeen, cars waiting at the foot of the ramp. She saw the others taking one and that their gear wouldn’t allow her to be able to join them. With her belongings, she took the next, studying the city as the car took her to the residence.

    A page waited for her, just outside the door of the car, when it pulled to a stop. He opened it, “Apologies, usually the young housekeeper Dyana would be here to greet you and bring you to your room but she is currently otherwise engaged. Do you require assistance?”

    TAG: @TheAdmiral (Combo with GM)

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    TAG: @Corellian_Outrider (Single, Garsiv and Lucina can settle in at the Residence)



    A uniformed man entered the large room, walking crisply from the door to a pace before the desk. He came to a halt, saluting.

    The figure behind the desk, casual in his seat, sat up, returning the salute, before returning to a slouch of sorts. “Well…?”

    Dropping his salute the uniformed man let the corner of his lips turn up, “As you wished, my master, the interested parties are now all at the desert planet.”

    The man behind the desk sat up at the news, coming into the focus of a light globe. The shock of ginger red hair, the piercing eyes, and the hawk nose revealed the face of the Emperor.

    “Excellent.” His fingers steepled before his lips, “Send a message to the Moritani and inform them that Arrakis is now a target rich environment, double bounties on any that they remove from the board.”

    The uniformed man nodded, “As you wish, your Majesty.”

    With a wave of his hand Shaddam dismissed the aide, smiling after the door shut behind him. A chuckle escaped as a shadow detached from the wall, “You may lose some Sisters, Mohiam, but their sacrifice will ensure our victory.”

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    The deep desert, northwest of Arrakeen

    A small contingent, six men, were left at the hangar. Their instructions were to maintain the parols so that it didn’t appear that the hangar had been suddenly abandoned, as they waited for Mudze and the others to return. The others all loaded onto the transports and carryalls.

    The senior of the crew joined Randolpho as the procession set out. “On the way boss, everything looks green at the moment. The crew we left behind will ensure that another set of supplies, food and such, is prepared, for once Mudze returns.”

    He settled by the pilot of the carryall, watching as the ships flew. From time to time, across the slow flight, to be able to keep an eye on the transports, in case the sandworms showed up, he had to send other’s of the crew to check on possible issues when red lights flashed on the console.

    Eventually, however, he turned back to Randolpho, “Beginning our descent to that outcropping.”

    The carryalls lined up, then came down vertically into the basin of the outcropping. They formed an outer ring of vehicles as the transports pulled in, luckily without incident with the massive worms. “How do you want it set up, boss? I believe there are a series of caverns in the rocks at the south end of this basin.”

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    Baronial Residence, Carthag

    The dinner, the evening, was a long one for Ike. Trinnian was a delightful companion and conversationalist, even if Margo Fenring continued to shoot glances their way. After the spice coffee and dessert, the na-Baron excused himself, informing the guests that they could stay and talk until the majordomo would inform them that the evening was done.

    Trinnian stood and asked if Ike would like to see parts of the Residence before the evening ended. As she spoke the Fenrings also stood, walking down the table toward them. “An excellent idea, young lady, Casimir and I will join you both.” Casimir let a small smile touch his face and nodded as Ike stood and they headed toward the Great Hall.

    As they passed by the exit of the dining room a page approached. His bland, unremarkable face made him fade into the background until he was almost upon them. Bowing slightly to the Fenrings, “Count, Countess.”

    He turned to Ike, “Legate, a report has arrived that a Heighliner will arrive tomorrow. The manifest indicates that the incoming Ginaz representatives are aboard.”

    The message delivered, the page turned and suddenly disappeared into the crowd of guests as though he’d never been there. Casimir arched an eyebrow, “Interesting, I’ve not seen that page before.” Margot laughed lightly, “Interesting indeed, I believe that was a request for orders.”

    Trinnian let the Fenrings have their moment, “House Ezharian will support the Moritani. Ike and I have already come to an agreement.” Turning toward him, “Shall we discuss as we explore a little?” she asked sweetly, laying one hand on his arm.

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    IC: Randolpho Espanza
    The deep desert, northwest of Arrakeen

    Everything seemed to be going well, and smooth. Smooth as silk. Trouble was, that was normally when the trouble would begin. The chief amongst his people who was basically filling in for Mudze had settled by the pilot of the carryall, watching as the ships flew. From time to time, across the slow flight, to be able to keep an eye on the transports, in case the sandworms showed up, he had to send other’s of the crew to check on possible issues when red lights flashed on the console.

    Those red lights had been a blessing. Because that meant it wasn't perfectly smooth. Which meant maybe, just maybe. . .this wouldn't all go catastrophically wrong. Eventually, however, the man turned back to Randolpho, “Beginning our descent to that outcropping.”

    The carryalls lined up, then came down vertically into the basin of the outcropping. They formed an outer ring of vehicles as the transports pulled in, luckily without incident with the massive worms. “How do you want it set up, boss? I believe there are a series of caverns in the rocks at the south end of this basin.”

    Glancing it over he knew he didn't have the best knowledge for this world, but he would do what he could and hopefully let the crew fill in the gaps. "If there's room lets stagger formation back toward those caverns. Far enough that the furthest out is out of range of a worm, but if things get hot they'll need to be first out as well the vessel at the other end closest to the caverns."

    Leaning back he thought about it for a moment before sighing at the situation. That and the notion of what his wearing meant that he was now a little thirsty. "Rotate crews if we have to, but I want both ends always ready to leave without warning and the rest to follow fast. Anyone with any dealings or knowledge of the Freeman I want on the vessel closest to the caverns, just in case." He added, "For all we know we are setting up on someone else's doorstep."

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    IC: Shamir
    Ginaz Residence

    Shamir observed the young Fremen Dyana and her nervousness. He could not blame the young girl, if he were in her position he would likely be nervous too. Covert missions of this nature, ones that did not end in slaughtering someone, were not his forte. But he would adjust, that is what the Fremen did, it is how they survived.

    His eyes then swiveled to the Residence Manager. Taking him in carefully as Shamir listened to his words.

    “So…I’ve been told that you are looking for work. I’d say, just by a quick study, you’d fit in in the incoming Swordmaster’s retinue as a guard. Am I wrong?”

    "No, Sir that sounds agreeable..." replied Shamir his blue in blue eyes trying to gauge what kind of man the swordmaster was.

    The manager's eyes crinkled slightly in a smile as the young man, the Fremen he believed, replied. "This is a thankless task, lad. The Ginaz were allies of the previous rulers of Arrakis and still have that 'stigma'."

    He pushed back from the desk, standing. The form revealed was not that of an old, gone to soft, warrior, but one who had kept up his training regime. Reaching behind him he lifted the loop of his swordbelt over one shoulder. Gesturing out of the door, "If you are to take up such a position, we should have a formal interview. So, off to the training salle it is."

    Moving around the desk, he opened the door, stepping out into the hall, almost running into Dyana, who'd been just outside the door listening. Glancing down at her, "If you're so interested, little sister," the tone implying no familial relation, "Then you are welcome to watch as he is put through his paces." he told her as he waited for Shamir.

    Shamir remained relatively silent as took in the words of the manager. He was unsure what to make of him... he seemed almost detached from his job. His eyes scanned Dyana as the elder 'brother' addressed her. She had been eavesdropping, not that it was of any great concern to Shamir. Not yet anyway, but he was curious why she had been listening in. Mere simple curiosity? Or something more? Shamir offered a firm nod as he stood, following the old warrior to undergo this 'formal' interview.

    As they proceeded down the corridor, the sounds of a training hall beginning to filter through, the manager led the way. Dyana fell back, walking beside Shamir. She moved close, trying to whisper so the manager didn't overhear. "He's a 'retired' Swordmaster. He was one of the Ginaz that survived the last War of Assassins with the Moritani."

    The manager snorted, "I can hear you, little sister."

    "You..." she called out, eyes flashing. "Shamir will pass your tests, I'm sure."

    Another, softer, snort came from the man, "We shall see. The Ducal guard needs those who will not allow harm to come to the representative."

    Shamir watched Dyana carefully. His placid resting face would likely mistakenly give off the effect that he was annoyed or angry, when in actuality he was quite calm at the moment. He gave a soft, small smile to Dyana as she spoke that he would pass the tests. Shamir's eyes moving back to the retired Swordmaster, Shamir feeling the nervousness of being found out building with in him.

    "Whenever you are ready," he spoke with a nod of his head.

    The Manager nodded as he gestured at the rack of weapons by the door to the training hall. "Pick whatever you'd like or use whatever you brought. I have, however, been here long enough that if you choose a crysknife one of us will have to bleed before you sheathe it." His tone wasn't cold, simply matter of fact.

    Glancing over at Dyana the man nodded to where a few of the house guards were now standing, having stopped their own bouts as the trio had entered the hall, "You can wait with them, something tells me we will need the space."

    She smiled, nodding to Shamir, before walking over to the others.

    The manager turned back, a knife suddenly in one hand, the movement so swift most would have missed his hand moving, as he settled into a fighting stance. His other hand was free at the moment, but his movement had revealed that there was a sword and, at least, a couple other daggers on his swordbelt.

    Shamir nodded as he picked up a knife. A regular one, and held it in a reverse grip. His eyes narrowed as he watched the fast movement of the manager, and noted the presence of a sword and daggers on his belt.

    He took a breath as he settled into a fighting stance of his own, his blade the furthest point away from him as he awaited their fight to begin.

    His foe smiled, seeing the stance that Shamir had taken. Just before he began to slip forward he took a chance, wanting to see if his suspicion was correct, "May your knife chip and shatter!" he called out.

    Darting forward now, eyes semi unfocused to watch the entire sphere of battle, he probed at Shamir, slashing at his forward, defensive arm.

    Shamir's eyes narrowed as he heard the Fremen ritual cry, his body darting to the side to avoid the slash while also put him in a position to slice at the now extended arm.

    Swiftly withdrawing his extended arm, taking part of the slice from Shamir on the leather vambrace, the manager smiled grimly. The knife in his hand floated in the air for a moment as he switched hands, spinning in the same direction Shamir had darted, kicking at the closer knee. A whispered, "Ya hya chouhada, am I right, son?"

    Shamir did his best not to react to the verbal components of the man's attack. He could not have his cover blown and this targeted sayings would blow that if he overreacted. But it did cause him to hesitate as the blow stuck him in the knee, causing him to buckle forward. He gathered himself the instant after it happened, taking a forward step as he swung upward towards the man's gut.

    There wasa dull thud as the old warrior's bracer connected with the side of Shamir's dagger. Slowly, the blade was moved out of line, the muscles under the man's shirt flexing as he moved the younger man's arm with that leverage.

    To the side, Dyana breathed sharply, the hem of her covering cloth twisting in her hands. To her eyes both men were trying to kill each other. The onlookers were commenting on both men and their styles, comparing and critiquing.

    The manager smiled, thin lipped, then slipped in, face to face with the younger man, blade still held against the bracer. "The young lady has worse tells than you. One more round and I'll give you my answer." he said, quietly before, with a heave, he broke the clasp and backed from Shamir.

    His blade switched hands, now in an underhand grip. The tip slowly swung back and forth before he rushed forward, spinning with the blade on his far side, coming to a halt, tip of the dagger pressing against the fourth and fifth intercostal space of Shamir's ribs, on his left side.

    As Shamir's arm was moved out of the way he moved forward pushing with his arm against the manager's in an attempt to stagger, watching as he then backed away and then moved forward again with the knife in the opposite hand.

    In a blink, it was over, as the tip of the blade rested just above the space between Shamir's blade. His hands raised as he gave a sense of surrendar.

    "It would seem I am dead my Lord,"

    Dyana gasped at the movement by the manager. As her hands twisted her shawl even more a smaller figure moved through the crowd, from the door, stopping at her side. She leaned down to listen to the whispered words, eyes widening even more, somehow.

    At the turning of Shamir's blade, the manager dropped his blade from the Fremen's back, slipping it into it's sheath. His hand clasped around Shamir's holding the younger man's blade, eyes locked on Shamir's. "You are welcome among the household guard. I am Swordmaster Chiar, but you may call me Chiar." His tone dropped to a whisper only the two could hear.

    "You could have finished with us both in a death move, I could see it in your eyes. young Fedaykin."

    As he finished speaking Dyana was hurrying over, "Sir, the representatives and their guest have arrived."

    "Yes..." he chuckled. "...we would have joined each other in death, my Lord," he spoke with a bow as he viewed Dyana rush over.

    He gave a nod and his thanks for being accepted into the House guard, taking his blade as he sheathed it away. The mention of representatives had him intrigued and the connection to his mission formed instantly in his mind. He was keen to know who they were and what they wanted, though he wondered if it would be imprudent if he joined them.

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    Thufir Hawat
    Baronil Residence, Carthag

    The old mentat allowed himself to crumple into the chair. "Your uncle comes," he nodded. "He is not long, now. I did not know when I was on my way but I was met at the spaceport with a message." He could sense this wasn't what the enormous man had in mind. He cleared his throat, motioned to a servant for a glass of water. "The Baron is disappointed in your output, but he understands the... extenuating circumstances you face. The Emperor is wily - the Emperor is doing this to you. Never forget that. That's my expert mentat analysis." He chuckled, wondered what Rabban might reveal, with that. "Tell me of your brother's glorious arrival!" He knelt forward, and needled. "I hear he's very popular."

    Imperial Testing Station
    (combo w/ DarthBernael)

    A quick calculation stayed his trigger finger - The Ginaz can't be known for killing kids. He lowered his weapon to a less threatening but still ready angle, allowed his wrist to relax. He decided to tell the truth. "Whoa! We didn't know anyone was here. We're just looking around. If everyone stays calm and talks nice, no one needs to get hurt."

    The teen who had spoken first shook his head. The maula pistol was still held in slightly shaking hands. "Why are you looking around? How did you find this place?" The younger ones started to edge out more into the hall, curiosity beginning to match their fear.

    The older one made a couple clicking sounds and the younger ones edge further down the hallway away from Mudze. "You don't sound like Harkonnen, but they have been...evil in coming after those on the fringe of the desert."

    Mudze clicked his tongue. "Heyheyhey," he gestured at the teens moving towards exits. "No need for anyone to do anything rash. We're just talking." He let a bemused expression pass over his face. "Harkonnen? Us? No. Not Atreides, neither. No love for one or the other, but if I had to take my chances with one... well I'd rather die with the Atreides than serve the Harkonnen. I've seen their evil, boy. I know of what you speak."

    He began to lower his body to the ground, and signaled the others to do the same.

    "I've heard of how the Harkonnen treated the people of this world. I know the Atreides tried a different way, but they paid for it. A cruel universe, eh? That a House can fall for such a thing? The ones I serve were friends of the Atreides - perhaps the Fremen were not friends of the Atreides, but both were enemies of the Harkonnen, so maybe that gives us some credit, here. We found this place because it's on a map - there are old maps for these old places." Mudze was now resting fully on the sand, his pistol in his lap. "Are you... Fremen? If so, you'll be the first ones I've met."

    The two younger ones froze, eyes wide at how quickly the man had noticed them skittering away. Darting back close to the older teen, they huddled by him.

    That one lowered his pistol slightly, still watching Mudze. "The Atreides..." he seemed to be rolling the word in his mouth and thoughts. "Father was Fremen, mother cityborn." he said cautiously.

    "The Harkonnen are trying to cleanse the planet of us all."

    Mudze nodded, his face a picture of understanding. He didn't like this, but he couldn't seem worried. "Are your mother and father here? Are they... still alive?"

    The tip of the teen's pistol twitched for a moment at the question. His eyes narrowed slightly as well. "Why? Are you here to try to force us out as well?" he asked brusquely. He glanced back at the other two for a moment, "We could use help if that's what you can offer but trust is a thing and is in short supply."

    Mudze held up his hand in a jesting surrender. These kids didn't know who he was with, or how many were nearby. Still: better to keep that information to himself, and not let it come to blows. "We're just looking around, kiddo," Mudze cooed. "We didn't know anyone was here. If you're alone, we have food and water and transport. If there are Harkonnen here, we have guns and swords. If your parents are hurt, we can help heal them. But I need you to tell me, or we can't do anything. And maybe you can help us out in return."

    The teen sighed, sagging against the doorframe. "I don't know where our parents are." he admitted.

    Another look at the two younger kids, "They found us this place, we hoped away from the Harkonnen, and then left to find others. It's been a couple weeks now and I do not know if they'll be back." he said softly. "We've spent the time exploring and, aside from some old signs of battle and blood, the place is empty."

    Mudze felt part of his back stiffen. He adjusted his seat on the floor. "Old signs of battle, eh? How old?" He gestured at the boys' scant weapons. "Are we still in danger?"

    The teen frowned for a moment, looking down. His brow furrowed as he thought about it. "I'm not really sure...but the blood was all black and crusted." He glanced at the younger kids then back at Mudze, "We've heard thopters but nothing and no one has come here since our parents brought us here."

    Mudze nodded sagely, subtly signaled to his men. "And how long has that been? Maybe you can show us the old signs of battle. Maybe it has some clues for us whether this place is safe?"

    The teen's eyes returned to warily watching Mudze and his men. He appeared to be thinking for a moment, sighing as he reached a decision. "It has been over a month, I believe, since we arrived here. At least that is what the chrono that we have has said, it is hard to know the passage of time when you do not see the sun or moon." Glancing at the two younger ones, a small smile touched his face before he turned back. "I can show you but these two will lock themselves in our room. Words mean one thing when said, another when truly acted upon."

    At his words,, he moved out into the corridor, the pistol still in his hands as the door slammed behind him, the sounds of several locks echoing as the younger children set them. "The major signs are this way." He stated, gesturing behind himself, before turning, edging down the hall in a way that let him keep an eye on Mudze and his men, even as he moved deeper into the facility.

    Mudze followed, pistol at the ready, cautioning his men to be ready for anything. It occurred to him even as he tested this boy's trust that he could, himself, be betrayed. Mudze tried to ride the tension, remaining very aware that his men - professionals, yes, but still roughnecks - were on hair triggers. He was mindful, too, of his radio - what were the others up to?
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    IC: Ike - c c c c combo with GM!


    He’d have to get used to that.

    The part-Fremen hadn’t realised the message was for him before it whisked away, and he rewound his mind to remember, nearly missing the laugh of Margot. Ike caught on, not sure if the woman was stating the obvious to needle, or to assist.

    Ike allowed a dollop of faux appreciation into his smile and responded to her respectfully. “Indeed it does.”

    Trinnian seemed to be of the same mind, and he noted her touch. Her held out the crook of his elbow for her to link arms in true courtly style, and nodded, sincerely. “We should get into the finer details, indeed.” His smile promised much.

    Trinnian blushed slightly, but linked arms with Ike. She led him from the dining room, down the corridor. It was opulent, over the top, gaudy, and she sniffed at the excess. "The Harkonnen have their uses, but I don't entirely appreciate their taste in the finer things."

    Behind them, Margot snorted, the statement was an understatement if there ever was one. She knew that if the Emperor didn't need the Baron as his front the Harkonnen would have been swept away as well.

    Trinnian glanced over at Ike, "I meant it, the Ezharian forces aren't on the scale that others might have. But I can have a battalion en route tonight." she said softly.

    “A battalion would be appreciated, my lady,” Ike demurred. “And however our hosts are… we are at very least lucky that no… emotions have shattered the decor.”

    A slight twitch. “One would not want to be paraded naked in-front of a House.” It had been said this is what had occurred with the leader of House Atreides. “Not involuntarily, anyway."

    Behind the younger pair Margot frowned, as did Hasmir. Both had regretted that Leto was on the other side of the war between Houses, they had both respected him.

    Trinnian smiled, "Then a battalion you will have, Ike. The Harkonnen were lucky that the Atreides chose to base themselves in Arrakeen rather than here. That protected this...edifice, yes." She blushed and smiled slightly, "I don't know, you would probably look good paraded so, at least if you weren't in chains because of it."

    Ike didn't catch the reactions of Margot and Hasmir.

    "I don't know," he drawled. "Some bindings can be rather fun."

    He was pure playful here; all lothario.

    Trinnian, if anything, smiled even more broadly. Behind them Hasimir snorted and tightened his arm around Margot's waist.

    The younger woman giggled, "That's good to know, I'll have to remember that, for...reasons." They entered the Great Hall, if anything, even more ostentatious than the corridor had been. Gold, precious gems, and paintings of the Baron, of the na-Baron, and the heir Feyd Rautha, all covered the walls or floor.

    She sniffed, "Well, I think I see where some of the Harkonnen wealth goes."

    Ike ignored the snort, but when he entered the Great Hall, felt all kinds of nauseous.

    He pointed at Feyd.

    "That's the heir, yes?"

    He managed to keep his tone neutral.

    Glancing at the painting, Trinnian shook her head. "Yes, that is him." She shivered for a moment, "He's got the Baron's mentality but with a young man's enthusiasm."

    "Oh," Ike said, not sure what else to add. "That's... a thing."

    He didn't want to speak badly of the Baron, for obvious reasons.

    "I've not met them, notwithstanding my service on Arrakis," he said, smoothly. "Perhaps one day."

    "I have heard that the Baron is not fond of coming here." Trinnian said softly, noting the diplomatic way that Ike spoke of the Baron.

    Behind them Hasimir snorted, "It is more apt to say that, with his current finances, he cannot afford the transport costs to come here." He did not fear the Baron's wrath, for several reasons.

    Trinnian blushed, "I would not know that Sir Fenring. House Ezharian is a House Major but we also know not to rock the boat with those that are the more warlike of the Houses Major."

    She turned back to Ike, "But we do what we can, to aid our allies."

    Ike was quite surprised at how Hasimir spoke, but Trinnian covered for him.

    "And you shall have my aid," Ike said, firmly, seeing the four of them as something that could become the future. "The Houses Major will rock the boat, and butt heads with the Emperor. But if we cooperate... tacitly, secretly, even..." He smiled, slightly. "We'll have the makings of our own House Major... and one they won't see moving against them."

    He didn't refer to who them was.

    "How shall we best secure this dalliance?"

    Trinnian blushed slightly as Margot snorted and then spoke up, behind them. "How, usually, are such dalliances secured?" she asked in a slightly teasing tone.

    Trinnian coughed, she'd not expected that course, not fully, at least not this soon. Ike was pleasing to the eye but she'd just met him at the dinner. "I...I wouldn't be...opposed." she murmured, demurely.

    A flash of a grin. "We've only just met." He reached over and squeezed her hand, skin soft upon hers. "No need to rush to the sweetest part of the dish." He eyed Margot slightly. "Well, do we have an accord?"

    "This calls for copious alcohol, no?"

    Trinnian blushed again, but nodded, squeezing Ike's hand in return. "We do, yes."

    Hasimir snorted, "There is certainly a need for a great deal of alcohol, yes." he stated, wryly.

    Margot returned Ike's look, the corner of her lips turnng up, but giving him a slight nod. "Welcome to the nobility, for true, Ike."

    "Thank you," Ike said, an almost carnivorous smile to his lips. "Let us celebrate!"

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    IC: Naveed and Taina
    Middle of nowhere, heading somewhere.

    Every step had become a struggle, Taina's feet felt like they were made of lead, and lifting them was becoming a distant memory. Hitting hard rock her dragging feet could be heard but she ignored them as she focused forward, she had to keep moving if she planned to one, complete her mission and two, more importantly survive. She watched at he began to climb and without warning tears of despair welled in her blue on blue eyes, she had to push on an duly followed. Through her gloves she was sure her hands were now bleeding, they felt wet and painful but she'd have to look later. The sky was darker and for that she was glad, he wouldn't see her tears, her pain and that was important.

    They had reached the spire and made camp, finally. Naveed threw himself down on the ground and allowed himself to feel a near overwhelming exhaustion he had forgotten was possible for a living being- for if they had gone any further, surely, he thought, they would die.

    For long moments he did not speak as he let muscle cramps have their way with his body, unseen blisters torment his skin in too many places, his sun baked lips crack as he sipped. To traverse the desert one had to give it everything, every time. Anything less would prove fatal.

    Naveed eyes gazed upon the rising moons, he felt a sense of relief and serenity at seeing them; a restoration of his spirit. They were half way to the sietch- and they were alive. They would gather their strength and finish the journey they'd started: together.

    “You’re doing well, I’d say better than….” He croaked out from not speaking for so long, then cleared his throat. His head turned languidly towards Taina, his blue on blue eyes now gazing upon her.

    “You could well pass for a Fremen…” he said as a half-joke and off-handed compliment. If he was finding the passage more challenging than usual, then he could only imagine what his ‘guest’ was going through. The fact that she made it this far was a testament of her will and resilience- a sign he dare not ignore, one he would certainly acknowledge.

    Taina lay down on her back, every muscle in her body screamed agony, every nerve was raw and she was sure even her bones hurt. As he spoke she opened her eyes in a strange attempt to listen, 'better than' and he finished, better than who or what she wondered but was too tired to ask. He then said something that ignited a tiny spark in her. 'pass for a Fremen.' Her eyes had always been able to get her though to that, but now it was being implied it was more than that. It was a acknowledgment of her efforts, of her survival instincts, her abilities to push past pain and all that went with it and keep going.

    Putting one elbow bent to the ground she pushed herself to her side and lifted her head to look at him in the dim light. "I will a compliment. Thank you." She lowered her head, "I hope....we can rest now." She added closing her eyes again.

    Naveed could almost hear the strain it took for Tiana to move; see the incredible effort and energy it took to even respond- and yet- she did so, without complaint. That enormous resolve she mustered was astounding to behold on someone outside of his people. Maybe there was hope for this one, should the intent of her heart be pure.

    Despite himself, Naveed smiled, candidly so. It was an honest sight, but one she probably missed as her eyes closed. He smiled and nodded without bothering to respond, because silence in this case, was agreement.

    Yes, rest. They both needed to rest and recover some of their lost strength. Naveed lay back, but did not close his eyes. He would remain alert and maintain the first watch. He could see how fatigue had finally won over Tiana as she faded from the conscious world right before his eyes. He on the other hand, was used to the harsh life of the desert, hardened by the grueling routine of survival: He was a Fremen after all.

    A Free Fremen on Arrakis. Soon, very soon.

    The night passed slowly, as it often did for those weary from traveling the desert during the day. Naveed had time to contemplate what had already happened and why Stilgar had chosen him.

    It was only close to when he was ready to sleep, to wake Taina first to keep watch that anything came to his senses that may need them to be alert, the sounds of a patrol of thopters approaching the rocky spire.

    With one hand he shook Taina gently until she woke, with the other, he motioned for her to be quiet, by placing a finger to his lips. When he had her attention and felt she understood, he motioned for her to listen, by cupping an ear with his hand.

    That distant sound that grew in the darkness of night was unmistakable: thopters.

    Naveed frowned as many thoughts ran through his mind, nevermind the late hour; but first, they needed to better conceal themselves rather than be exposed to search lights. Naveed pointed behind them, to the caverns. He beckoned to Taina as he began to move. It would be best for an enemy patrol think that their position was uninhabited. Should they be able to spy on their enemy without being seen, then the situational advantage would be theirs.

    She woke with a start, a soft gasp escaped her cracked lips as she looked up to see Naveed hunched over her, his finger to his lips. She was groggy but she knew the gesture and gave a slight nod of acknowledgment then he cupped his ear, another gesture she recognised and she duly closed her eyes to focus her hearing.


    Her eyes shot open with an almost pleading look, she hoped he had a solution as they were exposed, and thankfully he did. Sitting up she noted how her muscles still ached, how her body felt so much older than it was and so much more tired than she'd ever been before. He was moving and with silent suffering she pushed herself to her feet and blindly followed him, hoping she would be able to lay down again soon.

    As the two of them moved into the caverns a searchlight speared down into the basin they had just vacated. The thopters circled, the light running over every inch of the basin, looking for any recent sign of Fremen occupation. To their luck or rather Naveed's skill, he'd made sure that their tracks did not lead to the caverns but had moved over the solid rocks of the basin before entering the cavern. There were several restless minutes that it took for the thopters to finish their scanning before the searhlight abruptly vanished and the sound of wings began to fade once more, leaving them in peace.

    Taina slumped against the caverns wall, still exhausted she let out a deep sigh of relief. "Thank you." She said, her voice broken and almost inaudible.

    Naveed waited a long moment before he allowed himself to move, even after the sounds of thopters had faded into the void of darkness. He simply did not trust the infidels: to the point that he was listening for any tell-tale signs of a foot patrol the pigs may have (probably ) left behind, or some other ‘trap’.

    One look at Taina told him all he needed to know, as her near total exhaustion was plain to see. Naveed nodded in response to her thanks, intentionally not adding another sound to her barely audible words. He needed to make sure they were alone, before communicating his decision.

    In his mind, their position was no longer ‘safe’, at least not in the ideal sense.

    Nevermind sleep at this point. He’d gone more than three days without sleep before and he could do so again, there would be more than enough time to rest after they'd reached the sietch. Naveed did his best to communicate his plan via pantomime, rather than using Fremen hand-signs Taina did not know, that they would move on soon. There was no point in risking getting discovered- potentially or not. Naveed made a ‘propping’ motion, indicating that he would help Taina travel. There was no avoiding it. He was prepared to do whatever was necessary to complete his mission, as long as they arrived at their destination alive and undetected, even if barely so.

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    *( Yay! Still not dead ) :p